Don't F**k with Cats: Hunting an Internet Killer (2019) s01e03 Episode Script

Closing the Net

1 Now to Canada, where police today issued an arrest warrant for Luka Rocco Magnotta in a grisly murder case where a man’s torso was found Residents had discovered a human torso inside a, uh, suitcase left on the side of the curb for garbage pickup.
And even more troubling, Magnotta may have filmed the killing and dismemberment of his victim.
It’s an atrocity.
This is world news.
This is red-alert, top-wanted news.
What we know about him is that he is a narcissist extraordinaire.
He has littered the Internet with photos of himself and couldn’t seem to get enough of himself online.
He was clearly someone who wanted this bizarre form of notoriety, and it seems now he’s got it.
This is exactly what Luka wants.
He wants to be known as some famous killer.
They are afraid that he might try to befriend someone and basically commit a similar crime to the one that they're looking for.
He had made it known that he had planned to make multiple movies.
He didn't say one movie, he used plural, "movies.
" With the kittens, he did it once, he did it twice, and he did it a third time.
So, I was sincerely expecting two more videos.
He is a master of disguise.
He likes to, you know, adopt different hairstyles.
One officer suggested he might even disguise himself as a woman.
The attention that Luka wants is "Jack the Ripper" level.
And I don't want to say "like Jack the Ripper," because nobody ever knew who Jack the Ripper was.
Luka wanted to be known.
He just didn't want to get caught.
Tonight, there are accusations that online evidence of a twisted mind was ignored by police.
Something could have been done before a man was killed and mutilated in Montreal.
The animal activists, in my opinion, they’re a disgrace.
getting other news that there was a person who had witnessed this online.
They tried You're not the police, and you're also acting like stalkers.
They tried to contact the police but They'd zoom in on pictures to make sure that this is the location he's saying he was in at a certain time.
"Oh, we’ve tracked him here.
We've done this.
We've put this picture and matched it up with this headlight this streetlamp from this certain location.
" They’re crazy.
Acting like high school children, using the Internet to destroy somebody.
They're so inquisitive and yet so naive.
Like, if you really want to be a wannabe investigator, find the whole story because, guys, you're after the wrong person here.
There's someone else responsible here.
As soon as we have an arrest warrant issued, we contacted the Montreal Airport.
And we informed them that he's wearing a wig, a black wig, down to the ears.
He's wearing a black T-shirt, short-sleeve T-shirt with a Mickey Mouse on it.
Eventually, we see a person walking around in the airport.
We see him going through security.
We see him placing his hair, always doing and placing his hair.
And eventually, Mickey Mouse.
Magnotta has a ticket for a flight of Air Transat number 610 to Paris, France.
Immediately, we contacted the French authorities.
We explained the gravity of the crime, the seriousness, and the fear that he would strike again.
That he would repeat the same thing and kill somebody else.
We received a report from Interpol Canada about a suspect who had committed a horrific murder and then had flown to Paris.
A brigade of between 30 and 40 officers was mobilized to go to Roissy, Charles de Gaulle Airport.
We were told he was wearing a wig, a Mickey Mouse T-shirt.
So, we check the CCTV footage.
Bingo! He heads out to the taxi pickup area.
He doesn't speak to anyone, and he acts pretty normal.
He goes up to a taxi driver, puts his luggage in, and gets into the car.
So, we search for and identify the taxi company who quickly give us the name of the driver of this taxi.
And he says, "Yes, I dropped off this person at a hotel called Novotel.
" We don't waste any time and rush to the hotel.
Directly, when I arrive with my team, we make our way straight to reception, and we asked them if they had a reservation in the name of Luka Magnotta.
And immediately after checking, they discover Magnotta has a reservation.
He reserved in the name of Luka Rocco Magnotta for one night.
But, unfortunately, he never slept at the hotel.
At this point, we don't know where he is.
He could be anywhere.
In Paris, around Paris.
He could have left the city already.
So, we are back to square one.
Luka Rocco Magnotta, a 29-year-old Canadian whose job résumé includes acting.
Police think Magnotta could now be in France.
Really quickly, why France? Why do Canadian authorities think that he may have run to France? So, we're not boots on the ground.
We're not gonna be able to go into hotels and look around and whatnot.
