Doctor Who s02e06 Episode Script

The Age of Steel

What's happened? The time vortex has gone! We've got to be somewhere.
It's a parallel Earth with zeppelins.
I'm right, aren't I? A world where my dad's still alive.
Rose, he's not your father.
And she is not your mother.
What is that? Mickey, we've got power! You're a fine businessman, John.
But you're not God.
He is exactly the same.
What are they? Cybermen.
There's no need to damage us! We're good stock.
We volunteer for the upgrade programme.
Take us to be processed.
You are rogue elements.
But we surrender.
You are incompatible.
But this is a surrender! You will be deleted.
Listen to me, we surrender! You are inferior and will be reborn as Cybermen.
But you will perish under maximum deletion.
Delete, delete, delete.
What the hell was that? ! Or, how about instead, run! Everybody! In! I've got to go back.
My wife's in there.
Anyone inside that house is dead.
Don't let her die for nothing, come with us right now.
Come on! Get a move on! Rose.
She's not your mother.
I know.
Come on.
Finished chatting? Never seen a slower getaway in my life! What was that thing? Little bit of technology from my home.
Has it run out? It'll charge back up in about four hours.
So we don't have a weapon.
We do.
Might not work on those metal things, but they're good enough for men like him.
Leave him alone! What's he done wrong? Laid a trap that's wiped out the government and left Lumic in charge! If I was part of that, do you think I'd leave my wife inside? Maybe it went wrong.
Still gives us the right to execute you.
Talk about executions, you'll make me your enemy.
You don't want to do that.
All the same, we have evidence that says Pete Tyler's been working for the Lumics since 20.
Is that true? Tell 'em, Mrs M.
We've got a government mole, feeds us information.
Lumic's private files, his South American operations, the lot.
Secret broadcasts twice a week.
Broadcasts from Gemini? And how do you know that? I'm Gemini! That's me! You would say that.
Encrypted wavelength 657 using binary nine.
That's the only reason I was working for Lumic.
To get information.
I thought it was the security services, what do I get? The Scooby Doo gang! They've even got the van! No, no, but the Preachers know what they're doing.
Ricky said he's London's most wanted.
Yeah, that's not exactly.
Not exactly what? I'm London's most wanted for parking tickets.
Oh, great.
I was fighting the system! Park anywhere.
Good policy.
I do much the same.
I'm the Doctor, by the way, if anyone's interested.
And I'm Rose.
Hello! Even better.
That's the name of my dog.
Still, at least I've got the catering staff on my side.
I knew you weren't a traitor.
Why's that then? I just did.
They took my wife.
She might still be alive.
That's even worse.
Cos that's what Lumic does.
He takes the living.
and turns them into those machines.
They're called Cybermen.
And I'd take those Ear Pods off if I were you.
You never know, Lumic could be listening.
But he's over reached himself, he's a businessman who's assassinated the President.
All we need to do is inform the authorities.
Because I promise you, this ends tonight.
My everlasting children.
Tell me, how does it feel? We feel nothing.
But in your mind.
What do you think? We think the same.
We are uniform.
But you think of what? We think of the humans.
We think of their difference and their pain.
They suffer in the skin.
They must be upgraded.
Excellent, then let's begin.
Computer, identify John Lumic.
'Voice print acknowledged.
' Activate Ear Pod Primary Sequence.
'Please state area of activation.
' The City of London.
I've just declared independence.
Begin transmission! They will come to me.
My new children.
The immortal ones.
The whole of London has been sealed off.
There are reports of an army.
An army of metal men.
All citizens should remove their Ear Pods.
I repeat, remove all Ear Pods.
London has been placed under martial law.
If you are hearing this, stay in your homes.
I repeat, stay in your homes.
Oh, no, you don't! What the hell? What's going on? It's the Ear Pods, Lumic's taken control.
Can't we just.
I dunno, take them off? Don't! Cause a brainstorm.
The human race for such an intelligent lot, you aren't half susceptible.
Give anyone a chance to take control and you submit! Sometimes I think you like it an easy life.
Hey! Come and see! Where are they all going? I don't know.
Lumic must have a base of operations.
