Doctor Who s03e12 Episode Script

The Sound of Drums

Oh, my head.
Time travel without a capsule, that's a killer.
Oh Still, at least we made it.
Earth, 21st century by the looks of it.
Talk about lucky.
That wasn't luck.
That was me.
Hold it still, don't move.
Hold it still.
I'm telling you, it's broken.
It hasn't worked for years.
That's because you didn't have me.
Martha, grab hold.
Now! The moral is, if you're gonna get stuck at the end of the universe, get stuck with an ex time agent and his vortex manipulator.
But this Master bloke, he's got the TARDIS.
He could be anywhere in time and space.
No, he's here.
Trust me.
Who is he, anyway? That voice at the end, that wasn't the Professor.
If the Master's a Time Lord, he must have regenerated.
What does that mean? It means he's changed his face, voice, body - everything.
A new man.
Time Lords always do.
But hold on If he could be anyone We missed the election.
But it can't be.
Mr Saxon has returned from the Palace, and is greeting the crowds inside Saxon Headquarters.
I said I knew that voice when he spoke inside the TARDIS.
I've heard that voice hundreds of times! We've all seen him! That was the voice of Harold Saxon.
That's him.
He's Prime Minister.
The Master is Prime Minister of Great Britain.
The Master and his wife! This country has been sick.
This country needs healing.
This country needs medicine.
In fact, I'd go so far as to say that what this country really needs right now is a Doctor.
Finance report, sir.
Military protocol, sir.
EC directive, sir.
Annual budget, sir.
Policy recommendations.
I'm so proud of you, Harry.
Sir, if you don't mind me asking I'm sorry, but it's all a bit new.
Letitia Jones Sir.
Tish! Well, then, Tish.
You just stand there and look gorgeous.
A glorious day.
Downing Street, rebuilt.
The Cabinet in session.
Let the work of government begin.
Oh, go on, crack a smile.
It's funny, isn't it? Albert? Funny? No? Little bit? Very funny, sir.
But if we could get down to business, there is the matter of policy, of which we have very little.
No, no, no, no.
Before we start all that, I just want to say Thank you.
Thank you, one and all, you ugly fat-faced bunch of wet, snivelling traitors.
Yes, quite Very funny.
Hm You see, I'm not making myself very clear.
Funny is like this Not funny is like this And right now I'm not like I'm like Because you are traitors.
Yes, you are! As soon as you saw the vote swinging my way, you abandoned your parties and you jumped on the Saxon bandwagon.
So! This is your reward.
Excuse me, Prime Minister, do you mind my asking - what is that? A gas mask.
I beg your pardon? It's a gas mask.
Yes, but, um why are you wearing it? MUFFLED SPEECH I'm sorry? Because of the gas.
What gas? This gas.
You're insane! RHYTHMIC TAPPING Home What have you got, computer, laptop, anything? jack, who are you phoning? You can't tell anyone we're here! just some friends, but there's no reply.
Any good? I can show you the Saxon websites.
He's been around for ages That's so weird.
It's the day after the election.
That's only four days after I met you.
We went flying all round the universe.
While he was here all the time.
You gonna tell us who he is? He's a Time Lord.
What about the rest of it? I mean, who'd call himself "The Master"? That's all you need to know.
Come on, show me Harold Saxon.
'Martha, where are you? I've got this new job! You won't believe it, they phoned me out of the blue, I'm working for Oh, like it matters! I'm sorry, but you're not allowed in.
Harold Saxon, a modern Churchill It's the definitive think-piece on the great man himself.
Oh, come on, sweetheart, you must've read it! Um, not really, sorry, I'm new.
Mr Saxon does like a pretty face.
But I'm here to see Mrs Saxon.
You can't just go barging in.
Mrs Saxon, Vivien Rook, Sunday Mirror.
You've heard of me.
Can't I just have an hour to myself? It's been a hell of a day.
Oh, strike while the iron's hot, that's what I say, Lucy I can call you Lucy, can't I? Now everyone's talking about Harold Saxon, but I thought what about the wife? All I need is 20 minutes.
I think maybe we should wait.
Oh, the headline's waiting to print The Power Behind The Throne.
Really? Britain's First Lady.
