Doctor Who s06e10 Episode Script

The Girl Who Waited

Say it again? Apalapucia.
Apalapu? Cia.
What a beautiful word.
Beautiful word, beautiful world.
Apalapucia, voted number two planet in the top ten greatest destinations for the discerning intergalactic traveller.
Why couldn't we go to number one? It's hideous.
Everyone goes to number one.
Planet of the coffee shops.
Apalapucia! I give you sunsets, spires, soaring silver colonnades! I give you Doors.
I give you doors.
But on the other side of those doors, I give you sunsets, spires, soaring silver colonnades.
Have you seen my phone? Your phone? Yeah.
Your mobile telephone? I bring you to a paradise planet, two billion light years away, and you want to update Twitter? Sunsets.
Soaring silver colonnades.
It's a camera phone.
On the counter, by the DVDs.
Thank you.
How do we get in? I don't know.
Push a button.
OK, so, rain check on the soaring silver colonnades.
It's a magnifying glass.
Hey? Hey, it's locked.
Yeah, push the button.
Rory? Come on, Amy! Great! Where is she? Where on wherever we are is my wife? Rory I think I've found her.
What do you mean you've found her? Woah! No, but, she's not she's not here! I can see her, but she's not here.
Where am I? In fact, where are you? Whoa.
Hands! Hello.
Robot with hands, Rory.
Welcome to Twostreams.
Will you be visiting long? Er, Doctor.
Something's happening.
Amy! Stay calm! Stay still! Ah, time's gone wobbly.
I hate it when it does that.
Will you be visiting long? Good question, bit sinister.
What's the answer to not get us killed? It's OK, I've got you, you're fine.
Will you be visiting long? Doctor, a little help, Doctor.
And where have you been? Will you? What do I tell it? I've been here a week! A week?! A week?! I'm so sorry! Aha! Same room, different times, Two timestreams running at different speeds.
Amy, you're in a faster timestream.
Doctor, it's going again! Doctor! AMY! DOCTOR! Come on.
Gotcha! There.
Stabilised, settled, shh! Why has this got hands? Organic skin, ultimate universal interface, grown and grafted, not born.
It's seeing with its fingers, scanning the room.
But why not just give it eyes? Will you be visiting long? As long as it takes.
What exactly did you do? I just, I came in, and I pressed the door button.
Ah Amy, there are two buttons.
Green anchor, red waterfall.
Which one did you push? I pushed the red waterfall.
Amy? I pressed Red Waterfall, and she wasn't there! So you can't follow her directly.
You know, it's never simple! Hear that, Handbot? She just pressed the wrong button.
We're aliens, we didn't know.
Statement rejected.
Apalapucia is under planet-wide quarantine.
This is a kindness facility for those infected with Chen7.
What? Chen7, hmm? The one day plague.
What, you get it for a day? No, you get it, and you die in a day.
There are 40,000 residents in the Twostreams Facility.
Please remain in the sterile areas.
Visiting hours are now.
Sterile area, I'm safe.
What about me! It only affects two-hearted races like Apalapucians.
And Time Lords.
Yeah, like me.
In that facility, I'm dead in a day.
Time moves faster on Amy's side of the glass.
You said you'd been here a week.
What did you eat? Nothing.
I wasn't hungry.
No, because Red Waterfall time is compressed.
That's the point.
The Time Glass syncs up the timestreams for visits.
You could be here for a day, watch them live out their entire lives.
And watch them grow old in front of your eyes? That's horrible.
No, Rory, it's kind.
You've got a choice.
Sit by their bedside for 24 hours and watch them die, or sit in here for 24 hours and watch them live.
Which would you choose? Doctor?! Doctor, don't leave me! I'm here, Amy.
I'm right here.
Where are you? Am I looking at you? Turn left, just a fraction.
Bit more, stop.
That's it.
Eye to eye? Eye to eye to eye.
Amy, I'm taking the Time Glass back to the TARDIS.
Like satnav, I'll use it to get a lock, then smash through to get you out.
Until then, you're on your own.
What are you doing? Finding Amy.
Minor vandalism, no-one'll mind.
ALARM WAILS Ah, the minor vandalism alarm.
Amy, I need you to go into the facility.
Find somewhere safe and leave me a sign.
You're immune, but don't let them give you anything.
Their kindness will kill you.
