Doctor Who s04e03 Episode Script

Planet of the Ood

The Ood, they came from a distant world.
They voyage-d across the stars all with one purpose.
Do you take milk and sugar? To serve.
No, that's good.
Uh, that's excellent.
I like it, sir.
"Buy one now.
" Direct, straight to the point.
We play that across the trigalactic for two weeks, then introduce this.
Now only 50 credits.
Fifty? We're reducing the price to 50 credits? Sales are down.
We've gal' to reposition ourselves.
$0 get going.
Bleeding us dry.
You there, get me last month's military export figures.
The army always need more grunts.
Ye; sir.
Mr Bartle, you asked me to call you.
Solana, when those buyers arrive, we're going to pitch like never before.
I want those Ood flying out of here.
That I said military figures.
That's the domestic file.
Get me the military.
The file is irrelevant, sir.
Oh? And why's that? Have a nice day.
Set the controls for random.
Mystery tour.
Outside that door could be any planet, anywhere, anywhen in the whole wide - Are you all right? - Terrified.
I mean, history's one thing, but an alien planet! - I could always take you home.
- Yeah, don't laugh at me.
I know what it's like, everything you're feeling right now.
Fear, the joy, the wonder, I get that! Seriously? After all this time? Yeah! Why do you think I keep going? Oh! All right, then, you and me both.
This is barmy! I was born in Chiswick.
I've only ever done package holidays and now I'm here.
This is It's not I mean, it's I don't know, it's all sort of I don't even know what the word is! I've got the word.
Snow! Ah, real snow.
Proper snow at last.
That's more like it.
What do you think? - Bit cold.
- Look at that view.
Yup, beautiful, cold view.
Millions of planets, millions of galaxies, and we're on this one.
"Molto bene, bellissimo, " says Donna.
Born in Chiswick.
Oh, you've had a life of work and sleep, telly and rent and tax, and takeaway dinners, all birthdays and Christmases, and two weeks' holiday a year, and then you end up here.
Donna Noble, citizen of the Earth, standing on a different planet.
How about that, Donna? Donna? Sorry, you were saying? - Better? - Lovely, thanks.
- Comfy? - Yup.
Can you hear anything inside that? Pardon? Right, I was saying, citizen of the Earth A rocket! Blimey, a real proper rocket! Now, that's what I call a spaceship.
You've got a box.
He's got a Ferrari.
Come on, let's see where he's going.
Mr Halpen, sir, Dr Ryder, new head of Ood Management.
How many dead? Come on, facts and figures.
I haven't flown all this way to discuss the weather, - which by the way, is freezing.
- Solana has the figures, sir.
Solana Mercurio, sir, head of marketing and galactic liaison.
That's just what I need, a PR woman.
I don't want a word of this getting out.
Is that understood? Now, get to the point.
How many dead? In the past financial quarter, we've had three deaths in the complex, all attributed to heart attacks or industrial accidents.
But now we've captured this on tape, the cause would seem the same.
He's using the translator ball as a weapon.
How does that work? I have no idea.
I'm checking the equipment.
Nothing so far.
- Can't see its eyes from this angle.
- I think we have to assume - Red eye.
- I would think so, sir.
- That Ood, what happened to it? - It ran for the wild, sir, like a dog.
One of the guards fired off a shot.
It'll be dead by now.
Can I ask, what's red eye, sir? It's some sort of infection.
The Ood eyes literally change colour.
- Drink.
- I can't find the source.
All the bacterial scans register negative.
I'm sorry, but according to your own rules, sir, there's no alcohol allowed on base.
It's hair tonic if you must know.
Five years ago, I had a full head of hair.
That's what this is, stress.
Hold on.
Can you hear that? Donna, take your hood down.
What? That noise, it's like a song.
Over there! - What is it? - An Ood.
He's called an Ood.
But its face Donna, don't, not now.
It's a he, not an it.
Give me a hand.
I don't know where the heart is.
I don't know if he's got a heart.
- Talk to him.
Keep him going.
- It's all right.
We've got you.
Urn, what's your name? Designated Ood Delta 50.
- My name's Donna.
- No, no, no, no.
You don't need to.
Oh, God.
This is the Doctor.
Just what you need, a doctor.
- Couldn't be better, eh? - You've been shot.
- The circle - No, don't try to talk.
- The circle must be broken.
- Circle? What do you mean? Delta 50, what circle? Delta 50, what circle? He's gone.
There you are, sweetheart.
We were too late.
What do we do? Do we bury him? The snow'll take care of that.
Who was he? What's an Ood? They're servants of humans in the 42nd century.
Mildly telepathic.
