Doctor Who s04e16 Episode Script

The Waters of Mars

DISTORTION Hello, Mum! Susie says hello, don't you, sweetheart? That's it.
Give a little wave.
Ermoh, what was I gonna say? Uncle Soon called in, he says hello.
Ermhe keeps saying, "You must be missing her.
" I said, "She's been gone for over two years now, I'm getting used to it!" DISTORTION Oh, no, it's breaking up.
It must be the solar flares.
Talk faster.
About the deposit on the house SUSIE GRIZZLES Ooh Erm, I've spoken to the bank SHE TUTS METALLIC THRUMMING The Red Planet! KLAXON SOUNDS, AIR HISSES 'Sun sets in ten minutes, Yuri.
You're gonna lose the light.
'That's it.
' Got you on External Ten.
'Almost there.
That's the radial clamp down.
One more thing.
Get back inside, you're using power and oxygen.
Oh, hold on.
Get this on camera.
HE LAUGHS 'What do you think?' Hey, looks good! Nice one, Yuri.
You wasted an entire solar panel just to make that.
Oh, lighten up.
It's a joke.
We come all this way, to an empty planet, untouched by civilisation, and what do we do? Put up cheap jokes.
That's not funny, that's pollution.
Having fun(?)I was just telling him.
I expect better of you, Ed.
Now get back to work, all of you.
SLOW BREATHING Ohh, beautiful.
You are under arrest, for trespassing.
ELECTRICITY CRACKLES State your name, rank, and intention.
The Doctor.
What the hell?! It's a man! A man on Mars! How?He was wearing this thing.
I have never seen anything like it.
What did Mission Control say? They're out of range for tenhours.
If we could cut the chat, everyone.
Actually, chat's second on my list, the first being gun, pointed at my head.
Which then puts my head second and chat third, I think.
Gun, head, chat, yeah.
I hate lists.
But you could hurt someone with that, justput it down.
Oh, you'd like that.
Can you find me someone who wouldn't? Why should I trust you? Because I give you my word.
And, 40 million miles away from home, my word is all you've got.
SHE TURNS OFF GUN Keep Gadget covering him.
Gadget-gadget! Oh, right, so you control that thing? Auto-glove response?You got it.
To the right Gadget-gadget! And to the left.
It's a bit flimsy.
Gadget-gadget! Does it have to keep saying that? I think it's funny.
I hate funny robots.
'Excuse me, boss.
' Computer log says we've got an extra person on site.
How's that possible? Keep the Bio-dome closed.
And when using open comms you call me Captain.
Yeah, butwho is it? DEVICE BLEEPS Disconnected! She's cut me off.
Can you believe her? It's like we're justgardeners! As long as they leave us alone, that's fine with me.
DEVICE BLEEPS Oh, you beauties! Look at this! Better start planting some more, if there's an extra mouth to feed.
The very first garden off Earth.
Everything brand-new.
That's what we should've called this place.
It's the Philippines.
I bet.
If there's someone else on Mars, it's got to be the Philippines.
All those stories about them building a rocket.
Adelaide's gonna love that(!) Stealing her thunder.
Mind you, worth it to see her face.
Or it could be the Spanish.
They've kept that spacelink project under wraps.
Didn't your sister work for them? TRICKLING Are you all right, mate? SHE LAUGHS Come on, stop mucking about.
Andy? TRICKLING Are you OK? HE ROARS SCREAM ECHOES He can't be a World State flight, we'd know about it.
Therefore, he's got to be one of the independents.
Was it the Branson inheritance lot? They've talked about a Mars shot for years.
Right, yes, OK, you got me.
So I'm the Doctor, and you are? Oh, come on.
We're the first off-world colonists in history.
Everyone on Planet Earth knows who we are.
You're the first? The very first humans on Mars? Thenthis is BOTH:Bowie Base One.
Number one? Founded July 1st, 2058.
Established Bowie Base One in the Gusev Crater You've been here how long?17 months.
It's 2059, right now.
OHH! My head is so stupid, you're Captain Adelaide Brooke! And Ed! You're Deputy Edward Gold.
Tarak Ital, MD.
Nurse Yuri Kerenski.
