Downtown Girls (2010) s01e04 Episode Script

Working Girl

What are you doing this weekend? I'm really worried.
I'm--you know, I'm getting my results for the bar exam, so Oh, my God, if I were you, I'd be stressing out-- I'm very stressed out, but I'm hiding it well.
I mean, I don't even know what I'll do if I fail.
I really think it's gonna be great.
[Both laugh] Cross your fingers for me.
[Energetic rock music] Nikki was worried about how stressed Victoria seemed about the bar exam, so she called Chesley, the only other lawyer we know besides star Jones and the gray-haired guy from law & order to offer Victoria some advice.
So Victoria's finding out her bar results.
I feel so bad.
Oh-- she's freaking out.
I was a mess when I was finding out mine.
I remember.
You were a disaster I was a mess the whole week.
'Cause I didn't pass the first time, so Whatever.
This is Victoria's second time too, actually.
She's so embarrassed.
I don't even think she's telling anyone.
I feel so bad.
I just, like, want to, like, hug her and be like, "oh, my God, you'll make it.
" I'll talk to her.
I'll tell her not to-- couldn't imagine doing that.
That's why I never would even consider law school.
It's so gross out.
How are you doing? Oh, my God.
What the-- hello, honey.
What's going on? Hello.
How are you feeling? Ah, I'm so nervous.
I don't even want to think about not passing, but, like-- it's not the worst thing in the world if you don't pass.
But it feels like the worst thing in the world.
Now it does.
Trust me.
How long have you been waiting? Six months.
Yeah, you wait a long time.
I don't know how you guys did this.
Not to mention the actual exam sucks.
Is, like, so nerve-racking.
I was, like, crying.
I was, like, on the verge of tears before I got the results.
Oh, I'm, like, on the verge of tears.
I'm, like, on the verge of, "give me, like, an intravenous cocktail.
" Also, when it's time for you to get your results, don't be alone.
You can't be alone.
Being a freelancer means I usually work from home, but every once in a while, I do have to go in to the glamour offices.
This is Shallon.
I'm downstairs.
Are you ready for lunch? Yes.
Wait, what are we getting? I'm not eating something healthy, so don't ask.
Pizza? Yes, yes.
Okay, I'll come down in a few.
Okay, bye.
I'm so ready for this.
I'm so excited.
Klo has a lot of free time on her hands these days.
Since getting laid off from her job in architecture, she's been taking the time to plan her dream wedding.
So did I tell you about that registry thing? No.
Did you find someplace to register? Yes.
Where? It's called, like, gift-- findgifts.
Com or something.
And basically, you can just go to whatever shop you want to and say--like, it can be, like, not just, like, your pottery barn or whatever.
It can be, like, random little stores, and you can put together like, "oh, I want this, you know, candlestick vase, and I want this stupid thing," you know, everything dumb that I want.
Of course.
You only want dumb things.
So I'm just not telling Bob.
As long as it's not a cat.
As long as you're not registering at petco for cats, he's not gonna care.
No, it's not.
Our friends do cool things.
Our friends--they do really different things.
Way cooler than I do.
Oh, come on.
You're planning your wedding and keeping up the house.
It keeps you busy all the time.
It gives you calluses, cat scratches.
Cat scratches.
You have ringworm up one side and down the other.
We all call you "wormy.
" What? Yeah, if I see you dragging your fanny-- you call me wormy? [Laughs] [Chuckles] I never got any time off at my old job.
It was, like, my third year there, and I just was not happy at all on top of it, so I was like--being laid off, like, it was kind of the greatest thing that ever happened.
Yeah, yeah.
And, you know, it sounds lame to say, but, you know, the charm of it, like, not having to work, has been--it's, like, definitely weared off a little bit.
Yeah, yeah.
There's only so long, I think, I'd be able to do that before I would go insane.
I know, but I don't know what I want to do with my life, and the things that I really want to do don't make any money.
Literally everything that I think of in my head that would be my perfect job, I don't actually think you get paid to do it.
Well, that would be where you'd have to be creative and find a way of doing a job that's satisfying, like-- like volunteering Right.
But at the same time, being able to monetize it I know.
'Cause you have to earn a living.
Cucaracha, cucaracha.
[Feigns screaming] La cucaracha.
Don't you dare squash it.
Oh, my God.
[Laughs] I feel like my friends are on the cusp of some huge changes.
Victoria's about to find out the results of her bar exam, and that could totally shift the course of her whole life.
And Klo is also questioning her future.
I mean, sure, she loves cats, but what about a job? It's hard to know what to do when all the answers aren't laid out in front of you.
