Dogs In The City (2012) s01e01 Episode Script

I Speak Dog

There's 80 million dogs in America.
One in eight New Yorkers owns a dog.
Titus,come here,big handsome.
That's one and a half million dogs.
Which means,there's gonna be some problems.
That's where I come in.
I'm Justin Silver.
They call me the dog guru.
All right,let's get started right now.
I've been working with dogs and their owners for nearly ten years.
Watch his feet,watch my feet.
Just walk.
They're gonna follow you.
Good girl.
And believe me,I've seen every problem you can imagine.
Knock it off.
No,that way.
- Oh,my God.
- Demanding.
And that's just the owners.
Okay,now you're gonna hate me.
Now? I mean,the truth is,when I'm training dogs,I'm training owners.
You're never gonna use this again.
So you can go throw it in the garbage.
- I'm telling you "knock it off" - Yeah.
and you're gonna tell him "knock it off.
Good boy.
Bottom line,my job is to make life with dogs in the city a whole lot easier.
You see how she starts to just fall into a rhythm with you? If there's one language I speak fluently,it's canine.
Come on.
What?Oh,my handsome dog trainer? Any breed,any time,anywhere.
When it comes to dogs,I've got this city covered.
Tonight,a celebrity skateboarding bulldog is beloved by everyone Skateboard dog! Good boy.
So is the dog a third wheel in the relationship? He's definitely a third wheel.
Well,sometimes I feel like I'm the third wheel.
Bernese mountain dog Rosie might be headed to an early grave if her owners can't curb her monstrous appetite.
My biggest concern is keeping her weight down.
Leave it! She's the largest female that I've ever seen.
And business owner Elli has brought her dog fight to the office.
How many days a week is she lunging? She's lunging every day of the week.
I don't think she should be here.
Between you and me,I'm not a dumbass.
YTET- °îµÂÖí&º£´ø dogs in the city Season 1 Episode 01 Right now,I'm going to meet with Erin and Patrick and their dog Beefy.
Beefy is a skateboarding dog who's a bit of a YouTube sensation.
There you go.
So,Erin called me up because she's worried that Patrick pays a little bit too much attention to the dog, and Erin feels a little squeezed out.
- Yes.
- I'm Justin.
Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you.
Oh,my God! Tony Hawk and a bulldog had a baby.
What's up,man? - Patrick.
- Justin.
Nice to meet you.
- This is Beefy.
- Yes.
What's up,dude? Beefy is the New York City skateboarding bulldog.
He gets a lot of attention when he's on a skateboard.
I can't spend time with Patrick without Beefy.
It's kind of ridiculous that I resent the dog.
And at this point,I'm desperate for help,and I heard Justin is the best.
Beefy has a huge ego.
He won't walk with me,and he won't let us sleep at night.
If Erin tries to walk him,he,you know,he'll kind of turtle.
He halts? - He halts,yeah.
- Like,he puts the brakes on for you? - Yeah.
- What do you do at that point when he does that? I drag him.
Can you walk him for me? Let me just see what happens.
- Okay.
- Come on,Beef.
Okay,yeah,this is kind of how it goes.
Come on,Beef.
Yeah,this is it.
This is me for two blocks.
But the important thing is that she wants to walk the dog down the street.
- Yes.
- And she should be able to do that.
You can't do what you want to do with this dog.
- Right.
- Okay.
Uh,we can fix that.
Make him your dog as opposed to your dog.
It's a joke with some of his friends that if there was a fire or something, he would jump in after Beefy before he jumped in after me.
Want a cookie? That he loves Beefy more than he loves anything else,including me.
Sometimes it makes me feel bad.
There's been a lot of tears.
So is the dog a third wheel in the relationship? Beefy is,uh,he's his own wheel.
But,yeah,he's definitely a third wheel.
He's Well,sometimes I feel like I'm the third wheel.
Dude,you guys are newlyweds.
This is your beautiful wife.
This is,like,this is a celebration time right now.
Got to switch that around a little bit.
I think Erin needs a sense of empowerment with this dog, - and I think the dog needs to be the dog.
- Right.
It seems like he's your companion,and then she's just sort of along for the ride.
Erin seems a little frustrated about the relationship between Beefy and Patrick.
There's Beefy and you,and then Erin is a little lower down here.
Beefy is a bit of a celebrity,and Patrick tends to cater to it a little too much.
This is a newlywed couple not a good start.
Do you want to move on to your living situation? - Take a walk? - You bet.
Go see what it's like in your house? - Sure.
- Yeah.
Beefy has definitely put a wedge in between us.
