Dope (2017) s01e01 Episode Script

America's Cup of Coffee

1 Every time we take some off the streets, we feel like we're saving lives.
Police come and they get close, and they want to study your movements.
They will try to take you down.
[through earpiece.]
It looks like t's a large storage yard with RVs.
I'm not in college, know what I'm saying? I'm not working the nine to five.
So, motherfucker, I get up and treat this shit like a job because I want some place to get money.
If you choose to live this lifestyle, know what you doing.
Don't get into it if you don't know, the rules and the outcomes because there's repercussions to this.
[dog barking.]
The risk of something going wrong is a lot higher [siren ringing.]
This motherfucker come in that brick, you know, come in that package, you know what you getting, man.
You cut that motherfucker wide open.
My shit's wrapped up, man.
It's wrapped up really well.
At a stash house outside the city, El Capitan has just taken delivery of two kilos of cocaine from a Mexican cartel.
The money's in cocaine, man.
Quadruple your money sometimes, man.
You get it, you gotta get it pure, you know? [Narrator.]
Broken down and sold on the streets of Oakland, it'll be worth more than $60,000.
America's cup of coffee, man.
That shit don't see no race, no color, nothing.
Mexican girls love cocaine.
White girls love it, too.
Chinese, black girls Shit, everybody love that motherfucker.
And that means El Capitan's product is always in demand.
[rock music playing.]
All the big weight shipments where everybody is fucking too scared to drive.
Not me, motherfucker.
I drive.
[El Capitan.]
Put a lot of coke in this RV, man.
Like a pizza man will go deliver pizzas.
You know what I'm saying? Make my route through the day.
Same type of shit.
Just I'm dealing coke, he's dealing pizza.
At least twice a week, El Capitan risks his freedom to run two kilos of coke into Oakland.
[El Capitan.]
Looks like you're on a family vacation.
Who's gonna pull over a guy in an RV with his family? [Narrator.]
As a distributor, he buys at $25,000 a key, and sells it wholesale to dealers at a markup.
[El Capitan.]
Give it to these dudes for like 27.
So you making a couple thousand dollars profit every time you see these people.
[transmission sounds.]
[through radio.]
Are there any signs of the vehicle? [police woman.]
Local sheriffs have intel on vehicles bringing drugs into Oakland.
They rotate quite often, the vehicles that we see out there.
There's a blue work truck associated.
A white work truck.
Main one seemed to be an RV that we didn't see, I don't think, in the last day, but it comes and goes.
The driver inside was an unknown male.
We couldn't identify him.
But there are thousands of RVs registered in the city.
To try to identify the man in the RV, the cops head towards an area they suspect he supplies with coke.
[through radio.]
Hey, this is Gonzo.
I'm in the area.
International Boulevard runs through the heart of East Oakland from downtown.
It's notorious for drug dealing.
There we go.
These are my undercover glasses.
They look a little less police officer-like than my clear glasses.
All this Oakley gear.
Duane Fisher is one of several undercover officers, working surveillance for Detective Lucha.
[Lucha through radio.]
You have a couple north on International and a couple south on Saint Andrew.
We're going to try and set up so that we get what we call eyes on the target location where we know this individual operates from.
And try to identify him coming into the area.
Fisher gets as close as he dares to where the dealers are working.
Yeah, I'm sitting here.
So, we just have to keep an eye on if anything moves.
It's kind of a real hot area here so it's kind of hard to set up.
Seems like there's people all over watching.
You know lots of groups, lots of different gangs in these areas.
Right now we got somebody walking up on our right side who could be a lookout.
We just don't know.
Things could turn ugly if the dealers think their distributor is under threat.
It does make me nervous 'cause I've been shot at before here in Oakland.
[atmospheric music.]
That wasn't good.
I think that was a lookout.
Definitely notice that we don't belong.
They don't know us.
[Lucha through radio.]
I guess I lost eyes on him somehow.
Anybody got eyes on him? Here we got a guy Scared the piss out of me.
As he rode by on his bike he had his right hand stuffed deep into his pocket, which very easily could've been concealing a gun.
And what vehicle is our number one in right now? [Lucha.]
Right now he's in the white, full-size Chevy truck.
