Doctor Who s13e98 Episode Script

Legend of the Sea Devils

Inside now! Inside! Quickly! - Get inside! - Come inside! Pa, she's heading for the statue.
No, Pa, don't! This is our duty.
If she's come for the statue, she doesn't understand what she'll unleash.
Pa, you can't! Stay here.
If anything happens to me the duty passes to you.
Stop! I said, stop! Take your sword off my neck! You have no idea what you're doing.
I was about to say the same to you before I kill you! Dan, hurry up! Four centuries off.
Why's that? We finally got to a beach! Yeah, when we weren't aiming for one.
Centuries off what I wanted.
What are you wearing? What she gave me.
Too much? Way too much.
You said I looked all right.
Yaz, did you dress Dan up like this? She said nautical would suit me.
I can't leave you alone for a second.
At least you didn't bring the hook! Ow! Ow.
Get off! Agh! Ah Hijacked jewellery.
What's that about? Unless Your skimming's a bit off.
Kinetic hyper-curve.
Very odd.
You try.
See? Geomagnetic disturbance.
Maybe a localised core.
Might be why the TARDIS was pulled off course.
Question is why? Come on! Get out! They're coming! The demons! No.
No! Stop right there! Sea Devil.
Land Parasite.
All right, let's not get into the name-calling.
How would you prefer to be addressed? Where is it? Mr.
Where-Is-It? Lord Where-Is-It? Why are you trashing this place? Who are you? I'm the Doctor.
Now! And I just caught a whopper! What is that? You think such feeble material can hold me? Can hold any of my kind? That's impossible! Since when do Sea Devils have a ship? Since me.
Pirate Sea Devils in 19th-century China! We're never going to get our beach holiday, are we? That's not possible.
You want to die out here too? Like him? He was my father.
Hexo-toxic poisoning.
Sea Devil weapon.
It's filled every capillary.
I'm sorry for your loss.
I don't know who she is, but I don't think she did this.
I am Zheng Shih.
Zheng Yi Sao or Madam Ching.
- Who are you? - Madam Ching?! Pirate Queen? - I'm the Doctor.
This is Yaz and Dan.
- Hiya.
Sorry about his outfit.
Recently broken, presumably by you.
It contained information about treasure I was seeking.
Must be some treasure.
The lost treasure of the Flor de la Mar is worth any amount of statues.
The Flor de la Mar? I thought that went down off the coast of Sumatra.
Legend says the treasure was found years later by the great captain Sin Ji-Hun.
He was born at sea and knew the oceans like no-one else.
But his ship went down somewhere in these waters centuries past, with the treasure still on it.
Pulse feels way beyond anything feasible for 19th-century humans.
What was on here? An ocean demon.
She killed my father and she released a demon.
My kin, I was betrayed.
Deprived of our world and our waters, entombed in the filth and parasitic air of the Land Crawlers.
They showed me no mercy.
The call went out, and you awoke, and now our time has returned.
Is the Hua-Shen ready to hunt? Let it seek.
Let it feast.
Listen I'm sorry about your dad.
The duty's mine now.
I'm not going to let her get away.
We can get on her ship, make sure my father didn't die in vain.
How are we going to get on there? Swim, of course.
I'm not supposed to wander off.
Rule one - don't wander off.
Why didn't you stop him? Why is it my fault? He's a grown man.
Since when do Sea Devils have a ship? So you know them, these Sea Devils? Crossed paths once or twice.
Where do they come from? Slight wrinkle there.
They were here before humans.
They regard Earth as their own planet.
- That's not good.
- Just trying to get a trace on this Sea Devil ship, but I'm not getting anything.
They've masked their route.
They must know I'm onto them.
Maybe it's time to have a word with Madam Ching.
She didn't take much notice of you last time.
No, but she did give something away.
She's looking for the lost ship of Ji-Hun and the lost treasure of the Flor de la Mar.
Now, what if we had it? - But we don't have it.
- But what if we did? That'd shut her up and bring her on our side.
I mean, that's what we came for in the first place, to find out what happened, then we got diverted off course.
- Well, I'm diverting us back on.
