Doctor Who s11e10 Episode Script

The Battle of Ranskoor Av Kolos

(THEME MUSIC) Finally this is where our journey stops.
(SIGHS) You're going to make this the place? (WIND HOWLS) It's time.
You're ready, Delph.
I don't think I am.
17 years is enough.
This is what I've trained you for.
You call it training.
I call it building doubt.
Every lesson that you've given me, I feel like I've understood less not more.
Which is the point.
The more we learn, the less, we realise, we know.
This is our faith.
This is our existence.
The Creator would contend that the world is not to be understood only experienced and built, with our gift.
Praise the Creator's will.
Do this, Delph, and you shape our world in worship.
But if I fail if I can't do it, after all these years Trust in yourself! Now, come on.
Show me our years of walking have not been wasted.
Fulfil what we are, what only WE can do.
(RUMBLING) (HISSING, CRACKLING) (BUZZING, SPARKING) What's happening? - (PANTS) - Stop, Delph.
(GASPS) It's not possible.
- (CRASH) - It cannot be.
And yet (HISSING) GRAHAM: Those systems are lit up like a Christmas tree.
DOCTOR: Nine cries for help, nine distress signals, all coming from the same planet.
Not just the same planet, the same area of the same planet.
Now, listen, planet of Ranskoor Av Kolos.
Ranskoor Av what?! Kolos.
Roughly translated means 'Disintegrator of the Soul'.
Ooh, another cheery one.
The TARDIS is reporting that the planet is transmitting violent psychotropic waves throughout its atmosphere, the type of waves that mess with your brain, distort reality, change moods to the extreme.
These are neural balancers.
So long as you're wearing one, it should keep you immune to the waves.
But you must keep it on at all times.
What happens if we lose them? DON'T lose them! GRAHAM: And it has to be us, does it? Answering these signals from this planet? No.
Not at all.
But everyone else has passed them by.
You think we should do the same? I've locked onto a craft on the planet's surface.
Here we go.
(ELECTRONIC BLEEPING) (TARDIS WHIRRS) This is one of the ships that sent a distress signal.
Cryosleep chambers.
Long-range craft.
Weapons archive.
Been in service for a long time, by the looks of things.
But who sent the signal? Where's the crew? Doctor DOCTOR: Hi.
Who are you? I'm the Doctor.
This is Yaz, Ryan and Graham.
What is that thing? It's what we travel in.
See? The sign on the front.
We respond to urgent calls.
You look like an urgent call.
What's your name? Did they send you? When you say "they", who do you mean? People from here? 'Cause we've just arrived here, remember? We've never been to this planet before, so we can't be with them, whoever they are.
That's right.
Now, is it just you or is there any other crew with you? I don't know.
What's happened to me? My friends are gonna take a look around your ship, if that's OK.
See what you can find out.
I should have left.
And why haven't you? I can't remember my name.
I used to know it before I went outside.
I should never have gone outside.
Why? What happened outside? The battle.
(GASPS) Who are you? How did you get here? We've just been talking.
We just arrived.
We want to help you.
I think this planet is having a bad effect on you.
Would you consider putting this on? Neural balancer.
It'll help calm your mind.
Please put this on.
YAZ: I think I found an 'on' button.
(BEEPING) GRAHAM: (WHISPERS) Who do you think that lot are, then? I think this is the rest of them.
So, there's four in total.
(WHISPERS) He's the commander.
RYAN: Maybe he killed his own crew.
GRAHAM: Always one for the cheery option.
YAZ: We don't know they're dead.
- All we know is they're not here.
- GRAHAM: Yeah.
He's taken a neural balancer.
I'm hoping it'll restore something in his mind.
He looks pretty broken to me, Doc.
(WHIRRING) Engine's fine.
Power's still working.
The ship's fine.
He could've left whenever he wanted.
It doesn't make sense.
Here he is.
My name is Paltraki.
Nice to meet you, Paltraki.
