Doctor Who s11e01 Episode Script

The Woman Who Fell to Earth

MAN ON COMPUTER: So today I want to talk about the greatest woman I ever met.
Smart, funny, caring, special.
Proper special.
Er, where do I start? [LAUGH.]
Okay, er I've mentioned this on here before, I'm pretty much not an idiot.
I'm actually a capable guy, considering.
But I'm 19, and because of the thing I told you before I can't yet ride a bike.
Who says you can't? Me, Nan.
We keep trying this.
And we'll go on trying until it's done.
- [SIGHS.]
- Now, keep your eye on Granddad.
- You mean Graham? - Keep your eye on Graham then.
Three, two, one, go! Go on! [LAUGHS.]
Go on, Ryan.
You're doing it, mate! [GROANS AND SIGHS.]
- Nearly.
No, not nearly.
I'm sick of coming up here, I'm sick of falling, and I'm sick of this stupid bike.
Ryan Sinclair, don't you dare! - [GRUNTS.]
Mate, you rode it for a second.
Can you stop calling me "mate"? Anyway, a second's not enough.
You'll do it if you keep on trying.
I just want to make you proud.
You make me proud every day.
Anyway, you're on your own getting that bike because our train leaves in 20 minutes.
Come on, love.
Oh, so - [SIGHS DEEPLY.]
Hi, er, police, maybe.
She smashed it with a hammer.
Because you keyed my nearside door! Because you parked in my spot! It's not your spot, there are no spots.
Ladies, please! Thank you.
Can I suggest a simple solution? You pay for her cracked window, you pay for her scratched door and we all agree that parking around here is a nightmare but that grown-ups really shouldn't need to call the police to sort it out for them.
Now, if we're all agreed on that, there's no need for me to take any further police action and we can all get on with our lives.
What do you reckon? I'm just saying I am capable of more than parking disputes.
MAN ON PHONE: And I keep telling you, don't run before you can walk.
You're probationer, Yaz.
- Learn the basics.
- I want to do more.
Can you not get them to give me something that will test me? Something a bit different.
There is something that just came in, if you want different.
And you say you just found it here? No.
I said it appeared.
Out of nowhere.
- Right.
- I swear, this isn't a prank.
I came down here to get my bike.
- And where's your bike? - In that tree.
Name, sir? [SIGHS.]
Ryan Sinclair.
Wait, Redlands Primary? - Yeah! - Yasmin Khan.
- Oh, my God! Yaz! - [LAUGHS.]
- Wow! - I know.
- Look at you.
You're a fed? - Yeah.
- We don't call it that.
- Oh.
I'm still training.
Second year of probation.
What about you.
What are you up to? Warehouse worker.
Oh, right.
Like it? Hate it.
It's cash while I study for my NVQ.
I'm trying to be a mechanic.
That's good.
You have to take this away, though.
It's going to be dark in a minute.
You can't dump this here.
I didn't! I can't even lift it! Oh, come on, Ryan! It's me.
- Touch it.
- [GASPS.]
- See? It's freezing.
WOMAN ON SPEAKER: The next station is Grindleford.
Do you ever think he's going to call me granddad? Give him time.
Three years we've been married.
And you've never been happier.
Grindleford is the next station stop.
- Can't keep his hands off me, love.
- Behave yourself.
- Are you all right, love? - I think so.
What just happened? - Where are you going? - Just having a look.
What are you doing? Don't go on the track, it could be live! - MAN: Get off of there! - [WOMAN SCREAMS.]
GRACE: Graham, the door's just locked! We're shut in.
I can't get them open! Something's wrong.
I think something's coming down the train.
Right, get away from the door! Grace, get to the back of the carriage! Get to the back! [PANTING AND GRUNTS.]
- Wait one sec.
- Hiya, Nan.
- GRACE ON PHONE: Ryan, love? Our train stopped between Hathersage and Grindleford, and something really weird is going on [VOICE DISTORTING.]
- Everything all right? Nan! [SIREN WAILING.]
GRAHAM: Grace, get back.
What is it? I've no idea.
Oh, come on.
What? [PANTING.]
Should buy us a few seconds.
Oh, yeah.
Long story.
Tell you later.
Doors? - Locked shut.
- We'll see about that.
