Doctor Who s07e81 Episode Script

Special: The Women Of Doctor Who

- I just want a mate.
You just want.
To mate?! I just want a mate.
The women of the Who Universe are all strong, opinionated, and independent.
They're all different kinds of people.
- Sometimes they're good guys.
- Hello, Dad.
- Sometimes they're bad guys.
- Bravo.
- Sometimes they're companions.
- I can come? - They've been a friend.
- Hello.
They've been an admirer.
- You better come running, got it? - Got it.
- They've been a lover.
- Shut up.
They're well-rounded and they're loving and loyal.
Try me.
There's always something unique and special about each one of them.
They tend to be proper characters.
Pretty adventurous, pretty bold, pretty brave.
- They're never drips.
- That was two years ago! Every woman who encounters the Doctor is in love with him in a different way.
It's like there are as many different types of love, as there are women who encounter the Doctor.
That is the one thing that the Doctor never has control over, right.
The ladies in his life.
I'll soon fix that.
Back in the day, the Doctor Who female.
Person who was with him was called an assistant.
These days, they're called a companion.
I think they are different.
I think they're much more involved in the action.
All the companions get a sniff of what the Doctor's up to.
And they're like.
"I'm in.
" Take me.
"Let's do this".
I think you've got to have some real gumption.
To be a companion of the Doctor.
When the Doctor was reinvented and re-branded for a new generation, it was.
"Well who's going to be the companion?" I think Rose Tyler was.
Kind of the perfect casting choice.
She was gorgeous.
Uh, smart, funny, feisty.
She's like a working-class shop girl.
She has a very average life.
And then she meets the Doctor, and he sees something in her.
Wiser than like, the neighbourhood she comes from.
I thought it was a warning.
Maybe it's the opposite.
Maybe it's a message.
The same words, written down now and 200,000 years in the future.
It's a link between me and the Doctor! Bad wolf here.
Bad wolf there.
But if it's a message, what's it saying? It's me I can get back! I really thought she was just kind of this ditzy shop girl you know, blonde.
You know, was hot in high school, then really didn't go on to do anything much after that.
And then turns out to be one of the most bad-assed Who girls of all time.
I'm not into blondes, either.
She's a wonderfully refreshing heroine.
That sets the standard for heroines in other Sci-Fi series.
I think what she said and what she did.
Almost came second to the fact that she was incredibly hot.
I don't know.
Find a planet, get a job.
You live a life, same as the rest of the Universe.
I'd have to settle down.
Get a house or something, a proper.
She was an extraordinary uh.
Open, receptive character.
I think she was in love with the Doctor long before she ever realised she.
She had that affection for him.
- No.
- Oh, yes.
I'm dying, that's it.
I am dying, it is all over.
What about me? I'd have to get one, too.
I don't know, could.
Could be the same one, we could both.
I don't know, share.
Or not, whatever.
- I don't know, all sorts of.
- Anyway.
We'll see.
It was about Doctor and Rose.
It wasn't Doctor Who, it was.
Doctor and Rose, like Lois and Clark.
As a fan of the old show.
I didn't like the idea of him having a romance.
Um, because.
He doesn't see us in that way.
He's a different species.
But I guess we found out a little bit about him.
When he started falling for Rose.
I think in spite of himself, too.
I don't think he wanted to.
Am I ever going to see you again? You can't.
What are you going to do? Oh, I've got the TARDIS.
Because I've watched Doctor Who for almost 50 years.
I'm not used to this raw.
Human emotion that's coming out in the modern versions of the drama.
I love you.
Quite right, too.
And I suppose.
If it's my last chance to say it.
Rose Tyler.
Come on! Dog the Bounty Hunter would've sobbed.
He was gonna say it! He was gonna say it and then he lost the connection! Like, that's the worst kind of dropped call ever! Poor Rose.
I mean, he couldn't say it.
If he said it, it would have been too much.
I think that's the perfect way to end that episode.
The whole debate is, was he going to say.
"I love you".
Or was he going to say something clever? He might have said.