Neural balancer kicking in? Don't push too hard.
They work slowly.
It'll come back.
What is that? We could answer it for you? Do you want us to activate it? Get out from the viewing line.
- Do as I say, son.
- OK.
- WOMAN: Paltraki? - PALTRAKI: What do you want? You must return to us.
The Creator commands it.
(HEAVY BREATHING) Do you remember me, Paltraki? - (HEAVY BREATHING) - I know that voice.
- Is that? - It can't be.
I want what is mine returned.
And why would I do that? For your crew.
Return what you took or I will dismantle them, piece by piece, beamed directly into your ship.
WOMAN: Paltraki! Don't come back! Don't worry about us! - We got what we came for - (CRACKLING) (SCREAMS) Two of your crew left.
You have till nightfall.
WOMAN: Please return what you took.
Do as the Creator desires.
- Is it the same one? - I don't know.
YAZ: That can't be Tim Shaw.
I thought he was dead! I sent him back to where he came from, using his own recall device.
Then why is he here? Who's the girl? Her name was Umsang.
We fought alongside each other.
What did you take? Not take.
What is it? Our mission is retrieval.
All I'm getting is contradictions.
Looks mineral.
Maybe it's been extracted from the planet.
The density's blowing the sonic's mind.
If it's that valuable, they'd want to keep it safe.
It's not just safe.
There's an incredibly sophisticated stasis lock embedded in the container's biostructure, and I don't understand it.
Stenza technology.
What is it, Paltraki? Where did it come from? - PALTRAKI: I mustn't return it but - (DEVICE BEEPS) they have my crew.
You seen this? Some kind of mapping device.
All kinds of stuff on here.
Targets marked on.
Mission briefing.
Was this yours? Maybe.
I I don't know.
We could use it to retrace where he was.
We want to help you get your crew back.
We'll go with you.
'Cause we've got unfinished business with that monster.
Oh, I can lift it! But I shouldn't be able to.
How can I lift it, with that impossible density? We're gonna find your crew and work out why this is so important.
Equipment bay, is it over there? Do you mind if I take a look? OK, Graham? Ranskoor Av Kolos isn't the Stenza's home planet.
So, how can that be Tim Shaw? (RUMBLING) (WIND WHISTLES) (FLAMES ROAR) - YAZ: Feeling sick? - Yeah.
Like travel sick, but worse.
- The sickness is how it started.
- (LOUD RUMBLING) GRAHAM: So, what is that sound? I think it's the planet.
It obviously doesn't like intruders.
Doc, can I have a word? - Of course.
- Just the two of us? Fine.
Come on, Yaz.
I need to be honest with you, 'cause I am really grateful for everything you've done for me, well, for us, you know? Everywhere we've been, all the adventures, been amazing.
But if that is the creature from Sheffield, I will kill it, if I can.
For what it did to Grace.
Go back to the TARDIS, Graham.
I won't let you do that.
You ain't gonna have a say in it.
You're better than this.
You are.
You have to be.
If you kill him, I can't have you travel with me, that's if you even live.
- I understand.
- No, you don't.
We're gonna rescue hostages.
Anything that compromises them is dangerous.
And if you kill him, you become the same as him.
I ain't having that.
I'm serious, Graham.
(RUMBLING) And so am I.
RYAN: That's all you remember, being back on your ship without your crew? PALTRAKI: Nothing before that.
There's a reason I should have left.
I can nearly remember, but The Doctor said don't push.
The memories will return.
Hey, Yaz, look.
You all seeing those? What happened here? PALTRAKI: Those that came before us.
That failed and fell.
The vanquished of Ranskoor Av Kolos.
But that's not all.
Look beyond.
What are you looking at? Look in the mists.
Through the battlefield, on to the edifice.
That was our destination.
RYAN: We're not gonna go through there, are we? No-one in their right mind's gonna go through there.
I borrowed all this from your ship, Paltraki.
