Doona! (2023) s01e07 Episode Script

Clear the Air

See the daylight ♪
Covering the sky ♪
Hear the wind say ♪
No matter what you do, my friend ♪
You know the world
Still needs your light ♪
Let it just shine ♪
You'll be free ♪
From all the things you used to be ♪
[bell clanging]
Who is that guy? Talk to me.
Stay with me.
[mysterious music playing]
Let's get going.
[car engine starts]
Why are you here?
Are you feeling sick?
You're getting hot. It might be a fever.
[Doona sighs]
Is there something you want to say to me?
Shouldn't you be the one
who has something to say to me?
Let's talk when we're in Seoul.
Your career's on the line.
It's time to fix it
before the world forgets you.
And what if I want to be forgotten?
Both by you
and by the public.
What do you think you'll do
with your career if I told you that?
I know you're just saying that,
because I know what it is
you fear the most.
Being forgotten and ending up all alone.
So that's why you did it.
Dumped me in that house all by myself
and didn't bother
to come visit me even once
making me realize
what abandonment feels like.
I quit, so you punished me. Is that it?
[exhales shakily]
I want out.
Let me out of the car.
I said I want out!
I said stop the car!
Hey, stop it.
- I want out!
- I said stop it, Lee Doona!
- [Doona screams]
- [In-wook] Would you stop it?
[dramatic music playing]
[Doona yelps]
- What do you think you're doing?
- Get away!
Let go of me!
Get away!
Stop this now.
Get ahold of yourself.
That's enough! Stop, Doona!
So I bet this was fun, huh?
It made you feel good, huh?
Because of you, I felt so alone
and like I was drowning every day.
Don't be so dramatic.
You're worse than my mother,
you narcissistic ass!
You knew I liked you, and
how desperate I was to see you,
and you just left me there.
You manipulated me
and took me for granted, huh?
I despise you, you fucking asshole.
You and I know you didn't wait for me
because you had feelings.
You always make a mess of things,
and you always expect me
to fix it for you.
You need a ticket back into this industry,
and you know I'm that ticket.
Tell me I'm wrong, huh?
You actually think you really know
what it means to be in love, Doona?
If you really did care at all for me,
then you wouldn't have left us out to dry
and blown up everything we worked for.
You're the reason the tour ended.
Don't act like you're the victim here.
We are.
I didn't use you, Lee Doona!
It's the other way around, all right?
You're the person who used us
to further your career, huh?
You neglected yourself.
You're a complete mess.
Even still, you have no problem
messing up your life.
[somber music playing]
[line ringing]
[In-wook] Yes.
Yeah, you're right. It is today.
Well, there's been a bit of an incident.
[woman] Miss Lee Doona's guardian?
[In-wook] Yes.
No, no, I'll
I'll be there today for sure.
Yes, but
do we really need to decide now?
Yes. I'll get there later tonight.
Okay. Don't forget to look
into that hospital I mentioned.
- Okay.
- [phone vibrating]
[tender music playing]
[line ringing]
[Doona sniffles]
You have
this really great relationship with her,
'cause you've known her so long.
That's why I'm very jealous of you.
These aren't mine.
[In-wook] You've gotten better at lying.
Stop contacting me and wait quietly.
[phone chimes]
[phone ringing]
Get in the car,
unless you plan to never see me again.
I used to fear words like that.
Now your words
somehow no longer scare me at all.
Well, do what you want, then.
You won't see my face
from now on, you got it?
What was the point, then?
Why did you come to the showcase?
[inhales shakily]
[somber music playing]
Jeez, bro. Slow down.
What's up with you? You good?
Why is everything hard for me?
You know what's easy and simple? Math.
[scoffs] It's only easy for you, dickhead.
[Kooksu slurps] Ah.
Who do celebrities date usually?
I have no idea.
Hmm? Who?
I guess they date someone like themselves.
Others at the top of their game.
But if I were Doona
Son Heung-min would be the guy.
Oh wow! You see his free kick yesterday?
The way he curved it was crazy.
His is not the foot of a mere mortal.
No way, man.
And I was a fan of Messi's
for the longest time.
- But now it's Son Heung-min all the way.
- [sighs]
[emotional music playing]
What was the point, then?
Why did you come to the showcase?
[pop music playing]
[In-wook] You dance, don't you?
[pop music continues]
You in eighth grade?
[Doona scoffs]
[In-wook] All you have to do
is follow my directions.
As long as you do,
you'll have nothing to worry about.
Once you sign with us,
I'll take care of everything for you,
where you stay, what you eat,
even what you wear.
But in return,
you can't ever keep anything from me.
If you do, we're done.
[Doona] And why should I do that?
Are we gonna be
like a family or something?
[In-wook] Something like that.
If that makes it easier
for you to understand.
[music stops]
Does it hurt here?
How about here?
That's enough for today.
[door closes]
Mmm! This place is good, right?
[I-ra laughs]
It's insanely good!
