Doctor Who s12e05 Episode Script

Fugitive of the Judoon

Oh! I said I'd make you your birthday breakfast.
Yeah, well, I was hungry and you were dead to the world.
Truckload of presents should make up for that.
- Yeah, about that - I'm joking! - No presents.
Just a cake.
- Yeah.
- You have got me a cake? - Yeah, I'm all over the cake.
Now there's an image! All right, Monday, Do your worst.
- Mwah.
- Mwah.
- Have a great day.
- I will.
Whoa! You all right, love? Hello! Hello! Hello, pooch.
- Have a leaflet.
- All right.
- Morning.
Have one of these.
- Thanks.
You all right? Morning, Reggie.
Hello, good morning.
First time in Gloucester? Try my guided tour.
First time in Gloucester? Is this your first time in Gloucester? Try my guided tour! This is me.
Try my guided tour.
I know all the exciting facts about Gloucester yes, I do.
Test me! Go on, then.
- Tell me something.
- OK.
In 1216, the cathedral hosted the coronation of King Henry III, and he was only nine at the time! They filmed Harry Potter here, too.
Yeah, well, plenty more where that came from.
Tours start at 10.
00, 12.
00, and 2.
I'll think about it.
She won't think about it.
No, dear, she won't.
Oh, well.
Never mind.
Day's still young.
It's meant to be a heart.
Er needs work.
I know.
Man spends his entire life behind a bar pivoting to the cafe trade ain't easy, but I try.
For you, I'd try anything.
Allan, we've talked about this.
Oh, I know you're with Lee, but you deserve better! Oh.
You know there's something wrong there.
Is that an actual dossier? - Yes, on Lee.
My Lee dossier.
- Oh, come on! He hardly talk to anyone cuts his own hair, gets weird books out from the library, claims that his family's from round here but I can't find anyone who knew them.
- How can you trust that? - Thank you for my birthday coffee.
Ruth, I'm telling you, I hear things.
They don't call me All Ears Allan for nothin'.
It's not a nickname if you give it to yourself, is it? Ko Fro Lo! Bo Fro Sho To! No Bo Ko! Mo Lo So! No Kro Do! She's doing it again.
Spending hours at the controls looking for something.
Thinks we haven't noticed.
I'll ask her.
Hey, Doc, what are you looking for? How long have you been there? 20 minutes.
You haven't.
What you looking for? Not looking for anything.
Don't lie to us.
The Master.
Why would you do that? - The Kasaavin took him.
- Yes.
They transported him to their dimension and I can't get there in the TARDIS, but I thought if he escaped, I could track him.
There's no sign.
I thought he'd be the last person you'd want to see.
He left a message for me.
Saying what? It's personal.
Is that where you go? When you leave us to explore and you say you'll be back in an hour but you never are? Are you out looking for him? Where do you go? Home.
On my own.
Why? Why not with us? Cos you ask too many questions.
Maybe because we're worried about you? I mean, one minute you're all smiles, next minute your mind's somewhere else.
Kro Kro Tro Kro So Fro So So To! - Kro Kro Tro Kro - What is that? A Judoon warning transmission.
The cheek! Judoon? Are you just saying that to shut us up? Dangerous intergalactic police for hire.
Notice of a zonal enforcement field on Earth, no-one can get in or out.
What? They're preparing to beam down there.
A platoon of Judoon.
Near the moon.
They can't do that.
They've got no jurisdiction there.
Right in the centre of Gloucester! I am not having that! If I can match the TARDIS's rotation to the frequency of the enforcement field's refresh rate, I might just might be able to slip us in before anyone gets killed.
I thought you said they were the police.
Trigger-happy police.
Do Po Lo Sho! No Dro Fo Ro! Zo! To Fo Ro! Dro Ro Fro! Bo.
Dro! So Zo Ro! To Sho Fro! So Zo To! No Fo Lo! No Fo Lo! No Fo Bo Bo Lo! Ro! Bo Ro Kro To Fro Bo! Zo! - Marcia, don't! - How dare you! This is a peaceful, small city.