- What, we're leaving without Dan? He wandered off.
Now we're wandering off too.
A short hop.
A few centuries.
If I can access the TARDIS data banks to find the last known sighting of a ship with a commander named Ji-Hun This is where a time machine comes in handy.
We find out what happened to Ji-Hun, maybe pick up the lost treasure, zoom back to bargain with Madam Ching, and track down those Sea Devils.
I don't understand.
Where are her crew? That's what I was just thinking.
This will make it easy to kill her.
Whoa! Nobody said anything about killing.
I have to avenge my father.
Son, you don't stand a chance.
There's two of us.
You must be pretty good at fighting if you've survived to be What? 70? - 60? - Forty t-two! Stowaways! Let me do the talking here.
So, my stupid little stowaways you think you can bring bad luck to my ship? Tell me why I shouldn't kill you both now.
You might as well, otherwise we're going to kill you.
For a boy hanging upside down, you still have some spirit.
But that won't keep you alive for long.
You've got no crew.
Somehow, you've managed to sail this thing here on your own.
Now, I'm no expert, and I don't know how many crew you should have on here, but surely three's better than one? You think you're so clever? - I'm not clever.
- I got what I came for.
But I need to get to the wreck of the lost ship fast.
If I let you live, you work the ship, do as I say.
And if you're lucky, you might make it back home alive.
So where are we going to exactly? The shipwreck which holds the lost treasure of Ji-Hun.
No, no! - Please - Who wants to be next? Any man who tries to stay will be executed at my hand! Looks like a mutiny on Ji-Hun's ship.
Go! - No! Please! - All of you.
That includes you, Lei Bao.
Ji-Hun, what has happened to you? Doctor this isn't a mutiny.
He's throwing them all off.
Jump to your fate! Now! I said leave! He's forcing them off to die in the water.
What is that? That's not natural mist.
Oh, no.
Those things were here in the 16th century.
Come on! My Lord, my ship is yours.
Ji-Hun's in league with the Sea Devils.
Why would he do that? Do you have what we agreed? I do.
How does it feel to betray your own? What was that? You expect me to honour an agreement with a Land Crawler like you? - Betrayal! - Victory! - This ship is going down.
- Back to the TARDIS! What was he doing? I mean, that's the trouble with history never anything like the books.
Same as Stephen King movies.
- And we didn't get the treasure.
- No, but we did get something Madam Ching doesn't have an exact location.
Of where the ship went down, and a TARDIS that can take us to the same spot in the future.
Yep, 274 years, four months and two days into the future will take us back to where we left Dan, even if he did wander off, and onto the ocean floor, where, with a bit of luck, we'll find the wreck of Ji-Hun's ship and the lost treasure.
Did you see how quick that was? And we're bang-on.
Come on, tell me you're impressed.
You're like a kid sometimes.
Thanks! What, only sometimes? Let's take a look at this shipwreck.
Wait! Aren't we underwater? Shipwreck? Bottom of the ocean? I know.
I love being at the bottom of the ocean.
And you're going to open those doors? Oh, yeah.
Oxygen bubble.
I reinforced it with an aquashield as well, just in case.
It'd be a bit embarrassing if we drowned after all this.
Isn't it spectacular? What a universe.
What a planet.
Just when you think you've seen the lot, there's something like this.
It's stunning.
Yes, it is.
Not a bad date, am I? No.
Something's missing.
No ship, Sherlock.
Not even the tiniest sign.
Where's the ship? It's only been 274 years.
At the very least, there'd be a wreck.
We're definitely in the right spot.
These are the exact coordinates where it went down.
It can't just have disappeared into thin water.
Could it have moved with the currents over time? Maybe.
But there'd still be mineral detritus, and I'm not getting anything.
Yaz? You know the ocean floor? Yeah? It's not really there any more.
Why are we not falling? And how is the water not moving? Not sure.
Argh! Sea Devils! Yeah.
How can it be broken? What's the problem? None of our equipment works.
We have to go by celestial navigation.
Ursa Minor.
I always thought that I'd learn the constellations, but then I just downloaded an app on me phone.