Senior Technician Steffi Ehrlich.
Junior Technician Roman Groom.
Geologist Mia Bennett.
You're only 27 years old.
As I said, Doctor, everyone knows our names.
Ohthey'll never forget them.
What's the date, today? What is it? Tell me the exact date.
November 21st 2059.
Is there something wrong? What's so important about my age? I shouldgo.
Ireally should go.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry with all of my hearts.
But it's one of those very rare times when I've got no choice.
It's been an honour.
Seriously, avery great honour to meet you all.
The Martian pioneers.
Oh, thank you.
Ah! Gadget-gadget.
Thank you.
There's the other two.
Hold on Margaret Cain and Andrew Stone.
Maggieif you want to meet the only new human being that you're gonna see in the next five years, better come take a look.
LOW ROARING What was that? Ohh, I really should go.
This is Central.
Bio-dome report immediately.
Show me the Bio-dome.
Internal cameras are down.
Show me the exterior.
I'm going over.
Doctor, with me.
YeahI'm sorry, erm I'd love to help, but I'm leaving, right now.
Take his spacesuit, lock it up.
This started as soon as you arrived, so you're not going anywhere.
Except with me.
What's so important about Mia's age? You said she's only 27, why does it matter, what did you mean? Oh, I justopen my mouth and words come out.
They don't make much sense.
Telling me.
Thank you, Doctor.
Any time, Doctor.
Gadget-gadget! I hate robots.
Did I say? Yeah, and he's not too fond of you.
What's wrong with robots?It's not the robots, it's the people.
Dressing them up and giving them silly voices.
You're reducing them.
Friend of mine, she made her domestic robot look like a dog.
Ah, well, dogs.
That's different.
But I adapted Gadget out of the worker drones.
Those things are huge! They built this place when the shell was lowered down from orbit.
They've got a strength capacity of The channel is open for essential communications only.
Love those drones.
I've read all that stuff about you, Captain Adelaide.
But one thing they never said, was it worth it? The mission? We've got excellent results from the soil analysis.
No, but all of it.
Cos they say you sacrificed everything.
Devoted your whole life to get here.
It's been chaos back home.
40 long years.
The climate, the ozone, the oil apocalypse.
We almost reached extinction.
Then to fly above that .
to stand on a world with no smoke, where the only straight line is the sunlight Yes.
It's worth it.
Ahh! That's the Adelaide Brooke I always wanted to meet.
The woman with starlight in her soul.
What's that? It's Maggie.
Don't touch her! I know the procedure.
Maggie, can you hear me? It's Tarak.
Maggie? It's OK.
She's still breathing.
She's alive.
Yuri, I've got Margaret Cain, head trauma.
I need a full medpack.
I've got it.
Medpack on its way.
I'm going to help!In the absence of the Captain, you're in charge, sir! You've got to stay in the Dome! Don't touch her, use the gloves.
Do what he says.
Get her to sickbay.
Put her in isolation.
We're going to the Bio-dome.
Tarak, with me, Yuri can take care of her.
Ed, go back.
Gadget, stand guard, keep an eye on this area.
Gadget-gadget! Captain, you're gonna need me.
Andy's the only other crew member out here, and if that wasn't an accident then he's gone wild.
You've deserted your post.
Consider that an official warning.
Now, get back to work.
Doctor? Captain.
That sound we heard from the Bio-dome, I've run it through diagnostics.
According to the computer, it's it's Andy.
'It registers as the voice-print of Andy Stone.
' Understood.
Double-check, thanks.
Air pressure stabilised.
DOOR OPENS Andrew? Andrew Stone? It's Captain Brooke.
Andy, report.
I need to see you.
Where are you? There you go.
What's that device?Screwdriver.
Are you the Doctor or the Janitor? I don't know, sounds like me.
The maintenance man of the universe.
You, stay with me, don't step out of my sight.
Tarak, go to External Door South, make sure it's intact.
Yes, ma'am.
Quite an achievement.
First flower on Mars in 10,000 years.
And you're growing veg! It's that lot, they're already planning Christmas dinner.
Last year it was dehydrated protein, this year theywant the real thing.
Still, fair enough.
If we must.
