Doctor Who s01e12 Episode Script

Bad Wolf

The Fourth Great and Bountiful Human Empire.
Every single fact in the Empire beams out of this place.
Now, that's what I call power.
Six hundred channels, all coming out of Satellite Five, broadcasting everywhere.
This technology's wrong.
- Trouble? - Oh, yeah.
This is not the Fourth Great and Bountiful Human Empire.
It's a place where humans are allowed to live by kind permission of my client.
Who controls Satellite Five? The Mighty Jagrafess of the Holy Hadrojassic Maxarodenfoe.
You mean that thing's in charge of Satellite Five? Once you go to Floor 500, you never come back.
You'll have to stay and explain it, no one's going to believe me.
They might start believing a lot of things now.
The human race should accelerate, all back to normal.
What's happening? Oh, my God! I don't believe it! Why did they put you in there? They never said you were coming.
What happened? I was Careful now.
Ooh, mind yourself.
That's the transmat, it scrambles your head.
I was sick for days.
All right? So, what's your name, then, sweetheart? The Doctor, I think.
I was I don't know.
What happened? You got chosen.
Chosen for what? You're a housemate! You're in the house.
Isn't that brilliant? That's not fair, we've got eviction in five minutes! I've been here for all nine weeks, I've followed the rules, I haven't had a single warning, then he comes swanning in.
If they keep changing the rules, I'm gonna protest, I am.
You watch me.
I'm gonna paint the walls.
Would the Doctor please come to the Diary Room? You are live on Channel 44, 00¢.
Please do not swear.
You have got to be kidding.
What happened? It's all right, it's the transmat.
It does your head in.
You get a bit of amnesia.
What's your name? Rose.
But where's the Doctor? Just remember, do what the android says.
Don't provoke it.
The android's word is law.
What do you mean, android? Like a robot? Positions, everyone.
Thank you! Come on, hurry up.
I was travelling with the Doctor and a man called Captain jack.
The Doctor wouldn’t just leave me That's enough chat.
Positions, final call.
Good luck.
But I'm not supposed to be here.
It says Rose on the podium.
Come on.
Hold on, I must be going mad.
It can't be.
This looks like Android activated! Oh, my God, the android.
The Anne droid.
Welcome to The Weakest Link.
Here we go again.
We've got our work cut out for us.
I don 'f know, he's sort of handsome.
Has a good lantern jam Lantern jaws are so last year.
Sorry, but, nice to meet you, ladies, but where exactly am I? We're giving you a brand-new image.
Hold on, I was with the Doctor.
Why, is there something wrong with what I'm wearing? It's all very 20th century.
Where did you get that denim? A little place in Cardiff.
It was called The Top Shop.
Design classic! But we 're going to have to find you some new colour; maybe get rid of that "Oklahoma farm boy" thing you've got going on.
Just stand still and let the defabricator work its magic.
What's the defabricator? Okay.
Does exactly what it says on the tin.
Am I naked in front of millions of viewers? Absolutely! Ladies your viewing figures just went up.
Can't open it.
It's got a deadlock seal.
Ever since Big Brother 504 when they all walked out, you must remember that? What about this? That's Exoglass.
You need a nuclear bomb to get through.
Don't tempt me.
I know you're not supposed to talk about the outside world, but you must've been watching.
Do people like me? Lynda, Lynda with a "Y" not Linda with an She got forcibly evicted 'cause she damaged a camera.
Am I popular? - I don't remember.
- Does that mean I'm nothing? Some people get this far 'cause they're insignificant.
Doesn't anybody notice me? No, you're nice, you're sweet.
Everybody thinks you're sweet.
Oh? Is that right? Is that what I am? No one's ever told me that before.
Am I sweet? Really? Yeah.
Dead sweet.
Thank you.
It's a wall.
Isn't there supposed to be a garden out there? Don't be daft, no one's got a garden anymore.
Who's got a garden? Don't tell me you've got a garden! No, I've just got the Tardis.
I remember.
That's the amnesia! So, what happened? Where did they get you? We'd just left Rexicoricophalvitorius.
Then we went to Kyoto.
That's right, Japan, in 1336 and we only just escaped.
We were together, we were laughing and then there was this light, this white light coming through the walls and then I woke up here.
Yeah, that's the transmat beam.
That's how they pick the housemates.
