Dollar (2019) s01e15 Episode Script

Episode 15

A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES The opening of the bank is in two weeks, and our name has to be number one in the market.
I want to establish a friendly relationship with the client.
I want an advertising idea that can be summed up in two words, that's all.
Wajih? I have an idea that might save you another meeting with us.
What's this? This is a one-dollar bill, so it could be in the hands of any person in the country.
We'll release it, and it will pass from one hand to another, and go from one pocket to the next.
And the owner of the bill with the right number wins a valuable prize from the bank.
One million dollars.
Tomorrow is the last day of the year.
Call Mr.
Saleem, the engineer, and give him the authorization to start.
I want all the ATMs, especially those in Beirut, to be operational by the start of the new year.
Happy New Year, sir.
Same to you.
The TV channel said you have to be there half an hour before the show tomorrow, because they gave us a prime time spot for their New Year's Eve special.
Call the advertising agency, and give them the green light to proceed with announcing the competition.
I want pictures of the one-dollar bill on every screen, whether it's a television or a cell phone, on every billboard in the streets, in every magazine and newspaper, and in all the printed and audio media.
I want the name of the bank to be the talk of everyone in the country.
Yes, sir.
I wonder, where could that dollar be right now? In whose hand? - Tarek, calm down.
Tarek! - Get out of my face.
- Get out of my face.
- Will you just talk to me? I'm really angry right now, and I don't want to insult you.
Tarek, just let me say something This is not a joke, Zeina! This is one million dollars.
That's an amount that could transform my whole life.
I never even dreamed of a million dollars.
Know what that means? I risked my life and almost died for it, and you're here just for fun? I swear, I'm not here just for fun.
- Let me explain - Stop it! Stop talking! So? "So?" If you're here just for fun, go finish this on your own.
Let's just look for it separately.
Tarek, we started this together, and we have to finish it together.
Didn't you see her? She was so helpless.
How could I leave her on her own when she was one step away from making her dream come true? Are you being sarcastic? I'm a girl, and I know what it's like when a girl has to fight in order to stand up in the face of traditions and society.
That's not something you can bring up here and in this situation.
Where can I bring it up then? Where? Go talk about it at the Russian Cultural Center, talk about it to some organization for women's rights, not to me! Also, FYI, my dream is more important than this girl's dream.
My dream was only one step away! And I think that it's your dream as well.
Weren't you talking about fighting? Go ahead, fight for your dream! Why are you shushing me? She's behind you.
That woman? The one who served us coffee in the studio? What about her? She's wearing Eman's coat, and the dollar is inside the coat pocket.
Tarek, calm down.
Don't do anything that might scare her off.
Zeina! Fine, do whatever you want, but be rational.
Just be rational.
Hey, what's the matter? - Would you like us to give you a ride? - No, thanks.
We're in the middle of nowhere.
You won't find a cab.
No, thanks.
I'll manage.
Hold it right there, please! What do you want with me? Why are you following me? Calm down.
Don't be scared.
We just need to ask you a question.
Is this coat yours? Can't you see I'm wearing it? Of course it's mine! What if it belongs to someone else? What do you mean? Do you think I got it from charity? - What if you stole it? - No, I didn't steal it! Come here! Where do you think you're going? Not a word, or I'll call the police! Let go of my arm, please.
You'll break it.
I won't just break it, I'll burn it as well! - Tarek! - Stay out of it! This coat is not yours.
You stole it.
I know the person it belongs to.
If you know her, why don't you go ask her? She took it off and gave it to me! She said, "Take it.
I don't want to wear it or see it ever again.
" You think it's too much for me to have a coat that keeps me warm? With all the big thieves that are robbing the country, you pick on me? We're really sorry.
But there's something that belongs to us inside the pocket of this coat, and we just want it back.
Something that belongs to you? There's nothing in this coat except a few pounds! You want that, too? There! You can have them! Now what? If the wind is coming from the north that means that the dollar flew then turned and turned, and turned and turned and turned again, then finished its turn, fell down and landed here! Theoretically speaking, you're right.
But technically, north is this way, not that way.
It doesn't matter.
Bottom line is the wind came from there, so it turned and landed here.
- Here? - Here.
- Zeina.
- What is it? - There it is! - You're kidding! You're kidding! - Wait, wait, wait.
What are you doing? - I'm trying to pull it.
You'll tear it.
I'll tear it here, away from the number.
No, are you crazy? It'll lose its value.
Its value is in the number.
You never know what will happen! Stop.
Can you believe it? How did it end up down here? The owner hasn't left his number, and the car is warm.
That's fine.