Gosh! Front page.
I suppose Ohh, go on then, 20 minutes! Excellent! Thank you! Oh, oh, what was it Oh, Tish Now you can leave us alone.
No, but I'm supposed to sit in.
No no it's only a profile piece, you know, hair and clothes and nonsense.
There's a good girl, out you go, that's it.
Mrs Saxon, I have reason to believe that you're in very great danger.
All of us, in fact not just the country, but the whole world.
No, I beg of you.
Hear me out.
What are you talking about? Your husband is not who he says he is.
I'm sorry.
But it's a lie.
Everything's a lie.
I'm voting Saxon.
He can tick my box, any day! Vote Saxon! Go Harry! I think Mr Saxon is exactly what this country needs.
He's a very fine man and he's handsome, too.
Former Minister of Defence, first came to prominence when he shot down the Racnoss on Christmas Eve But he goes back years.
He's famous.
Everyone knows the story.
Cambridge University, rugby blue, won the athletics thing, wrote a novel, went into business, marriage, everything, he's got a whole life.
All of it, the school days, his degree, even his mother and father, it's all invented.
Look, Harold Saxon never went to Cambridge, there was no Harold Saxon! The thing is, it's obvious.
The forgery is screaming out, and yet no-one can see it! It's as if he's mesmerised the entire world.
I think perhaps you should leave now.
This is his first honest to God appearance, just after the downfall of Harriet Jones.
And at the exact same time, they launched the Archangel network.
Mrs Rook, now stop it.
Even now, they've said that the the Cabinet's gone into seclusion.
What does that mean, seclusion? How should I know? But I've got plenty of research on you.
Yes, good family, Roedean, not especially bright, but essentially harmless, and that's why I'm asking you, Lucy, I am begging you, if you have seen anything, heard anything, even the slightest thing, that would give you cause to doubt him.
I think Yes? There was a time, when we first met, I wondered But he was so good to my father, and he said What? just tell me, sweetheart.
The thing is I made my choice.
I'm sorry? For better or for worse.
Isn't that right, Harry? My faithful companion.
Mr Saxon.
Prime Minister.
I was just having a little joke with poor little Lucy, I didn't mean Oh, but you're absolutely right.
Harold Saxon doesn't exist.
Then tell me.
Who are you? I am the Master.
And these are my friends.
I'm sorry.
Can't you hear it, Mrs Rook? What d'you mean? The drumbeat.
The drums are coming closer and closer The lady doesn't like us.
No Silly lady.
No Dead lady.
SCREAMING CONTINUES Harry, she knew everything! You promised, you said Archangel was 100%.
98? But if she's asking questions, then who else? How much time have we got? Tomorrow morning, I promise.
That's when everything ends.
But he's got the TARDIS Maybe the Master went back in time, and has been living here for decades.
Why not? Worked for me.
When he was stealing the TARDIS, all I could do was fuse the coordinates.
I locked them, permanently.
He can only travel between the year 100,000,000,000, and the last place the TARDIS landed.
Which is right here, right now.
Yeah, but a little leeway? Well, 18 months.
The most he could have been here is 18 months.
So how's he managed all this? The Master was always sort of hypnotic, but this is on a massive scale.
I was gonna vote for him.
Really? Well, it was before I even met you.
And I liked him.
Me, too.
Why d'you say that? What was his policy, what did he stand for? I dunno, he always sounded good.
Like you could trust him.
just nice.
He spoke about I can't really remember, but it was good.
just the sound of his voice What's that? What? That! That tapping.
What are you doing? I don't know, it's nothing, it’s just I don't know! INTRO MUSIC BLARES Our Lord and Master is speaking to his kingdom.
Britain, Britain, Britain.
What extraordinary times we've had.
just a few years ago, this world was so small.
And then they came.
Out of the unknown.
Falling from the skies.
You've seen it happen Big Ben, destroyed.
A spaceship over London.
All those ghosts and metal men, the Christmas Star that came to kill.
Time and time again, and the Government told you nothing.
Well, not me! Not Harold Saxon! Because my purpose here today is to tell you this.
Citizens of Great Britain I have been contacted.
A message, for humanity, from beyond the stars.
People of the Earth.
