Dollar (2019) s01e11 Episode Script

Episode 11

A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES [theme music playing.]
The opening of the bank is in two weeks, and our name has to be number one in the market.
[alarm ringing.]
[faucet running.]
I want to establish a friendly relationship with the client through an advertising idea that can be summed up in two words, that's all.
Wajih? I have an idea that might save you another meeting with us.
What's this? This is a one-dollar bill, so it could be in the hands of any person in the country.
We'll release it, and it will pass from one hand to another and go from one pocket to the next.
And the owner of the bill with the right number wins a valuable prize from the bank.
One million dollars.
That's enough.
Go away.
Your burden seems heavy, but your yoke is light.
Talk to me, brother.
Talk to me.
And if you can't talk, I will.
Please, leave me alone.
I'm really not in the mood.
You're a good guy, but sorrow fills your heart and your pockets.
Your luck will improve, and you'll be on a roll.
Mark my words and cross your fingers.
What luck are you talking about? There's nothing I haven't tried, nothing I haven't thought of.
But to no avail.
You are close to relief.
And hope is what you need.
Hope for what? I bought a safe at an auction.
A safe! They said, "Whatever you find in it is yours, even if it's a million dollars.
" So, like a fool, I thought there was hope.
No, brother, this wasn't a mistake.
It wasn't! Pray to God with your lips, and stop looking too far ahead.
The key to your satisfaction is between your shoulders.
Believe my words, and don't be stubborn.
Between my shoulders? Luck is inside you, brother, but you're blinded and troubled.
Look for it as much as you want, but give me something, so that I can go.
- [thudding.]
- [microwave beeping.]
[Tarek sighs.]
You were boiling eggs in the microwave? I'm really sorry.
I thought it might be faster.
Faster or more posh? Why can't you just get a pot, fill it with water and put it on the stove? I said sorry.
It's okay, I'll clean up everything.
It's not a big deal.
I didn't mean that.
You just startled me with the loud noise.
You stayed up late last night.
Late? And why is that? Because of the dollar that we lost, or because of the job I was fired from? I didn't sleep a wink last night.
Why not? The sheets are clean, and the pillow is soft.
Stop being a jerk.
I'm serious.
I need to find a solution.
Did I disturb you in any way? On the contrary, you've been great.
But I don't see an end to this situation anytime soon, [inhales deeply.]
and I already caused enough trouble yesterday.
First of all, you didn't have anything to do with yesterday.
Second, about you being a nuisance, you shouldn't even say that.
We've become very close to each other.
What do you mean? I mean you're not a stranger anymore.
And we don't have to be formal with each other.
You're right.
Even though we haven't known each other long.
But what we went through chasing that dollar wasn't easy at all.
Yeah, see? But still, I feel I have to [whispers.]
Drop it.
[in English.]
[in Arabic.]
Suppose my wife kicked me out and threw out all of my stuff and then I came to you.
Wouldn't you take me in? Of course I would.
It's settled, then.
I really appreciate what you're doing for me.
I'll always be grateful.
I need you to know that.
Well, I need to have a clear head first, don't I? Wake up in the morning to a cup of coffee, not to an exploding egg.
- You're crazy.
- [chuckles.]
Well, a cup of coffee is easy enough.
But when I wake up in the morning, I like to have breakfast.
But there's nothing to eat in the whole damn house.
It's empty.
I want to eat.
[tisks and sighs.]
[Tarek chuckles.]
[indistinct chatter and traffic sounds.]
- [baker.]
There you go.
- [Tarek.]
I'm thinking about going abroad.
If things stay as bad as they are in this country, I'm going to leave.
I can't.
I can't live outside of Lebanon.
Almost everyone said that, but now they are in Europe and Canada.
Yes, but many of them came back.
I have nothing to come back to.
And I have no reason to leave.
At least there's something that makes you want to get out of bed in the morning.
The sound of power generators? No, that's not it.
The sound of the sea, Fairouz morning coffee a hot flatbread the sun, the sea, the snow You sound like a tourist.
Not at all.
This has become a pattern that lives within us.
We're the ones who create the congestion in Jounieh, and we're the ones who complain about it.
We're the ones who keep looking outside, but Lebanon is always in our hearts, it runs through our blood and veins.
[cell phone ringing.]
Shit, shit, shit, shit - Who is it? - Shit, shit, shit [sighs.]
Hello? [in Algerian.]
