Doctor Who s12e09 Episode Script

Ascension of the Cybermen

The Cybermen were defeated.
The victors of a billion battles broken.
An empire of might and terror fallen.
Their weaknesses exploited.
Their armies outfought.
Their conquests surrendered.
Every empire has its time.
And every empire falls.
But that which is dead can live again in the hands of a believer.
And you say you just found it in the lane? I did.
- Like that? - Like that.
No note? We'll look after him.
Until you find the parents.
That's right.
Well? It's official.
He's ours.
Oh! Oh, our beautiful baby boy! Aren't you Brendan? - Whoo-hoo! - There you go.
Ha! Let's go.
Let's go.
Go on, go.
In you go.
The muscles of you That's great.
If it gets worse, I'll call the doctor.
Half a mile out.
The exact coordinates Shelley gave us are just down there.
You want us to lug all this stuff down there? What's wrong, Graham? Can't take the commando lifestyle? Hey! No commando jokes, please.
I don't need that image in me head.
Any ideas what we're walking into? This planet, this time period We're in the very far future.
The immediate aftermath of the Cyber-Wars.
Cybermen have hunted down and wiped out the majority of the human race.
There was never a good time to break that news to you.
If it's any consolation, it almost wiped out the Cybermen too.
Yeah, but almost isn't good enough, is it? No.
I'm getting a handful of human life signs down there.
When you say a handful, how much we talking? Seven.
Seven humans left? If I had to guess, I'd say that's the last remaining human settlement this side of the universe right now.
- How are the repairs? - Piece of cake.
Grav Raft's completely fixed.
Completely fine.
We're good to go.
- Really? - No.
But you always look at me with those puppy dog eyes that say, "Please, tell me it's good news".
- How long will it take? - A day, maybe more.
I promise, I'm doing everything I can.
I know you are.
But those last signal bursts indicated that we don't It's too soon.
You said there weren't any more.
- You said they wouldn't find us! - They always find us.
I said I hoped there weren't any left.
You said it was too good to be true.
Yeah, well, sometimes, I just want to be wrong.
Would you like some help? You don't need to use that against us.
Who are you? Where did you come from? Doctor, Graham, Ryan and Yaz.
Don't worry about where we're from.
Concentrate on how we can help.
Set this all up like I showed you.
Uh Two Cyber shuttles, just landing.
- Who's in charge? - I I guess I am.
- As much as anyone is.
- Fought Cybermen before? No.
We've run from them.
- Escape craft? - Damaged in planet fall.
I've been trying to fix it, but we've got no spare parts.
- I've botch-built a couple - Don't need your life story.
Get everybody into the buildings and tell them, do not run.
Do as I say.
You can trust us.
Bish, bash, bosh.
What's that? This, cockle, is a neural inhibitor system.
- A what? - Yeah, I didn't have a clue either.
As far as I understand it, your basic Cyberman is part human, part machine.
Now, they have suppressed all emotion and sensations of pain, which means if we can un-supress those, and they realise what's happening to their bodies, it sends them a bit mad, which is one way of stopping them.
And that is what this gizmo is supposed to be doing.
And will it definitely work? Well, I hope so, son, 'cause we've come a long way.
Now, do us a favour get yourself safe.
There's a good lad.
- What is that thing? - Particle projector.
The Doctor's customised it to project particles of gold into the air.
Cybermen are allergic to gold, right? I did hear that once.
I'm going to go and get the Grav Raft going.
- Force-field? - Yeah.
Yeah, pretty rudimentary.
Have you got a better one? We ain't got nothing.
Oi! Fuskle?! Here.
He's my little brother.
He don't say much.
Not anymore.
It's a force-field, mate.
And people.
That's got to be good news.
Will you tell him what it does? It should fry any Cyberman that comes near.
See? We're gonna be alright! Yedlarmi.
And Fuskle.
Well, give him your hand, then.
If you're not gonna speak, at least give him your hand.
What are you doing? Trying to see where they're coming from.
But they're sending a jamming signal, trying to confuse us as to what they are and how many.
What weapons have you got, Feekat? Two guns.
One's broken.
So, basically nothing.
We're not soldiers.
I was a teacher.
Ravio was a nurse.
We've got a childminder, a driver, a builder.
We're just ordinary humans.
And we've all lost everything.
And everyone.
All to the Cybermen.
And nobody cares.
I care.
Me and my friends, we care.
Get inside the building.
We'll fight whatever is coming.
Activation time, fam! They're close.
I don't know how many they are or which direction they're coming from.