We come in peace.
We bring you great gifts! We bring technology and wisdom and protection.
And all we ask in return is your friendship.
Aw! Sweet.
And this species has identified itself.
They're called the Toclafane.
What?! And tomorrow morning, they will appear.
Not in secret! But to all of you.
Diplomatic relations with a new species will begin.
Tomorrow, we take our place in the universe.
Every man, woman and child, every teacher and chemist and lorry driver and farmer and, oh, I don't know, every Medical student? Out! BEEPING BEEPING QUICKENS All right? Fine, yeah, fine Martha? What are you doing? He knows about me, what about my family?! Don't tell them anything.
I'll do what I like! Mum! Oh, my God, you're there.
Course I'm here, sweetheart.
You all right? I'm fine, I'm fine Mum, has there been anyone asking about me? Martha, I think, perhaps you should come round.
I can't, not now.
It's your father, we've been talking, and we thought we might give it a go.
Don't be so daft, since when? just come round.
Come to the house.
We can celebrate.
You'd never get back with him in a million years.
Ask him yourself.
It's me.
Dad? What are you doing there? Like your mother said.
Come round, we can explain everything.
just say yes, or no.
Is there someone else there? Yes! just run! Clive! Listen to me, just run! You stupid man, we're trying to help her Martha, don't listen to him.
What's going on, Dad?! He's dangerous! We've got to get Martha away from him.
I've gotta help them.
That's exactly what they want, it's a trap! I don't care! Get off! It is your fault! All of you! You voted Saxon! You did this! Corner! BRAKES SCREECH Mr Saxon, we have Condition Red on the Jones Plan.
We're taking them in.
All of them.
But I was helping you! Come on, Tish, pick up.
Martha, can't talk now, we've just made First Contact, did you see? What are you doing? Get off! Linda, tell them! What's happening? Tish?! It's your fault, it's all your fault.
I was helping you! Get off me! Martha! Get out of here, get out! Target identified! Martha, reverse! Take aim! Get out, now! Fire! Take him away! The only place he can go is Planet Earth! Great idea! Careful! Martha.
Listen to me, do as I say.
We've gotta ditch this car.
Pull over.
Right now! Martha, come on! Leo! Thank God.
Leo, you've gotta listen to me.
Where are you? I'm in Brighton.
Yeah we came down with Boxer.
Did you see that Saxon thing on telly? Leo, listen to me, don't go home, I'm telling you, don't phone mum, or dad, or Tish, you've gotta hide.
Shut up.
On my life, you've gotta trust me.
Go to Boxer's, stay with him, don't tell anyone, just hide.
Ooh, nice little game of hide and seek, I love that! But I'll find you, Martha Jones.
Been a long time since we saw each other, must be, what Let them go, Saxon! Do you hear me?! Let them go! I'm here.
I like it when you use my name.
You chose it.
Psychiatrist's field day.
As you chose yours.
The man who makes people better.
How sanctimonious is that? So Prime Minister, then.
I know! It's good, isn't it? Who are those creatures? There's no such thing as the Toclafane, that’s just a made-up name, like the bogeyman.
Do you remember all those fairytales about the Toclafane when we were kids? Back home? Where is it, Doctor? Gone.
How can Gallifrey be gone? It burnt.
And the Time Lords? Dead.
And the Daleks More or less.
What happened to you? The Time Lords only resurrected me because they knew I'd be the perfect warrior for a Time War.
I was there when the Dalek Emperor took control of the Cruciform.
I saw it.
I ran.
I ran so far.
Made myself human, so they would never find me, because I was so scared.
I know.
All of them? But not you.
Which must mean I was the only one who could end it.
And I tried I did, I tried everything What did it feel like, though? Two almighty civilisations burning.
Ohh, tell me, how did that feel? Stop it! You must have been like God.
I've been alone ever since.
But not any more.
Don't you see? All we've got is each other.
Are you asking me out on a date? You could stop this, right now! We could leave this planet, we can fight across the constellations, if that's what you want.
But not on Earth! Too late.
Why d'you say that? The drumming.
Can't you hear it? I thought it would stop, but it never does.
It never, ever stops, inside my head.
The drumming, Doctor, the constant drumming.