[door beeps]
Oh. Ah, the house feels so empty.
Doesn't it?
- [Yun-taek] Yeah?
- Uh
- The other day there was this person
- Who? A chick?
Uh, no, it's just,
I was with a friend and, well,
they kept acting happy around me.
They would, uh shake like this.
Why do you think that person
keeps popping inside my head?
- What are you trying to say?
- [Jeong-hun] Uh
[phone ringing]
[curious music playing]
[clears throat]
Huh. Well, hi! [chuckles]
[I-ra] You got here fast.
- [Jeong-hun] You look busy.
- Oh, is
- [Jeong-hun] Mmm.
- Aw, seriously?
How did you know I was thirsty?
Thank you.
[Jeong-hun] Mm-hmm.
[I-ra] Mmm!
So refreshing! Mmm!
What did you need help with?
You didn't say.
[I-ra] Mmm.
Our department's doing a fashion show.
You don't need to model on stage,
but could you please
help me with the fitting?
I'll buy dinner afterwards.
Please help, hmm?
[Jeong-hun] Hmm
That's a yes!
Okay, first,
can you just try this on for me?
Here you go.
You can change right over there,
and if you need me,
I'll help you put it on as well.
[Jeong-hun] Huh?
[grunts softly]
[I-ra yelling indistinctly in Portuguese]
[in Portuguese] Let me ask you this!
How could you do that so easily?
That is definitely not true, I-ra.
I've never once given up on you.
My heart has always been yours.
[in English] Oh, give me a break.
[in Portuguese] I've finally realized
that you're the only woman in my life.
[in English] Hey!
What's wrong?
Did you run out of money again?
Just so you know,
now I'm into someone
else who isn't completely insane, huh?
[Jeong-hun] Hey, babe.
[upbeat music playing]
Can you take a look at this
and see if it's right?
I wasn't sure.
- Okay.
- I-ra.
[in Portuguese]
Don't do this, I-ra. Let's start over.
[in English] What are you doing?
Ow, that hurts! Ow!
[in Portuguese] Please.
[in English] You're gonna pay my girl back
every damn penny.
And don't touch her again
if you'd like to walk out of here alive.
[rock music playing]
[squeals] The sweet smell of money!
Whoo! [chuckles]
Smell it. Ah!
Ah! [chuckles]
Oh yeah! Come on! Come on!
- Aw, do it. Do it again.
- [Jeong-hun sighs]
Aw, yeah!
- Aw!
- [chuckles]
[I-ra] Okay, last one!
[somber music playing]
Hello there.
Just getting back from visiting home?
- Yeah.
- That's great.
When's your next break?
Wanna take a week vacation?
We could go all the way to Shanghai
or maybe Japan?
Or Guam?
When did you return?
Just this morning.
How's your cold?
It's okay now.
That's good to hear.
I'm tired. I'm going inside.
[Doona] Hey,
say what's been bothering you.
Just speak your mind
and stop being so frustrating.
If I say what I want to,
I might say something I'll regret later.
Go ahead. Say it anyway.
Even if you might regret it,
I'm willing to hear you out.
Go on, ask me if we did anything.
It's what you wanna know, am I right?
- What?
- What, it isn't?
Come on, you were imagining
a lot of things, weren't you?
Or is it because you
don't have the balls to get angry?
Wow, so much for you saying you're sorry.
Do you even feel bad for what you did?
Well, what right do I have
to get mad at you?
I have no say at all
what happens between the two of you.
I just want to know
what you're doing with me right now.
I thought it wouldn't matter to me
if you were just having a little fun
or taking a break or feeling lonely.
I liked you,
and I thought I could handle it.
I didn't care
if you had no feelings for me.
[somber music playing]
And now I know
I can't handle this anymore.
I get why I wouldn't be your type,
'cause I'm just some guy.
You just left me there by myself.
You take everything too far.
[I-ra] Oh!
[door beeps]
[door opens]
[door closes]
[door beeps]
Hey, wait, Won-jun.
You're staying here
over winter break, right?
Our landlady was asking us.
Actually, I'm moving out.
I better give her notice, then.
What? Are you serious?
[door closes]
[somber music playing]
[gate squeaks]
[In-wook] Yes,
I'm doing my best to sort things out.
Yes, I'll update you
as soon as I have news.
I apologize for this.
Why'd you do it?
Lee Doona.
I'm sure I told you already.
I can't sing. I just can't anymore.
All right then.
Take a break for now.
[phone vibrating]
Yes, President Ma.
It's not happening.
We're pulling Doona out.
It'll be a four-person group.
I'm sorry.
[somber music playing]
[woman] Welcome.
[clears throat]
You can't be serious.
[scoffs] So you
really have given up on singing.
Why not?
I sleep when I want to,
eat whatever I want to,
and sit around doing nothing.
Did you enjoy it, then?
Watching us crash and burn like that?
I knew you would think that, but no.
You should've had more success.
Tell me about it.
At the time, I would've loved
shoving that in your face.
