Dominion (2014) s02e02 Episode Script

Mouth of the Damned

The archangel Gabriel decided he must destroy mankind to bring God back, but the archangel Michael stood against his brother and fought on the side of humanity.
The war continues.
The Lady of the City gave three floors of the Wynn to the V-1s.
Make sure those floors are uninhabitable.
How am I supposed to change this city when he destroys everything I try and do? To cowards, whom we all know die many times before their actual death.
How does your town exist? The rest of the world may believe he's gone, but in Mallory, Alabama, God's very much alive.
And Alex? - He escaped.
- All I need is his skin.
We should head straight for Vega.
No, I'm not leading Gabriel back to Claire.
New Delphi's half the distance.
We'll go there.
Right over there.
Aah! Light 'em up! No! Your attention, curfew is now in effect for all V-1 and V-2 Ma'am.
Sorry, what's your name again? Zoe.
I'm new.
Just started today.
- Guards! - Lady Riesen, are you okay? Drop your weapon! Drop your weapon! On your knees.
Let's go, move.
We'll double your security tonight, ma'am.
New Delphi base, this is security vehicle 259 requesting entry into northeast tunnel.
New Delphi convoy, we have a visual on you.
You're clear to enter the city.
We're bringing 'em in.
Alex, what the hell is this place? Where are you taking us? - We are so screwed.
- Shut up.
This doesn't make any sense.
It's the 8-balls, they're different.
I don't know how it's possible.
Some lower angels are more evolved than others, but I've never seen them act like this before.
They're so human.
Let's go, move.
- Move! - Get on down there.
That's good.
Come on, come on! Oysters on the left.
So you've taken the life of one of mine.
I will be needing one of yours in return.
See, he's lost the ability to breathe.
He's very still, because he's dead, taken by a bullet from your gun.
So would you like to exchange your life for his? Or would you prefer to trade one of your friends? Why's he looking at me, man Pete, stop talking.
It's not a man.
It's an 8-ball.
No, we don't use that term, do we? Mm-mm.
You see? What I did was acting on instinct.
You have to understand that this humans with 8-balls it's it's not how it is out there.
See, that's what makes New Delphi unique, angels and humans living in peace in our underground paradise.
Look, we clearly have our differences, but I still believe we can help each other out.
Look, man, as you can see, New Delphi's built on the foundation of trade.
You know, give and take, barter, exchange? Human nature.
You owe me a life for the one that you took.
So, again, three lives.
One of them belongs to me.
Make the choice, or I'll make it for you.
- Okay, that guy.
- No.
No! Get off of me! - Hey! Hey! - W-w-w-wait-wait! Just wait.
- Just wait - The decision has been made.
Gabriel is coming.
He'll be here soon.
New Delphi may be built on trade, but it's also built on a hatred of higher angels.
Well, guess what.
I hate them too, especially Gabriel.
And I can help you get him.
_ Tell me about the fire.
The fire? I don't know.
It, uh it hurts when you get close.
Explain it to me.
How does it hurt? Uh, it, uh, burns when when we get close.
On your knees.
- Um - Lie down on your back.
- Please, archangel.
- How close can you get? No, please.
Please, don't do it! Please, don't do this! Stop! I'm begging you! Curse you! Don't take me there, please! The fire, this town I find it all hard to believe.
And you've witnessed it, Michael.
Our faith in God is the reason for everything.
Our Father is here.
Faith is useless in this world.
That's not our truth.
It's clear you don't believe in our faith.
Perhaps you never will.
Maybe you're just not looking in the right place.
You don't know anything about me.
I know what I see, what I feel.
You're suffering.
Maybe from the horrible things you've seen.
From the horrible things you've done.
We don't judge here.
My hope is that you'll stay, and you'll be able to heal here.
But you have to learn to forgive yourself.
Otherwise, it doesn't matter where you are here or anywhere else in the world.
Who sent you to kill me, Zoe? Five years ago, you were in the archangel corps, but you just disappeared, and no one's seen or heard from you since.
Why do this? - Isn't it pretty obvious? - Not to me.
You're the Lady of the City, the head of this rotting corpse.
The V-1s are starving under your feet, living like rats in the tunnels, and you live in a palace built with their bones.
You want to know why I deserted? I couldn't stand protecting V-6 parasites like you.
Hey, David.
