Doctor Who s04e05 Episode Script

The Poison Sky

Doctor, it's Martha.
And I'm bringing you back to Earth.
same moment worldwide.
They were all inside their cars.
They were all fitted with Atmos.
Atmos can be threaded through any and every make of car.
Get back.
Then they've got poisonous gas in every car on Earth.
Sontaran! General Staal, of the 10th Sontaran Fleet.
- Oh, this is Ross.
Say hello, Ross.
- Good afternoon, sir.
What is that? Soon, that will be you.
Now we begin.
Martha, tell Colonel Mace it's the Sontarans.
They're in the file.
Code Red Sontarans.
But if they're inside the factory, tell him not to start shooting.
UNIT will get massacred.
Code Red Sontaran.
- Found anything yet? - Nothing to report.
Prepare the subjugation of Earth.
- Sontar-ha! - Sontar-ha! Doctor! Doctor! Doctor! It won't open! Well, don't just stand there.
Get him out.
All soldiers to a door.
Make the factory secure, and take positions on the ground floor! Wicowsky, take the soldiers into the factory.
Make the area secure.
Seal off doors and windows.
We've tried everything! It just won't stop! What have we got? Atmos is running wild, sir.
It can't be stopped.
It's everywhere.
The whole planet.
- I can't believe you've got an axe.
- Burglars.
Get inside the house.
just try to close off the doors and windows.
Doctor, this is all I could find that hasn't got Atmos.
- Donna, are you coming? - Yeah.
Donna, don't go! Look what happens every time that Doctor appears.
Stay with us, please.
- You go, my darling.
- Dad! Don't listen to her! You go with the Doctor! That's my girl! Bye! Success.
The operative has the necessary information.
Good work, for a female.
Now she must be protected.
I will prepare an attack squad.
This is it, isn't it? Oh, man, this is war! And how does it feel, boy? Magnificent.
The government has declared a state of emergency.
People are being told to stay away from all cars with Atmos devices attached.
The gas appears to be toxic.
We are warning anyone and everyone, stay away from the cars.
Repeat, stay away from your cars.
Ross, look after yourself.
Get inside the building.
Will do.
Greyhound 40, this is Trap One.
I've just returned the Doctor to base, safe and sound.
Trap One, received.
Sir, a message from the Doctor.
He says Code Red Sontaran.
All troops, Code Red Sontaran.
Code Red Sontaran.
The air is disgusting.
It's not so bad for me.
Go on, get inside the Tardis.
Oh! I've never given you a key.
Keep that.
Go on, that's yours.
Quite a big moment, really.
Yeah, maybe we'll get sentimental after the world's finished choking to death.
Good idea.
Where are you going? To stop a war! Fine then, here I am! Good.
Whatever you do, Colonel Mace, do not engage the Sontarans in battle.
There is nothing they like better than a war.
- Just leave this to me.
- And what are you going to do? I've got the Tardis.
I'm going to get on board their ship.
Come on.
Ready for transport.
The spoils of war! The Doctor's infamous vessel in Sontaran hands.
It's time I made a move, sir.
I have soldiers of my own.
I'll tell them of the honour and the glory, sir.
I'll tell them the planetfall is coming.
He is behaving exactly as predicted, sir.
None of the humans can guess our true purpose.
But where's the Tardis? Taste that, in the air.
Blah, blah, that sort of metal tang.
Teleport exchange.
It's the Sontarans.
They've taken it.
I'm stuck on Earth, like Like an ordinary person, like a human.
How rubbish is that? Sorry, no offence, but, come on! - So, what do we do? - Well I mean, it's shielded, they could never detect it.
What? I was just wondering, have you phoned your family and Torn? No.
What for? The gas.
Tell them to stay inside.
Course I will, yeah, but what about Donna? I mean, where's she? Oh, she's gone home.
She's not like you.
She's not a soldier.
Right, so, avanti'! Leave it! Turn away! Civilisation is falling.