"Rose Tyler, I love you".
He might have said uh.
"Rose Tyler".
"You are essentially an ant to me".
"And um, I can't".
"There's nothing that's going to happen here".
He didn't say it.
He had plenty of time to say it, if you remember, but he didn't quite say it.
The next companion after Rose was Martha Jones.
And Martha Jones was confident and bad-ass.
And was studying to be a Doctor.
She fancied the Doctor, and was always trying to turn him into some kind of boyfriend.
All on your own? Well, sometimes I have.
I mean, some friends, traveling alongside me.
I had.
It was recently.
Friend of mine.
Rose, her name was.
We were together.
Where is she now? With her family, happy.
She's fine, she's.
Not that you're replacing her! It's pretty clear, like.
"I've just come out of a relationship.
And I'm really not ready to see anyone right now".
That's not what he says, but that's kind of what he's saying which is smart.
I think, as fans.
We would have been bummed if it would have been that easy to be like.
"Oh, who's the lady du jour today?" - Tight suit.
- Now, don't.
And then travel all the way across the Universe just to ask me on a date.
Stop it.
For the record.
I'm not remotely interested.
I only go for humans.
Martha is the rebound companion, and I feel bad for Martha.
The rebound companion.
I love that.
Martha never really had a chance.
He was still all Rosed up.
Am I ever going to see you again? Martha was cool.
Martha knew what she was getting into.
At first she's just kind of a big admirer of his.
But as time goes on and as she.
Lives the tough life of the TARDIS.
She gets stronger and she gets more powerful.
And she gets more and more of a bad-ass.
I love the moment when Martha Jones, just turns to the Doctor and says.
"I'm not staying".
"I'm not going to waste my time waiting for a man".
So good on her! Girl power! The thing is it's like my friend Vicky.
She lived with this bloke, Student Housing and the five of them all packed in, and this bloke was called Shaun.
And she loved him.
She did, she completely adored him.
Spent all day long talking about him.
Is this going anywhere? Yes! Because he never looked at her twice.
I mean, he liked her, but that was it.
And she wasted years pining after him, years of her life.
Because while he was around, she never looked at anyone else.
And I told her, I always said to her time and time again, I said.
"Get out".
So this is me.
Getting out.
Keep that.
Because I'm not having you disappear.
If that rings.
That rings you'd better come running, you got it? Got it.
She gives up traveling the Universe.
Because she wants to save her heart, which is incredible! I think Martha did the right thing leaving because, she was never going to get what she wanted from him.
And so, being the strong woman she was, she said.
"I can find better than you".
And she found Mickey.
Yvonne Hartman don't give a crap.
Exactly as the legends would have it.
River Song is basically the female Indiana Jones.
I'm your daughter.
It's very emotional.
Hello, Doctor.
I think all the women that are involved with the Doctor, have very strong personalities.
I think none of them are pushovers.
I think they all represent quite modern aspects of being a woman.
And I think he likes a challenge.
One of the characters that absolutely stands out for me in Doctor Who, was in Russell's very brilliant Army of Ghosts and Doomsday.
There was Yvonne Hartman, who at that point runs Torchwood.
Yvonne Hartman was a great character to play.
Because she was neither a victim nor a villain.
You're not.
One isn't quite sure how to place her.
She's kind of that business minded lady.
Of the 1980s.
Where it's all about just you know, becoming the most powerful.
I always remember Russell T.
Davies, who wrote those episodes.
Calling me up and saying.
"When you're approaching Yvonne".
"I want you to think of a woman that has amazing interactive skills".
"She has charm, but she has absolute steely determination to get what she wants".
To Torchwood.
That's a Jathaa Sun Glider.
Came down to Earth off the Shetland Islands 10 years ago.
- What, did it crash? - No, we shot it down.
It violated our airspace.
Then we stripped it bare.
Yvonne had charm oozing out of every pore.
But she wouldn't hesitate to shoot you in the back of the neck.
To get what she wanted in a heartbeat.
The Torchwood Institute has a motto.
