Dolly Parton's Heartstrings (2019) s01e04 Episode Script

Cracker Jack

1 Dollywood is a special place for me.
I love being here, I love getting to share another story with you.
You know, in my film career I've been blessed to be a part of some pretty incredible female casts.
Both 9 to 5 and Steel Magnolias were special stories about unconditional female friendships.
And before I co-starred in those two films, I wrote a song about unconditional love and a different kind of friend, man's best friend.
And, well, woman's too.
And here's one of my best friends now.
Hey there, Cracker Jack.
Come up here.
Ain't you the cutest thing? You know, growing up here in East Tennessee, we always had dogs, but there was this one special dog that meant so much to all of us little kids.
As I grew older, I came to appreciate how dogs are creatures of goodness.
And it's no coincidence that dog is God spelled backwards, and I think God knew what he was doing with dogs, because they love you unconditionally, they keep you company on long walks, and they even keep you safe.
So, I want to share another story with you about best friends.
The kind with four legs, and the kind with two.
Okay, you ready? Once I had a little dog I named him Cracker Jack He had a spot around one eye That looked just like a patch His legs were way too long And he was awkward as could be He wasn't much to look at But he looked all right to me Now, I'd found him by the riverbank Just wandering about He was cold and hungry And his ribs were sticking out I snapped my fingers, whistled When he came I picked him up I was just a kid And Cracker Jack was just a pup Oh, hello.
Who are you? Does your paw hurt? Let me see.
My name's Lucy Jane, and I'm gonna take care of you.
Can I see your paw? Who do you belong to? It's okay, puppy dog.
This will help.
Well, I guess we belong to each other now, and you're gonna need a name.
How about Cracker Jack? Everything a kid could want I had in Cracker Jack You like that? Yes.
I didn't wake you, did I? No.
No, of course not.
You sure? You sound a little off.
Scarlett, I Iam fantastic.
So you're not going to cancel on us this weekend, like last month when we had lunch plans? Absolutely not.
I, uh I even have somebody who's gonna cover all of my shifts at the hospital.
Or what about the time before that? All right.
This was my idea, and I I I got this.
All right? I'm bringing all sorts of food for us to eat tonight, and, hey, thanks for offering your place.
By the way.
Are you kidding? When the elusive Lucy Jane demands a ladies' weekend Mm-mmm.
I did not demand.
And I am definitely not elusive.
You kind of did, and you kind of have been.
Hey, uh, Scarlett, I can't wait to see you later.
- Oh, wait, but I want - Love you, bye.
What do you mean weird? She went from sounding like death to basically hanging up on me.
And you know Lucy Jane, Steady Eddie.
Except for you know.
You worry too much.
Don't even go there.
Last time we didn't worry enough, and she wound up in rehab.
If she was trying to hide stuff from us, then why would she want us to spend the whole weekend together? That's a really good question.
Listen, I gotta go.
I'll see you in a bit.
I got you something.
I'm sorry.
I was a jerk.
They're nice.
Wait, wait.
Hey, look I've got an idea.
How about you don't go? How about you and I do something fun together this weekend instead? How about no.
What if I don't What if I don't wanna look after the girls for two days by myself, did you ever think of that? I did.
I'm dropping them off at my mother's after school.
I pick 'em up on Sunday.
I'll be your family I'll be your friend Come in.
Hey, you.
Hey, crafty gal.
I didn't realize how late it is.
We picking up Lucy Jane too? She's meetin' us.
Do you know we haven't all been together since Scarlett's birthday brunch? Wow, you're right.
Used to be a time we'd see each other every day, and I would be able to tell if you had trimmed your bangs that much.
Back in the day, I couldn't pick out a shirt without Scarlett's approval.
But that's still kind of true.
- Hey, Rayanne, honey, I'm leaving.
- Okay.
I am so glad Lucy Jane got it in her head to arrange this.
She's been impossible to pin down lately.
Oh, hey, Rayanne.