Who even are you? Tro Ko Sho.
That took me nine weeks.
That took me nine weeks.
Language, human.
What's this? Compensation for your weapon.
Answer her question! Who are you? We are the Judoon.
Oh my God! You will be catalogued.
I will not! Stay away from me! No! Marcia! Enforcement field perimeter at maximum strength.
You killed her! Category, human.
Fugitive match, negative.
- What do you want with us? - All within the perimeter must be catalogued.
The fugitive is here.
Well, look who it isn't! I've come to get the cake that I've ordered for Ruth's birthday.
Oh, got it right here.
A special birthday message to her.
What is the matter with you? Why don't you let it go? You want to take this outside? Stop asking me that every time I come in here for a latte! Humans! - Through here.
- What are you doing in my kitchen?! Stay inside.
Keep the door closed.
Do not let anyone in, especially alien police in helmets and black leather.
The city's under siege.
We're going to sort it.
Oh, yeah, go on, get out.
Coward! - What is up with him? - How long you got? No time at all.
Stay inside.
Lock the door.
Come on, gang, no time.
No, no, guys, look at this little lot.
Lovely! Look at the state of that! That's the worst cake I've ever seen! Ruth, I've been looking everywhere for you.
- Have you seen? - Yeah.
- They're aliens! - I know, I know.
Real aliens.
They killed Marcia.
- What? - Marcia's dead.
We need to get home.
Space rhinos? I've got no money.
I'm sorry, I'm terrible at this job.
Category, human.
Fugitive match, negative.
Oh, you're after a fugitive? I can help.
He just left.
On the counter, there's a dossier.
It's really thorough.
Hey! Watch it, you big lunk! Sorry.
Assaulting an officer.
Sentence, execution.
Sentence complete! OK.
Need to grab some essentials, a few clothes.
We need to go.
What are you talking about? Go where? Do you trust me, Ruth? Sometimes.
You need to just do what I say.
Just get some clothes and put them in a suitcase.
They can't be after you.
They're aliens.
They've got the heads of rhinos.
You're from Stroud, Lee.
If there's something I need to know, you tell me right now.
There's no time.
Come on.
Fugitive house unit located.
Prepare isolator.
I hope you've got a permit for that.
You're an Imperial Regulator? Yes.
And there's plenty here to regulate.
For starters, you don't have jurisdiction here.
So, why you're using a Class Seven Enforcement Field around this city bothers me a lot.
More importantly, this temporal isolator is an outlawed piece of kit.
Radiation leakage and civilian casualties.
Designed to freeze time but causes horrific collateral damage to anything and anyone that gets in its path.
Horrible thing.
Hey, you're not using that thing here, pal, so consider your rhino backside imperially regulated.
It sounded tougher in me head.
Fugitive is highly dangerous.
Precautions must be taken.
Not that weapon, not here.
Humans will die, and you, Captain, will have racked up enough violations to ensure that your troop never get hired again.
Look at you and your platoon of Judoon near the that lagoon.
More of a canal.
- Yeah.
- Where's your pride? Where's your respect for the rules? I'm very disappointed in you.
So, we will take over from here.
Negative! Mission must be fulfilled by the contracted troop.
Judoon Engagement Article 163B! That article is overridden by local Earth law 12 which clearly states that any potential arrestee is entitled to arbitration with a third party.
Isn't that correct, Liaison Officer Khan? Absolutely correct.
Rule 12? Massive.
Imperial regulation.
So, you will give us the time to go in there and arbitrate.
That weapon will not need to be used.
Clear? Come on! We can sort this, woman to woman.
Give me ten Earth minutes and we can have this resolved for you.
Five minutes.
Four! Er, fine.
I'll take five.
I hate it when they do that.
We'd best take the lift.
Hang on, where's Graham? - I don't know.
- Have you lost him?! He's not my responsibility.
He's always a few steps behind.
I've stopped checking.
Four minutes 30.
We haven't started yet! Come on.
Don't move.
Seriously, not a muscle.
Working on the movement sensors.