How are you doing, honey? Is everything okay? I miss you so much.
Don't be mad, but you know how life is here, and how everyone is always working and running around.
[in French and Algerian.]
No, never.
How could I forget you? [in Algerian.]
You're coming tomorrow? Is Grandma Wassila coming with you? [in English.]
[in Algerian.]
No, don't bring me anything.
Tomorrow, I'll come and pick you up at the airport.
All right.
Okay, see you tomorrow.
Bye! Why? [in Arabic.]
Why? Why is this happening to me? What have I done to deserve this? I mean, this is my cousin! My cousin! She told me a month ago that she was coming here to have surgery, and I completely forgot because that dollar made me lose my mind.
I had no focus.
No focus at all.
What's more, she wanted to stay at a hotel, but I said, [in English.]
No way!" [in Arabic.]
I stamped my foot and insisted, "You'll stay at my place.
You'll stay at my place!" My place.
[inhales deeply.]
What? Why are you looking at me like that? What are you seeing? [in Algerian.]
"I miss you so much"? [mouthing.]
Baby [mouthing.]
[indistinct chatter on TV.]
[door opens.]
Are you going to pout for long? [Tarek.]
No, I'm okay.
Are you scared of me? [sighs.]
We haven't had a chance to get to know each other, and I haven't hidden anything from you.
Why are you talking to me as if I were your lover? I'm not.
I just have the feeling that you're mad at me.
I didn't say anything.
So we're okay, then? Don't you think it's a bit strange, after all we've been through, and after being here at my place, you still haven't been able to tell me? What do you mean? That I'm a liar? Like you said, maybe we haven't gotten to know each other well enough.
FYI, I never lied to you about anything, but there wasn't really time for me to explain everything to you.
Good night.
[door opens.]
I'll pack my things and leave first thing in the morning.
[in French.]
Tomorrow morning, you can have breakfast all alone! [in French.]
That would be great.
[Zeina in Arabic.]
My mom was Algerian, and my dad was Lebanese.
They met in Paris, they fell in love, they got married there, and they lived here.
After a while, they got divorced.
My mom went back to Paris, and I lived my whole life here in Lebanon with my dad.
May he rest in peace.
That's the whole story.
I'm sorry.
I didn't mean anything.
But try to put yourself in my shoes.
I understand.
Let's focus on the matter at hand.
What are you going to do about your cousin tomorrow? What can I do? I'll come up with some excuse, and I'll book her a hotel.
She can stay here.
Consider it your place.
No, this is too much.
Too much.
Zeina, come on, what are you saying? I really don't know what to say.
Don't say anything.
Tell her the apartment's your fiancé's and you live there.
My fiancé? Yes.
Doesn't she know you were engaged? Well, yes, but - [sighs.]
- What? Here she comes.
Hi! [softly.]
She's here! [in French.]
Honey - How are you doing? Good? - I'm good, and you? - I've missed you so much.
- I'm fine, thanks.
[in Arabic and French.]
Let me introduce you to Tarek, my driver.
- [Kinza.]
Are you okay? - [Zeina.]
Yes, I'm good.
[Kinza in Arabic.]
I saw everyone before I left.
They all miss you and send their love.
I really miss my aunts.
I have so much to tell you.
[Kinza in French.]
Really? [in Arabic.]
So we won't be sleeping tonight.
[in French and Arabic.]
By the way, are you staying here for long? I mean, how many days? Look, today at 5:00, I have an appointment with the doctor.
Tomorrow, I'll have the surgery.
And then I'm not sure when I'm leaving.
Consider yourself at home.
[Kinza in French.]
Thank you so much.
That's nice of you.
[in French.]
Miss Zeina? [in Arabic.]
Where are we going? Um, shall we go have lunch? [in Arabic.]
No, no, thank you.
I ate on the plane.
But I'd like to walk around downtown before my doctor's appointment.
Did you hear what she said? I heard, but I didn't understand.
She said she wants to go downtown.
Show us what a good driver you are.
I'm at your service and hers.
[camera shutter clicks.]
[Zeina in French.]
We can stop in here quickly.
We can check out the prices.
[in Arabic.]
Where is he? Where are you? I'm here.
Take the bags to the car and meet me on the other side, okay? [in French.]
So, what was I saying? It was wonderful.
[in English.]
Okay! [gasps.]
[in French.]
Thank you so much, honey.
That's so nice.