But I haven't got me phone with me.
I don't understand half the words you say.
You're not the first to say that.
Menkar's there, which would mean Did you see? - The stars just moved.
- Yeah.
The world is being disrupted.
Because of you! Because of what you unleashed.
We have to get to this place.
Nothing is more important than getting our hands on that treasure.
Why is it so important to you? Oh! Is that yours? What? She's got both.
You want to know why I'm on this ship alone? My crew were taken.
They're being held hostage by Guo Podai and the Black Flag Fleet.
There's a ransom to pay or they all die.
You lost your father.
I could lose my sons.
How old are the boys? Three and six.
I promised I'd return with the treasure as release payment.
The longer I take, the less likely I am to see them again.
What was that? It's the sound of Hua-Shen.
Hua-Shen doesn't exist.
It's a myth! If it doesn't exist what's that? Man the cannons.
It's coming straight for us.
Now! What was that? Down! Least they could do is park it the right way up.
So rude.
You thought you could follow us with your transport.
- How does it work? - Oi, fins off! It's mine now.
You have no status here.
Yeah, well, status is overrated.
Anyway, we weren't following you.
We were searching for a lost ship.
Belonged to a fella named Ji-Hun.
Ever heard of him? What do you know of Ji-Hun? We know you and he were in league.
We know you're the cause of his ship sinking.
So what have you done with the treasure? I was keeping all that in reserve.
- Sorry.
- Oh, I forgive you.
What's that geomagnograph for? Are you measuring the current flow? Oh, is that hum a current regulator? And how do you keep it airtight down here? I mean Oh, orbital electron stripping.
And the algae regulates the microclimate.
Right? Clever! A bit claustrophobic, though.
A bit cramped.
You talk to secure yourself time to think.
All right, don't need the analysis.
Anyway, who says that you're right? Sh.
You're not the same as the other Land Crawlers.
Crawled in from a different land.
I've met your species in the future.
Your people are conflict-averse.
So what's this, then? Is this how you develop? Or are you just the bad egg of the species? How did you come to be inside that statue? And what have you done with Ji-Hun's ship? We made it our own.
You really pimped his ride! Do people still say that? - It's 1807.
- I'm ahead of the curve.
Speaking of curves That geomagnetic disruption, that's part of this, right? Where is the keystone? Not your turn for questions.
Due some answers first.
Do not make the mistake of thinking I wish to keep you alive.
Now tell me where the keystone is.
- We don't know what you're talk - What do you reckon, Yaz? Shall we tell him or shall we not? Tell you what - show us the ship first, and we'll talk to you about the keystone.
Since when did you need a ship? You're aquatic creatures.
It's not a question of need.
It instils fear in the Land Crawlers.
We came here to find out what happened to the lost treasure ship.
Well, here it is - stolen by a Sea Devil, held under the ocean bed.
No wonder it's never been found.
What about Ji-Hun? What happened to him? Do you want to see the fate of those who attempt to resist my will? Doctor, stop.
What's the plan? For getting out of here, for finding Dan, for stopping whatever fin-face here is up to? I'm going to keep him talking till he reveals himself.
He's got quite an ego.
Much more of a zealot than the ones I've met before in the future.
I'm going to find out what he's up to, and then I'll dazzle you with a beautiful bit of improvisation.
You mean there's no plan.
Early days! And these are the souped-up engines and navigation systems of your ship.
Ah! So there's a shield around the ship as it moves from the surface to the ocean bed.
Okay! Not bad for an amateur, I suppose.
I'd have done it a bit differently, personally.
I mean, this section definitely needs a bit of work.
- What does this do? - Stop! Do not touch.
All right! Only curious.
You asked about the Land Crawler Ji-Hun.
Does this answer your question? Wake up, Land Crawler.
More of your kind.
You kept him here all this time? This is the fate of those who oppose us.
He was helping you.
He did everything you asked.
Phone call? You can take it.
Don't mind us.
Just don't give out your card details - lot of sharks out there.
Quiet! Ji-Hun, I'm the Doctor.
This is Yaz.
How are you still alive? What pact did you make with these creatures? No pact.
We saw you.