No Sonic.
Empty pockets.
- I hate empty pockets.
- It's coming back! What are you? Whoa.
Don't like questions.
More the private type.
I get that.
Get away from me! All of you, stay very still.
He's going to kill us.
He could have done that already.
RYAN: Nan! Ryan, stay away! Oh, my God.
You three, relax, but stay put.
I'll check the rest of the train.
Fat lot of use you two were.
Hey! Hold on there please, madam, I need you to do as I say.
This could be a potential crime scene, madam.
Why are you calling me "madam"? Because you're a woman.
Am I? Does it suit me? - What? - Oh, yeah! I remember.
Sorry, half an hour ago I was a white-haired Scotsman.
- When's the next train due? - This is the last one back.
But the doors are locked.
How did you both get in? - Driver's window was smashed in.
- What's your name? PC Khan, Hallamshire Police.
Name, not title.
Yasmin Khan.
Yaz to my friends.
Can I have your name, please? When I can remember it.
- You don't know your own name? - Of course I know it.
I just can't remember it.
It's right there on the tip of my Er, what's that? - Tongue? - Tongue! Smart boy.
What did she call you? Ryan? Yeah, Ryan Sinclair.
Good name.
Are you a doctor, Ryan? - No.
- Shame.
I'm looking for a doctor.
Poor woman.
That thing must have killed her as it came through.
Why's that? It didn't kill anyone else.
Looks more like she died of shock when he smashed through the window.
Either way, a woman has died here.
But no more creatures.
And no other passengers left on board.
Let's get back to the others.
Can you stop, please? This could be a major incident.
I'm the one in charge here.
What are you going to do? - Call in to my station.
- What are you going to tell them? - The facts.
- Which are? - The train was attacked.
- By what? I need to take a look at CCTV footage.
And why do you need to check CCTV when we all saw it with our own eyes? Was it an alien? Because it looked like an alien to me.
- YASMIN: Oh, come on.
- What, you think he's wrong? - No, I don't know, but - But you're worried about how you will explain all this to a superior officer who won't believe you.
I can't not report it.
You could hold off until we get the answers to the bigger questions.
- Which are? - "What was it? "Why is it here? Where's it going next?" And most importantly, "How do we stop it?" Because whatever it is, I don't think it's done.
Come on, Ryan.
Come on, Yaz.
I'm calling you Yaz because we're friends now.
It's, um, Karl Wright.
Er, middle name's Brian.
52 Northover Street.
Telephone number? Right, then, troops.
No, not troops.
Fam? I'm distracting myself.
You came crashing through that roof.
I was thrown out of my TARDIS.
Oh! I've lost my TARDIS.
It was exploding and then it dematerialised.
Don't panic.
Not the end of the world.
Well, it could be the end of the world, but one thing at a time.
Are we supposed to understand anything you're saying? - She thinks that thing is an alien.
- GRAHAM: Don't be daft.
There's no such thing as aliens.
Anyway, even if there was, they ain't gonna be on a train in Sheffield.
Why not? I'm an alien and I'm here.
Grace, we're going.
No, we're not.
- She just saved our lives.
- Don't be scared.
All of this can be new to you and new can be scary.
Now, we all want answers.
Stick with me, you might get some.
Actually, erm, I don't want answers.
I just want to get to work and forget all about this.
If that's all right with everyone.
Even if it isn't, thank you.
- Would you like me to - No, thank you.
I, er, just want to be on my own.
I'll walk.
I need the air.
And I'm with him.
We don't get aliens in Sheffield.
I think he's still in shock.
Bless him.
Obvious question, but has anyone noticed anything else out of the ordinary tonight? I'm gonna be in such trouble if they find out why I was there.
Can we have the lights and siren on? No! I shouldn't be doing any of this.
So you three know each other? I'm his nan, Graham's my husband.
Second husband.
And you two know each other.
Yaz and I were at school together.
- Huh.
- Not Yasmin Khan? Hello, Ryan's nan.
Haven't you done well for yourself, love? And you say you just found it there, this thing? Yeah, pretty much.
- I took pictures.
Good lad.
That's exciting.
Not exciting.
What do I mean? Worrying.
Fast as you can, Yaz.
RYAN: There's my bike.