Uh,which is a huge problem.
Come on,Beefy,take us home.
Come on.
It's a cool thing that he does this,it's not a cool thing that he doesn't walk though.
I resent the fact that a dog is an issue in my marriage at all.
For me,he's a pet.
And for us to argue so much about about a dog,it just seems ludicrous to me.
So let me know what some of your home life is like with him.
He basically thinks he runs the show.
When we go to sleep,he wants to have attention or wants to jump up on the bed and not allow us to sleep.
And that's definitely an issue.
- Show it to me.
- Okay.
- Show some.
- Come on,Beef.
I work full-time and I go to school full-time,so,for me,sleep is not a luxury, it's a necessity in order for me to function.
This is the worst part of all the issues of Beefy.
Okay,so you guys are in bed.
If you guys get affectionate,does he try to get in between? - Yeah,he - Yes,now he He nuzzles his way in,right? He would definitely try to nuzzle his way in.
- He blocks you? - Yeah,yeah,blocks.
Let him do what he normally does.
Beefy he's so used to being attached to them,just having them on a surface separate from him is torture.
To make myself less of a factor in this,I'll make it more normal than it would be.
- Oh,yeah.
- All right.
And if this is normal for you,I am sorry.
It's starting.
Yes,that's it.
In your ear at 3:00 in the morning.
That's what you hear in the middle of the night? I've been feeling that Patrick just indulges the dog with everything and doesn't say no.
So this is how you sleep? This is how we sleep.
This must drive you crazy.
This dog has Patrick and Erin trained perfectly.
And it is 100% Patrick's fault.
And then you'll go on the couch.
I'll lie down on the couch,he will lie down next to the couch,go right to sleep.
- And pass out for the night.
- And pass out.
This is a perfect example of where we get confused between loving and spoiling.
And he just started spoiling the dog to the point where it's not its own animal anymore.
All right,this is a lot.
There's a lot going on here.
What I do is I pay more attention to the people and I'm watching the way the dog is reacting to what the person is telling me.
So,my job,I'm really more of an interpreter between the dog and the person.
Uh,here's the deal.
- I want you to pick up some supplies.
- Okay.
I want you to pick up a baby gate.
You know the Kong toys? Toys that you put food.
- That's what I want you to do for some training in here.
- Perfect.
And I want to make an appointment to see you in the park.
We're gonna work on some of that dog walking stuff,okay? Great.
All right,I got to go to another appointment right now, but I'm gonna come back later and we'll get this taken care of.
Thank you so much.
I got a call from Elli Frank.
She called me about her dog Charlotte.
Elli owns a model staffing agency,and she brings her dog to work with her every day.
The dog's got aggressive problems,so I'm really excited to get in there and help her with this.
Plus,it's dogs and models,two things that I'm into,so this is gonna be an exciting one.
This looks like my favorite place in the world.
Charlotte,stop!Charlotte! I don't think she should be here.
You can't say she shouldn't be here.
If she bites somebody Oh,she's not gonna bite you.
While I'm working with the dog,I'm jousting with this chick.
Okay,now you're gonna hate me.
Bring it on,Justin.
I got a call from Elli Frank about her dog Charlotte.
The dog's got aggressive problems,and it's attacking the models, it's attacking the people in the office.
So this is gonna be an exciting one.
I'm Justin.
- Yeah,hi,I'm Elli.
- It's very nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you.
I called Justin because I heard he works miracles.
My dog attacks people clients,models,anyone that walks through the door.
I have to be on guard,because the dog might try to attack me.
Elli has no idea how to discipline her dog.
I'm kind of scared at some points in time what Charlotte's going to do.
The otheweek,Charlotte lunged at me,and thank God Elli grabbed it by 'cause Charlotte would've bit me in the face.
Which is not really good for me.
When you told me that people come into your office and startle her and that's what she reacts to,I wanted to see that.
So now I saw it,good.
The aggressive dog case is usually one where the dog's misunderstood,and it's just being protective of its owners.
I enjoy bringing my dog to the office.
That's my dog.
She looks so sad right now.
Like,look at that dog.
I'm not worried that she's gonna attack the next person that walks in, I'm worried that she's gonna feel bad for attacking the next person.
I can see how Elli's defensive,"I love the dog.
No,she's not a bad dog.
" I think that her attachment to the dog is what's causing the problems.
How many bites has she had so far? I have a different definition of "bites" than you do.
Are you counting blood bites or non-blood bites? If you are counting blood bites and non-blood bites,that's a lot of bites.
Aggression is something that I specialize in.