How you doing? All right, doing all right.
- Y'all have fun now.
- Thanks.
- I'll meet you out there.
- Okay.
Yell right away if you hear any news about you know what.
No jinxing it.
Humbled by love From a family of Friends I don't know what to tell you, it keeps going to her voicemail.
I thought Lucy Jane was bringing the food with her, not sending it.
I don't like this.
Look, unless it says "ha ha, tricked you" written in the gravy, how about we just assume she's running late and relax a bit? Hello? Bitsy, is it her? Yes, this is Elizabeth.
Elizabeth? So, here's a question, That pretty boy sports guy on your show Tom? Todd? What's going on between you two? Oh, the way he stares at you when you're doing the news, I don't know.
Shut up! Okay, we did go to dinner one time.
I wanted to jump out of the window to get away from him.
He was so dull.
Cute, but boring.
Well talking about cute boys, guess who I ran into at the Piggly Wiggly yesterday? - Hmm? - Trey.
What's he doing in town? His daddy's 75th.
He asked all about you before he asked one question about me.
You wanna try Lucy Jane again? Oh, it's her.
"Fender bender.
Nobody hurt, on my way.
" Thumbs up emoji.
I just had serious déjà vu.
Oh, hold on.
Hold on.
Not drunk people have car accidents too.
Don't go reading into this.
I'm gonna go see where Bits went to.
It's the best news.
It's been such a long time, I know.
I can't wait to celebrate with you.
I love you.
Yeah? - Oh, Lucy Jane's on her way.
- Ah.
- Hey.
- Hi.
- How are you? - You finally made it.
Oh, Cracker Jack.
I love Cracker Jack.
Well, look who finally made it.
I bet you thought I wasn't gonna make it, didn't you? Yes.
Oh, well, surprise, surprise.
- Come on, it's cold.
Get inside.
- Let's go.
It was just It was so dumb.
This jerk, he pulled out right in front of me, didn't even look, and then he had the nerve to blame me.
- But you're okay, right? - Oh, yes.
I'm fine.
Thank you.
- Oh.
- Here, Bits, grab these, will you? Yeah.
Oh, the good stuff.
Now, what you go and bring this for? Uh, y'all know you're allowed to drink in front of me.
Well, you sent over enough take-out to feed half of Decatur.
What is it? What's wrong? Right this minute not a thing.
- Come on, let's go get some food.
- Come on, you.
- We got plenty of food.
- Look at you.
The place looks great.
Oh, look at him.
Oh, how is my godson? Not that I'm Scarlett's favorite or anything, but I was the one in the delivery room.
- Oh, we know.
- Whatever.
Oh, Connor wants to go up north to college next year.
I think he should stay here and go to community.
That baby chick is not ready to hatch yet.
It's a whole big deal.
I think somebody's not excited about an empty nest.
How is it possible that he's graduating this year when we're all still 14? - I know.
- I know.
Oh, my Are You There, God? It's Me, Margaret.
I couldn't part with that treasure, I thought it was so deep.
Oh, me too.
Jeez, I miss those days.
Yeah, tell me about it.
Excuse me, gals, I've gotta go see a man about a horse.
Jamie used to say that.
He's who I got it from.
Enjoy the trip To places yet unknown Let's show some spunk Get out of the dump Get up, get out, get on - Can I help? - Of course.
- Thank you.
- Mm-hmm.
You want some champagne to wash that down? No, I'm good.
- Mmm.
- Mmm.
Oh, is this mine? Yeah.
What happened to you? You fall in? Well, you have a lot of interesting magazines in there.
Oh, wait, wait, wait.
Listen to what's playing.
This was yours and Wilson's first dance, wasn't it? - Mmm.
That's right.
- Yep.
Forever is the love That is filled with understanding Come on.
Shall we? - Pass.
- Pass? Are you kidding me? Pass, my ass.
One of you better dance with me right this second.
Come on.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
I'm yours Come here.
