Doctor Who s04e12 Episode Script

The Stolen Earth

It's fine.
Everything's fine.
Nothing's wrong.
It's all fine.
Excuse me, what day is it? - Saturday.
- Saturday.
I like Saturdays.
- So I just met Rose Tyler? - Yeah.
But she's locked away in a parallel world.
If she can cross from her parallel world to your parallel world then that means the walls of the universe are breaking down, which puts everything in danger.
But how? Thing is, Doctor, no matter what's happening, and I'm sure it's bad, I get that.
But Rose is coming back.
Isn't that good? Yeah.
- What the hell was that? - Don't know.
It came from outside.
But we're in space.
How did it happen? What did you do? We haven't moved.
We're fixed.
It can't have.
No! Tardis is still in the same place, but the Earth has gone.
The entire planet! It's gone.
Give me a cigarette.
Right now.
Confirm all stations still online.
Can anyone hear me? Have we got contact with UNIT base - What was that? - Emergency systems online.
Was it some sort of earthquake or Get the system operational - Jalandra, are you all right? - Yeah, I'm okay.
Is anyone hurt? We've lost power.
Someone get the lights back on.
DaCosta, see to it right now.
Suzanne, are you okay? - Martha, look at the sky.
- Why, what is it? Just look at the sky! Whoa, what happened? Is it the rift? Gwen, Ianto, you okay? No broken bones.
Slight loss of dignity.
No change there, then.
The whole of the city must've felt that.
The whole of South Wales.
I'm gonna take a look outside.
A little bit bigger than South Wales.
Luke, are you all right? It felt like some sort of cross-dimensional spatial transference.
But it's night.
It wasn't night.
It was 8:00 in the morning! Mr Smith, I need you! I wish you'd stop giving that fanfare and just tell me what happened! Sarah Jane, I think you should look outside.
I 'll think you'll find the visual evidence most conclusive.
It's gone dark.
It's them aliens, I'll bet my pension.
What do you want this time, you green swine? - Dad - Look, you get back inside, Sylvia.
- They always want the women.
- No, Dad, just look.
Oh, my God! Look at the sky! That's impossible.
That's just impossible.
It can't be.
Right, now we're in trouble.
And it's only just beginning.
But if the Earth's been moved, they've lost the Sun.
What about my mum? And Granddad? They're dead! Are they dead? I don't know, Donna.
I just don't know.
I'm sorry, I don't know.
That's my family.
My whole world.
There's no readings.
Not a trace.
Not even a whisper.
Oh, that is fearsome technology.
- So what do we do? - We've got to get help.
From where? Donna, I'm taking you to the Shadow Proclamation.
Hold tight.
The United Nations have issued an edict asking the citizens of the world not to panic.
So far there has been no explanation of the 26 planets which have appeared in the sky.
But it? an empirical fact.
The planets didn't come to us, we came to them.
Just {oak at the stars.
We 're in a completely different region of space.
We've travelled.
Do you know what? I look up and there's all these moons and things Have you seen them? Do you see them? What was I drinking last night? Furniture polish? Ianto.
Time and a place.
- Yeah, it's funny, though.
- Gwen, come and see.
Rhys, I have no idea.
just stay indoors.
Can you phone my mother? Tell her Oh, I don't know.
just tell her to take her pills and go to sleep.
I'm gonna come home as soon as I can.
I promise.
I love you, you big idiot.
Someone's established an artificial atmospheric shell, keeping the air and holding in the heat.
Whoever's done this wants the human race alive.
That's a plus.
Twenty-seven planets, including the Earth.
No, but what's that? That's not a planet! The reading seems to be artificial in construction.
Some sort of space station, sitting at the heart of the web.
They're fine.
Maria and her dad, they're still in Cornwall.
I told them to stay indoors.
Clyde's all right, he's with his mum.
Sarah Jane, I have detected movement.
Tracking 200 objects.
Earthbound trajectory.
Geneva is calling a Code Red.
Everyone to battle positions.
Dr Jones, if you're not too busy - I'm trying to phone the Doctor, sir.