I just thought I'd stop by, let you know your assassination attempt failed.
Am I supposed to have some idea what you're talking about? Last night, a V-1 posing as one of my guards attacked me.
Naturally, I thought of you.
I'm flattered, but, Claire, killing you would be far too destabilizing in an already unstable world.
But, now you mention it, I've not been too happy with your leadership the past three months.
And now you're accusing me of attempted murder instead of the V-1s? They're the ones who hate you, Claire.
They don't hate me.
Don't they? David's lying, and it's time to deal with him.
Give it to me.
Well done.
This is exactly what we needed.
They have this strange desire for certain items, specifically the belongings of the person they inhabit The life they've stolen.
Give that back.
Give me that.
Give me.
Give it to me.
The photo that's me.
So pretty.
Give it to me.
Patience, dear.
- Give it to me.
- Calm yourself.
Or I'll remove your black eyes myself.
Give me the photo.
I'm confident we can break her down, train her for our purposes.
I think this is too risky.
There's got to be another way.
Claire, what do you think David is doing right now? He's plotting your demise.
You said yourself, David needs to be silenced.
It can't be done with accusations.
He needs to be branded a traitor.
This is the perfect plan.
It's the only plan.
And until he's out of the way, I suggest you keep an eye on his every movement.
If you don't destroy him first, he'll destroy you.
These four graves belong to the town's previous leaders.
They dedicated their lives to save ours.
On the first day of the war, our town was passed over.
The next morning, the Prophet came.
He said he'd received a message from God.
If we did what he said, we would be spared.
He built the fire that protects us, that cannot go out.
My heart tells me that, after the celebration, you'll feel the same way that I have all these years a sense of peace, protection from evil.
You truly believe you hear His words, don't you? Michael, I know that you drove the most important person in your life away because of something you did.
Something tragic.
It's not my intuition.
It's our Father's voice.
That's how I know.
Harper? What happened to you? Where have you been? What is it? Come on, talk to me.
What happened? Please? What's wrong? Harper, come on.
Look at me.
Look at me.
Come on.
Hold on there.
Harper, we'll get you help.
What is it? Come on, let's get her inside.
Come on.
She's going into shock.
Get the doc! Come on! Move! Give me the photo.
- Tell me your name.
- Give me that.
Tell me your name.
Rose, do I have any reason to fear you? Say the words.
You have no reason to fear me.
I'm sorry.
Rose, turn around and get on your knees.
Oh, don't.
I'm sorry.
Turn around and get on your knees.
Oh, please don't! Quiet now, Rose.
Rose, you have no reason to fear me either.
Understand? I understand.
Oh my, it's so gorgeous on you.
So much prettier than in your photo.
Oh, thank you.
The photo.
Can I have it? In due time, dear.
Right this way, Alex.
- What? No - Let them stay with me.
- No, no, no, no.
Come on.
- Alex! Let's have fun.
Take a seat, dude.
The General.
Buster Keaton.
I must've seen this a hundred times.
- Have you had the pleasure? - Gabriel is coming.
He'll kill me, then he'll kill all of you.
That's what he does.
A young railroad engineer who aspires to be a soldier decides to single-handedly save his beloved train, - called? - The General.
The General, from cowardly hijackers, the underlying question throughout being, "Is this man brave or is he foolish?" And this next part is, without question, my favorite.
The glorious General falling to the river below, never to ride the rails again.
Now, the scene itself runs 98 seconds in length from beginning to end, and that, adventurer friend, is the time that you have to convince me that you are brave, not foolish.
I was a prisoner in Gabriel's aerie for three months.
He tortured me.
I escaped.
As you can imagine, he's gonna be really pissed.
I came here for an alliance with New Delphi to help me defeat Gabriel.
I want to unite the two greatest cities in the cradle something that's never been done since the beginning of the war.
Your heart is racing.
You know, fear is the common cause, but lying is a close second.
Why would I lie? To save your skin.
My skin, along with yours, will be in the hands of an archangel if you don't take what I'm saying seriously.
You escaped from Gabriel? You can understand why I'm suspicious.
I had help.
Vega dropped a bomb on Gabriel's aerie.
If you want to cut my throat, you go ahead.
But I'll die knowing that the leader of New Delphi wasn't brave, but the biggest fool I've ever met.
That's good.
You're not going to kill Gabriel with a shotgun.