[Doona sighs]
I remember
you said
you couldn't sing at all that day.
I believe you, Doona.
And I did back then too.
I know we weren't always
the greatest group members or friends,
But we were supposed
to be in this together.
So we all understand.
To be honest,
I was thinking you'd feel resentful.
If you hadn't done what you did back then,
I would have soon enough.
You know I don't actually
hate you, right?
I just wanted to be like you,
and I couldn't at all.
And I didn't want to hate myself for it,
so that's why I always hated you instead.
[Doona sighs]
[register beeping]
[register whirs]
[Won-jun] Sorry,
we're closed for the night.
I left a few things
in the drawer the other day.
Oh, okay.
Well, come on in, then.
- Sorry, could you move?
- Oh. Oh, sure.
[emotional music playing]
So are you still living in a studio?
No, I found an apartment a few days ago.
It's little far from school, though,
but I like it a lot.
And it's definitely way better than having
to commute from my parents' home.
Glad to hear that.
How does it feel to be dating now?
Are you happy?
I wanted to give you and Doona some space.
You're different with her.
It's a side of you
I've never seen, you know?
She brings out a whole new Won-Jun.
[Jin-ju chuckles]
Just for the record,
I think it's a good change for you.
Hey, I'm being serious.
Lee Won-jun, head over heels.
- That's a rare thing to see.
- [chuckles]
[Jin-ju chuckles]
[phones chime]
[I-ra] You are invited to
my Samba Party of Unity and Forgiveness!
Place, the Sharehouse bar.
- Time, right now. Hostess, Choi I-ra.
- Choi I-ra is so funny. [chuckles]
Are you going?
I'm sure everyone would like to see you.
Hmm [chuckles]
I can't.
You were the one who said
not to let anyone hurt me anymore,
didn't you?
Later, when I thought about it,
I realized that I mistreated myself
the most out of everyone.
And that's why I shouldn't be
friends with you for now, okay?
I'm still hurt, you see.
But who knows?
I hope one day when I see you,
I won't feel as badly
and we can be friends again.
I think I just need
a little time for now, you know?
I hope that you understand, Won-Jun.
Come on. You were imagining
a lot of things, weren't you?
Or is it because you
don't have the balls to get angry?
Wow, so much for you saying you're sorry.
Do you even feel bad for what you did?
I thought it wouldn't matter to me
if you were just having a little fun
or taking a break,
or if you were feeling lonely.
I liked you,
and I thought I could handle it.
I didn't care
if you had no feelings for me.
And now I know
I can't handle this anymore.
[door opens]
[door closes]
You're moving out?
[Won-jun] Yes.
- [Doona] Where to?
- Well, I don't know yet.
What if I begged you not to move out?
- Do I really have to answer that?
- Yes, you do.
Would you please get out?
- Let go of me. You smell like tobacco.
- [Doona] But I quit.
It's probably his, then.
So you're the jealous type, aren't you?
What is it?
Did he not want you anymore?
Is that why you came back to me?
Quit while you're ahead
and it's cute still.
I'm not going anywhere.
You'll have to drag me out of here
otherwise, huh?
Listen, Doona,
I told you I don't want you in here!
- So why can't you just leave me alone?
- 'Cause I want to be around someone.
That doesn't have to be me.
I don't have to.
You do have to.
You have to be the one.
Then, why did you do it?
Because I didn't know that
that the person I didn't want to lose
was you, okay?
I don't have a lot of experience,
and I'm even slower
when it comes to my own feelings.
I take things for granted
until they're gone.
And then I regret it.
I can't help it. It drives me crazy.
So why can't you, um,
forgive me just this once?
You really are a mess. You know that?
You're selfish and unstable, and
you hurt me without even
thinking twice about it.
I feel conflicted because
you came and totally
flipped my world upside down.
But even still, I feel like
I'm going crazy because I want
to be the one that you want.
So tell me you're really sorry.
I'm sorry.
And that I'm what you want.
Tell me that you only have eyes for me
and not that guy!
Can you?
I love you.
[emotional music playing]
[Doona] Won-jun.
[Won-jun] Hmm?
[Doona] Please don't hate me.
[Won-jun] I don't hate you.
Believe me, I tried.
But I just couldn't.
[Doona] I don't mean now.
I mean, going forward.
[Won-jun] I promise I won't.
[Doona] Does this mean we made up?
[Won-jun] Mm-hmm.
[Doona] Really? So easily?
[Won-jun] I've always been easy.
I was just pretending to be difficult.
[emotional music continues]
[Won-jun] It has to be you
for me too.
[Doona humming]
[Doona] Do you remember the song
that I gave up writing halfway through?
We were working
on our second album, I think.
I had forgotten the melody,
but it came back to me.
- [woman] That's good.
- [Doona] It is.
[both laughs]
[Doona] I wonder if it came back to me
because I've been feeling happier.
[woman] You should drink that.
You did order it.
[gentle music playing]
[crowd cheering]
[gentle music continues]
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