Another undercover officer has seen one of the vehicles previously linked o the RV.
The white truck.
Hey, Fish, see if you can roll by him and I'll take your spot for a second and see what he's getting into.
Think he might be getting into another vehicle.
He is wearing a black shirt with yellow writing on it and a red hat.
Copy that.
Moving now.
It could be a buyer and it could lead them to the RV itself.
If that vehicle moves a significant distance I would like to see if we can do a takeaway on it.
Let's let Fish and Gonz go with it.
[indistinct chatter.]
Six, Paul, Victor, David.
He's been interacting with the at the end of the liquor store, coming and going.
We now are sitting real close.
We have eyes on the GMC right there.
We're probably way too close.
Best place to hide is in plain view, so stick with it.
And here's target.
Red hat, black shirt, blue jeans.
He's entered the passenger side of the GMC.
The primer truck.
They're just sitting there.
Yeah, we just got made by yeah.
He was looking pretty hard at me.
He knows I've been sitting here for a while.
It looks like Fisher's been spotted.
Primer truck is moving now.
Primer truck is northbound 52 towards I.
[siren ringing.]
[police officer.]
He's that way.
He's headed east.
Straight that way.
He's stopped and looks like he's doing some counter possibly.
- Did you see which way he went? - He Affirm he waited for us to catch up to him watched us go by and then pulled a u-ey.
Dove down 51st.
Took it back towards International.
Yeah, he's gotta be past International now on southbound direction.
You got him? Negative.
He was way ahead of me.
It was either 50th or 51st by the time he dove, I couldn't tell.
They've lost him.
When he seen me flip around he noticed that because he made a couple of turns and then pulled to the side of the road to see if he's seeing the same vehicles following him.
[over radio.]
White, full-size Ford truck.
Suddenly, the white pickup reappears.
Yeah, unit right there, He's gonna be pulling in right behind you on Vicksburg.
[atmospheric music.]
He's right behind me.
Here we go.
I need you to drive South Pearson to International.
[sirens ringing.]
I knew we'd find that truck.
I knew it.
So I'm checking where our guy is seated.
Oh, wait.
I got some looks like Oh, these are bindles, for sale.
Hey, I got a baggy with a bunch of bindles here.
Looks like we're gonna have a good 10-15.
If the cops can flip this dealer, he may give them their real target.
The distributor in the RV.
The people that deal on the streets in the grand scheme are pretty expendable.
So what we'll We'll give him the option if you're willing to work with us and maybe help us develop information that gets us to the source of where they purchase their narcotics from.
They're very willing to just tell us something.
Try to mitigate their punishment they're gonna receive.
Here we go.
[rock music playing.]
[El Capitan.]
This shit's nonstop.
It's very much needed out here in the streets, man.
Unaware of the police operation, El Capitan has made it to his first drop.
[El Capitan.]
My street dealers, man.
Top of the line people, man.
No bottom feeders.
Man, I've been doing this shit for 20 years, man.
Got no time to waste with no kids.
Since I know what I want and I want the best in the town, I get it from the best.
[razor buzzing.]
Ambrosia has been working the streets of Oakland for a very long time.
A lot of guys are intimidated by me, you know, because my swag is like as cool as theirs.
They intimidated that a female can move as fast as them, as smooth as them and have as many women as them.
I'm a one stop shop.
You can come to me for everything.
You can come to me if you can't get your dick hard and you need a girl to help you.
You can come to me for bachelor parties, birthday parties.
I even do kids' jumpers.
I'm telling you I'm all about the money.
And Ambrosia's biggest earner is the cocaine she buys from El Capitan.
We call it girl because it's just powder.
And then, this is what you do.
Just add some cut to it, so it stretch it.
I'm good at this.
I've been doing it for a long time.
My mom sold drugs, so what's gonna happen? When I got in it at 12, I had to wait till my brother had caught a case to do 20 years in the feds.
When he left it was just Okay, it was on me.
[phone ringing.]
Hello? Yeah, I'm in the lab right now, it's good.
What you needing? [Ambrosia.]
Girls that I work with, they escort.
They do all my deliveries for me, runners.
We're our own little team.
Our own organization.
We are a gang, but not a gang.