A lot of trainers don't want to take on aggressive cases because they're dangerous.
Those are the ones that I go to first.
The two things that concern me are this: You're very concerned about her, - but you don't seem to have much concern about the people that she's bit - No,no,no.
and the victims,and the models that have come in here.
I'm definitely concerned about them.
That's why I need your help.
The people in our agency make a living off their face.
God forbid,you know,one of the girls is permanently scarred or something.
I mean,if that were me,that would bother me.
I'm gonna take her for a walk.
I want to have a little one-on-one time with her,and then I'm gonna come back here, I'm going to tell you what I think,okay? Okay.
All right.
You're coming with me.
You're coming with the dog guy.
Come on,sweetheart.
What do you think? Can he do it? Listen,I know exactly what's going on up there.
You think I don't know what it's like to have a co-dependant mother? My mother drives me absolutely crazy.
But here's the thing,you guys got too much attachment.
You got to cut the cord at some point.
I think it's going to be difficult for Elli to separate from Charlotte.
She already knows the risks that are involved.
more people getting hurt,the dog getting sent away,or at the very worst,put down.
So what I want to do is teach her some preventative measures so it doesn't have to get that far.
We are back.
- How are you? - Hi,Charlotte! So,we had a good talk.
Yeah? I got a very good sense of her,and I have a solution for you,okay?Okay.
But everything's good? Everything's gonna be good.
I'm hoping Justin can take the bite out of Charlotte, and give Charlotte the personality that goes with her sweet,loving face.
We are on the Upper East Side of Manhattan right now.
This is old-money New York.
A lot of designer sunglasses,designer shoes,designer purses,designer dogs inside the designer purses.
So to see a big Bernese mountain dog up here is going to be a nice change of pace.
Stay back.
How are you? How are you? - How you doing? - I'm Justin.
- Greg Longworth.
- Nice to meet you,Greg.
- How are you? - My daughter,Allie Nice to meet you,Allie.
Please,come in.
Nice to meet you,Rosie.
I'm Justin.
Beautiful dog.
My dad and I,we have a strong relationship.
Rosie's a part of our family,because Rosie's like a sister.
I really love her.
We had the last one She was 11 and a half years and a day.
Greg and Allie had this Bernese mountain dog,and then it suddenly died of cancer.
What they had said is that this particular breed,they don't show you any manifestation of their illness.
Oh,so it just came like that.
I am retired from the New York City Police Department after 21 years.
Through my career,I've experienced a lot,but when Sadie passed away I can't imagine anything worse.
That must have been devastating.
When Sadie died,my dad,like,like he wouldn't get out of bed.
He was,like,crying.
Like when you love someone,like,with your,like,all your heart.
I-It's sad to see them go.
How soon after the other one did you get this one? We got her a week later.
Oh,you did? So,what's your biggest concern with her? She might be a little,like,overgrown for like,her breed,and like,her gender.
She's very large-boned.
She's the largest female that I've ever seen.
Yeah,she's a big girl.
You know what,it's also food is love.
And in the wake of the last one,it's like,we don't want to not give her what she wants.
When I was eating dinner,she was begging me for something.
She was making the face.
It's like cuter than all the puppy faces I see from my friends when they beg me for something.
And I'm like,"I do not take puppy face.
" But I have to take it when it's on Rosie,of course.
It's too cute to resist She's so friendly,people are giving her treats on the street.
There's a lot of dog owners around that have treats in their pockets.
So you're worried about her.
I'm worried about her health.
And whatever assistance you could give us,we'd greatly appreciate.
Hopefully get her on the right track for a long,healthy life.
Okay,so that's how I can help you.
Greg and Allie are really concerned that her weight might be a problem, so I just want to get her checked out,and allay any concerns they may have.
I'll see you at the doctor's office,to make sure you're okay.
I'm going to Patrick's now.
I'm gonna start to work with him and Beefy on the sleeping situation.
Beefy drives Patrick and Erin crazy whenever they're in a separate room from him.
How are you? - What's up,buddy? - Good,good,good.
How you doing? I'm good.
Come on,Beef.
I really wanted to talk to Patrick,and find out his history with Beefy.
The nature of that relationship is like this,and I feel like if I could find out a little bit of the history, I can really start to pick away at the nature of the problem.
So,here's my impression of this whole thing: I see lots of people.
You're connection with this dog is closer than almost any other client that I've seen so far.
What's your story with him before she comes into the picture? 'Cause your history with him is longer than your history with her.
Was there,like,another relationship Yeah,I was in another relationship.
I was in a six-year relationship.
