Doctor Who s08e02 Episode Script

Into the Dalek

Aristotle! This is Wasp Delta, do you hear me?! Stay with me, Kai! Stay with me, please! Aristotle! We have been hit! Major damage! Aristotle! Aristotle! The enemy are right on top of us! I'm sorry! Exterminate! You'll probably feel a bit sick.
Please, don't be.
Where's my brother?! Hello, I'm the Doctor.
He was right beside me.
Where's Kai? How did I get here? I materialised a time capsule exactly round you and saved your life one second before your ship exploded, but do please keep crying.
My brother just died! His sister didn't.
You're very welcome.
Put the gun down.
Or what? Or you might shoot me! Then where will you be? In charge of your vessel.
You'd starve to death trying to find the light switch.
Who are you? I'm Lieutenant Journey Blue of the Combined Galactic Resistance.
I demand you take me back to my command ship, the Aristotle, which is currently located No.
Hey, not like that.
You will take me back to my command ship, which is currently positioned No, no.
Come on, not like that.
Not like that! Get it right! Will you take me back to my ship? Please? The Aristotle's the big fella parked in the asteroid belt, yeah? It's shielded.
More or less.
Dry your eyes, Journey Blue.
Crying's for civilians.
It's how we communicate with you lot.
It's smaller on the outside.
It's more exciting when you go the other way.
This isn't a battleship.
Medical insignia - it's a hospital.
We don't need hospitals now.
The Daleks don't leave any wounded.
And we don't take any prisoners.
I saved your little friend here, if that's in any way relevant to mention.
That's true, sir.
He did.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
I wish I could've done more.
Then you should have.
But you did save Journey and, for that, I am personally grateful.
Well However, the security of this base is absolute.
So we're still going to kill you.
Oh, it's a roller coaster with you, isn't it? Shoot him, bag him and throw him outside.
No! Stop! I'm sorry! He might be a duplicate.
He's a doctor! And we have a patient.
Don't we, Uncle? Why does a hospital need a doctor? The Aristotle wasn't always hidden.
The Daleks got here before us.
You don't like soldiers much, do you? You don't need to be liked.
You've got all the guns.
Wow! A moleculon nanoscaler! You know what it does, then? It miniaturises living matter.
What's the medical application, though? Do you use it to shrink the surgeons so they can climb inside the patients? Exactly.
Fantastic idea for a movie.
Terrible idea for a proctologist.
Are you going to miniaturise me? You're a doctor, aren't you? And this is your patient.
No, you don't understand.
You can't put ME in there! Doc tor?! Atten-shun! Look at you lot! I've never seen such a miserable bunch! What are you - children? Yes, sir.
You think you're funny, Fleming? Yes, sir.
All right, me too.
Dismissed! What you doing, Fleming? So, Mr Pink, did you have a good weekend? Yeah, I did, thanks.
Yes, I'll bet you did.
What did you get up to? Um you know.
A bit of reading.
Oh, I bet you were reading.
Er, I was, yeah.
Yeah, I bet you were! Well, yeah, I was.
I know your type.
She wishes! Be quiet, you! So that's all the questions on page 32, except the last one, and then everything on page 33.
All that in for Thursday.
Any questions? Sir? Have you ever killed a man? I was a soldier.
There were other soldiers and some of them weren't on our side.
I shall leave the rest to your imagination.
And, please, think of another question? OK.
Have you ever killed anyone who WASN'T a soldier? Just to repeat, that's all the questions on page 32, except the last one, and then everything on page 33.
All that in for Thursday.
Is everyone clear? Yes, sir.
Fine, I'll take that class and then, they can do some of the test.
I know.
Oh, Clara, um, you've not met Danny Pink yet? New fella, maths.
Danny? Clara Oswald Hey English.
Hey, nice to meet you.
You too.
Watch yourself around him.
Bit of a lady-killer, but always denies it.
I am not a lady-killer.
See what I mean? Oh, Beth, can I have a word? Yeah, yeah, sure.