I could help you, please let me help.
It's everywhere.
Listen, listen, listen! HE TAPS THE DESK Here come the drums.
Here come the drums.
What have you done? Tell me how you've done this? What are those creatures? Tell me! Ooh look, you're on TV! Stop it! Answer me! No, really, you're on telly! You and your little band, which, by the way, is ticking every demographic box.
So congratulations on that.
Look, there you are! ' also identifies himself as The Captain.
'They are known to be armed and extremely dangerous.
' You're public enemies number one, two and three! Oh, and you can tell Handsome jack that I've sent his little gang off on a wild goose chase to the Himalayas, so he won't be getting any help from them.
Now go on, off you go.
Why not start by turning to the right? He can see us! Ooh, you public menace! Better start running! Go on! Run! He's got control of everything.
What do we do? We've got nowhere to go.
Doctor, what do we do?! 'Run, Doctor! ' Run for your life! We run.
I said, "RUN!" Tomorrow morning, Britain will be welcoming an extraterrestrial species The President is said to be furious that Great Britain has taken unilateral action HE SPEAKS CANTONESE THE MASTER LAUGHS Have you seen these things? This planet's amazing.
Television in their stomach.
Now that is evolution! Is the Machine ready? Tomorrow morning.
It reaches critical at 8.
02 precisely.
We have to escape! Because it's coming, sir, the darkness! The never-ending darkness! The terrible, terrible cold! We have to run and run and run Eight o'clock, tomorrow morning.
Tell your people the world is waiting.
How was it? I don't think anyone saw me.
Anything new? This is tuned into the government wavelength to see what Saxon's doing.
I meant about my family! Still says the Jones family taken in for questioning.
Tell you what, though.
No mention of Leo.
He's not as daft as he looks.
I'm talking about my brother on the run.
How did this happen? Nice chips.
Actually, they're not bad.
So, Doctor Who is he? How come the Ancient Society of Time Lords created a psychopath? And what is he to you? Like a colleague or? A friend, at first.
I thought you were gonna say he was your secret brother or something.
You've been watching too much TV.
All the legends of Gallifrey made it sound so perfect.
Well, perfect to look at, maybe.
And it was.
It was beautiful.
They used to call it the Shining World of the Seven Systems and on the continent of Wild Endeavour in the mountains of Solace and Solitude there stood the Citadel of the Time Lords the oldest and most mighty race in the universe Looking down on the galaxies below.
Sworn never to interfere.
Only to watch.
Children of Gallifrey, taken from their families at the age of eight, to enter the Academy.
Some say that's where it all began.
When he was a child.
That's when the Master saw eternity.
As a novice, he was taken for initiation.
He stood in front of the Untempered Schism - it's a gap in the fabric of reality, through which could be seen the whole of the Vortex.
You stand there.
Eight years old.
Staring at the raw power of time and space.
just a child.
Some would be inspired.
Some would run away.
And some would go mad.
Oh, I don't know.
What about you? Oh, the ones that ran away.
I never stopped.
BEEPING Encrypted channel, with files attached.
Don't recognise it Patch it through to the laptop.
Um, since we're telling stories, there's something I haven't told you.
You work for Torchwood? It's changed.
There's only half a dozen of us now Everything Torchwood did and you're part of it?! The old regime was destroyed at Canary Wharf.
I rebuilt it, I changed it and when I did that, I did it for you.
In your honour.
If I haven't returned to my desk by 22.
00, this file will be e-mailed to Torchwood, which means, if you're watching this, then I'm Anyway, the Saxon files are attached.
But take a look at the Archangel document.
That's when it all started, when Harry Saxon became Minister in charge of launching the Archangel Network.
What's the Archangel Network? I've got Archangel, everyone does.
The mobile phone network.
It's gone worldwide.
Even the other networks, they're all carried by Archangel.
It's in the phones! Oh, I said he was a hypnotist! Wait, wait, wait, hold on RHYTHMIC BEEPING There it is.
That rhythm.
It's everywhere.
Ticking away in the subconscious.
What is it, mind control? No, subtler than that.
Any stronger and people would question it.
But contained in that rhythm, in layers of code, "Vote Saxon.
Believe in me.
" Whispering to the world.
