Doctor Who - Documentary s04e01 Episode Script

Boys! Boys! Boys!

Well, in fact, this year really is rather a momentous one for Doctor who.
It's their 1 0th anniversary next month so the programme is nearly as old as Petra.
If you're a fan you'll probably remember that the first episode on the 2 3rd of November, 1 96 3, since then there's been lots of excitement and adventures in over 400 different episodes.
But when it first started, no one really knew if it would catch on.
It was originally planned to last for six episodes.
And in those days, William Hartnell played the part of the Doctor.
There've been three other Doctors since then, two on television and one on film.
But there's one character that's always been there with the programme, that's the Tardis.
And in the 1 96 3 series, the Tardis played a very big part in helping to get the Doctor and his friends out of a very sticky situation.
Now you see it, now you don't.
And that was how the very first series ended.
And by that time, it really was a huge success.
It had become regular viewing for millions of people.
And the Doctor went on to have more and more strange adventures.
In 1 965, one of the adventures had a character in it called Steven.
He was a stranded space pilot who was rescued by the Doctor.
And Steven became one of the Doctor's permanent travelling companions.
If you're wondering how I know so much about him, take a look at this.
Stop that! Turn the talk-back on again! There's no point.
Turn it on again before he really hurts her.
Look, he can't kill her or he hasn't a hostage.
You animal! KIRKSEN: Now, that's Just the start.
Now, do as I say! DOCTOR: Change course! Now, that's more like it.
Take him back to Kembel.
Take him back to Kembel! Let the Daleks deal with him.
-Yes, and us.
-Oh, don't worry, dear boy.
We'll find a way out.
-(KATARINA SCREAMING) -Stop that or you're dead! I can't sacrifice everything for the sake of that one girl.
Without us, you wouldn't have got off Kembel at all and nothing would be worth bothering about! All right, so we all go back together.
But without me, I doubt if you would've got this far, either.
Yes, all right.
But I won't let you hurt Katarina.
We'll head back for Kembel.
As the Doctor says, on the way we may find a way to get her out of there.
KIRKSEN: You won't! -(GASPING) -STEVEN: No, not that one! Katarina! Katarina! -A star is born.
Did you get an Oscar? -Who was it? I didn't recognise anybody there.
-Lovely haircut, though.
-Oh, thank you.
-Get off.
-Nearly as bad as mine.
It was round about then that William Hartnell decided he needed a rest after playing the part of the Doctor for so long.
But of course the programme had to continue.
Well, the problem was how to change from one Doctor to another.
I think the producer came up with quite a clever solution.
Ah, that's terrific.
And it was trick effects like that that have made Doctor who the popular programme that it is.
Now, some of these special effects are quite extraordinary, like the way that the Tardis was made to come spinning through space to land on the sea.
(WHOOSHING) Strange weapons fired devastating rays.
weird force-fields imprisoned people.
No! PURVES: Tanks filled with poisonous gas were designed to confound the Doctor and his friends.
And of course, there have been dozens of other trick effects.
And I expect you've got your favourite ones.
Yes, you can imagine all the behind-the-scenes work that goes into putting on Doctor who.
For instance, the designers are always having to think up new ideas for new monsters.
Well, we found a scene in a 1 969 Doctor who where there's a sort of monsters shopping list, as the Doctor tells the Time Lords all about the enemies he's had to tackle.
Give me a thought channel and I'll show you some of the evils I've been fighting against.
The Quarks.
Deadly robot servants of the cruel Dominators.
They tried to enslave a peace-loving race.
Then there were the Yeti.
More robot killers, instruments of an alien intelligence trying to take over the planet Earth.
All this is entirely irrelevant.
You asked me to Justify my actions, I am doing so.
Let me show you the Ice Warriors.
Cruel Martian invaders, they tried to conquer the Earth, too.
So did the Cybermen, half creature, half machine.
Pretty gruesome collection, that lot.
But the idea of designing monsters seemed to appeal to a lot of people.
You may remember our Design A Doctor Who Monster competition that we held a few years ago.
Now, these were your prize-winning designs and very good they were, too.
I think that the ideas must have been quite useful for Doctor Who because just look at some of the monsters that have appeared in recent adventures.
This is the Sea Devil, undersea relation of the Silurians.
They were summoned from the deep by the evil Master to help him take over the world.
Here's an Axon, from the story ''The Claws of Axos''.
And you'll remember they came from outer space in a ship from a strange material called Axonite.
And this mutt, a mutation from the planet Solace, will be calculated to scare anyone out of their wits.
But I think out of all the peculiar characters seen in Doctor who, there's one that easily made the biggest impact of all.
DALEK: Stay where you are.
This is the Dalek supreme.
Stay where you are.
You will be exterminated.
Space vessel instruments now randomised.
On course for planet Desperos.
Impact in point six.
I'm pleased to say that when two of those Daleks were stolen a few months ago, after our SOS on Blue Peter they were found and safely returned to the Doctor who studio.
Well, Patrick Troughton played the part of the Doctor for three years.
Then came the moment for another change of actor.
And this time, the way it was done was to give Doctor Who a scene where he himself chose his new face.
Oh, he's too old.
Well, he's too fat, isn't he? No, he's too thin! Yes, that one's too young.
Oh, no, that won't do at all.
This is ridiculous! You're wasting time, Doctor.
But it's not my fault, is it? Is this the best you could do? I've never seen such an incredible bunch.
(LAUGHING) Now, the face he finally chose was that of the longest-running Doctor Who to date, the actor who plays the part of Doctor Who today, Jon Pertwee.
In a story about a year ago, all three Doctors actually appeared together.
And if you hadn't seen every single episode from the beginning of the series, I think it might have been Just a bit confusing.
-Haven't you? -It was perfectly all right until you touched it.
Now, if only you'd leave things to me.
If we were to leave things to you, my dear fellow, -we'd be in a fine pickle, wouldn't we? -Look -There they go again.
-you lost the image, not me.
SECOND DOCTOR: I did not lose the image! (DOCTORS ARGUING) Look.
Both of you! -THIRD DOCTOR: What? -Look.
Ah, there you are.
I seem to be stuck up here, hmm? Hmm? Oh, so you're my replacements.
A dandy and a clown.
Have you done anything? Well, we've assessed the situation Just as I thought, nothing.
Well, it's not easy, you know.
-Not as if we knew what that stuff is.
Then, I'll tell you.
It's a time bridge.
-It's a what? -I see.
Now, what's a bridge for, eh? -Well, um -Crossing? Right.
So stop dilly-dallying and cross it! No.
No, wait! You've faded him again.
-I did not fade, you saw -Yes, you faded him Look, I hate to ask, but who was that? BOTH: Me.
BOTH: Me! -Now there are nine of us.
Oh, it's lovely and it's nice to know that although actors come and actors go, Doctor who appears to live forever.
Yes, and there's a brand new series starting in six weeks' time on December the 1 5th.
And I'm sure millions of people will be watching.
And we'd like to say happy 1 0th birthday to Doctor who.