Why's it in a tree? We were up top and I chucked it over.
He gets cross because he can't ride it.
We're giving him lessons.
He's got dyspraxia.
It's a coordination disorder.
Anyway, enough about me.
The tree's to the left, so it should be YASMIN: It was definitely there.
So where's it gone? Rahul, if you're all right about that, should we not tell someone? What good would that do? I'm worried for you, mate.
I finally got it.
Go on, mate.
Have a pint on me.
I'll see you Monday.
Pick you up at 8:00.
- [SIGHS.]
Two weird things, one city, same night.
Makes me nervous.
I'll see if there's been any more reports on that object.
Good, because we need all the information we can get.
Meet us back here.
GRAHAM: I can have a word with some of my old pals from work.
If you want to know what's happening, ask a bus driver.
- He always says that.
- Yeah, that's because it's true.
I'd still be doing it now if I could.
I can search for weird stuff on social media.
And I'll check in with my nurses group on WhatsApp.
- Seriously though, aliens? - Yup.
Oh, yeah, maybe I won't mention that bit.
Suddenly I feel really tired.
That was a big fall you had, love.
Should get you checked out at A&E.
I never go anywhere that's just initials.
Although [GROANS.]
Can one of you catch me? RYAN: You're going to fall over? In two minutes, 19 seconds.
Wait! Forget the two minutes.
Nineteen Oh, this new nose is so unreliable.
Yaz, you've done your shift.
Stop pestering me for more interesting shouts.
It's not that.
I'm just wondering whether there's been anything else out of the ordinary tonight? It's the night shift in Sheffield, everything's out of the ordinary.
I've got to ask you, any talk of weird stuff or strange creatures out tonight? My wife's out with her mates at karaoke, if that's what you mean.
- Ryan.
She's got two separate pulses.
RYAN: Oh, my God.
What is that? GRACE: I have no idea.
Oh! Who woke me up? I'm not ready.
Still healing.
Still Ahhh! Can you smell that? No, not smell.
Not hear.
Can you feel Stay still, Ryan.
- What is it? What's the matter? - [BREATHING HEAVILY.]
Show me your collarbones.
- Oh, you've all got them.
- So have you.
Yeah, I have.
Really sorry.
Not good news.
DNA bombs.
Microimplants which code to your DNA.
On detonation, they disrupt the foundation of your genetic code, melting your DNA.
Fast, and nasty and outlawed in every civilised galaxy.
How did we get them? Never mind that, are they going to go off? Quiet, I'm trying to think.
It's difficult.
I'm not yet who I am.
Brain and body still rebooting.
Oh, reformatting! - Can I borrow that? - Yeah, I guess so, but what for? That creature.
On the train.
When you two came onboard, it zapped us all with these.
Simple plan to take out witnesses.
Very clever.
Merciless, but clever.
- [GASPS.]
I reformatted your phone.
- No! All my stuff's on there.
- Not anymore! - [GASPS.]
Whoa! Ahhh! [GASPS.]
That nap did we me the world of good.
Very comfy sofa.
Oh! Come on.
Keep up.
Where's my sister? Ask me again.
Where's my sister? [GASPING.]
You will never know.
- Next left.
Where are we driving to? I reckon she's using my phone to track the origin signal for the DNA bombs.
- Again, how long until they go off? - Don't know.
Well, can't we just defuse 'em? Not without the right equipment.
Left again.
- [GASPS.]
We're close.
Oi! Oh.
I was expecting a tentacley thing.
Don't you move! Hey, is that another alien? - Looks like it.
- Why is she running at another alien? Don't just stand there, come on! Well Now you're all running at it.
Oh! Lost it.
He's fast.
I'm slower because of all this fizzing inside.
- RYAN: In here! GRAHAM: Got a man down over here.
That thing must have killed him.
I I've never seen injuries like these.
Not a weapon blast.
More of an ice burn.
It broke his jaw open, too.
Looks like it took one of his teeth.
What sort of creature kills someone then stops to pull out a tooth? I'm sorry you all had to see this.
I'll find something to cover the body.
Thank you, Grace.
DOCTOR: I'm sorry any of this is happening.
I'm sorry that thing on the train planted these bombs inside you and I'm sorry I haven't figured out what's going on yet.
