Doctor Who s09e81 Episode Script

Prequel - The Doctor's Meditation

How many days have I been here? - About three hours.
- Three hours? - Well, nearly.
- Maybe Clara is right.
She keeps telling me I've got attention deficit.
Ah something or other.
- What is your journey? - You can't come with me, Bors.
I'm pledged to your service.
Ever since you saved my life.
I didn't save your life, you had a splinter.
Where is it you go? And why must you meditate first? Someone I know is very sick.
He'd want to see me before.
While there's still time.
An old friend? Someone I've known a very long time.
- If there's danger let me ride at your side.
- You can't help me.
Not where I'm going.
I have to get myself ready.
I have to be alone.
I have to think.
No more distractions.
As you wish, Sir Doctor.
Hang on a minute.
- The water.
- The water, Sir? I don't like it.
I can't meditate properly, without decent water.
We're gonna to dig a well.
Right on this spot.
- There will be excellent water, right here.
- How do you know? I'm very good at water.
- This is definitely a good spot for water.
- But this is the - 12th place you made us dig.
- Well, 12 is my lucky number.
Here! No, here.
Look at this grass.
This is watery grass.
All over squelchy.
Well, you've all the water you need now, and it's the finest in the land.
- Your meditation can begin.
- Yes, I suppose it can.
- Except - Sir? - Do you know, what this well really needs? - Nothing, sir, it's perfect.
A visitor's centre.
Everyone has agreed on your plan for the throne room extension.
But we're not quite sure, what you mean by a "sun roof".
- Look at this coin.
See it? - I see it.
- Where is it now? - There.
- No it isn't.
- Yes it is, I saw it.
Are you sure? - I'm a very good magician.
-What is it you dread? - Why would I dread anything? - You're always making jokes.
You never sit still.
Like a man in fear of days to come.
- Thought you're an idiot.
- I know.
I thought that too.
I was worried I'd have to break it to you.
Are you sure? I've been avoiding it.
One last night.
Then I have to go.
- You wish to be alone? - I have to prepare myself.
- Why? You've never explained.
- I did something wrong.
I let somebody down, when I should have been brave enough, strong enough, to do better.
Tomorrow I pay the price.
Tonight I make myself ready.
Good bye, Magician.
You've widened my mind.
You do realize you're still an idiot? Yeah.
I have to be quiet now.
Quiet as the grave.
- I do not believe you're capable of silence.
- Oh? - Oh, we will see about that, shall we? - We shall, Sir, Doctor.
No more distractions.
Total focus.
Bors! - Are you any good with the broadsword? - Yes.
- Fancy a friendly? - Enough, Magician.
I do not believe, that you will meditate.
It's not in your nature.
If this is to be your last night here, then we shall celebrate.
There shall be revels.
- But first - First? Tell me your story.
Tell me, how you came to this place and why now you're compelled to leave it.
I will not depart this room until you do so.
- I suppose, I do owe you.
- I've served you loyally, Sir Doctor.
Yes Yes, you have.
Then begin your tale.
Well A little while ago a very long way from here I was looking for a book shop.
Instead I found a battlefield.
Story of my life.
I've seen many battlefields.
This one will be different.
- This one will be my last.
Subtitle by Iltu