But it's all over the news, sir.
It's everywhere.
Paris and New York It's time I told you.
All of you! It's time I revealed what our work has been for.
Change of plan! Good to have you fighting alongside us, Doctor.
Not fighting.
I'm not-fighting, as in not-hyphen-fighting.
Got it? Now, does anyone know what this gas is yet? We're working on it.
It's harmful, but not lethal until it reaches 80% density.
We're having the first reports of deaths from the centre of Tokyo city.
Who are you? Captain Marion Price, sir.
Oh, put your hand down.
Don't salute.
Jodrell Bank's traced the signal, Doctor, coming from 5,000 miles above the Earth.
We're guessing that's what triggered the cars.
The Sontaran ship.
NATO's gone to DEFCON 1.
We're preparing a strike.
You can't do that.
Nuclear missiles won't even scratch the surface.
Let me talk to the Sontarans.
You're not authorised to speak on behalf of the Earth.
I've got that authority.
I earned that a long time ago.
Calling the Sontaran command ship, under jurisdiction 2 of the Intergalactic Rules of Engagement.
This is the Doctor.
Doctor, I'm here! Can you hear me? Doctor, breathing your last? My God, they're like trolls.
Yeah, loving the diplomacy, mate.
So, tell me, General Staal, since when did you lot become cowards? How dare you? Oh, that's diplomacy.
Doctor; you impugn my honour! Yeah, I'm really glad you didn't say "belittle" 'cause then I'd have a field day.
But poison gas? That's the weapon of a coward and you know it.
Staal, you could blast this planet out of the sky, and yet you're sitting up above watching it die.
Where 3 the fight in that? Where's the honour? Or, are you lot planning something else? 'Cause this isn't normal Sontaran warfare.
What are you lot up to? A general would be unwise to reveal his strategy to the opposing forces.
Ah, the war's not going so well, then.
Losing, are we? - Such a suggestion is impossible! - What war? The war between the Sontarans and the Rutans.
It's been raging, far out in the stars, for 50,000 years.
For victory.
Sontar-ha! Sontara-ha! Sontar-ha! Sontar-ha! Sontar-ha! Sontara ha! Give me a break.
Boys and girls! Doctor, I would seriously recommend that this dialogue is handled by official Earth representation.
Finished? You will not be so quick to ridicule when you see our prize.
Behold! We are the first Sontarans in history to capture a Tardis.
Well, as prizes go, that's noble.
As they say in Latin, dona nobis pacem.
That's me.
I'm here! Did you never Wonder about its design? It's a phone box.
It contains a phone, a telephonic device for communication.
Sort of symbolic.
Like, if only we could communicate, you and I.
All you have communicated is your distress, Doctor Oh, my God! Big mistake, though, showing it to me.
But who do I phone? 'Cause I've got a remote control.
Cease transmission! Doctor, what number are you on? You haven't even got a number! Remove the box from the war room, beyond the transmission field.
Oh, well, that achieved nothing.
Oh, you'd be surprised.
But what do I do? All this stuff we've been building.
All this invention, where's it been heading? Gravity densifiers, hydroponics, atmospheric conversion, eco-shells, more than enough to build a brand new world.
Luke, we haven't got time for this.
I've got to find my parents.
Oh, but this isn't just theory.
I'm talking planetfall, for all of us.
A brand new start for a brand new human race.
A new world, far out, beyond Alpha Geminorum just waiting for us.
Its official designation is Castor 36.
I think of it as Earth-point-Z.
I did wonder about Rattigan's World, but we can take a vote on that.
What the hell are you on about? This is where we're going.
I have partners willing to take us there.
Oh, he's lost it.
I haven't got time for this.
Excuse me, I haven't finished.
Where are you going? - To find my brother.
- I didn't say you could leave.
I told him to put Atmos in his car.
I've got to go and help him.
Stay where you are! What do you think you're doing? Luke, put that down.