Okay,I got it.
AndGo ahead.
we got Beefy together.
And then about,when he was about two years old,we split up.
And then,it was,"It's you and me,kid,against the world.
" Until we met Erin.
I don't know if he adjusted to it quite right,or maybe even myself.
You have that emotional attachment.
So you start seeing it in all these physical ways.
He can't be away from you.
He can't physically be in the other room.
He's not his own dog,you're kind of not Like,who are you without him? Patrick treats Beefy too much like a person,than he does a dog,and you can see, he doesn't want to hurt him.
It's almost like we treat dogs the way we want to be treated.
And you really see that here.
Your relationship with your wife needs to take the place that your relationship with Beefy has taken on.
You've lost perspective on it at this point,because it's just gone a little too far.
And if I could get you to see that,Mm-hmm.
then all the physical stuff I do is gonna stick.
- You know what I mean? - Yeah.
All right,you want to get started on this? - Let's do it.
- Okay,let's go.
I think standing on my own and having Beefy being independent is definitely a good thing.
Uh,it's probably going to hurt a little bit.
You know,for both of us.
Uh,because we have been so tight for so long.
You know,he's part of me.
He can still see you.
It's not a closed door.
It's not so extreme.
But he's not on top of us.
I put the gate in the doorway so that Erin and Patrick could have their own space.
Beefy's not allowed to pass that border.
He's got his own space outside of there,and he's going to protest that.
You see right away? He knows that a physical boundary means "I'm away from you.
" Right.
The thing is,a door is too black and white that's the reason I use the gate.
Beefy can see through,he knows that nobody's abandoning him, but he can still have that healthy distance and that space.
We have to start creating that physical separation.
Because that's the nature of your problem.
Come here.
Beefy,come here.
So I'm going to give him a reward,here,to let him know this is a positive thing.
The reason I give Beefy treats outside of the gate, the reason I give him a nice blanket to lay on is so that he starts to make the connection that having a little distance isn't a bad thing,because it's not a bad thing.
You see that he'll bark when you're right here.
- Go out of eyesight for a second.
- Okay.
This is how we're going to start this.
He's going to have to struggle through this a little bit.
Come over here.
Let him see that you're here.
Look at me.
He doesn't need your attention all the time.
Justin's absolutely right that I should just find the place in my mind that to know that he's a dog.
And that he is gonna be okay.
It's definitely something I need to work on constantly.
And,uh,it's time to step up.
Tell him to stop.
Beefy's crying.
I feel for-for what's going on.
I mean,it's my dog.
Why don't you go out of sight? And I'm looking at his eyes,and you'll see,he'll get a little antsy.
So that's the next step further.
You see how he got a little comfortable here that made him anxious again.
And he's gonna relax again.
Just wait.
Just watch.
He said,"I'm not going to win in this situation,I'm gonna bark" and he just removed himself.
- So that's avoidance.
- Okay.
So that's progress for him.
Beefy walking away,and knowing that it's okay to be away from me,was a breakthrough.
We have not seen that kind of behavior,ever.
That's the battle,right there.
I-I've seen the battle.
Now I know the war can be won.
Now,I'm going to go out of eyesight.
So the thing that you and Erin can do together and the more you do it,the faster this will go.
You put the gate up,you guys spend time watching TV,let him see that you're there, and then,eventually,he'll just walk away.
'Cause the idea is not,"Oh,my God,they're leaving me.
" Right.
Because when you go to work,he doesn't bark at the door all day.
No,he does not.
- So he's okay being alone,and he knows that.
- Right.
It's that when he knows you're just right in the other room,he feels - it's like,"I'm being abandoned" - Okay.
Let him just see that he's not.
So,I don't want you to think that I'm gonna leave here and this situation is just fixed.
Okay,no,no,I know there's much work to be done.
- I'm gonna be in touch with you, - Right.
- and we're going to work on this together.
- Okay.
And I'm going to guide you every step of the way.
This is a pretty bad case of separation anxiety.
This is absolutely a fixable case of separation anxiety.
I want to fix this situation.
I want to see Beefy happy,I want to see Erin happy,I want to see Patrick happy.
And his relationship with his wife should outlast his relationship with his dog.
So I'm headed to Gramercy Park to meet with Elli whose dog Charlotte likes coming to work with her every day.
Charlotte doesn't like it when anybody tries to enter Elli's office.
I've been thinking about this situation a lot,and I've got a solution for her, but I don't think she's gonna like what I have to say.
- Now you're gonna hate me,okay? - Now? To be dead honest with you, I don't think she should be here.