Oh, Lynda with a Sweet, little Lynda.
It's worse than that.
I'm not just some passing traveller.
No stupid little transmat gets inside my ship.
That beam was 15 million times more powerful.
Which means this isn’t just a game.
There's something else going on.
Well, here's the latest update from the Big Brother house.
I'm getting out.
I'm gonna find my friends.
And then I'm gonna find you.
- Need a word.
- Hold on, let me finish this.
Thank you, people, transmitting in I need to find the Doctor just shut up and play the game.
All right, then.
What the hell, I'm gonna play to win.
And cue! Let's play The Weakest Link.
Start the clock.
Agorax, the name of which basic foodstuff is an anagram of the word "beard"? - Bread.
- Correct.
Fitch, in the Pan Traffic Calendar, which month comes after Hoob? - Is it Clavadoe? - No, Pandoffi Rose, in maths, what is 258 minus 758? - 100! - Correct.
- Rodrick.
- Bank.
Which letter of the alphabet appears in the word dangle but not in the word gland? - E.
- Correct.
Colleen, in social security, what D is the name of the payment given to Martian Drones? - Default.
- Correct.
Broff, the Great Cobalt Pyramid is built on the remains of which famous Old Earth institute? - Touchdown.
- No, Torchwood.
Agorax, in language, all five examples of which type of letter appear in the word facetious? - Vowels.
- Correct.
Fitch, in biology, which blood cells contain iron, red or white? - White.
- No, red.
Rose, in the holovid series, Jupiter Rising, the Grexnik is married to whom? How should I know? Why is she laughing? Oh, my God, I think she knows.
And I've got a housemate who appeared out of nowhere.
I told you.
It's like the game's running itself.
It's the Buccaneer look.
Little dash of pirate and just a tweak of President Schwarzenegger.
Not sure about the vest.
What about a little bit of colour to lift it? Absolutely not never wear black with colour.
It makes the colour look cheap and the black look boring.
Now, let's talk jackets.
- I kind of like the first one.
- No, that's a bit too much Hell's Angel.
I think I like the shorter one.
Look! Waist-length, nice and slimming, shows off the bum.
Works for me.
Once we've got an outfit we can look at the face.
Ever thought about cosmetic surgery? I've considered it, yeah.
A little lift around the eyes, tighten up the jaw line, what do you think? Let's have a biz' more ambit/on.
Let? do something cutting edge.
So, Rose, what do you actually do? I just travel about a bit.
Bit of a tourist, I suppose.
Another way of saying unemployed? - No! - Have You got a job? Well, not really, no Then you are unemployed.
Yet you've still got enough money to buy peroxide.
Why Fitch? Er I think she got a few of the questions wrong, that's all.
And you '0' know all about that.
Well, yeah, but I can't vote for myself, so it had to be Fitch.
Sorry, that's the game, that's how it works.
I had to vote for someone.
Let me try again.
It was the lights and everything, I couldn't think In fact, with three answers wrong, Broff was the Weakest Link in that round.
But it's votes that count! I'm sorry, please.
Oh, God, help me.
Fitch, you are the Weakest Link.
And we've gone to the adverts.
Back in three minutes.
What's that? What just happened? She was the Weakest Link, she gets disintegrated.
Blasted into atoms.
But I voted for her.
Oh, my God, this is sick.
All of you, you're just sick.
I'm not playing I'm not playing! I can't do it.
Please, somebody let me out of here.
You are the Weakest Link.
Don't try to escape.
It's play or die.
Doctor, they said all housemates must gather on the sofa, you've got to.
I'm busy getting out, thanks.
But if you don't obey, then all the housemates get punished.
Well, maybe I'll be voted out, then.
How stupid are you? You've only just joined, you're not eligible.
And don't try anything clever or we all get it in the neck.
Big Brother house, this is Davinadroid.
Crosbie, Lynda and Strood you have all been nominated for eviction.
And the eighth person to he evicted from the Big Brother house is - Crosbie! - I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
It should've been me, that's not fair, Crosbie.
Crosbie, you have 70 seconds to make your farewells and then We're going to get you! I won't forget you.
- I'm sorry I stole your soap.
- I don't mind, honestly.
And thanks for the food, you're a smashing cook.
Bless you.
Crosbie, please leave the Big Brother house.
Bye, then.
Bye, Lynda.
I don't believe it.
It's only a game show.