This is it.
This is the thing.
It was all sealed up earlier.
Looks like it's been broken.
Or it's done what it came here for.
Some sort of transport chamber.
Presumably for that thing we just saw in the alley.
But why here? Why tonight? Actually, that might have been me.
Why? What did you do.
When I went to get my bike, there was this line in the air and then it moved and there were shapes.
And? - And I touched one.
- Ryan.
You all would have done the same.
- I wouldn't.
- I would have.
All right, the shapes disappeared.
A few seconds later that appeared.
What have I done? Hard to say, really.
I suppose you'll be blaming this on the dyspraxia as well.
Can't ride a bike, started an alien invasion.
- Graham.
- What? - Enough, love.
- All right, I made a mistake.
But why did that guy move this thing from the Peaks to here? And how did he even know it was there? Good questions.
Let's take a look around here, see what we can find.
Can't follow it.
The tracking's been blocked, like it figured out what I was doing.
If we were tracking bomb signals from that creature from the train, why did they lead us here? Another good question.
I don't know.
If I could analyse that Course, what I really need is my [GROANS.]
I could build one! I'm good at building things.
It's not your fault, all this.
Yeah, it basically is.
You couldn't have known that was going to happen.
Maybe tell Graham that.
He knows, really.
Do you believe she's an alien? Yeah, I think I do, yeah.
- Is that mad? - No.
I think I do too.
Hey, er, look in here.
Hey, look at this.
You don't look like an alien.
DOCTOR: You should have seen me a few hours back.
My whole body changed.
Every cell in my body burning.
Some of them are still at it now, reordering, regenerating.
- Sounds painful, love.
- You have no idea.
There's this moment where you're sure you're about to die and then you're born.
- It's terrifying.
Right now I'm a stranger to myself.
There's echoes of who I was and a sort of call towards who I am.
And I have to hold my nerve and trust all these new instincts.
Shape myself towards them.
I'll be fine.
In the end.
- Well, I have to be, because you guys need help and if there's one thing I'm certain of, when people need help, I never refuse.
Right? This is going to be fun.
- Ta-da! - [WHIRRING.]
Should be fine.
Hey, we found a load of stuff.
It's come back.
The thing I saw the night my sister Everyone always says "disappeared", but I know she was taken.
Seven years now.
Tracking energy signals, building predictive programmes, so that I'd know when the atmospheric disruptions matched what happened that day.
But tonight it came back again and I've got it.
I'm going to find out what happened to my sister.
If anything happens to me, her name was Asha.
Don't let anyone else go through this.
He knew what he was doing might kill him.
She was his family.
- Did you just make that? Sonic Screwdriver.
Well, I say Screwdriver, but it's a bit more multi-purpose than that.
Scanner, diagnostics, tin opener.
More of a Sonic Swiss Army knife.
Only without the knife.
Only idiots carry knives.
RYAN: What were you doing with it? Mapping the distance this object has travelled.
It looks like it started over 5,000 galaxies away.
How can you tell? That bit there.
Recall circuitry.
It's designed for a return journey.
So whatever killed that bloke will have to come back here? Question is, why did it leave? What's it looking for? - GRACE: What's your best guess, love? - [SIGHS.]
Two aliens, one city, one night.
Best guess? Two species at war using Earth as a battleground.
- Are you joking? - Nope.
So So you're saying that the creature on the train and the thing that come out of here, they're now looking for each other, spoiling for a scrap? - Bit more than a scrap.
- What are we going to do? Because this is my home, and I'm not having it being an alien battleground.
We stop them meeting, capture them, send them home, away from each other and away from Earth.
How do we do that? Well, give me a minute, I'm working on it.
Not to sound like a stuck record, but can I just ask about these DNA bombs? Like, how long have we got left? Enough questions! You lot, you love to chat, I get it.
Lots to do, I'm working on it all.
And I haven't forgotten about your collar bones, Graham.
- Give me nine minutes, a bit of quiet, and I'll be ready to roll.
- Scout's honour.
- Hello? Yeah, Kevin.
No, mate.
That's exactly the sort of thing.
No! Nuh-uh.
Halloween's next month, mate.
Eat my salad Halloween! [SCREAMING IN AGONY.]
Us again.