Quick! Hey? Do you hear that sound? Stay.
Seriously, mate.
I know you're scared.
We're all scared.
Aah! Fam! Get out! They're targeting the defences! Ah Fuskle! No! Get down! I said don't run! Fuskle, don't run! No! Get back here! Fuskle! Fuskle! Aagh! Stay with me! No Please.
Get to your ship.
I am sick of running.
- I want to fight them.
- It won't be a fight.
It'll be a massacre.
The drones are just the advance guard.
I'll buy you some time.
Now! Come on.
Let's go.
You and Ravio get the Grav Raft started.
Ethan and I will grab the supplies.
The systems didn't stop 'em, Doc.
I know.
They destroyed everything we brought with us.
- I know.
- We haven't got anything else - to defend ourselves or them.
- I know! Listen to me.
Do not argue.
Go with the humans.
Help them.
Get them out of here.
You won't make it back to the TARDIS alive.
Make sure you're with them.
- What about you? - I'll hold them off.
- How you gonna do that? - This isn't a discussion.
- We're not just gonna leave you.
- Yes, you are.
You have to.
All of you.
No questions.
Get out.
- I've been so reckless with you.
- What you talking about? You're human.
If they capture you, they'll convert you.
I'll find you.
Get safe now! Yeah.
Me again.
Here to stop you for good this time.
It's just you and me.
Strategic defences destroyed.
Life signs identified.
Or not.
All humans will be deleted.
Let me think.
Keep the others safe.
Act as bait.
See ya! Go, go, go! Three targets acquired.
Keep going! Go! Aaagh! Surrender, humans.
Get out of there! There are Cybermen behind us! We're not ready! I haven't got Feekat and Ethan.
Listen, you have to get inside.
Graham, where's Ryan?! - Get inside the Grav Raft! - No, we've got to find our friends! Get inside! Let's go! - Ryan! - Go inside! Go! Expedite take-off now! What you doing? We can't take this lot.
Fuskle's dead because their stuff didn't work.
Yedlarmi, I'm sorry.
Their weapons are going to destroy the outer shell.
We need to go now! - Not without the others.
- The others are dead.
We all know it's true.
If they haven't got here by now, that thing must have got them.
Look, we've only come in here for shelter and our friends are still out there.
- Sit down! - Our friends are still outside! - No, you need to let us out! - It's too late! Shh! What are you still doing here? - I told you to get out.
- We got separated.
Hey, what's that? Final fallback option, to get us out alive.
What's he doing? Shh! I know you're here.
Surrender! Hey.
Stay here.
- Ethan, no! - I'm here.
It's just me.
No-one else.
I surrender.
You can take me.
You show courage.
But you're a liar! So few of you now.
Should I let you live? You could tell the tale.
Speak of their deaths, of my power, to every other species.
Spread my message.
Tell them, "Be afraid.
All humanity have been erased.
All life will fall and the Cybermen will rise again".
Not if I have anything to do with it.
Run! Go! Doctor! We've got to find Yaz and Graham.
I saw them get on the Grav Raft.
They're gone! - What? - Concentrate, Ryan.
We have to get out of here.
We can't make it to the TARDIS.
No escape ship, a relentless Cyberman and very limited options.
Well, one option.
How fast are you feeling? Come on.
Are we gonna steal their ship? Yes, we are! Hot-wiring a Cyber fighter.
Oh, it's warp.
Of course! Which makes it trickier.
Unless you're me, which I am, which is good.
'Cause I used to hot-wire warp drives for fun, on a weekend, as a teenager.
Not that we had weekends.
Or teenagers.
Basically, I used to do this a lot and people got mad.
But now it's gonna save all our lives.
So, who was right all along and is now the real winner? There's a faster way.
Let me.
Hey, do you need help with that, kid? Who you calling "kid"? This is gonna make him cross.
Here we go.
Hold on.
Hate these controls.
Cyber shuttle lift in progress, Leader.
Human life signs aboard.
- Mam.
- Sorry.
Very smart.
Ready, then, son? It's good form.
Done a good job on this.
Very neat handwriting.
And why do you want to be a guard, Brendan? He wants to serve.
Best leave the lad to speak for himself, eh, Pat? Right.
I want to make a difference.
I was with him.
The day he found you.
Look at you now.
Yaz, where are we? What we doin' here? If we're stuck with this lot, how we gonna get back to the Doc and Ryan? Don't worry.
We'll find 'em.
Well well, how are we gonna do that? Me and you, together? No-one else stands a chance.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
You're pushing it too hard.