That's where he was building his prototypes.
Why's he doing it? He's dying.
This all started out as a way of prolonging life, keeping the brain alive.
At any cost.
Thing is, I've seen Cybermen before, haven't I? The head, those handle shapes.
In Van Statten's Museum.
There are Cybermen in our universe.
They started on an ordinary world, then swarmed across the galaxy.
This lot are starting from scratch, right here on Earth.
What are you on about? Never mind that, we need to get out of the city.
OK, split up! Mrs Moore, you look after that lot.
Jake, distract them.
We'll meet back at Bridge Street.
Move! I'm going with him.
Come on! Let's go.
There! Which way? I don't know where we are.
Did they see us? Bet they've got satellites.
They saw us in the dark.
They know where we are.
I don't get it, what is it with you? You're exactly like me.
I dunno.
Reckon you're braver.
Ten times.
Still, your friends aren't bad.
That's the Doctor and Rose.
I just tag along behind.
Well, then you're not that bad.
Do you think? Yeah, suppose.
Cybermen! Split up! (Go!) TANNOY: 'Chamber 12 now closed for sterilisation.
'All reject stock will be in incinerated.
' Come on! Come on! Come on! No! Cyberman: This one is unprogrammed.
Mr Crane, I thought you were one of the faithful.
Oh, that I am, sir.
My Ear Pod must have malfunctioned.
For which I apologise.
If I might? I'd like to request an upgrade, sir.
I've seen the future and its copyright Cybus Industries.
Sign me up! A willing volunteer? You've known me a long time, sir.
Quite a team, you and me.
I've been with you all the way.
But believe me, sir.
Knowing you so well, I know exactly what to do.
No! No! Help me! Die! Help me! You are in pain.
We can remove pain forever.
Not yet.
I'm not ready! We will give you immortality.
I've told you, I will upgrade.
only with my last breath.
Then breathe no more.
No, no! I command you! No! I ran past the river, you should've seen it the whole city's on the march.
Hundreds of Cybermen all down the Thames.
Here he is! Which one are you? I'm sorry.
The Cybermen.
He couldn't.
Are you Ricky? Are you Ricky? Mickey, that's you, isn't it? Yeah.
He tried.
He was running.
There was too many of them.
Shut it.
There was nothing I could do.
I said just shut it! Don't even talk about him.
You're nothing, you are.
We can mourn him when London is safe.
For now, we move on.
The whole of London's been sealed off and the entire population's been taken inside that place.
To be converted.
We've got to get in there and shut it down.
How do we do that? Oh, I'll think of something.
You're just making this up as you go along! Yep.
But I do it brilliantly.
That's a schematic of the old factory.
Look, cooling tunnels underneath the plant, big enough to walk through.
We go under, then up into the control centre.
There's another way in.
Through the front door.
If they've taken Jackie, that's how she'll get in.
We can't just go strolling up.
Oh, we could.
With these.
Fake Ear Pods.
Dead, no signal, but put them on and the Cybermen would mistake you for one of the crowd.
Then that's my job.
You'd have to show no emotion.
Any sign of emotion gives you away.
How many of those have you got? Just two sets.
If that's the best way of finding Jackie, then I'm coming with you.
Why does she matter to you? We haven't got time.
Doctor, I'm going with him.
No stopping you, is there? Nope.
Tell you what, we can attack the Ear Pods at the same time.
Give people their minds back, so they don't walk into that place like sheep.
Jakey boy.
Lumic's transmitting the control signal.
It must be from over there.
There it is.
On the zeppelin, do you see? Great big transmitter.
It's a good thing Lumic likes showing off.
Reckon you can take it out? Consider it done.
Mrs Moore, would you care to accompany me into the cooling tunnels? How could I refuse? We attack on three sides.
Above, between, below.
Into the control centre, stop the conversion machines.
What about me? Mickey, you can, um.
What? Stay out of trouble? Be the tin dog? No, those days are over.
I'm going with Jake.
I don't need you, idiot.
I'm not an idiot.
You got that? I'm offering to help.
Mickey! Good luck.
Yeah, you too.
Rose, I'll see you later.
