Doona! (2023) s01e05 Episode Script

Meaningless Kiss

See the daylight ♪
Covering the sky ♪
Hear the wind say ♪
No matter what you do, my friend ♪
You know the world
Still needs your light ♪
Let it just shine ♪
You'll be free ♪
From all the things you used to be ♪
[gentle music playing]
[door opens]
[door closes]
[emotional music playing]
[curious music playing]
- [boy] Oh, hey.
- [girl] Hi.
[boy] Hope you weren't waiting too long.
Sorry it took so long.
[girl] Hey, I gotta run, guys. See you.
Oh, you're here.
Hey, um, could we talk for a second?
Go ahead.
What did you wanna say?
[Doona scoffs]
Did I touch you?
Why did you do that yesterday?
Do what?
Right, we kissed yesterday.
I just did it.
What other reason is there?
Why? Wasn't the kiss good?
Do you like me?
Or do you not at all?
[Won-jun sighs]
Obviously you don't, then.
Listen, Doona, I don't kiss friends.
So if we could
just keep things platonic from now on,
that'd be great.
I know that you've been lonely here, and
you've been longing for some comfort
to help cope with that.
I totally understand.
But that can lead to a misunderstanding.
And you can get hurt in the end.
You're really not much fun at all.
You're only 21.
Why take everything so seriously?
I didn't say I was looking for love.
The kiss gave me butterflies.
And I don't want to feel that way
over nothing, all right?
It's okay to feel like that.
Everyone does at first,
then gets over it.
You won't be any different, all right?
[door opens]
[door closes]
[birds chirping]
Excuse me! Could you hold the elevator?
[grunts] Excuse me!
Wait, wait, wait! Hold on a sec! [grunts]
Oh, thanks, guys!
- Yikes, I'm sorry. Thank you.
- Ah, what is this?
- Why didn't you just wait for the next?
- Oh.
Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!
The kissing king! The kissing king!
- Samba girl?
- Yes, yes, yes, yes, hi!
- It's me, the samba girl, yes!
- [chuckles] Ah!
- Hey, this is so crazy!
- Are you headed to class or what?
Oh, actually, no.
Uh, I'll contact you later, and, uh
and I'll let you know later, okay?
- Okay.
- Oh, but anyways, I better run.
- Oh, okay.
- Thanks so much.
[sighs] Can I maybe stay
at your place for a few nights?
- I gotta run.
- [sighs]
Wait, baby, don't go. [cries]
You piece of trash! Get away from me!
What am I supposed to do now?
[Won-jun] Hey.
So, yesterday,
I was booted out of my dorm.
Won't you help out a former girlfriend?
[curious music playing]
[I-ra grunts]
[Jin-ju sighs]
[Jin-ju exhales shakily]
So, about what you
asked me the other day
When I told you
that I have strong feelings for you?
I'm ready to give my answer to you.
You can take your time to think about it.
I have a feeling you won't.
I have feelings for someone else, Se-hun.
- I apologize if I gave you any mixed
- It's Won-jun, right?
For the record,
you never gave mixed signals.
I always knew the truth.
I just ignored it.
Um, well,
I'm sorry, Se-hun.
[phone chimes]
[somber music playing]
[line ringing]
Won-jun, hey.
[Won-jun] What is this place? It's pretty.
[Jin-ju] Oh, there you are.
Come over here for a second, hmm?
Look, you can see your place
from this angle.
I never knew
the Humanities Department had a roof deck.
[chuckles] There are many things
you don't know about.
What are you thinking about?
[inhales] It's just, um,
there are so many buildings out there,
but not one belongs to me.
- I guess we're alike.
- [chuckles]
Uh in that regard, no we're not.
What makes you say that?
I didn't mean anything, just
I just didn't think you had much
to worry about growing up, is all.
Um, Jin-ju
[Jin-ju scoffs]
I guess you don't know me
as well as you think you do.
What's wrong, Jin-ju? What is it?
Was there something I was mistaken about?
I don't get it.
[somber music playing]
[Jin-ju] I'm sorry.
This isn't what I
wanted to talk about today.
[exhales shakily] I'm so annoying, jeez.
[somber music continues]
- [door beeps]
- [lock clicks]
[doorknob rattles]
Won-Jun, don't drift too far away, okay?
That's what I wanted to say to you
up on the roof.