These throat mics work like comm dots.
Side of the neck.
Stay in contact.
Take one each.
Codebreakers for doors.
Also a bomb.
What happened to "never do weapons"? It's a flexible creed.
Doors, locks, walls, buildings, fair game.
If it can be rebuilt, I'll allow it.
No, no, you stopped me trying to shoot the SniperBots before.
You were new! I have to lay down the rules if someone's new.
Also, don't quote that back to me.
My rules change all the time.
Be careful with them.
You've got your trackers.
As far as I can decipher, the golden markers on your devices relate to your original mission purpose for Paltraki and his crew, which must connect to this object.
That's where I want you both to head.
See what you can find.
Graham, Ryan, you've got life signal markers on your devices.
Head to that area and rescue Paltraki's crew.
What about you? Where are you heading? I'm gonna find our friend.
I wanna come with you.
What will you do once you find him? Find out what this is and why it's so precious to him.
I might need a bit of a negotiation leverage.
RYAN: What are you doing with those? Grenades.
As an insurance policy.
You think that's smart? I think it's a precaution.
I like precautions.
Always take precautions.
Especially when you don't know what you're doing.
(GROANS) Should've brought wellies.
That could've been another precaution.
Always bring wellies.
I love wellies.
In fact, I think I half invented them.
YAZ: And you think this is the best way in? Closest thing to a front door this building's got, as far as I can tell.
(SONIC SCREWDRIVER BUZZES) Oh! Entrance activation field.
Maybe I can bypass (SCREAMS) Whatever happened to doors? Don't aliens bother with doors? The building dragged us in.
- So they know we're here? - Be quiet, and get moving.
Come on.
You all know what you have to do.
- GRAHAM: You see anything? - RYAN: Course I can't see anything.
I'm looking at the same things as you.
I know what you're thinking.
Is that right? You wanna get to him, for Nan.
Hold that.
Do I really? Why don't you just concentrate on what we're supposed to be doing? You think that's what Nan would want? No.
I think your nan would want to be alive.
She actually liked being alive, and she was really good at it.
And she'd say to me, "Graham, if you get the chance, "you send that blue piece of rubbish to kingdom come.
" Because you know why? Your nan (QUIETLY) Your nan might have been kind, but she was also tougher than you and me put together.
- And what about the rest of us? - Oh Me, Yaz, and the Doctor? I thought we were a team.
Don't wreck what we've got because you're still angry.
(SHARPLY) I am not a Look, WE did not get rid of that thing properly, right? And now look what's happened.
- Shut up.
- What, 'cause you know why? No, really, shut up! - Huh? - Run! SniperBots! - How did they get here? - He's built an army of them! No! No! More of them! We're trapped! Duck! (RAPID LASER FIRE) Thank me later.
- Wha? - (GASPS) Hi.
(STERNLY) Who are you? I'm no-one.
But I have something you might be interested in.
Where is the object? I never talk in the face of a gun.
Point of principle.
Please put it down.
Gonna be like that, is it? Fine.
I've attached a couple of explosive devices to your object, here on my back.
So shoot, and you jeopardise whatever this thing is.
And what is it? Come on.
Share with the class.
Where is Paltraki? I'm not answering your questions if you don't answer mine.
Are his other two crew members still alive? Yes.
See? That wasn't so hard.
And good.
Thank you.
Why didn't you stop that woman from being killed? What's your name? I am Andinio of the Ux.
You're kidding.
The Ux? As in the duospecies? Only ever two of you? Life span of millennia? Only found on three planets in the whole universe? I've never met an Ux.
It must be so cool.
There's something else.
Oh! Can't remember! What happened here, Andinio? Make sense of it for me.
The battle zone outside? They came for the Creator.
We defended him.
(GASPS) Oh! I've remembered! Wait.
Is this yours? This building? Is it true about the Ux, faith-driven dimensional engineers? Is that why the building feels alive? This is our shrine.