Er was it you that I saw outside doing the soldiery thing? Oh, yeah, probably The Coal Hill Cadets.
Just a bit of fun.
What, teaching them how to shoot people? There's a bit more to modern soldiering than just shooting people.
I like to think there's a moral dimension.
Oh? You shoot people then cry about it afterwards? Ah.
Something wrong? Nothing, no.
Sorry, no, nothing.
I just I didn't think they'd say anything, that's all.
Sorry? Have they told everyone? No, no, no, as far as I know, nobody has told anybody anything.
What are you talking about? Why did you just say the crying thing? I was being funny.
Why? I just do that.
Why? I dunno! Anyway I, erm I've left some stuff in my class OK, see you.
See you.
Er, are you going to the, um, leaving thing tonight for Cathy? Um Yeah! I wasn't going, but I am now, because you're going to be there, and, suddenly, it seems like the best idea ever.
No, I'm not.
Oh, OK, never mind.
Good night.
Change your mind! Excuse me? I'm going.
Er, I'll give you a lift.
Why not? Um, actually, now that you mention it, seems like the best plan ever.
Thank you.
No, I've got some reading.
Ah, OK.
Maybe some other time, then? Thank you! Ahem Is the wooden sound you or or the desk? How long have you been there? Longer than you would like.
Will you look that terrified when you take me out for a drink? II absolutely promise I won't.
Play your cards right and you might! Where the hell have you been? You sent me for coffee.
Three weeks ago.
In Glasgow.
Three weeks, that's a long time.
In Glasgow! That's dead in a ditch! It's not my fault, I got distracted.
By what? You can always find something.
Come on! Why were you smiling? Was I? No, I wasn't! You were smiling at nothing.
I'd almost say you were in love, but to be honest Honest? You're not a young woman any more.
Yes, I am! Well, you don't look it.
I DO look it! Oh, that's right.
Keep your spirits up, Clara, Clara, Clara, Clara, Clara, Clara.
Clara, Clara.
I need something from you.
I need the truth.
Right, what is it? What's? You're scared.
I'm terrified.
Of what? The answer to my next question, which must be honest and cold and considered, without kindness or restraint.
Clara, be my pal and tell me .
am I a good man? Idon't know.
Neither do I.
Er, hey, no offence, but I've got plans.
I need you.
Right! Where are we going? Into darkness.
Doc tor! How do you know who I am? He doesn't.
We promised him medical assistance.
Are you my doctor? We found it floating in space.
We thought it was deactivated.
So we tried to disassemble it.
You didn't realise there was a living creature inside? Not till it started screaming.
Help me.
Why would I do that? Why would any living creature help YOU? Daleks will die! Die all you like.
Not my problem.
Daleks must be destroyed! "Daleks must be de"! What did you just say? All Daleks must die! I will destroy the Daleks! Destroy the Daleks! DESTROY THE DALEKS! A good Dalek? There's no such thing.
That's a bit inflexible, not like you.
I'd almost say prejudiced.
Do I pay you? I should give you a raise.
You're not my boss, you're one of my hobbies.
Come on.
That was quick! This is gun girl.
She's got a gun, and she's a girl.
This is a sort of boss one.
The same one as before? Yes.
He's probably her uncle, but I may have made that up to pass the time.
This is Clara, not my assistant, she's, er, some other word.
I'm his carer.
Yeah, my carer.
She cares so I don't have to.
Doc tor! Hello again.
Will you help me? Will you? A Dalek so damaged, it's turned good.
Morality as malfunction.
How do I resist? Daleks must die.
So, what do we do with a moral Dalek, then? We get into its head? Mmm.
How do you get into a Dalek's head? That wasn't a metaphor.
These are nanocontrollers.
Once we're miniaturised, they take over the molecular compression.
When the mission's over, hit the button.
Are you sure you understand? Why wouldn't I? Because this is a dangerous mission and you look like a school teacher.
I AM a school teacher.
Still didn't catch your name.
Journey Blue.
Blue? Blue, yes, problem? No, er I just met a soldier called Pink.
Lucky fella.