Don't let anything else happen.
I'm at my wit's end.
[I-ra] Hey, everyone! Choi I-ra is moving!
[samba music playing]
[both] Samba! Ah, ah, ah, ah ♪
- Samba! ♪
- Whoo-hoo!
[I-ra] That's right.
Ah, ah, ah, ah ♪
- [girl] Samba!
- [I-ra] Yeah, to the front! To the back!
To the left. To the right.
To the front. To the back.
Hey, look. Is that the cute guy!
- Oh, hey, cute guy!
- I wanna see!
- Hello.
- Hey, cute guy, looking hot!
- We're in pj's!
- [girl] It's the cute guy.
- Oh, hey!
- Hi!
[Yun-taek laughs]
[I-ra] How've you guys been?!
[girls cheering]
Uh, Yun-taek, what's happening?
We had a vacancy here,
and she really needed a place to stay.
Great, right? [chuckles]
- Hey!
- Yay!
Wow, how great is this? Welcome!
[girl] Great choice! Hey, cute guy!
[I-ra] Ah!
- [girl] No way!
- From Dream Sweet!
That's Lee Doona from Dream Sweet!
Oh my gosh, it's Lee Doona!
It's Lee Doona! Oh wow!
- Jeez! I can't even!
- [I-ra] Hello!
- [girl laughs]
- So pretty.
- [girl] So pretty!
- [girl 2] Totally gorgeous!
- [girl] Gorgeous!
- Won-jun.
[girl] Just look at her.
- [I-ra chuckles]
- [vehicle approaches]
Oh! She made it already.
Thank you so much, sir.
She left home, so I told her to come over.
I did good, right?
[indistinct chatter]
- [I-ra] Hey, Yun-taek
- Hey, could you please take this from me?
- [girl] Put it there.
- [Yun-taek] Leave it here?
[I-ra] Wait, put it here!
Not over there! It looks better here!
I just told you that.
Seriously, listen to me, okay?
Hey! Seriously!
- [Yun-taek] Let go. Let go.
- Yun-taek, just put that here for now!
[I-ra] Won-jun, wait for me!
- [chuckles]
- [Won-jun] What on Earth are you wearing?
- Pajamas?
- Aren't they cute?
I decided to give a pair
to each of my new roommates.
I'm flexing here.
Would you like one?
[Won-jun] I'll pass, thanks.
[I-ra] Oh, you know you want a pair.
- Hey.
- What?
What's the deal with my new friend Doona?
- Shouldn't you address her as your elder?
- No, why would I do that?
I'm the same age as her.
Would you give me some intel?
I have to live with her.
Like, what kind of girl is she?
Is she crazy?
I really have no idea,
nor what's going on inside her head.
- [I-ra chuckles]
- [door closes]
We are here!
Hey, you guys!
We're back! Ah.
- [Doona] Oh, you bought beer.
- It's time for us to get wasted tonight!
- I'll take one.
- [I-ra] Here you go.
[Jin-ju] This is heavy.
How did you carry it?
[I-ra] I used the manservant upstairs.
What? You wanna come in too?
- Um, no, it's okay.
- [Doona] I wasn't gonna let you in anyway.
You're an outcast now. You got that?
[I-ra] You must know Kooksu too?
- Of course I know Kooksu! Yes!
- Oh, you do?
Oh, by the way,
he's inherited the business.
- He's the CEO now!
- [I-ra] No way!
- Ugh, that lucky son of a gun!
- [Jin-ju laughs]
- You're annoyed!
- So not fair!
- So his name is Kooksu?
- [Jin-ju and I-ra] His name is Su-jin!
- Jinx! Jinx again! Jinx!
- [laughing]
- [sighs]
- [I-ra] Kook Su-jin, right?
- Yup. Kooksu is really funny, isn't he?
- He really is.
[Jin-ju laughs]
[I-ra] So then,
you must know Happy Pharmacy.
Of course! They're still open.
- No way, seriously?
- For sure!
- Hmm, I loved it there.
- [Jin-ju] Really?
Back then, Kooksu and I
would go there together
because he had a huge crush
on the owner's beautiful daughter,
and he bought so many energy drinks,
he got addicted!
And Won-jun, as his trusty sidekick,
ended up getting addicted with him!
- [Jin-ju laughs]
- [I-ra] What idiots!
