Dota: Dragon's Blood (2021) s02e08 Episode Script

Unreal City

1 Beloved servants.
Your goddess is risen.
Luna, most faithful of all, you will lead them home.
I am uncertain.
Be certain.
When I first came to the woods, when you found me, I was broken.
Broken in every way.
My body, my soul.
You put me back together.
I was empty and you filled me.
I was at peace until you needed the scourge.
You drove her out.
Sent her to war.
You broke me, goddess.
And I cannot be both things.
Priestess and scourge.
Speak carefully to me.
I reject you.
I reject tyrants in all forms, elves, humans, gods.
And I will not worship you.
And the rest of you? The captain and the princess led us out of the hell you left us in.
I choose them.
You choose to be nothing.
So be it.
You have chosen your fate.
I'm proud of you.
So, what would you have us do now? We aid our brothers.
As Mirana commands.
The Leylines.
We're saved.
The goddess returns.
Mene returns.
Not Mene.
Not our goddess.
Come! Everyone! Fade to the forest! Archers ready! How could you? The sorcerer betrayed us.
All is lost.
The world has come undone.
Your little godling failed you.
But the blame is not with her.
My smallest gesture helped her see you for what you truly are.
The godling acted according to her nature.
No more, no less.
I've taken her faith from you.
Without her, your plans come to nothing.
You've exposed your weakness.
Your dependence on others still affect the material world.
You corrupt them.
I trust them to be who they are as I trust you to be who you are.
And for that, I owe you my thanks.
Lay down your weapon.
I would never harm you, my little Sunbeam.
Never harm me? It was you, wasn't it? You murdered my parents.
You took them from me.
You took everything from me! I would not have had you repeat your father's mistakes.
I would not have you share the doom that came upon him.
You are the light.
I am the Void.
You are my purpose.
My kneeling.
You've lied to me my whole life.
I simply know what you really are.
I know what I am.
I am my father's daughter.
These things, these mice who surround you, they cloud your mind, blind you to your own nature.
I would clear your vision.
Withdraw to the palace! Quickly! No! It's a dragon! Be silent and flee.
Protect the princess.
Take her to the Eye.
It's our only chance, Princess.
You are our only chance.
Claim your father's power.
Claim his throne.
What about you? I'll write a poem.
It will be beautiful.
It will be for you.
You will find me more formidable than a mouse.
I can't.
I can't leave Davion.
I can't leave her.
I know I swore to protect you.
You won't run from a fight.
Princess, it was an honor.
Yi-yah! Crazy.
Your actions caused this regrettable confrontation.
Run! Fuck.
There is a cost.
Bram, Dragon Knight! Auroth! No more than a mouse.
Auroth! Please.
I can't… Tell me how to help you.
I just had the most wonderful thought.
I failed.
You confuse despair with defeat, little mouse.
You have not failed.
You found the Eye.
I didn't.
The Eye was merely not what you imagined.
It was not what either of us imagined.
But surely, the truth must be clear to you now.
As it has become clear to me.
We have been in the presence of the Eye all along.
You have known its light.
You have known its love.
Love? I, I don't You think of little else.
You would kill for her.
You would die for her.
Her truth was shrouded in doubt.
Her light eclipsed behind the moon.
"Princess of Nothing.
" It obscured my vision, but in your heart, you knew from the first who she was.
What she was.
You stood in the gaze of the Worldwyrm made flesh.
You could not name it, but you hewed to her side.
She needs us now.
She does not need us.
She must find the power within herself.
She's not going to get the chance.
You know what's out there.
Flesh is ephemeral.
What resides in her heart is eternal, beyond death.
So, you're saying it's fine if she dies because we'll still get what we want somehow? No.
What's the point of doing all this if none of us fucking matter? Flesh isn't ephemeral.
Flesh is essential.
Life has meaning because it's short.
Because we're vulnerable, because we hurt.
When we're gone, we're gone forever.
It is why we fight.
It's why I fight.
I am asking you to do what I can't.
You would have me take your place in the Flesh Illusion? You would have me fight for her, knowing that you will almost certainly not return to the world in your essential form? Without hesitation.
Then we will fight, little mouse.
We will warm the herd.
We will shake the stars from heaven.
I wish there were more I could do.
But I know you want me to fight.
You want me to find a way.
Sata emedu.
What is he? Can't move.
Legatus Tihomir.
The Helio Imperium has need of a Regent.
I select you.
Kashurra? Huh… How? What are you? Is my proposal acceptable? I… I will serve the Imperium in any way you choose.
My armies, my gold.
All of it is yours.
I have no need of armies or gold.
Your soldiers will secure the palace.
They will bring me Princess Mirana, untouched.
No one harms my precious Sunbeam.
Goddamn it, work! Bram.
What… Hm.
Big bastard.
Tell me everything.
