Dominion (2014) s01e06 Episode Script

Black Eyes Blue

Previously on Dominion You need me.
I need Helena's air force.
She's pushing for a vote of no-confidence in the senate to force him to relinquish his seat.
You're gonna support her vote, aren't you? It might be what's best for Vega.
You made me believe that I was someone else.
Have you been outside the hotel? I wanted to leave her a gift.
You murdered that man in the market.
This needs to end.
I need her taken down.
Please don't kill me.
I have a family.
I have a daughter.
To my mother.
An old casino vault? Please don't hurt me.
What on Earth have you done? You radioed in and confirmed the eight-ball had been executed.
- It was a way to buy time.
- It was a lie.
I made a judgment call.
- A bad one.
- Please let me go.
- Please? - That isn't just any eight-ball in there.
That's Claire's mother.
Vicious and unpredictable all the same.
You already knew it was her mother.
Riesen asked me specifically to handle the situation.
And he's under the impression she's been taken care of.
She's a threat to the city.
This is different.
She knows things about Claire, things that only Claire's mother could know.
- I think she's still in there.
- No, she isn't.
Archangel, I'll leave Vega.
I'll go.
- I'll go right now.
- You're not going anywhere.
I've read the texts.
I know about evictions.
It says the possessed will find salvation at the hands of the chosen one.
Those are just the words of scared men.
Now, go in there and end this, or I will.
You keep telling me I'm destined to lead, to save mankind.
And here I am incapable of helping this one possessed soul.
I won't accept that.
I know you're trying to protect me, but that's not what I need.
- Then what do you need? - Your help.
Claire was robbed of her mother.
The only memories that she has are from the stories she's been told.
What if I can help bring her mom back? Alex I have seen evictions attempted many times before.
Believe me, the dangers not only to the host but to you are indescribable.
It's a risk I'm willing to take.
I hope I don't say something to ruin that smile.
Oh, no, it won't.
This one's here to stay.
I found your gift.
Must have fallen off the night stand.
It was next to my bed.
It's so beautiful.
I was surprised you didn't mention it last night at the engagement dinner.
Now I know why.
Aw, were you sitting there the whole time thinking I hated it? Not the whole time.
All right, the whole time.
This song mom used to sing it to me, didn't she? Sometimes I forget just how much I miss her.
I miss her too.
It is the perfect gift.
I love it.
Thank you so much, Dad.
I'm gonna go listen to it.
I need your help with David Whele.
This no-confidence vote.
What no-confidence vote? I thought he was dropping that.
No, he's moving forward, and quickly.
He's managed to convene a meeting for later today.
That said, I'd like you to attend a meeting with me today at the house.
Yes, of course.
The work of God is simply this, the belief in the one Principate.
What a pleasant surprise.
Is that how you would describe it? An unexpected surprise.
You know, I can't remember the last time you attended my service I don't plan on staying.
This was found in our home.
I'm impressed, William.
You've discovered yet another one of these.
Your investigation into Gabriel's under-church is really coming along.
Yes, sorry, I forgot to mention You're getting closer to exposing these angel-worshipping traitors.
- Yes, I am.
- These, uh What do you call them? - These - Black Black acolytes, yeah.
I think they've infiltrated the upper Vs.
What makes you say that? I don't know.
Just a hunch.
When I find them, I will end them.
Have a wonderful service, son.
I'm with you in spirit.
Can't you knock? Or flap your wings or something? Well, then I wouldn't be able to enjoy the show.
You need something from me.
I'd like to offer you a trade.
Vermeer's Lady with a Flute.
I've been searching the world for one of his works.
Where did you find it? The Wynn Hotel.
What do you want? The Apocrypha.
As far as I know, the Apocrypha is only used for one thing.
Tell me that's not what you're planning to do.
Is a human soul more important to you than one of your own kind? The chosen one is demanding it.
You said to train him.
Well, this is part of his training.
Have you forgotten that even with the Apocrypha, trying to save a possessed is futile? No, but failure is a grand first lesson.
Gabriel would be very upset if I handed the book over to you.
This has nothing to do with him.
Don't think I'm an idiot.
We both know that the eviction of one eight-ball could open the door to saving many others, and that has everything to do with Gabriel.
Do we have a deal or not? Keep the painting.
There's something else I want.
I am starting to get a much clearer picture of why you've been keeping him all to yourself.
Your sister is making me uncomfortable.
Welcome to my world.
You realize I'm the only one who can translate them, and I'm not even having much luck.
I'm not so interested in their translation - at the moment.
- Then why the need to see them? Artistic merit.
These markings are a divine creativity, handed down by my father.
All right.
All right.
Show's over.
Where's the book? Careful.
She's seen better days.
So you said I need this to save her.