But we did want to offer the police assistance because we thought it was valuable.
Perhaps he figures Europe is a better place to go, less heat on him.
Who knows? Clearly, he wants to get away with this, but on the other side of Luka, that we also know very well, is that he likes the chase.
One of the people that he admired was the Leonardo DiCaprio character in Catch Me If You Can.
That guy evaded the FBI agent the whole movie.
And Luka looked up to that level of genius.
One of the things Luka does, though, is he leaves us breadcrumbs 'cause he wants us to chase him.
One that we found was, like, super significant.
Years before, Luka had made a blog post, talking about "Luka Magnotta: How to Disappear and Never Be Found.
" This blog post talked about, you know, how to successfully evade law enforcement.
Step one: Cut ties with everybody who knows you.
Don't talk to your sister no more, cut off all your friends.
Don't talk to Mom.
Step two, it talks about liquidating all your assets into cash so that you don't have any digital footprint, you have no bank account.
And step three: acquire false identification.
Get a fake passport, a fake driver's license.
But in Luka's mind, there's no sense in being on the run and being this Internet villain if nobody's chasing you.
The Canadian police gave us a crucial piece of information, that one of Luka Rocco Magnotta's credit cards was used for a withdrawal at an ATM located in Place de Clichy.
So we check through the CCTV footage.
And that's important for us as it confirms he's still in Paris.
You could definitely assume that Luka Magnotta would like this area.
It attracts a lot of prostitutes.
So potentially, yes, the people he might meet could end up being his victims.
At that time, I ordered my team to go to every hotel in the area, one by one.
After four or five hours of checking hotels the search comes to nothing.
Once we'd exhausted all lines of investigation for the day, everybody goes home.
The following morning, I turn on the TV, and I come across the 24-hour news channels Luka Rocco Magnotta, a 29-year-old Canadian, currently the target of an international arrest warrant.
He is at the center of a sordid murder that took place in Montreal last week.
He is, nevertheless, now in France.
For me personally, I don't think that's a good thing.
We're used to working in the shadows at the Fugitive Task Force because our cases aren't usually covered by the media.
But in fact, it's the only thing the 24-hour news channels are talking about.
Luka Rocco Magnotta Luka Rocco Magnotta Luka Rocco Magnotta A troubled personality with many faces.
He almost looks like any tourist.
He has mentioned he has a "thirst for blood.
" This publicity leads to many people coming forward, and so we receive an enormous number of sightings.
In every area of Paris, this man is trying to avoid the police.
He come here just one time.
For us, this could be a blessing.
He has been spotted in several bars in the capital.
But it's also a curse because we've got to authenticate every single one.
As of now, the leads are not very productive, but police will continue the search to find the man they are already calling the "Butcher of Montreal.
" The French media have named Magnotta "le dépeceur," meaning "butcher" or "cutter.
" And they say French police have tracked him all over Paris.
We've now also learned that Magnotta's family lives in Peterborough, Ontario.
That is just northeast of Toronto.
And our Alex Mihailovich is now in Peterborough and joins me live.
So, Alex, so what can you tell me about Magnotta's family there? Are they saying anything? Well, we're standing right in front of Magnotta's mother's house.
Her name's Anna Yourkin.
From everything that we can discern out of this situation, we've talked to some neighbors The media was everywhere.
They were on the street.
They were, um on my porch.
The phone was ringing.
They were banging on the doors.
They were yelling and asking me for comments.
Lots of people have said the reason that Luka committed the cat killings and then graduated to the murder was because he was after notoriety.
Do you think that could be true? No, that is the farthest thing from the truth that is out there.
This is not who you should be looking for.
It's it's the puppet master you should be looking for.
I have a bag to share with some very special items that I've kept over the years.
And one year, for my birthday, Luka had these custom-made for me that I absolutely love wearing when it's cold because it's like walking on pillows.
And I have here this old key chain.
A little Basic Instinct movie poster.
He liked Basic Instinct.
Loved all kinds of films, so I keep this.
Luka always loved movies.
As a little boy, he was shy by nature, and as he got older, he was bullied nonstop.
It was, "We don't like how you slick back your hair.
" They would call him, "gay," "fag," "you're a little pussy," making his self-worth um, just diminish every day.