That was their song.
It was his mind calling out.
Couldn't hear anything.
- He sang as he was dying.
- His eyes turned red.
What's that mean? Trouble.
Come on.
The Ood are harmless.
They're completely benign.
Except the last time I met them, there was this force, like a stronger mind, powerful enough to take them over.
- What sort of force? - Ah, long story.
- Long walk.
- It was the devil.
If you're gonna take the mickey, I’ll just put my hood back up.
Must be something different this time, though, something closer to home.
Aha! Civilisation! Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Ood Sphere.
And isn't it bracing? Here are your information packs, with vouchers, My name's Solana, head of marketing.
I'm sure we've all spoken on the vid-phone.
If you'd like to follow me Sorry! Late.
Don't mind us.
The guards let us through.
- And you would be? - The Doctor and Donna Noble.
Representing the Noble Corporation, PLC Limited, Intergalactic.
Must have fallen off my list.
My apologies.
Won't happen again.
Now then, Dr Noble, Mrs Noble, if you'd like to come with me? - Oh, no, no, no, we're not married.
- We're so not married.
- No.
- Never, ever.
Of course.
And here are your information packs, vouchers inside.
Now, if you'd like to come with me, the executive suites are nice and warm.
Oh, what's that? That sounds like an alarm.
For God's sake, we've got the buyers arriving.
Who sounded the alarm? Drink.
Oh, it's just a siren for the end of the work shift.
Now then, this way, quick as you can.
- Mr Kess, what the hell is going on? - Ood on the loose, sir.
- Looks like we got another one.
- Red eye? As red as sin, sir.
Don't worry, Mr Halpen.
We're on it.
- Sir! - All right, guys.
Go! Get him! As you can see, the Ood are happy to serve, and we keep them in facilities of the highest standard.
Here at the Double-O, that's Ood Operations, we like to think of the Ood as our trusted friends.
You two, go left! You two, follow me! We keep the Ood healthy, safe and educated.
- Come on! - Take him alive! We don't just breed the Ood, we make them better.
Because at heart, what is an Ood but a reflection of us? If your Ood is happy then you'll be happy, too.
Mr Halpen, this is a bit more than red eye, sir.
This is something new.
It's rabid, sir.
Take it to Dr Ryder.
Just get it out of sight.
Sales speakers needed by 7900, sir.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
What do you think? Growing back? Just a little bit? Like you'd know.
I'd now like to point out a new innovation from Ood Operations.
We've introduced a variety package with the Ood translator ball.
You can now have the standard setting.
How are you today, Ood? I'm perfectly Well, thank you.
Or perhaps after a stressful day, a little something for the gentlemen.
And how are you, Ood? All the better for seeing you.
And the comedy classic option.
Ood, you dropped something.
D'oh! All that for only five additional credits.
The details are in your brochures.
Now, there's plenty more food and drink, so don't hold back.
Ah, got it.
The Ood Sphere.
I've been to this solar system before, years ago.
Close to the planet Sense Sphere.
Let's widen it out.
The year 4126.
That is the Second Great and Bountiful Human Empire.
It's 4126? I'm in 4126.
It's good, isn't it? What's the Earth like now? A bit full, but the empire stretches out across three galaxies.
It's weird.
I mean, it's brilliant, but back home, the papers and telly, they keep saying we haven't got long to live.
Global warming, flooding, all the bees disappearing.
Yeah, that thing about the bees is odd.
But look at us.
We're everywhere.
Is that good or bad, though? Are we like explorers, or more like a virus? Sometimes I wonder.
- What are the red dots? - Ood distribution centres.
Across three galaxies? Don't the Ood get a say in this? Um, sorry, but Hello.
Tell me, are you all like this? I do not understand, miss.
- Why'd you say "miss"? Do I look single? - Back to the point.
What I mean is, are there any free Ood? Are there Ood running wild somewhere, like wildebeest? All Ood are born to serve.
Otherwise we would die.
You can't have started like that.
Before the humans, what were you like? - The circle.
- What do you mean? What circle? The The circle is Ladies and gentlemen, all Ood to hospitality stations, please.
I've had enough of this schmoozing.
Do you fancy getting off the beaten track? If I can introduce you "Rough Guide to the Ood Sphere"? Works for me.
What the hell is wrong with it? It's obviously stage two of red eye, whatever that means.
Ood Sigma, have you seen this before? Humanity defines us sir.
We look to you for answers.
Oh, fat lot of good, all of you.
We're exporting hundreds of thousands of Ood to all the civilised planets.
If they turn rabid, you know what it'll mean.
There's only one thing I haven't checked, sir.
Warehouse 15.