Don't tell me how to work this thing.
Who's the one who salvaged it in the first place? Yeah, and who patched it up? You'll wreck it if you push it past half-power.
Seriously! Look how low the life support has got.
We won't get there at anything less than 90%! We won't make it all if you push it past 90! Make it where? To Ko Sharmus.
And the Boundary.
It's where we've been trying to get to.
Our only point of safety.
Yeah, that's what we've been told.
You've got to believe, Yedlarmi.
Do we? And how's that working for us? It's the best we've got.
And what boundary are you talking about? Supposedly our way out of this galaxy.
A gateway a direct route out of here, into another random part of the universe.
We get through there, the Cybermen can't follow.
The Boundary patterns are never the same twice.
It's our best hope of safe harbour.
Energy pulse links cratering.
Didn't I say you were pushing it too hard?! - It's fine.
- What did I tell you?! - It's fine! - 14 breaches in the shell lining.
- Oxygen pressure's dropping.
- Energy cells compromised.
Content's getting critical.
- Ah! - Okay, it's not fine.
The whole system's melting down.
It can't.
Not here.
It's gonna blow.
Get down! Hey Oh! This is rough.
It's makin' me feel sick.
Cyber warp tech, not designed for humans.
Ooh, hang on.
If it'll help added ginger.
I've programmed in the destination of Ko Sharmus.
That's where the others will be heading.
If this is warp drive, we'll get there before them.
I've been scanning but I can't see 'em.
Maybe we're already ahead.
What? You good at this? First thing my dad taught me.
How to hijack Cyber ships.
How to take 'em apart.
How to burn 'em to the ground.
I was four.
Born in wartime.
So, this is all you've ever known? The war made us pariahs.
'Cause of what was always coming for us.
The last Cybermen intent on destroying the last humans.
Ah! Here he is.
The bad penny.
We were just talking about you.
We know where you are.
We will find you.
Yeah, yeah.
Have you not asked that great slab of Cyber AI you absorbed about me? I'm the Doctor.
Consult the Cyberium, mate.
I've stopped you lot so many times before and I'll do it again.
Time after time after time.
The Cyberium does know you.
Both you and humanity will be destroyed, and I shall bring the Cyber race to its greatest ever glory.
Quite a grudge you've got against humanity, especially considering you used to be one.
When the glorious Cyber empire arrived, I was a willing recruit.
But as I took my rightful place, as I began my blessed ascension, I was denied.
At first I cursed myself.
Hid in the shadows, ashamed.
But now I understand I was not discarded.
I was chosen to revive the glory of the Cyber race! There's no glory in being a Cyberman, and there's definitely no glory in you.
I mean, talk about an identity crisis.
You despise who you are.
That anger and hatred that's driving you those are human emotions.
But real Cybermen they don't do emotions.
So, you loathe your own being because of what's driving you.
Now, that's what I call an inner conflict.
You are correct.
Am I? Didn't expect you to take it that well.
I'll have to bill you for therapy, at this rate.
The Cyberium has given me understanding.
It has distilled my purpose.
I am the perfect vessel.
Everything is in me for the ascension of the Cybermen and beyond.
What do you mean beyond? What's beyond that? All your deaths.
The death of everything is within me.
Stop there, thief! Ah Come on, now.
Give me the bag.
Everybody gets their stuff back.
You don't need to do that.
- Move round now.
- Alright.
Alright Look, I know you don't want to use that.
Brendan?! Brendan I'm I'm fine.
I'm fine! Which way did he go? Come on.
I was lucky.
It's a lovely picture.
You look very dashing.
Ma put it away.
Phew - We're still alive.
- Give it time.
I wish you was a bit more 'glass half full', sunshine.
He's right, though.
If anyone's got any heartfelt end-of-life speeches, now's probably the moment.
Uh Well, um Oh, God, you're not actually gonna do that, are you? There must be something we can do.
Why has all this shut down? We've got to conserve what little power we've got left.
What was that? I don't know.
Any idea where we are? Middle of space.
Dying slowly.
Yes, thank you, Eeyore! I got that much! Oi, you? How many times have we had to get out of trouble together? There's only three of us now.
We're just the scraps.
Yeah, but we're still not gonna go down without a fight.
What are those noises? We were passing through the old battlegrounds when everything failed.
Who knows what's out there? I'm gonna take a look.
Oi, careful, will ya? What's out there? Can you see what's making the noises? Yeah.
I can.
And? Bits of dead Cybermen floating in space.