It made him withdraw, so he would sit in the living room on his own, watching movies.
He liked Humphrey Bogart, James Dean, Jean Harlow, Marlene Dietrich.
He loved them.
So, when he was 16, he moved to Toronto because he was trying to be an actor and a model as well.
And to start off, Luka, just give me your name and your age.
- Okay.
- Let's see what happens.
All right.
My name is Luka Magnotta, and I'm 25.
I'm pretty comfortable in front of the camera, so I would be very excited to do this, and it would be a great opportunity, and I think I would be a great candidate for this position.
- Thank you.
- Yay.
Yay, Luka.
I just want to get a couple of shots of your head.
But he didn't make it in acting.
And then I believe that's when he started escorting.
He started to explain escorting to me and what it was.
He was bisexual, and he was making an awful lot of money.
He was a good-looking man.
Luka started telling me the clientele he was seeing were becoming more of a darker, elusive crowd.
They were into fetishes, abuse, and they liked to dominate.
And I was, like, "This sounds like it's getting a little dangerous here.
" Around this time, a client was becoming more than a client.
More like his his keeper.
A client by the name of Manny.
Emmanuel "Manny" Lopez.
Luka told me, you know, Manny would follow him.
He was a stalker.
And that he had moved, but he'd continuously find him.
He'd changed his phone number.
He would continuously say, "I have connections.
You'll do what I say.
" And I thought, you know, "I don't like any of this.
I It scares the hell out of me.
" A few weeks later rumors start to circulate around family members that there was a video on the Internet of my son, Luka, murdering a a cat.
The man resembled my son.
Something wasn't right.
I shut it off.
So I called him up.
I asked him about the video.
He said, "I was forced to do it.
" He said, "Manny.
" He explained that Manny was selling videos of animals being tortured or murdered on the deep web, and he was making an awful lot of money.
He said, "Please go back and look at the end of the video.
" And at the end of the video, I saw someone else.
The hands of Manny.
I said, "That's it, we have to go to the police.
We have to before it gets out of hand.
It's already out of hand.
" And he said, "If you go to the police, I'm cut I'm severing all ties.
You don't realize what they can do.
To me, to you, to any of you.
" Back in 2011, a year and a half before the murder, I get this phone call from a man insistent that he had to see me right away.
He said it was a matter of life and death, and he had to see me in the next few minutes.
When he first came into my office, he looked like a very pathetic, vulnerable figure.
And one of the first things he said to me was, "You kind of look like Michael Douglas.
" - And, uh - You get that a lot, do you? I've Over the years, I've gotten it here and there, yeah.
And I said, "Well, what's happening?" And he said, "Look, I'm accused of killing a cat.
" I said, "Okay.
" I said, "I have seven cats.
That's not a nice thing.
" And he said, uh, "Well, uh I didn't do it.
" He said that, oh, he was forced to do it by, um this person, and his name was Manny.
I told him Manny has to be reported.
You have to go to the police.
He said that Manny is always there.
Manny is torturing him and forcing him to do these things.
Well, later that day, I get an e-mail from Luka, the title of which is "List of Abuse from Manny.
" "Strangled me with his hands and with an electrical cord.
Stabbed me with a pencil and pen.
Forced me to eat animal parts.
Bought worms and made me eat them.
Forced me to have sex with his puppy and numerous cats.
" I mean, uh it just was mind-boggling, this list.
A week later, I was home, and I received an e-mail late at night, obviously referring to Manny.
Then I received a picture of Luka, apparently after suffering some injuries.
Um, there's a black eye, bruise on the nose.
It looks like a scarring or ligature mark on his neck, a bruise on his lip.
About a week after, I receive a phone call from the Miami Beach Police Department regarding Luka Magnotta.
And they said Luka ended up in the hospital.
Apparently, he was drugged, kidnapped from New York, brought down to Miami, raped by Manny and other people, and then left on the beach, and the police took him to the hospital for treatment.
It made me think that, A, there was corroboration of the abuse that Luka was talking about with regard to Manny and, B, that Manny was indeed a very dangerous person.
Then, a year later, when I heard that Luka was the suspect in this horrible, sadistic murder, I couldn't believe the Luka that I knew, vulnerable, timid, could have committed such a heinous act, and if so, could have committed it alone.
the Canadian, already nicknamed the "Butcher of Montreal.
