Doogie Howser, M.D. (1989) s03e06 Episode Script

Lonesome Doog

Wanda's back in town.
I've been gone a long time.
Too long.
You look good Real good.
Doog! Doog, yo! Doog, this is it! What? What do you mean, "what?" Tonight's the night.
Wanda's back in town.
Oh, yeah.
No big deal.
Wanda and doogie Doogie and Wanda Wanda, Wanda, Wanda, Wanda Wanda and doogie again! A box of beautiful Kodak moments.
Do you mind? There's some private stuff there.
Ooh, Disneyland! All of us on splash mountain.
God, Janine looks sexy when she's screaming.
Tonight's going to be the best The four musketeers double-dating again.
Wanda sounded really excited.
I thought we'd go for a romantic dinner, but she insisted we do what we always did.
Pizza and parking.
A girl of taste.
Why tamper with success? You are so cool.
Getting ready to embark on a second annual festival of ba-da-boom and barely batting an eye.
She's here to exhibit her painting, not just to see me.
You got to ponder the fairness of a world where you'll be 2 for 2, and I haven't reached the plate Always on the roster, never at bat.
It might not happen again.
You nuts? That's not all there is to our relationship.
You don't know what this does! We had an understanding You have sex, I fantasize about it.
Wanda and I have to catch up.
I'll be happy just to talk with her.
I'm not planning anything else.
Then these silk boxers are merely to prevent chafing! Wild thing you make my heart sing you make everything groovy wild thing come on, come on, wild thing shake it, shake it, wild thing You guys are the best.
Just us guys hanging with our dolls.
What could be better than this? A little privacy? I feel a nature hike coming on.
Lamb cake? Oh! Better stick close, my love.
It's raccoon mating season.
Oh, Vinnie! Those two.
Yep, some things never change.
I I saved Go ahead.
You go.
I saved all of your letters.
I have yours, too.
This might seem dumb, but I've been keeping kind of a memory box.
You know, I saved souvenirs from things we did together.
I miss your face, Wanda.
I miss yours, too, doogie.
It's great to have you back.
I almost couldn't get away from school.
I've been crazy with this watercolor I'm working on.
Did I tell you about it? I wish you could see it.
It's home School home.
But you will see nexus, the piece in the show tomorrow.
I can't believe it was chosen A big honor for a freshman.
When I found out, I was o.
? Out of control.
Shelly and Jane came up with it My roommates.
They're terrific.
They threw me a surprise party.
The whole quad was there.
We were on the roof eating pop tarts at sunrise.
It was hysterical.
It sounds like it.
Oh, I'm sorry.
I've been going on and on about myself.
What's been happening with you? Just hanging out with Vinnie.
Same old stuff.
How's work? It's o.
I just did a liver transplant.
Yeah? How was it? Mmm He died.
Well, I'm sure it was the liver and not you.
It is so great to have you here.
It's so great to be here.
I wonder where Vinnie and Janine are.
I don't know.
One detail.
One measly detail! What happened after you guys dropped us off? We'll be late.
Don't cheapen it with words.
Just bask in the afterglow.
I'll bask with you.
Good night, Dr.
Good night, Marcy.
It was a disaster.
So, then, you didn't.
It's none of your business, o.
? O.
So you didn't.
Hey, Dr.
howser, you look cool.
Thanks, Dana.
Every time we were alone together, it was weird.
She was different.
Things were different.
It was different.
Did she seem uncomfortable? Yeah, a little.
Distant? Sort of.
Preoccupied? Yeah.
Yeah, she did.
What? What, uh-oh? Hi, Dr.
Jeez! The medical profession is just oozing with chicks.
Vinnie, what uh-oh? Wanda's behavior means only one of two things A she's found another guy.
No way.
Or b you're a bust between the sheets.
Maybe there is someone else.
No, you're wrong.
Hey, listen, rejection happens to be my particular field of expertise.
Painful as it may be, you got to read the writing on the wall.
Oh, boy.
There you have it, right here for everyone to see.
It hurts me to see you humiliated like this.
What are you talking about? It's all there, plain as day.
Isn't it obvious? Check it out.
Red is for passion.
Here, the sun that's Wanda very hot.
These swirling strokes pointing to The Eiffel Tower.
Don't be so literal.
This tower is a symbol.
It's a man, a virile man.
I wish it were, but see the forward motion, the surging brush strokes? Someone new.
No, you're nuts.
The Eiffel Tower is from her trip to France.
She visited France.
It's not about sex.
Oh, it's so uninhibited, so passionate.