Get in! It actually worked.
Course it worked.
I'm not an amateur.
Overloaded its sockets, stunned it for a bit.
Not sure for how long, though.
Best be quick.
And thank you to Kevin the bus driver - for location intel.
See? Always ask a bus driver.
Half-organic, half-machine.
Starts to make sense now.
It's a Gathering Coil.
No, dozens of Gathering Coils! These tentacley things, they're creatures which gather information.
They've been lashed together and augmented into one super-creature.
But why? What data are they gathering? Unless So that's an alien species? Not really.
More of a semi-species, weaponised biotech.
You said there were two aliens in a battle.
You're right, I did, but now I think I'm wrong and I'm trying to catch up with what that might mean.
If I can access the data it's gathered - [SONIC SCREWDRIVER WHIRRING.]
- Whoa! It's Karl from the train! DOCTOR: Karl's the data! That's what it was gathering on the train.
But what would the alien want with him? WARRIOR: Which one of you should I kill first? I'm voting none of us.
Get behind me now.
Stop right there.
Come any further and we'll blast whatever that thing is.
You're interfering in things you don't understand.
Yeah, well, we all need a hobby.
You're not human.
Who are you? Me? I'm Oh, it's gone again! I had it a minute ago.
It's so annoying! Same question, back at you.
No, in fact, before that, because it's really bugging me No, actually not bugging me, offending me! Why the teeth? Bad enough you kill, why take a tooth from the victim? [SNARLS.]
A Stenza warrior wears his conquests.
You may tell your children you were privileged to encounter Tzim-Sha of the Stenza.
Tim Shaw? Tzim-Sha.
- Tim Shaw? - Tzim-Sha! Soon to be leader of the Stenza warrior race, Conquerors of the Nine systems.
When you say "soon to be leader", what are you now, the office junior? GRAHAM: Hey, don't wind him up! Tonight is my challenge.
Trace and obtain the selected human trophy.
It's a hunt.
You're on a hunt! Well done.
Your tiny mind must be burning with such effort.
Did he just say I had a small mind? The challenge is simple, our leaders randomly designate a selected human.
I'm sent here alone, no weapons, no assistance.
I must locate and obtain the trophy and return home with it, victorious.
By doing this, I ascend to leader.
This is the ritual of the Stenza.
This happened before.
Rahul's sister.
Earth is not a hunting ground.
Access was granted.
No, it wasn't.
It was a misunderstanding.
Access revoked, as of now, by me.
Just to pick up on one thing, you don't mind, do you? You said the rules were, "No weapons, no assistance".
- Correct.
- DOCTOR: How did you kill them? What caused the ice burns? We Stenza live in temperatures far below this planet.
One touch of my cold skin will kill a human.
So this super-powered Gathering Coil right here, you're not meant to have it, are you? - [GROWLS.]
The creature is irrelevant.
- DOCTOR: I don't think it is.
I think you smuggled it ahead of you.
I think it located the "randomly designed human" for you.
I think you broke the rules.
Some leader you're going to make.
Tim Shaw is a big, blue cheat.
Okay, fine, have it.
RYAN: What's it doing? Total transference.
DOCTOR: If you've finished, let's be really clear.
You're not taking any human from Earth tonight.
Leave now, or we're going to stop you.
Good luck.
No! Short-range teleport! Double cheat! - [SIGHS.]
- Where have they gone? - To hunt.
- RYAN: Hunt who? Isn't it obvious? - WOMAN ON RECORDING: I am special.
- I am special.
- WOMAN: I am valued.
- I am valued.
WOMAN: Somebody out there wants me.
Somebody out there wants me.
You stay up too late, madam.
Let your mum get some sleep, she works very hard for you.
Thank you.
I like it that you called me.
Not every granddad's this lucky.
Daisy, love, I've got to go now.
I love you loads.
What do you think you're [SCREAMING.]
Karl's number's going straight to voicemail.
Got him.
Karl Wright, operator for Skylark Building Services.
I know where their site is.
It ain't far.
Grace, next right, love.
Dennis, there's someone climbing up to my cab.
Dennis, it's Karl! [TYRES SCREECH.]
KARL ON RADIO: Dennis, I need help! Someone's on my crane! Oh, great.