We'll wait for the owner of the car.
Are you just going to watch? Help me out.
What are you doing? I'm lifting it up, and you try to pull it.
What? You want me to lift up this tank, break my back, then spend my share of the money on hospitals and doctors? No way! I'm lifting up the tank! It opened! Let me in.
There's no key.
What's this? Tarek, let's get out of here, please.
I'm not going anywhere without the dollar.
So what are we going to do? We have to lift the car.
What? I'm sure there's a jack somewhere.
Hold this.
We might need it.
For God's sake, man, calm down.
I don't want to calm down.
Why are you following me anyway? Leave me alone.
I'm not going to let you do something crazy.
Get in the car.
- Shaheen! - Get in the car, Sakhr! I'm here.
What do you want? You should be ashamed, man.
We always do everything together.
How could you tell me to stay out of it? This is my own shit, and I'll deal with it on my own.
Rima is just a kid.
She doesn't know what she's doing.
You need to do something about it, Sakhr.
As long as your mother is filling her head with crap, there's nothing I can do.
I'm her brother, and I can act as her father, right? - Right.
- Okay, and I'm giving you my blessing.
Sakhr, just forget about my mother, your mother, and whoever else is trying to have a say in this.
Just go talk to her, but not at the university, please.
Rima needs to be able to trust you, man, and she needs to know right from wrong.
For my part, I'll talk to her, but you need to find a way to talk to her, too.
What if it doesn't work? It'll work.
Just stop being stubborn and do the two things I told you to.
Then everything will change for you.
What are you doing here? Get out! Talk before I kill you both.
Take it easy, easy.
Shaheen, say something to your cousin.
Wait, wait.
"Shaheen"? How do you know me? Who sent you? No one! No one! You're Shaheen, and he's Sakhr from that show called Status, right? Right.
See? Who doesn't know you guys? Big fan.
I've always wanted to meet you guys.
But I have a tiny little request.
May I? In season three, do less shooting and stuff, and do more romance, because I'm really into romance.
Why should they do less shooting? I like shooting.
Hang on, you two! What shooting and what romance? Also, out of all the cars in the universe, did you have to bang her in the trunk of my car? No, don't! No! We're here for something.
"Something"? What? Did someone ask you for something? The jack.
The jack.
The jack? Your car broke down? No, I need to lift your car.
I don't like him, man.
- No! - Hey! Hey Wait! Take it easy! It's not a big deal! Tarek, tell them.
Guys, let's calm down.
Dude, it's just that there's a dollar bill that we both cherish, and we've been chasing it for an hour.
And this dollar flew over from that side, then got carried by the wind, then turned and turned and turned, and landed here, under the tire of your car.
That's the whole story.
- Oh! - Oh! Really? Do you believe him, man? No, I don't.
Me neither.
- Tarek.
- Yes? - Let's go.
- No, you first.
No, you first! - Just a minute.
- Excuse us.
One second.
What is it? What if we just tell the whole truth and get it over with? What truth? Are you crazy? We've lied every time, and we've lost the dollar every time.
Let's try to tell the truth this time, and maybe it'll work.
Come on.
The truth is, Mr.
Shaheen, this dollar that's underneath the tire of your car someone is going to give us one million dollars for it.
Oh! And this one million dollars they're going to give to you, will it be in cash or as a check? Cash.
Just what we needed, man! A couple of potheads! Get out of the way.
Let me get in the car.
Bye! You still can't believe it happened, can you? You're damn right about that.
I can't believe that the dollar is finally in our hands.
I feel as if I've been born again.
I'm thinking about turning a new page.
Me, too.
I even forgot what I was planning to do with the money.
I'm thinking about making all my dreams come true.
First of all, I must finalize my divorce with that crazy woman I'm married to.
Secondly, I want to start my own agency the way I want it.
And this house, I'll turn it into a villa.
And I'll hang a sign on the door: "Mr.
Tarek Najjar's Residence" Well, I I want to go on a very long vacation all around the world.
I'll go to Paris, where I'll do some crazy shopping.
Then I'll come back to Beirut.
I'll buy an apartment, a duplex, facing the house of Nizar's father.
I'll furnish it the way I like.
Do you still think about him? Of course not! Honey, I'm like you I only think about myself, and that's all.
YOUR DOLLAR IS WORTH A MILLION But, baby, what did the doctor say? Didn't she say to take it easy? Take it easy.
You just got pregnant.
No, I won't be late, honey.
I'll be there soon.
I won't make you wait too long.
I love you so much.
"Your dollar is worth a million.
" Talk about luck! It's a shame, I swear.