"If it's alien, it's ours".
Anything that comes from the sky, we strip it down and we use it.
For the good of the British Empire.
For the good of the what? The British Empire.
There isn't a British Empire.
Not yet.
She's so focused on being the most powerful nation that she forgets that it's actually going to mess things up for all of humanity.
Yvonne Hartman don't give a crap.
You know, she just knows what she wants, she knows what she thinks is right.
She's gonna freaking do it.
Cancel it.
- I don't think so.
- I'm warning you, cancel it! Oh, exactly as the legends would have it.
The Doctor, lording it over us, assuming alien authority over the rights of man.
She seems to think that she knows more than the Doctor and.
This eventually leads to a Void opening and the Earth being attacked simultaneously by Cybermen and Daleks.
You just kind of want to shake her on the shoulders and be like.
"Listen to the Doctor".
"He makes everything okay.
Just listen to him".
And she refuses.
And then she becomes a Cyberman.
Just one.
We will retreat through the breach, regain the home world.
You will not pass.
What is the meaning of this? - You will not.
- She becomes a Cyberman.
And then realizes what she's done and starts taking out all the other Cybermen.
While crying those black tears, like she's a goth girl.
I did my duty for Queen and country.
She acts autonomously and independently, and manages to save the entire world.
And has one oily tear that runs down her face.
I think it's very.
Funny but sad and beautiful.
And she's just crying oily tears of like.
"I did this for my country".
That is how much she loves Planet Earth.
Somehow her.
Her best self comes out when.
Her soul's been taken away.
That says a lot about her.
I still get young children on the street actually asking me how I managed to overturn my Cyber-training.
Idris is one of my favourite ladies that crosses the Doctor's path.
Because she's never been a person before.
She's always just been the soul of the TARDIS.
Now, you'd think the TARDIS, which is 700-years old.
If it was to become flesh, it would actually be a bloke.
A man, in a boiler suit, covered in tar.
Covered in kind of the muck of machinery.
But no.
Basically, the personality of the TARDIS got transferred into a kind of hot, scruffy, Helena Bonham-Carter type woman.
I'm alive.
I was very happy when the TARDIS turned out to have such an elegant, demure voice and personality.
You know, how the TARDIS sounded like a London taxi driver.
"I'm not going to Metebelis, no.
I'm not going there at that time".
You really realise how alive the TARDIS is, because he always goes, like.
"She's alive".
But when you see a person be alive, it's easier to understand than like a.
Telephone booth with infinite rooms.
You never read the instructions.
I always read the instructions! There's a sign on my front door.
You have been walking past it for 700 years.
- What does it say? - That's not instructions! The relationship between the Doctor and Idris, who was the TARDIS is.
Kind of interesting, because it is a love story, but it's not.
It goes past anything sort of physical.
It's a love story that is, like, just, they're bonded throughout time.
You are not my Mother.
And you are not my child.
You know, since we're talking with mouths, not really an opportunity that comes along very often, I just want to say.
You know, you have never been very reliable! And you have? You didn't always take me where I wanted to go.
No, but I always took you where you needed to go.
You did.
Look at us, talking! Wouldn't it be amazing if we could always talk, even when you're stuck inside the box? You know I'm not constructed that way.
I exist across all space and time.
And you talk and run around and bring home strays.
I do really feel like they're soul mates.
Uh, they're best friends, they're siblings, they're family.
They can't live without each other.
You can't have one without the other.
In the top three saddest moments of Doctor Who.
Was when the TARDIS had to go back to being a TARDIS.
She just wanted to say.
I'm alive.
Alive isn't sad.
It's sad when it's over.
I'll always be here.
But this is when we talked.
And now even that has come to an end.
There's something I didn't get to say to you.
I just wanted to say.
Hello, Doctor.
It's so very, very nice to meet you.
I don't want you to.
It's very emotional.
When she says.
"There's something I've".
Oh, God, I can't even say it.
"There's something I've always wanted to say to you".
And uh.
And he assumes it's goodbye.
