Doctor Who - Documentary s01e14 Episode Script

Secret Voices of the Sense Sphere

WOMAN: Fifty-one Fifty-one Why do you trust your people? -Why do you want to make me doubt them? -Fifty-one in five.
But trust can`t be taken for granted.
It must be earned.
Yes, in that clip you hear a lady`s voice.
Now, she is undoubtedly a PA, a production assistant, who was sitting in the gallery next to the director.
And as the vision mixer, who was more than likely myself, cutting to various cameras, she would be calling the shot number and then which camera was coming up next.
Why do you want to make me doubt them? Trust can`t be taken for granted.
It must be earned.
I trust you, but only because I know you.
But Susan, our whole life is based on trust.
Yes, and that might be your downfall.
Look, you don`t trust the ground you walk on until you know it`s firm, do you? The only reason you probably hear that is Well, there were two reasons and it was quite a common occurrence, in fact, to hear what we call talkback, is A, it was induction, the talkback cables were close to the microphone cables so therefore there was induction between the two.
Or B, and this is more than likely, somebody had left their cans, earphones, off, possibly doing something else and left their earphones off and so you could hear what was going on in the gallery.
And the person who talked the most, especially if you had a good director, was the PA.
Because the PA, by saying what shot number, is announcing to all the people on the floor, all the cameras, the floor manager and everything, exactly where you are in the script.
So ``Shot 6 3, on 2, Camera 4 next`` means you know where you are in the technical script.
Fifty-one Fifty-one Fifty-one