Now what? Have you not told him about the book's wonderfully complicated history? Seemed premature seeing as though we didn't have the book in hand, nor was I sure we ever would.
- Well, you have it now.
- What's she talking about? Alex, you're holding the writings of the first and only prophet to ever conduct the eviction of an angel.
Many have held that book, attempted its prayers.
All have failed.
Are you saying there's been angel possessions for thousands of years? The only kind of possessions I know of.
Humans have always failed to see them for what they really were.
I don't know, maybe maybe the evictions have always failed because no one could read it.
I mean the pages are faded.
The only way to save Claire's mother is to figure out that prayer.
You can read them.
Yes, I can.
Good morning.
Table for one? Please.
Welcome, Principate.
My father found that blindfold you forced into my hands.
Gather the acolytes.
Tell them you're speaking on my behalf and let them know they need to disband for the time being.
Disband? Do we really need to go there? My father is a dedicated and resourceful man.
He's close.
If he exposes us, we'll be dragged outside the city walls and shot.
Do what I say and do it now.
Come here.
Come here! Have mercy, Archangel.
Spare me, and I'll disappear.
To where? You're an eight-ball.
Don't call me that.
It's what you are, and always will be.
Let's not forget you murdered two people in Vega.
I had no choice.
They were going to hurt me.
You made your choice long ago with the other lower angels.
You could have stayed out of this war, remained out there with the others.
But instead you chose to take a body, a life, and by doing so, became part of Gabriel's army.
I panicked.
And as soon as I realized what I did, I regretted it.
I tried to fix it.
By doing what? By living as a human.
What did you expect us to do? Just wait out there in the nothingness? I didn't have the luxury of a body like the higher angels.
I have done nothing but respect this vessel.
I have lived an honest life, a life of love.
A life of redemption.
You believe in redemption, don't you, Michael? The General will see you.
Madam Arika, thank you for accepting my invitation.
Lady Riesen, what a pleasant and welcome surprise.
Yes, well, I insisted.
Claire will be guiding Vega into the future very soon.
How exciting.
Another city in the cradle to be governed by an intelligent and inspiring woman.
Unfortunately, there is a very disruptive influence in Vega.
Poses a real threat to our future plans.
Well, David's influence is of little importance to me.
What I value are the promises he's made.
And how confident are you that he'll keep those promises? Pardon, Miss Riesen.
Urgent message.
Thank you.
I apologize.
I will just be a moment.
Change of venue? Alex, what are you doing here? You need to come with me.
Well, I can't just come with you.
- I'm in the middle of - Listen to me, something has happened, and it's best you just - come with me and I'll show you.
- Whatever it is, - it's just gonna have to wait.
- Claire, this can't wait.
Alex, where are we going? In there.
Ah, my little girl my little girl.
- Claire! - Oh! Claire! Oh, my baby.
What is happening, Alex? Let me explain.
I was just protecting Vega from another eight-ball attack.
I didn't know who she was until I had her trapped.
There was an order to take her down, and I just couldn't do it.
Baby, Claire.
Does my father know about this? Alex, how much does my father know? Everything.
He's been keeping her for years.
Outside the walls, in the Luxor.
Why? Why would he do that? Because he's been having a relationship with her.
That's ridiculous.
Who told you that? She did.
She did, Claire, and I believe her.
She knows too many details to be lying.
How could he do something so disgusting? Because he doesn't see her that way.
He still sees your mother.
How would you know? Because I've seen her too.
You're crazy.
You're all crazy.
- No, Claire, Claire, listen.
- Claire! - Claire, listen to me.
- Get off of me, Alex.
Claire, I've talked to her.
I've talked to her.
That eight-ball in there is not like the others.
It makes me think there's a chance that your mother - is still trapped in - It doesn't work like that, Alex, and you know it.
I don't know anymore, Claire That is not my mother in there.
That is the creature who stole my mother from me, so go ahead.
Follow your orders.
Execute her.
Please don't leave without at least talking to her.
Why? Why would I ever want you to see this, huh? Why? I love you.
Why would I destroy that? You know I would never put you through this if I didn't think there was hope.
Alex, there is no hope for my mother.
There might be, Claire.
I think these can help us.
Just see for yourself.
But if you still want I'll carry out the original order.
I'll shoot her.
I promise.
Remember, remember, this is for our own protection.
William has promised that this is only temporary.
- And we may - Brother Paul.
Where did he say we could safely worship? It's being handled.
- For the time being - Die, traitors! I lost a lot of comrades during the war.
Great leaders.
Men like Colonel Russell Moore.
That name ring a bell to you? Should it? He was the commander of the 452nd air transport wing at Hill Air Force Base, which is where Helena acquired her aircraft, if I'm not mistaken.
You're not.