She'll make a fortune on the outside.
Sell her story, release a record, fitness video, all of that.
She'll be laughing.
- What do you mean, on the outside? - Here we go.
What are they waiting for? Why don't they just let her go? Stop it, it's not funny.
Eviction in 5, 4 What was that? Disintegrator beam.
She's been evicted.
From life.
No one programmed the transmat, no one selected new contestants.
It is exactly like those stories.
Don't start that again.
I think you need to take a session off.
I would, if you'd take it with me.
And don't start that again either.
But the rumours go back decades.
Saying that something's been hidden up here.
Underneath the transmissions.
But the Controller would know.
She watches everything.
Maybe she just can't see it.
You've got to allow for human error.
Well, that's your problem, then.
I don't think she's been human for years.
Are you insane? You just step right into the disintegrator? Is it that important getting your face on the telly? Is it worth dying for? - You're talking like we've got a choice! - I thought you had to apply.
Don't be so stupid.
That's how they played it centuries back.
You get chosen whether you like it or not.
Everyone on Earth is a potential contestant, the transmat beam picks you out at random.
And it's nonstop.
There are - How many? 60? - They've had to cut back, it's not what it was.
It's a charnel house.
What about the winners? What do they get? - They get to live.
- Is that it? Well, isn't that enough? Rose is out there.
She got caught in the transmat, she's a contestant.
Time I got out.
That other contestant, Linda with an she was forcibly evicted for what? - Damage to property.
- What, like this? No, I'm just not getting this.
It's just too safe.
Too decent.
And you'd never keep it clean.
Stage two ready and waiting.
Bring it on, girls.
And now it's time for the face-off! What does that mean? Do I get to compete with someone else? No, like I said, face off.
I think you 'd look good with a dog's head! Or maybe no head at all, that would be so outrageous.
And we could stitch your legs to the middle of your chest.
Nothing is too extreme.
It's to die for.
Hold on, ladies, I don't want to have to shoot either one of you.
- But you're unarmed.
- You 're naked! - But that's a Compact Laser Deluxe.
- Where were you hiding that? You really don't want to know.
Give me that accessory! You are the Weakest Link.
Going to the break, two minutes on the clock.
Just a reminder, we've got solar flare activity coming up in 10.
Thanks, everyone.
Colleen was clever, she banked all our money, why'd you vote for her? 'Cause I want to keep you in.
You're stupid.
You don't even know the Princess Vossaheen's surname.
When it comes to the final, I want to be up against you.
So that you get disintegrated and I get a stackload of credits.
Courtesy of the Bad Wolf Corporation.
What do you mean? Who's Bad Wolf? They're in charge, they run the Game Station.
Why are they called Bad Wolf? I don't know, it's just a name.
It's like an Old Earth nursery rhyme sort of thing.
What does it matter? I keep hearing those words everywhere we go.
Bad Wolf.
The things you see the darkness.
The big, bad wolf.
Attention all personnel, Bad Wolf 1 descending.
"Blaidd Drwg.
" - What's it mean? - Bad Wolf.
Different times, different places.
Like it's written all over the universe.
What are you going on about? If the Bad Wolf is in charge of the quiz then maybe I'm not here by mistake.
Someone's been planning this.
The Doctor, you've broken the house rules.
Brother has no choice but to evict you.
You have 70 seconds to make your farewells and then we're gonna get you! That's more like it! Come on, then, open up! You're mad, it's like you want to die.
I reckon he's a plant, he was only brought in to stir things up.
The Doctor, please leave the Big Brother house.
Come on, then, disintegrate me! Come on, what are you waiting for? He is, he's mad.
He's bonkers! I told you to keep an eye on him, not kill him.
He damaged the property, it's an automatic process.
Eviction in .
54, 3, 2, 7- Ha-ha! I knew it! You see, someone brought me into this game.
If they wanted me dead they could've transmatted me into a volcano.
- What did you do? - Nothing.
It's like some sort of override.
Maybe the security isn't as tight this end.
You following this? I'm getting out! - Come with me.
- We're not allowed.
Stay in there, you got a 50-50 chance of disintegration.
Stay with me, I promise I'll get you out alive.
Come on! No, I can't.
Lynda, you're sweet.
From what I've seen of your world, do you think anybody votes for sweet? Hold on.
I've been here before.
This is Satellite Five.
