Doctor Who s02e12 Episode Script

Army of Ghosts

'Planet Earth.
'This is where I was born.
'And this is where I died.
'For the first 19 years of my life, nothing happened.
'Nothing at all.
'Not ever.
'And then I met a man called the Doctor' .
Run! '.
a man who could change his face' '.
and he took me away from home, in his magical machine.
' Ah-ha! 'He showed me the whole of time and space.
'I thought it would never end.
' How long are you going to stay with me? For ever.
'That's what I thought.
'But then came the Army of Ghosts.
'Then came Torchwood, and the War.
'And that's when it all ended.
'This is the story of how I died.
' Mum! It's us, we're back! I don't know why you bother with that phone, you never use it! Oh, I love you so much! Oh, no, you don't! Come here! Mwah! Oh, you lovely big fella! Oh, you're all mine! Yes, you are! Mwah! I've got loads of washing for you, and I got you this.
It's from the market on this asteroid bazaar.
It's made of, um .
What's it called? Bazoolium.
When it gets cold, it means it's gonna rain.
When it's hot, it's gonna be sunny.
I've got a surprise for you an' all.
I get Bazoolium - she doesn't even say thanks.
Guess who's coming to visit? You're just in time.
Who d'you think it is? I don't know.
Go on, guess.
I hate guessing, just tell me.
It's your grandad.
Grandad Prentice.
He's on his way, any minute.
Right, cup of tea.
She's gone mad.
Tell me something new.
Grandad Prentice, that's her dad but he died, like, ten years ago.
Oh, my God, she's lost it.
Mum? What you just said about Grandad Any second now! But he passed away.
His heart gave out.
D'you remember that? Course I do! Then how can he come back? Why don't you ask him yourself? Ten past.
Here he comes.
Here we are, then! Dad, say hello to Rose.
Hasn't she grown? They're everywhere.
Doctor, look out! You haven't got long.
Midday shift only lasts a couple of minutes, they're about to fade.
What d'you mean, shift?! Since when did ghosts have shifts? Since when did shifts have ghosts? What's going on? Ooh, he's not happy when I know more than him, is he? No-one's running or screaming or freaking out Why should we? Here we go! Ladies and gentlemen, I'd like to announce we've just measured the Ghost Energy at 5,000 gigawatts.
Give yourselves a round of applause! 'On today's Ghostwatch, claims that some of the ghosts 'are starting to talk, and there seems to be a regular formation 'gathering around Westminster Bridge.
'It's like a military display' What the hell's going on? 'And tonight we're expecting very strong ghosts, from London, through the North, and up into Scotland.
'So, basically, Eileen, what you are telling me is that you are in love with a ghost? 'He's my ghost, and I love him, 24/seven.
'Well, no-one needs me any more.
'My ghost was pale and grey, until I discoveredEctoshine! 'Et le President a dit aujourd'hui que les fan 'Taj Mahal jaane waale logon ko hoshiyaar kiya 'Nihonjin wa okashiku natte shimatta youdesu Yurei wa daisuki!' It's all over the world.
'Listen to me, Den Watts, 'I don't care if you have come back from the grave, 'get out of my pub! 'The only spirits I'm serving in this place are gin, whisky and vodka, So, you heard me, get out!' But when did it start? Well, Peggy heard this noise in the cellar, so she goes down No, I mean, worldwide.
Oh, that was about two months ago.
Just happened.
Woke up one morning and there they all were.
Ghosts everywhere.
We all ran around screaming and that, whole planet was panicking.
No sign of you, thank you very much! But then it sort of sank in.
Took us time to realise that we're lucky.
What makes you think it's grandad? It just feels like him.
There's that smell, those old cigarettes.
Can't you smell it? I wish I could, Mum, but I can't.
Well, you've got to make an effort.
You've got to want it, sweetheart.
And the more you want it, the stronger it gets? Sort of, yeah.
Like a psychic link.
Of course you want your old dad to be alive, but you're wishing him into existence.
The ghosts are using that to pull themselves in.
You're spoiling it.
I'm sorry, Jackie, but there's no smell, there's no cigarettes.
Just the memory.
If they're not ghosts, what are they, then? Yeah, but they're human! You can see them! They look human! She's got a point.
I mean, they're all sort of blurred, but they're definitely people.
Maybe not.
They're pressing themselves into the surface of the world.
But a footprint doesn't look like a boot.