Go! Rory.
I love you.
Now, save me.
Go on.
This is locked onto Amy permanently.
Play the signal into the console, the TARDIS'll follow it.
Now then, I know you're in here.
Um erm.
Haha! How do I look? Ridiculous.
Glasses are cool.
See? Oh, yes.
Hello, handsome man.
Oh, hello.
Hello, Rorycam! Huh? Oh, you can see what I see.
We're breaking into Twostreams.
I can't go in, the Chen7'll kill me, no regeneration.
You will be my eyes and ears.
Rescue Amy.
Got it.
That's the spirit! Now, smashing through a timewall could get a bit hairy.
Is it safe? Don't know.
Never tried.
Best hold onto something.
Welcome to The Twostreams Facility.
Erm, who are you and why can't I see you? I am the Interface, between yourself and the systems of the Twostreams Facility.
I will be your guide, your teacher, your friend.
Welcome to Twostreams.
What is your name, please? Amy.
Amy Pond.
Welcome, Amy Pond.
I see you're travelling alone.
As a resident you will now have access to all of the entertainment zones inside.
For a taste of adventure, why not try the mountain zone, and explore Apalapucia's famous Glasmir Mountains.
Or try our roller-coaster zone, authentically modelled on the famous Warpspeed Death Ride at Disneyland, Clom.
All that you could wish for and more is through the Departure Gate, provided for you with kindness.
Unexpected visitor.
Please seek assistance.
Hello? Hey! Oi, wait! You are carrying unregistered bacteria.
Please let me help you.
No, I'm not from this world.
Your medicine'll kill me! Statement rejected.
Do not be alarmed.
This is a kindness.
No, no, please, I hate needles.
Secondary delivery system engaged.
Unauthorised infection on check-in, version 223.
Unauthorised resident detected.
Come on.
This is a kindness.
Do not be alarmed.
This is a kindness.
Unauthorised resident detected.
Unauthorised resident detected.
No, no This is a kindness.
Do not be alarmed.
This is a kindness.
This is a kindness.
Do not be alarmed.
Come on, please No residents detected.
No residents detected.
They didn't see me, they didn't see me.
Red Waterfall! We made it.
Good old us! How do we know that we're in the same Red Waterfall as Amy? Focus on the positive.
We locked onto Amy's timestream.
Eyes front, soldier! Right, yes, sorry.
Apalapucians are the great cultural scavengers, Rory, this gallery's a scrapbook of their favourite places.
Bit of Earth, bit of alien, bit of whatever the hell that is.
Interface? I am here, Amy Pond.
Shhh, shhh.
Turn that light off! So I'm what is this? How does it work? This is the Gate.
From here you may depart to any of Twostreams' entertainment zones.
Garden? Why not? Garden.
It's beautiful.
I mean, freaky hedges.
The perfect replica of a Shill Governor's Mansion on Shallanna.
You really could spend a lifetime in here.
Not that I'm going to.
Interface? Amy Pond? I need somewhere safe to hide and wait for my friends.
Where in Twostreams is safe? Twostreams is a safe, nurturing environment.
You know what I mean.
Where can I go so the Handbots can't find me? Before, I was stood by a sort of vent, and there was light and smoke and the Handbots couldn't see me.
Why not? OK, I'll put it another way.
What were those vent thingies? The vents channel the exhaust fumes from the temporal engines that hold the multiple timestreams in place.
And these temporal engines mess up the Handbots' sensors.
So where's the temporal engines? Temporal engines held within.
OK Do not be alarmed.
This is a kindness.
Ha! Don't like that, do you?! Temporal engines.
Somewhere to hide.
Where is everyone? Right, Rory, switch the Time Glass on and sonic it.
I'll send a command to the screwdriver.
Amy's here somewhere.
If I can just get a lock on her.
I wonder what happens if we mix the filters? And there they are.
Red Waterfall isn't one time stream.
It's thousands.
Are they happy? Oh, Rory.
Trust you to think of that.
I think they're happy to be alive.
Better than the alternative.
I come in peace! Peace, peace, peace, peace! I waited.
Sorry, what? I waited for you.
I waited! Amy.
Doctor, what's going on? Er Amy.
'I think the time stream lock might be a bit wobbly.
' No, please.
Please! Duck.
Handbots carry a black box in case they go offline.