But I did this for you.
Don't you see? We've spent all our lives excluded, the clever ones.
They laughed at us and pulled us down, those ordinary people out there, those cattle.
This is our chance to leave them behind.
You mean you want them dead? And I choose you to survive.
With planetfall, we can start again.
We can build and breed.
We can prosper.
We can do anything! We're going to breed? I've designed a mating program.
I've planned the whole thing.
Well, then, shoot me.
Stay where you are.
Stay where you are, I said.
Stay where you are! Stay where you are! That's an order! Castor 36? You're just sick.
I guess that just proves it.
I'm cleverer than you! I'm cleverer than everyone! Do you hear me? I'm clever! The United Nations has issued a directive worldwide, telling urban populations to stay indoors.
Those in rural areas are being ordered to stay away from all major cities.
There are reports from every country in Europe of thousands of people walking across country to escape.
And on the Eastern Seaboard of America, it's said to be reminiscent of Dunkirk, with boats taking refugees out into the Atlantic.
With the freeways blocked by Atmos cars populations of major cities are now walking across open country to escape the fumes.
It is being likened to a Biblical plague.
Some are calling this the End of Days.
Mum, you al! right? Donna! Where are you, sweetheart? - Is that her? - Oh, just finish the job.
Your granddad's sealing us in.
He's sealing the windows.
Our own house, and we're sealed in.
All those things they said about pollution and ozone and carbon, they're really happening, aren't they? There's people working on it, Mum.
They're gonna fix it, I promise.
Oh, like you'd know.
You 're so clever.
Oh, don't start.
Please, don '1'.
I'm sorry.
I wish you were here.
Oh, come on, Sylvia.
Look, that doesn't help.
Donna, where are you? It's sort of hard to say.
You all right? Yeah, fighting fit, yeah.
Is he with you, the Doctor? Oh, the Doctor.
I'm all on my own.
Look, you promised he was going to look after you.
He will, Gramps.
There's something he needs me to do.
I just don't know what.
Well, I mean, the whole place is covered, the whole of London, they're saying, and now the whole world.
It's the scale of it, Donna.
I mean, how can one man stop all that? Trust me, he can do it.
Yeah, well, if he doesn't, you tell him he'll have to answer to me.
I will.
Just as soon as I see him.
I'll tell him.
Carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxides, but 10% unidentified.
Some sort of artificial heavy element we can't trace.
You ever seen anything like it? Must be something the Sontarans invented.
This isn’t just poison.
They need this gas for something else.
- What could that be? - Launch grid online and active.
Positions, ladies and gentlemen.
DEFCON 1 initiatives in progress.
What? I told you not to launch! The gas is at 60% density.
We've got no choice.
Launching in 60, Worldwide nuclear grid now coordinating in 54, 53 Ha! The planet is going nuclear! I admire them.
The bravery of idiots is bravery, nonetheless.
The operative is in place, sir.
Commander Skorr, is the attack squad ready? Ready and eager for battle, sir.
We've been watching for long enough.
It'll be good to taste blood.
You're making a mistake, Colonel.
For once, I hope the Sontarans are ahead of you.
North America, online.
United Kingdom, online.
France, online.
India, online, Pakistan, online.
China, online.
North Korea, online.
All systems locked and coordinated.
Launching in 10, 9, 8, 7, God save us.
What is it? What happened? Did we launch? Well, did we? Negative, sir.
The launch codes have been wiped, sir.
It must be the Sontarans.
Can we override it? - Trying it now, sir.
- Missiles wouldn't even dent that ship, so why are the Sontarans so keen to stop you? Any ideas? How should I know? Now, protect the operative.
Stinking out there.
Shh! Keep it down, lads.
Enemy within! At arms! Greyhound 40 declaring absolute emergency.
Sontarans within factory grounds.
East corridor, grid 6.
Absolute emergency.
Declaring Code Red.