We have families.
We look out for each other.
Sorta like what they would consider a mob.
But not a mob.
Ambrosia has a special relationship with many of her girls.
I'm an animal in the bed.
That's what you don't want to see.
I'm working with a 13inch dick.
There's a strap on and they take it.
Especially, Candy.
Her little ass can get on it.
She's so little, too, but she likes it.
We met at school.
So, we just became good friends and you know I didn't really have nobody, so she was there for me.
Since then, I just been doing everything I gotta do for her.
She's my daddy, so whatever she say, I do it.
And right now, Daddy says it's time to go to work.
[rock music playing.]
I gotta have my bitches out here getting the money 'cause I don't wanna be left out.
Why miss out on a coin? [Narrator.]
The area around International is Ambrosia's main turf.
These streets, period, you just bound anything is bound to happen.
It's like It's no limitation.
It's no surprise to us, like To the world or people that come here, they may look at it different, but to us it's normal because - [Candy.]
This is every day.
- This is every day.
So it's nothing that shock us.
But it's money out here for sure.
'Specially like the weekend, the holidays and when they get drunk, they want these ladies even more.
You feel me? [Ambrosia.]
Looking righteous, boo.
They out here with sandals on.
Hi! How you doing? [girl outside.]
That's cute.
Come here.
Come here! Come here.
I'm gonna tell you what else is cute.
Come here! You done already spoke.
See if I had time that would have been mines right there.
You see that? - [Candy.]
'Cause she already - That's cute.
She already talked.
Rule one in the game you never talk.
You can't do that in the game.
You're not even supposed to look in the car at me.
I don't look like a trick.
Her pimp, whoever he is, he gonna be pretty upset.
[rock music playing.]
There are more police out there than ever.
I be so scared.
They sometimes They sit on the block and they wait for us to come out, so we got to be smarter than them.
In this game you have all kind of things that can happen.
You have your ups and you have your downs.
It's either you in it or you not in it.
I've been beat up before.
It's crazy out here, but you know, you want money, so you keep going.
I always worry about her.
I'm always worried about her, that's my, that's my money out there, so if I care about my money, I got to care about her.
That's the whole purpose of doing it, get the money.
But if Candy make a thousand, she can come in.
If she don't make a thousand, she gonna stay out there till morning.
[rock music playing.]
Alright, just so everyone knows, Cully's got the north end - and I got the south end.
- [on radio.]
Making the block now.
We'll be set up here in a second.
The sheriff's have received intel that the local dealers are using prostitutes to sell coke.
I'm not gonna get close to the curb.
We're set up here.
I have a group by the stop sign, kinda on the corner of 32 and Filbert.
Fisher, if you feel comfortable, now's the time you'll want to make a quick drive through.
The dealer they caught in the white pickup wouldn't talk.
But if they can catch a prostitute dealing they may be able to get more information on the RV that's been bringing the cocaine into Oakland.
So you have a BFA coming up to him, his car.
He's pulling over to the curb so they can have a better conversation.
Detective Fisher, working undercover, is making a buy from his car.
He's pulled to the curb more.
I don't know if she's going to move to pick something else, to get it for him.
[through radio.]
So, she's walking away.
We don't know if she's She's kind of tricky, like, "Oh, yeah, I'll get you whatever you want," and just took off with his money.
Or she's legitimately trying to go find what he wants and she'll be back.
[on radio.]
We're gonna get him between them, just get him behind the car over there.
Now she's gonna be back.
Looks like maybe there was a hand to hand, difficult to see from their position.
But now it looks like she's Kinda copying what he's telling me here, but looks like she's walking back this direction, so [Lucha.]
She's at his passenger side.
They're having an exchange there.
Looks code four Let's do it.
[sirens ringing.]
Is this hers, Steve? You have any ID on you? [Fisher.]
What happens, I pulled up She goes, "You ain't the police," and I, yeah - "Of course not.
" - Of course not.
Then she says, "Park it and get out.
" So I parked it and I'm like, "Hey, hey, no lady's making me go to work.
I just need to get high.
Either we do this or we don't.
" I get out.
We're gonna get a test kit and It's just, what breeds a lot of the crime and badness in Oakland is street level, small narcotic sales.