So what have we got? Any sign of that power loss? No problems.
Must've been a glitch.
Rajesh, you got anything? It's so busy down here, I'm on Sudoku Book 509.
Well, we just had a great Ghost Shift.
'I know.
' But we had nothing.
Did they tell you? R&D came up with a new spectrometer yesterday.
Barged in here, all full of themselves.
Said they could detect the heat off a single protozoa through half a mile of steel.
And what did they find? Nothing.
It gave them nothing.
Same as ever.
The machines keep saying that the Sphere can't exist.
But there it is.
'Anything we can do?' No, I'm all right.
It's just Gets into your head, this thing.
Like it's staring at you.
'We'll catch up later.
Thanks, Raj.
' Yeah.
Matt, get on to hospitality, send Rajesh something, he's going mad down there.
Not alcohol! Yvonne, I'm gonna double-check the stacks.
Just in case.
Yvonne, I'm gonna cross-reference the levels with the Sphere.
OK, fine.
And they think we haven't noticed.
Come on, we'll be all right down here.
Just two minutes.
This out of bounds.
Yeah, and that's the point.
It's completely safe, they're just building new offices.
What about the workmen? They're allocated somewhere else.
It's not worth it for a snog! It is! Come on! Gareth? Don't be daft.
Where have you gone? Gareth?! Look, I'm gonna head back.
I'm seeing you tonight anyway.
Gareth? I'm gonna go back to work.
This is it.
I'm going.
See ya.
Now stop it.
I'm not kidding, just stop it.
Sorry, I'm just looking for my friend.
Did anyone come down here? According to the paper, they've elected a ghost as MP for Leeds.
Now, don't tell me you're gonna do nothing.
# Who ya gonna call? Ghostbusters! # I ain't 'fraid of no ghosts! # When's the next shift? Quarter to.
But don't go causing trouble.
What's that lot do? Triangulates their point of origin.
I don't suppose it's the Gelth? Nah! They came through one little rift.
This lot are transposing themselves over the whole planet.
Like tracing paper.
You're always doing this.
Reducing it to science.
Why can't it be real? Just think of it, though.
All the people we've lost, our families, coming back home.
Don't you think it's beautiful? I think it's horrific.
Rose! Give us a hand.
Soon as the cone's activated, if that line goes into the red, press that button.
If it doesn't stop Setting 15B, hold it against the port, eight seconds and stop.
If it goes into the blue, activate the deep scan.
Hang on a minute, I know That's that one.
That one? Now you'vejust killed us.
Er, it's that one.
Yep! Now what have we got? Two minutes to go.
Two minutes till the next shift, let's make it a good one, people.
Come on, you two! Sorry we're late.
Save it till later.
Sorry we're late.
And powering up! What's the line doing? It's all right, it's holding! You even look like him.
How d'you mean? S'pose I do, yeah.
You've changed so much.
For the better.
I suppose.
Mum, I used to work in a shop! I've worked in shops, what's wrong with that? No, I didn't mean I know what you meant.
What happens when I'm gone? Don't talk like that.
No, but really.
When I'm dead and buried, you won't have any reason to come back home.
What happens then? I don't know.
D'you think you'd ever settle down? The Doctor never will, so I can't.
I'll just keep on travelling.
And you'll keep on changing.
In 40 years time, 50, there'll be this woman, this strange woman, walking through the marketplace, on some planet, a billion miles from Earth.
But she's not Rose Tylernot any more.
She's not even human.
Here we go! Scanner's working! It says, delta one six! Come on then.
You beauty! Andwe're into Ghost Shift.
What have we got? Something's interfering with the Ghost Field.
- Location? - It's close, it's within the city.
Don't like that much, do you? Who are you? Where are you coming from? OH-H! That's more like it! Not so friendly now, are you? Close it down! Close it down! Offline.
It was a very specific excitation of the Ghost Field, but that makes it easy to pinpoint.
Almost there.
South London, South-East 15.
It's a council estate, the Powell Estate.
SE15 7GO.
It was a public area.
Can we patch into the CCTV network? Doing it now.
Here we go.
We've got a camera within 50 yards.
Oh, my God! Is it him? It's him.
Those ghosts are being forced into existence from one specific point! And I can track down the source! Allons-y! He's coming.
Rajesh! It's him! Now we've got you.
I like that, allons-y.
I should say allons-y more often.