That day, we saw you kneel before that creature.
To save my men.
To allow them to escape.
You weren't working with that Sea Devil you were tricking it.
The keystone.
Is it safe? Everybody's talking about that, aren't they? What is it? A tiny part of the treasure of the Flor de la Mar.
My ship was carrying the most formidable gem, with infinite powers.
Hold the keystone and you may change the course of the world.
Freeze life and time.
Transport matter.
The vast, lost power of a demon race, from below our waters.
Sea Devil technology.
I gave it to my most trusted crew member and got him off my ship.
Is it safe? The creatures cannot be allowed to have it back.
Move away from him, Doctor.
You say you have the keystone.
- What? Here?! - Sh.
She knows what she's doing.
Yeah, that's right.
I've got the keystone.
And if I'm going to let you have it, you're going to agree to my conditions, which are including, and not limited to, releasing Ji-Hun, letting Yaz and I go, and also I know you don't have the keystone.
You seem very certain of that all of a sudden.
The Hua-Shen has located it on the surface.
The what, sorry? Our creature of the depths.
Stitched up by a sniffer dog.
And now I'm certain you're lying, you are disposable.
Oh, no.
Any last words to try and save your skin, Doctor? Yep.
Going up! - What's going on? - Something just came out of the water! That's impossible.
Geronimo! Doctor! Yaz! Is that your ship? No, but this is our friend.
Nice entrance.
Thank you.
Rumours of his death have been greatly exaggerated.
- What? - You call this a ship? Where's the crew? Well that'll be us.
We don't stand a chance.
Oi, that's Dan.
Don't diss Dan.
- Dan's my mate.
- Yeah.
You can't be alive.
That's not possible.
I agree.
Focus now.
Where do you keep your treasure? Because that statue creature you released is looking for a keystone that was in the treasure of the Flor de la Mar.
And their pet sea monster seems to reckon it's on this ship.
- What does it look like? - Tiny orange jewel.
Can glow unexpectedly.
Any ideas? I have.
Take off the keystone.
It's nothing.
It belonged to my mother.
She got it from her grandfather! It goes all the way back to the great Lei Bao.
Lei Bao? He made it to land.
And you're his descendant.
Your family's oath across the centuries.
It wasn't just a statue.
It was hiding the keystone! And you went to get it.
After you imprisoned Ji-Hun, you followed Lei Bao.
- I was tricked.
- You were defeated.
The legend of the keystone told it could be used to entomb aggressors.
Frozen in time.
A statue on land.
A stone prison.
No wonder that gem's so valuable.
But wait, if that's plutonic crystal, and your systems below the ocean are fluo-geomagnetic Your world is now doomed! The keystone is mine! If that ship goes back down without us on it, we don't stand a chance.
With me! Geronimo! I know what you're doing.
You're trying to flip the Earth's geomagnetic poles south to north, north to south, longitude to latitude.
That's why even the stars feel like they're moving.
You want to create chaos.
Melt the ice.
Shift the current.
Change the pressure.
Until the whole Earth is flooded.
We're reclaiming what was ours.
It is our right and it is our time.
It's done, Doctor.
What do you mean, it's done? The plutonic crystal has been sent down.
The sequence will begin.
Our Earth will be gloriously aqua once more.
No, no, no, no! And my kin are ascending to reclaim this ship.
It's coming after me.
Be ready.
You can't get away from me, Doctor.
Say hello to my crew.
Argh! I knew that'd come in handy.
Don't let the swords touch your skin! Oh! How do you like me pirate moves? - Better than your outfit.
- Come on! Argh! You saved my life.
I should've saved your father's.
Now fight! Argh! I'm lowering the ship.
Hold him there! You didn't have to kill him! It took my ship, my crew, and my life! No mercy.
It's starting.
I thought you said you could remember how she worked it.
Yeah, well, I was wrong.
Maybe it were that one.
Did you say anything to the Doctor? About what I said to you? Like what? I don't know.
Something Has she said something to you? Why? What would she say to me? Oh, come on, Yaz.
Can't you see it? Geomagnetic instability's increasing! Out of the way.