Feels like an energy running through it.
Surrender the object and go.
- (GUN POWERS UP) - You have until the count of three.
Show him my face.
- What? - Let him see my face.
Your Creator.
TZIM-SHA: Bring her to me.
But how can he know you? PALTRAKI: Grestin.
My first name is Grestin.
Just remembered.
Memory's reconnecting.
What about where you're from? Stebbel.
Stebbel? What about you? - Earth.
- (SCOFFS) What kind of a word is that? It's better than Stebbel, mate.
- Do you have a home there? - A beautiful home.
Some land and animals.
Too many facts coming back.
It's like a flood.
I don't know what's important or We were the last fleet.
When the others didn't come back, they sent for us.
Who sent you? Why did you come? The Congress of the Nine Planets.
In response to the atrocities.
Which were what? SniperBots! Nice shot.
They have an army of those things.
DOCTOR: Why do you call him the Creator? Our faith is handed down.
The Creator is the cornerstone.
But you're the first to see him? We are the blessed generation.
Wait, there's only ever two of you.
Where's the other one? I don't have to answer all these questions.
That's what my teachers used to say.
Usually just as they quit teaching.
But I've got so many questions, Andinio.
Because there's a battlefield outside where many people died, but you're no warrior.
And your words are certain, but your eyes are full of doubt.
How can you know him? Yes.
How can I? (DEVICE BEEPS) Here.
It's here.
More of those mineral samples.
Five in total.
I remember.
We landed.
Fought our way here.
Even though the planet was playing with our minds.
We never believed any of this was possible.
But it was.
What is that stuff inside them? Why is everyone fighting over it? RYAN: Are you sure it's in here? GRAHAM: I'm not sure about anything, but this is where the signals are telling us to go.
- What do you reckon these are? - Not a clue.
(BOTH EXCLAIM) It's one of Paltraki's crew.
How do we get her out? We've gotta help her! I'll see if I can find some light.
One of these panels gotta do something.
- Hey, that's it.
You've got it.
- Ryan, look! There's more through here.
What do we do? We only came to rescue two people.
There's dozens in there.
How are we gonna get them all out? You look in a bad way.
Whereas I've got a new coat! What do you think? Ready him.
There will be a new target.
Ready who? For what? I said, ready him.
Whatever the Creator wills.
Don't worry.
I'll look after him.
Tim Shaw.
How long's it been? 3,407 years.
I bet the seven really dragged.
So, what happened to you? You did.
You corrupted my recall device, banishing me across the universe to this desolate rock for the rest of my existence.
Unable to leave without dying.
This was my curse.
For failure.
Or so you thought.
I arrived on the verge of death, racked by the DNA bombs.
But you got more than you could possibly have wished for, the Ux.
The universe provides.
You wanted to be a leader.
Now you're worshipped as a false god.
Why all the ships outside? What have you made them do? (CHUCKLES) Do you know what the Ux are capable of? I carry the entire hive knowledge of the Stenza civilisation within me.
Paired with the abilities of the Ux, they were happy to work for me.
Work at what? Oh (GASPS) (INHALES WHEEZILY) (EXHALES HEAVILY) What every living creature wishes for.
(SIGHS) Two codebreakers, 30 chambers.
How much time do you reckon we've got? GRAHAM: Not enough.
What's bothering me is how do we know these chambers aren't set to kill the people if they're tampered with? 'Cause you know how sick that creature is.
Still doesn't give you an excuse to go after him.
Look at the people in here! It totally proves my point.
They're trained soldiers, and they couldn't beat him, and you still think you can take him?! Oh, yeah? And why do you care all of a sudden? According to you, I was never good enough for your nan anyway.
I said that a long time ago, Grandad! Yeah, and I been waiting too long for that and all.
But you got it now.
We're family.
And I love ya.
- What did you just say? - I'm not saying it twice.
Don't pretend you couldn't hear me the first time.