Yeah! You'd better.
If we survive, I'll see you at the Tardis.
That's a promise.
Good luck.
It's freezing.
Any sign of a light switch? Can't see a thing.
But I've got these.
A device for every occasion.
Ooh! Put it on.
Haven't got a hot dog in there, have you? I'm starving.
Of all the things to wish for, that's mechanically recovered meat.
I know, it's the Cyberman of food.
But it's tasty! A proper torch as well.
Let's see where we are.
Already converted, just put on ice.
Come on.
Let's go slowly.
Keep an eye out for trip systems.
Just put them on.
Don't show any emotion.
No signs, nothing.
OK? Don't worry.
We can do it.
We could die in there.
Why you doing this? Let's just say I'm doing it for my mum and dad.
Right, let's go.
'Chamber eight now open for human upgrading.
'Chamber nine now open for human upgrading.
'Chamber ten now open for human upgrading.
'Chamber 11 now open for human upgrading.
' Two guards.
We can take them.
Don't kill them.
Who put you in charge? If you kill them, what's the difference between you and a Cyberman? Well, I suppose we could use these.
Smelling salts? Bit stronger than that.
One of Mrs Moore's little tricks.
Should knock 'em out.
(Three, two, one.
) There's got to be more guards on board.
Then let's go get them.
How did you get into this, then? Rattling along with the Preachers.
Oh, I used to be ordinary! Worked at Cybus Industries, nine to five.
Till one day I find something I'm not supposed to.
A file on the mainframe.
All I did was read it.
Then suddenly I've got men with guns knocking in the middle of the night.
A life on the run.
Then I found the Preachers.
They needed a techie, so I.
just sat down and taught myself everything.
What about Mr Moore? Well, he's not called Moore.
I got that from a book, Mrs Moore.
It's safer not to use real names.
But he thinks I'm dead.
It was the only way to keep him safe.
Him and the kids.
What about you, got any family? Who needs family? I've got the whole world on my shoulders.
Go on then, what's your real name? Angela Price.
Don't tell a soul.
Not a word.
Movement in Deepcold Six.
Awaken the army.
Doctor? Did that one move? It's just the torchlight.
Keep going, come on.
They're waking up! Run! Get up! Quick, they're coming! Open it! Open it! Get up, quick! Quick! Angela! Come on! Oh, good team, Mrs Moore! TANNOY: 'Units upgraded.
Now 6,500.
'Repeat, 6,500 and rising.
' You will wait.
You OK? No.
TANNOY: 'Chamber six now open for human upgrading.
'All reject stock will be incinerated.
' Any sign of Jackie? You are Peter Tyler.
You are Peter Tyler.
I recognise you.
I went first my name was Jacqueline Tyler.
No! What? They are unprogrammed.
You're lying, you're not her, you're not my Jackie.
No, I am Cyberform.
Once I was Jacqueline Tyler.
But you can't be.
Not her.
Her brain is inside this body.
I came to save you! This man worked with Cybus Industries to create our species.
He will be rewarded by force.
Take them to Cybercontrol.
They killed her.
They took her and killed her.
Maybe there's a chance.
I don't know, maybe we can reverse it.
There's nothing we can do.
But if she remembers.
Where is she? Which one was it? Which one was her? They all look the same.
Nice one, nobody's home.
Find the controls.
What do they look like? They might have transmitter controls written in red letters, just look! Whoa! Cyberman! It's dead.
I don't think it was ever alive.
It's empty.
No brain, just the robot suit.
It's for display.
Transmitter! You are not upgraded.
Yeah, well, upgrade this.
What the hell was that thing? Electromagnetic bomb.
It takes out computers, I figured it might stop a cybersuit.
Well, you figured right.
Now let's have a look.
Know your enemy.
They've even got the logo on the front.
Lumic's turned them into a brand.
Heart of steel.
But look.
Is that flesh? Mmm.
A central nervous system.
Artificially grown, threaded through the suit so it responds like a living thing.
Well, it is a living thing.
Oh, but look! Emotional inhibitor.
Stops them feeling anything.
But why? It's still got a human brain.
Imagine its reaction if it could see itself, realise itself, inside this thing.