TWITTERING You've got birds! It's part of the project, to keep the insect population down.
Good sign.
In what way? Well, they're still alive.
'Captain? Good news.
' It's Maggie.
She's awake, she's back with us.
How are you, Soldier? SHE GROANS Just take it easy.
Can you remember what happened? I was just working.
Then I wokewoke up here.
What about Andy? We can't find him.
Was he all right? I don't know, I just If you remember anything, let me know straightaway.
Yuri, does she know how she ended up in the tunnel? And keep the comms clear.
Everything goes through me, got that? HE SIGHS Come on.
Just let me out of here.
I'm fine.
Just groggy.
You know the rules.
24 hours.
Andy? Andy! Andy! There you are.
TRICKLING Are you all right? Andy Andrew.
Look at me.
HE ROARS 'A tam uzhe sploshniye zatradi poshli.
No ya yemu i govoryu.
Ty shto opyat' Is that your brother? It's only a repeat.
The solar flares are still up.
Are you OK? Yeah, justy'know 'Govoril yemu skolko raz uzhe.
Nichego ne pomogaet' He makes me laugh, though.
It's his husband, he spends money likean idiot! Last year, for Mikhail's birthday, he said, "Don't buy me anything.
" "Let's save money.
" Georg says, "Fine, OK.
" His birthday comes around, turns out Georg has bought him a car! Top of the range.
HE LAUGHS And the thing is, he's used Mikhail's credit stamp! So Mik's saying, that means I bought it myself! Georg says, "It's the thought that counts.
" Where does he live? Oh, just outside Dagestan.
Where's that? On the Caspian Sea.
Here you go By the sea.
Well, technically it's more of a lake.
Earth is so much water.
Yeah Just look at her.
40 million miles away.
It has so much beauty.
We should like that world.
This is sickbay, we have a situation.
Maggie's condition has I don't know, I don't know what it is.
It's water, justpouring out.
'Yuri, calm down.
' Just tell me what's happened to her.
The skin issort of broken around the mouth.
And she's exuding water.
Like she's drowning.
Tarak, this area's unsafe, we're going back.
Tarak? Tarak!Where was he? Yuri, keep her contained.
Seal the door at maximum.
I'm on my way! Andyjust leave him alone.
Step away from him.
I can help, I promise.
I order you to stop! Stop, or I'll shoot!Andy, please, take your hand away from him and listen to me.
There now .
that's better.
Hmm? Soyou must be Andy.
We've got to go.
LASER GUN SHOOTS BLEEPING Set the seals at maximum! What the hell? That's not Maggie.
What's happened to her? Yuri.
What IS she? Captain, we need you back here.
Just tell me that Maggie is contained.
Can you confirm, Ed? Confirmed.
She's locked in.
'Keep surveillance till I get back.
' And close down all water supplies.
All pipes and outlets, don't consume anything.
Have you got that, everyone? That's an order.
Don't drink the water.
Don't even touch it.
Not one drop.
Can you talk? Human beings are 60% water, which makes them the perfect host.
What for? I don't know.
I never will Because I've got to go.
Whatever's started here, I can't see it to the end.
I can't.
LOUD CRASH HE ROARS This thing's airtight, yeah? And therefore watertight.
Depends how clever the water is.
EXPLOSION They're fusing the system.
EXPLOSION Abandon ship! Doctor, we haven't got time! They can run faster than us, we need a lift! Hey! Gadget-gadget.
Nnnnnnggggaaaaaaaaaaaaagh! Get on behind me!That thing goes at two miles an hour!Not any more! Trust me.
Gadget-gadget! Gadget-gadget! FLAMES ROAR Waaaaaaaaaaagggghhhh! The Central Dome airlocks have got Hardinger seals.
There's no way they can get in.
Come on, come on! Gadget-gadget.
I thought you hated robots! I do! We're safe.
It's hermetically sealed.
They can't get in.
Water is patient, Adelaide.
Water just waits.
It wears down the clifftops, the mountains, the whole of the world.
Water always wins.
Come on! Bio-dome Tunnel is out of bounds.
Andy and Tarak are infected,repeat, infected.
Make no contact.
And if they make any move, tell me.
