Dororo (2019) s01e02 Episode Script

The Story of Bandai

1 Back in those days, to travel meant to risk your life.
You could get lost or robbed.
Injuries or illnesses could easily prove fatal.
So it was not uncommon for travelers to vanish without trace.
You want? You want? Oh? My, my.
Party is over But I still wanna dance I can't even sleep Someday, one day my passion's fire will From the beginning I knew One day the flames would die out Hey, I thought I didn't need anything But even now, I'm so serious Ah I still have time to make it Ah but I'm gonna burn it up, baby Sorry darling, it's not that easy But surely it's not that bad either Give me fire Light it up, baby.
I'm gonna burn it up, yeah Party is over Sorry darling Hurry up Ah I still have time to make it Sorry darling Hurry up Ah I still have time to make it Give me fire Light it up, baby.
I'm gonna burn it up, yeah #2 The story of Bandai You can see.
I knew it.
You can see, right? How else could you fight a monster like you just did? You were so cool.
You shouldn't let it go to waste.
You could Hey, are you listening? Do you go around slaying monsters? How is that sword fixed to your arm? And this.
It fell off your face, and some new skin grew.
This thing is fake, but your new skin is real, isn't it? How'd you do that? Hey, you listening? I knew you could see.
What, you don't want to talk to me? Why Woah! I'm sorry, I'll get off your case.
Woah! Stop, stop.
You shouldn't eat it raw.
Wait a sec.
How about it? Smells good, huh? It'd be even better with salt.
But this'll do.
Here ya go.
Sometimes it seems like you really can't see.
You can't hear or talk, either.
You're so strange, you know that? Oh well.
Don't you want to make some money? Leave it to me, and I'll make you rich.
You could even be a millionaire.
You think so too, that's why you don't shoo me away.
Hyakkimaru could not see nor hear Dororo.
But there was something he could "see" ever since he was born.
The fire of the soul, shall we say.
The key was the color.
Hostility, hatred, and beings not of this world.
Hyakkimaru detected such dangers by their colors.
As well as this power, he also possessed superhuman senses and strength.
This was how he survived the darkness in which he lived.
Hyakkimaru let Dororo stay close, only because the color of his soul did not indicate danger.
Even so Here.
This small one's for me because I cooked it for you.
This soul didn't pass him by, but remained close.
It was the second soul to do so.
Stop Don't Mama! Did I say something in my sleep? Oh yeah.
You can't hear me.
Can't you at least tell me your name? I'm Dororo.
You? Guess not.
You're Mr.
No-name then.
Hey! Listen up! I just heard about something that we could make money with.
It seems like there's a monster haunting a village.
Villagers and travelers who stop by disappear now and then.
You're going to beat it like you did before and get a reward.
We save people and get money doing it.
Great, huh? Seems like a pretty rich village.
There's really a monster here? Did somebody say monster? What about a monster? Don't assume I don't know.
We heard you're in trouble.
Got some great news for ya.
This guy right here is the best at slaying monsters.
How about it? Can he really do it? As sure as anything.
Just the other day, he beat up this huge monster into little bits.
I saw it with my own eyes.
So how about it? Can't hurt to give us a shot.
Got nothing to lose, right? How fortunate that you came.
If you'll slay it for us, the village will do much to repay you.
Right, everyone? I like the way you talk, Chief.
I'm just filling in for the chief.
My name is Denkichi.
Our chief's name is Bandai.
She has injured her legs and can't move.
Anyways, please feel free to stay at my home.
I don't have much to offer, but would you like some supper? I really like the way you talk.
Come this way.
This is like paradise.
I haven't eaten so much for ages.
But they're pretty flashy for a village troubled by a monster.
They don't have a lot of rice paddies, either.
How do they make so much money? Monster! Monster, right over there! In front of you, get him! Hey, come on, hurry.
You want? See? He wants to fight.
Hold on, you'll get what you want.
Hurry, take your arm off.
Come on Hurry up! What? Hey, it's leaving! Hurry Aww, jeez! It's gone.
Is something the matter? Did you see the monster? Yeah, but we let it go for today.