Karl's a crane operator.
He would be, wouldn't he? RYAN: It's over there.
That creature's guarding the bottom of it.
Graham, Grace, I need you to take this equipment and get everybody off this site.
Don't care how, use your initiative.
Do not come back in, understand? Ryan, Yaz, how are you with machinery and heights? [BREATHING HEAVILY.]
That tentacley thing is guarding Karl's crane, so we go up this one.
What do we do when we get up there? Don't worry, I've got a plan.
Really? Well, I will by the time we get to the top.
Are you all right with this? Because if it's a problem you don't have to do it.
I do.
I can do this.
Thank you very much.
Total site shutdown.
Quick as you can, please.
Thank you.
Major power issues.
Very serious.
Emergency services on the way.
Off-site immediately, please.
Matter of urgency.
You can't come up here.
Turn around, please.
Go on! DOCTOR: Oi! Karl from the train! Up and over! Up and over! You have got to be kidding.
I am valued.
I am special.
Ryan, are you okay? Yeah.
I am confident.
I achieve my goals.
I achieve my goals.
Oh, we made it! Oh! Oh, no, no, no! It's way too high up here.
What's the plan? You said you'd have a plan.
Nearly, nearly.
I got one.
I climb on to the arm of this crane, you swing the arm round next to Karl's crane.
- Oh, no, you're kidding! - Karl steps across, you swing the arm my way.
I get him back in here, all back down for a cuppa and a fried egg sandwich.
I'm really craving a fried egg sandwich.
Simple, no? - Not really.
- All right.
It's a work in progress.
But so is life.
It'll be fine.
Ooh, I got these downstairs.
One must work.
You can figure out how to work a crane, right? Go.
Way too high.
Grace, she explicitly said not to come back and it's not safe! Look, it swapped cranes.
It's trying to bring it down.
- We have to stop it.
- Huh? Oh! [GRUNTING.]
Last one.
Okay, now we just need to swing the arm around to meet that one.
Right, I think this shows us.
Ready? Every day's a learning day.
Wrong way! Wrong way! Wrong way.
Wrong way! I know, shut up! [CRANE WHIRRING.]
What's going on? When the arms line up just step across.
Whoa! Ahhh! Oh.
How am I supposed to get across there now? When I said "step", obviously, I meant jump.
Jump across.
- I can't do that! - DOCTOR: Of course you can.
Stand up, quick jump.
Chop chop.
I'll catch you.
I don't know.
I'm not great with heights.
- What? - It's my dad's company.
Pop on over.
- I am special.
- Yes, you are.
I am brave and I'm gonna jump! - No time like the present.
Let him go! [GASPS.]
I'm sorry.
If you want something doing.
KARL: Please! KARL: Help! ALL: Oh, my God.
These legs definitely used to be longer.
Oi! Tim Shaw! You stop right there.
Ohh! He's got a face of teeth! I know.
I've got this.
Let him go or I destroy this.
I really need a new coat.
- This.
The recall from the pod you travelled in.
I took it out.
Without this, you can't get home.
Yeah, see? Now you're worried.
If I fall, this falls with me.
Then you're stuck.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
- Come on.
What do you do with them, your human trophies? They're held in stasis in our trophy chambers on the cusp between life and death.
Left to rot? How completely obscene.
They're not important.
Hey, I'm important.
If I don't stop you, your people will keep doing this.
- Give me the circuit - [DEVICE BEEPS.]
or I detonate the bombs placed in your friends.
More weapons.
- Did your pet put one in Karl too? - What? There was no need.
He was tagged.
He is the trophy.
I thought as much.
Right, you detonate the bombs, I'll destroy the recall.
- So what are we going to do? - [GRUMBLES.]
- Right.
You rewired the house, so you sort things out this end, I'll climb up.
I don't want you doing that.
Graham, Ryan's in danger.
We don't have time to argue.
- Give me the signal when you're ready.
- Okay.
Is it wrong to be enjoying this? - Yes! - [LAUGHING.]
Poor Tim Shaw, the wannabe leader who has to cheat because he knows he's unworthy.
See, that's why I know you won't detonate.
Although, you could prove me wrong.
Because we're all capable of the most incredible change.
We can evolve while still staying true to who we are.