I think it's inappropriate that she's here,I think because she has a bite history,it's inappropriate.
It's bad for your business.
I think it's insane that you guys are in a fishbowl like this together.
I don't think it's insane to have her here, and I will continue to bring my dogs to the office because I busted my butt to build this business, to be in the position where I can do whatever I want.
- I know you can do whatever you want.
- So,no,but hold on.
I agree with you it's mildly insane that they're here all the time,but I'm not a dumbass.
How many days a week is she lunging? Uh,she's lunging every day of the week.
If she bites somebody,that person can say, - I'm fully aware of this.
- "That dog bit me I want it to be put to sleep" Can you see the mindset of you can teach me - how to correct this behavior - Right.
- and then it's not insane that she's in my office? - Yes,yes,I can.
But here's the thing.
So you can't say it's completely insane and she shouldn't be here.
- Listen to what I'm saying.
- She shouldn't be here now.
Thank you.
- But once the issue's corrected - Right.
We need to work on this.
If she's gonna bring the dog to the office, I'm not gonna hold my tongue with her and say everything's fine.
I don't think everything's fine.
But my job is to tell you that,and then work with you.
So I have techniques that are gonna work perfectly for you today.
But I want you to see how your behavior with her is the thing that enforces this closeness, and the reason why she acts this way is a protective mechanism over you.
Do you see that? Yes,but at the same time,what confuses me is I do not ever reinforce the behavior.
It's the fact that she sits here - She wants to know what's going on outside.
It's a nice view.
- Hold on.
Right now we're just gonna listen to what I have to say.
Sit over here.
I'm used to dealing with tough New Yorkers ,so although it can be tough and it can be challenging, I know really how to get to the heart of it.
Here it comes.
Watch what I'm just gonna do,right? We're in the womb right now.
And then someone comes in,and it's,"Oh,my God" So,she feels the need to protect that.
All right,that makes sense.
She's taken on the responsibility of being the guardian,making sure," - Oh,my God,is that person gonna hurt me or my mommy? - Yeah.
You see that? I want to put you in that position because I don't think you're in that position until you're jumping on top of her and that's after the fact.
So I want to show you some preventative things so that you can take that role in the beginning.
I wanted Elli to understand that there is a boundary line in that office, and the boundary line is her.
We're going to draw the safely line for you.
- You're the guardian of the threshold.
- Okay.
Her job is to do what? - To sit there.
- To sit right there.
- She is not allowed to pass this line.
- Okay.
We came up with a system of prevention.
Just so she doesn't lunge and she gives you that moment to go greet the other person and show her that this person's not a threat, we're just gonna prevent her from doing that by tethering her.
It didn't really occur to me before that Charlotte goes into,"I have to protect my mom," in this "womb," he called it,this area.
She's tethered,right? You're gonna sit at your desk.
Just do your normal day.
But if people come in,whether they come in with dogs or not, I want you to let them know that Charlotte's right here.
So if they come in with dogs,please don't let them run right over to her.
Before I leave here today,I want to see Elli in control and I want to see Charlotte remain calm when any person or any dog enters the office.
So right now we're just practicing on Elli not getting tense when people walk in because you feel like you have that sense of control.
- Okay.
- Cool? Done.
We have to go through these drills,so I wanted to test it by bringing people in.
I tested once.
And I tested again,and I tested again.
Charlotte begins to look at Elli and trust her a little bit through the process.
You should park yourself there more often.
You're very useful today.
Hi,how are you? One of Elli's models,Kendra,has an adorable little dog named Lucy.
Kendra brings Lucy into the office a lot, so because Elli's going to have Charlotte in the office, we needed to work on that situation because it's going to happen later this week at some point.
So better it happen when I'm there.
- Good to see you.
- I brought Lucy with today.
I see this.
Hello,Lucy goosey.
- Charlotte,chill out.
Charlotte!Charlotte! - Distance.
Keep distance.
No,no,no! Distance,distance.
Is she okay? 'Cause Charlotte had her I just want to look at her first.
Let me see.
When I saw Charlotte grab onto Lucy,it's difficult for me.
Thank you for being so amazing about that.
It's still not so appropriate - I heard you.
I know what you're gonna say.
- People come in with dogs, it's not that appropriate right now until you build these muscles up.
I expect the dog to act out.
If I don't see the dog act out when we're doing the drills, there's no exercise.
But at the same time,I never want to see animals get hurt.
Would you like me to hold Lucy? Um,no,because you're not always gonna be here.
Like,I want to dive into this headfirst.