Empyrean steel.
Still not enough to kill an archangel.
Let me come with you.
Don't drink all my brandy.
Who are these guys? Whoever they are, they don't have clearance to be in the security zone.
Call it in.
Ah, New Delphi, I'd prefer to loathe you from afar.
I want Alex alive.
He'll die at my hands.
Understood? If you find him first, bring him to me.
And by all means, once inside, keep your wings hidden.
This vile city is infested with the lowest of our kind and, as we very well know, armed with Empyrean steel.
Do you know her well? Harper and I grew up together.
We're like sisters.
A couple of days back, she ran away.
Why would anyone want to run away? The Prophet left rules for us to follow.
Told us Father wants the people of Mallory to live life with an open heart.
We make mistakes, same as anyone, sure, but when we do, we confess.
No secrets.
No sins.
As the leader of the town, it's my job to take the confessions of each and every person.
Harper was reluctant to reveal her secrets.
I was pressuring her, and she ran away.
And now that she's returned? That means she's ready to confess, and we can all move on.
The real question is, how do you know Harper? - I don't.
- Really? You sure about that? Because she seems to know you.
I should go.
What'd you do? You put your hands on her? - No, I did not.
- Right.
I know a lie when I see one.
Stop this right now! Get off me, you son of a bitch.
Michael, please.
New Delphi base, do you copy? Alert.
We've got two soldiers killed at their post.
I repeat, two soldiers dead.
Possible security breach.
Two guards found dead on the perimeter.
Take necessary precautions.
All hell's about to break loose.
Keep your head down and don't get involved, okay? Get me a weapon.
I'll fight with you.
I'll keep my head down.
Come on, man.
You heard what he said on the radio.
Gabriel is here.
Just give me a weapon.
Copy that.
We'll move the prisoners to a secure location.
- Get get me a weapon! - Shut up.
Knife! Run! It's a higher angel! It's an angel! Get out of here! Where's Alex? Come on, man, we're on the same side! - Let's get out there! - Shut your mouth.
You got to give me a weapon.
I can help you.
Gabriel is here.
Come on, man.
You're coming with me.
Everybody, clear! Stop! Julian, perhaps we can make a trade.
One more time please, Rose.
I don't want to fight anymore.
Don't treat me this way.
Very good.
Rose, darling, come over here and say hello to Lady Riesen, please.
Here, hold this.
Go on.
It's okay.
Ask her.
How does it look? It's a beautiful color on you.
Thank you, Rose.
Uh, but the photo.
You you promised me the photo.
Soon, Rose.
What did you do to her? I simply helped her understand that there's value in cooperation with us.
While she desires certain items from the woman she possessed, her main obsession is a photo of this human a visual of the life she stole.
I have promised Rose this photo upon her peaceful return to us.
How do we know she's not gonna kill him? She'll always be somewhat unpredictable, but that's the risk one we have to take.
Generator kicked out.
Happens sometimes.
I'll be right back.
I'm not here to harm you.
Who are you? I'm the archangel Michael.
Harper, it's best you remain silent.
There's no need to fear me.
In the war that rages outside this town, I'm on the side of my Father the Father you worship.
He sent me here secretly, to test the strength of you, your people.
You're very important to me, Harper.
You're meant to know me as I truly am.
Father wanted it that way.
But he also wishes that this truth remains between us and us alone.
The lives of everyone here and the future of this town depends on it.
Do you understand? Yes.
I heard her wake up.
She appears to be okay.
Harper Is that true? Are you okay? Tell me.
What happened? I can't remember.
Harper, I'm going to need the truth at your confession.
We'll make our way to church soon.
Security clearance checkpoint now in effect.
Please I don't want to fight anymore.
David, I don't want to fight anymore.
- I'm sorry, do do I - David.
- Listen, is I I - David.
David I want you, David.
You're beautiful.
I could eat you up.
Get out! Get out! Well, it seems you've underestimated the Lady of the City.
This does not bode well for you.
Shut up! You just shut up! Oh, Consul Whele, how could you? Julian, unfortunately, something of mine has made its way into your wretched city, and I want him back.
I see that you're upset.
That's clear.
Perhaps, in time, you'll get over yourself.
I don't really care.
I'm not interested in a war with you not today, anyway which is precisely the reason why I left my glorious army of angels outside your gates.
So what do you say? Shall we negotiate? I think not.