I mean, it's what it is.
Yeah, you'll see the different blue colors that it's supposed to turn.
And see there? The blue right down there by That's where the cocaine is sitting.
It's wrapped up and she's off to jail.
Interview her later.
They're talking about interviewing her to see if we can get more out of it, see if we can get a bigger fish.
You know, get the bigger her supplier, whoever it is.
[cartel member.]
Well, that's that fucking heroin right there.
That shit make all the niggas go crazy.
Got some crystal meth, that white boy drug.
Powder, make that cocaine.
El Capitan has taken another delivery from the cartel.
If you slip and you blink, you do anything wrong, you get your ass ate up fast.
[rock music playing.]
[El Capitan.]
Either lose your life, get killed, or you lose your life behind them bars.
He knows the sheriffs are onto him, but he's in too deep.
There's undercovers on every block.
They're out here, man, lurking, trying to catch motherfuckers.
You go out there, you're a target.
Instead of backing down, he's tooling up.
It's war out here.
[cartel member.]
257, brand new, out the box.
All it takes, one shot from this thing, man.
Put a hole in your motherfucking head.
And it's business as usual.
[El Capitan.]
It's just a risk.
This ain't no motherfucking game.
You get your ass locked away.
This is real serious out here.
I'm an entrepreneur, man.
I'm a trapper, a hustler, a go-getter, a networker.
I'm all over the place.
And an organization.
It's every man for theyself with this shit, you feel me? [Narrator.]
Like Ambrosia, Big Eddie buys coke in bulk from El Capitan, and jacks up the price to sell on the street.
I go by the old book.
You only good as your product.
But he doesn't stretch his cocaine.
Now if you cutting this shit, you stretching this shit, obviously you ain't got no business in this shit.
To check the quality, he turns to one of Oakland's most experienced testers.
I've been doing this since '74, y'all.
Injecting cocaine gives an instant rush, but it's far more dangerous than snorting.
That's That's it.
It's that one we can shoot all night.
The consignment has passed the taste test.
I want them to say, "I loved his filth.
It was the best.
Where is he at? Please let me come pull up.
" You wanna reach that kilo status, which is a whole brick.
Then you can start handing out ounces or quarter ounces and get you a corner boy.
I'm gonna push the envelope, until I get what I want.
Definitely that.
To keep a low profile, Big Eddie lives Big Eddie lives with his family outside the city.
I'm just used to living a double life.
I'm just resident, you feel me? The advantage is, shit, when you get on that highway and you can stay in your rearview, man, and see what's following you.
You know? Pay attention, clear your thoughts, get your mind right.
He's heading to International and 85th Avenue.
An area he's known for years.
You know, I think I was about 13.
I didn't want to play sports and all that shit.
I wanted a car.
You know in order to have a car, shit, you gotta have what? You gotta have some money.
So I jumped in the game and bought me some coke.
And I never looked back.
So far, Big Eddie's kept his head above water, but in Oakland it's all too easy to sink without a trace.
And all these tents right here, man, check it out.
You know, I want 'em to see this 'cause this is serious.
Piles of garbage, bicycles, tents, bread shelves, he over there shooting dope, clothes hangers.
A lot of 'em came from San Francisco.
When they moved in, it became a way of doing it, so motherfuckers out here that was natives of this town, you know, they fell on hard times.
Shit, they went belly up and they just, you know, join the party.
I road by this motherfucker the other day, man, I seen a chick that used to be so fine, I went to school with.
She's a resident.
She live in that tent right there.
See that tent right there? The gray one? That's her tent.
Call this shit Skid Row, up around here, man.
Know what I'm saying? Either you gonna get on your hustle or you gonna end up here.
Today is going to be a crime reduction operation.
We're going to have to UCs out spotting crime and we'll The basic idea is to direct in uniform units to make a pedestrian stop or a vehicle stop at that point.
None of the busts the cops have made so far have got them any closer to the supplier in the RV.
But if they do enough traffic stops, they hope to catch a dealer who will give up a name.
Two ounces bagged up, broke all down, and I don't wanna take that back home.
That shit need to be gone.
Alright, so Lucha'll be in front of me, I think he's going to go make a stop.