No guards, makes a change.
You'd think a big business like Satellite Five would be armed to the teeth.
No one's called it Satellite Five in ages.
It's the Game Station now.
Hasn't been Satellite Five in about 100 years.
It's the year 200100.
I was here before, Floor 139.
The Satellite was broadcasting news channels back then.
Had a bit of trouble upstairs.
Nothing too serious.
Easy, gave them a hand, home in time for tea.
Hundred years ago? What? You were here 100 years ago? Yes.
Well, you're looking good on it.
I moisturise.
Funny sorts of readings.
All kinds of energy.
Place is humming.
It's weird, this goes way beyond normal transmissions.
What would they need all that power for? I don't know.
I think we're the first ever contestants to get outside.
I had two friends with me, they must have got caught in the transmat.
Where would they be? I don't know, they could have been allocated anywhere.
There's 100 different games.
Like what? There's 10 floors of Big Brother, there's a different house behind each of these doors, and then beyond that there's all sorts of shows.
It's nonstop.
There's Call My Bluff, with real guns.
Countdown, where you got 30 seconds to stop the bomb going off.
Ground Force, which is a nasty one.
You get turned into compost.
Wipeout, speaks for itself.
Oh, and Stars In Their Eyes, literally, stars in their eyes.
If you don't sing, you get blinded.
And you watch this stuff? Everyone does.
How come you don't? Never paid for my license.
Oh, my God, you get executed for that.
Let them try.
You keep saying things that don't make sense.
Who are you, though, Doctor, really? It doesn't matter.
Well, it does to me.
I've just put my life in your hands.
I'm just a traveller wandering past.
Believe it or not, all I'm after is a quiet life.
So, if we get out of here, what are you going to do? just wander off again? As fast as I can.
'Cause, erm I could come with you.
- Maybe you could.
- I wouldn't get in the way.
I wouldn't mind if you did.
Not a bad idea, Lynda with a But first of all, we've got to concentrate on the getting out.
To do that, you've got to know your enemy.
Who's controlling it? Who's in charge of the Satellite now? Hold on.
Your lords and masters.
Okay, you win, the Controller's got to handle this.
Archive makes a record of all transmat activities.
Find out how he got on board.
Archive 6.
Controller, we have a problem.
Continue working.
We have a security problem.
Continue working.
I'm sorry, but I can't.
We have contestants outside of the games.
But the alarms haven't gone off.
No security, the games continue.
But we can't just let them wander.
They are no one.
They are no one.
I'm sorry, I was just Archive 6 is out of bounds.
I need to check the transmat log.
Archive 6 is out of bounds.
No one may enter Archive 6.
Return to work.
Return to work.
Inform all staff, solar flares in Delta .
Compatible systems, just align the wave signature.
Attaboy! Got myself a gun.
Well, ladies, the pleasure was all mine, which is the only thing that matters in the end.
Two hearts, that's him.
Which floor? Blimey! I've never seen it for real before, not from orbit.
Planet Earth! What's happened to it? It's always been like that, ever since I was born.
See that there? That's the Great Atlantic Smog Storm, it's been going 20 years.
We get newsflashes telling us when it's safe to breathe outside.
So the population just sits there? Half the world's too fat and half the world's too thin and you lot just watch telly? All beaming down from here.
The human race.
Brainless sheep, being fed on a diet of Have they still got that program where three people have to live with a bear? Bear With Me! I love that! The celebrity edition where the bear got in the bath.
But it's all gone wrong.
I mean, history's gone wrong.
Again! This should be the Fourth Great and Bountiful Human Empire.
I don't understand.
Last time I was here I put it right.
No, but that's when it first went wrong.
Like you said, all the news channels, they just shut down overnight.
But that was me.
I did that.
There was nothing left in their place.
No information.
The whole planet just froze.
The government, the economy, they collapsed.
That was the start of it.
Oh, my I made this world.
That leaves Rose and Rodrick.
You're going head-to-head.
Left play The Weakest Link! Right, that's the end of tactical voting.
You're on your own now.
Hey, handsome, good to see you.
Any sign of Rose? Can't you track her down? She must still be inside the games.
All the rooms are shielded.
If I can just get inside this computer.
She's got to be here somewhere.
You'd better hurry up, these games don't have a happy ending.
You think I don't know that? There you go, patch that in.
It's programmed to find her.
- Thanks.