Twenty bucks says Bits is finally Get out.
Do you rememberwhen we had to wear those ugly lime green - Oh.
- bridesmaid dresses? With yards of taffeta.
Which, by the way, we forgive you.
No, we don't.
Well, lucky for Scarlett she was too busy and too fancy to be a bridesmaid.
Here we go, Monica's greatest hit.
Oh, my God.
Don't make me come and separate you two.
Oh! - Ooh! - Lucy Jane! - I'm so sorry.
- Are you okay? Crap.
Oh, well that was just about the opposite of graceful.
- Are you all right? - Sit down.
- I'm good.
- Are you sure? - Yes, I'm fine, I'm fine.
There is no - Gosh.
Look at this, there's no damage done, truly.
I'm fine.
Okay, where is my bag? Because I brought us all something.
Let me see, where did I put it? That was totally my fault, wasn't it? I don't think it was.
What, you think she drank your nail polish remover when she was in there peeing? You think that's what she's doing right now, sneaking a drink? Come on.
- Okay.
- Mm-hmm.
Is that Dirty Dancing? I mean, have you met me.
Sometimes I think I never married because I never found anybody who looked at me the way Johnny Castle looked at Baby.
Oh, my Patrick Swayze.
May he rest in peace.
A toast to Lucy Jane's imaginary boyfriend.
Yes, my only boyfriend, okay? Hey, Monnie do you think it's weird, Lucy Jane insisting on having her own room and all? No.
Well, she did stop by that liquor store on the way here.
To get the champagne.
Oh, come on.
Stop being all Nancy Drew: Girl Detective.
Ooh, wait.
I forgot to give you guys these.
Here, pick which one you want.
Oh, Bits, these are beautiful.
For real.
- Yeah.
- Thank you.
Where you going? Put on my pajamas.
You're leaving the room to get undressed? You, the person who showed me how to put in a tampon, and you're modest now? Don't want you getting turned on by my rocking bod, Bits.
What would Rayanne think? - Come on.
- Hey.
- Oh.
- Oh, wow.
Once I had a little dog I called him Cracker Jack - Aw.
- Yes.
He had a spot around one eye It looked just like a patch His legs were way too long And it was awkward as could be He wasn't much to look at But he looked all right to me Okay, come on.
Cracker Jack The best friend that I ever had Was Cracker Jack But he was more than that A playmate, a companion He was love and understanding That was Cracker Jack - Woo, woo! - Woo! - What a good boy.
- Okay.
Highlight of the week.
Okay, you know mine.
Jamie asked me to go to the movies with him.
Plus, you got named news editor of the school paper.
- Oh.
- I got a new babysitting job.
Oh! - Two little girls, they are so cute.
- Oh.
My mom finally bought me the BeDazzler I wanted.
Look out, we're all going to be covered in rhinestones.
Oh, okay.
Did Cracker Jack have a highlight this week? Yes, he can catch a Frisbee with his mouth now.
Remember when I found you, scraggly little thing? Those spindly legs, and your ribs sticking out? Look at you now, huh? See what love can do? Oh.
What about you, Lucy Jane? What was your highlight this week? Me? Um I was finally able to do three backflips in a row in gymnastics.
- Oh, wow.
- Nice.
But, to tell you the truth, the highlight of my week is right now.
Remember how nervous you were about buying this house from your parents? I said that you'd be nuts if you didn't.
I remember that, we were sitting right at this counter.
That's right.
Well, aren't you glad that you listened to me? - Yes? Yes? - Yes.
Because us being here, Saturday morning breakfast Mm-hmm.
Highlight of the week.
Highlight of the week.
The whole week.
A virgin mimosa.
Also known as orange juice.
Sounds more special that way.
- Mmm.
- Good? Mmm, good biscuit.
Can I Can I just say how, um how grateful I am for the three of you? 'Cause you really are.
You You are You're the loves of my life.
