Doctor Who s02e15 Episode Script

Attack Of The Graske Wrong Choices

Ah ah, I need your help.
So fancy a trip in the Tardis.
Oh, more of a bus person, are we? Yeah, I see.
Come on, what are you waiting for? Doctor Who - Attack Of The Graske Wrong Choices ~ Bad Wolf Team ~ ~ ~ You've been watching my adventures? And I've been watching some of yours.
Including you, mate.
Where d'you get that energy? So challenge.
Reckon you can act as my companion? I only take the best, remember.
About Rose.
Dropped her off for a bit.
1979, ABBA, Wembley.
So, it's all gonna be onto you, right? Ok, now.
Hold out your remote control.
I'm linking it to the sonic screwdriver.
All the power of the sonic is yours now.
So, don't let the cat seat on it.
You really wouldn't want that.
Let's go! I'll patch you into the Tardis screen.
Looks like any old Christmas, and it is.
No, I'm jocking, it isn't.
One of these people isn't human.
But an Alien impostor.
A changeling.
There are two cameras in the room.
The girl's got a camcorder for Christmas.
Plus I'm looking out through their TV.
Cause I'm clever.
Use the arrow keys on your remote to flick between the views.
Look closely at each person.
One of them is the Alien, but which one? Work them eyeballs.
Christmas video time! I want to test the camera.
So, can I have one get together? Gran! Oh Dad, I can't find spots Sweet, would you Will you tell your son, please ? - You think he listens to me? - Come on, gran.
- Stand over there, ok? - Over there.
Oh, my favorite one - Grandad.
- All right, all right.
This place was clean.
A great one A food stop, whatever question that is.
Mum, just stand up, will you? That goes in there, Dad.
Back in the box.
It causes confusion and disapointment.
People think they're waiting for their favorite and discover it's only an empty wrapping.
- Sorry darling, I'm sorry.
-You're not gonna get it till tomorrow.
When no one's watching tele, then you can plug it in.
Ok, time's up.
Here's the list.
So, is it Mum, Dad, Gran, Grandad, Girl, or Boy? If you think it's Mum, press 1.
If you think it's Gran, press 2.
Reckon it's Grandad, press 3.
Or is it Dad? Press 4.
The Boy, 5.
The Girl, 6.
I'll give you ages to decide.
No I won't! Make your mind up! Oh, you fluffed it! It was Mum! You missed her eyes glowing! They'd give away.
Early days, though.
Why are they glowing? That's what I'm here to find out.
What's that? That creature was a Graske.
They take up a planet by replacing its population.
I can follow the trail of that one, but can you fly the Tardis? Here are some basics: Use your remote to activate the different controls, quickly when I tell you.
Number 1 is the, Dimensional Stabilizer, there.
Number 2 is this baby, the Vector Tracker.
And this is number 3, the Vortex Loop.
Got it? Right, let's go! Switch on the Vortex Loop.
Come on.
Which one is it? Wrong one! Now the Dimensional Stabilizer.
We're tumbling down! I'll get it then.
Quick sticks, the Vector Tracker, press it.
Nah, I'll sort it.
Bit of a bobby ride, but we've arrived.
Where the hell is that Graske? Now.
When is this? We've gone back in time.
About a hundred and twenty years.
The Graske will be here any minute, if we don't spot him, we'll lose the trail.
This grid is tuned to the Graske's DNA trace.
It's marked 1 to 9.
When you the DNA blip pop up, press the button for that number on the grid.
Be quick, it'll only be a flash.
Can you see him? Bad luck.
Lucky I spotted him, aren't you? Now we're in closer.
Fingers on buttons.
We need to spot him again.
Make a choice.
Missed it.
Let's get closer in.
It's another Christmas.
Christmas 1883.
We're right on top of him.
He's hiding somewhere, watch out for him.
Come along, come along.
Have some mulled wine! And Merry Christmas, one and all! Long live Queen Victoria.
Where is he hiding? Have some mulled wine! All you dully mop skippers and butt hunters ! Keep those eyes peeled.
We've been so hungry, Mrs.
, since the orphanage fell down.
Give us a penny.
Give us a penny.
I'm saving up for a satsuma.
Can you see him? Come to the musical Christmas takeup now ! I'll be singing all the big hits of the year: "She hit him on the head with her hammer.
" And everyone's favorite tune Where is he hiding? Press your button, now.
Missed him! Here he is.
There he goes, with another victim.
That attack! Strike me dead.
Well, it would have been mango shaped! Mango? Do I like mangoes? Good job somebody locked on to him.
Me! Let's get after that Graske.
And last, Griffoth.
The legendary planet of the Graske.
We got a chance to stop them.
There is an entrance but it's shielded.
I'll take us as close as I can.
Well, get out there! You're the star of the show.
I've got you from in here through the sonic screwdriver.
A good shell, then I'll give you away.
I don't wanna get you eaten.
Not on Christmas Eve.
Ah, an airlock protected by code.
See those symbols on that panel.
Look closely.
You'll have to work out the next shape in the sequence.
It's giving you the options.
Which one comes next? Press the number of the right shape on the remote.
Quick, work it out.
Oh, it was an open try.
Another lock, another code.
The Graske must have a thing about porches.
This one's a number code.
Work out the next number and press that button.
We're counting down! I'll key in the right number.
Maths Not your best subject, is it ? Bet you like lovely poetry though.
What's next? There are as many doors as Jim Morrison.
Here's a selection of keys.
but which one fits into that lock? Time is ticking away.
I'll do it.
Do you know the advert cat? These pods contain the originals of all the changelings from around the universe.
They need to keep them alive to sustain the copies.
That's a Slitheen.
And that's the Graske you chased from Earth.
Earth will be doomed.
Soon every man, woman and child will be stolen by the Graske.
They're his two latest victims trapped forever unless you could stop him.
He spotted you, get down! The Slitheen is out.
Now is your chance.
Only time to do one or two things.
You can reverse the settings.
That will destroy the duplicates, free the prisonners, and teleport them to wherever in the universe they were snatched from.
Or You can use the Graske's stasis control against them.
Apart for you, freeze everybody and everything here.
That control panel, take a look.
These two buttons are all you need.
Press 1 to teleport, 2 for stasis.
Make your choice.
Time is running out.
It's all down to you! Right, you've gone for stasis.
You stopped time.
So everyone's staying right where they are.
That's everyone.
This is the best Christmas ever.
Isn't it just.
Why don't we go for a brisk jog in the cold? And I need to cut my toenails.
Are we ever going to do my Christmas video then? Christmas is ruined, I'm going to my room! Pig's here, dog's dinner! You've left the victims frozen in time! And worse, you've sent that girl off to her room in tears.
Still, it's the taking part that counts.
Let's get you back home.
Home ! I'd better disconnect the screwdriver from your remote.
Hold it out.
Back to normal.
Though There is a risk that if you switch to ITV tonight, the galaxy may implode.
So You're not good enough.
But you weren't that bad, so have another go.
I'd better go and pick up Rose! Merry Christmas.
That's the end.
Or is it? No it isn't.
Fancy another go at impressing me? You can! Attack of the Graske is in a time loop.
That means it starts again, right here, in one minute.
~ Bad Wolf Team ~ ~ ~