" Several leads are being investigated by the police.
Among the tips that were received, there was one that leaped out.
This witness was called Jean-Christophe.
And he explains that someone came to his home by the name of Luke.
And he told him that he had been staying at the Novotel Hotel.
This clue had never been disclosed to the media, so we immediately call him in for questioning.
Can you tell us the circumstances of how he got into contact with you? The first written contact we had was through the Internet site PlanetRomeo.
It's a website to meet people.
I received a text message, if I remember correctly.
It said, "It's Luke.
I'm in Paris.
Can we meet?" Tell us about his demeanor when he stayed at your place.
He walked in, was courteous, polite.
He seemed a little nervous.
And then what happened? Nothing.
What do you mean? I went to sleep.
And him? He slept on the sofa.
- Any sexual relations? - No.
- Any physical contact between you two? - No.
It's surprising that he spends the night at Jean-Christophe's two days after committing his violent act, and yet he doesn't say that Magnotta is in a complete frenzy or that he is acting strangely.
He stayed until the next morning.
But when I found that he was a wanted man, I thought, "Can this really be him?" I had two pieces of information that he had given me.
The hotel where he stayed, and the second one was the phone number he used.
I imagine that he got that phone in France.
Why do you think that he got it in France? Because +06 is a French number.
The most important thing that he gave us was the phone number that Magnotta had used to contact him.
This was more than we'd hoped for.
We were able to find out where the phone had been bought.
In a store near Port de Bagnolet.
So, we checked every hotel around the Porte de Bagnolet station.
This is the Soumman Hotel.
It's a hotel better suited to someone who wants to hide out.
And the manager of the hotel, when we show him the photo, he says, "Yes, that rings a bell.
He booked the room for eight or nine nights, which he paid for in cash.
It's possible he's even here now.
" My team progresses, keeping in mind that Magnotta could be behind the door.
They enter the room.
In the bedroom, we find the T-shirt he was wearing when he first arrived.
Unfortunately, Magnotta isn't there.
And in the toilet, we found a student ID card.
He's clearly trying to erase the Magnotta identity.
He was gone.
We were not far behind him.
We were really not very far behind him.
But then we discover that, in fact, the booking was not made in the name of Luka Rocco Magnotta, but in the name of Kirk Tramell.
At this point, I feel like he's moved on to the next phase, and he has, in fact, decided to truly go on the run by using a new identity.
He could be anywhere.
I had just woken up.
And I had something like six missed calls.
I had 37 unread messages.
A hundred and twenty-five Facebook notifications.
And I'm like, "Oh, my God, what has happened?' And I start reading my notifications, and it's all, you know, "Baudi! Baudi! Baudi! Baudi!" And John Green had posted a video.
And it's, like, this random CCTV, and I'm thinking to myself, "What the fuck is this?" It was a Monday.
The weather was nice.
Nice and fresh.
I came to work at the Internet café here in NeukÃlln, Berlin.
I read the newspapers, as usual.
I love reading the news.
It's an obsession of mine.
Then I read a report about a man that chopped up his lover, cut his head off, and then mailed the body parts to the Canadian government.
I couldn't believe a person could be so brutal.
What kind of character can do that? And then suddenly, he's standing in front of me.
I was shocked, but he was very polite, with a French accent, and he looked totally normal.
Like the guy next door.
So he said, "Sir, Internet?" And I said, "Okay, come with me.
" The Internet booths are up here.
Thirty-six Internet booths.
Please follow me, and I will show you.
And here at number 25, where he was sat.
He sat with his back turned to me so that I could watch him and see what he was doing.
On that Monday morning, I was training eight police cadets in my van.
I was a teacher, and we were doing some practice work, um, helping all the other police cars, doing accidents or small things, what is not very dangerous, which we could do with the cadets.
I still wasn't sure if it was actually him.
He doesn't look like a murderer.
So I went upstairs to number 25.
So I grabbed this trashcan as if I were cleaning up.
I picked up an ashtray, but one eye was always on him.
I wanted to check exactly what he was doing on the Internet.
I saw that he had gone onto the Interpol site.