You sure that's a virgin? Scarlett Somebody doesn't like it when I get a little too mushy, huh? Well, you bring it in right here, sister.
Come here.
Come here.
That's too bad.
I love you.
Okay, I'm sorry but I have to say something.
You know how much I care about you, right? So, I mean, I have to ask We need to figure out what we wanna do today.
Beautiful day outside, can't let it go to waste.
That's what you were gonna ask, right? Can you I need help getting I forgot the French press in the garage.
Regular coffee's fine.
Come with.
Why did you cut me off like that? Lucy Jane had this nice idea for us to spend the weekend together, and you're hijacking it to attack her.
If Lucy Jane is drinking again, that's for her to decide.
Maybe she can handle it now.
A person is allowed privacy.
That would make us bad friends.
We need to be honest with each other.
We need to confront things even if they're painful.
You mean, like if I was to finally ask you the real reason why you wouldn't be in my wedding party? Because your whole "I was too busy with my job to get to the fittings," I never bought that.
That was 12 years ago.
We Why are we still Or how come anytime Wilson and me invited you and Jamie out as couples you always had some excuse to say no? Are you ashamed of being seen with me? TV news star doesn't want to be seen out with her friend who never had a career? I don't like Wilson.
I don't like the way he talks to you.
I never thought he was good enough for you.
That's why.
Now I know.
Hey, I was just saying we should, like, take a hike.
You know, we'll go slow.
Well, y'all take a hike.
No, I Sorry.
I just I I wanna stay, you know? I'll reread Are You There, God? It's Me, Margaret.
I forgot if God ever answers her.
Oh, come on.
You're just gonna stay here? By yourself? Well, if she's not going, I'm not going.
Oh, if she's not going, I'm not going.
- What? - Mm-hmm.
All right, let me get.
I have my thermos in my room.
I have these.
Too small.
- Take two then.
- Why are you giving me a hard time about this? I'll be right back.
Oh, I'm sure it's nothing.
Hey you guys.
You I I think I just I just I just need a break.
Why don't y'all go on without me? That's okay.
We'll wait for you.
Hey, hey.
Let me help you.
Come on.
What are you doing? What's in here? It doesn't smell.
Must be vodka.
Vodka? Are you Hey, Bitsy, I need that.
Lucy Jane.
We know.
You know? You know what? Why you're dodging us.
Why you sound the way you do when I call you.
Why you're clumsy all of a sudden, and having car accidents again.
Some jerk cut me off is what happened.
We can't stand here and watch you go down that path again.
Y'all think I'm drinking again? After what I put everybody through.
After I almost ruined my life.
You honestly think that I would go near that again? We're coming at you with love.
- Please don't be defensive.
- I am not defensive and I am damn sure not drunk.
I wanted to wait till the end of this weekend to say something, but Nope, here we are.
I I have MS.
What? I've been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.
See? I knew that Y Y'all should see the way that you're looking at me right now.
Okay, because All I wanted was just a few more days of us being us together.
What can we do? No.
I am not ready to be poor Lucy Jane, okay? Not yet.
Are you going to be all right? Oh, my God, I'm so sorry what I did back there.
Bits, I am not mad at you, all right? I just need to be by myself.
But we could always talk about things, you know? Like, when I Not right now.
Okay? Not right now.
Please? And I told Mama that I am definitely marrying Jamie.
What'd she say to that? She said that I don't have the sense that God gave a horsefly.
She and Jamie really love each other.
It's so romantic.
I wonder when me, you, and Monica are gonna find guys we feel that way about.
Soon, I hope.
I wanna tell you something.
But I've never said it out loud before.
I'm kind of scared to.
Tell Cracker Jack first.
He's the least judgy person I know.
Come here, boy.
Cracker Jack That went okay.
You know how you feel about Johnny Castle in Dirty Dancing? Yes.
Be still, my heart.
That's how I feel about Baby.
I like girls that way.
Are you sure? I am.
Let's go, buddy.