All troops, Code Red.
Get them out of there.
All troops, open fire.
The guns aren't working.
Inform all troops, standard weapons do not work.
Tell the Doctor it's that Cordolaine signal.
He's the only one who can stop them.
Greyhound 40, report.
Greyhound 40, report.
Greyhound 40, report.
He wasn't Greyhound 40.
His name was Ross.
Now listen to me, and get them out of there! Trap One, to all stations.
Order imperative.
Immediate retreat.
Retreat! Retreat! Reporting for duty, sir.
This is too easy.
They're running like slimebait from a speelfox.
This isn't war! This is sport! They've ta ken the factory.
Why? They don't need it.
Why attack now? What are they up to? At times like this, I could do with the Brigadier.
No offence.
None taken.
Sir Alistair's a fine man, if not the best.
Unfortunately, he's stranded in Peru.
Launch grid back online.
They're inside the system, sir.
It's coming from within UNIT itself.
Trace it.
Find out where it's coming from, and quickly.
Gas levels? and rising.
Commander Skorr reports victory, with many glorious deaths.
Sorry to report, sir, I've failed.
They wouldn't come.
The students, they didn't have the imagination to believe.
A pity.
We've lost our target practice.
What do you mean? Upon arrival on board this ship, your students would have been shot down.
Perhaps they were more clever than you thought.
- You promised.
- There was no planetfall.
Castor 36, indeed! We only needed you for installation of the Atmos system.
No, but I'm on your side.
I did everything you wanted.
And it's not "Atmos system".
That's a tautology.
It's just "Atmos".
Execute him! A coward's retreat.
Now close all teleport links to Earth.
Isolate them as they perish! Why are they defending the factory only after we're inside? Because they wanted UNIT here.
You gave them something they needed, something now hidden inside the factory, something precious.
Then we've got to recover it.
This Cordolaine signal thing, how does it work? It's the bullets.
It causes expansion of the copper shell.
I'm on it.
For the billionth time, you can't fight Sontarans! A phone.
Have you got a phone? I need your mobile, quickly, hurry up.
What's happened? Where are you? Still on Earth, but don't worry, I've got my secret weapon.
- And what's that? - You.
Hmm, somehow that's not making me happy.
Can't you just zap us down to Earth with that remote thing? Yeah, I haven't got a remote, though.
I really should, but I need you on that ship.
That's why I made them move the Tardis.
I'm sorry, but you've got to go outside.
But there's Sonterruns out there.
But they'll be on battle stations right now.
They don't exactly walk about having coffee.
I can talk you through it.
But what if they find me? I know, and I wouldn't ask, but there's nothing else I can do.
The whole planet is choking, Donna.
What do you need me to do? The Sontarans are inside the factory, which means they've got a teleport link with the ship, and they'll have deadlocked it.
I need you to reopen the link.
I can't even mend a fuse.
Donna, stop talking about yourself like that.
You can do this, I promise.
There's a Sonterrun.
A Sontaran.
Did he see you? No, he's got his back to me.
Right, Donna, listen.
On the back of his neck, on his collar, there's a sort of plug, like a hole, the Probic Vent.
One blow to the Probic Vent knocks them out.
But he's going to kill me.
I'm sorry.
I swear, I'm so sorry, but you've got to try.
Back of the neck.
Now then, you've got to find the external junction feed to the teleport.
What does it look like? Uh, circular panel on the wall, big symbol on the front, like a letter "T" with a horizontal line through it.
Or two "F " s back to back.
Oh, well, there's a door.
Should be a switch by the side.
Yeah, there is.
But it's Sontaran-shaped, you need three fingers.
You've got three fingers.
Oh, yeah.
I'm through.
Oh, you are brilliant, you are.
Shut up.
Right, "T" with a line through it.
Gotta go.
Keep the line open.
I said, you don't stand a chance! Positions.
That means everyone.
You're not going without me.
Wouldn't dream of it.