Move aside! That is an order from your princess! My soldiers don't take orders from princesses.
They take their orders from me, their Regent.
And my orders are to return you to Viceroy Kashurra.
Step down and surrender yourself.
Please understand, if it comes to it, you will be the first to die.
Now move aside.
She fought him.
She saved me.
It wasn't enough.
Can you stand? Can you fight? Can you help me kill that thing? Yes.
Then it was enough.
Where is Davion? He's right over there.
The Crimson Devil himself.
We share a common enemy today, little mouse! I propose, we slay the abomination together and save our reckoning for another time.
To battle! You cannot win this fight, Princess.
Your father would have said the same.
Then my father would've been wrong.
I admire your spirit.
It has always brought me joy.
Kill the mute.
And the animal.
What in the crimson dawn is that? You are a corruption that imagines itself a dragon.
Father of Fire.
I have evolved beyond you.
Davion, please be in there.
Surrender, Princess.
Asar! Sun's valor! Sun's might! Sun's glory! Slaughter the traitors! Protect the princess! And die knowing you stand against the light! For the Dawn Star! Three thousand years, lost from the Thunder.
You have forgotten our song.
You will submit.
The Thunder is dead.
I serve the Worldwyrm.
I protect the Eye.
The Eye is a part of your hoard, but it does not belong to you.
We belong to it.
Dragons talk too fucking much.
The power you've stolen through the slaughter of dragons is impressive.
But you still are a mortal man.
You still have limits.
I do not.
They smashed it.
It's over.
Or you could punch a hole in the floor.
When I first met you, you needed me to protect you.
And somewhere along the way, you became this.
I never asked why or how.
I was only ever grateful for you.
I feel it.
I remember.
I cannot allow you to pass.
You are a good man, Asar.
Loyal and well-loved by our princess.
I am disinclined to end your life.
But do not test my admiration.
And so the truth dawns.
And with it, understanding of what you are.
I'm proud of you.
I don't want your pride! I want my family back! I am your family.
You? You are nothing.
I am the Void, the wastes between the stars, the black curtain of night against which they burn.
Once, I was only a dragon.
No will, no voice.
I lived in darkness.
By chance, I encountered strange rocks.
They freed my will and gave me a voice.
They taught me their song.
I learned darkness meant nothing without the light.
So I went in search of its source.
Across 15 planes and countless realities, I found one constant.
The Sun in the sky.
The Worldwyrm.
The awful truth became clear.
All dragons are one, interlinked with creation.
I had been a part of its light, the source, and was lured away.
I was an outcast.
A hollow echo.
I raged in horror and despair, unimaginable loneliness.
Until my rage brought me to the greater truth.
The Eye.
The Worldwyrm made flesh.
Three thousand years, I saw to her needs.
Many lifetimes, many forms.
I loved her.
And in those millennia, I have loved you best.
My precious Sunbeam.
You… You don't love me.
You've never loved me.
You just… You wanted me in your collection.
Your hoard.
I sent you away to protect you.
To serve you.
Protect me? You destroyed me.
I protected your throne until you could return and protect it yourself.
There awaits your seat, my Empress.
Give the word and take it.
Here's your word.
Now! Poor little handmaid.
I know what it is to have no voice.
To love the light more than you love yourself.
Let her go, Kashurra.
But it's not enough to love the light for the light to truly shine.
The light must love you.
You're killing her! To know her power, the light must know love.
And to know love, the light must know darkness.
She will love you, little handmaid.
And she will shine.
Please, Kashurra! Stop! I love you.
I'm sorry.
I love you.
Kashurra, please! No! No! Sun's valor.
Sun's might.
Sun's glory.
The Eye opens.
The Eye sees.
Marci, we won.
You saved me.
You believed in me.
Marci, wake up.
Please? Please, Marci.
Wake up.
Oh, sweet Bram.
Thank you.
Thank you all.
Your Majesty.
You know what awaits you.
My battle with Terrorblade.
The beginning of the end.
Tell the little mouse he is free.
He's gone.
And I'm here? You pulled me back.
Mirana? Oh, no.
Turn your eyes! Her Imperial Majesty, Mirana! God Empress of the Sun! Gaze into her light! "Solitary congregants, reach for light we cannot see.
Beyond the veil, the end of things.
Shadow stance, death, beckons me.
She whispers soft across the void.
'Take my hand, be not afraid.
I am the light put in disguise.
No death, no shadow, love conveyed.
' It was enough.
" Solitary congregants Reach for light we cannot see Beyond the veil The end of things Shadows stance Death, beckons Me She whispers soft across the void Take my hand, be not afraid I am the light put in disguise No death, no shadow, love conveyed No deaths, no shadow, love conveyed Halt! I have no interest in a fight.
I had to see.
I had to know.
I know why you've come, little Coedwin.
You are broken.
I know what you're looking for.
Do you love me?
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