- And? There's no signal.
This number calls anywhere in the universe.
It never breaks down.
They must be blocking it.
Whoever they are.
We're about to find out.
They're coming into orbit.
I'll take you on! Yeah, you, mate! The end of the world, darling.
End of the stinking world.
Have one on me, mate.
You two, you can put that stuff down or run for your lives.
Do you like my gun? We 're now getting confirmed reports of spaceships.
The Pentagon has issued an emergency report.
Dad, come and see.
They're saying spaceships.
- Did you find her? - No.
No, there's no reply.
Where are you, Donna? - and stay indoors.
- Where are you, sweetheart? But who are they? Martha Jones, voice of a nightingale.
Tell me you put something in my drink.
No such luck.
Have you heard from the Doctor? - Not a word.
Where are you? - New York.
- Oh.
Nice for some.
- I've been promoted.
Medical Director on Project Indigo.
Did you get that thing working? Indigo's top secret.
No one's supposed to know about it.
I met a soldier in a bar.
Long story.
- When was that? - Strictly professional.
And accelerating.
They're almost here.
I'm receiving a communication from the Earthbound ships.
They have a message for the human race.
Put it through.
Let's hear it.
Exterminate! Exterminate! Exterminate! Exterminate! Exterminate! - Exterminate! - No.
Exterminate! Exterminate! - Oh, no.
- Exterminate! What is it? Who are they? Do you know them, jack? Exterminate! Exterminate! Exterminate! Exterminate! - No.
- Exterminate! - There's nothing I can do.
- Exterminate! Exterminate! - I'm sorry.
We're dead.
{xterm/natal - Exterminate! - Oh, God, you're so young.
Exterminate! Exterminate! Exterminate! Exterminate! - Get out of here! Come on! - This way.
Come on! Dalek fleet in battle format/on.
All systems locked and primed.
Crucible at 90% efficiency.
The human harvest will commence.
Battle stations! Geneva declaring ultimate Code Red.
Ladies and gentlemen, we are at war.
Supreme Dalek on the bridge.
Soon the crucible will be complete.
We have waited long for this ultimate destiny.
Now the Daleks are the masters of Earth.
Daleks are the masters of Earth! Daleks are the masters of Earth! So, go on, then.
What is the Shadow Proclamation anyway? Posh name for police.
Outer-space police.
Here we go! Sco bo tro no flo jo ko fo to do.
No bo ho sho ko ro to so.
Mo ho.
Time Lords are the stuff of legend.
Belong in the myths and whispers of the higher species.
You cannot possibly exist.
More to the point, I've got a missing planet.
Then you're not as wise as the stories would say.
The picture is far bigger than you imagine.
The whole universe is in outrage, Doctor.
Twenty-four worlds have been taken from the sky.
How many? Which ones? Show me! Locations range far and wide.
They all disappeared at the exact same moment, leaving no trace.
Callufrax Minor.
Woman Wept.
Clom! Clom's gone! Who'd want Clom? All different sizes.
Some populated, some not.
But all unconnected.
- What about Pyrovillia? - Who is the female? Donna.
I'm a human being.
Maybe not the stuff of legend, but every bit as important as Time Lords, thank you.
Way back, when we were in Pompeii, Lucius said Pyrovillia had gone missing.
Pyrovillia is cold case.
Not relevant.
How do you mean, cold case? The planet Pyrovillia cannot be part of this.
- It disappeared over 2,000 years ago.
- Yes, yes, hang on.
But there's the Adipose Breeding Planet, too.
Miss Foster said that was lost.
But that must have been a long time ago.
That's it! Donna, brilliant! Planets have been taken out of time as well as space.
Put this into 3D.
Now, if we add Pyrovillia and Adipose III.
Something missing.
Where else, where else, where else? Lost, lost, lost, lost.
Oh! The lost moon of Poosh! - What did you do? - Nothing.
The planets rearranged themselves into the optimum pattern.
Look at that.
Twenty-seven planets in perfect balance.
Come on, that is gorgeous.
Oi, don't get all spaceman.