Latest firing stock.
What do you think, Doctor? Are you my mummy? If you could concentrate Bullets with a rad-steel coating, no copper surface, should overcome the Cordolaine signal.
But the Sontarans have got lasers.
You can't even see in this fog.
The night-vision doesn't work.
Thank you, Doctor.
Thank you for your lack of faith.
But this time I'm not listening.
Attention, all troops.
Sontarans might think of us as primitive, as does every passing species with an axe to grind.
They make a mockery of our weapons, our soldiers, our ideals.
But no more.
From this point on, it stops.
From this point on, the people of Earth fight back.
And we show them.
We show the warriors of Sontar what the human race can do.
Trap One to Hawk Major, go, go, go! It's working.
The area's clearing.
Engines to maximum! It's the Valiant.
UNIT carrier ship Valiant reporting for duty, Doctor, with engines strong enough to clear away the fog.
That's brilliant! Getting a taste for it, Doctor? No, not at all.
Not me.
Valiant, fire at will.
East and north secure.
Doctor? Donna, hold on, I'm coming.
Shouldn't we follow the Colonel? Ah, you and me, Martha Jones, just like old times.
Alien technology, this way! The honour of battle.
The glory! No Sontarans down here.
They can't resist a battle.
Here we go.
Oh, Martha, I'm so sorry.
Still a live.
- Am I supposed to be impressed? - Wish you carried a gun now? Not at all.
I've been stopping the nuclear launch all this time.
Doing exactly what I wanted.
I needed to stop the missiles just as much as the Sontarans.
I'm not having Earth start an interstellar war.
You're a triple agent.
- When did you know? - About you? Oh, right from the start.
Reduced iris contraction, slight thinning of the hair follicles on the left temple, and frankly, you smell.
You might as well have worn a T-shirt saying "clone", although maybe not in front of Captain jack.
You remember him, don't you? 'Cause you've got all her memories.
That's why the Sontarans had to protect her, to keep you inside UNIT.
Martha Jones is keeping you alive.
All right, all right, I'm here, I'm here, I've got you, I've got you.
There was this thing, Doctor, this alien, with this head Blimey, I'm busy.
- Got it? - Yes.
Now hurry up.
Take off the covering.
All the blue switches inside, flick them up, like a fuse box.
And that should get the teleport working.
Oh, my God! That's me.
You will face me, sir.
Don't touch me.
It's not my fault.
The Sontarans created you, but you had all my memories.
You've got a brother, sister, mother and father.
If you don't help me, they're going to die.
- You love them? - Yes.
Remember that? The gas! Tell us about the gas! He's the enemy! Then tell me.
It's not just poison.
What's it for? Martha, please! Caesofine concentrate.
It's one part Bosteen, two parts Probic 5.
Clonefeed! It's clonefeed! What's clonefeed? Like amniotic fluid for Sontarans.
That's why they're not invading.
They're converting the atmosphere, changing the planet into a clone world.
Earth becomes a very big hatchery 'cause the Sontarans are clones.
That's how they reproduce.
Give them a planet this big, they'll create billions of new soldiers.
The gas isn't poison, it's food! My heart, it's getting slower.
There's nothing I can do.
In your mind, you've got so many plans.
There's so much that you want to do.
And I will.
Never do tomorrow what you can do today, my mum says.
'Cause you never know how long you've got.
Martha Jones, all that life.
Doctor! Blue switches done.
But they've found me.
NOW! Have I ever told you how much I hate you? Hold on! Hold on! Get off me! Get off me! Got to bring the Tardis down.
Now, Martha, are you coming? What about this nuclear-launch thing? Keep pressing Want to keep those missiles on the ground.
There's two of them.
Long story.
Here we go! The old team back together! Well, the new team.
We're not going back on that ship! No, no, no, I need to get the teleport working so that we can get to Here.
The Rattigan Academy, owned by Don't tell anyone what I did.