If you even flinch, it'll set off the laser spikes.
Trust me, they get everywhere.
By the way, lookin' good.
Who is this? What's going on? Where am I? And where are you? Neutralised.
Comin' to join you.
You can get excited now.
Ha! You missed me, right? Ha-ha! Have we met? Still cheeky.
Regeneration can't change that.
Got to say, loving the grey at the temple.
Kind of distinguished yet still sexy.
- Oh, come here! - Whoa! How you been, Doctor? Ah.
Pay attention, cos every word I'm about to say is true.
There's a nasty bunch of alien police outside.
They're pointing a highly dangerous cannon at this flat, and they'll fire it in about, er, four minutes.
I might be able to stop them, but I need to understand exactly why they're here, so you need to let us in, quick.
Right, tell us everything.
Who are you? We need to leave! Right into the arms of intergalactic mercenaries who seem to think you are a fugitive from justice.
- They've got it wrong.
- Sure about that? Yeah! It's mistaken identity.
He works at Bathrooms4U, for God's sake! You'd better be telling the truth, both of you, otherwise the Judoon will have you for harbouring the fugitive, and their justice is brutal.
I'm not harbouring anyone! If you're both so innocent, why are your bags packed? Yeah, like you're about to go on the run.
Khan and Sinclair with the key questions.
Not that you'll get very far, given the enforcement perimeter they've just knocked up.
Come on, quick with the truth! We've got about three minutes, probably less.
What are you hiding? Check the flat, see what's here.
If it isn't these two, it could be something inside here.
- You're not going through my flat! - Yes, they are.
Have you seen those things outside? Yeah, and I've seen what they do, and that's why we're running.
What are you doing? - What is that?! - A device that tells me you're both completely human.
Please, I'm trying to save a lot of lives here, including yours.
If you have any idea why the Judoon are pursuing you, you have to tell me right now.
What the? What's happening out there? I guess they want their ship back.
What, this ain't your ship? You think I'd choose this look? Doesn't even have a bar! A little evasive action.
Hoping these shields are as good as they say.
A few battles going on around us You're not just kidding me? You're really not the Doctor? Oh, no, no.
My name's Graham.
I just travel with the Doc.
Ha! Which is why the scoop read the wrong signal! Ho-ho, using the old Quanticum Scoop I got from a fourple on Ibiza 13 Whoo! That was a night! Actually, that was a month.
Well, look, now you know who I am, tell me who you are, why you've kidnapped me and why you're after the Doc.
I mean, we're in the middle of something right now.
Captain Jack Harkness at your service.
Me and the Doc, we go way back.
This is important.
He needs to know the future of the universe is at stake.
Not he, she.
Oh! This I gotta see.
Temporal isolator primed, Captain.
Prepare Final Warning Missile.
Find anything? A few cash-flow problems, a collection of old phones and keys.
I found this in the bedroom.
Hollow compartment at the back of the wardrobe.
And that is not from Earth.
So where's it from? - Oh, my God! - What was that?! Just came flying through the window.
Isolation of fugitive housing unit in 108 seconds.
Doesn't time fly when you don't have all the answers? So, anyone know what this is? No, I've never seen it before.
Me neither.
We found it hidden in your bedroom.
You'd better be telling the truth, cos there's a lot of innocent people that could die if we don't sort this out quick.
92 seconds.
Give me the box.
82 seconds.
Give me the box.
- Lee? What is that? - It's nothing.
No, it clearly is something, cos suddenly you're all bothered about it, and I've never seen it before in my life.
You're in charge, right? It's a very flat team structure.
You're the smartest.
I can see it in your eyes.
Use the fire exit out the back.
Take Ruth.
Get her out and make sure she's OK.
I can take care of this.
What? No, you can't! What's in the box, Lee? Who are you really? It's none of your business.
You've got half of Gloucester under Judoon lockdown.
I'm making it my business.
45 seconds.
I can deal with this.
Just take Ruth.
40 seconds.
Look, I've I've made a mistake.
You're the most important thing in my life.
I can't let others lose their lives.