Oh! Yes! That's how he hid himself from me! I should've sensed another Time Lord on Earth, but the signal cancelled him out! Any way you can stop it? Not from down here.
But now we know how he's doing it We can fight back! Oh, yes! Three TARDIS keys, with low-level perception properties, because the TARDIS is designed to blend in.
Well, sort of, but now, the Archangel Network's got a second low-level signal.
Weld the key to the network and Martha, look at me.
You can see me, yes? Yep! What about now? JACK LAUGHS No, I'm here, look at me.
It's like I know you're there, but I don't want to know.
Back again! See? It just shifts your perception a tiny bit.
Doesn't make us invisible, just unnoticed.
Oh! I know what it's like! It's like It's like when you fancy someone and they don't even know you exist.
That's what it's like.
Come on! You too, huh? Don't run.
Don't shout.
just keep your voice down.
Draw attention to yourself and the spell is broken.
just keep to the shadows.
Like ghosts.
That's what we are.
And as the eyes of the world turn towards Great Britain, sources indicate that Air Force One has landed on British soil tonight.
Mr President, sir! Mr Saxon, the British Army will stand down.
From now on, UNIT has control of this operation.
You make it sound like an invasion.
The First Contact Policy was decided by the Security Council in 1968 and you've just ignored it! Well, you know what it's like - new job, all that paperwork.
I think it's down the back of the settee.
I had a quick look.
I found a pen, a sweet, a bus ticket and, er Have you met the wife? I'm not sure what your game is, but there are provisions at the UN to have you removed from office unless you are very, very careful! Is that understood? Are you taking this seriously? To business.
We've accessed your files on these Toclafane.
But First Contact cannot take place on any sovereign soil.
To that purpose, Aircraft Carrier Valiant is en route.
The rendezvous will take place there, at 8am.
HE MUMBLES You're trying my patience, sir! So America is completely in charge? Since Britain elected an ass, yes! See you on board the Valiant! It still will be televised, though, won't it? Because I promised.
And the whole world is watching.
Since it's too late to pull out, the world will be watching Me! The last President of America.
We have a private plane ready and waiting.
We should reach the Valiant within the hour.
My darling SIREN BLARES THE MASTER LAUGHS Hi, guys! SHOUTING All All will be revealed! Oh, my God! Don't move.
But the Don't! I'm gonna kill him! What say I use this perception filter to walk up behind him and break his neck? Now that sounds like Torchwood.
Still a good plan.
He's a Time Lord.
Which makes him my responsibility.
I'm not here to kill him.
I'm here to save him.
Aircraft Carrier Valiant.
That's a UNIT ship, at How do we get on board? Does that thing work as a teleport? Since you revamped it, yeah.
Co-ordinates set.
CRIES OF PAIN That thing is rough! Oh, I've had worse nights! Agh! Welcome to the Valiant.
It's dawn Hold on, I thought this was a ship.
Where's the sea?! A ship for the 21st century.
Protecting the skies of Planet Earth! Europe now online.
Awaiting confirmation from South America.
Keep tracking Japan.
I want the whole thing branded with my Seal of Office, not the UN, you got that? Anything I can do? I could make tea? Or isn't that American enough? I don't know, I could make grits! What are grits, anyway? If you could just sit.
Misery guts! What d'you think? It's good, isn't it? It's beautiful.
Some of my best work.
I helped design this place.
Every detail.
We don't have time for sight-seeing! No, no, wait, shhh.
Can't you hear it? Hear what? Doctor, my family's on board.
Brilliant! This way! Oh, at last! Oh, yes! What's it doing on the Valiant? What the hell has he done? Don't touch it! Not going to! What's he done, though? Sounds like it's sick.
It can't be.
No, no, no, no, no, no, it can't be.
Doctor, what is it? He's cannibalised the TARDIS.
Is this what I think it is? It's a Paradox Machine.
Two minutes, everyone.
According to the treaty, all armed personnel are requested to leave the Flight Deck immediately, thank you.
jelly baby? Broadcasting at 7.
58, with the arrival timed for 0800 hours exactly.
And good luck to all of us.
Soon as this hits red, it activates.
At this speed, it'll trigger at two minutes past eight.