It wasn't my fault.
The Sontarans lied to me.
They If I see one more gun You know, that coat sort of works.
I feel like a kid in my dad's clothes.
Oh, well, if you're calling him Dad, you're definitely getting over him.
The human female on board ship.
It could only be the Doctor's work, and all the teleport systems have been deadlocked open.
No matter.
Increase the Atmos devices to maximum.
Choke them.
Behold, the clone world is born.
Ah, my little girl.
Come on, we'll be all right.
We'll be all right.
Donna said so.
She promised.
Come on, darling.
It's all right.
That's why the Sontarans wanted to stop the missiles.
They were holding back.
Because the caesofine gas is volatile, that's why they had to use you to stop the nuclear attack.
Ground-to-air engagement could've sparked off the whole thing.
What, like set fire to the atmosphere? Yeah, they need all the gas intact to breed their clone army.
And all the time, we had Luke here, in his dream factory.
Planning a little trip, were we? They promised me a new world.
And you were building equipment, ready to terraform El Mondo Luko, so that humans could live there and breathe the air with this.
An atmospheric converter.
Prepare to launch clone pods.
We will breed across the surface of the Earth for the glory of Sontar! That's London.
You can't even see it.
My family's in there.
If I can get this on the right setting Doctor, hold on.
You said the atmosphere would ignite.
Yeah, I did, didn't I? Please, please, please, please, please, please.
General Staal, sir What's happening? He's a genius.
Just brilliant.
Now we're in trouble.
It seems we must revert to basic Sontaran stratagem 1.
We will ravage this planet.
Prepare weapons, wipe them out! Every last stinking human beast! Right.
So, Donna, thank you for everything.
Martha, you, too.
Oh So many times.
Luke, do something clever with your life.
You're saying goodbye.
Sontarans are never defeated.
They'll be getting ready for war.
And well, you know, I've recalibrated this for Sontaran air, so You're going to ignite them? You'll kill yourself.
Just send that thing up on its own.
I don't know.
Put it on a delay.
I can't.
Why not? I've got to give them a choice.
Oh, excellent! General Staal, you know what this is.
But there's one more option.
You can go.
just leave.
Sontaran High Command need never know what happened here.
Your stratagem would be wise if Sontarans feared death, but we do not.
At arms! I'll do it, Staal.
If it saves the Earth, I'll do it.
A warrior doesn't talk.
He acts.
I am giving you the chance to leave.
And miss the glory of this moment? All weapons targeting Earth, sir.
Firing in 20.
- I'm warning you! - And I salute you! Take aim! Shoot me, I'm still going to press this.
You'll die, Staal.
Knowing that you died, too.
Firing in 75.
For the glory of Sontar! Sontar-ha! Sontar-ha! I'll do it! I'll do it! - What are you doing? - Something clever.
Sontar-ha! Nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two Sonia r-ha! One.
- Morning.
- Morning.
Walked all the way.
Won't catch me driving.
The streets are half empty.
People still aren't driving.
There's kids on bikes all over the place.
It's wonderful.
Unpack that, love.
I'm going to see if Suzette's all right.
I won't tell her.
Best not.
Just keep it as our little secret, eh? Yeah.
And you go with him, that wonderful Doctor.
You go and see the stars.
And then bring a bit of them back for your old gramps.
Love you.
How were they? Oh Same old stuff.
They're fine.
So, you gonna come with us? We're not exactly short of space.
Oh, I have missed all this, but, you know I'm good here, back at home.
And I'm better for having been away.
Besides, someone needs me.
Never mind the universe, I've got a great big world of my own now.
What? What? Doctor, don't you dare! No, no, I didn't touch anything! We're in flight! It's not me! Where are we going? I don't know.
It's out of control! Doctor, just listen to me! You take me home! Take me home right now! Where did she come from? From me.
From you? H ow? Well I'd like to see you try that.
She's my daughter.
Hello, Dad.