Don't worry, we can handle it.
Is that so? Good morning.
Are you awake? Lady Bandai wishes to meet you two.
Bandai? Oh yeah, the village chief.
Yes, sorry we haven't even prepared your breakfast yet.
Sure, no problem.
That is her residence.
Good day.
Huh? It's really dark in here.
I shall light a candle.
Forgive me for being like this.
I can't use my legs.
I am Bandai, the chief of this village.
Do I have something on my face, child? N-No, it's just you're really pretty.
Oh my, thank you.
Forgive me for calling you to me.
I heard about you from the villagers and had to meet you.
Especially you.
I thought you might be, and I was right.
Huh? You know him? What are you doing? Hey, what's the matter? She's a human.
Hey, stop it! What the heck? -Lady Bandai! -He's got a sword for an arm! Seize him! Stop it, she's no monster.
Please stop! -Watch it! -Don't move.
Take the boy, too.
Hey, let go! Take them to the storehouse.
What the heck? And you didn't do anything to last night's monster.
She was a kind-looking lady.
You really can't see, can ya! You don't see nothing! It's quite lively today.
I'm glad to have some companions.
Did you get caught too, Priest? I heard there was a monster so I came to see, and they locked me up in my sleep.
Why? Who knows? It could be a clue to where all the people disappeared.
But anyways, I've seen you before somewhere.
Really? You can see? We see some things people with sight can't see.
Sometimes, it's much more accurate, too.
You see things we can't see? For example, you look like a clear white flame to me.
Flame? Your soul, so to speak.
We see what's on the inside, not the outside.
Soul? Inside? You mean this Mr.
No-name can see the way you do too? Maybe.
So when he drew his sword back there Now what? Watch out.
I sense something strange.
I can't see.
Don't worry, we can't see anyway.
What's happening? What was that voice? Come with me.
It seems like this well is connected to the outside.
I can't see! No! I'm scared Don't worry.
Feel that draft? Huh? This place There's your friend right there.
Have you come to attack me again? Me, a sick woman.
Why? Give it up.
We only see what's inside of you.
What color? Let's see.
What I see now is the murky color of blood.
The worst color of all.
It's too bad I couldn't eat you the first time.
I'm sure you've realized it, but this is something worse than a ghoul.
-It's a demon.
-A demon? Doesn't that hurt? Lady Bandai, run! Hey, why'd you let it get away! What the heck is going on? You knew about it, didn't you? You knew, and you fed the travelers to it.
I had to, or else it would've eaten up the villagers.
That's why you wanted us to slay it, right? If we defeat it, then your problem's solved.
It seems like it wasn't Bandai that he wanted slayed.
I knew it.
You! To think you were still alive.
It must be because "it" failed to take you.
"It" was the only one that couldn't get you.
Have you come to get the rest back? Interesting.
Let's see if you can Lady Bandai You want? It's him.
What's that? Look, lots of money! Wow.
The money of the travelers you let Bandai eat, right? What do you mean? Our village has nothing to make money with.
We thought everything was lost when the monster Bandai took over.
But the first traveler Lady Bandai ate had a lot of road money on him.
And you couldn't stop.
Seriously? You guys are awful! Even worse than monsters.
Stop that sound, please! Is that sound what you wanted us to slay? It's the sound of the bell that the first traveler carried A pilgrim's bell.
Sorry for saying that stuff to you when you tried to kill Bandai.
I was the one who was blind.
You can't hear me.
He knows.
Don't let it get to you.
It's natural for those with sight to be tricked.
She looked like her.
Like my dead mama.
I see.
Huh, what now? Stop treating me like a kid, you No-name! You can write? Hey Priest, what did he write? Let me feel it.
So that's your name.
Really? Hyakkimaru.
I finally know your name.
I know now, too.
No wonder I remember seeing you.
It was you on the river.
What? Disquiet by the borders? Yes, they've increased the number of soldiers on guard.
As if readying for war.
The Sakai Clan are our allies, not just our neighbors.
I need you to investigate something.
What's wrong? Hey, are you in pain? Are you okay? Hang in there! What's going on? "Bandai"