Lucky? From the way you smile.
So, er, who makes you smile or is nobody up to the job? My brother, but he burned to death a couple of hours ago, so he's really letting me down today.
Excuse me.
What are those ones for? I don't need armed baby-sitters! We're not baby-sitters.
We're here to shoot you dead, if you turn out to be a Dalek spy.
Well, that's a relief.
I hate baby-sitters.
OK, listen up.
Now, remember, do not hold your breath when the nanoscaler engages.
You'll feel like you want to, but you must keep breathing normally during the miniaturisation process.
Why? Ever microwaved a lasagne without pricking the film on top? It explodes? Don't be lasagne.
Nanoscaler engaging in five four three two Nanoscaler engaging now.
'Nanoscaling in progress.
' 'Nanoscaling complete.
' Nanoscaling successful.
Everyone OK in there? We made it.
Nobody popped.
Ha-ha! I can't believe this! No, neither can I.
We'll be following you all the way, Rescue One.
Good luck all of you.
'Integration complete.
Dalek levels steady.
' That was weird.
You've seen nothing yet.
What are the lights? Visual impulses travelling towards the brain.
Welcome to the most dangerous place in the universe.
'Entering the cranial ledge now.
' Here! Oh, my God! Behold, the belly of the beast.
It's amazing.
It's huge.
No, Ross.
We're tiny.
So how big is it - that living part - compared to me and you, right now? You see all those cables? Yeah.
They're not all cables.
Does it know we're here? It's what invited us in.
Now, this is the cortex vault, a supplementary electronic brain.
Memory banks, but more than that.
This is what keeps the Dalek pure.
How are Daleks pure? Dalek mutants are born hating - this is what stokes the fire, extinguishes even the tiniest glimmer of kindness or compassion.
Imagine the worst possible thing in the universe, then don't bother, because you're looking at it right now.
This is evil refined as engineering.
Doc tor? Oh, hello, Rusty! You don't mind if I call you Rusty? We need to come down there with you.
Medical examination, and all that.
With those tentacles and things?! How close do we have to get? Well, you know, we'll never insert a thermometer from up here.
No, no, no, no! Stop! Stop! Stop, you idiot! We need a way down, the only way This is a Dalek, not a machine! It's a perfect analogue of a living being, and you just hurt it! So what's going to happen now? - Oh, God! - What? What is it?! Antibodies? Dalek antibodies! Nobody move! Any attempt to help him, or attack those things, will identify you as a secondary source of infection.
Stay still! But the Dalek wants us in here.
Why is it attacking? Can you control YOUR antibodies? Ross, stay calm, we're going to get you out of this.
Can you? Ross, swallow that! What is it? Trust me.
Now what? ROSS! Oh, my God! What's it doing? The hoovering.
Gotcha! What did you give him? Oh, just a spare power cell.
I can track the radiation signature! I need to know where they dump the bodies.
I thought you were saving him! He was dead already! I was saving us! Follow me and run! Run! They've dumped him in here - organic refuse disposal.
We need to get in there.
Why? They won't give up till we're there! I'd rather go in alive than dead.
You don't know where it goes! Yes, I do! Away from here! Now in! In! In! Whoa-agh-oh! I can hold them off! No, you can't! Pull back! Down! Jump, everyone, jump! Whoa-oh-agh! Eugh! What is this stuff? People! The Daleks need protein.
Occasionally, they harvest from their victims.
This is a feeding tube.
Is Ross here? Yeah, top layer, if you want to say a few words.
A man has just died, you will not talk like that! A lot of people have died.
Everything in here is dead, and do you know why that's good? There is nothing good about that! Nothing is alive in here, so, logically, this is the weakest spot in the Dalek's internal security.
Nobody guards the dead! Mortuaries and larders - always the easiest to break out of.
Oh, I've lived a life! Tell Uncle Stupid that we're in.
Aha! A bolt hole! He'll get us out of here.
The difficult part is not killing him before he can.
Bolt hole.
Actually, a hole for a bolt.
Does nobody get that? Also, there's the puns.