- Hey, there.
- Hello.
- Captain Jack Harkness.
- Lynda Moss.
- Nice to meet you, Lynda Moss.
- Do you mind flirting outside? - I was just saying hello.
For you, that's flirting.
- I'm not complaining.
- Muchas gracias.
It's not compatible.
This stupid system doesn't make sense.
This place should be a basic broadcaster.
But the systems are twice as complicated.
It's more than just television.
This station's transmitting something else.
- Like what? - I don't know.
This whole Bad Wolf thing's tied up with me.
Someone's manipulated my entire life.
It's some sort of trap and Rose is stuck inside it.
Rose, in geography, the Grand Central Ra vine is named after which ancient British city? Is it York? No, the correct answer is Sheffield.
Found her.
Floor 407.
Oh, my God, she's with the Anne Droid! You've got to get her out of there! Rodrick, in literature, the author of Lucky was Jackie who? Stewart.
No, the correct answer is Collins.
Rose, the oldest inhabitant of the [sop Galaxy is the Face of what? Boe! The Face of Boe! That is the correct answer.
Come on.
Rodrick, in history who was the President of the Red Velvets? Hoshbin Frane.
That is the correct answer.
Rose, in food the dish Gaffabeque originated on which plane t? Erm is it - Mars? - No, the correct answer is Lucifer.
Rodrick, which measurement of length is said to have been defined by the Emperor Jate as the distance from his nose to his fingertip? Would that be a goffle? No, the correct answer is a paab.
Rose, in fashion, Stella Pok Baint is famous for what? Shoes.
No, the correct answer is hats.
Game Room 6, which one is it? Over here! San Hazeldine? Na, the correct answer is San Chen.
Stand back, let me blast it open.
You can't, it's a vital combination.
Rose, in history, which Icelandic city hosted Murder Spree 20? Reykjavik? No, the correct answer is Pola Ventura.
Oh, my God! I've done it! You've lost! Come on, come on! - Rodrick, you are the Strongest Link.
- I'm not meant to be here.
You will be transported home with 7, 609 credits.
I need to find the Doctor! - He wouldn’t just leave me! - Thank you so much.
This game is illegal, I'm telling you to stop! Rose! Stop this game.
I order you to stop this game! - You are the Weakest link.
- Look out for the Anne Droid, it's armed! Back off! I need security and I need it here right now! - It's this lot.
- Don't you touch him! Leave him alone! Sir, put down the gun or I'll have to shoot.
You killed her! Your stupid freaking game show killed her! Sir, I'm arresting you under Private Legislation 16 of the Game Station Can you tell us the purpose of this device, sir? Can you tell us how you got on board? Just leave him alone.
I'm asking him.
Sir? Can you tell us who you are? You will be taken from this place to the Lunar Penal Colony, there to be held without trial.
You may not appeal against this sentence.
Is that understood? Let's do it.
Oh, my God, now we're in trouble.
Floor 500.
Clear the floor! He's on his way up here.
With a gun! This is an emergency, you've got to close down the lift.
All staff are reminded that solar flares Never mind the solar flares, he's gonna kill you! Okay, move away from the desk.
Nobody try anything clever.
Everybody clear, stand to the side and stay there.
Who's in charge of this place? - This Satellite is more than a Game Station.
- 79, 80 Who killed Rose Tyler? - All staff are reminded that - I want an answer.
She can't reply.
Don't shoot! Don't be so thick, like I was ever gonna shoot.
Captain, we've got more guards on the way up.
- Secure the exits.
- Yes, sir! You! What were you saying? - But I've got your gun.
- Okay, so shoot me.
Why can't she answer? She's Can I put this down? - If you want, just hurry up.
- Thanks.
The Controller is linked into the transmissions.
The entire output goes through her brain.
You're not a member of staff so she doesn't recognise your existence.
- What's her name? - I don't know.
She was installed when she was five.
It's the only life she's ever known.
Doors sealed.
We should be safe for about 10 minutes.
Keep an eye on them.
What you were saying about the Game Station, I think you're right.
I've kept a log.
Unauthorised transmats, encrypted signals, it's been going on for years.
Show me.
You're not allowed in there.
Archive 6 is out of bounds.
Do I look like an out of bounds sort of guy? What the hell? Solar flare activity in Delta .
If you're not holding us hostage then let us out.