And it's the opposite.
They've spent so many years together, she just never got to say.
But, you know, they're still going to be together throughout time.
I was worried when I heard about what the episode was going to be.
That it would get it wrong and it would annoy me, because that's not the way I would envision such a thing.
And it's not what I would envision.
It's better.
It's like a buddy cop movie across the Universe.
You're just a long streak of nothing.
Amy Pond is a groupie.
But you're human! The Doctor has very firm views on who can go on board the TARDIS.
And it's pretty clear what they have to be.
They have to be, obviously, brave, and they have to be clever.
He's bored by stupid people, and a coward wouldn't last two minutes in there.
I hated Donna Noble when I first met her.
This obnoxious redheaded woman, and Donna turned out to be.
One of the best companions, if not the best companion, of the reboot.
She won't take any of his usual shtick.
And she can give as good as he can get it.
So the relationship's more fun to watch.
It was like a buddy cop movie where they're going across the Universe.
It was different from the other companions.
And you get this scene where they're both kind of stuck.
She's great at Vaudeville, and that's what this moment is.
It's classic comedy.
They have such strong.
Comedy backgrounds.
I think the chemistry between those two.
Was probably my favourite.
We interrupting you? I love the way that Donna would always go like that, shake her fist.
She was more challenging, I think, for the Doctor.
And that was a great opportunity to write some.
Very sparkling and very, very funny stuff.
The scene where they have the confusion about, you know.
"I want to mate, I want a mate".
Uh, is fantastic.
I just want a mate.
You just want.
To mate?! I just want a mate.
You're not mating with me, sunshine! A mate, I want a mate! Well, just as well, because I'm not having any of that nonsense.
I mean, you're just a long streak of nothing.
You know, alien nothing.
There we are, then.
I think the pair of them together were pretty amazing.
It proves that you don't need to have romantic tension to have.
A male and a female character.
Uh, with a dynamic relationship.
Oh, it's just.
- Car keys! - What? I've still got my Mum's car keys.
I won't be a minute! Donna's end as a companion.
Broke my house.
My wife and I were just.
Basically becomes a Time Lord herself but.
Because she's physically human, she can't handle it and her brain's going to burn.
And the Doctor has to wipe her memory of everything they've done together.
Don't make me go back.
Doctor, please.
Please don't make me go back.
Oh, Donna Noble, I am so sorry.
But we had the best of times.
The best.
- Goodbye.
- No.
No, no, please.
Please, no, no, no! No! She was a receptionist.
All she ever wanted was to have adventures and have an interesting life.
And she got that, and she'll never know.
On many occasions, he says.
"I ruin people's lives".
He does.
He takes them on these amazing journeys, but they always suffer, they always pay the price at the end.
She does get a lottery ticket in the end, which I guess is cool.
But can it buy you know, a trip to.
You know.
Some distant world? No.
The episode where Sarah Jane came back into Doctor Who was.
Was a very emotional moment for me, because I remember Sarah so well.
She was part of Doctor Who legend.
I think it was around about her time.
When you heard less of the term "assistant".
And it went more to "companion".
She was really a different kind of companion.
She was a reporter, she was hard-nosed, she actually.
She could do stuff.
She and the Doctor had a chemistry.
In the '70s.
That the show had not seen before, or since.
I mean, she's generally thought of as the best companion ever.
When Sarah Jane Smith came back.
I think for me that was probably.
The most emotional Doctor Who moment.
That I have ever seen.
Hello, Sarah Jane.
It's you.
Doctor? Oh my God, it's you, isn't it? You've regenerated.
Half a dozen times since we last met.
You look.
So do you.
I got old.
That moment when she sees.
David's Doctor and recognizes him and knows him for who he is.
With all those years of history between them.
Was a pretty amazing bit of television history.
I thought you'd died.
I waited for you, you didn't come back, and I thought you must have died.
I lived.
Everyone else died.
What do you mean? Everyone died, Sarah.
I can't believe it's you.
I thought it was brilliantly done, brilliantly made, brilliantly written.