Watch it, decontamination tubes are hot.
'Anomaly threat displaced.
'Dalek levels returning to normal parameters' 'Rescue One to Mission Control.
' This is Blue, Rescue One.
The Dalek has an internal defence mechanism.
'We've lost Ross.
' What kind of defence mechanism? 'That thing knows you're in there to help it!' Yeah, well, who knows? It's a Dalek! We're going to continue the mission.
Are you OK back there? It's a bit narrow, isn't it? Any remarks about my hips will not be appreciated.
Och, your hips are fine, you're built like a man! Thanks! What's that noise? Are you wearing a Geiger counter? Standard battle equipment.
That's just low level radiation.
But stronger down here, for some reason.
Gimme! 'Was that him?' How's he working out? Hard to say He's I've got it! I know what's wrong with Rusty.
OK, that's good.
Is that good? Well, you know how I said this was the most dangerous place in the universe? I was wrong.
It's way more dangerous than that.
'Colonel, we have radiation indicators red-lining in here.
'The Dalek could be more badly damaged than we thought.
' Copy that.
'Old Rusty here is suffering a trionic radiation leak.
' It's poisoning the Dalek and us.
Just as well we're here.
Really? Perhaps we should get out while we can.
Why should we trust a Dalek? Why would it change? Good question.
Rusty? What changed you? I saw beauty.
You saw what? In the silence and the cold.
I saw worlds burning.
That's not beauty.
That's destruction.
I saw more.
What? What did you see? The birth of a star.
Stars get born every day.
You've seen a million stars born, so what? Daleks have destroyed a million stars.
Oh, millions and millions.
Trust me, I take count.
And, yet, new stars are born.
Every time.
Resistance is futile.
Resistance to what? Life returns.
Life prevails.
Resistance is futile.
So, you saw a star being born.
And you learned something.
Dalek, do not be lying to me.
Come on! 'Heading for the Trionic power cells, Colonel.
' Radiation approxing 200 Rads.
Danger levels.
Radiation levels increasing.
We're at the heart of the Dalek.
It's incredible! Geiger counter's off the scale.
Looks like it's about to blow.
How is that good? I like a bit of pressure.
Rusty? Can you hear me? Doctor? Rusty! We've found the damage.
I'm sealing up the breach in your power cell.
No more radiation poisoning, good as new.
Job done.
That's it? Just like that? An anti-climax once in a while is good for my heart.
Rusty? How do you feel? Rusty? Rusty? Rusty The malfunction is corrected.
What's happened? Not entirely sure.
It's like it's waking up.
Rusty, come on, talk to me, what's going on? The malfunction is corrected.
All systems are functioning.
Weapons charged.
Oh, no, no, no Exterminate! Exterminate! No, no, no Exterminate! Exterminate! The Daleks will be victorious! The rebels will be exterminated! Colonel! What's happening out there? Exterminate! Exterminate! Exterminate! Pull back, pull back! Dalek fleet! Communications open! The rebel ship has been identified! Prepare for the Daleks! Doctor, what happened? Do you see? Do I see what? Daleks don't turn good.
It was just radiation affecting its brain chemistry, nothing more than that.
No miracle.
Let me get this straight - we had a good Dalek, and we made it bad again? That's all we've done? There was never a good Dalek.
There was a broken Dalek and we repaired it.
You were supposed to be helping us.
I gave it a shot.
It didn't work out.
It's a Dalek, what do you expect? No more talking, you are done! OK, new objective.
We are taking this Dalek down.
What's that look for? That's the look you get when I'm about to slap you! Oh! Clara! Are we going to die in here? I mean, there's a little bit of you that's pleased.
The Daleks are evil after all.
Everything makes sense.
The Doctor is right! Daleks are evil, irreversibly so, that's what we just learned! No, Doctor! That is NOT what we just learned! Exterminate! Exterminate! Wasp fighters to action stations! Wasp fighters to action stations! 'The security systems have been hacked.
'We don't have access to the Wasps.
' Then God save us all.