The staff are terrified.
That's the same staff who execute hundreds of contestants every day? We're just doing our jobs.
And with that sentence you just lost the right to even talk to me, now back off! That's just the solar flares.
They interfere with the broadcast signal so this place automatically powers down.
Planet Earth gets a few repeats.
It's all quite normal.
Doctor - Doctor? - Whatever it is, you can wait.
I think she wants you.
Where's the Doctor? I'm here.
Can't see.
Blind, so blind.
All my life blind, all I can see is numbers.
But I saw you.
- What do you want? - Solar flares hiding me, they can't hear me.
My Masters listen but they can't hear me now.
The sun is so bright.
Who are your masters? They wired my head, the name's forbidden.
They control my thoughts.
My Masters, I had to be careful.
They monitor transmission but they don't watch the programs.
I could hide you in the games.
I knew that you'd find me.
My friend died inside your games.
- Doesn't matter.
- Don't dare tell me that! They've been hiding.
My Masters, hiding in the dark space.
Watching and shaping the Earth, so many years.
Always been there, guiding humanity.
Hundreds and hundreds of years.
Who are they? They wait and plan and grow in numbers, they're strong now.
- So strong, my Masters - Who are they? But speak of you, my Masters, they fear the Doctor Tell me, who are they? When's the next solar flare? - Two years' time.
- Fat lot of good that is! - Found the Tardis.
- We're not leaving now.
No, but the Tardis worked it out.
You'll wanna watch this.
Lynda, could you stand over there for me, please? I just want to go home.
It'll only take a second.
Could you stand in that spot? Quick as you can.
Everybody watching? Okay, 3, 2, 1.
- But you killed her.
- Oh? Do you think? What the hell was that? It's a transmat beam.
Not a disintegrator.
A secondary transmat system.
People don't get killed in the games.
They get transported across space.
Doctor, Rose is still alive! No.
It can't be You're dead.
I saw you die! - She's out there somewhere.
- Doctor! Coordinates 5.
Don't! The solar flare's gone, they'll hear you! Sigma 77 They took her.
My Masters.
You can kill me.
For I have brought your destruction.
Use that, it might contain the final numbers.
I kept a log of all the unscheduled transmissions.
Nice, thanks.
Captain Jack Harkness, by the way.
- I'm Davitch Pavale.
- Nice to meet you, Davitch Pavale.
There's a time and a place.
Are you saying this whole setup's been a disguise all along? Going way back.
Installing the Jagrafess 100 years ago.
Someone's been playing a long game.
Controlling the human race from behind the scenes for generations.
Click on this.
The transmat delivers to that point, right on the edge of the solar system.
There's nothing there.
It looks like nothing because that's what this Satellite does! Underneath the transmission, there's another signal.
- Doing what? - Hiding whatever's out there.
Hiding it from sonar, radar, scanners.
There's something sitting right on top of planet Earth but it's completely invisible.
If I cancel the signal That's impossible.
I know those ships.
They were destroyed.
Obviously they survived.
Who did? Who are they? More than 2,000 on board each one.
That's just about half a million of them.
Half a million what? Daleks.
We are detected! It is the Doctor! He has located us.
Open communications channel.
The female will stand.
Stand! I will talk to the Doctor.
Oh, will you? That's nice.
The Dalek Stratagem nears completion.
The Fleet is almost ready.
You will not intervene.
Oh, really? Why's that, then? We have your associate.
You will obey or she will be exterminate-d.
Explain yourself.
I said, no.
What is the meaning of this negative? It means no.
But she will be destroyed! No, 'cause this is what I'm gonna do.
I'm gonna rescue her.
I'm gonna save Rose Tyler from the middle of the Dalek Fleet.
And then I'm gonna save the Earth.
And then, just to finish off, I'm gonna wipe every last stinking Dalek out of the sky! But you have no weapons! No defences! No plan! Yeah.
And doesn't that scare you to death? Rose? Yes, Doctor? I'm coming to get you.
The Doctor is initiating hostile action.
The Stratagem must advance.
Begin the invasion of Earth.
The Doctor will be exterminate-d.
Exterminate Launch missiles.
We've got incoming.
This is it, ladies and gentlemen, we are at war.
There's an army about to invade this station.
Defences have gone off line.
I'm dead, or about to die any second, with no chance of escape.
How did you survive the Time War? They survived through me.