I was like.
"How incredible is this?" Because she has a completely different regeneration of the Doctor, first off, but she still knew it was him.
And what is lovely about their bond, it's not a kind of sexual magnetism.
It's a genuine, eternal, loving bond.
Sarah Jane and Rose come face to face.
And Rose realizes that Sarah Jane was kind of.
One of his first companions, and Rose is just one in a long line.
I always sort of wanted Sarah Jane and Rose to sort of be friends instantly, but of course not.
Rose, can I give you a bit of advice? I've got a feeling you're about to.
I know how intense a relationship with the Doctor can be, and I don't want you to feel I'm intruding.
I don't feel threatened by you, if that's what you mean.
Right, good, because I'm not interested in picking up where we left off.
No? With the big sad eyes and the robot dog? What else were you doing last night? We've got the older, smart woman, and we've got the younger like.
Super-hot kind of also smart woman, facing off against each other.
There was definitely some tension.
I had no problem with space stuff.
I saw things you wouldn't believe.
Try me.
- Mummies.
- I've met ghosts.
- Robots, lots of robots.
- Slitheen in Downing Street.
- Daleks! - Met the Emperor.
- Anti-matter monsters.
- Gas-mask zombies.
- Real living dinosaurs.
- Real living werewolf! The Loch Ness Monster! Seriously? Oh.
Listen to us.
It's like me and my mate Shareen.
The only time we fell out was over a man and.
We're arguing over the Doctor.
It was great, because you would imagine that would happen.
Who's seen the most, who's done the most, who's been there the most, and I.
Who was more important to the Doctor? Till there's this moment where they realise they're united in how special they are.
For having had those experiences, and they start.
Laughing quite madly.
Once they're past that territorial stage.
They do then become.
They become great friends.
And I thought.
"All right, that's good, that's how I wanted it to be, good".
"Glad we got there".
River Song is better at operating the TARDIS than the Doctor is.
I just landed her.
She's unpredictable.
Moisturize me.
I think that Doctor Who's one of the very few programs.
That writes brilliantly, gives excellent parts for the female.
They're not just screaming women, they're not just like they used to be.
It's not a cliché, it's not sexist any more at all.
Um, in fact.
The parts for the women are better than the parts for men a lot of the time.
River Song is.
I think she's unpredictable, and you don't know what she's going to do next.
And the fact she's a murderer.
And the fact she's good but bad.
You always.
I like a character like that.
River Song is basically the female Indiana Jones.
She is so awesome and bad-ass.
She's smart.
She's human.
But not quite.
And she doesn't let him get away with anything.
Was his wife when he met her.
They're the blue stabilizers! See? Yeah, well, it's just boring now, isn't it? They're boring-ers.
They're blue.
Doctor, how come she can fly the TARDIS? You call that flying the TARDIS? River Song is better at operating the TARDIS than the Doctor is.
And for the first time, you see the Doctor actually being quite put out by that.
Charted the ship to its destination, and.
Parked us right alongside.
Parked us? You haven't landed.
Of course we've landed.
I just landed her.
It didn't make the noise.
What noise? You know, the.
It's not supposed to make that noise.
You leave the brakes on.
Well, it's a brilliant noise.
I love that noise.
I like that the classic noise that we all associate with the TARDIS.
The fact that my ring tone is is that noise.
It turns out that it's a mistake.
I imagine that that was just a nice little Steven Moffat gem.
For people who have watched the show for so long.
What's great about River is that she's this mysterious character.
And generally when the mystery is taken away from a character.
They become less interesting.
River becomes more interesting.
A lovely twist is when River Song's about to be shot by Amy Pond.
And suddenly River Song says.
"I'm doing this because I am your daughter".
And there's this wonderful moment of recognition.
No, I still can't read it.
It's because it's Gallifreyan and doesn't translate.
But this will.
It's your daughter's name in the language of the forest.
I know my daughter's name.
Except they don't have a word for "pond".
Because the only water in the forest is the river.
The Doctor will find your daughter.