I'm telling you what she used to tell me, be the better man.
- (DEVICE BEEPS) - Why is it doing that? Motion detector, maybe? Do you think the robots shooting each other set off an alarm? When you say revenge revenge on who? You, Doctor.
Oh, no.
Don't put this on me.
If you had not interfered, I would have become leader, first of the Stenza.
And yet I should thank you.
Thank me why? You have made me a god! You are nothing of the sort! (GROWLS) Now tell me what this is.
Can't your puny mind understand? Doctor, we found four more of those objects.
- What do you want us to do? - Bit busy at the moment, Yaz.
Someone's coming.
Over here.
By the Creator's will.
Andinio please.
Please don't make me do this again.
We cannot understand the higher plan.
Our faith is all we have.
It's wrong.
This cannot be right! It will destroy me! It will destroy both of us.
Andinio, please! Don't! What are they doing? What's happening? What did you tell them to do? Make who ready? TZIM-SHA: It has taken thousands of years, every fragment of scientific understanding the Stenza ever possessed, allied to the impossible power of the Ux.
You will see, Doctor, I must be a god, I have the powers of one.
Let me guess, they built you a weapon.
That's what your sort like to do.
Is that why all those ships came? You made a weapon and they came to stop you? Presumably, it's here.
Somewhere in this building.
Not IN this building, Doctor.
This shrine IS the weapon.
The Ux worked so hard to keep me alive.
And they're right to worship me.
I am unstoppable! No-one's unstoppable.
Run, tiny creature.
It will make no difference now.
The weapon is activated, Doctor.
The Stenza held people in stasis as trophies, but that was never the goal.
Our ultimate goal was to hold civilisations.
They never found the way.
But I have.
You gave me my destiny.
That should hold them off for a bit.
Hope the Doc's got everything under control.
I'm not getting a reply.
And we have to get these lot out.
YAZ: The objects, why are they shaking? - PALTRAKI: I remember.
- DOCTOR: Yaz! What's happening? Ooh.
Why are they doing that? I remember what they did.
Five objects.
Five planets.
One weapon.
They stole five planets.
Oh, no.
That's impossible.
It's what happened.
Entire planets removed from their spatial orbit.
It would have destroyed all life.
Planetary genocide.
Tim Shaw.
I didn't like you then, but now Make them stop.
You're breaking every known law of the universe.
I'm rewriting the laws of the universe.
It doesn't work like that.
Stenza technology, aligned to the gift of the Ux, can create anything.
Every action has consequences.
And these are yours, Doctor.
I didn't mean it like that! So annoying.
The Ux! They're creating a rip in space-time.
He's harnessed their powers.
You don't understand anything right now.
All these planetary masses cannot exist in the same place at the same time.
The technology isn't stable.
You bring another through, it could destroy everything.
You're bluffing.
He's one of those people that really irritates me.
Can we not disconnect them? It might kill them both if we disrupt it.
Or destroy this planet.
The target, Doctor.
Your responsibility.
You and your friends.
YAZ: He's targeting Earth! The site of our first meeting, where this all began.
Any world which ever defied or opposed the Stenza is now my target.
Even in exile, I shall lead.
(CHUCKLES) Ah! We're in! It worked! GRAHAM: Hurry up! I can hear something outside the doors.
Ryan! Come on, son! We haven't got long! Take my hand.
It's OK.
You're safe.
It's alright.
It's alright.
Chuck us the codebreaker, son! We ain't gonna get them all out in time! (ALARM SOUNDS) (EQUIPMENT HISSES, ALARM SOUNDS) Aagh! Aagh! (ROARS) DOCTOR: Can't stop, but must stop it.
GRAHAM: (OVER MIC) We could do with some help down here.
Got a few problems of our own, Graham.
I'll go.
This is Paltraki.
I'm on my way.
Get the hostages back to your ship.
Yaz, you go with him.
I'm with you, whatever happens.