Hi there.
She's friendly.
Unless you're mean.
Oh, I'm I'm I'm not.
What's her name? Clara.
Clara? - Okay.
- Clara.
- And what's yours? - Nola.
Nola, like New Orleans? - My daddy was from there.
- Oh, wow.
That's a very pretty name.
Thank you.
- You got anything to eat? - I don't.
But if you wanna come back with me to where I'm staying, I I think I could find you something.
Are you sure? I'd like the company.
Especially if you let me lean on you a little bit as we walk.
What's wrong with you? Well, you know how when you're in water and it's all the way up to your shoulders and you try to walk.
That's what it feels like for me right now.
What's wrong with you? They wanna take Clara away from me.
I hope she doesn't hate us.
Take a number.
I hate us.
God, what she's going through, I can't even Yeah, guess what? We made it worse.
I don't get why she didn't tell us.
You know, sometimes it's just not that easy to You expecting somebody? I might have said we'd be around if he felt like dropping by.
- Is that who I think it is? - Yep.
- Hey.
- Hey, ladies.
Good to see you.
- Hi, again.
- Hey.
- Hey, how are you, Trey? - I'm good.
I'm good.
Is this an all right time? We'll check on Lucy Jane.
Let's take a walk.
Oh, my God.
Right! Monica.
This weekend's about Lucy Jane.
Come on.
Oh, good.
You're here.
Don't worry, she doesn't bite.
Unless you're mean.
Although, she might lick you to death.
Nola, these are two of my oldest friends.
This is Bitsy and Monica.
And, uh, these are my newest friends.
This is Nola, and this girl right here, this is Clara.
- Hi.
- Hey.
- Hello.
- Where's Scarlett? She's out on a walk with Trey.
Of all things.
- Trey? - Yeah, he just up and dropped by.
That's something.
Hey we okay? Yeah.
We're good.
Pop wanted me to take over his business when he retired, but ex-high school quarterback hawking insurance what a cliché.
Couldn't do it.
What do you do, then? I'm a car salesman.
I'm kidding.
I I'm in biotech.
I've been in Dallas seven, eight years now.
Followed a lady out there, fell out of love with her, and in love with the city.
- And the barbecue.
- Mmm.
I can't believe I'm sitting here with you.
I know.
But it feels normal, like we just saw each other.
You look the same.
Me though, not exactly in fighting shape.
Oh, what does that matter? You have those kind eyes.
That's what I think of when I think about you.
I was really sorry about Jamie.
You doing all right? I appreciated your note.
It's been pretty bad, to tell you the truth.
He's been gone three years.
He was my best bud and all back in the day, but I was so damn jealous of him.
- Stop.
- It's true.
Girls were lining up for you.
You could have gotten any female person in that school, teachers included.
Yep, I could've had every girl.
Except for the one that I wanted.
Trey Jamie's the only person It's okay.
It's no rush.
I've waited all this time, I can wait another I miss that.
I miss all of it.
Auntie LJ.
- Hi, sweetheart.
- Hey.
- Oh.
- I missed you.
Oh, I've missed you.
Oh, it's so good to see you.
- How have you been? - I'm pretty good.
- Yeah? - Yeah, pretty good.
- Ma is driving me nuts though.
- Oh, same.
- Same.
- Exactly.
Hey, Con, is that, um, tree house still up? - The one that you and your dad built? - Yeah.
Needs a paint job, but it's still there.
Well, if you wouldn't mind maybe showing that to my friend Nola? Would you like to see a big, beautiful tree house? - Yes, ma'am.
- Okay.
All right.
I wouldn't mind closing my eyes for just a second or two, okay? - Sure.
- All right.
- All right.
- Come on.
- Y'all have fun.
- We will.
- Okay.
- Come on, Clara.
- Come on.
- Hey.
So, how do you know Aunt Lucy Jane? I don't really, she's just being really nice to me.
Yeah, she's like that.