And he will care for her, whatever it takes.
And I know that.
It's me.
I'm Melody.
I'm your daughter.
That reveal.
Was another Moffat moment.
That I got at the exact instant he wanted.
Holy crap, this whole time? Really? The whole time? Once you see it, you're like.
"Of course!" "Like, Melody-Song, Pond-River".
And you feel like such an idiot.
It was a good little surprise there.
Steven Moffat.
It makes perfect sense now.
Makes perfect sense.
The Lady Cassandra is the last human, self-described.
At this point, she doesn't look anything like a human.
She's had so many plastic surgeries that she's literally just a sheet of skin.
With eyes.
And a mouth.
And nose holes.
Because she had her chin removed.
Because she said it made her look fat.
She's not unlike women I've met.
I lived in Hollywood for eight years.
There's this wonderful scene where all these dignitaries from around the Universe.
Are coming together, they're converging to see the death of Planet Earth.
And then they wheel out a tarp of skin named Lady Cassandra.
The last human to ever be alive.
The Lady Cassandra O'Brien Dot-Delta-17.
Oh, now, don't stare.
I know, I know, it's shocking, isn't it? I've had my chin completely taken away, and look at the difference.
Look how thin I am! Thin and dainty! I don't look a day over 2,000.
Moisturize me, moisturize me.
Truly, I am the last human.
My Father was a Texan, my Mother was.
She has been stretched so far.
That she is literally like a pinned.
Piece of leather.
Drying out.
You know what, they sometimes bring up the concept.
"If you were the last woman on Earth".
Even if she was the last human on Earth.
I don't know what I would be able to do with her.
No tears.
I'm sorry.
And she arrives with all these medical staff, who have to spray her and keep her moist.
If someone's not there to spray water on her, she dries up and cracks and explodes into, like, dust particles.
Which is disgusting.
Moisturize me.
She's really, really proud of being the last human, and sort of raises all these issues about what it actually means to be human.
There is something, in a good science-fiction quirk.
Of like.
You know the last human in the Universe.
And she's just not human any more, right? And she's rendered inhuman physically.
But also because she's a villain, she's a horrible thing.
Lady Cassandra tries to basically.
Destroy the platform and all the inhabitants in it.
And because of her bad move.
The Doctor just lets her dry out.
No Dove Moisturizer for her.
And then she starts drying out so much that she just explodes.
Pretty gruesomely, too.
People have died, Cassandra.
You murdered them.
It depends on your definition of "people".
And that's enough of a technicality to keep your lawyers dizzy for centuries.
Take me to court, then, Doctor.
And watch me smile.
And cry and flutter.
And creak? And what? Creak.
You're creaking.
What? Aah.
I'm drying out! Oh, sweet heavens, moisturize me, moisturize me! Where are my surgeons, my lovely boys? It's too hot! You raised the temperature.
Have pity! Moisturize me! Oh, Doctor.
Doctor, I'll do anything.
Help her.
Everything has its time and everything dies.
I am.
Young! And I love how the Doctor's so callous with her, when Rose is like.
"Aren't you going to save her?" And he's just like.
"Everything has an end".
Poof, aah, bits of liver flying out.
Eccleston, as the Doctor, just kills her.
You know? Like, he doesn't have any problem with saying this is justice, she has to die for being a bad guy.
The way that he deals with her.
Versus the way that the tenth Doctor will later deal with her.
Really kind of speaks volumes about the difference between the two of them.
They just create fully-grown human beings out of tissue samples.
Hello, Dad.
You just get the sense that you shouldn't mess with her.
That was two years ago! The thing that I think is great about Doctor Who is that, over the years.
The women have always been really smart.
You know, they've never been.
Horrible depictions of femininity.
They've always been really strong.
In this two-part episode, Human Nature and The Family of Blood.
Uh, the Doctor has to take on human form and not realise that he's the Doctor.
And of course, he falls in love with this incredible woman called Joan Redfern.
Joan, lovely Joan.
What I like about her, she's just a very normal lady, and someone who's quite sensitive.
