Doctor Who s14e00 Episode Script

Children in Need

Greetings. Mr. Castavillian, I take it?
Yes, Davros an honour
to work for you, sir.
Then allow me to show you the future
of our beloved Kaled race.
Behold, my Mark III Travel Machine.
War has caused the Kaled
race to mutate, but
Within this casing, we can evolve.
We can start anew.
We can become stronger than ever!
We will become the supreme
race in the universe!
Observe a bonded polycarbide shell.
A ruby ray blaster.
And, a multi-dextrous claw,
capable of annihilating a million Thals.
My ultimate masterpiece of design!
Yes, I did some research
on the name, sir.
Since we're called Kaleds,
I thought our future selves
could be an anagram of "Kaled".
Like "Lekad".
- "Edlak".
- No!
[SPEAKERS] Davros, I
need your confirmation
to begin the next bombardment, sir.
One moment, and touch nothing.
Is that understood?
Yes, sir.
Just passing by,
'cause I got a bit lost.
It's funny.
Sixty minutes ago I was
this really brilliant woman.
And now I've got this
old face back again.
I mean, why?
Why? I ask of you, my
brand new friend! Why?!
It's all a bit of a puzzle.
- I'm sorry.
- Ah, no !
I am so, so sorry.
I think I broke this
Multi-claw, adaptable what is it?
That's a Dalek.
Good word.
Yes, that's it!
I'm lucky I wasn't exterminated.
Ex-exterminated? Yes
Yes! Good word. Great.
Wait a minute, do you
mean this is the
Genesis of the Daleks?
Oh, this is the stuff!
Thank you. Thank you!
No, no, no, no, stop it!
Look I was never ever here!
The timelines and canon are rupturing.
I'm just gonna go
and you're not gonna say a word, okay?
No, but you broke the multi-claw
adaptable thingamajig!
Oh, yeah.
Hold on.
Never here!
Now, where were we, Mr. Castavillian?
Ah, the splendid design
of my secondary
I like it.
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