They were always
walking around like zombies!
[imitates zombie moaning]
[door beeps, opens]
[door closes]
[door beeps]
[Doona] What brings you out?
I-ra's on the phone with her mother now.
[Jin-ju sighs]
It must be weird for you
to have roommates living with you.
I've lived in dorms before, you know.
It must be hard for you.
Mmm. Well, um, no.
It feels like I'm on a school trip.
[chuckles] Is that what it feels like?
I never got to experience
a school trip at all.
Well, then the three of us
should plan a trip together one day soon.
We could even wear school uniforms.
- Sounds good.
- [Jin-ju chuckles]
I have a question for you.
Why did you want
roommates so suddenly, huh?
And you?
Why did you move out
of your home so suddenly?
I think it was just the timing.
All the things that could go wrong did.
That mixed with everything else going on
all led to a final breaking point for me
that I just knew it was time for a change
and I had to leave.
That's how it all transpired.
I'm trying to stick up for myself.
I confessed to Won-jun
how I felt about him.
- Is that so?
- [Jin-ju] Yes.
Not directly,
but it was enough for him to, uh,
get the picture of how I really feel.
That's why I'm here.
To wait out his answer.
- This time I don't want to lose him.
- What are we to do?
Well, despite the fact
I let you rent a room here,
I can't root for you and Won-jun
in that regard,
because now, I've also gotten involved.
[emotional music playing]
I know Won-jun very well.
He always overthinks things
before doing them.
He's always really cautious
about making big decisions, and, um,
he doesn't get involved
with anything unstable or precarious.
It makes him uncomfortable
because he doesn't want to get hurt.
We've known each other for a long time.
We were very close.
We had feelings for each other.
It was really special for us.
[Jeong-hun] Ugh, we're late! Let's run!
I have a lecture first period!
[Yun-taek] We're gonna be late anyway.
[I-ra] No! No, come back!
Here. Hold your girlfriend.
Listen, all of my stuff is so heavy.
Can't we just take a taxi?
No way. Let go!
How much stuff are you carrying?
Whatever. You should carry it!
Here! Let's go.
- [Won-jun] Nope!
- [I-ra] What's your problem, you jerk?
Don't throw my stuff!
What's wrong with you?
[Jin-ju] It was really special for us.
We spent our teenage years together.
We were so close,
we could take on the world.
So we have a connection unlike any other,
you know?
That's a really powerful thing to have.
So that's what I'm putting my faith into.
[Yun-taek and I-ra laugh]
- [Yun-taek] Look, we should eat first.
- [I-ra] Ow! That hurts!
- Ow, ow!
- [Won-jun] Ah! Hold on!
- [I-ra] What are you doing?
- [Won-jun] Sorry. Ow!
- Ugh, seriously!
- [I-ra yells]
[overlapping chatter]
- [I-ra] Hey!
- [Yun-taek] Come on, guys.
- [Jin-ju] Wait up!
- [Jeong-hun] Go! Go! Go!
[Yun-taek] Hey, Won-jun!
Hey, so how's it going
living with a celebrity?
Are you guys friends yet?
And what's her personality like?
Because her reputation sucks.
Pretty sure she's like anyone else.
So what about all the men, huh?
Oh, that.
- What's the face for?
- What's with your nostrils? What is it?
You're scaring me.
[I-ra grunts]
Actually, to be honest
So earlier this morning, uh
[girl] Uh-huh.
[shower running]
[suspenseful music playing]
[mysterious music playing]
[I-ra sighs]
[both scream]
I-ra Choi!
- [girls] Marry him!
- Ha!
- [girls] Marry him!
- Ha!
- [girls] Marry him!
- [I-ra] Ah!
[Won-jun] The kiss gave me butterflies.
[emotional music playing]
And I don't want to feel
that way over nothing, all right?
[dance music playing]
[man] Be careful when you're alone
in a crowd. It's obvious.
[Doona] What do you mean? What's obvious?
[man] Your loneliness.
Your desperation to be loved,
to try to compensate for never having it.
You're afraid of losing people's interest.
[dance music continues]
- Samba girl, I-ra Choi!
- The kissing king, Yun-taek! [laughs]
[Yun-taek] Mmm.
[slapping hands together]
- [I-ra laughs]
- [Yun-taek] Why are you so giddy?