He was looking at his own mug shot.
It was clear to me he was the one.
All of a sudden, I saw a man rushing out of the road from that Internet café.
All of a sudden, the most badass German fucking police department walks in, just one after another, boom.
There were like ten of them.
Ten of them in these awesome little berets and shit.
It was dope.
And he's got nowhere to go.
He's got nowhere to escape.
You see him come into frame, and he's got handcuffs.
And it was just like, "Holy shit!" And I just kind of, you know, put my hands up in the air.
They finally caught him.
And it was just like the perfect way for Luka to go down.
Luka was caught in an Internet café because he couldn't stay away from his vanity.
The German police wanted us to extradite him as quick as possible, but no air company wanted to be associated to Mr.
So we asked the Canadian army force for one of their planes to go and get Mr.
It's highly unusual for a suspect to be brought back home by Canadian military transport.
But police say there was simply no way that this suspect could be put on a commercial flight where others might recognize his face and the horrifying acts of which he is accused.
We were literally tracking the flight across the Atlantic.
Luka Rocco Magnotta returns to Montreal, his hands and feet shackled during the flight.
And I remember thinking, "Oh, that's the moment we've been waiting two years for.
He's back in Canada.
" And I mean, I swear, I have goosebumps thinking about it.
It was just fucking awesome.
"Catch me if you can"? Well, guess what, motherfucker.
You just got caught.
I thought that I saw Mr.
Magnotta grinning, like he was enjoying all the exposure that he got.
Like "I think I achieved what I wanted celebrity.
" This was unbelievable.
A real circus.
A media circus.
It reminded me of O.
Luka Rocco Magnotta, who's been the focus of an international manhunt since fleeing Canada last week, was arrested by police at an Internet café.
will face Canada's justice system.
He's expected to go before a judge tomorrow.
You have to remember, this guy is no dumbshit.
This is a huge game for him.
He intentionally misdirected us for almost two years, so, clearly, we were all thinking that this was not the end.
That was really scary 'cause we didn't know what was coming next.
It was overkill.
Why do you need so many people to transport my son? He's you know, he's a young boy.
And then I see them lead my son out, and he looked so confused and scared.
What could possibly be going through his head? Was he afraid of Manny? Hi, Luka.
How you doing? How'd you sleep last night? I'm looking at him.
He's not looking at me.
He's looking mostly downwards towards the table.
Look at me.
Look at me.
I feel you're not listening to me if you are not looking at me.
He was very meek.
He was very meek, very quiet.
Is it because you are shy of me, or But we knew that he was the author that committed this horrible murder.
We didn't want to know if it was him.
We knew it was him.
What we wanted to know was why.
Why this happened.
All I want is the truth.
Okay, Luka, listen.
I'm not gonna talk about the case.
What happened in the past, we can't change anything, you understand? The reason why you're here today is because something went wrong.
I just want to remain silent about everything.
I don't want to say anything about anything.
And is it because you're scared, or I just want to remain silent.
Okay, Luka.
This, today, is maybe one of the most important days of your life.
Okay? A lot happened from the end of May till today.
Okay, Luka? Listen, we don't need to know if you did.
- Is it possible - Listen.
Listen to me Is it possible that I could get a sweater - or something? I'm cold.
- A sweater? Do you have another sweater with you? Or a blanket or something? I just feel cold.
Okay, you feel cold, okay.
We'll take care of that.
I was watching the interview in another room.
And I thought, "He's so tiny.
He's so small.
He's so, uh fragile.
And so polite.
" I can't say I was scared of the person.
He looked vulnerable.
And he's he's like a little puppy.
He doesn't look like a killer.
Luka, I'm sure you're emotional.
It's only normal.
I know that, you know, you cried on the plane, so there's something in you that's working.
You're not a machine.
You know, you don't look like a bad person.
You're very polite.
You understand what I'm trying to say? Sometimes in life, things don't work out exactly the way we planned them out.
Life is full of deceptions.
Can I have a cigarette? - A cigarette? - Please? Thank you.
Today, we're here not to find out if you did harm Jun Lin.
We know all that.
We have the evidence.
That's not a problem.
You know? Okay.
What's important for me, just right now, at this moment, is the family.
This is a picture I was able to get.
Take a look.