I'm going to the Medical Dome.
REGULAR BLEEPING Blimey, it's a distance.
You could do with bikes in this place.
Every pound in weight equals three tons of fuel.
Yeah, I know.
Butbikes! Has that door got a Hardinger seal? No, basic.
Then the moment she heads for the door, we evacuate.
Got that? Pulse is low.
Electrical activity in the brain seems to be going haywire.
Can she talk?Don't know.
She was before we noticed the change, but Maggie? Can you hear me? Do you know who I am? Your commanding officer, Captain Adelaide Brooke.
Can you tell me what happened? Hoorghwall in schtochman ahn warrellinsh och fortabellan iin hoorgwahn.
What language is that? Ancient North Martian.
Don't be ridiculous.
It's like she recognised it.
And her eyes are different.
They're clear, like she's closer to human.
Not close enough for me.
Where do you get your water from? The ice field.
That's why we chose the crater, we're on top of an underground glacier.
Tons of water.
But every single drop is filtered.
It's screened, it's safe.
Looks like it, yeah(!) If something was frozen down therea viral life form, held in the ice for all those years Look at her mouth.
All blackened, like there's some sort of fission.
This thing, whatever it is, doesn't just hide in water, it CREATES water.
Tell me what you want.
She was looking at the screen.
At Earth.
She wanted Earth.
A world full of water.
With me.
I'm sorry, but it's an unknown infection and it's spreading.
That demands Action Procedure One.
D'you think I don't know that? I think you need reminding.
Well, at least I'm good for something.
Now and again.
That's almost a compliment.
Things must be serious.
Sorry, sorry, butAction One, that means evacuation, yeah? We're going home.
This is Captain Brooke.
I'm declaring Action One, repeat to all crewmembers, this is Action One, with immediate effect.
Evacuate the base.
I'll store the Central Computer, Mia, strip the cargo down to essentials.
Roman, on your feet! But we came all this way.
Gadget-gadget! And you can kiss that robot goodbye, it's too heavy.
Now shove it in storage and hurry up! 'Steffi, what's your estimate on shuttle viability?' It's a nine-month flight, it'll take three hours to load what we need.
'You've got 20 minutes.
And give me a report on Andy and Tarak.
' Still in the Bio-dome Tunnel.
They're just standing there.
Like they're waiting.
Keep an eye on them.
And make that 20 minutes 15! Ed, line up the shuttle, go straight to ignition status.
Doing it now.
But what about Maggie? She stays behind, we've got no way to contain her on board.
Close this place down.
I want the power directed to the shuttle.
Of course, the only problem is Thank you, Doctor, your spacesuit will be returned.
And good luck.
The problem is, this thing is clever.
It didn't infect the birds or the insects, it chose the humans.
You were chosen.
And I told you, Adelaide, water can wait.
Tarak changed straight away, but when Maggie was infected it stayed hidden inside her.
No doubt, so it could infiltrate the Central Dome.
Which means Any one of us could already be infected.
We've all been drinking the same water.
And if you take that back to Earth One drop.
Just one drop.
But we're only presuming infection.
If we can find out how this thing got through, when it got through Yuri, continue with Action One.
I'm going to inspect the ice-field.
I should leave.
Finally, I should leave.
Yuri, me old mate, no point in me seeing the ice-field.
No point at all.
ADELAIDE! All I'm saying is, bikes.
Little foldaway bikes, don't weigh a thing.
I'm sorry.
POWER SHUTS DOWN Even if she gets past the Medical Dome, she'll never get past the Hardinger seal at this end, right? So we keep saying.
Camera's down.
We've lost her.
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrggghhh! SCREAM ECHOES They tell legends of Mars, from long ago.
Of a fine and noble race who built an empire out of snow.
The Ice Warriors.
I haven't got time for stories.
Perhaps they found something down there.
Used their might and their wisdom to freeze it.
Doctor! We need to find any sort of change in the water process.
We've got to date the infection.
Access denied.
You don't look like a coward.
But all you've wanted to do is leave.
You know so much about us.
Well, you're famous.
It's like you know more.
This moment, this precise moment in time, it's like I mean, it's only a theory, what do I know? But I thinkcertain moments in time are fixed.