It would go insane.
So they cut out the one thing that makes them human.
Because they have to.
am I.
cold? Oh, my God, it's alive.
It can feel.
We broke the inhibitor.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
Why so cold? Can you remember your name? Sally.
Sally Phelan.
You're a woman.
Where's Gareth? Who's Gareth? He can't see me.
It's unlucky the night before.
You're getting married? I'm cold.
I'm so cold.
It's all right.
You sleep now, Sally.
Just go to sleep.
Sally Phelan didn't die for nothing.
Because that's the key, the emotional inhibitor.
If we can find the cancellation code, feed it throughout the system into every Cyberman's head, they'd realise what they are.
And what happens then? I think it would kill them.
Can we do that? We've got to.
Before they kill everyone else.
There's no choice, Doctor.
It's got to be done.
No! No, you didn't have to kill her! Sensors detect a binary vascular system.
You are an unknown upgrade.
You will be taken for analysis.
The transmitter controls are sealed behind here, we need oxy acetylene.
Oh, and I forgot to bring it with me.
Then what do we do? We crash the zeppelin.
With us inside it? We could set it on automatic and then just leg it.
Let's have a look.
It's locked.
There's gotta be an override.
Let me have a go.
I'm good with computers, trust me.
I've been captured, but don't worry, Rose and Pete are still out there, they can rescue me.
Never mind.
You OK? Yeah.
But they got Jackie.
We were too late.
Lumic killed her.
Then where is he? The famous Mr Lumic.
Don't we get the chance to meet our lord and master? He has been upgraded.
So he's just like you.
He is superior.
The Lumic unit has been designated Cybercontroller.
This is the Age of Steel.
And I am its creator.
I'm almost there.
Not bad work.
It's moving! You said it was dead! A robot suit's still a good robot! Wait! Hey, Cyberman! Over here! Come on, you brainless lump of metal! Come and have a go! Oh, no! The transmitter's down! That's my friends at work.
Good boys! Mr Lumic, I think that's a vote for free will! I have factories waiting on seven continents.
If the Ear Pods have failed, then the Cybermen will take humanity by force.
London has fallen.
So shall the world.
Hold on, I've logged on to Cybercontrol.
They're alive! The Doctor and Rose, there they are! What the hell is that thing? Shh! Has this thing got sound? 'I will bring peace to the world.
'Everlasting peace.
' and unity and uniformity.
And imagination? What about that? The one thing that led you here, imagination, you're killing it dead.
What is your name? I'm the Doctor.
A redundant title.
Doctors need not exist.
Cybermen never sicken.
Yeah, but that's it, that's exactly the point.
Oh, Lumic, you're a clever man.
I'd call you a genius, except I'm here.
Everything you've invented, you did to fight your sickness brilliant.
That is so human.
But once you get rid of sickness and mortality, then what's there to strive for? Eh? The Cybermen won't advance.
You'll just stop.
You'll stay like this for ever.
A metal Earth with metal men and metal thoughts.
Lacking the one thing that makes this planet so alive.
People! Ordinary, stupid, brilliant, people! You are proud of your emotions? Oh, yes! Then tell me, Doctor, have you known grief? And rage? And pain? Yes.
Yes, I have.
And they hurt? Oh, yes.
I can set you free.
Would you not want that? A life without pain.
You might as well kill me.
Then I take that option.
It's not yours to take! You're a Cybercontroller.
You don't control me, or anything with a heart.
You have no means of stopping me.
I have an army.
A species of my own.
You just don't get it, do you? An army's nothing.
Cos those ordinary people, they're the key.
The most ordinary person can change the world.
Some ordinary man or woman, some idiot.
All it takes is for him to find, say, the right numbers.
Say, the right code, say, for example, the code behind the emotional inhibitor.
The code right in front of him.
Cos even an idiot knows his computers, these days.
Knows how to get past firewalls and passwords.
How to find something encrypted in the Lumic Family database, under what was it, Pete, binary what? Binary nine.
Binary nine! ! An idiot could find that code! A cancellation code.
He'd keep on typing, keep on fighting, anything to save his friends.