Allons-y! Look sharp, Rose Tyler, allons-y! It would be brilliant if I met someone called Alonso.
Cos then I could say, "Allons-y, Alonso!" every time! You're staring at me! My mum's still on board.
If we end up on Mars, I'm gonna kill you.
There goes the advantage of surprise.
Still, cuts to the chase.
Stay in here, look after Jackie.
I am not looking after my mum! Well, you brought her! I was kidnapped! Doctor! They've got guns.
And I haven't, which makes me the better person, don't you think? They can shoot me dead, but the moral high ground is mine! Hold it! Oh Oh, how marvellous! Oh, very good! Superb.
Happy day! Um.
Nice to meet you.
I'm the Doctor.
Oh, I should say.
Hooray! You You've heard of me, then? Well, of course we have.
And I have to say, if it wasn't for you, none of us would be here.
The Doctor AND the Tardis! And And And you are? Oh, plenty of time for that.
According to the records, you don't travel alone.
The Doctor and his companion, that's the pattern, isn't that right? No point in hiding anything.
Not from us.
So, where is she? Yes, sorry, good point.
She's just a bit shy, that's all.
But here she is - Rose Tyler! She's not the best I've ever had.
Bit too blonde.
Not too steady on her pins.
Lot of that And just last week, she stared into the heart of the Time Vortex and aged 57 years, but she'll do.
I'm 40! Deluded.
I'll have to trade her in, d'you need anyone? She's very good at tea.
Well, I say very good, I mean not bad.
Well, I say not bad Anyway! Lead on! Allons-y! But not too fast, her ankle's going.
I'll show you where my ankle's going! It was only a matter of time until you found us.
And at last you've made it! I'd like to welcome you, Doctor.
Welcome to Torchwood.
That's a Jathaa Sun Glider.
Came down to Earth off the Shetland Islands, ten years ago.
What, did it crash? No, we shot it down.
They violated our earthspace.
Then we stripped it bare.
The weapon that destroyed the Sycorax, on Christmas Day? That was us.
Now if you'd like to come with me.
The Torchwood Institute has a motto.
"If it's alien, it's ours.
" Anything that comes from the sky, we strip it down, and we use it, for the good of the British Empire.
The good of the what? The British Empire.
There isn't a British Empire.
Not yet.
Excuse me, now if you wouldn't mind D'you recognise this, Doctor? That's a particle gun.
Good, isn't it? Took us eight years to get it to work.
It's the 21st century.
You can't have particle guns! We must defend our border against the alien.
Thank you.
Sebastian, isn't it? Yes, ma'am.
Thank you.
It's very important to know everyone by name.
Torchwood is a very modern organisation.
People skills, that's what it's all about these days.
I'm a people person.
Have you got anyone called Alonso? I don't think so.
Is that important? I s'pose not, what was your name? Yvonne, Yvonne Hartman.
Ah, yes, now we're rather fond of these.
The Magna-clamp, found in a spaceship buried at the base of Mount Snowdon.
Attach this to an object, and it cancels the mass.
I could use it to lift two tons of weight with a single hand.
That's an Imperial Ton, by the way, Torchwood refuses to go metric.
I could do with that to carry the shopping.
All these devices are for Torchwood's benefit.
Not the general public's.
So what about these ghosts? Ah, yes, the ghosts.
They're what you might call a side effect.
Of what? All in good time, Doctor! There is an itinerary, trust me.
Oi, where are you taking that? If it's alien, it's ours.
You'll never get inside it.
Psychic paper, psychic paper.
But all the times I've been on Earth, I've never heard of you.
Well, of course not! You're the enemy.
You're actually named in the Torchwood Foundation Charter of that house in Scotland.
Where you encountered Queen Victoria and the werewolf.
I think he makes half of it up.
Her Majesty created the Torchwood Institute for the express intention of keeping Britain great, and fighting the alien horde.
But if I'm the enemy, does that mean I'm a prisoner? Oh, yes.
But we'll make you perfectly comfortable, and there is so much you can teach us.
Starting with this.
Now, what d'you make of that? You must be The Doctor.
Rajesh Singh, it's an honour, sir.
Yeah What is that thing? We've got no idea.
What's wrong with it? What makes you think there's something wrong with it? I dunno.
It feels weird.
The Sphere has that effect on everyone.
Makes you want to run and hide.
Like it's forbidden.