Why should that cause trouble? It's been two centuries now.
- No change.
Not ever.
- I know it's restricted access, but if I'm going to work on this, I should see it, just in case.
Can't stand the place.
Let's go.
Warehouse 15, then.
Come on.
What about this one, sir? I would suggest a postmortem, which means it's gotta be dead first.
Get up.
I said, get up.
Servants? They're slaves.
Get up! March.
Last time I met the Ood, I never thought, never asked.
- That's not like you.
- I was busy.
So busy I couldn't save them.
I had to let the Ood die.
I reckon I owe them one.
That looks like the boss.
Let's keep out of his way.
Come on.
How long since you went inside? Must be 10 years ago.
Warehouse 75.
My father brought me here when I was six years old.
Security protocol initiated.
- God, the stench of it.
- Warehouse 15 door open.
Like I said, nothing's changed.
I've read the documents, but it doesn't quite prepare you.
Is it just me or does it feel as if it's looking at you? I think I understand the barrier mechanics well enough.
Check the signal.
I suppose it's home, sweet home to you.
- What do you think? - I have no opinion, sir.
Well, say hello to Daddy.
The barrier's intact.
No abnormal signal.
Same as it's been for 200 years.
So LANA: Mr Halpen, the two people from the Noble Corporation failed to pass security checks.
There's no such company.
The Noble Corporation doesn't exist.
And on top of that, they seem to have gone missing, sir, the Doctor and Miss Noble.
Just what I need.
Start a search.
No alarms, got that? Keep it quiet.
You see? Hair loss.
Tell you what, old friend.
Have this one on me.
I think we're finished here.
- Where'd you learn to whistle? - West Ham, every Saturday.
Ood export.
You see? Lifts up the containers, takes them to the rocket ships, ready to be flown out all over the three galaxies.
What, you mean these containers are full of What do you think? Oh, it stinks.
How many of them do you think there are in each one? A hundred.
A great, big empire built on slavery.
It's not so different from your time.
Oi, I haven't got slaves.
Who do you think made your clothes? Is that why you travel around with a human at your side? It's not so you can show them the wonders of the universe.
- It's so you can take cheap shots.
- Sorry.
I don't understand, the door was open, why don't you just run away? - For what reason? - You could be free.
I do not understand the concept.
What is it with that Persil ball? I mean, they're not born with it, are they? Why do they have to be all plugged in? Ood, tell me, does the circle mean anything to you? The circle must be broken.
Oh, that is creepy.
- What is it? What is the circle? - The circle must be broken.
Why? So that we can sing.
Mr Halpen, I'm in Ood Cargo.
I've found your unwanted guests.
Go! That's us.
Come on.
Cut the alarms! I said, no alarms! Nothing to worry about, ladies and gentlemen.
It's just a fire drill.
We test the system at this time every day.
If you'll excuse me Doctor! There's a door! Don't move! - Where've you gone? - Stay where you are! - Help me! - Keep her here for now.
Help me! Get off me! Donna, where are you? - All guards withdraw.
- Sir? I said, withdraw.
Keep to the perimeter.
I've got this one.
I've always wanted to do this.
Container locked.
Ahhh! Can you help me? Oh, no, you don't.
What have I done? I'm not one of that lot.
I'm on your side.
Stay where you are.
That's an order.
I said, stay.
Doctor! Doctor! You heard the instructions.
Mr Halpen wants them alive.
Doctor, get me out! Doctor, get me out of here! If you don't do what she says, you're really in trouble.
- Not from me, from her.
- Unlock the container.
There we go.
Safe and sound.
Never mind about me.
What about them? To the left! Fire! Shoot to kill! If people back on Earth knew what was going on here Don't be so stupid.
Of course they know.
- They know how you treat the Ood? - They don't ask.
Same thing.
Solana, the Ood aren't born like this.
They can't be.
A species born to serve could never evolve in the first place.
What does the company do to make them obey? - It's nothing to do with me.
- Oh, what, 'cause you don't ask? - That's Dr Ryder's territory.
- Where is he? What part of the complex? I could help with the red eye.
Now, show me! There, beyond the red section.
Come with me.
You've seen the warehouse.
You can't agree with all this.
You know this place better than me.
You could help.
They're over here! Guards! They're over here! Male and female suspects escaped.
West ridge corridor.
Mr Halpen, I found the Doctor.
He's heading for Ood Conversion.
On my Way- Mr Kess, what's the situation? We've contained it, sir.
Fenced them in.
But the red eye seems to be permanent this time.
It's not fading.
Worse than that, sir, there's more of them going rabid.
In my opinion, sir, I think we've lost them.