Your words are irrelevant.
Yeah, talk too much, that's my problem.
Lucky I got you that cheap tariff, Rose.
For all our chats.
On your phone.
The phone! You will be deleted.
Then, of course, my particular favourite.
Send! Let's not forget how you seduced all those ordinary people.
By making technology compatible with everything else.
It's for you! Like this! Yes! I'm sorry.
What have you done? I gave them back their souls.
They can see what you've done, Lumic.
And it's killing them.
Delete! Delete! Delete! There's no way out! What are you doing? If that factory blows, this balloon'll ignite.
Take it back! Mickey, they've had it.
I said, take it back! We're not leaving them behind.
There's no way we are leaving them behind.
Hold it! Rose, can you hear me? Head for the roof! He says head for the roof.
No! Mickey, where did you learn to fly that thing? ! Playstation! Just hold on, Rose, I'm coming to get you.
You can't go any lower! I've got to! You're gonna crush them! There's gotta be something, there's got to be.
Oh, yes! You've got to be kidding.
Rose, get on! Hold on tight, we're going up! Welcome to Mickey Smith airlines, please enjoy your flight! We did it! We did it! Pete! Take this! Use it! Hold the button down and press it against the rope.
Just do it! Jackie Tyler.
This is for her.
So, what happens inside that thing then? Do you want to see? I don't think so.
But you two, all that stuff you said.
About different worlds.
Who are you? It's like you said.
Imagine there are different worlds, parallel worlds.
Worlds with another Pete Tyler.
And Jackie Tyler, still alive.
And their daughter.
I've got to go.
But if you just look inside.
I can't.
There's all those Lumic factories out there, all those Cybermen in storage.
Someone's got to tell the authorities what happened.
Rose, I've only got five minutes of power.
We've got to go.
The Doctor could show you.
Thank you.
for everything.
Just don't.
Here it is.
I found it, not a crease.
My suit! Good man! Now then, Jake, we've got to run, but one more thing.
Mrs Moore.
Her real name was Angela Price.
She's got a husband out there, and children.
Find them.
Tell them how she died saving the world.
Course I will.
Off we go then.
Thing is, I'm staying.
You're doing what? But you can't.
It sort of balances out.
Cos this world lost its Ricky, but there's me.
And there's work to be done with all those Cybermen still out there.
But you can't stay.
Rose, my gran's here.
She's still alive.
My old gran, remember her? Yeah.
She needs me.
What about me, what if I need you? Yeah, but Rose, you don't.
It's just you and him, isn't it? We had something a long time ago, but.
not any more.
Well, we'll come back.
We can travel anywhere! Come and see you, yeah? We can't.
I told you, travel between parallel worlds is impossible.
We got here by accident.
We fell through a crack in time.
When we leave, I've got to close it.
We can't ever return.
Take Rose's phone.
It's got the Code, get it out there, stop those factories.
And good luck.
Mickey the Idiot.
Watch it! Thanks.
We've had a laugh though, haven't we? Seen it all.
Been there and back.
Who'd have thought me and you off that old estate, flying through the stars.
All those years, just sitting there.
Imagining what we'd do one day.
We never saw this, did we? Go on.
Don't miss your flight.
Jake, you want to watch this.
What the hell? ! That's the Doctor.
In the Tardis.
With Rose Tyler.
You're alive! Oh, Mum, you're alive! Well, I was the last time I looked.
What is it? What happened, sweetheart? What's wrong? Where did you go? Far away.
That was.
far away.
Where's Mickey? He's gone home.
I know it's not easy, with my face looking exactly like Ricky.
But I'm different, I'm not replacing him.
But we can remember him, by fighting in his name.
All those cyberfactories out there, do you think there'd be one in Paris? Yeah.
Then let's go and liberate Paris! What, you and me? In a van? Nothing wrong with a van! I once saved the universe with a big yellow truck! There you go, sir.
All wired up for the grand occasion.
Someone help me please! Ordinary people are being struck down and changed and the only new thing is a television.
Men in black? Vanishing police cars? This is Churchill's England, not Stalin's Russia! Are you sitting comfortably? Good.
Then we'll begin.