Doctor Who - Documentary s09e11 Episode Script

Storyboard Comparison

JO: I'm all dolled up for a night out on the town with Mike Yates, when you talk me into a joyride in this thing.
DOCTOR: It's hardly a joyride,Jo.
This is the TARDIS' first test flight since I got it working again.
JO: Yes, I know but you said we'd only You said we'd only be a few minutes, right? (THUNDER CRACKING) (WHOOSHING) (CREAKING) JO: Doctor, what's the matter? Where are we? DOCTOR: We seem to be halfway up a mountain.
We're balanced on the edge.
JO: Well, what are we gonna do? DOCTOR: Come towards me.
Come on.
Now, give me your hand, very, very gently.
-Ready now? -Yes.
Right, jump! JO: It's smashed to pieces.
DOCTOR: Jo, the TARDIS may have its faults, but it is indestructible.
Our main worry is how to get to it.
We certainly can't climb down there.
(THUNDER CRACKING) DOCTOR: Jo! Jo, look up there.
JO: Oh, looks a bit doomy.
DOCTOR: Well, we certainly can't recover the TARDIS by ourselves.
We'd better get up there and see if we can find help.