Near the end of the war, I was gonna send a squadron to assist him with an angel attack.
In the end, he didn't need my help.
He won that battle anyway.
But I do remember what he lost in that fight.
All of his aircraft.
Apart from one lone B-52 bomber and a pair of Bell-9 choppers.
Helena doesn't have an air force.
All your city has is what little remains of the Colonel's fleet.
A legend is more powerful than the truth.
This one kept Helena safe for 25 years.
General Riesen, is this an indictment or a negotiation? We have a common enemy.
Today, Gabriel's waging war against Vega.
Tomorrow he could turn his eye to Helena.
I don't have any illusions about that.
Because as you are well aware, Vega has the capability to make a catastrophic bomb.
And Helena has the B-52 to drop it on Gabriel's compound.
We can start building the weapon tomorrow.
I think I'll take that other drink now, General.
There's only one problem.
Evelyn is Queen.
She has the power in Helena, and unfortunately, she doesn't share my concerns about Gabriel.
Until the threat comes to Helena, she'll refuse to enter the war.
I've waited so long to see you.
You're fooling everyone, right? And now it's my turn to be tricked, isn't it Mom? I didn't want to hurt you, and I didn't mean to upset your father.
I just I just wanted to see you.
And I took it too far.
What are you talking about? I should never have gone to your room.
It was a stupid and selfish decision.
It was you.
Oh you left the music box.
Do you remember? We used to hum that song together when you were little.
You remember? No, because you're not my mother.
You didn't hum anything to me.
And the only reason you remember is because my father told you.
I thought all the years that I spent with your father and the love that we shared would count for something.
Well, it doesn't.
Claire, you need to know that the relationship that I had with Edward was built on trust and loyalty.
Just like the one that I had before this happened to me.
Please stop talking like you're my mother.
But I can love you.
I can love you, and I can protect you, like she could.
I want a relationship with you.
Your mother is here.
She's here we've been together for a long time.
And you need to know that there is a hole inside of her, because all those years, she never had her whole family.
She desperately missed her little girl.
Her Izzie.
What did you just call me? What your mother always called you Izzie.
Edward didn't tell me this.
Your your father and your mother, they could never agree on a name.
Your father insisted on Claire, but your mother loved Isabel after her mother.
And she lost the battle as she often did with your father, but she took peace in knowing that it was your middle name.
And it drove him crazy that she never once called you Claire, not once.
She always called you Izzie.
Always Izzie.
I don't know if you're right, Alex.
I don't know if my mother is still in there, but I do understand why you couldn't kill her.
And so do I.
Well, so if my mother is still trapped inside there, - can the tattoos help? - That's the hope.
But that's not all you'll need.
What is that? These words could be the key to freeing your mother.
What happened? Your father's guards.
They must have followed one of us.
They opened fire.
They kept firing until we overpowered them and killed them.
When these men don't return, your father will send more.
- He'll kill all of us.
- No doubt.
Gabriel needs to know.
Gabriel doesn't need to hear anything about this.
He's my father.
I can take care of this.
Claire! What is that? We're gonna help you.
What are you doing? I don't understand.
Claire? "Every shadow has its light.
Banish this spirit that inhabits Clementine.
" Oh, no.
No! - "Protect this body and soul.
" - No, no, no! "Sanctify this vessel.
" Stop! "Leave this body.
Burn away.
" Please - listen - "Leave this body.
I command you.
" - Traitor! - "Leave this body.
" How could you let them do this to me? "Burn away.
Come into the light.
" Please.
I'll do anything.
- I'll do anything.
- "Come into the light.
- Burn away.
" - I'm sorry.
- Please! - "I command you, leave this body.
" - You'll kill us both.
- "Sanctify this vessel.
- Every shadow has its light.
" - I'm sorry.
"Banish the spirit that inhabits Clementine.
" You you shut your mouth! Focus, Alex.
"Protect this body and soul.
Sanctify this vessel.
" Why are you letting them hurt me, Izzie? - Why? - "Every shadow has its light.
Banish the spirit that inhabits Clementine.
" - Izzie.
- "Protect this body.
Burn away.
" Again, Alex, again.
"Every shadow has its light.
"Banish the spirit that inhabits Clementine.
"Protect this body and soul.
"Sanctify this vessel so this soul can live on.
Leave this body.
Burn away.
" Michael, what's happening to her? - Be patient.
- "Come into the light.
I command you.
" "Burn away.
"Leave this body.
"Burn away.
" "Sanctify.
" Forgive me.
My baby.
Mom? My baby.
My baby.
I can't believe you came back.
I can't believe you came back.
You are beautiful.
You are beautiful.
Thank you.
Thank you.
What Michael.
What's happening? What's happening to her? - She can't breathe.
- Michael.
Alex? Michael, help her.