Right at Seacrest.
But before any vehicles can be pulled over, officers need probable cause.
That would be a good stop.
They double parked there in the active roadway, if you can find something else on it.
Tinted front windows.
I ain't speeding, my seat belt on.
You know what I'm saying? I'm playing the part.
I'm looking like a normal motherfucker.
I'm looking just like you.
Anybody in the area of 98 and International? High rate of speed.
Plate when you're ready.
Alright, I'm at 65 just ahead of you, so I'll be on the side street waiting.
In an area like this, anyone could be a potential suspect.
He's ran three stop signs so far since I've been behind him.
Uniformed officers have quickly made the stop.
What's your name, man? For us, we're pulling him over for a broken taillight or running a stop sign, but we don't know who's in that vehicle.
We don't know if he's wanted for murder or if he's supposed to get deported for something or if he just if he's got bodies in the trunk or carrying an illegal weapon.
Yeah, looks like he's suspended.
Yeah, the car's stopped at 91 and A-Adam.
And Verburg just got on the scene with Bjork.
Please step out real quick.
- You got anything sharp on you? - No.
Right here.
It's like powdered heroin.
It has that vinegar smell and everything else.
And that's what's very distinct about heroin.
For the cops it's a good result.
Keep your eyes and ears open, man, and pay attention out here.
They got a job to do, we got jobs to do, too.
It's a cat and mouse game, I mean, shit.
But the heat has scared off many of Big Eddie's customers.
It takes him two hours to make his first sale of the day.
An eight ball for $350.
We come out every day to try to feed our family.
You stay on top of your game and move strategically, you gonna be alright.
[transmission sounds.]
[indistinct chatter.]
Police be trippin'.
They real strict out here.
They'll stop you for anything.
Ambrosia is also feeling the heat in East Oakland.
But the city's downtown is on the up.
Dot-com companies are moving in, bringing workers with expensive tastes.
New bars and clubs are opening in the center, and that's where Ambrosia's heading.
I'm just here.
I'm like the ghost.
International Boulevard runs for five miles.
Right into the heart of downtown.
To cash in on this new market, Ambrosia has taken on another girl.
Ambrosia, she knows what she doing.
You will make a lot of money in the club.
Anywhere from $2,000 a night.
That's my little firecracker 'cause she got the body, the face, you feel me? And the personality.
She hustle hard, though, don't get me wrong.
She hustle, she bring everything back.
Dancing is more safer than soliciting.
Because, you know, you have protection and everything like that.
And you know it's just dancing.
Everybody loves dancing, right? [Ambrosia.]
A good night like this, I know for sure I'm gonna get on the drugs side.
I'll probably receive 'bout $1,000.
And as far as her dancing, they have to pay 500 just for her to come.
Now what she makes as far as tips, that's extra to our pot.
They always ask for cocaine.
That's how a lot of the people like to party out here.
The more people that are like out here trying to buy cocaine and get high Like because of that, people that are trying to sell it, they break it down more and they want to sell more of it.
And they know that they can get away with selling bad stuff to people that don't know anything about it.
Alright, so [Narrator.]
Eric has just scored in a downtown bar.
I'm a functioning, like drug addict.
Like, I'll do coke until it's gone.
Sometimes you can taste the fucking baby formula, sometimes you can taste the fucking baking soda.
Normally, when you apply pressure to something it breaks apart.
You see how it's like flaky, like, I mean, it's fucking stepped on.
It's not very very good.
Alright, I'm gonna finish it off right now.
It's something, right? So I'm like, "Oh yeah," I'm buzzing, I'm grooving, I'm feeling pretty good right now.
It's good like a cup of coffee.
It's good and it's I mean it's good socially.
Shit, makes you talk too much, fucking makes you not listen to anybody else.
Makes you interrupt people.
Gives you a boost of confidence kind of.
But it's very, it's very short lived and that's, and that's why it's like, that's why people That's why it's so common that you get, like your bag of coke and like, you just fucking, you just fucking do it all.
Oh, shit.
Come on.
For Ambrosia, the move into strip clubs is paying off.
All this, huh? That's what I'm talking about.
Excellent night.
That's what I'm talking about.