Why couldn't this dollar be with us? But the thing is, it was with us.
What do you mean? And they said that the person who has this dollar wins one million dollars.
What are you saying? So what? I have a lot of one-dollar bills.
No, dummy.
It's a specific dollar.
What do you mean? Tonight, they will announce its number.
Do you have a dollar? Dad, what does this dollar remind you of? They turned out to be smarter than I thought.
But they deserve it.
EXCHANGE CLOSED FOR BUSINESS "Your dollar is worth a million" is the slogan of the publicity campaign launched by SBH Bank in preparation for its opening at the start of the new year.
It has been reported that the bank released a one-dollar bill to the public, and whoever finds this one-dollar bill will win a prize of one million dollars, courtesy of the bank.
Whoever finds this paper bill will win a prize of one million dollars, courtesy of the bank.
Moreover, Mr.
Wajih Kaspar will announce the number of the lucky paper bill on the special New Year's late night show.
We'd like to report that the bank has released a dollar bill to the public, and whoever finds it will win a prize of one million dollars.
Moreover, Mr.
Wajih Kaspar will announce the number of the lucky paper bill on the special New Year's late night show.
The bank has announced that it previously released a one-dollar bill to the public.
and we're reminding you that the number of the lucky paper bill will be announced on the special New Year's As long as I'm the sheriff of this town, there will be justice for all! No one shall be wronged! Cut! That's it! Thank you.
Good work! Good work! Zeina! We wish you a merry Christmas We wish you a merry Christmas We wish you a merry Christmas And a happy New Year Mr.
Wajih, we were talking about the importance of this project in supporting the banking services sector in Lebanon.
Of course.
This project, we can call it the National Economy Support Project, through targeting most of the Lebanese social classes, especially the middle class, like employees and small business owners Okay, so let's start with this new way of advertising for the bank.
People were surprised by this unusual idea, which is innovative, extraordinary and attractive all at the same time.
You're right.
And, personally, I have no doubt about it.
The proof is that we have millions of viewers watching us right now.
That's true, but we're still hoping that the lucky winner, the owner of the winning dollar, is watching and listening to us.
Wajih, isn't it time to announce the number of the winning dollar? Sure, sure.
Let's not forget that this number represents one million dollars.
I'll let you read the number.
So, dear viewers, the number is being displayed on the screen now.
I 1-8-8-3 5-8-1 9-B.
We'll repeat it again, dear viewers, I 1-8-8-3 5-8-1 9-B.
So congratulations to the owner of the lucky dollar.
Please, if you are watching and listening, call us live on air.
Wajih, how did you come up with the dollar idea? Let me join you in congratulating the winner.
There's a story behind the idea of this whole advertisement campaign, so Excuse me, Mr.
Wajih, they're telling me from the control room that the lucky winner is with us, live on air.
- Hello? - Hello? Hello? Who is it? Hello? Hello? Who are you, sir? Please, turn down the volume of your television set and listen to us through your handheld telephone.
Hello? I'm Malek Al Arab.
Hi, Mr.
Malek, and congratulations on winning the prize of one million dollars.
Hi, Abou Akram.
Hello, sir.
There you go.
Do you need anything else, sir? - Abou Akram? - Yes? Do you have change in your pocket? Sure.
How much do you need? - One dollar.
- One dollar? There.
Thank you.
You're welcome, sir.
It's good we played this little game.
It turned our lives upside down, and we got to know each other better.
You know you're a really good person, right? Welcome to Rafic Al Hariri International Airport in Beirut.
Thanks for your trouble.
There's no trouble at all.
I was hoping you'd stay longer.
I have nothing left here to stay for.
So you're never coming back? I don't think so.
If you ever come to Paris, give me a call.
Let's meet up if you're there.
Hello? Hello? I'm not at home right now.
I'm not in the mood I don't have time for your little stories right now.
Can't it wait until tomorrow? Fine.
Fine! Okay.
She said she wanted to see me, and that it was important.
Give her a chance.
Why not? Take care of yourself, Tarek.
You, too.
Keep it with you as a souvenir.
Okay, it's time for me to go.
Welcome to Rafic Al Hariri International Airport in Beirut.
It's all there.
Will you sign that you have received the full amount, one million dollars, sir? I'm his lawyer.
I'll sign on his behalf as his representative.
And this dollar goes back to you.
Thank you.
Let the nurse in.
Hello, is Mr.
Malek here? Hello, who are you? Tell him it's Samer, from the insurance company.
We have an appointment.
Come in.
Please, have a seat.
He'll be with you shortly.
His blood pressure is very good.
Now he needs to have breakfast before he can take his pills, okay?