[in Arabic.]
You're doing really well, Zeina.
Good job.
You're still strong.
It feels like I saw you just yesterday.
It's normal.
Here, if you're not strong, you're an easy target.
Tell me, how are things with Nizar? Mmm [in French.]
Everything is great.
[in Arabic.]
Nizar is fine, and he sends his regards.
I mean, what are you going to do? What are your plans? When are you getting married? We've planned the wedding, and everything is going okay.
It's just a matter of time, that's all.
You're really lucky, you know? Good for you.
What do you mean I'm lucky? What's this about? You're marrying an amazing guy, you have a house, you have a car with a driver, and you're living like a princess.
You're right about that.
I am living like a princess.
Knock on wood.
Ma'am, I've wiped the windshield three times.
It's shining like a mirror.
I could even use it to shave.
Very good.
Go get some gas.
We still haven't finished looking around.
- Hmm? - Mmm.
[in French.]
Are we going to do some shopping? - [in French.]
- [in Arabic.]
Let's go.
[in Arabic.]
Come and pick us up later, okay? - [in French.]
Come on, honey.
- Let's go.
[Tarek sighs.]
Well, man reaps only what he sows.
Excuse me? Why are you surprised? Everything you're going through is your own doing.
Take my advice.
Don't wrestle with a pig, or you'll get dirty.
What? You get dirty.
Listen to me.
Let me consult the stars and tell you your fortune.
You might hear something that pleases you.
Leave me alone, please.
Listen to me.
I have enough shit to deal with.
Leave me alone.
Go away, please.
Go ahead, the doctor is waiting for you.
[news anchor on TV.]
Thank you, Safi.
Now, after sports, we'll hear from our reporter Yaman as well as various stories from social media.
A video went viral on social media, after being shared by an anonymous person, about a young man who bought a locked safe with no key for $200, hoping to find a fortune inside it.
But, unfortunately, all he found was a plastic bag with a one-dollar bill.
[man laughing on TV.]
[woman 1.]
He's crazy, isn't he? [woman 2.]
It's all over Facebook.
He bought a locked safe at an auction for a lot of money, hoping to hit the jackpot.
It's a rusty old safe.
What did he expect to find? A million dollars? What an idiot.
He went through all that, paid all the money he had, - and only found one dollar inside.
- [woman 2 laughs.]
Miss Zeina, may I have a word, please? [Zeina.]
I'll be back in a minute, okay? What is it? [man 1 laughing.]
What's this? What's this? - One dollar? - [man 2 laughing.]
[man 1 and man 2 continue teasing.]
What if it's a prank? What do you mean "a prank"? You saw the clip.
I know, but maybe it's not the same dollar.
"Not the same dollar"? Is it not the same safe? Okay, what do we do now? We have to find this guy, wherever he is.
Okay, let's just go home now, and we'll talk it over there.
Get in.
[in French.]
[Kinza in Arabic.]
The other day, I decided to stop all pills and go back to natural remedies.
Frankly, I feel much better.
Tell me, Zeina, what about you? Do you use natural or chemical products? Zeina? What's wrong, honey? Am I talking to myself? No, no, I was just thinking.
What would you like to have for dinner? Listen, honey, I'm your guest today, so I'll leave all that to you.
I'll go to the kitchen and check the fridge.
If I don't find anything, I'll ask the driver to get us some takeout.
What was the name of the driver? Tarek? Yes, his pictures are all over the walls and the shelves.
What's that about? [in French.]
Oh, no! [in Arabic.]
Uh, Tarek used to live here before I moved in.
And you know, poor thing, he couldn't pay the rent.
So now he's looking for a smaller space, and he left his things here.
Once he finds a place, he'll take his things.
- Huh? Mmm.
- Mmm.
[indistinct chatter on TV.]
Did you find anything? This clip was shared from a fake profile.
It wasn't easy to find.
And who is he? His name is Fares.
It seems he lives here in Beirut.
So? Why haven't you contacted him yet? I did.
I'm waiting for his reply.
What are you planning to do? We'll have to wait.
If that's the case, you can wait downstairs.
Where? "Where" what? Did you actually think you were going to sleep in here? Where do you want me to sleep? At a hotel? That's your decision.
You think it's okay for you to sleep in the same house with two beautiful young ladies? "Two beautiful young ladies"? There's only one beautiful lady here.
The other one is working on it.