We've tried analysing it, using every device imaginable.
But according to our instruments, the Sphere doesn't exist.
It weighs nothing.
It doesn't age.
No heat, no radiation and has no atomic mass.
But I can see it.
Fascinating, isn't it? It upsets people, because it gives off nothing.
It is absent.
Well, Doctor? This is a Void Ship.
And what is that? Well, it's impossible, for starters.
I always thought it was just a theory, but It's a vessel designed to exist outside time and space.
Travelling through the Void.
And what's the Void? The space between dimensions.
There's all sorts of realities around us, different dimensions, billions of parallel universes, all stacked up against each other.
The Void is the space in between.
Containing absolutely nothing.
Can you imagine that? Nothing.
No light, no dark, no up, no down.
No life.
No time.
Without end.
My people called it the Void, the Eternals called it the Howling.
But some people call it Hell.
But someone built the Sphere, what for? Why go there? To explore.
To escape? You could sit inside it and eternity would pass you by.
The Big Bang the end of the universe, start of the next, wouldn't even touch the sides.
You'd exist outside the whole of creation.
You see, we were right.
There is something inside it.
Oh, yes.
So how do we get in there? We don't.
We send it back into hell.
How did it get here in the first place? The Sphere came through, into this world.
And the ghosts followed in its wake.
Show me.
No, Doctor! I don't get it.
What is it? What am I supposed to be looking for? Just go to the left.
Yvonne's gonna be back any minute.
Just go to the left.
What d'you mean, in here? The Sphere came through here - a hole in the world.
Not active at the moment.
But when we fire particle engines at that exact spot, the breach opens up.
How did you even find it? We'd been getting warning signs for years, a radar black spot.
So we built this place, the Torchwood Tower.
The breach was 600ft above sea level, it was the only way to reach it.
You built a skyscraper? Just to reach a spatial disturbance? How much money have you got? Enough.
Hold on a minute.
We're in Canary Wharf.
Must be.
This building, it's Canary Wharf! That is the public name for it.
To those in the know, it's Torchwood.
So you find the breach.
Probe it.
The Sphere comes through, It leaves a hole in the fabric of reality, and that hole, you think, ooh, shall we leave it alone? Shall we back off? Shall we play it safe? No, you think, let's make it bigger! It's a massive source of energy.
If we can harness that power, we need never depend on the Middle East again.
Britain will become truly independent.
But you can see for yourself.
The next Ghost Shift's in two minutes.
Cancel it.
I don't think so.
I'm warning you.
Cancel it.
Exactly as the legends would have it! The Doctor, assuming alien authority over the rights of Man.
Let me show you.
Sphere comes through.
But when it made the hole, it cracked the world around it.
The entire surface of this dimension, splintered.
And that's how the ghosts get through, they're bleeding through the fault lines.
Walking from their world, across the Void, and into yours.
With the human race hoping and wishing and helping them along.
But too many ghosts, and Well, in that case, we'll have to be more careful.
Positions! Ghost Shift in one minute.
Miss Hartman, please don't do it.
We have done this a thousand times.
Then stop, at a thousand.
We're in control of the ghosts.
The levers can open the breach, but, equally, they can close it.
OK! Sorry? Never mind! As you were.
What, is that it? No, fair enough, I've said my bit, don't mind me! Any chance of a cup of tea? Ghost Shift in 20 seconds.
Can't wait to see it! You can't stop us, Doctor.
Absolutely not.
Pull up a chair, Rose.
Come and watch the fireworks.
Ghost Shift in ten seconds.
Nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two Stop the Shift.
I said stop! Thank you.
I suppose it makes sense to get as much intelligence as possible.
But the programme will recommence, as soon as you've explained everything.
I'm glad to be of help.
And someone clear up this glass.
They did warn me, Doctor.
They said you liked to make a mess.
Come on.
Can I help you? I wasjust Try not to look.
It does that to everyone.
What do you want? Sorry, um They sent me from personnel.
They said some man had been taken prisoner, some sort of Doctor.
I'm just checking the lines of communication.
Did they tell you anything? Can I see your authorisation? Sure.
Well, that's lucky.
Everyone in Torchwood has at least a basic level of psychic training.
This paper is blank and you're a fake.
Seal the room.
And call security.
Samuel? Can you check the door locks? She walked right in.
Doing it now, sir.
Well, if you'd like to take a seat So these ghosts, whatever they are, did they build the Sphere? Must have.