- [I-ra and Yun-taek laugh]
- [I-ra] Who's the girl you like?
- Thank you for feeding us.
- Mm-hmm.
- I can help clean if you want.
- Oh, no, that's okay. I got it. Thanks.
[Yun-taek and I-ra chatting indistinctly]
Hey, could I borrow a blanket from you?
Uh, there's there's
a blanket in my room you can borrow.
Thank you so much.
[somber music playing]
- [Won-jun] Did you find it?
- Uh-huh.
- [Won-jun] Come have a drink with us then.
- Mm-hmm.
[dance music playing]
[girl gasps]
- [girl 2] Wasn't that someone famous?
- [girl] Did I gasp way too loud?
[girl 2] She's from Dream Sweet.
Dream Sweet.
I didn't know she goes clubbing.
- Don't you know who I am?
- Huh?!
You're Lee Doona!
[indistinct chatter]
[chuckles] I'm honored.
A huge idol star like yourself approaching
a washed-up former teen idol like me.
Yeah, it's kind of like
when you meet another Korean
that's traveling the globe
and you run into them.
And now you're even prettier, huh?
What are you up to these days?
Nothing much, really.
It's too bad what went down.
And at the height of your career.
- Yeah, I screwed it all up. So what?
- [man] Yeah.
You know, I bet
if I was given a chance again,
I could handle this industry shit.
[scoffs] Although, I'm told
there's always some new shit to handle.
- I feel for you.
- [chuckles]
- [man chuckles]
- Hmm.
- You wanna head out?
- Sure, why not?
[Yun-taek] People are, you know
Well, they're designed to
to instinctively recognize others
that are similar to themselves.
- Take I-ra Choi here.
- [I-ra] Uh-huh!
[Yun-taek] The moment I saw her,
I knew right away that she was totally
my kind of person, hey?
- That's why we mesh so well, right?
- You're so nice, Yun-taek! Ah!
Jin-ju and Won-jun,
is it exactly the same for you guys?
Like, birds of a feather? Huh?
Right, guys?
[Won-jun sighs]
- [I-ra] Uh, so
- [Yun-taek] Hmm.
- Yay!
- Yay, yay! Here.
- Uh to the king!
- To the king!
Yeah! [chuckles] Uh
- Ugh! Seriously?!
- [Yun-taek] Stop complaining.
- [I-ra] I'm sorry.
- [Yun-taek] Come on.
I can carry her, okay? I'll carry her.
- [Jeong-hun] Open the door, will you?
- Open what door?
Oh, this door.
- [Jeong-hun] Jeez, this girl is so weird.
- [Yun-taek] Hey, be quiet, will you?
[Jeong-hun] Stop it!
Wanna take a walk?
[Jeong-hun] Keep going.
- Um
- Let's go now.
[Yun-taek] I could carry her
with one hand. Trust me.
I wanna try it.
[Jin-ju chuckles]
Leave it alone.
It's broken, Jin-ju.
[Jin-ju] I thought I'd sooner die than
actually tell you about
what was going on with my family.
Just so you know,
I was really happy that day. [sighs]
The guy I really liked
finally told me that he was into me.
I was on cloud nine.
I really like you.
[Jin-ju] My heart felt
like it was about to burst.
I felt like I got everything I wanted.
I was so happy,
I wanted to scream and shout.
[emotional music playing]
There were so many things
I wanted to do together.
I felt we could do anything,
and I couldn't wait.
[Jin-ju's dad] Hey!
Write down everything
you did with the guy! Do it now.
I said now! I'll show you!
You defiant bitch!
[Jin-ju's mom] Honey, no! Just stop!
Stop! Stop it!
- [emotional music playing]
- [breathing shakily]
[Jin-ju] It was like
falling out of a dream.
I was suddenly back in reality.
The Jin-ju that you really liked,
well, that girl was
always cheerful, appeared super confident,
and always had a smile.
But I was actually hiding myself from you.
That wasn't real,
because deep down,
I was miserable and had a troubled family.
I didn't want you to know
what was going on, you know?
Don't you have anything
you wanna tell me, Won-jun?
I, uh
I really liked you a lot, Jin-ju.
[emotional music playing]
[Won-jun] I, uh
I really liked you a lot, Jin-ju.
So much so that I didn't want to see you
in case I fell for you again.
I was worried I would get hurt, you know?