Must be one of the last battle sites.
They're definitely dead, though, right? Look, we're turning.
What else can you see? Dormant ships.
Loads of 'em.
That's hope, right there.
Right, Graham? Yaz, jump down.
Let's have a look.
There you go.
That that one at the front.
There's an opening in it, like a a docking bay.
If we could just get in there and get across there We'll never reach it.
We don't have the power.
- Well, what about life support? - Yeah.
Channel the remaining energy off those systems.
That's what you need.
Burst of acceleration.
Might work.
We could vent the air pressure.
It could spin us enough.
Use all the oxygen, we'll be dead.
We're dead anyway! At least let's have a go, eh? Okay.
So, we channel every last bit of life support towards propulsion.
Everything off.
Shut everything down.
Any system that's still got even the tiniest hint of power has got to go.
We must be mad.
Not mad.
- Okay.
- Don't panic.
Don't take any deep breaths.
'Cause they ain't gonna come.
- We've been stranded in space before.
- Yeah.
Here we go.
Aah! Aaagh! Aaagh! Aagh! We landed.
I think we did.
Look at the size of this place.
We must have come in through the docking bay entrance.
Good job they left the doors open.
We triggered automation sensors as we came in.
Set everything going again.
You two are lucky.
We're not lucky, sunshine.
We're persistent.
We never give up.
Luckily for you.
- Let's have a look around.
- Alright, then.
Exiting warp, Leader.
The trail of the human craft ends here.
Human life signs registering on carrier ship.
The Cyberium sees all.
Their destiny and ours intertwined.
The site of our greatest defeat, and soon, a shrine for our rebirth.
Shuttle calling Ko Sharmus.
Anyone hear me? Anyone there, at Ko Sharmus? Talk to me.
Please? What I'd give for a friendly voice right now.
Go on.
Please Shuttle calling Ko Sharmus.
Ko Sharmus responding.
Hello? Hello? We've made it.
This is the Doctor.
Who's that? I've told you.
This is Ko Sharmus.
Ko Sharmus? You're a person, not a planet? Who who are you? What do you want? We're human and we've come to cross the Boundary.
No, I I don't think so.
- What do you mean? - There are no more humans.
Well, we've got news for you.
First things first, we're on a stolen Cyber ship but we're not Cybermen, we're friendly and there's more on the way.
Very much looking forward to meeting you.
Now, forgive me.
I need to jump off.
Have to land this thing properly.
I'll just park this thing over the ridge.
Oh, it's so cold in here.
Ah, see.
That is because you're alive and breathing, 'cause of us.
Are you gonna keep going on about that? Yes.
Every hour, on the hour.
What are you laughing at? You.
What about me? You've come a long way, Graham O'Brien.
Thanks, Yaz.
I raided one of these carriers once.
Nearly got fried to death.
Good times.
Cyber control should be just down here.
Is this a Cyber ship? War carrier.
We get this working, it can get us to Ko Sharmus.
Maybe even find your friends.
War carrier? Are you thinking what I'm thinking? What was it carrying? This is the control deck, alright.
The system's still intact.
Full power banks.
This'll get us to Ko Sharmus.
We could even use it to cross the Boundary.
Use it as a settlement ship.
Till we find the best habitable planet.
That could work.
Ooh, careful, son.
You sounded slightly positive there, for a sec.
I'm gonna take a look around the rest of the carrier.
See what else is here.
I'll come with you.
Be safer with two.
Go careful! I was born careful.
That's actually true.
It's gonna take a while to reboot.
Have to go one section at a time.
Level 139.
It's always been my favourite level.
It's as good as any.
At least he's got the power back on, though, eh? Aah! - They must have got us moving.
- Yeah.
You know, I'm starting to think we're in with a good chance of surviving today.
Oh, not just today.
You've still got a lot of life ahead of you.
Yeah, well, I hope you're right.
How do you reckon we get in? Right.
Let's have a butcher's.
Butcher's hook? Look? It's Cockney rhyming slang No, don't worry about it.
You are really strange.
Excuse me! I'm the most normal bloke you're ever gonna meet! No, strange is a compliment.
I like strange.
Oh? Oh Oh.
What do you reckon these are, then? Oh.
This was a troop carrier bringing soldiers to the front.
Fresh Cybermen, ready to fight.
Warrior class.
There's got to be over a thousand Cybermen in here.
I counted 10 doors on each level.
How many levels on this ship? Several hundred.
And we're in the middle of stealing it.
We are home.
The Cyberium has called me to this task.