What do you mean? Do you think I'm stupid? You think I believe that she's here for her sinuses? It's obvious.
She's here to get lip injections, a face-lift and a nose job.
That's none of your business.
You're right.
It's none of my business.
I'll go lie down on my bed, while you figure something out.
Wait, wait, wait.
It's okay.
Take it easy.
I apologize.
But, please, for my sake.
Do you seriously want me to sleep in the car? Didn't you beat on your chest and say, "Zeina, consider this your home?" I did.
We're supposed to help each other, but you're taking it too far.
Zeina, do you need help? I'm glad you're still here.
Get me a prepaid phone card, please.
What does the beautiful lady want? - She wants you to get her a phone card.
- Oh? [sighs heavily.]
[door opens and closes.]
Zeina, I'm really hungry.
Let's eat.
He went to get the food.
[cell phone ringing.]
Hello? [Zeina.]
Open the sunroof.
Did I startle you? No, I was awake.
What's this? It's a little something to say I'm sorry for making you sleep in the car.
I thought you might be hungry.
Honestly, your timing couldn't be better.
Enjoy, then.
Thank you.
So you guys couldn't sleep either? Kinza's been asleep for a while now, but I'm too worried to fall asleep.
Come down and hang out with me.
We'll go for a ride.
Stop teasing.
I need to rest.
Tomorrow is Kinza's surgery, and it's going to be a very long day.
- [in French.]
Good night, then.
- [in French.]
Good night.
[in Arabic.]
Close the windows because it's a bit chilly.
[in Arabic.]
Don't worry about me.
I forgot to tell you.
The guy sent a message.
The guy from the clip? Yes, the one who opened the safe.
He sent a message with his address and phone number.
Are you going to see him now? No, no, we can't.
He just barely agreed to meet me tomorrow.
I don't want to push him, or he'll get suspicious.
I can't tomorrow.
I can't leave Kinza all alone at the hospital.
- So? - What do you mean, "So?" It's okay, you go.
- On my own? - Yes.
Meet with him, and see if you can get him to give you the dollar.
Are you sure? What's changed? What do you mean, "What's changed?" I mean, you don't usually trust me.
Why do you trust me now? Aren't you worried I'll take the dollar and leave? Where could you possibly go? I'm staying at your place.
Seems you've forgotten.
Is that all? Of course not.
Anyway, you saw the clip, and still you came and told me.
And it was you the guy texted.
Still, you didn't hide it from me.
I would've never known about it.
I trust you now, Tarek.
So you can go on your own.
And hopefully, you'll come back with good news.
Let's hope for the best.
[in French.]
Good night.
[indistinct chatter.]
[cell phone ringing.]
[in Arabic.]
Hello? Yes, Tarek.
Yes, I'm still at the hospital.
She just came out of surgery.
Is something wrong? No, if it's urgent, just tell me.
Don't make me worry.
You want me to come right now? [sighs.]
Okay, okay, I'll be right there.
Think of what's troubling you.
How do you know? [Tarek.]
He told me.
And how does he know? What do you mean, "How does he know?" After he gave her the dollar, she shoved it into her cleavage.
It seems he was really paying attention.
And you seriously think that the dollar is still in her cleavage? I'm sure it's gone.
Are we going to keep having the same conversation, Zeina? Is there anything we can do but try? I was out all morning, checking every tourist sight and attraction, until I found her here.
And now you just say, "I'm sure it's gone"? Go on, then.
Figure out a way to get the dollar.
That's if it's still there.
Hello? Hey! I'm talking to you.
Wait, I'm thinking of something.
Seems you're enjoying it this time, yeah? You just want to dig in there for that dollar.
Thank you.
God bless you.
Look, look.
Hello! Look what I've got for you, baby.
Come here.
Come, let me give you the toy.
Come here.
Come here.
[child exclaims.]
- [child.]
Mom! - Come here.
- [child.]
Mom! Mom! - Come here.
Bitch! - Hey, hey.
Where are you going? - After that woman.
- What woman? - The woman who just went inside.
You mean Mrs.
Jinan? Mrs.
Jinan? - That's right.
Jinan lives here.
- What? [panting.]
Hello, sir.
How can I help you? - We want to see the owner of the house.
- [Jinan.]
Who is it, Maroya? Ma'am, someone is here to see you.
Go to the kitchen.
Please come in.
[theme music playing.]
Subtitle translation by Imad Naqqar