I kept my distance
so that when I saw you again,
I would feel unsure whether or not, um,
I ever had those feelings at all.
I wish I could've been there
to comfort you
when you were dealing with
the family issues, Jin-ju.
But now,
too much time has passed, I think.
[Jin-ju] You could comfort me now.
I still need it, you know? Hmm?
Please give this a chance.
I still want your support, Won-jun.
[sighs] Huh?
You can get there again.
It's still in you, hmm?
[emotional music continues]
We're talking about us here.
I'm really sorry.
The reason I wanted
to take a walk with you
was to say it's different now.
[emotional music continues]
[cat meows]
[Won-jun sighs]
[cat meows]
Good night.
What the fuck?
What do you think you're doing?
So that's how you mess with guys.
I know a lot of people can't stand you.
And now I totally get it.
Yeah? How about you get lost, huh?
You do this all for his attention,
don't you?
Where's your manager now?
Sucks for you, doesn't it?
I heard he cut you off completely.
Isn't that right?
- [laughs]
- [gate squeaks]
[Won-jun] Everything okay?
[scoffs] Who are you supposed to be, huh?
Is this who you're hanging out with?
- Tell me, how old are you?
- What about you, huh?
What did you say, shithead?
Hey. I left my phone in your car.
I'll get it for you.
Let's go get it.
[man] Unbelievable.
- Ah boy
- Are you her friend?
I said, "Are you her friend or what?"
Man, that girl doesn't have any friends.
[Won-jun sighs]
I'm in the same position you are, kid.
She's a lot.
[chuckles] You know,
it's really not even funny, but
[scoffs]she'll pounce on anyone
just to get that prick's attention.
I'm talking about her manager, huh?
If she's that desperate, then I'll do it.
I'll give her what she wants.
Everyone wins, right?
What? Wanna punch me? Go ahead.
I think you need to leave.
Why? You think you're different?
What, are you fucking
in love with her or something?
Ah! Fuck! [groans]
You asshole [groans]
Ah. [cries]
[footsteps approaching]
I wanna know what goes on
in that mind of yours.
You're really something, you know that?
[dramatic music playing]
It's okay to feel like that.
Everyone does at first, then gets over it.
You won't be any different, all right?
[music fades]
- [Doona] Why are you out here?
- [exhales]
You're so sweaty.
Fix your hair. Here.
Is it off-limits?
You getting fuzzy feelings?
I suck at dribbling.
I wanna ask you
something about what you said.
Just who am I no different from, huh?
That guy from tonight? If not, then who?
I guess you forgot what you said.
You told me you didn't want
to feel this way over nothing.
Sure, I didn't refute it,
because I was worried you were right.
That's why I tried to meet someone else
at the club tonight, okay?
I wanted to test my feelings.
Whether they were real or not.
I wanted to know
how much I really liked you
and that I wasn't just trying
to get a man to obsess over me.
If I have fallen for you, then what next?
If I told you that even when I'm
surrounded by other people,
that I only want you, Won-jun,
that I find myself missing you
every minute
If I say
I've completely fallen in love with you
then what will you do?
Hmm. See what I mean?
You're right. This is meaningless.
I thought you didn't kiss your friends.
I don't.
[emotional music playing]
I close my eyes and I see you ♪
I feel my heart beating for you ♪
You take my breath away ♪
Whenever you hold me close ♪
I realized ♪
I can't go back ♪
I will take time ♪
Or steps ♪
Till we're two and you move back ♪
There's no reason this needs to hide ♪
For me ♪
Even though it's too far ♪
It doesn't matter where you are ♪
My thoughts always go back to you ♪
Because it's you ♪
I hold your hand so tight ♪
I see you ♪
I promise I'll never leave it ♪
You find relief in my answer ♪
I won't ask you to take no more ♪
I'm drawn to you ♪
My moon ♪
I will take time ♪
Or steps ♪
Till we're two and you move back ♪
There's no reason this needs to hide ♪
For me ♪
Even though it's too far ♪
It doesn't matter where you are ♪
My thoughts always go back to you ♪
Because it's you ♪
I'm telling you ♪
I love ♪
Every moment spent with you ♪
There's no reason this needs to hide ♪
For me ♪
Even though it's too far ♪
It doesn't matter where you are ♪
My thoughts always go back to you ♪
Because ♪
It's you ♪
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