And now its vision shall be fulfilled.
Hail the Cyberium! Afternoon! Or is it morning? Loving the coastline.
Three of you.
Not just one, but three of you.
I don't believe it.
There's me, having lost all hope.
Consider us your hope restored.
I'm the Doctor.
This is Ryan and Ethan.
Do you mind if I have a shufti round? How are your defences here? Come on.
Did this settlement start with you? Yes.
Myself and a handful of others.
Fleeing the Cyber camps.
So, you fought in the war? Yes.
For a long time.
Then I was captured and held in a human internment camp for processing.
Sent for upgrade.
I was one of the lucky ones.
Got away.
We had heard tell of this place.
We didn't really believe it, but we managed to get here.
The war hadn't made it this far, so we built shelter and, uh, over time, others came.
The word spread.
So where's everyone else? There's only me.
I helped everyone else through the Boundary.
And then, 'cause I'm an idiot I felt like it was my duty to wait in case others came.
Hmm! But it's been a long time.
You sacrificed your own life on the chance others were still out there.
You make it sound more noble than it is.
So, it's true.
The Boundary, it's real.
Of course it's real.
Will you show us? I think this is trying to tell us something.
Oh, no.
We've been boarded.
- Open the comms channel.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah, I'm doing it.
Graham, Ravio, head to the control deck.
Cybermen just boarded.
Graham, Ravio, this is Yaz.
Cybermen have boarded and are on your level.
Get back here as quick as you can.
Yaz calling Graham and Ravio, can you hear me? Yes, thank you! Wait.
Abandoned no longer.
Ascension is near! No wonder they almost wiped us out.
The systems on this ship are the most advanced I've ever seen.
Have you seen the speed we're going at? Would barely take us any time to get to Ko Sharmus.
Yeah, bringing hundreds of thousands of dormant Cybermen with us.
We can't do that.
We cannot take Cybermen to the Boundary.
What are our other options? Surrender this ship? Land on another planet and set the Cybermen loose there? We're gonna keep all of you safe, we're gonna find the Doctor, and we're gonna take them Cybermen down.
Aren't we, Graham? Yes, we are, Yaz.
Very much so.
That's some high-level self-delusion.
None of us are giving up, eh? Not now.
Glass half full, right? What do you think they're doing down there? Let me activate the obs system.
They've opened up those containers.
Awaken, my soldiers.
The ascension shall begin.
Aaagh! We're carrying a Cyberman that makes other Cybermen scream.
So, where's this Boundary? 'Cause that's just the sea.
This is where it starts.
Every time.
But I've seen people go through and I hope they're alive and well elsewhere.
That's quite a risk everyone's taking.
A leap to the unknown.
It was preferable to the alternative.
If you want to see it, step closer.
It responds to proximity.
A bit further and it will respond.
Here it comes.
How is that possible? I don't know, but it's good, isn't it? It's the last way out of this galaxy.
It's a sad day for us all here.
But if any man can be said to have earned a peaceful retirement, it's our Brendan.
On behalf of the local community, and everyone past and present you've helped, we'd like to present you with this memento.
May we all live up to the standards you set us.
- Thank you, Brendan.
- Thank you, sir.
Hello, Brendan.
Would you mind coming with us to the back office? We have to get rid of everything, I'm afraid.
Thank you for your service.
We're sorry you won't remember it.
Coming out of vortex.
We're not far away.
Close enough to send a signal, warn 'em we're coming.
I can help you do that.
Guys they're all waking up down there.
We know you're here.
My warriors are coming for you.
Yaz, looking for the Doctor all frequencies.
Yaz looking for the Doctor.
Yaz, we can hear you.
Can you hear me? Doctor! Where are you? We're on a Cyber battle cruiser with that Cyber guy and a lot of Cyber troops that are waking up.
They're coming! They're right outside the door! Yaz, get off that ship, now.
We can't.
We're trapped and they're about to break in.
Yaz Yaz! What is that? That's not possible.
I've never seen it look like that before.
That's my home planet.
That's Gallifrey.
How is Gallifrey here? Wow! Oh! Oh! That's a good entrance, right? Be afraid, Doctor.
Because everything is about to change forever.
Look upon my work, Doctor, and despair.
We don't stand a chance here.
We are stuck on a ship stacked with Cybermen.
I've told you before that everything you knew was a lie.
Well, now you get to face the truth.
You can be a pacifist tomorrow.
Today you have to survive.
Set course for Gallifrey.
Brace yourself.
This is going to hurt.

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