What does it mean? All those worlds fit together like pieces of an engine.
It's like a powerhouse.
- What for? - Who could design such a thing? Someone tried to move the Earth once before.
Long time ago.
It can't be.
Maximum extermination! The shields are down! There's too many of them! Abandon ship! The Val/anti; down! Air force retreating over North Africa.
Daleks landing in Japan.
We've lost contact with the Prime Minister's plane.
- Jack! Manhattan! - Martha, get out of there.
I can't, jack.
I've got a job to do.
They're targeting military bases, and you're next on the list.
Dr Jones, you will come with me.
Project Indigo is being activated.
Quick march.
But we can't use Project Indigo.
It hasn't been tested, sir.
We don't even know if it works.
Human forces will be exterminated! Annihilate UNIT! Exterminate! Put it on.
Fast as you can! Martha, I'm telling you.
Don't use Project Indigo.
It's not safe! You take your orders from UNIT, Dr Jones, not from Torchwood.
- But why me? - You're our only hope of finding the Doctor.
But failing that, if no help is coming, then with the power invested in me by the Unified Intelligence Taskforce I authorise you to take this.
The Osterhagen Key.
I can't take that, sir.
You know what to do! For the sake of the human race.
Dalek Attack Squad Five reaching north corridor.
- Dr Jones.
- Exterminate! Exterminate! - Good luck.
- Exterminate! Exterminate! - Bye, jack.
- Martha, don't do it! Don't! What's Project Indigo? UNIT base Experimental teleport salvaged from the Sontarans.
But they haven't got coordinates or stabilisation! So where is she? Scattered into atoms.
Martha's down.
Commence the landings.
Bring the humans here.
Prepare the crucible.
Supreme Dalek, is there news? Earth has been subjugated.
I mean, is there news of him? Negative.
No reports of Time Lord.
We are beyond the Doctor? reach.
If I had not elevated you beyond crude emotions, I could almost mistake that tone for one of victory.
Be ware your pride.
The Doctor cannot stop us.
And yet Dalek Caan is uneasy.
The abomination is insane! Show respect.
Without Dalek Caan none of this would be possible.
And he speaks only the truth.
He is coming.
The three-fold man, he dances in the lonely places.
Oh, creator of us all, the Doctor is coming! You need sustenance.
Take the water.
It purifies.
There was something on your back.
How did you know that? You are something new.
Not me.
I'm just a temp.
Shorthand, filing, 100 words per minute.
Fat lot of good that is now.
I'm no use to anyone.
I'm so sorry for your loss.
My whole planet's gone.
I mean the loss that is yet to come.
God save you.
Donna, think, Earth.
There must have been some sort of warning.
Was anything happening back in your day, like electrical storms, freak weather, patterns in the sky? Well, how should I know? Erm, no.
I don't think so.
- Okay, never mind.
- Although There were the bees disappearing.
The bees disappearing? The bees disappearing.
The bees disappearing! - How is that significant? - On Earth, we have these insects.
Some people said it was pollution or mobile phone signals.
- Or they were going back home.
- Back home where? Planet Melissa Majoria.
- Are you saying bees are aliens? - Don't be so daft.
Not all of them.
But if the migrant bees felt something coming, some danger, and escaped - Tandocca! - The Tandocca Scale.
The Tandocca Scale is a series of wavelengths used as carrier signals by migrant bees.
Infinitely small.
No wonder we didn't see it.
It's like looking for a speck of cinnamon in the Sahara.
Look! There it is! The Tandocca trail! The transmat that moved the planets was using the same wavelength.
We can follow the path! And find the Earth! Well, stop talking and do it! I am! We're a bit late.
The signal's scattered but it's a start.
I've got a blip! It's just a blip, but it's definitely a blip.
Then according to the strictures of the Shadow Proclamation, I will have to seize your transport and your technology.
Oh, really? What for? The planets were stolen with hostile intent.
We are declaring war, Doctor.
Right across the universe.
And you will lead us into battle! Right.
Of course I will.
I’ll just go and get you the key.