Aimed it at this dimension like a cannonball.
'Yvonne? I think you should see this.
'We've got a visitor.
I don't know who she is, 'but funnily enough, she arrived at the same time as the Doctor.
' Is she one of yours? Never seen her before in my life.
Good, then we can have her shot.
Oh, all right, then, it was worth a try.
That's That's Rose Tyler.
Hello! Well, if that's Rose Tyler, who's she? I'm her mother.
Oh, you travel with her mother? He kidnapped me.
When Torchwood comes to write my complete history, don't tell people that I time travelled with her mother.
Oh, charming.
I've got a reputation to uphold.
Excuse me, everyone! I thought I said, stop the Ghost Shift.
Who started the programme? I ordered you to stop.
Who's doing that? Right, step away from your monitors, everyone.
Gareth? Adi? Stop what you're doing, right now.
Matt! Step away from your desk, that's an order.
Stop the levers.
Andrew! Stop the levers! What's she doing? Adi, step away from the desk.
Listen to me, step away from the desk! She can't hear you.
They're overriding the system.
We're going into Ghost Shift.
Yvonne, I thought you said the next Ghost Shift was cancelled.
What's going on? Yvonne? It can't be It's active.
It's the earpiece.
Controlling them.
I've seen this before.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
What happened, what did you just do? They're dead.
You killed them.
Someone else did that.
But you killed them.
I haven't got time for this! What are these earpieces? Don't.
How does it control them? Trust me, leave them alone.
But what are they? Ugh! Oh, God! It goes inside their brain! What about the Ghost Shift? Can't you stop it? They're still controlling it, they've hijacked the system.
Who's "they"? Might be a remote transmitter, but it's got to be close by.
I can trace it! Jackie, stay here.
Keep those levers down! Keep them offline! We've got a problem down here.
Yvonne, can you hear me? Yvonne, for God's sake, the Sphere is active, the readings are going wild, it's got weight, it's got mass and an electromagnetic field, it exists! The door's sealed.
Automatic quarantine.
We can't get out.
It's OK.
We've beaten them before, we can beat them again.
That why I'm here.
The fight goes on.
The fight against what? What d'you think? You two! You come with us! This way.
What's down here? I don't know, I think it's building work, it's just renovations.
You should go back.
Think again.
What is it? What's down here? Earpieces.
Ear Pods.
This world is colliding with another.
And I think I know which one.
What are they? They came through first.
The advance guard.
Cybermen! Oh! We had them beaten, but then they escaped.
The Cybermen just vanished.
They found their way through to this world, but so did we.
The Doctor said that was impossible.
Yeah, it's not the first time he's been wrong.
What's inside that Sphere? No-one knows.
Cyber leader.
Cyber King.
Emperor of the Cybermen.
Whatever it is, he's dead meat.
It's good to see you.
Yeah! It's good to see you too.
Get away from the machines.
Do what they say, don't fight them.
Don't shoot! Arrgh! Ah-arrgh! What are they? We are the Cybermen.
The Ghost Shift will be increased to 100%.
Here come the ghosts.
It's extraordinary.
There are more ghosts then we've ever seen before and it's happening all over the world.
As far as we know, the increase in ghost activity is harmless.
Can anyone hear me? Come on, I need help down here! I need Here we go.
But these Cybermen, what have they got to do with the ghosts? Don't you listen? A footprint doesn't look like a boot.
Achieving full transfer.
They're Cybermen.
All the ghosts are Cybermen! Millions of them! Right across the world.
They're not ghosts, they're metal men! Ar-r-rgh! I urge you, stay in your homes.
They're invading the whole planet.
It's not an invasion.
It's too late for that.
It's a victory.
They're activated.
They're activated.
They're activated.
They're activated.
I know what's in there.
And I'm ready for them.
I've got just the thing.
This is gonna blast them to hell.
Samuel? What are you doing? The name's Mickey.
Mickey Smith.
Defending the Earth! The Cybermen don't have the technology to build a Void Ship.
It's way beyond you.
How did you create that Sphere? The Sphere is not ours.
What?! The Sphere broke down the barriers between worlds.
We only followed.
Its origin is unknown.
Then what's inside it? Rose is down there.
That's not Cybermen.
Oh, my God! Location Earth.
Life forms detected.
Exterminate! Exterminate! Exterminate! Exterminate!