Doctor Who - Documentary s11e09 Episode Script

Where Are They Now

Grace Archer died 25 years ago this week.
But the actress who played her is very much alive and well.
And she's with me today, Ysanne Churchman.
You use your voice in a variety of ways.
We know what it was like as Grace Archer.
Well, some of us will remember what it was like as Grace Archer.
You've been called upon to make some very strange voices for characters.
This one, however, I would presume, if you'll watch, is one of the oddest.
It's a most magnificent installation.
If only we can get trisilicate production up to the necessary level, we shall be able to do our own refining.
Hmm? Oh, yes, yes, I'm sure.
The Doctor's been gone an awfully long time, hasn't he? Of course, only Eckersley understands the new refinery fully.
I'm sure he'd be glad to explain it to you.
Oh, I look forward to that.
AUTOMATED VOICE: Emergency! Emergency! Unauthorised use of explosives has produced a rock fall in the cavern area.
The cavern! That's where the Doctor's gone.
Emergency! Emergency! I knew it.
Something's happened to him.
I'm gonna find him.
Really, it would be most unwise.
I'm sure a proper rescue operation will be mounted.
On this planet? I don't trust any of them.
Right! These Earth females seem to have a distressing tendency to rash action.
What was that character? That was the hermaphrodite hexapod, Alpha Centauri.
Stuart Fell, the stuntman, was in the clothes, of course.
We used to have little discussions as to how he was feeling and thinking.
But what was your brief? How did you come across that voice? Well, I was told, "Basically, we want the pure voice of a young boy, "with the mentality of a homosexual civil servant.
" (CHUCKLING) And so that was how it was for the first serial, and the second one, they said, "We want it exactly the same, -"but he's 1 30 years older.
" -How did you get that? Well, I think he just got more effeminate and more panicky.
Oh, really? But you play old people from time to time? Well, yes, I love doing voice work because it does give you an opportunity to play, as you say, an old age pensioner or a crying baby, -or a glamour girl.
-How does an old age pensioner talk? There's no such thing as an old age pensioner's voice, is there? Well, it depends, you know, where they come from and so on, but Well, what dialect is your favourite? (WEST MIDLANDS ACCENT) Well, I don't know what you're asking me to say these things for, really, David.
You've known me well enough to know I don't write me own scripts.
-I can't invent it as well, you know.
-Thank you very much, Ysanne Churchman.