- Joan.
- Joan? - That's my name.
- Well, obviously.
Everything has to be done in the right way.
She doesn't want to be seen to be being.
I think she's so sympathetic and she's so beautiful.
There's so much humanity to that portrayal.
Joan is a perfect woman for him.
If he's not a Time Lord.
Unfortunately, he is.
Truth be told, when it's just you and me I'd.
I'd much rather you called me Nurse Redfern.
Matron sounds rather, well, matronly.
Nurse Redfern it is, then.
Though we've known each other all of two months, you could even say Joan.
- Joan? - That's my name.
Well, obviously.
The cool thing about when the Doctor was with Joan.
Is that he was just completely human.
And we finally get to see what the Doctor would be like.
If he wasn't a.
Charming, all-knowing.
All-adventure-all-the-time kind of guy.
And it turns out he's just a bumbling nerd.
I should imagine that you'd be.
I mean.
I mean, I never thought you'd be one for.
I mean, there's no reason why shouldn't.
If you do.
You may not.
Um, I probably won't, but even if I did, then I couldn't.
Um, I mean, I wouldn't want to.
- The stairs.
- What about the stairs? They're right behind you.
Without the Time Lord knowledge.
Our Doctor is very.
And Joan Redfern.
Kind of coaxes it out of him.
And you can see that for the first time.
The Doctor is falling in love as a human being.
And he falls in love with her.
But when the Doctor became the Doctor again.
Joan was like.
"I don't want any of that".
Because it wasn't the same person.
I can't.
- Please come with me.
- I can't.
Why not? John Smith is dead, and you look like him.
But he's here.
If you look in my eyes.
Answer me this.
Just one question.
That's all.
If the Doctor had never visited us, if he'd.
Never chosen this place.
On a whim.
Would anybody here have died? Why can't she come with him? Oh, because she doesn't want to marry an alien being.
She wants this nice teacher guy.
All right.
Yeah, you can't have everything.
Sorry, Mr.
She decides not to go with him.
Because she liked the man.
Who he was before.
She says no.
She's like.
"Because you're not the guy I fell in love with".
"You are someone who selfishly landed here and got people killed ".
"And that is not the man I fell in love with".
Uh, so once again, we have a woman refusing the Doctor, which is very rare.
The Doctor's daughter is Jenny.
And she pops up almost literally out of nowhere.
The Doctor shows up on this planet and they take a tissue sample.
And suddenly there she is, full-grown.
- What's going on? - Leave him alone! They stick his hand in this weird, uh, I don't know, contraption.
And while he's going through it, he's explaining to us that.
"Oh, it's taking a tissue sample".
Ow, ow, ow, and extrapolating it.
Some kind of accelerator? Are you all right? I don't know.
- That's.
- And then all of a sudden, this, like.
Gorgeous 16-year-old girl walks out of this.
And he's like.
"Oh, that's my daughter".
Arm yourself.
Where did she come from? From me.
From you? How? - Who is she? - Well, she's.
She's my daughter.
Hello, Dad.
They just create fully-grown human beings.
Out of tissue samples from other people.
Which is weird.
Now he's a Father, which is a great way to have a kid.
All those years he didn't have to not sleep because the kid was up crying.
Or having to go to school because of chicken pox.
Hello, Dad.
In the same way that Jenny came out of nowhere.
At the end of the episode, she kind of awesomely goes into nowhere.
It's very sad that the Doctor gets a clone and so then there's another Time Lord and you think about the potential for adventures and everything that he could have taught her and shown her.
And then it's snatched away so quickly.
Jenny, be strong now.
You need to hold on, do you hear me? We've got things to do, you and me, eh? Eh? We can go anywhere.
You choose.
It sounds good.
In kind of a real-life Doctor Who episode.
Uh, Georgia Moffett, who plays Jenny, is the daughter of Peter Davison.
Who's the fifth Doctor, and she is the wife of David Tennant.
Who is the tenth Doctor.
Uh, so it's this kind of amazing meeting of real life and the fiction of Doctor Who.