I need to make sure you're safe.
- What do you mean, "a mistake"? - I just need to talk to them, OK? But they're space rhinos, Lee.
What are you going to chat to them about? 23 seconds.
They'll see us getting out of the fire escape.
- Unless - Diversion! Look, you take Ruth.
We'll go out the front and distract the space feds.
- You think that'll work? - Come on! No, cos I'm not going anywhere without Lee.
I'm a police officer.
I speak their language.
A bit of stalling, buy time to get them away.
Then we can come inside with them and be by your side.
I don't need you to be here.
You obviously do, because there's a cannon about to fire at your flat.
Time limit exceeded.
Initiating temporal isolation.
We're out of time.
It's the best plan we've got for keeping this block safe.
Right, be careful.
The Judoon might look dumb, but they're deadly.
Go to the cathedral.
I'll meet you there.
OK? - You better.
- Not going to miss your birthday, am I? Go, go, before they launch that thing.
full documentation available on request.
See you at the cathedral.
Activate Temporal Blast.
Stop! Arbitration complete.
Arbitration result? You can come in now.
So long as you turn that off.
Pause isolation.
Remain here.
No fugitives in there, by the way.
And as for you lot, I don't want you using that.
Keeping my promise.
Surrender! This property now under Judoon jurisdiction.
I surrender.
OK? You can tell your boss.
You got me.
- Graham! - What just happened? What are we doing here? Short answers, this guy, stolen ship, being fired at.
We need to get back.
And who are you? Young.
I like you young.
But silver fox said, "She, not he.
" So you, not you, right? I hope you kept the receipt for the scoop.
Seriously? Three of you? I had a dream about this once.
Whoa! Hold on to something.
Incoming matter transmission.
Commander Gat, your presence is not required.
Could've fooled me.
I've been watching it all.
You're so noisy.
Talk about sledgehammers to crack a nut.
Presenting occupant of housing unit.
Hello, old friend.
I see you're back from the dead.
We had such a moving funeral for you.
But I suppose that was your intention.
Did you really think that we wouldn't find you? Did you think that I'd ever stop looking? Good place to hide, mind, the far backside of a tiny galaxy.
How did you find me? Sentiment was always going to be your downfall.
You kept it.
Chronotelluric alloy, strong entanglement.
Very trackable.
It just takes a while.
Yeah, well I wanted to repair it polish it.
My service medal.
Honour and courage still mean something.
I agree.
See, this is the problem with our identical training.
We share all the same tricks.
Kill him.
Detained fugitive must be transferred to contracted No, idiot.
- You didn't scan him yet, did you? - Uh-uh.
Fugitive, negative.
I'm sorry it has to end this way.
You got so close to escaping.
Faithful companion.
Do I have to spell it out for you? All clear.
Now, you need to tell me everything you know about Lee, how long you've been together, and what was that metallic box? Er - Is that from Lee? - No.
It's nothing.
This cathedral is under Judoon control.
All occupants must surrender immediately.
There will be no escape this time.
We have you surrounded! - How can I help? - You interfered, Regulator.
You know what they say, one person's arbitration is another person's interference.
Very blurry line.
This is a place of worship.
Show some respect, or I'll overload those guns and make it a bad day for everyone.
Now, let's go, and nobody needs to get hurt.
What have you done with Lee? Information request granted.
Sentence, execution.
You murdered him.
That is a violation of your contract! Incorrect.
Contract stated retrieval of fugitive.
Fugitive identified.
- What? - Biological shielding decrypted.
Fugitive, positive.
That's it.
Back up or Daddy Rhinoform gets it! What are you doing?! It feels like instinct against the bullies.
Cos you know the thing about bullies? There's always a weak spot.
Bo! Ko! Fo! Jo! To! Do you know what you've just done? Who are you?! You have to get us back there.
The Doctor needs us.
Listen, kid, working with some low-rent equipment here.
Why doesn't that surprise me? Oh, she likes them mouthy, then, huh? Yeah, one up from cheesy.
OK, he's my favourite.