Right,you're just learning how to swim,so you don't need to swim Yeah,but I can tie my shoes myself.
You also have to ask the owner of the dog what she's comfortable with.
Well,do it,and that way,I can learn as well.
That's why we're doing those drills, so that Elli can strengthen her muscles,so that Charlotte can strengthen her muscles, and together they're gonna get stronger.
If someone goes right to her,she's gonna do what she always did.
That's why we created that boundary for her,right? You're the line,okay? So when someone comes in your office with dogs, let her know,Charlotte's under the desk,can you please just give her some space,and then you come out.
So take a breath.
- Let that out.
- Okay.
Let's try that again.
I want her to finish this session feeling like she's got it.
Um,I'm gonna come over and say hi to Lucy.
I haven't seen you in a while.
Me and Elli battled a lot,but I'm glad she reached out to me for help.
- How do you feel about that? - That was good.
That was,uh well,that was much better than previously.
Normally this is the trigger spot.
We bought this much space now.
Yeah,'cause she can't get to the trigger spot.
She can't get to it,and you also see that she's aware and that she doesn't have that job.
- So that's good.
- Yeah,that's good.
- She handled that very well.
- You handled that very well.
She sees the problem now.
- Thanks,Justin.
- I'll see you soon.
She not in denial about it anymore,and I can work with her more now.
This is good.
Guess we're gonna fix me,huh? Not you.
Right? After you.
Today I'm meeting Allie,Greg and Rosie at the vet.
We're here to get Rosie checked out.
I just want to make sure everything's okay.
She said,"Oh,no,I'm at the vet's office.
What's wrong? " Hi,you guys.
How are you? Hello.
Going to the vet sometimes makes me nervous 'cause Rosie might be sick or something might happen to her.
Greg and Allie had a Bernese before.
Unfortunately,it had to get put down very suddenly, and they just want to make sure that this one is in tip-top shape,make sure she's healthy.
Having to put that first Bernese mountain dog to sleep was the worst thing that's ever happened to me in my entire life.
Bernese mountain dog females adult weight tends to be 80 to about 105 pounds.
- Can we go weigh her and check out the weight? - Yeah,absolutely.
Come on.
Let's get your weight.
- Good girl.
- Let's see what we're at here.
So,it's 101.
Is that good or bad? For her,for her breed,it's actually right in the good range.
That's awesome.
Yeah,it's good.
You're doing a good job.
- Well,at least Rosie's not too overweight.
- - Good girl,Rosie.
- Good girl.
I'm,like,amazed 'cause we thought she was overweight, but she was actually very fluffy.
The first thing is keeping her weight down.
You do have to be concerned about Bernese mountain dogs gaining weight 'cause they can gain weight easily.
They actually did a study.
They kept dogs at a trim body condition for the majority of their life, and they actually in the study averaged two years longer.
I think we definitely dodged a bullet.
If we can add whatever longevity we can add on to Rosie, we greatly appreciate it.
But I do have one big concern.
For her size,she should be getting about 1,700 calories a day.
She's getting a cup in the morning and a cup in the evening.
Okay,she's only getting actually 800 calories of her dog food a day.
I think the neighborhood's supplementing her calorie intake.
I think that ice cream is factoring in a little bit more.
- Less bad food,more good food.
- Yeah.
We realize that a lot of people are feeding her on the street, and we should probably stop them from doing that too much.
Get her on a good at-home regimen, and with ufor a long time,hopefully.
- Go,Team Rosie.
- Go,Team Rosie.
- Absolutely.
Thank you so much.
- You're welcome.
Since it's all good news,now it's my time to show Allie how to do what I do.
- Come on,Rose.
- Come on,Rose.
You want to go? I'm going to take Rosie and Allie to the park and I'm going to work with them on some exercises and tricks the two can do together.
- Remember what the vet said? - Yep.
- Don't give her the garbage food,right? - Yeah.
They had some habits that we needed to change.
We can make sure that Rosie's getting treated with the good foods,not so much the bad foods.
This food is not Rosie's food.
This is my food.
She's not going to touch it until I give it to her.
Watch this.
Leave it.
Leave it.
Justin showed me some hand signals,to like push her chest when she comes close to the food,if she doesn't listen to the "leave it.
" She's not going to touch it untiI let her have it.
This is how you teach a dog not to take food off the street.
Leave it.
So I can leave it right here,and we can even walk away from it.
She's waiting for She's waiting for us to tell her it's okay to eat the food.
And there we go.
So I can put it as close as I want.
Right? It's still mine.