- Did you run away from home or something? - How'd you know? Been there, done that.
How come? My mama got engaged.
Is he being funny with you? No.
Ruben's nice.
Really nice.
It's just, he's allergic to dogs.
They said now that he's moving in with us - Wait, where's your dad? - He died.
Mine too.
Well, it's lucky your mama found someone nice though.
My mama's been really lonely.
I actually started praying to God that she'll find someone.
Y You're You're back.
- Yeah.
- Uh This is my my friend, Trey.
Your prayers are strong.
How you doing? Good.
Oh, well, yeah.
I'm gonna show Nola the tree house real quick, so - Okay.
- Yeah.
Uh, well, I'm gonna get going.
That is not funny.
Oh, it totally is.
You just got busted by your kid.
How about you call your mom? You know, let her know you're okay.
Are you there, Lucy Jane? It's me, Scarlett.
Oh, I know that look.
The girls said you were out walking with Trey.
When did you find out? Five months ago.
Why didn't you tell me? I could have been there for you.
I could have been there with you.
- I didn't want to burden you.
- Yeah, but that's not fair.
But you've been through enough stuff the last couple of years.
Yeah, and you were right there with me.
When I lost Jamie and I was in the bed in the fetal position pretty much thinking my heart was going to break in pieces and I was gonna die, you practically forced your way in here.
And you stayed with me.
And you held my hand for days and days, and you made me eat, and you made me take a bath.
I mean, I I let you see me like that.
Why doesn't it go both ways? I mean, do you not trust me? Of course, I trust you.
Well, it doesn't seem like it.
How did my MS become about you all of a sudden? Because if the rules of our friendship were going to change after this long, you should've told me.
Or at least sent a text, since that's the only way I hear from you now.
What's going on? Scarlett was just, uh, letting me have it because I didn't send y'all engraved invitations to watch my body fall apart.
Why do you keep walking away from us? Because I still can.
- Oh, boy, blood.
- Oh.
- What happened? - Oh, don't look.
I know how you get.
I banged my head.
- Do you think you need stitches? - No.
But you know what? I've got this little first aid kit in my bag, I probably have some butterflies in there.
Can you grab it, please? How did you do this? I missed the door.
You know, my eyes, they just They They get a little wonky.
Here, give me.
Let me.
I can do it.
I should have figured it out sooner.
I mean, my hands would go numb, or I'd stumble, I'd think oh, well, that must be from the drinking.
Even after I'd stopped, you know, and Okay, whoa, you're not gonna, like, throw up or pass out or anything, are you? I'm okay.
All right.
And then the eye thing started, um happening about six months ago.
And my right foot would sort of droop.
And I would just think, oh, you know what? That's just 'cause I'm working extra hours, you know? I guess I was looking for reasons.
And then one of the doctors on the unit, she, uh, she noticed, and she made me get an MRI.
And the tech he left the report on the desk to go take a phone call.
And of course I looked at it.
I mean, I know how to read those things.
And then I saw it.
I saw all the white spots.
I saw all the lesions on my brain and I knew.
I knew I knew before the neurologist even came in to tell me.
I know there's a couple different kinds.
Which type do you have? It's not the best.
It's not the worst.
It's gonna get, um hard you know? I'm not exactly sure when, but it will.
It already has.
You know what the funny thing about it is? There's a funny thing about it? Oh, honey, there's always a funny thing about it.
Ever since I found out I keep having all these These visions, these dreams to when nobody was sick.
Nobody we loved was dead.
And I keep seeing Cracker Jack.
Oh, Cracker Jack.
He was such a good boy.
What's gonna happen when we're older and we don't see each other every day? Who said we're not gonna see each other everyday? Well, Jamie and I want to travel around the world for a year.
After we get married.
See? But once we get back, we can see each other every day.
I think we should all live together.
On one big compound.
With our husbands, if we have them.
Oh, or wife.
And kids if we have them.
Or no kids.