I've changed the cause of termination from hostile to accidental.
'Easy to re-programme.
Using my sonic probe.
' Amy.
Why? I've survived this long by making the Handbots think I don't exist.
Don't touch the hands.
Anaesthetic transfer - if they touch you, you go to sleep.
But you're still here? You didn't save me.
This is the saving! This is the us saving you! The Doctor just got the timing a bit out! I've been on my own here a long, long time.
I've had decades to think nice thoughts about him.
Got a bit harder to stay charitable once I entered decade four.
40 years? Alone? 36 years.
Thanks! No.
Right, I mean you look great.
Eyes front, soldier.
Still can't win then.
In fact, I think I can now definitely say I hate him.
I hate The Doctor.
I hate him more than I've ever hated anyone in my life.
You can hear every word of this through those ridiculous glasses, can't you, Raggedy Man? Ah.
Putting the speaker phone on.
You told me to wait.
And I did.
A lifetime.
Amy You've got nothing to say to me.
Behind you! Feedback.
Knocks them out.
Learned that trick on my first day.
OK, so we just take the Tardis back to the right time stream, yeah? We can stop any of this happening.
We locked on to a time stream, Rory.
This is it.
This is so wrong.
I got old, Rory, what did you think was going to happen? Hey! I don't care that you got old! I care that we didn't grow old together.
Amy, come on, please.
Don't touch me.
Don't do that.
It's like you're not even her.
of solitary confinement.
This facility was built to give people the chance to live.
I walked in here and I died.
Do you have anything to say? Anything, Doctor? Where did you get a sonic screwdriver? I made it.
And it's a sonic probe.
You made a sonic screwdriver? Probe.
Oh! Don't worry about him.
Sit down, Rory.
You named him after me? Needed a bit of company.
So, he's like your Pet.
Is it safe? Yep.
I disarmed it.
How? Oh, you disarmed it.
Oh, don't get sentimental, it's just a robot.
You'd have done the same.
I don't know that I would have.
And there he is - the voice of God.
Cos no-one's going to come for you.
Number one lesson.
You taught me that.
Is that really all I taught you? Don't you lecture me, blue-box man flying through time and space on whimsy.
All I've got - all I've had for So, no, I don't have a sonic screwdriver because I'm not off on a romp.
I call it what it is - a probe.
And I call my life what it is Hell.
Amy Pond, I am going to put this right.
You said you learned from an Interface.
Can I speak with it? Doesn't work in here.
Stay or go? Sorry, me? No, I'm coming with you! Then try not to get killed.
Or do.
When I first came here, I had to trick the Interface into giving me the information, but I've reprogrammed it now.
It'll tell me anything except how to escape.
You hacked it? That's genius! Sorry to interrupt that beautiful moment, but temporal engines have a regulator valve, which has to be kept from the main reactor or there's feedback.
Interface, where's the regulator? The regulator valve is held within.
Ah! Oh, very, very "ah!" Interface, I need to run through some technical specifications.
Rory, give me to Amy a minute.
Here you go.
They look ridiculous.
That's what I told him.
Still, anything beats a fez, eh? What is it? I think that's the first time I've laughed in 36 years.
I'll just, um, leave you two geniuses alone.
I'll be back in a minute.
There's still time, Amy.
There's still time to fix everything.
How can you have a door without a wall? Oh! Holographic wallpaper? Oh, sorry.
Argh! Do not be alarmed.
This is a kindness.
Rory? Glasses.
You stupid Oh! You saved me.
Don't get used to it.
Have you been crying? A little bit? Shut up, Rory.
You have, haven't you? Woman with a sword.
Don't push it.
OK, so here's the plan.
Time is always a bit wibbly-wobbly, but in Twostreams it's extra wubbly.
I've worked out how to hijack the temporal engines and then fold two points of Amy's timeline together.
We're bringing her out of the then and into the now! Amy, I just need to borrow your brain a minute, it won't hurt, probably - almost probably and then, Amy Pond, I'm going to save you.
No! Time's up, Handbots coming.
Amy, you've got to help us help you.
I need you to think back Amy!? You told her to leave us a sign.
And she did.
And she waited.
Oh, Amy.
Why won't you help yourself? He wants to rescue Past Me from 36 years back, which means I'll cease to exist.
Everything I've seen and done dissolves, time is rewritten.