I see.
Well, perhaps we can discuss this another time, when things have settled a bit.
Things will never settle.
You are a good soldier.
I will not leave you here with these monsters.
Dude! Harper, the honesty of your confession will spare you any pain.
I've been having an affair with someone in town.
A married man.
I pursued him, and it's my fault, and I'm so ashamed.
That's why I ran away.
Go on.
What aren't you confessing, Harper? You understand the importance of this, don't you? You know that secrets are sins.
I don't get it.
What secret is worth risking the entire town? I'm not sure, but she seems to have made up her mind.
It doesn't work that way.
The Prophet commanded, every five years the town has to be cleansed of all its sins.
If Harper doesn't confess, the fire will go out, and the possessed will come.
I don't want to lose her again, but I may have no choice.
- She'll have to go.
- There must be another way.
How can one person's confession matter so much? We didn't survive all these years by compromising our beliefs, Michael.
You may be struggling with your faith, but we're not with ours.
You were right.
I ruined a relationship with someone who was like a son to me.
I needed him to want what I did, and it brought the worst out in me.
I should have let him find his own path, his own truth.
I'm sure Harper will do the same.
Laurel, your faith is something I admire.
It's what compels me to stay and search for my own.
Whatever happens with Harper, I'm here if you need me.
The celebration's tomorrow.
I need you to give your confession to Laurel now, tonight.
I'm sorry, I can't.
Please don't make me leave.
Harper, I love you, but I cannot let you put everyone else in danger.
What did you do? I did what was necessary for the safety of this town, Laurel.
I know I already confessed my sins, but now I have another one.
I'll see you inside.
I can't form an alliance with you.
Are you kidding me? You didn't just see what happened? He's coming back, and next time, it'll be with an army! Why are you doing this? - Because you are lying to me! - I'm not.
Gabriel came into my city.
He came here looking for you.
Because you escaped? Because you were his prisoner? Is it that simple? One more time.
Is it that simple? No, it's not.
He wants these.
Nice ink.
Is that a bad thing? Shut up.
Have you completely lost your mind? Me? I'm not the one who appears to be carrying on a secret relationship with an 8-ball.
The tape was delivered anonymously to me, and I have to say, the first time I saw it, David, I couldn't believe my eyes.
This has that whore from Helena all over it.
Here's what is going to happen over the next 24 hours.
You're gonna resign as both Minister of Commerce and Consul, and I'm gonna have all your responsibilities handled by someone of my choosing.
I'm not gonna let you do this.
Well, it's done.
The tape sort of speaks for itself.
And the entire Senate and V-6 community have seen it.
The only thing that spared your life is your service to this city over the past 25 years.
Let's go.
You smug little bitch.
You think you're gonna get away with this? You won't get away with this! - Bye, David.
- Bitch! I did it.
Give it to me.
Can I have it? Can I have the photo, please? No, it's fine.
You know what my dad used to say to the people of Vega? Whatever hell they were going through now was only to fulfill the promise of a better tomorrow.
He stole that from Churchill.
You buy into that crap? No.
What's happening now isn't the promise of anything but more hell, and I can't live with that.
Claire, I was 13 when my family headed to Vega.
Miles outside the wall, my mother collapsed.
She knew she was dying, so she made me promise that I'd get to Vega make a home there.
And I have always honored that promise fought to turn this city into something that she could be proud of.
I'm ready to get my hands dirty alongside the V-1s.
I want to make Vega a place where families are made and not destroyed.
Do you know how ridiculous that sounds? I would rather die trying to make Vega a better place than do nothing at all.
When's my execution? You should come with me.
You want something from me, Alex? Well, I want something from you, and it won't be easy.
Not all the souls in New Delphi are of sound mind, but they are our souls nonetheless.
And here is where they reside.
Now, there's something in there that I want back.
It's a key of sorts an ornate, round copper disc, with a hole dead center.
You retrieve it, and we will talk.
Why are you making me do this? I've shown you the markings.
Doesn't mean anything to you? I don't care so much about what's on the man.
I care more about what the man is capable of.
Now, if you're so special and maybe you are then you should be able to succeed in this mission.
And if you do, then I believe that two cities in the cradle might finally find their way into an alliance.
What is this guy, Darth Vader? Has anyone ever made it out alive? Uh, no.
But there's always a first time.
You game?