But dogs, definitely lots of dogs.
Shit! What? Monica.
Hey, gals.
Where's my old lady? She's inside.
What's Anything wrong? - Are the girls okay? - Oh, yeah, no, no, all good.
Just, uh, needed to talk to Monica.
She wasn't answering her phone.
What's up? You come here a sec? What do you want? I called you before.
Two rings and then it goes to voice mail.
I was in the middle of something.
You don't hit decline when I call, you got that? I'm sorry.
What have you been telling them? Have you been up here spreading lies about me? I didn't tell them anything.
Come on, get in the car.
- Hey, Wilson, get your hands off her.
- Wilson, stop it.
Stay out of this.
This is none of y'all's business.
Leave her alone.
- Wilson! - I'm okay.
It's okay.
I always knew you were no good.
Calm down, Clara.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
Do something! Hey, leave her alone, or I'm calling the police right now.
Monica, get in the goddamn car.
Shut that dog up! Clara, stop.
I'm not getting in the goddamn car.
Oh, my God.
I'm done with you! Get out of the way.
- Monica! - Move it! Come here, boy.
- Get off of me! Get that dog off! - Clara! - Monica, are you okay? - Get that dog off me! - Connor! - Get him off! - Here, Clara.
- It's okay.
It's gonna be okay.
Clara, come here.
Good, girl, Cracker Jack.
Goddamn it! - Come on.
- Connor, come here.
Come here.
It's okay.
How long? It happened one time a few years ago.
We got in a fight, and he just lost it on me.
And I thought I don't know what I thought.
The girls were little.
He said it'd never happen again.
And then these last couple of months I got bruises all over me.
That's why I didn't want to get undressed in front of you, Bits.
Honey, I'm so sorry.
You were right about him.
I don't wanna be right.
I just need you to be okay.
Oh, crap.
Crap, I never thought I'd be this person.
He's never touched the girls.
I can't stay.
I can't stay.
I can't.
I don't know what I'm gonna do.
Where we're gonna go.
What do you mean? You're gonna come with me.
You and the girls.
Oh, Lucy Jane, you don't have room for us at your place.
- And with what all you got going on - Okay, well, guess what? We're gonna We're gonna make this work.
God's sakes, Lucy Jane, do you hear yourself? You don't have to go taking care of everybody all the time.
Yes, I do! It is what I do.
It is what I have always done.
It is how I know who I am.
If I am needed, then I have a reason to get out of bed in the morning.
But I may not even be able to take care of me pretty soon, so then who am I gonna be? Come on.
You're gonna be your beautiful, warm, funny self.
I don't have a husband.
I don't have children.
Which, you know, no regrets.
I've had the life that I've always wanted to live.
But I just look around and I realize I am not anybody's responsibility.
I am strictly optional.
No, you're essential.
You know what I mean.
You and Scarlett, you have your children.
You have Rayanne.
I don't belong to anybody.
You belong to us.
- Yeah.
- You've got us.
You always have.
My sweet Cracker Jack, thank you for finding me.
Thank you for loving me.
Thank you for letting me love you.
Doctor said there was too much toxins from the snake.
They can't do anything to save him.
Hey, Ma, um, can I take the car? I'm gonna drive Nola home.
Sure, Boo.
Miss Lucy Jane, can I ask you something? Of course you can.
Can you take Clara? Sure.
Take her where? Take her.
Keep her.
Oh, my gosh.
I know she'll have a really good home, and maybe I can come and visit sometimes.
Honey, you can visit us all the time.
Thank you.
Bye, Clara.
Hi, all right.
I like you, too.
Hey, you.
I have a question for you, Bits.
Now that I have you captive, you have no choice, you have to answer me.
- Hmm.
- How far along are you? - Far along with what? - Oh, cut it out.
You're pregnant, right? What? No! Oh, my God.
I look pregnant to you? Jesus H.
, Monica, who raised you? You don't say that to a woman unless there's an actual baby's hand waving at you from down there.
