Doctor Who s00e82 Episode Script

Clarence and the Whispermen (The Name of the Doctor Prequel)

Stop it! Stop it! Stop whispering! Leave me alone! You're not real! No, you're not real.
You're just voices inside my head.
Leave me alone! What do you want from me? The Doctor.
What are you talking about? I don't understand.
Do you want to live? You can save me? We can give you information.
These symbols - you will memorize them.
I don't Their meaning and purpose is now within your mind.
You will give this information to the reptile detective.
What kind of men are you? We are not men.
We are The Intelligence.
All of time and space is known to us.
Will this save me? Huh? Will I still hang tomorrow? A pardon will be yours.
The rope will not.
Will you finally leave me alone? You will live a good long life, except you will always have such trouble sleeping.
No! No! You will leave me alone.
Leave me alone!