First contact is at eight, then two minutes later.
What's it for? What does a Paradox Machine do? Can you stop it? Not till I know what it's doing touch the wrong bit, blow up the solar system.
Then we've gotta get to the Master! How we gonna stop him? Oh, I've got a way.
Sorry, didn't I mention it? And in just 30 seconds' time, we'll be going live to First Contact.
It's been announced that Harold Saxon has invited President Winters to take the address.
It's 3am in the morning on the Eastern Seaboard, and President Winters has been chosen to lead the world into a new age.
My fellow Americans, patriots, people of the world.
I stand before you today as ambassador for humanity.
A role I will undertake with the utmost solemnity.
Perhaps our Toclafane cousins can offer us much, but what is important is not that we gain material benefits, but that we learn to see ourselves anew.
For as long as man has looked to the stars, he has wondered what mysteries they hold.
Now we know we are not alone.
If I can get this around the Master's neck, cancel out his perception, they'll see him for real.
It’s just hard to go unnoticed when everyone is on red alert.
If they stop me, you've got a key.
Yes, sir.
I'll get him.
And I ask you now, I ask of the Human Race, to join with me in welcoming our friends.
I give you the Toclafane.
My name is Arthur Coleman Winters, President Elect of the United States of America and Designated Representative of the United Nations.
I welcome you to the Planet Earth and its associated Moon.
You're not the Master.
We like the Mr Master.
We don't like you.
I can be master, if you so wish.
I will accept mastery over you, if that is God's will.
Man is stupid.
Master is our friend.
Where's my Master, pretty please? Ohh, all right, then.
It's me! Ta-daa! Ha-ha! Sorry! Sorry, I have this effect, people just get obsessed! Is it the smile? Is it the aftershave? Is it the capacity to laugh at myself? I don't know! It's crazy! Saxon, what are you talking about? I'm taking control, Uncle Sam, starting with you.
Kill him! HE LAUGHS Guards! Nobody move! Nobody move! Now then! Peoples of the Earth, please attend carefully.
Stop him! We meet at last, Doctor.
O - ho I love saying that! Stop this, stop it now! As if a perception filter's gonna work on me! And look, it's the girlie and the freak, although I'm not sure which one's which.
Laser screwdriver, who'd have sonic? The good thing is, he's not dead for long, I get to kill him again! Master, just calm down, just look at what you're doing, just stop If you could see yourself.
Do excuse me, little bit of personal business, back in a minute.
Let him go.
It's that sound, the sound in your head, what if I can help? Oh! How to shut him up? I know! Memory Lane! Professor Lazarus, remember him, and his Genetic Manipulation Device? Did you think little "Tish" got that job by coincidence? I've been laying traps for you all this time, and if I can concentrate all that Lazarus technology into one little screwdriver but, ooh, if only I had the Doctor's biological code Oh, wait a minute, I do! I've got his hand! And if Lazarus made himself younger, what if I reverse it? Another 100 years? DOCTOR CRIES AND GASPS Teleport.
I can't! We can't stop him.
Get out of here.
Get out! Doctor, I've got you.
Ah, she's a would be doctor.
But tonight, Martha Jones, we've flown 'em in, all the way from prison Mum! I'm sorry.
THE DOCTOR PANTS The Toclafane What are they? Who are they? Doctor, if I told you the truth your hearts would break.
Is it time? Is it ready? Is the machine singing? Two minutes past! So, earthlings Basically, um end of the world! Here come the drums! "Voodoo Child" by Rogue Traders How many d'you think? I I don't know! Six billion.
MUSIC STOPS Down you go, kids! Shall we decimate them? That sounds good, nice word - decimate.
Remove one tenth of the population! SCREAMING 'This is Geneva! We're getting slaughtered down here! 'Help us! Help us! ' 'This is London! This is London calling! What do we do?! 'They're killing us! The Toclafane are killing us! ' EXPLOSIONS AND SCREAMING I'm coming back.
And so it came to pass that the Human Race fell, and the Earth was no more.
And I looked down upon my new dominion, as Master of all, and I thought it good.
Ever since I was a child, I looked into the Vortex.
That's when it chose me.
The drumming, the call to war.
Can't you hear it?