The entire batch contaminated.
What's causing it? Why now? What's changed? - How many Ood in total? - I'd say about 2,000, sir.
We can write them off.
That's what insurance is for.
We've plenty more on the breeding farms.
Let's start again.
Fetch the canisters.
No survivors.
My pleasure, sir.
You lot, canisters.
This way! Oh, can you hear it? I didn't need the map.
I should have listened.
- Does that mean we're locked in? - Listen.
Listen, listen, listen, listen.
Oh, my head.
What is it? Can't you hear it? The singing.
They look different to the others.
That's because they're natural-born Ood, unprocessed, before they're adapted to slavery, unspoiled.
That's their song.
I can't hear it.
Do you want to? Yeah.
It's the song of captivity.
- Let me hear it.
- Face me.
Open your mind, that's it.
Hear it, Donna.
Hear the music.
Take it away.
You sure? I can't bear it.
I'm sorry.
It's okay.
But you can still hear it? All the time.
Come on, what's the hold-up? It's the experimentation lab.
Maximum security.
He's fused the system.
Well, don't just stand there! Get the boltcutters.
Rip that door off! Solana, go back to the reps.
I don't want any of them wandering off and seeing this.
And get them away from the Ood, just in case.
- Hurry up! - Yes, sir.
- They're breaking in.
- Ah, let them.
What are you holding? Show me.
Doctor, Donna.
Let me see.
Look at me.
Let me see.
That's it.
That's good.
Go on.
Is that It's a brain.
A hindbrain.
The Ood are born with a secondary brain.
Like the amygdala in humans, it processes memory and emotions.
You get rid of that, you wouldn't be Donna any more.
You'd be like an Ood, a processed Ood.
So the company cuts off their brains.
And they stitch on the translator.
Like a lobotomy.
I spent all that time looking for you, Doctor.
I guess I thought it was so wonderful out here.
I want to go home.
They're with the Ood, sir.
What are you gonna do, then? Arrest me? Lock me up? Throw me in a cage? Well, you're too late.
Ha! Why don't you just come out and say it? Photo activists.
If that's what Friends of the Ood are trying to prove, then yes.
The Ood were nothing without us, just animals roaming around on the ice.
That's because you can't hear them.
They welcomed it.
It's not as if they put up a fight.
You idiot.
They're born with their brains in their hands.
Don't you see? That makes them peaceful.
They've got to be because a creature like that would have to trust anyone it meets.
- Oh, nice one.
- Thank you.
The system's worked for 200 years.
All we've got is a rogue batch.
But the infection is about to be sterilised.
Mr Kess, how do we stand? Canisters primed, sir.
As soon as the core heats up, the gas is released.
Give it 200 marks and counting.
- You're gonna gas them? - Kill the livestock.
The classic foot-and-mouth solution from the olden days.
Still works.
I'm sorry, if I could ask you one more time, could all the reps please come through to the education suites? Why move now? It's a free bar! Could I ask all the Ood to withdraw? It's feeding time.
Oh, you've upset them! Leave them alone.
I have to insist, if all the Ood could please leave Ladies and gentlemen, change of plan.
If you could leave by the fire exits.
I could sell this.
You could offer different colours.
They've gone insane, miss.
They've gone mad, all of them.
Just shoot them! Shoot to kill! What the hell? What's going on out there? We have now Emergency status.
Emergency status.
All exits sealed.
Emergency clearance authorised.
Ood distribution centre now completely It's a revolution.
Come back! Let me out of here! No! Change of plan.
No reports of trouble off-world, sir.
It's still contained to the Ood Sphere.
Then we've got a public duty to stop it before it spreads.
- What's happening? - Everything you wanted, Doctor.
No doubt there'll be a full police investigation once this place has been sterilised, so I can't risk a bullet to the head.
I'll leave you to the mercies of the Ood.
Mr Halpen, there's something else, isn't there? Something we haven't seen.
What do you mean? A creature couldn't survive with a separate forebrain and hindbrain.
They'd be at war with themselves.
There's got to be something else.
A third element, right? And again, so clever.
It's got to be connected to the red eye.
What is it? It won't exist for very much longer.
Enjoy your Ood.
Come on.
- Dr Ryder, Warehouse 15.
- But what about this one? No.
You've not turned.
Faithful to the last.
Go, join your people while you still can.
Come on.
Well, do something.
You're the one with all the tricks.
- You must have met Houdini.
- These are really good handcuffs.
Well, I'm glad of that.
I mean, at least we've got quality.
- Uh, Doctor, Donna.
- The circle must be broken.
- Doctor, Donna.
Friends! - The circle must be broken! - Doctor, Donna.