We need to place the charges for maximum effect, I'm scanning the architecture.
One question.
No time.
Why did we come here today? What was the point? You You thought there was a good Dalek.
What difference would one good Dalek make? All the difference in the universe, but it's impossible.
Is that a fact? Is that really what we've learned today? Think about it! Is THAT what we've learned? Journey, what the hell's happening? That thing's set the Daleks on us.
'and it's locked us out of our defences.
' Journey, you're the Aristotle's only hope.
'I need you to destroy that Dalek.
' The rebels will be exterminated! Whatever it takes.
Understood, Uncle.
I'm sorry.
Me too.
Clara Oswald, do I really not pay you? You couldn't afford me.
Whatever you're going to do, don't do it! This Dalek must not be destroyed, we can do better! Are you out of your mind? No, I'm inside a Dalek! I'm standing where I've never been.
We cannot waste this chance.
It won't come again.
What chance? I have my orders! Soldiers take orders.
And I'm a soldier.
A Dalek is a better soldier than you will ever be.
You can't win this way.
Ah! So what do we do?! Something better.
Prepare to board the rebel ship! We must find our comrade, Dalek! Spare no humans! Exterminate them all! Exterminate! Exterminate! The Dalek isn't just some angry blob in a Dalekanium tank.
If it was, the radiation would have turned it into a raging lunatic.
It IS a raging lunatic, it's a Dalek.
But, for a moment, it wasn't.
The radiation allowed it to expand its consciousness, to consider things beyond its natural terms of reference.
It became good.
That means a good Dalek is possible.
That's what we learned today.
Am I right, teach? Top of the class.
But now it's back to how it was.
But what it saw, what it felt, is still there.
Yeah, I'm not really seeing that.
Not here.
There! You mean in the cortex vault? The evil engineering? Every memory recorded.
Some suppressed, but all still intact.
We need to show the Dalek that star being born again.
Recreate that moment.
You need to get up there find that moment and reawaken it.
Me? Yes, you.
Good idea.
How? Haven't the foggiest.
Do a clever thing.
And once you've done it, the Dalek will be suggestible to new ideas.
It will be open again.
And I will show it something that will change its mind forever! What? Not a clue.
Docking initiated, pressures equalised! Boarding corp, begin attack! Advance! Exterminate the humans! Seek, locate, destroy! Surrender is not accepted! This is crazy.
There's no way we can get back up there in time! Yes, there is.
No, Gretchen.
It'll bring the antibodies down on us.
Tell me the truth.
Is he mad, or is he right? I've come this far.
Probably going to die anyway.
Wouldn't mind something to do for the rest of my life.
Is he mad, or is he right? Hand on my heart most days he's both.
One question, then.
Is this worth it? If I can turn one Dalek, I can turn them all.
I can save the future.
Gretchen Alison Carlisle.
Do something good and name it after me.
I will do something amazing, I promise.
Damn well better.
No, Gretchen! Go! They're coming.
They're coming! Grab hold of the rope.
Don't look down.
Good luck! Agh! Hello.
I'm Missy.
Welcome to heaven.
Would you like some tea? Little splosh? Lovely.
Fire! Exterminate! Advance.
Seek, locate, destroy.
Seek, locate, destroy.
Exterminate! Seek, locate Exterminate! Exterminate! Rusty! Well, here we are.
Eye to eye! You cannot save the humans.
They will be exterminated.
I shall join the Dalek units in the final attack! So what do we do? Er A clever thing, quickly.
Think, think, think, think, think.
Some of the lights are out.
Yeah, we got a damaged Dalek, you want to complain to someone? But it's not damaged, look at them.
So? The Doctor said this was a memory bank and some of the memories were suppressed.
What if the dark spots are hidden memories? What if one of those is the Dalek seeing a star? Seriously?! Yeah.
Well, maybe.
It's either that, or the bulbs need changing.
It really could be the bulbs.
Got a better idea? Really wish I had.
Yup, me too.
Watch out for antibodies.
Let's see if there's an on switch.
I saved your life, Rusty.
Now I'm going to go one better.