Whoo! Why didn't it scoop her? Why can't I get her here? Are there Judoon anywhere near where I scooped you? Yeah! A lot.
Oh, I knew it! Level Seven Enforcement Field.
That's why I can't get accurate traces on her.
Interfering with everything.
Is she safe? Total Judoon evacuation.
They've even removed the enforcement perimeter.
That's got to be good? No! Judoon switching strategy means things have got very bad and very personal now.
Ruth you just dishonoured a Judoon captain, and removing their horn is the worst insult.
I think you know far more than you're telling me about Lee and about why the Judoon are here.
It's time to share.
I don't know anything.
I don't even know how I did what I just did to them.
I don't have the decryption for your bio-shield.
You and Lee must have both had them.
Very sophisticated, like biological cloaking.
Look at me.
I know my own life.
I'm Ruth Clayton.
I am 44.
I'm married.
I'm a tour guide.
And I am scared! Back then that was not me.
My hands, they just moved.
They Well, if it wasn't you, who was it? I don't know.
I don't understand any of this.
None of this is me.
It can't be.
Help me.
Show me your phone.
You received a message just before you turned into Jackie Chan.
"Follow the light.
Break the glass.
" Ruth, I don't think you are who you say you are or who you think you are.
I think there's another identity hidden within you.
Maybe this text is an activation message words to trigger the real you, the instincts that enabled you to attack the Judoon.
I'm not that person.
I don't want to be that person.
I'm afraid you don't have a choice! Do you have any idea what this means? The light.
The glass.
Yeah, I do.
I just saw it.
But it's just a memory.
A memory of what? The lighthouse where I grew up, my family home.
Why am I seeing that now? I haven't thought about that for years.
It's something to do with this message.
He had to send it to you before the Judoon got to him.
What did he know? Are you sure it's your home? Of course I'm sure! I know where I was brought up.
My parents are buried there, on the land outside.
I haven't thought about them for years, either.
- Do you know how to get there? - Course I do.
Then we're going, me and you, now.
Ship's security is fighting back.
You gotta be kidding me! Anti-theft attack system.
Oh! Well, now I'm offended.
Look, guys, I'm sorry, I got get out of here.
I got about a minute before the ship's nanogenes attack my body.
- What's going to happen to us? - Oh! I'll pre-set the coordinates to get you back.
Just tell her this.
I'm going to see her again.
Maybe not soon.
When she needs me, I'll be there.
In the meantime tell her beware the lone Cyberman.
You don't know what a Cyberman is yet, do you? No.
What are they? An empire of evil in ruins right now brought down to nothing finally.
But that could all change if she doesn't listen to this message.
To defeat them, the alliance sent this thing back through time, across space.
Agh! Oh! They are coming for me! Always the nanogenes! I gotta go.
I've set the scoop for return.
It should take you back to where you were.
Tell the Doctor the lone Cyberman.
Don't give it what it wants.
At all costs! Tell her! We've lost him! Are we stuck here now? I hope he's got this thing right.
Tell me about your parents.
I wish I could tell you I adored them.
But they chose to live in a disused lighthouse.
That tells you how good they were with people.
Not like you, in the heart of the city, talking to people all day long.
I guess we all rebel against our parents.
It's part of growing up, innit? Never been a fan of growing up.
They loved it out here.
Suited them.
Loved it so much they wanted to be buried here? - Yep.
- You'd moved away by then.
But you still own the lighthouse? Yeah, they left it to me.
But I never wanted to come back here to live, though.
When did you move to Gloucester? Ooh 1999.
Are you testing me? Yes.
I don't know why I'm even trusting you.
I've got one of those faces.
I promise you I'm your best hope of finding out who you are and staying alive.
Ruth? What are you seeing or hearing? Nothing.
We're nearly there.
That smell home.
Forgotten what it feels like to come back here.
Like nothing can touch me.
Mind if I take a look around? Sure.
I'll get a fire going.
Why have a blank gravestone? Because it's not a grave.
Break the glass and follow the light.
Break the glass and follow the light.
Break the glass and follow the light.
