Doctor Who s09e00 Episode Script

Series Prologue

He has asked to see you.
His servants seek you everywhere.
- Will you go? - No.
- Why do you always lie? - Why do you always assume I'm lying? It saves time.
The truth.
- Will you go? - No.
- When? - Soon.
Why? - Did something happen? - No.
Was it recent? Yes.
Whatever it was, you owe that creature nothing.
He and I have known each other a long time.
You've been enemies for all of it.
An enemy's just a friend you don't really know yet.
What? Well, is that me being cynical again? Aren't we friends, Doctor? That's different.
I don't like you.
Which means you can trust me.
You know who to give that to.
I won't go straightaway.
I'll hang out for a bit.
Probably meditate on a rock somewhere.
Get myself ready.
You are embarking on an enterprise that will end in your destruction.
You could say that of being born.
Wherever you go .
there are people who care enough to find you.
Look after the universe for me.
I've put a lot of work into it.
Anyone can hide from an enemy, Doctor.
No-one from a friend.