So she normally goes to pick up every piece of food on the street,right? So right now,just by using our voice, when I say,"leave it," she won't touch it.
Leave it.
So when you're ready to,you can tell her okay,and she can have it.
The dog is always going to get it right away.
It's not that I'm magical.
It's that I just know how to handle a dog.
It's cool,right? Now you can give it to her.
Here you go.
They're so proactive about doing the right thing for her, that I know they're going to take my advice and they're going to work with Rosie in a healthy way.
What's happening,huh? How are you guys doing? I'm doing good.
Greg shows up.
When he's dealing with his dog and his daughter,that guy is a teddy bear.
- Are you ready? - Yep.
- Thanks so much.
Greatly appreciated.
- Pleasure to meet you.
Very nice meeting you.
We'll see you soon.
You know where we are.
This whole experience has been absolutely fabulous.
Come on.
And with Justin's help and guidance,Rosie's hopefully going to live a long,happy life with Allie and myself.
- How cool was this? - This was so fun.
I'd like for Justin to teach Beefy how to walk with me.
Oh,God! I basically drag Beefy down the street.
I will be very impressed if Justin can fix Beefy's problem with walking.
- Hello.
- Hello.
So,I get to Riverside Park.
It's on the upper West Side,beautiful part of town, and there is Erin,Beefy and a giant workout ball.
- Are we doing ab workouts today? - I wish.
This is Beefy's toy.
Beefy,this is a big ball for a big boy.
- This is Chiquita.
I brought her here to help us today.
- Hi,Chiquita! - And I brought some treats for Beefy.
- Oh,great! How did you get him down here so far? I'm,like,impressed that you already made it down here.
When I have this ball,he follows wherever it goes.
- That's how you get him to walk? - Yes,yes.
Show me.
Here,come on,Beef.
Come here.
She uses the ball to motivate Beefy on their walks.
That's the only way she can get him to walk.
That and the skateboard.
I'm,like,it was crazy.
What happens if you take it away? Let me see.
He'll follow the ball.
Come on,Beef.
Walk where you want to walk.
Like,I want to see you walk him this way.
This way? - All right,so this is the fight and the struggle all the time.
- Yes.
You are in such a wrestling match with him.
- I want to end this wrestling match for you.
- Me,too.
- This is a strong dog,by the way.
- I know,he's really strong.
I get a workout dragging him to the park and back.
This is every time you want to walk this dog? I want to put a stop to that.
- So I'm gonna do it first, - Okay.
- and then I'm gonna show you how to do what I do.
- Okay.
I want her to take the lead with Beefy's walks, I really wanted her to take a little bit more of the lead in her relationship with Patrick in general.
And I think taking the lead with Beefy is the way to do that.
I'm going to take him off this harness, I'm going to put him in a collar.
It's just going to help you lead him a little bit better,okay? This is a Martingale,all right? This is not a choker.
The first thing I wanted to do was switch the collar out, give him something that I could lead him a little bit better on.
It goes around his neck,and then it stops at a certain point.
It allows us to give him cues.
I had to establish that I wasn't going to negotiate with him the way everybody else in his life was.
- You're never gonna use this again.
- Okay.
So you can go throw it in the garbage.
The technique is simple.
I'm showing the dog the way I want him to walk.
I'm also not gonna take any of his garbage by not letting him halt on the leash.
Right there.
You see how he stops to fight.
I give him a little cue.
So any time he halted on the leash,I give him a little cue just to let him know to keep moving, and every time he did a good job, I gave him the turkey to reward him.
So use your leash.
He's not allowed to give you any resistance.
If he does,you're just going to cue him like this,to let him know it's time to move forward.
We're also going to reward him for showing him what we want him to do.
- Okay.
- Clip on.
Now it's Erin's turn.
And this is where the rubber meets the road.
It's one thing for me to be able to take care of the dog,me to be able to train the dog.
That's not why I'm here.
It's your relationship with the dog that I have to fix.
Hold that knot.
Relax your arm.
Ready? Walk with me three steps.
Give him a little snap when you're ready for him to go.
Now right here.
Keep him here.
Keep him here.
Right here.
Right here.
I have no doubt that he'll walk with Justin One,two,three.
Keep him there.
but I think Beefy has a problem listening to me.
Relax your arm.
The learning curve for the dog,very quick.
The learning curve for the owner,a little bit longer.
So I'm not so much teaching Beefy as I'm teaching Erin how to teach Beefy.
Come on,walk to me.
Let him know,"Don't go around my back.
I want you right here" Keep him there.
When he walks around your back,just give him a little cue you want him right here.