We'll wait for you at the ship for as long as we can.
GRAHAM: Everybody get down! They're coming through! (LASER FIRE) (GUNSHOTS) PALTRAKI: I still remember how to take down robots, luckily for you.
You found my crew.
Thank you.
Nice entrance, by the way.
Now, get them back to your ship.
What about you? - Oh, we got a couple more to get out.
- Yeah.
The codebreakers take a while to work.
You're gonna have company.
Detonate this as they come through, and don't be long.
This way.
The Ux.
I've never met a race like them.
They can affect the shape of the universe by thought.
All that power harnessed to Stenza tech.
Can't disconnect them, it might kill them.
But if we don't, what happens to Earth? Their life versus 7 billion others.
There must be a way.
There's always a way.
We're really clever.
What have we got? What can we use? Us versus the Ux.
If they're psychically generating all this I could block the signals.
BOTH: Neural balancers! I could adjust the settings really easy! Make them neural blockers, no signals out or in.
Could be enough.
Big risk.
If we take our balancers off, put them on those two The planet will be able to attack our minds.
Then I'll take that risk to stop Earth being destroyed.
Good! I mean, really good.
Except it doesn't solve our problem with these.
They can't all BE here.
We have to put them back in place.
There's too many things to do! One thing at a time.
It's fine.
All good.
Well, almost.
First things first.
- (NEURAL BALANCERS BEEP) - Aagh! Take it easy.
Alright? There you go.
Ryan! Get 'em out of here! I will not leave you behind.
I've gotta stay here to time the detonator, to stop them coming after us! I'll be right behind ya.
Yeah, yeah, I promise.
Go! Go on! DOCTOR: Modified neural balancer on.
Now you, Yaz.
Gently does it.
Come on.
Block their signals.
No! What have you done?! This is the Creator's work! No, it isn't.
That creature took advantage of your faith.
How could he recognise me, Andinio? We've met before.
He's an exile from a warrior race called the Stenza.
When we met, he was killing people for no reason on the planet he wants you to destroy.
Well, the Ux have been waiting for him.
For generations.
He is my truth.
He was OUR truth.
That creature is a lie.
And he debased you and your faith.
Don't you see? YOU are the creators.
Look what you can do! You build.
But he made you destroyers.
That's no god, I'm sorry.
Doctor, something's happening to the containers.
Oh, no.
I thought this might happen.
These planets cannot be contained any longer, else the damage will be colossal.
Yippee-ki-yay, robots.
- (EXPLOSION) - Ugh! Too much to do, not enough time.
Oh, no.
That's bad.
The mass is returning.
I can't lift it anymore.
But the planets need to be returned to the exact place in the universe where they came from.
Can YOU do it? Can you return them? It's possible.
- It would take time.
- Which we don't have.
(GASPS) Aagh! My brain.
It's getting fuzzy.
- How do we do this? - Aagh! What have we got left? Ooh! One possibility.
You two, this set-up, us What else? Oh.
- (SONIC SCREWDRIVER BUZZES) - Aligned to Stenza power.
Enough for a short-range dog whistle.
Might work.
Please, work.
Universe, provide for me.
I'm working really hard to keep you together right now.
- (TARDIS WHIRRS) - What's that noise? Tim Shaw might have a shrine but I've got a Ghost Monument.
Sorry, Ryan.
(GUN POWERS UP) Alright, keep going! Catch up with them! Come on, Graham.
Where are you now? Keep going! My wife died 'cause of you.
I swore, if I ever saw you again I'd kill you.
And yet you falter.
DOCTOR: Remote summons.
It's locking on.
Got it! What is that? You're not the only ones who can conjure stuff out of nothing.
Do you mind if we get those back? Bit headachy now.
Yaz, come on.
Cables, in the portal.
Big, thick ones.
Drag them out.
You and Andinio, loop them into the systems.
- Ugh.
- Very fast.