Doctor, come back! By the holy writ of the Shadow Proclamation, I order you to stop! All humans will leave their homes.
All humans will leave their homes.
The males, the females the descendents, you will come with us! Resistance is useless.
- Where are you taking us? - Daleks do not answer human questions.
Stand in line! Dad, please, come home.
- They're leaving our street alone.
- I've got a weapon.
- It's a paint gun.
- Exactly.
Them Dalek things, they've only got one eye.
A good splodge of paint, they'd be blinded.
We're not going! Do you hear me? Laura, get back inside the house.
Simon, get inside! Go! Get back in the sky! Get back where you came from and leave us alone! Dalek attack formation seven.
Maximum extermination! - They're monsters.
- Please, Dad, come on.
Halt! You will come with me.
Will I heck! My vision is not impaired! I warned you, Dad.
Hostility will not be tolerated! Exterminate! Exterminate! Exter Do you wanna swap? You're Donna Noble's family, right? I'm Rose Tyler.
And I need you.
Yeah, I've tried calling her, but I can't get through.
But she's still with the Doctor.
I know that much.
And the last time she phoned, it was from a planet called Midnight, made of diamonds.
- What the hell are you two on about? - Look, she's out there, sweetheart.
Your daughter.
She's travelling the stars with that Doctor.
- She always has been.
- Don't be ridiculous.
Oh, come on, open your eyes.
Look at the sky.
Look at Look at the Daleks.
You can't start denying things now.
You were my last hope.
If we can't find Donna, we can't find the Doctor.
Where is he? - It's stopped.
- What do you mean? Is that good or bad? Where are we? The Medusa Cascade.
I came here when I was just a kid, It was the centre of a rift in time and space.
So, where are the 27 planets? Nowhere.
The Tandocca trail stops dead.
End of the line.
So what do we do? Doctor, what do we do? Now, don't do this to me.
No, don't.
Don't do this to me.
Not now.
Tell me what are we going to do.
You never give up.
Please! This is the Commander General of the United Nations calling the Dalek fleet.
We surrender.
Repeal', we surrender.
Planet Earth surrenders.
Humans selected for testing will follow Dalek instructions.
The Daleks reign supreme.
All hail the Daleks! You will obey Dalek instructions without question.
You will obey your Dalek.
Can anyone hear me? The Subwave Network is open.
You should be able to hear my voice.
Is there anyone there? I know that voice.
- Who's that? - Some poor soul calling for help.
- There's nothing we can do.
- But look at Mr Smith.
Processing incoming Subwave.
This message is of the utmost importance.
We haven't much time.
Can anyone hear me? Someone's trying to get in touch.
The whole world's crying out.
Just leave it.
Captain Jack Harkness, shame on you! Now, stand to attention, sir.
What? Who is that? Harriet Jones, former Prime Minister.
Yeah, I know who you are.
Harriet, it's me! It's me! She can't hear me.
Have you got a webcam? No, she wouldn't let me.
She said they're naughty.
I can't speak to her then, can I? Sarah Jane Smith, 13 Bannerman Road, are you there? Yeah, yeah, I'm here.
That's me! Good! Now, let's see if we can talk to each other.
The fourth contact seems to be having some trouble getting through.
That's me! Harriet, that's me! I '11 just boost the signal.
Hello? Martha Jones! - Who's she? I want to get through.
- Martha, where are you? I guess Project Indigo was more clever than we thought.
One second I was in Manhattan Next second, maybe Indigo tapped into my mind 'cause I ended up in the one place I wanted to be.
Mum? You came home.
At the end of the world, you came back to me.
But then all of a sudden, it's like the laptop turned itself on.
It did.
That was me.
- Harriet Jones, former Prime Minister.
- Yes, I know who you are.
I thought it was about time we all met given the current crisis.
Torchwood this is Sarah Jane Smith.
I've been following your work.
Nice job with the Slit/lean.
Yeah, well, I've been staying away from you lot.
Too many guns.
All the same, might I say, looking good, ma 'am? Really? Ooh! Not now, Captain.
And Martha Jones, former companion to the Doctor.