- They didn't try nothing? - No, they didn't try nothing.
That's what I'm talking about, babe.
Every week I'll probably take 20,000 and this is around the clock.
This is non stop.
You know they You find a way to keep it rolling.
The sheriffs have finally gained intel on the RV drug supplier.
They've called in a specialist unit.
The Alameda County Narcotics Task Force.
An informant has ID'd a dealer, who is on his way to pick up a consignment.
The cops are planning to follow him.
[police officer on radio.]
I'm gonna park in the Jack in the Box parking lot.
I'm gonna have a better view there.
Okay, all good.
Right now there's one, two, three, four, I see four cars in this lot that's ours.
Alright, so we're in position now.
Now all they can do is wait for the suspect to leave.
When we follow him back to a stash house, so that's where we're gonna have to really be on our game to make sure that we get what we need.
Suddenly the suspect takes off.
[officer on radio.]
I think that's the truck.
Do you see it? [officer.]
Okay, Bob, it looks like he's gonna be going your way, now he just made a u-turn in front of the Jo-Ann's.
Is that on the east or west side? He's going out Oops! He's going out towards the east side.
[officer on radio.]
Is he already out on the main street, north of Durant? Okay, he's out on the main.
He turned eastbound.
You see him? Fourth vehicle up.
The pickup truck in the far right lane.
They switch the lead vehicle to avoid suspicion.
So far everything's going pretty smoothly.
We'll see.
Things change very fast out here.
And he's about three ahead of me right now.
Bob, he's directly in front of us.
He's the one that's on point right now.
Looks like he's taking Louise Avenue off.
Just in front of the red pickup.
[officer on radio.]
He's going towards the 5th Avenue exit.
So we're number one vehicle right now.
Careful with the camera.
Alright, looks like they are breaking.
It's going to be really hard to follow.
Cole, if you wanna go in.
can go out on foot and walk through this area and get a better view.
The officer on foot has got something.
It looks like it's a large storage yard with RVs and construction equipment.
So, yeah.
Let's start suiting up.
They may have found the RV.
It's showtime.
So, Robby is gonna stay on GP.
Right? Cully, as soon as we start heading down the main street, he's gonna meet us on the main and he's gonna actually direct us in towards where the suspects are.
Right? If they run, that's when we come to play.
We're gonna assist you with whatever.
Alright, let's roll out.
Offload, offload.
Move in.
Get on the ground! Hands up! - Alright, let's move up.
- Turn around! Turn around! Walk back towards the sound of my voice.
Keep coming.
Keep coming.
[indisticnt chatter.]
I got four of 'em.
Takedown, stop.
Keep coming back.
With five detained, the cops keep searching.
Ask him if there's anyone else around the yard.
The size of the yard makes it a tough location to clear.
[officer in Spanish.]
Police, police.
Come over here with your hands up please.
I'm with you.
[in Spanish.]
Police! If you are in there you need to come out with your hands up.
- Do it! - Let him come out.
- [officer in Spanish.]
Phone on the floor! - Let him come out.
Watch out.
- On the floor! - He's got his hands up.
Have him crawl out to us, Carlos.
- [officer.]
Back up.
- Hold up.
Hold up.
It's all good! [Narrator.]
Cops search the RV that the last suspect came out of.
Here's one.
- You got one? - Yeah, it's a revolver.
Got it.
And behind one of the other RVs You can see inside, Tupperwares.
So this is about five kilos of meth.
It's an amazing result.
Mexican meth, a whole new threat.
We believe that there is one kilo in here.
So this, you can hear the shards.
Today the task force has put a dent in this fledgling trade.
This stash is worth $150,000.
They have a liquid form and they just ice it over and make it into a solid form.
Just like Breaking Bad.
[El Capitan.]
I gotta have the music on, man, set the mood.
[El Capitan.]
Oh, yeah, man.
Sell my house.
Sell my other home.
Sell this RV.
Get the fuck out of here and go to a long off island.
El Capitan is headed south to lie low.
[El Capitan.]
Gonna go buy a fat ass mansion over there live in luxury till the day I die.
That's the way you're supposed to do it.
Now, if that's not your plans, I don't know why you're fucking selling drugs.
[theme music playing.]