The family, they want an explanation.
What's wrong? What's wrong? I don't want it.
You don't want it? What you wanted to accomplish, Luka, well, you succeeded.
It's done.
Everybody knows Luka Magnotta.
You understand? There must be a reason why things went that way.
Maybe, I don't know, maybe something happened, and it pushed you to do what happened.
Only you can explain that.
Luka? Is it because you're scared, or How do you feel right now inside? Are you, like, worried about something? What's your biggest fear at this moment? - You must have a feeling.
You understand - I'm starting to feel tired.
Yes, well, that's understandable.
It's understandable.
So, just give me a few moments.
Hello? Hello? Can somebody help me, please? Hello, I need help.
I need help.
I need help.
My role in the Magnotta case was, at the request of the defense, to conduct a forensic assessment of Mr.
Magnotta to try and help the court determine whether or not he could be found not criminally responsible for his crimes.
Very early in our discussions, Mr.
Magnotta shared with me that he hadn't done this alone and that there was another individual involved, an individual by the name of Manny.
And it was very clear that Mr.
Magnotta was very fearful of this individual and that Manny had been the one to incite Mr.
Magnotta to kill Mr.
You know, is this plausible? Is he is he having me on here? Is this Manny character, is he just making this up to try and excuse his behavior? I looked into his records and saw that he had complained to many other people, many years ago, that this Manny character actually existed and was abusing him.
I called family members.
I called lawyers that he had contact with in the past.
Many of these individuals told me that Mr.
Magnotta had talked about this individual, Manny, many years before.
That suddenly made it like it was real.
This Manny character might actually be a real person.
I made the trip up to Montreal to the detention center to finally meet with my son.
They brought him in the door, and the door shut, and my heart sank.
I thought, "Oh, there he is.
" And I wanted to hug him so badly.
And I put my hands up, and he put his hand up on the glass.
And I said, "I love you so much.
I love you.
" And he said, "I love you too.
" Did Luka tell you what happened the night of the murder? Yes.
He told me that him and Jun Lin had met on Craigslist.
And they were both hooking up for casual sex.
You know, a one-night stand.
But Manny knew that he was going to see a man that night and wanted to film it.
Luka was apprehensive and didn't want to.
But Jun Lin had agreed with him that, "Yeah, it's no big deal.
We'll just videotape us having sex.
We're only having sex.
" Then, what happened, next, um my son and I never spoke about the actual incident of what how the murder took place, but I was told that it was under Manny's direction.
Manny was outside of the apartment in a black SUV, watching them.
Manny was repeatedly phoning and giving him orders.
"You need to do what I tell you.
You know what I can do to you.
" My son did as he was told.
And then, the snuff video, it goes into Manny's hands, and he distributes it.
This was definitely being orchestrated by Emanuel "Manny" Lopez.
The first-degree murder trial of Luka Magnotta begins today in Montreal.
The 32-year-old has pleaded not guilty to the murder and dismemberment of a Chinese engineering student.
We're, as a group, watching this all unfold.
And we find out that he was being analyzed by a psychiatrist.
Luka Magnotta's defense team is hoping the accused's troubled past will counter the prosecution's portrayal of Magnotta as a cold, calculating killer.
We started to wonder, is Luka gonna get away with it? Luka is now coming forward saying, "It's not me.
I'm the victim here.
I've been under the spell of this unknown Manny person.
" So, let me tell you who Manny is.
Luka, from the beginning, had this list of known aliases that he liked to use.
Vladimir Romanov, Beverly Kent, Artemis Young, and Kirk Tramell.
So typically, when Luka uses an alias when he makes a post, that's important because they mean something more.
So, one of our group members looks up the name "K.
" And of course, the main character played by Sharon Stone in the movie Basic Instinct is called Catherine Tramell.
Basic Instinct was a movie that came out in the early '90s with Sharon Stone and Michael Douglas.
So we were like, "Oh, why don't we go look at that movie and see if there's any clues.
" Miss Tramell? So, you start watching, and what do you see? You see a female straddling a naked body on a bed.
Catherine Tramell is on top of her boyfriend, straddling him He's got his arms tied to the bedpost, and above him is a, like, stained-glass window.
It's center frame.