- Oi, so was I! - But how did you find me? This, ladies and gentlemen, this is the Subwave Network A sentient piece of software programmed to seek out anyone and everyone who can help to contact the Doctor.
- What if the Daleks can here us? - No.
That's the beauty of the Subwave.
It's undetectable.
- And you invented it? - I developed it.
It was created by the Mr Copper Foundation.
Yeah, but what we need right now is a weapon.
Martha, back at UNIT, what did they give you? What was that key thing? The Osterhagen Key.
That key is not to be used, Dr Jones.
Not under any circumstances.
But what is an Osterhagen Key? Forget about the key! And that's an order! All we need is the Doctor.
Oh, excuse me, Harriet, but well, the thing is, if you're looking for the Doctor, didn't he depose you? He did.
And I've wondered about that for a long time, whether I was wrong.
But I stand by my actions to this day because I knew I knew that one clay, the Earth would be in danger.
And the Doctor would fail to appear.
I told him so myself, and he didn't listen.
But I've been trying to find him.
The Doctor's got my phone on the Tardis, but I can't get through.
Nor me.
And I was here first.
That's why we need the Subwave.
To bring us all together.
Combine forces.
The Doctor's secret army.
Wait a minute.
We boost the signal, that's it.
We transmit that telephone number through Torchwood itself, - using all the power of the rift - And we've got Mr Smith.
He can link up with every telephone exchange on the Earth.
He can get the whole world to call the same number all at the same time.
Billions of phones calling out all at once! Brilliant! Who's the kid? That's my son.
Excuse me, sorry.
Sorry, hello.
Ianto Jones.
If we start transmitting, then this Subwave Network is going to become visible, I mean, to the Daleks.
Yes, and they'll trace it back to me.
But my life doesn't matter.
Not if it saves the Earth.
- Ma'am.
- Thank you, Captain.
But there are people out there dying on the streets.
- Marvellous woman.
I voted for her.
- You did not! Now, enough of words, let's begin.
Grid power activated.
All terminals coordinated.
National Grid online, giving you everything we've got.
- Connecting you to Mr Smith.
- All telephone networks combined.
Sending you the number now.
Opening Subwave Network to maximum.
Mr Smith? Make that call.
Calling the Doctor.
So am I.
And sending! - Phone! - Phone! Martha, is that you? - It's just a signal.
- Can we follow it? Just watch me.
Emergency! Unknown network detected! Subwave frequency! Find the point of origin.
Find and exterminate! I warned you, Supreme One.
Just as Dalek Caan foretold.
The children of time are moving against us.
But everything is falling into place.
I think we got a fix! Mr Smith now at 200%.
Come on, Doctor! Find me, Doctor.
Find me.
Got it! Locking on.
Harriet, a source's locked onto your location.
They found you.
I know.
I'm using the network to mask your transmission.
Keep going.
Exterminate! We're travelling through time.
One second in the future.
The phone call's pulling us through.
Captain, I'm transferring the Subwave Network to Torchwood.
You're in charge now.
And tell the Doctor from me, he chose his companions well.
It's been an honour.
Harriet Jones, former Prime Minister.
Ye; we know who you are! Oh, you know nothing of any human.
And that will be your downfall.
Exterminate! Three, two, one! Twenty-seven planets.
And there's the Earth.
But why couldn't we see them? The entire Medusa Cascade has been put a second out of sync with the rest of universe.
Perfect hiding place.
Tiny little pocket of time, but we found them! Ooh, ooh.
Ooh, what's that? Hold on, hold on.
Some sort of Subwave Network.
Where the hell have you been? Doctor, it's the Daleks! Oh, he's a bit nice.
I thought he'd be older.
He's not that young.
It's the Daleks, they're taking people to their spaceship.
it's not just Dalek Caan! - That's Donna! - That's my girl! Sarah Jane! Who's that boy? That must be Torchwood.
Aren't they brilliant? Look at you all, you clever people.
That's Martha.
And who's he? Captain jack.
just Don't.
Doctor, it's me.
I came back.
It's like an outer space Facebook.