Tiny, precious moments.
Everything else is in flux, anything can happen, but those certain moments, they have to stand.
This base, on Mars, with you, Adelaide Brooke, this is one vital moment.
What happens here must always happen.
Which is what? I don't know.
I think something wonderful happens.
Something that started 50 years ago, isn't that right? I've never told anyone that.
You told your daughter.
And maybe, one day, she tells the story to her daughter.
The day the Earth was stolen and moved across the universe.
And you I saw the Daleks.
We looked up, the sky had changed.
Everyone was running and screaming.
And my father took hold of me Stay here! Don't move.
I've got to go out.
I'm gonna find your mother, but I'm coming back, I promise you.
I'm coming back.
Inever saw him again.
Nor my mother.
They were never found.
But out on the streets, there was panic and burning.
I went to the window.
And there in the sky I saw it, Doctor.
And it saw me.
It staredat me.
It looked right into me.
And then It simply went away.
I knew, that night, I knew I would follow it.
But not for revenge.
What would be the point of that? That's what makes you remarkable.
And that's how you create history.
What do you mean? Imagine it, Adelaide.
If you began a journey that takes the human race all the way out to the stars.
It begins with you.
And then your granddaughter, you inspire her.
So that in 30 years Susie Fontana Brooke is the pilot of the first lightspeed ship to Proxima Centauri.
And then everywhere.
With her children, and her children's children forging the way, to the Dragon Star, the Celestial Belt of the Winter Queen, the Map of the Water Snake Wormholes One day a Brooke will fall in love with a Tandonian prince, that's the start of a whole new species.
But everything starts with you, Adelaide.
From 50 years ago, to right here, today.
Who are you? Why are you telling me this? Doctor? Why tell me? As consolation.
BEEPING Andy Stone.
He logged on yesterday.
Maintenance log, 21.
20, November 2059.
Number three water filter's bust.
Guess what, the spares they sent don't fit.
What a surprise(!) Over and out.
A filter.
One tiny little filter and then the Flood.
But that means the infection arrived today! And the water's only cycled out of the biodome after a week.
The rest of us can't be infected.
We can leave! Ed, we're clean! How are we doing? Shuttle's active, stage one! I haven't got time to convey the protein packs.
If you want food you're gonna have to carry it by hand.
Start loading! Right now! You were right, Doctor.
What about? Bikes! Ha ha! Now get to your ship.
I'm saving my people, you save yourself.
I know what this moment is.
It's the moment we escape, now get out.
Everyone, stay I'll swap them round.
Roman, what about you? Protein-packs 30 to 36.
Ditch the central containers.
We don't need them.
Units 41, 42 and 43.
Unit 41 is here.
Roman try to condense the oxygen membranes, we can lose ten pounds.
Faster, come on!! Ed, how's the fuel jets? Cooling down in about 30 seconds.
BEEPING BEEPING CONTINUES What the hell's that noise? Mia, you lot, shut up.
BEEPING It's the module sensors.
Exterior 12.
The cameras are down, but there's pressure on top of the module.
Two signals right above us.
That means They're on the roof?! How did they get inside the Dome? They used the maintenance shafts.
The shaft's open, they haven't got spacesuits.
They breathe water.
But they'd freeze.
They've got that internal fission.
But we're safe, they can't get through, can they? RUMBLING Can they?? This place is airtight! Can it get through? Ed?? Can it get through?? I don't know! Water itself isn't motile, but it has some persistence.
Everyone, listen to me! That's ten feet of steel-combination up there.
We need all the protein-packs or we'll starve, now keep working! Roman! Watch the ceiling! Ed, get to the shuttle, fire it up.
I can carry more than this lot, Captain.
That's an order!Captain.
Access denied.
Access denied.
Tell me what happens.
I don't know.
'Yes, you do.
' Now tell me.
'You should be with the others.
' Tell me! I could ramp up the pressure in that airlock and crush you.
Except you won't.
You could have shot Andy Stone, but you didn't.
I loved you for that.
Imagine Imagine you knew something Imagine you found yourself somewhere, I don't know, Pompeii.
Imagine you were in Pompeii.