Is Rayanne? No.
Nobody's pregnant.
Well, what then? What was all that yessing, and, "We've waited so long," the other night on the phone? What was all that? You know that Etsy thing, like I I make the barrettes and the jewelry, and Yeah, what about it? A buyer from Dillard's saw my online shop and bought my designs.
Bought the whole business.
For, like, a lot.
Wait, a lot a lot? Like, huh a lot a lot.
Wow! Bravo, Bits.
That's amazing.
Well, me and Rayanne, we're gonna help her mom and daddy with the ranch, and then we're gonna fix up our house, and then we wanna try for a baby.
I mean, we did the turkey baster way and everything, but that didn't work out.
But this time, we can afford the full-on in vitro.
I mean, Rayanne, not me.
But seriously how pregnant do I look to you? Stop.
You look fabulous.
Skinny as a rail.
Hush your mouth.
I don't know why I didn't tell you.
I gave myself five months of being scared alone.
I'm sorry about the way I was being with you.
I thought I was mad at you for not telling me, but it's not that.
I'm just mad that somebody else I love so much Well, I'm not planning on dying anytime soon, so you just get that right out of your head.
You know, getting this diagnosis I think the lesson is you really have to live.
You know? Truly just live your life, find what makes you happy.
Have you been happy? Yeah.
I'm happy enough.
All in all, my life's pretty good.
And for one, I got great friends.
So do I.
And how about you? Are you happy? Not so much.
Well, how come? I look back more than I look forward.
I think about all the things I never did, the trip around the world Jamie and I never got to take.
And my job, what's that saying? I don't make the news, I just deliver it.
That's all I do.
Oh, and hovering over poor Connor like a crazy person.
He should be able to go away to college.
Keeping him home yeah, that's about me, that's not about him.
Damn it, you were right.
I do make other people's things about me.
So my darling friend what are we going to do about this? Monica.
Scarlett's giving us her house.
Ah! Oh, Bitsy's rich.
- Woo! - What? What? Woo-hoo! - Did you hit the lotto? What happened? - Oh, my God.
- Oh, you've got to hear this.
- Okay.
- What? - What do you mean "rich"? A big old department store chain bought my business.
- Oh! - Yes! That's wonderful.
- Oh, my gosh.
- Congrats.
- Oh, that's great.
- Oh, my God.
Help me out.
- Yeah.
- I didn't know - When did you find out? - I can't get that.
Did you know about this? She didn't say anything to me.
Well, I didn't wanna jinx it.
- You know how I am? - Oh, my gosh.
How rich is How rich is rich? - Enough! - Yeah.
- How rich is rich? That's a good question.
- She'll never tell you.
Wait, why is Scarlett giving us her house? Okay, not giving.
Letting you guys live there indefinitely.
And she's finally taking that trip around the world.
Beginning in Dallas, to see a certain somebody.
I feel a little funny leaving now, with Lucy Jane's news and all.
Oh, no.
No, no, no, no.
Listen, I insisted.
Okay? And we'll house-sit, right? And you can just help me out when I need it.
And I suspect that you're not gonna kick us out when you return.
And Scarlett, if you get lonely on that road trip, you just let me know, we'll meet you in any country you want.
- Come here.
- My treat.
Oh, show-off.
Oh, and Bitsy, you and Rayanne, you can just come and stay with us whenever you feel like.
Lucy Jane, you're finally getting that compound you dreamed about.
Well, I mean, it's not exactly how I thought it was gonna happen.
But, you know what? I'll take it.
- All right, shall we go get some cider? - Yeah.
- Come on.
- Ooh.
Cracker Jack The best friend that I ever had Was Cracker Jack Give me that.
Give me that.
Playmate, a companion He was love and understanding That was Cracker Jack The best friend that I ever had Was Cracker Jack But he was more than that Everything a kid could want I had in Cracker Jack Come on, boy Come on Come on, come on Come on, boy