There's no time.
Hold tight.
Is it always like this at sea? I think that'll have alerted all our friend's Sea Devil acolytes.
Dan, I need you to supervise Ji-Hun and Madam Ching.
I need you to keep those Sea Devils at bay.
Only to be used in emergencies.
What, like the imminent flooding of the entire planet? Yeah, like that.
Yaz, with me.
Control core's this way.
This is going to be tricky.
Right, you three, our job is to keep all Sea Devils away from the Doctor and Yaz.
I'm going to check down there.
Don't want any surprises.
Ji-Hun, you're in charge.
Go and off-load the treasure from my ship.
If you get it now, that treasure can still do some good.
Boy, with me.
We've got company on the way! Wait, where have the other two gone? Argh! Stop right there! I'm with a centuries-old seafarer with a grudge! He'll take you out before you even blink! Where did you learn to deal with your enemies like that? You should meet me mum.
Defractor rod.
Two minutes and counting.
Love it when there's not enough time.
Simple but delicate.
I need to short-circuit the power and internalise the charge.
If I localise the power, this base becomes the densest place on Earth.
No-one - no Sea Devil, no human - will be able to leave for a very long time.
- We'll be able to get out first, though, right? - Yeah.
One of those.
I just need to get this done.
You know what I said earlier about not being a bad date? Well, dates are not something I really do, you know.
I mean, I used to.
Have done.
And if I was going to, believe me, it'd be with you.
I think you're one of the greatest people I've ever known.
Including my wife.
Your what? Er wasn't going to mention that.
It was a long time ago.
I was a different man back then.
But the point is, if it was going to be anyone it'd be you.
But I can't.
Why not? Because at some point, time always runs out.
Argh! Whoops! I just lessened the time.
50 seconds! What?! We need to get back to the TARDIS, but this cable needs to hold.
Yaz, you have to go.
Get the others out.
I'll keep this in place.
No, you go.
I'll hold.
I can't ask you to do that.
The world out there isn't mine.
But if I can help preserve it for others, all those centuries will not have been for nothing.
You truly are a legend.
And you need to run.
You got it back the right way up! Nice work.
Out of the way! - If I don't get us out now - Three seconds.
- the magnetism will drag the TARDIS down.
- Two seconds.
Enough to get your crew back? Enough.
I solved the mystery of Ji-Hun and found the lost treasure of the Flor de la Mar.
What do I even tell my crew? That you vanquished mythical creatures to bring them home.
No-one will ever believe me.
That's what makes a good legend.
We should get you back to your village.
He's my responsibility.
I'm sorry for what happened to your father, but you could find a home here, as part of my crew.
Really? Don't ever do that again.
Who are you? Where do you even come from? We're just a crew from a ship looking for adventure.
And often finding it.
Right? Aye aye, Captain.
Where will you go now? Good question.
You do keep promising us a beach.
Di? It's me.
Long time no speak.
Well it feels like a long time for me, anyway.
Just leaving you a voice message, so no need to pick up.
Just to let you know I've been thinking about you.
And I don't know.
I've been having all these mad adventures, and I can't tell anyone, and I just felt like telling you.
I know we're not at where we were at, but Di? That's weird.
You're weird.
I was just thinking about you and your big daft face.
I think I might've been missing seeing you which is really weird.
Are you going to be back here any time soon? You okay? Yaz I can't fix myself to anything anywhere or anyone.
I've never been able to.
That's what my life is.
Yeah, of course.
Not because I don't want to.
Because I might.
But if I do fix myself to somebody I know, sooner or later it'll hurt.
My nani says courage is knowing something will hurt and doing it anyway.
Mind you, she also said it's the definition of stupidity.
Can we just live in the present? Of what we have while we still have it? Sure.
Make a wish and skim it.
I wish You can't say your wish out loud! You can where I'm from.
I wish I wish this would go on forever.
Nothing is forever.
No regeneration.
No life.
Beware of the forces that mass against you, and their Master.
This is the day you die.
Ace, I haven't heard from the Doctor for nearly four decades.
Just cos it's only three decades for me.
Welcome to the end of your existence.
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