What the hell's that got to do with it?You tried to save them.
But in doing so you make it happen.
Anything I do .
just makes it happen.
Captain, we need you right now! 'I'm still here.
' You're taking Action One.
There are four more standard action procedures.
And Action Five is? Detonation.
The final option.
The nuclear device at the heart of the Central Dome.
Today, on the 21st November 2059, Captain Brooke activates that device, taking the base and all her crew members with her.
No-one ever knows why.
But you were saving Earth.
That's what inspires your granddaughter.
She takes your people out into the galaxy, because you die, on Mars.
You die, today.
She flies out there Like she's trying to meet you.
(I won't die.
) I will not.
But your death creates the future.
Help me.
Why won't you help, Doctor? If you know all of this, why can't you change it? I can't.
Why can't you find a way? You could tell me, I don't know I'm sorry, but I can't.
Sometimes I can, sometimes I do, most times I can save someone, or anyone.
But not you.
You wondered all your life why that Dalek spared you.
I think it knew.
Your death is fixed, in time, for ever.
And that's right.
You'll die here too.
' What's gonna save you? Captain Adelaide Brooke.
Damn you.
Water! We've got water! Captain! Get back! Get back! Captain! Don't touch it, Roman.
Get back! Get back!We're abandoning this section, get to the shuttle! Yuri, lead the way, Section B Corridor, now.
Get that! And that! Close it! Yuri, did that water touch you? I'm safe.
Did it touch you? Yuri, did that water touch you? I'm clean I'm dry.
Everyone, Section B is out.
Listen to me!! Take every pack that you can, we'll go round, we'll make our way out through Section F.
Go to Section F.
Mia you take the redline stock! And hurry up! Steffi, get back! Steffi, keep back.
Get back!!Steffi!! Get back, Steffi!! Just get back! Screen! Use the screen! Close the door! Steffi, we'll come get you, OK? We'll come get you! Ah! Steffi!Captain! We'll open the access panel, we'll get you out through the back.
Get out of here, move it! Captain, it's inside! Steffi!Steffi, get back! 'We're coming! Steffi, hold on!' 'The fuse, Captain.
' 'We can't get through!' 'Don't, please!' 'I can't move!' Hallo, Mutti.
Hallo, Mars! Sag hallo.
SPEAKS GERMAN Ich fragte warum nicht.
Wir koennen doch mit dem Zug Steffi!Can you hear me? Oh, my God.
'Kannst du doch mit ihm reden?' Out! Get out! Ed, we're going round the long way, how are we doing? All systems online, 100%.
Not a single delay! Don't you worry, Captain, we are gonna fly! 'Once again, I need air, inspection air.
'Right now.
All of you' 'Locking chamber three, locking chamber four' 'Keep looking!' 'Gate five is open!' 'Gate six is open!' Quickly, come on! Roman,come on, with me! You'd better go.
'Don't just stand there, move!' 'You'd really better go without me.
' I'm sorry, Captain.
One drop.
Roman! Roman! Leave him, come on.
'We can't just leave him!' 'Come on.
' 'Let me go! Roma-a-a-a-an!!' DOOR SLIDES OPEN Ahhh! 'Captain.
The shuttle is down.
' What the hell d'you mean? 'Compromised.
' 'It was Maggie.
' 'Get out of there!' 'Too late.
' They want this ship to get to Earth.
Got no choice.
'Ahhh!' 'Hated it, Adelaide.
' .
This bloody job.
Ohhhh! 'You never gave me a chance.
' 'You never could forgive me.
' See you later.
SCREAMING WIND WHISTLES We're losing oxygen! 'The hull is broken!!' 'I'm not just a Time Lord, I'm the Last of the Time Lords.
' 'They'll never come back, not now.
' 'I've got a TARDIS.
Same old life, last of the Time Lords.
'And they died, took it all with them.
'The walls or reality closed, the worlds were sealed, 'gone for ever.
'The Time Lords kept their eye on everything.
It's gone now.
'But they died, the Time Lords! 'All of them, they died.
' 'I'm the last of the Time Lords.
' ALARM SOUNDS Mia, take this sealant, fix that rig! Yuri, open emergency oxygen.