I'm going to save your soul.
Daleks do not have souls.
Oh, no? Imagine if you did.
What then, Rusty? What would happen then? I'm in the cortex! If there's a pack of spare bulbs, break it to me gently.
Your memories! I'm about to give some back to you.
Are you OK? Clara! Yeah.
I think there was some sort of energy charge.
You got the first lights on.
Of course, it's a brain.
Brains work with electrical pathways linking up memories! It's working! It's working, we're turning the memories back on! All those years ago, when I began I was just running.
I called myself the Doctor, but it was just a name.
And then I went to Skaro.
And then I met you lot and I understood .
who I was! The Doctor was not the Daleks! Exterminate! Fall back! Exterminate! Exterminate! Exterminate! You'd better get a move on, there's company coming! Exterminate! Fall back, fall back! Exterminate! Exterminate! Hurry up! Show me a star, Rusty! Oh, look.
It's your memories again.
It's like somebody's mucking about up there.
Memories, all those memories.
D'you remember the star you saw being born? Almost done! One more to go.
Hurry up, Clara! Hurry up! Clara, you did it! It's rebooting.
The antibodies have reset! I I remember.
You saw the truth, Rusty.
Remember how you felt! You saw a star being born! The endless rebirth of the universe! No! And you realised the truth about the Daleks! Truth? What is the truth? Let me show you the truth! I've opened your mind and now I'm coming in.
That door is never going to hold.
But I'm damned if I'm going to make it easy for them! I'm part of you.
My mind is in your mind.
I see your mind, Doctor.
I see your universe.
And isn't the universe beautiful? I see beauty.
Yes, that's good.
That is good.
Hold on to that.
I see endless, divine perfection.
Make it a part of you.
Remember how you feel right now.
Put it inside you and live by it.
I see into your soul, Doctor.
I see beauty.
I see divinity.
Isee hatred.
Hatred? I see your hatred of the Daleks and it is good.
No, no, no.
You must see more than that, there must be more than that! Death to the Daleks.
Death to the Daleks! Death to the Daleks! No, there must be more than that.
There must be more than that! Please! Daleks are evil.
Daleks must be exterminated! Daleks are evil.
God save us all! Daleks must be exterminated! Exterminate! Under attack from a Dalek! The Daleks are exterminated! Of course they are.
That's what you do, isn't it? Journey! Uncle Morgan.
I have transmitted a retreat signal.
The Daleks will believe the humans have initiated the ship's self-destruct.
What about you, Rusty? I must go with them.
Of course you must.
You've unfinished work, haven't you? Victory is yours.
But it does not please you.
You looked inside me and you saw hatred.
That's not victory.
Victory would have been a good Dalek.
I am not a good Dalek.
YOU are a good Dalek.
Till the next time.
Is he leaving? Isn't he going to say goodbye? I think that was it.
Yep, that was it.
Sorry, got to run! I'm sorry.
Sorry? Doctor! Take me with you.
I think you're probably nice.
Underneath it all, I think you're kind and you're definitely brave.
I just wish you hadn't been a soldier.
How do I look? Sort of short and round-ish, but with a good personality, which is the main thing.
I meant my clothes.
I just changed.
Oh, good for you, still making an effort.
OK, right, you're back in your cupboard, 30 seconds after you left.
When will I see you again? Oh, soon, I expect.
Or later.
One of those.
I don't know.
I'm sorry? You asked me if you're a good man and the answer is I don't know.
But I think you try to be and I think that's probably the point.
I think you're probably an amazing teacher.
I think I'd better be.
Ah, hey! Hey, Danny.
Have you changed your clothes? Yes.
Yes, I, I have, well noticed.
OK, good.
Yes, very good, good work.
You passed the test.
Are you really going to go for a drink with me? Yeah, course I am.
Why wouldn't I? I just thought What? You might have a rule against soldiers.
No, not at all.
Not me.
There is someone that I always wanted to meet.
It's Robin Hood! No damsels in distress! Seize him! No pretty castles.
No such thing as Robin Hood.