Break the glass and follow the light.
Break the glass and You're probably a bit confused right now.
I broke the glass.
It's all come back to me.
What is this? That's my ship.
What?! Let me take it from the top.
Hello, I'm The Doctor.
I'm a traveller in space and time, and that thing buried down there is called a TARDIS.
Time And Relative Dimension In Space.
You're going to love this.
Come on, old girl.
Too sleepy.
Power up! Need you right now.
Struggling with this.
Can you just? No, I can't.
Not right now.
No time.
Just stand there and don't ask questions.
Sorry you got caught up in all this, but if Gat is half the operative she used to be, she's already figured out where we are.
And we need to be ready, and we're not.
Who's Gat? And who are you, really? Truly.
I told you, love.
I'm The Doctor.
You can't be.
Yeah? And why's that? Because I'm The Doctor.
You have got to be kidding me! Really? Yes, really! Since when? Since forever.
And how did I end up like that? All rainbows and trousers that don't reach? What? No.
How did I end up like you? You don't.
You're in my future, not the other way round.
I've never been anything like you.
Trust me, I'd remember.
Especially that shirt.
So would I, if I'd ever been you, which I haven't.
What? Huh? That's not possible.
Unless it is.
But what would that mean? Doesn't make sense.
Stop doing that! Oh.
Same brain.
No, this doesn't make any sense.
Either I should know you or you should know me.
So why don't we? I don't know.
Why don't you try asking that cute little gizmo of yours? Yeah, that's the one.
I did.
I used it on you, but it couldn't decrypt the bio-shield.
If you've been restored Same person.
Oh, no.
But you don't recognise the sonic screwdriver.
Smart enough not to need one.
Oh, yeah, nothing screams "smart" like a laser rifle.
I stored that before hiding, cos I knew Gat would come one day, and now she has.
Who is this Gat? I worked for her once.
You've got a job? Oh, sort of.
Not one you apply for.
Not one you can ever leave.
Believe me, I tried.
You've been hiding on Earth.
You used the Chameleon Arch to hide your identity, to hide your mind, even from yourself.
That's why the sonic didn't pick it up! And Lee was your protector.
Well done.
You're only five minutes behind someone who just had their memory fully restored.
Five points! Don't do points, I do points.
Points are my thing.
Oh! What's happening? She's here.
The Judoon have got us in a tractor beam, dragging us aboard their ship.
Now listen to me, Doctor.
Let me do the talking.
Do not get involved.
Because, if you really are me, and Gat figures that? She'll kill us both.
Here we are, then.
End of the road.
I thought I'd be angry when I saw you.
Turns out I'm just sorry.
Not as sorry as I'm about to be.
Ruth, put it down.
Yes, "Ruth".
Do as your little friend says.
You are surrounded, after all.
Don't point that thing at me, Gat.
This was mine, you stole it.
Mm, confiscated it.
No, really, don't point it at me.
Perfect for your execution.
I really wouldn't do that, Gat.
Enough now.
Let's get off this rust bucket and finish this on my ship.
- When you say "finish this"? - Shut up.
Take her advice, little woman.
"Little"? Biting my tongue.
Contract states Judoon must deliver fugitive to contractee at Division.
I'm here on behalf of the contractee! Hang on, I thought you'd hired the Judoon.
- Who are you? - I'm Imperial Regulator.
Sort of.
Bit of a fib.
Actually, I'm She's nobody.
I'm nobody.
Absolutely nobody.
See, I know why you want her, you've got a contract, fair enough.
But you? You want her dead because she left her job? - Shut up! - Is that what she told you? This goes way higher than me.
So, who would that be? Who are you all ultimately working for? I'd really like to know.
Information confidential.
I told you to keep quiet! And look where that's gotten us, lots of guns in lots of faces.
And have you got a better idea? I do, actually.
My favourite, the curveball and the Judoon.
- You wanted to find The Doctor? - Don't you dare.
- Well, here I am.
- Will you be quiet?! Go on, scan me.
Fugitive match positive.
Fugitive match positive.