- Do something! - Michael! I can't.
No one can.
Your mother's spirit is gone.
This is all that will ever be left.
This is your fault! Claire, I I'm I'm sorry.
Get off of me.
You Claire, I'm sorry.
I couldn't.
I tried, Claire.
I tried.
Where are all the others? I pulled the session forward an hour.
Sorry, did you not get word? I'm torn.
Should I stand, or should I sit for this? Please.
The suspense is killing me.
David, you negotiated quite a deal with Arika.
- Good for both sides.
- Thank you.
But information can never compete with knowledge.
You overpromised, and she embellished.
Heh, Helena's air force is nowhere near as formidable as you were told.
All the other members of the senate were relieved that I found out in time, thankful that we didn't give away our invaluable technology for one B-52 bomber.
I think if you investigate further It's over, David.
She conned you.
What about her? Arika? We need her.
She needs us.
Our deal is she goes back to Helena.
To do what? She'll jump straight back into bed with Evelyn, literally, and stab you in the back.
There will be no Evelyn.
It's time for a leadership change in Helena, and as you know, Arika has many loyalists in her homeland.
I don't want just an alliance.
I want influence, control.
Once Arika has got rid of Evelyn, our agreement is that Vega will help govern them.
Yeah, well, I hope your sick heart beats long enough to enjoy your new city of crazy women.
Consul Whele, there is one other order of business before you go.
We did hold the no-confidence vote, yours being the only vote that wasn't cast.
If you wish to do so now, I'll make sure that it's recorded accurately.
Well, I vote confidence of course.
Then it's unanimous.
Thank you, Consul.
I've been trying to call you all day.
Where were you? You should've seen what happened in the senate.
You okay? I know.
- Sweetheart - I know.
I spoke with her.
I held her in my arms.
You didn't want to let her go.
Neither did I.
- Where is she? - She's safe.
I understand.
I think I understand.
But the people of Vega won't.
Well, people don't need to know.
People don't need to know anything, do they? No.
And they never will.
But they wouldn't want you as their leader.
They wouldn't trust you, and neither can I.
As soon as this wedding is over, you're gonna get up there, and you are gonna tell the city that you have done everything that you possibly can, and then you're gonna step down.
- Claire, I don't think - No.
This isn't negotiable.
William, is it not painfully obvious that I want to be alone? Something wrong? Yes, Father.
Something is wrong.
Those guards you sent won't be returning.
What did you do? My acolytes need protecting at all costs.
From the day you were born, the first time I held you in my arms, I knew you were destined to be nothing but a curse.
Weak, useless in every conceivable way.
Are you finished? No.
You're finished.
Beg, plead, sell your infected soul.
It won't matter.
Nothing you can do will save you from this betrayal.
I can't believe this, William.
For the first time, I can honestly say I'm proud of you.
Son, you come across a wounded animal, you got to put it down.
You almost did it when you sent the soldiers into the agri-tower.
But Want to make sure a job's done, you got to do it yourself, huh? It's what you've always wanted.
Take your best shot, son.
But let me give you a word of advice.
If you do have the balls to do this, you better not miss.
That's my boy.
Show me how strong you really are.
Just like a stream or a river, constantly changing, the stream you draw is a stream long gone, no longer relevant.
But don't let me discourage you.
When have you known me to be discouraged? Do you really think the child is the only one who could ever read these? From what I know of Father, he's never been that predictable.
Which is why I'm asking for discretion, secrecy.
Confine these images to memory only.
In return, the Vermeer is yours.
Now, stop looking at me like that.
Your word is the only thing stronger than your mind.
I'll be needing it now.
Gabriel will not see the markings.
You have my word.
What's going on? What William? Father.
Your time of darkness has ended.
I will help bring you into the light.
What what light? What are you talking about? The light of Gabriel.
Where am I? What is all this? Talk to me, son.
I want to save you, Father.
We all have faith that you can be saved.
Son, I I know I've I've I've made mistakes.
I-I-I've and I'm sorry for that.
Shh, quiet now.
Uhh! Ah! You little son! You want to talk about being saved? I saved you! I've been saving you your entire life! What's that? I'm sorry.
Just trying to get get through to you, that's all.
What are you do Please, William, William.
I Please.
Please, don't.
Don't do this.
Please, William, stop it right now! My hope is that you will one day learn to accept the love of the Archangel Gabriel.
Son, there must be another way.
There is only one way.
Where one breaks, one becomes strong.
Where one is strong, we are all strong.
- Aah! - In Gabriel's name.
In Gabriel's name.
In Gabriel's name.
In Gabriel's name.
- Aah! - In Gabriel's name.
It's okay, Father.
It's okay.
You're gonna be okay.
You all right? Claire, I'm so sorry.
It's okay.
It's okay.