Adelaide, don't just sit there! That's better! The Dome's still got integrity! Ten feet of steel-combination, made in Liverpool, magnificent workmanship! It can't be stopped.
Don't die with us.
Someone told me just recently, they said I was gonna die, they said, he will knock four times, and I know what that means, it doesn't mean right here right now! Cos I don't hear anyone knocking, do you?! BANG! BANG! BANG! Three knocks is all you're getting! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Water and electricity, bad mix! What else have we got? But there's no way to fight them.
Heat! They use water,so we can use heat! Works against the Ice Warriors and the Flood, ramp up the environment controls, steam them! But you said we die! For the future, for the human race.
Yes, because there are laws, there are Laws of Time.
Once upon a time there were people in charge of those laws, but they died.
They all died.
Do you know who that leaves? Me! It's taken me all these years to realise, the Laws of Time are mine.
And they will obey me! ALARM SOUNDS Environment controls are down! Sorry, Doctor, it looks like history's got other ideas.
Not beaten yet! I'll go outside! The heat regulator.
No, not beaten, not beaten! You've got spacesuits, in the next section.
We're not just fighting the Flood.
We're fighting time itself.
And I'm gonna win! Ahhhhhhhhhhh! Something's happening to the glacier.
Thinka thinka thinka think! What have we got? Not enough oxygen! Protein-packs? Useless! Glacier, glacier mints, minty, Monty, molto bene, bunny, Bonny, bish-bash-bosh! Baaaaaaah! The room, the room, look at the room! Section F, what's in Section F? Anyone??? Nothing, it's just storage.
Storing what?! I don't know, weather spikes, robots, atom clamps.
Atom clamps? Atom clamps!? Who needs atom clamps? I love a funny robot! Gadget-Gadget.
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! You take that.
Good boy.
Off we go then! Gadget-Gadget.
Come on, come on! Implementing Captain's protocol.
Adelaide? What are you doing?! Oh, my God.
Action Five.
If I have to fight you as well, then I will.
Nuclear device now active and primed.
Nuclear device now active and primed.
Blast off!! Gadget-gadget! Fastaaaaaaaa! Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! ALL: Waaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh! Nuclear device entering final process.
Gadget-gadget! And we're in! Ha ha! Gadget-gadget! Dahhh! TARDIS WHIRS Isn't anyone going to thank me? ROBOT POWERS DOWN He's lost his signal.
Doesn't know where he is.
That's my house.
Don't you get it? This is the 21st November 2059.
It's the same day on Earth.
And it's snowing.
I love snow.
What is that thing??! It'sbigger I mean, it's bigger on the inside! Who the hell are you?? Look after her.
Yes, ma'am.
You saved us Just think though Your daughter, and your daughter's daughter, you can see them again.
Family reunion! But I'm supposed to be dead.
Not any more.
But Susie My granddaughter.
The person she's supposed to become .
might never exist now.
Nah! Captain Adelaide can inspire her face to face.
Different details, but the story's the same.
You can't know that.
And if my family changes .
The whole of history could change, the future of the human race.
No-one should have that much power.
You should have left us there.
Adelaide, I've done this sort of thing before.
In small ways, saved some little people.
But never someone as important as you.
Oh, I'm good! Little people? What, like Mia and Yuri? Who decides they're so unimportant? You? For a long time now, I thought I was just a survivor, but I'm not.
I'm the winner.
That's who I am.
The Time Lord Victorious.
And there's no-one to stop you? No.
This is wrong, Doctor.
I don't care who you are.
The Time Lord Victorious is wrong.
That's for me to decide.
Now, you'd better get home.
Oh, it's all locked up, you've been away.
Still, that's easy.
Is there nothing you can't do? Not any more.
'I don't care who you are.
'A Time Lord Victorious is wrong.
' I've gone too far.
Is this it? My death? Is it time? No.
Ha ha ha ha! Ha ha ha ha ha! Every night, Doctor, we have bad dreams.
But I was told, he will knock four times.
Because a shadow is falling over creation.
Something vast is stirring in the dark.
I'm going to die.
My name is the Master.
'The darkness heralds only one thing' Ha ha ha! 'The end of Time itself.