Is there even a word for how dumb you are? "Doctor"? Subsection 951 triggered.
Two fugitives, two payments.
There won't be two payments, because two of the same Time Lord can't occupy the same space at the same time.
It's an abomination! It'll destroy the time streams before you get anywhere near Gallifrey! What did you say? Gallifreyan.
You're from home.
I serve for the glory of Gallifrey.
Then both of you can only be my past.
But that's impossible, because I know my own past, I lived through it.
All of it.
- You're wrong.
- I'm not wrong! I've seen Gallifrey destroyed.
First by a war, second by a lunatic who I'm still trying to find.
In my time, Gallifrey doesn't exist.
It's gone! Forever.
And if you don't know that, you're in my past.
So, you are only serving at the glory of ash and bone.
This is a trick.
Check my mind, one Time Lord to another.
See what I saw.
Keep an eye on her.
What did you see? What did she show you? I don't know what trickery this is Put the gun down, Gat.
but it ends here! Don't do this.
You knew that would happen.
You sabotaged the gun.
I told her not to do it.
I begged her not to fire.
But you knew she would! Don't take the moral high ground with me.
Crime has been witnessed.
No crime.
An accident.
And, besides, a Judoonese Talwak Freighter like this, moving at 80 million clicks an hour, entered interstellar space 12 seconds ago.
No-one has jurisdiction in interstellar space.
So, no laws, and no crime.
Isn't that right, Doctor? Yes.
Who wants some? The Doctor never uses weapons.
I know.
Shut up! We're leaving now.
If you know what's good for you, do not come for me again.
Consider your contract cancelled.
Judoon contracts will always be fulfilled! Homing in near your TARDIS signal.
Can't get too close.
Imagine the temporal feedback loop.
I'll drop you at the docks near my flat.
How's that? You can't be me.
I know what I've done, I know my own life.
One of us has to be wrong.
I'd quite like it if you got off my ship now.
There she is! Doctor! Found you.
Hey, what happened? Where you been? What happened to Ruth? The Judoon things are gone.
You're never going to guess what happened to us.
Captain Jack Harkness said hello.
What? "Beware the lone Cyberman.
Do not let it have what it wants, at all costs.
" That's all he said? - Yeah, he got interrupted.
- Who is he, anyway? An old friend.
I liked him.
Kind of cheesy.
But good cheesy.
That's Jack.
He didn't say any more about the Cybermen? Er, he said that they were a fallen empire and they should stay that way.
What are they, these Cybermen? They're one of the most dangerous species I've ever encountered, up there with the Daleks.
Oh, I can't wait to meet then, then.
And they're in our future? They're always somewhere waiting.
You haven't told us about Lee and Ruth and the Judoon.
Who was the fugitive? It was Ruth.
But Ruth was me.
What? What are you talking about? How's that possible? She said she was my past, but I know my past, and she's never been me.
I'm sure there's a simple explanation.
Time is swirling around me.
The Master, Captain Jack Harkness, Ruth.
Something's coming for me.
I can feel it.
Let it come.
You've got us.
Ryan I've lived for thousands of years, so long I've lost count.
I've had so many faces.
How long have you been here? You don't know me.
Not even a little bit.
- Don't talk to him like that! - Yeah, I'm not having that.
We do know who you are.
You're the woman that brought us together, the woman that saved us and loads of other people.
You're The Doctor.
Whoever you were in the past or are in the future, we know who you are right now.
- Right? - Right! The best person we know.
And whatever is coming for you, we'll be here.
Cos we're your mates.
Well, not just mates.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
So, whether you want to go looking for whatever trouble's coming, or whether you want to wait here and let it come to you we'll be right here, by your side, like it or not, Doctor.
What's that? I know what you're doing, siding with them, distracting me.
You're doing this deliberately.
Whoa! Multiple alerts across three continents here on Earth.
Can't be connected.
Unless they are.
Quick look? Quick look.
Let's go.
Need some help over here! Two identical deaths on two different continents.
It's even more dangerous than I thought.
This can't be happening.

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