Watch his feet,watch my feet.
I have nothing on the leash.
No tension.
Relax your arm.
Now move.
Oh,look at you,walking your dog.
Now you can give him a reward along the way.
Good boy! Good boy! I felt a huge sense of relief to be able to actually walk Beefy instead of drag him down the street.
So then the only issue left is if you're gonna enact this with Patrick here.
And that you don't feel confident in.
Um,I just know how Patrick is,so I know I don't care.
I'm asking you.
- Okay.
- I'm asking you how you are.
You feel confident so far in just what we've worked on? - Yeah.
- Right.
Listen,the physical piece of this,we fixed it in ten seconds.
How long did it take for us to walk the dog? There's all this other stuff,and you said from day one - Right.
- I mean,you tell me.
Well,most of the problem with Beefy is Patrick, not necessarily Beefy.
I think it's your job to take a stand there at some point.
Say you're not happy with this, and you want to make changes.
- So what's the second piece of this? - Getting Patrick to do it.
I can't do that.
I have to do it.
Being a dog trainer it's learning how to speak dog, and also knowing how to speak human.
So I want Erin to stand up to Patrick,and say," This is what we're doing now.
- How do you feel? - Good.
I'm not pulling.
This will be good.
This will be a good present for Patrick.
- It's his birthday,right? - Yes.
And I'm throwing him a surprise party.
- Is your dog trainer invited? - Of course! - Is Beefy coming? - Well,I don't know.
You know,they practice a lot of avoidance in this family.
I think Erin doesn't like to bring Beefy places because he represents a giant pain in the butt for her.
So I'd really like to see her bring him to this party.
Is she gonna bring him? I don't know.
Maybe if we do well here,yeah? Maybe,yeah.
Tonight's the big night.
Erin's throwing a surprise birthday party for Patrick, but I know she's wary about bringing Beefy, even after all the progress we've made.
- How's it going with him? - Really good.
- Is he walking with you? - Yeah.
Come on.
I'm actually real impressed with how she's handling Beefy.
I know these two have had a lot of problems in the past.
But you'd never know it with how affectionate and attentive she's being with him.
Guys,he's coming up.
Everyone come behind me.
He's coming up.
Guys,come here! Come here! He's coming! He's coming! Surprise! - Look at Beefy! - What's going on? How you doing? Patrick.
Let me show you something.
Yes? Come here,Beef.
Come here.
Look at that! And he pivots.
Look at that! I love you.
I'm speechless.
There's no words to describe how much I love my wife for bringing everybody together, all my closest friends,my dog.
Having Beefy at my birthday party it made everything complete.
Did he sleep overnight? What's his nights been like? - Okay,all right.
- Excellent.
Last night he slept through the night.
- He slept through the night? - Last night,yeah.
We had a reprieve from his shenanigans.
I never would have thought beforehand that Justin would have made a such a significant impact with just some simple training methods.
Things have definitely changed.
It's nice.
- Happy birthday.
- Oh,I'm so excited.
- That's my gift to you.
- Thank you so much.
So much.
You guys are so welcome.
My pleasure.
When someone tells me that the work I did with them really affects their relationship with their wife,their relationship with their dog, it makes me feel really good.
That's why I love my job.
I really appreciate all the good friends that I have.
I'm truly blessed.
- My wife,who I can't live without and my dog.
- Who you also can't live without.
Who I can't really live without.
Life's about moments,and this is one of those,you know? Love you all.
Thank you.
Cheers! Cheers.
Salud! In my wildest dreams I never thought tha t I would have my wife and Beefy on the same page.
- It was a pleasure,man.
- Thanks.
- Happy birthday.
- Thank you.
You know,I probably should have changed the dynamic of our relationship sooner - Thank you so much! - Appreciate it.
You guys have a great night.
but I just didn't know how to go about it.
So,thank you very much,Justin.
You don't know what you've done for me,for my wife,for my dog and for my marriage.
So thank you.
Once a a dog owner takes control of their dog and takes responsibility for the way their behaviors affect their dog, they're on their way to having a healthy family dynamic that includes their dog it its rightful place in it and doesn't center around it.
- Good boy.
- Good night.
Good night,Beef.
How are you? Sometime it takes a little bit longer for owners to accept the fact that their behaviors,not their dogs', is really the root of the problem.
And sometimes owners have the right idea all along.
So we have some homework for Rosie and you and I.
At the end of the day,I'm gonna be there for all these dogs and their owners to help them live happy lives together in this city.
YTET- °îµÂÖí&º£´ø dogs in the city Season 1 Episode 01