We can honour who we've been and choose who we want to be next.
Now's your chance.
How about it? Who are you? Oh, yes, I'm glad you asked that again.
Bit of adrenaline, dash of outrage, and a hint of panic knitted my brain back together.
I know exactly who I am.
I'm the Doctor.
Sorting out fair play throughout the universe.
Now, please, get off this planet while you still have a choice.
I choose to win.
I removed those nasty little things from my friends.
- Swiss Army Sonic.
Now with added Sheffield Steel.
And I implanted them back in your creature.
Transference wasn't just data, it was physical.
You got everything transferred to you including five tiny bombs.
You had a choice.
You did this to yourself.
- Go home.
I am important! You had no right to do that.
Put a bomb in me, would you? Now, Graham! [GROANS.]
It's working! - GRACE: Don't be cross with me.
- I'm not cross, baby.
I'm not cross.
Promise me - you won't be scared - What? What do you mean? without me.
RYAN ON COMPUTER: So today I want to talk about the greatest woman I ever met.
Smart, funny, caring.
Proper special.
My nan.
Because, er, she died.
First my mum six years ago and now my nan.
It's like the best people get taken first.
I had a lot to learn from her.
And I was looking forward to that.
She died like she lived, trying to help other people.
I love you, Nan.
And tomorrow I'm going out there for you.
Three, two, one.
What time did your dad say he'd get here? Two hours ago.
- If he said he'll come - He says a lot of things.
He's never been the best at being reliable.
I mean, how can he not be here? She's his mum.
She would have wanted him here.
I want him here.
GRAHAM: Lots of you knew Grace longer than me, so I can't stand here and pretend to know everything about her.
I wasn't her first husband, but, she said I would do for a second attempt.
I can only tell you about the Grace I met when I thought I didn't have much time left.
The, er The Grace that showed me life had more to offer.
And And I know that if she was here now she would tell us not to be so sad.
You see, I can hear her saying to me, "Graham, we had three glorious years.
"What are you complaining about?" I'm complaining because I wanted more.
You see, Grace was a better person than I could ever be.
And I should have gone and Grace should still be here.
What did you mean in your speech, you thought you'd "run out of time"? Oh, well, I, erm I had cancer, and, er Well, strictly speaking, I'm still in remission.
Three years gone.
And, er, Grace was my chemo nurse, that's where we met and fell in love.
So, by rights, I I shouldn't even be here.
Have you got family? No.
Lost them a long time ago.
How do you cope with that? I carry them with me.
What they would have thought and said and done.
Make them a part of who I am.
So even though they're gone from the world, they're never gone from me.
That's the sort of thing Grace would have said.
So everything we saw, everything we've lied to people about, is this normal for you? I'm just a traveller.
Sometimes I see things need fixin'.
I do what I can.
Except, right now, I'm a traveller without a ship.
I stayed too long.
I should get back to finding my TARDIS.
Doctor, can I just say you really need to get out of those clothes.
- Right, yeah.
It's been a long time since I bought women's clothes.
Er, not that.
Not that.
Not that! Ah! Not that.
Yes, now that's what I want! [EXHALES DEEPLY.]
That's what you're going with? Yup.
Got any cash? Empty pockets.
Also, I've been thinking about my TARDIS.
Do you think you guys might be able to help me? [METALLIC CLANGING.]
How long have we got to stand here for? I'm getting cramp.
Seriously, Graham, trying to concentrate here.
Do you understand what she's doing? DOCTOR: My ship uses a particular type of energy.
I've tracked that energy trail from the moment I lost it to where it is now.
Now, given this is a transport pod - I'm configuring it - [SONIC SCREWDRIVER WHIRRING.]
to send me to the planet where my ship seems to have ended up.
You're going to another planet? Well, I'm trying to, except Stenza technology is really annoying and super hard to decipher.
Hundred and thirty-nine layers, seven of which don't make sense.
- Right.
Graham - Yeah? - Clamp those onto there.
- All right.
Yaz, throw the cable on to the top.
Ryan, you turn on the switch.
- All right.
Okay, you three, I'm almost going to miss you.
That's it.
It's connected up.
This should work.
Moment of truth, then.
Wish me luck.
And goodbye.
Oh, deep breath.
- Not you lot, me.