And I remember thinking, "Holy shit, that looks exactly like the murder video.
" Luka straddles this man on the bed.
He's got his arms tied with white cord, and above him the Casablanca poster, center frame, just like the stained-glass window.
And then, just like Luka, Catherine Tramell kills her lover with an ice pick.
Luka's making an homage to Basic Instinct.
This old key chain.
Basic Instinct movie poster.
He liked Basic Instinct, loved all kinds of films.
- How was he murdered? - With an ice pick.
That screwdriver, it was painted.
Modified to look like an ice pick.
In the e-mail that was sent to Alex West of The Sun, there's a specific line that's mentioned which is almost a direct rip-off of a line that Sharon Stone says.
Killing isn't like smoking.
You can quit.
Can I have a cigarette? Sharon Stone's character has an abusive ex-boyfriend, and his name is Catherine Tramell formerly engaged to Manuel Vásquez.
My friends call me Catherine.
What'd Manny Vásquez used to call you? - Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Manny Vásquez? - Manny Vásquez.
- Manny Vásquez.
- Manny Vásquez.
- Manny Vásquez? - Manny Vásquez.
It's all just bullshit.
This Manny character is Luka's bullshit alibi.
This is all just his fucking excuse, and he's been using this alibi for years.
What a con! Luka lives in a world where pop culture is king, and fame is king.
When I saw the movie, I experienced, like, a "holy crap" moment.
I went back to remembering where he said, "Did anyone ever tell you, you look like Michael Douglas?" Now it all made sense.
He was playing a movie, and he was the star of this movie, and he wanted to be the star of the world.
The phone records show that, that night, Mr.
Magnotta did not receive or did not do any phone calls.
Nothing in the evidence revealed the existence of a Manny.
It's still shocking to think that he started manufacturing a possible defense a year and a half before the actual murder that he was planning.
And to have gone through this entire elaborate scheme is absolutely psychotic and brilliant at the same time.
Luka Magnotta always seemed to be posing.
Originally from Toronto The whole world knows what he looks like.
Take the most unfathomably horrific details.
Take them a step further, and you have this case.
The really sad thing is everybody is talking about Luka Magnotta, but nobody has ever remembered Jun Lin.
Doesn't seem fair at all to my friend.
He doesn't deserve that.
Luka Magnotta didn't just kill the person but also destroyed the entire family's hope.
People don't understand.
In the Chinese culture, it's always the son that carries the responsibility to take care of the parents when they when they become old.
Now it's gone.
And it's not fair.
Hey, come on in.
The craziest thing about all this is, after all the things that we had been through together, I didn't actually meet John Green in person until after the murder and trial.
Give me a hug.
How are you? - How's it going? - It's going pretty good.
- How about yourself? - Good.
Vegas sucks.
It's really hot, right? I thought this was going to be a two-day thing.
Two days, I thought, "I'll join this group, take my mind off my breakup.
I never imagined that we would be, you know, doing this for 18 months.
You know? I'll never forget it.
Every time that memory pops up on my Facebook, I'm like, "Share again.
" Um, I just I'm I'm glad that we went through it together.
- Yeah.
- I might've actually given up without you.
- I might've given up.
- I'm sure you would've.
Sure you would've.
- I'm sure you would have, too.
- Nah, I don't know about that.
- No, I mean, seriously.
- No.
And I And another thing I One of the things that still bothers me about this time in my life and that keeps me up sometimes at night is were we complicit in Luka's crimes? Do you remember what Luka wrote at the murder scene on the inside of the closet? "If you don't like the reflection, don't look in the mirror.
I don't care.
" I always wondered what that meant.
When we look at ourselves in the mirror, are we proud of ourselves? Are we ashamed of what happened? You know, maybe I did exactly what Luka wanted.
Are we pawns? Are we being used to help him tell his story? What part did we have to play? Before we agreed to do this documentary, we asked ourselves, "Do we really want to do this?" Do we really want to give him more airtime? Hi, my name is Luka.
Magnotta's my last name.
Did we feed his narcissism to the point where he had to go forward? So much that he was pushed to do what he did? Did we feed the monster, or did we create it? And you, you at home watching a whole fucking documentary about Luka Magnotta, are you complicit? Perhaps it's time we turned off the machine.