If I can extend the dematerialisation field by three metres, and then split the field I must be able to split the field.
They're only tiny.
And I'm clever.
Oi! Ux! Get in here! I know this'll be way beyond your comprehension Dimensionally transcendental.
Now, get the cables with Yaz, and lock them into the systems.
Delph, come here.
What are you gonna do? Telepathic circuits.
If it can work for your nani's watch, it can work for that clever lad.
You brought all these things here.
You have all the coordinates in your head.
The fastest way is to read what's in your mind and send them back, fast, but keeping us here.
Their knowledge, their abilities, Tim Shaw's tech, our blue box, we'll lash together every resource we've got.
Sort of like a supergroup, best elements of everyone.
(CLICKING, WHIRRING) - Clear? - Not in the least.
- Will it work? - No idea.
But I once towed your planet halfway across the universe with this TARDIS, AND turned a Slitheen back into an egg.
So, let's give it a go.
You are no warrior.
- No.
- (GUN POWERS DOWN) I'm the better man.
(GROWLS) You are weak and feeble.
RYAN: Oi! Tim Shaw! Don't dis my grandad, ever! (GROWLS) - (SCREAMS) - Hey! You shot him! Yeah, but just the foot.
Just in just in the foot, just to shut him up.
Uh, don't tell the Doc, she'd be livid.
- (ROARS) - Shut up.
And stop with that hand thing.
What do we do now? DOCTOR: I know this will be painful.
I wouldn't put you through this if I could think of any other way right now.
- It's OK.
- It's not.
But thank you.
Ready?! ANDINIO: May the will of the true Creator give me strength.
Ready! Oh! Please, please, please.
No backup plan.
(DELPH GROANS) Ugh! Oh! Gaagh! I'm sorry, Delph! (GRUNTS) (SCREAMS) YAZ: Stay strong, Andinio.
- (TARDIS WHIRRS) - My faith has survived deception.
My service rewarded.
It's working! - Possibly.
- (DELPH SCREAMS) Just hold.
Keep at it, all of you! We are the Ux.
We are the blessed.
Our faith renewed, our faith restored.
(SCREAMS) (SIGHS) (PANTS) - (GROANS) - DOCTOR: Delph! (MACHINERY POWERS DOWN) GRAHAM: You brought us all together.
You ain't gonna tear us apart.
You ain't worth killing.
But you can have a taste of your own medicine.
We're not weak.
We're strong.
And we sentence you to life.
So, as you're contemplating eternity, keep one name on your mind.
BOTH: Grace.
(STASIS CHAMBER POWERS UP) (GASPS, WHEEZES) You did it! You did it, Delph! Did it work? You are a couple of awesome Ux.
Thank you.
Praise the TRUE Creator's will.
We are the blessed few.
(DOOR OPENS) - Whew.
- Whew! You ain't half made a mess in here! Where's Tim Shaw? Oh, he's taking a very long nap in a very small stasis chamber.
Of his own making.
- I like that.
(CHUCKLES) - Yeah.
Oh, I couldn't do it, Doc, you know.
I had the chance, but too weak.
Graham O'Brien, you're the strongest person I know.
Well one of the few.
PALTRAKI: What about that creature? ANDINIO: We sealed the building as we left.
No-one can get to him.
I'm sorry for the way he betrayed you.
We can take these people home, save you the job.
I'm gonna complete my mission.
And take us, too.
Delph this is our home.
We must stay here.
We need to understand what's out there.
Find another home.
You'll have to sleep on the floor.
I walked this planet for decades.
Floors are fine.
Where will you go now? (SIGHS) No idea.
Come on, fam.
I thought we weren't doing "fam".
I like it.
None of us know for sure what's out there.
That's why we keep looking.
Keep your faith.
Travel hopefully.
The universe will surprise you.
(TARDIS WHIRRS) (THEME MUSIC) Here's a New Year message for you to send, Earth is protected by me and my mates, this year and every other.