Oh, nexus.
Yeah, nexus.
What's nexus, a shampoo? No, it's two things coming together that intertwine and What do you know about art? Hey, I'm Italian.
It's in our blood.
Ever heard of Michelangelo? Donatello? Raphael? Leonardo? Those are the teenage mutant ninja turtles, Vinnie.
Seriously? I swear.
It puts you in touch Even though last night was less than perfect, when we looked at each other, I felt that connection.
There's no other man.
If you'll excuse me, I'll say hello to my girlfriend.
Guess who.
Ian, this is totally o.
It's so great to see you! You're incredible! Wanda's back in town.
You got your arm around his woman.
Is that so? Why didn't you tell me you were coming? Well, at least we know you weren't rotten in the sack.
That's something.
Nice to meet you.
Let's get out of here.
Just like that? You're just going to put your tail between your legs and crawl home? If you love Wanda, you'll fight for her.
It won't work.
Let's go.
Excuse me.
He's heading for the can.
If you want to win her back, you got to check out the competition.
Vinnie, this Shh.
Yeah, that certainly was some painting, huh, Jerry? Um, I guess Pete.
Reminiscent of the early work of Vincent Van patten.
It is such a thrill to discover new talent.
You know, Jerry, your father might be interested in those paintings, especially those of that female artist.
What was her name? Wilma Phlegm, wasn't it, Jerry? You mean Wanda plenn? That's it.
Do you know her? Yeah.
We're at the art institute together.
Oh, really? How fascinating.
Are you two, uh, close? You might say that.
Would you say that? Well, I hitchhiked from Chicago just to be here.
Ian Samuels.
I'm Pete.
He's Jerry.
A pleasure.
So, you're a painter, too? No.
I'm a sculptor.
What do you sculpt? Nudes mostly.
Live naked women, huh? Wanda's very talented.
Of course I'm biased.
But her paintings are as phenomenal as she is.
You know her rather intimately? Yeah.
I guess I do.
Right from the start, there was a spark between us, a frisson, you know.
It would be great if it works out with your dad's gallery.
I really should be getting back to her.
Great meeting you guys.
Take care.
Take care.
A frisson.
That's not good.
I'm dead.
Tag the toe and zip the bag.
Personally, I find you much more attractive.
He's o.
If you like that rugged, masculine sensitive type.
Meet the artist in person.
Wanda plenn.
Jerry, Pete.
What? These are the guys I told you about.
Really? Wanda.
Just the woman I was looking for.
Come see this painting.
Unusual guy.
Excuse me.
I got to go.
I'm sorry.
Just give me a minute.
What's going on? Nothing.
Nothing? What was that about? Did I embarrass you in front of your friend? What's his name, Ian? We had an enlightening chat.
About what? I asked some questions about you.
It's my right.
To spy on me? I don't think so.
You've only been gone a little while, and you're already sleeping with somebody else.
What, you were in the neighborhood, thought you'd drop by and hit me again? I'll keep my hands in view.
Can we just talk? I don't feel like talking.
I can't go back to school feeling like this.
It got pretty ugly back there, huh? At least I know why things have been so weird between us.
It has nothing to do with Ian.
Yeah, right.
It doesn't.
It's about us.
Things are They're different.
Why should they be different? They just are.
It's like Last week I went out to the lake to paint, and I sat on this big rock.
And everything just seemed to come together.
And I painted the best watercolor I've ever done.
And all week long, I couldn't wait to go back.
So I went to the exact same spot, used the exact same colors.
But no matter how hard I tried, it just wasn't the same.
Something had changed.
Maybe it was the light.
Maybe the light's changed for us, too.
We just have to accept it.
Well, that's easy for you.
You've found someone else.
Doogie, I'm not sleeping with Ian.
You're not? Not even dating.
But I might.
We made love.
Didn't that mean anything to you? It was something special and wonderful that I'll always remember.
And you're the only person I wanted to share that with.
But it wasn't a promise.
I was hoping we could Still add a few more memories to the box.
Well, maybe it's time to move on, to make new ones.
I know it seems easier for me.
I'm in a new city.
I'm meeting new people.
That's scary, but it's exciting, too.
And you're still home, sort of clinging to the past.
I like the past.
The past was good to me.
Oh, it was good to me, too.
Well, um I guess I better get going.
I'm going to miss this window.
Hyah! There's goes Wanda's stage.
I'm going to miss her, too.
She was a great filly.
Excuse me, cowboys.
Somebody's horse is blocking my miata.
Nice hat.