Everyone except Rose.
He is here.
The Dark Lord is come! Supreme One, this Subwave Network, I will address it.
Give me access.
- We've lost them.
- No, no, no, no.
There's another signal coming through.
There's someone else out there.
Hello? Can you hear me? Rose.
Your voice is different and yet its arrogance is unchanged.
But he's dead.
Welcome to my new empire, Doctor.
It is only fitting that you should bear witness to the resurrection and the triumph of Davros lord and creator of the Dalek race.
Have you nothing to say? Doctor, it's all right.
We're in the Tardis.
We're safe.
But you were destroyed.
In the very first year of the Time War at the Gates of Elysium.
I saw your command ship fly into the jaws of the Nightmare Child.
I tried to save you.
But it took one stronger than you.
Dalek Caan himself.
I flew into the wild and fire.
I danced and died a thousand times.
Emergency temporal shift took him back into the Time War itself But that's impossible! The entire war is time-locked! And yet he succeeded.
Oh, it cost him his mind but imagine, a single simple Dalek succeeded where emperors and Time Lords have failed.
A testament, don't you think, to my remarkable creations? And you made a new race of Daleks.
[gave myself to them.
Quite literally.
Each one grown from a cell of my own body.
New Dale/(s.
True Daleks.
I have my children, Doctor.
What do you have now? After all this time, everything we saw, everything we lost, I have only one thing to say to you.
Bye! Emergency! Locate the Tardis! Find the Doctor! He will go to the Earth to find his precious human allies.
And death is coming.
Oh, I can see it.
Everlasting death for the most faithful companion.
Subwave Network rerouted! New location, Torchwood! Then exterminate them at once! Exterminate Torchwood Gwen.
Dalek saucer heading for the Bay.
They've found us.
Martha, open that Indigo device.
Listen to me.
Lift the central panel, there's a string of numbers that keep changing.
But the fourth number keeps oscillating between two different digits.
- Tell me what they are.
- It's a four and a nine.
- We could never work out what that was.
- Yeah! That's a teleport base code.
And that's all I need to get this thing working again.
Oscillating four and nine.
Thank you, Martha Jones.
I gotta go.
I gotta find the Doctor.
I'll come back.
- I'm coming back.
- Don't worry about us.
just go.
- We'll be fine.
- You'd better be.
Exterminate! - Exterminate! - They're here.
Tardis heading for vector 7.
Grid reference 6-6 - There are Daleks out there.
- I know.
I'm sorry, but I have got to find the Doctor.
Don't move, don't leave the house, don't do anything.
I will protect the boy, Sarah Jane.
I love you.
Remember that.
Control, I need another shift.
Lock me onto the Tardis.
Right, I'm gonna find him.
Wish me luck.
- Oh, good luck! - Yeah, good luck, sweetheart.
It's like a ghost town.
Sarah Jane said they were taking the people.
What for? Think, Donna.
When you met Rose in that parallel world, what did she say? Just, "The darkness is coming.
" anything else? Why don't you ask her yourself? Exterminate! I've got you.
It missed you.
Look, it's me, Doctor.
- Rose.
- Right.
- Long time no see.
- Yeah.
Been busy, you know.
Don't die.
No, don't die.
My God, don't die.
Get him into the Tardis, quick.
Move! But they don't work against Daleks.
Yeah? Well, I'm going out fighting.
Like Owen, like Tosh.
How about you? Exterminate! - Yes, ma'am! - Exterminate! What do we do? There must be some medicine, or something.
Just step back.
Rose, do as I say and get back! He's dying.
And you know what happens next.
- What do you mean? - He can't.
Not now.
I came all this way.
What do you mean? What happens next? It's starting.
All human transport is forbidden! I surrender! I'm sorry! Daleks do not accept apologies! You will be exterminated! - Exterminate! - Exterminate! Exterminate! Exterminate! Here we go.
Good luck, Doctor! Will someone please tell me what is going on? When he's dying, his body, it repairs itself.
It changes.
But you can't! I'm sorry, it's too late.
I'm regenerating.