That's That's good, isn't it? I will die.
Another Amy will take my place, an Amy who never got trapped at Twostreams, who grew old with you, and she, in 36 years, won't be me.
But you'll die in here.
Not if you take me with you.
You came to rescue me, so rescue me.
Leave her and take you? We could take this Amy with us, easy, but if we do, our Amy has to wait 36 years to be rescued.
So I have to choose - which wife do I want? She is me.
We're both me.
You being here is wrong.
For a single day, an hour, let alone a lifetime.
I swore to protect you I promised.
Rory This is your fault.
I'm so sorry, but Rory No! This is your fault! You should look in a history book once in a while, see if there's an outbreak of plague or not.
That is not how I travel.
Then I do not want to travel with you! Rory, is the time glass still on? If the link's still active, I think I can hear Amy.
Our Amy.
Oh, Amy.
Look me in the face and say you won't help her.
I will not help her.
Look me in the face and say it now.
Rory? Rory is that you? Rory, where are you? Same place as you - and a bit ahead.
I remember this.
But who's she? There's no-one else here, but me.
Why are we still here!? Because they leave you.
Because they get in their TARDIS and they fly away.
No, Rory wouldn't, not ever.
Something must have stopped him.
You did.
Or rather, the old version of you.
The Me version of you.
I refuse to help them.
I won't let them save myself.
Why? If you escape, then I was never trapped here, the last 36 years of my life rewrites, and I cease to exist.
That's why Old Me refused to help then that's why I'm refusing to help now and that's why you'll refuse to help when it's your turn.
Nothing you can say will change that.
Three words.
What about Rory? Rory? I I called my robot Rory.
You called your robot Rory? You didn't call it The Doctor, or Biggles, our favourite cat? Do you, um Remember that summer when he came back to school with that ridiculous haircut? He said he'd been in a rock band.
And then he had to learn to play the guitar.
So we wouldn't know he couldn't play it.
All those boys chasing me.
But it was only ever Rory.
Why was that? You know when sometimes you meet someone so beautiful, and then you actually talk to them, and five minutes later they're as dull as a brick? Then there's other people, and you meet them and think, "Not bad, they're OK.
" And then you get to know them and their face just sort of becomes them.
Like their personality's written all over it.
And they just turn into something so beautiful? Rory's the most beautiful man I've ever met.
Do it for him.
You're asking me to defy destiny, causality, the nexus of time itself, for a boy? You're Amy he's Rory and oh, yes, I am.
I'm going to pull time apart for you.
OK, Doctor, Twostreams is back on air.
Right, OK, so this is big news, this is temporal earthquake time.
I am now officially changing my own future.
Hold on to your spectacles.
In my past, I saw my future self refuse to help you.
I'm changing that future and agreeing.
Every law of time says it's impossible.
Yes, except sometimes knowing your own future enables you to change it, especially if you're bloody minded, contradictory and completely unpredictable.
So, basically, if you're Amy, then? Yes, if anyone could defeat pre-destiny, it's your wife.
It's not about what I'm doing, but who I'm doing it for.
I'm trusting you to watch my back, Rory.
You and me, always.
Cos here's the deal you take me too in the TARDIS.
Me too.
But that means that there'll be two of you, permanently, forever.
And that way we both get to live.
Two Amys together.
Can that work? I don't know, it's your marriage.
Doctor! Perhaps, maybe, if I shunted the reality compensators on the TARDIS, re-calibrated the doomsday bumpers and jettisoned the karaoke bar, yes, maybe, yes.
It could do it.
The TARDIS could sustain the paradox.
Amy and Amy.
The wife and the wife, right.
OK, Amy - Past Amy - stand by the door.
Future Amy, you too.
Future Amy, can I borrow your sonic scr probe.
It's a screwdriver! Rory, sonic it, double our power.
Amy Now, you're our link to Amy Then.
We need to get a signal through.
That signal will be a thought.
Amy Now and Amy Then, share a thought.
Something so powerful that it can rip through time.
Rory, Sonic the plinth front.
Inside are three levers and some wiring.
That's the regulator valve.
After we've rebooted, you have ten minutes to get back to the TARDIS.
Pull out the red and green receptors, re-route blue into red and green into blue.
Leave red loose and on no account touch anything yellow.
Come on, Rory.
It's hardly rocket science.