Friends! Friends! - The circle must be broken.
- The circle must be broken! - Doctor, Donna.
Friends! Doctor The circle must be broken! - Doctor, Donna.
Friends! - The circle must be broken.
- Doctor, Donna.
Friends! - The circle The circle must be broken! - Doctor, Donna.
Friends! - The circle must be broken! The circle must Doctor, Donna.
- Yes! That's us! Friends! Oh, yes! - That's him.
That's me! No, leave him! Leave him.
Behind you! Behind you! - I don't know where it is.
- Fall back! - I don't know where they've gone.
- What are we looking for? It might be underground, like some sort of cave or a cavern or Warehouse 15, door open.
All right? It's always been an option.
My grandfather drew up this plan.
That's the advantage of a family-run business, Dr Ryder.
The personal touch.
But we should evacuate.
If we can get to the rocket shed No need.
We've got this.
Detonation packs.
Place them around the circumference.
We're going to blow it up.
If this thing dies, so do the Ood.
The Ood brain.
Now it all makes sense.
That's the missing link.
The third element binding them together.
Forebrain, hindbrain and this.
The telepathic centre.
It's a shared mind.
Connecting all the Ood in song.
I could always go in to cargo.
I've got the rockets, I've got the sheds.
Smaller business.
Much more manageable.
Without livestock.
- He's mined the area.
- They're gonna kill it.
They found that thing centuries ago beneath the northern glacier.
- Those pylons.
- In a circle.
The circle must be broken.
Dampening the telepathic field.
Stopping the Ood from connecting for 200 years.
And you, Ood Sigma, you brought them here.
I expected better.
My place is at your side, sir.
Still subservient.
Good Ood.
If that barrier thing's in place, how come the Ood started breaking out? Maybe it's taken centuries to adapt, subconscious reaching out.
But the process was too slow, had to be accelerated.
You should never have given me access to the controls, Mr Halpen.
I lowered the barrier to its minimum.
Friends of the Ood, sir.
It's taken me 10 years to infiltrate the company.
And I succeeded.
Yes, you did.
You murdered him.
Very observant, Ginger.
Now then Can't say I've ever shot anyone before.
Can't say I'm gonna like it.
But it's not exactly a normal day, is it? Still Would you like a drink, sir? I think hair loss is the least of my problems right now, thanks.
Please have a drink, sir.
If If you're gonna stand in their way, I'll shoot you, too.
Please have a drink, sir.
Have Have you poisoned me? Natural Ood must never kill, sir.
What is that stuff? Ood graft suspended in a biological compound, sir.
- What the hell does that mean? - Oh, dear! Tell me! Funny thing, the subconscious.
Takes all sorts of shapes.
Came out in the red eyes' revenge, came out in the rabid Oods' anger, and then there was patience.
All that intelligence and mercy focused on Ood Sigma.
How's the hair loss, Mr Halpen? What have you done? Oh, they've been preparing you for a very long time.
And now you're standing next to the Ood brain.
Mr Halpen, can you hear it? Listen.
What have you I'm not They They turned him into an Ood? Yup.
He's an Ood! I noticed.
He has become Ood-kina and we will take care of him.
It's weird.
Being with you, I can't tell what's right and what's wrong any more.
It's better that way.
People who know for certain tend to be like Mr Halpen.
Oh! That's better.
And now, Sigma, would you allow me the honour? - It is yours, Doctor.
- Oh, yes! Stifled for 200 years, but not any more.
The circle is broken.
The Ood can sing! I can hear it! The message has gone out.
That song resonated across the galaxies.
Everyone heard it.
Everyone knows.
The rockets are bringing them back.
The Ood are coming home.
We thank you, Doctor, Donna, friends of Ood-kind.
And what of you now? Will you stay? There is room in the song for you.
Oh, I I've sort of got a song of my own, thanks.
I think your song must end soon.
Meaning? Every song must end.
Um, what about you? You still want to go home? No.
Definitely not.
Then we'll be off.
Jake this song with you.
- We will.
And know this Doctor, Donna, you will never be forgotten.
Our children will sing of the Doctor, Donna, and our children's children, and the wind and the ice and the snow will carry your names forever.
Doctor? It's Martha.
And I'm bringing you back to Earth.
Yesterday, 52 people died in identical circumstances, right across the world, in 11 different time zones.
And you think ATMOS is alien? It's our job to investigate that possibility.
Who are you? I am General Steal of the 10th Sontaran Battle Fleet.
We have an intruder! Operation Blue Sky is go, go, go.
Is that what you did to her? Turned her into a soldier? Is that Sontaran! Stare into the face of death!