There's so much weird sort of Doctor Who looping going on with that.
That it's.
He married his own daughter.
He married his own daughter.
But I'm fine with it.
It is all wrapped up in timey-wimey in real life.
Yeah, I.
It's, it's a conundrum.
Amy Pond was super-sexy and feisty.
She states what she wants and goes for it.
I really wasn't suggesting anything quite so.
I think what the show does a really great job of is not.
Having the women just sort of be these passive accessories to the male lead of the show.
They're always very strong women in their own way.
Amy Pond was the first companion since Rose.
To just be, like, super-sexy and hot.
And feisty and crazy.
I love the fact that she's got this edge to her that's really, like, kick-arse.
Like, she's really.
Like, you just get the sense that you shouldn't mess with her.
Amy's interesting because she's the first companion we meet as a child.
He showed up when she was a kid, said.
"Oh, come with me".
She said.
And then he ditched her for 12 years.
And then ditched her again for two years.
All that stuff that happened, the hospital, the spaceships, prisoner zero.
Oh, don't worry, that's just the beginning.
There's loads more.
Yeah, but those things, those amazing things, all that stuff.
That was two years ago! Oh.
- Oops.
- Yeah! - So that's.
- 14 years! 14 years since fish custard.
Amy Pond, the girl who waited.
You've waited long enough.
When I was a kid, you said there was a swimming pool.
She's been waiting all her life for him.
And so when finally the opportunity comes up.
She jumps at it, and then waits another two years, and jumps at it again.
There's something weird about her that she wants to stick with that guy.
The previous companions for the Doctor have been a lover, they've been a friend, they've been an admirer.
And Amy Pond is a groupie.
She's a fan.
She's been a fan of the Doctor since she was a kid.
And people have thought she's crazy for her whole adult life.
Because she keeps talking about this guy who's clearly a made-up imaginary friend.
That's the most interesting set-up for a companion that they've ever had, I think.
Having her have an imaginary friend all her life who then.
Comes to life, essentially.
That's the magic of that show.
Amy's one of those great, great characters whereby.
She doesn't need to be rescued by the Doctor all the time.
Amy Pond is nothing if not strong-willed.
And willing to make her own choices regardless of what anyone else says.
She just states what she wants and goes for it.
So when she wants to be with the Doctor, she hits on him.
She tries to get the Doctor.
And not even in like a.
" I love you Doctor, let's get married".
Just in a.
"Come on, I've got one night left.
Let's do it".
About who.
- I want.
- Oh, right, yeah.
No, still not getting it.
Doctor, in a word.
In one very simple word even you can understand.
You're getting married in the morning! Well, the morning's a long time away.
What are we going to do about that? Amy, listen to me.
I am 907 years old.
Do you understand what that means? It's been a while.
No, no, no, I'm 907, and look at me, I don't get older.
I just change.
You get older, I don't, and this can't ever work.
Oh, you are sweet, Doctor, but I really wasn't suggesting anything quite so.
But you're human, you're Amy, you're getting married in the morning.
- In the morning.
- Doctor.
She is getting married to one of the sweetest, nicest guys in the world the next day, and she's coming on to an alien.
That's not cool.
That's not cool at all.
I was very excited about that scene, just because.
Why not get a jump on the Doctor, see what that's like before you get married? Although the Doctor's always very sexy.
You kind of never really think of him that way, so when Amy actually jumped him, I was like.
"This is inappropriate, Amy.
What are you doing? It's the Doctor".
You know? Of course, the other half of my brain was extremely jealous.
In the modern era, Doctor Who has been.
An interesting show for female characters.
I'm your daughter.
These people end up solving things.
And outsmarting the Doctor and helping the Doctor.
I always took you where you needed to go.
They have their vulnerabilities.
I love you.
And perhaps it's because of those vulnerabilities.
That Doctor Who can experience human emotions a bit more.
Oh, Donna Noble, I am so sorry.
I think it's a really good thing this show has done throughout time.
For female characters on TV.