It's just quantum physics.
Yes, right.
Blue into red Throw the levers in order! Amys, start thinking the most important thought you've ever had.
Hold it in your head and do not let it go! Lever one.
Macarena, Macarena.
She's doing The Macarena.
Our first kiss.
Lever two, Rory.
Lever three.
Oh, Amy.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
Hello! Sorry Hello.
Hello! I don't know what to Weird.
OK, this is weird.
Right, just stop doing that.
How about Amy one speaks first? Which one's Amy one? Well I am.
No, I am! Rory! Rory, just stop doing that! Ah! Oh.
Rory, take the glasses off.
You're getting temporal feedback.
Whoa! Calm down, dear! Rory, Amy, we've created a massive paradox and the TARDIS hates it.
She's self-phasing, trying to get out.
What's nasty Amy done to you? Just calm down, dear.
Hang on in there.
Rory, you've got eight minutes left.
I'm sorry, you're on your own now.
I'm not on my own.
I've got my wives.
Do not be alarmed Incoming! .
this is a kindness.
With me.
Do not be alarmed, this is a kindness.
This is a kindness.
Amy, Kate Hayler, year ten hockey.
Go for the shins! This is a kindness.
Duck! They're cutting off the Departure Gate.
We can't get back to the TARDIS.
Side door.
We'll go behind them.
Think you're coming with us, just like that? Yeah, just like that.
Rory, talk to her! Rory! Talk to her! Now, ladies Where are you going to live? Not with you, don't worry.
I'll go travelling.
Pop back for Christmas, maybe Easter.
Amy, you always say, cooking Christmas dinner, you wish there was two of you.
Can't we just teleport in? It's not a teleport, it's a time jump.
They can't shunt within the same timestream.
The TARDIS is in the Gallery.
Gallery closed.
Controls are stuck.
They've locked them from outside.
Can you unlock them? Yeah, give me a minute and your cutest smile.
That's the one.
Can you stop flirting with me! You're old enough to be I've known you my whole life.
How many games of Doctors And Nurses? Ssh! Don't get coy now.
Do not be alarmed.
This is a kindness.
Do not be alarmed.
This is a kindness.
Do not be alarmed.
This is a kindness.
No! Ah! Come on! Go! I've got your back! Do not be alarmed.
This is a kindness.
No! Ah, it's just an anaesthetic.
She'll be fine.
I'm sorry.
What are you doing? I lied to her, Rory.
Doctor? Let me in! There can't be two Amys in the TARDIS.
The paradox is too massive.
She'll die! Doctor! Let me in! No, she'll never have existed.
When we save our Amy, this future won't have happened.
But she's there! Doctor! I trusted you! No, she's not real.
She is real.
Let her in! We take this Amy, we leave ours.
Only one Amy in the TARDIS.
Which one do you want? It's your choice.
This isn't fair.
You're turning me into you.
Your choice, Rory.
I, er.
Doctor? Doctor! Doctor? Doctor! Rory? Please.
The look on your face when you carried her.
When you carried her away, you used to look at me like that.
I'd forgotten how much you loved me.
I'd forgotten how much I loved being her.
Amy Pond, in the TARDIS.
With Rory Williams.
I'm sorry, I can't do this.
If you love me, don't let me in.
Open that door, I will, I'll come in.
I don't want to die.
I won't bow out bravely.
I'll be kicking and screaming, fighting.
To the end.
Oh, Amy.
Amy, I love you.
I love you too.
Don't let me in.
Tell Amy, your Amy, I'm giving her the days.
The days with you.
The days to come.
I'm so, so sorry.
The days I can't have.
Take them, please.
I'm giving you my days.
I'm so, so sorry.
Do not be alarmed.
This is a kindness.
Do not be alarmed.
This is a kindness.
Interface? I am here, Amy Pond.
Show me Earth.
Show me home.
Did I ever tell you about this boy I met there? Who pretended to be in a band? Did you always know it would never work? Saving both Amys? I promised you I'd save her and there she is.
There she is.
I'll leave you two alone.
You all right? Mm-hm.
How you feeling? Where is she? The rooms have things in them.
Ah! There's a room here for everyone, Doctor.
Even you.
We're going to catch ourselves a monster.
Here comes the candle to light you to bed.
'Here comes a chopper to chop off your head.
' Chop.