I decided to pitch an article about my friends' struggles to glamour.
When you're at a crossroads in your career, which way do you decide to turn? The big moment has finally arrived.
The bar results are posting in a couple of hours, and Victoria is starting to freak out, so Nikki and I called Gurj to help distract her.
Sit down.
Oh, how are you feeling? Terrible.
I wanna die right now.
Yeah? You should do yoga or something.
Stand on your head.
Couldn't hurt.
I mean, at this point, I think we should try everything.
You know, we should-- a lot of meditation is really involved.
You could do yoga.
If you wanna, like, send mean texts to my ex-boyfriends to let off steam, I'm--that-- I will let you.
I could probably do a wonderful job at that.
[All laughing] You okay? Yeah.
Did it help? Yeah.
It's almost time.
Well, we're here for you no matter what, but I'm not so concerned.
The results from Victoria's bar exam are set to post at 9:00.
There was nothing we could do now but count down the minutes and hope for the best.
I'm dying, guys.
Like, I need to know, now.
Wait, they're posting in ten minutes.
Let's just go outside and get some fresh air.
I'm just waiting on pins and needles.
As long as you know you worked your hardest, you did your best Yeah, but, like, you can think you worked your hardest and not pass.
She's freaking out.
I would be, too, if my whole life rode on a test.
Come on.
[Dramatic music] What happened? [Music playing throughout] Victoria's bar exam results are in.
We don't know if she passed or failed, but please, God, let it be pass.
I'm not sure any of us would know what to do if she fails.
Are you waiting? Did you find out? Do you know? Mm-hmm.
What happened? Mm-mm.
Uh-uh what? You didn't pass.
You're not serious.
Totally serious.
Are you being serious? Serious serious? Roommate serious? Let me see.
Oh, you closed it? Yeah, I closed it.
Are you sure? Are you okay? Yeah, I'm fine.
[Kissing sound] I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
I'm sorry.
I promise.
I promise.
It's the way everything's meant to be.
I promise.
Do you want to be alone for a while? What do you want to do? Yeah, I, like--I wanna be alone.
[Crying] Oh, Victoria, it's all right.
We're going outside, if you need anything.
Let's just go downstairs.
You want to go downstairs? Yeah.
[Sniffles] That is awful.
I feel terrible.
Color me awkward.
I didn't even know what to say.
I mean, it's, like, I'm-- there's nothing to say.
Yeah; I wouldn't want to hear anything if I was her.
No; It's like, what do you say? It's like, "I'm so sorry you wasted"--not wasted but, like, you know-- I was, like, hoping she was kidding and then being like-- she looked like she was kidding.
Yeah, I thought she was kidding, and I'm like, "I'm gonna be pissed if she's like, 'psych!'" I keep thinking she's gonna run down the stairs and be like, "ha-ha!" That would be terrible.
I would punch her in the mouth.
[Exhales] I just--there's nothing to say.
Should we just get her drunk? She has to do something.
She can't sit at home and cry.
Should we go check on her? I feel like we should check on her in case she, like-- this is vile.
What did you make me? I'm sorry.
This is like gasoline.
I'm sorry.
[Sobbing] What do you want to do? Do you want to, like, say in and, like, cry and watch bad movies? Do you wanna go out? Do you want Shallon to take her bra off? I will.
I think we should go out.
Okay, okay.
Let's go downstairs and pick an outfit.
[Speaks indistinctly] Well, the worst has happened: Victoria failed the bar exam.
We called on Chesley to come join us because she's the only one who has any idea what Victoria is going through.
In this kind of situation, you can either say home alone and wallow or go out with your friends and pick up the pieces.
There's a beer pong table in the back.
Let's go play.
Beer pong? [Monotone] Oh, my favorite sport.
We need to get a pitcher.
I don't want to play beer pong.
Bunny Honey Yeah.
Victoria, get up here and play.
Yeah, play with us.
I'll play from here.
[Together] Okay.
Oh! You wanna toss? Victoria come on.
Stand up.
You almost got it in.
Victoria, get your butt up.
Ahh! It's a test, and it doesn't say how strong, you know, you are.
It shows how strong you are when you get back up.
You really--don't be sad.
Get up there and play.
These are your friends.
And play some pong.
Okay? Play pong.
It'll show that you can get over something as small as a test.
It's a test.
You're right.
[All exclaiming] Now, you're gonna excel in this.
Go over there with Gurj.
This is not something I excel in.
You guys could've taken me to karaoke.
I see that look in her eye.
She's like, "I hate this game.
I hate you.
" [All laughing] Smile.
All right.
[All laughing and cheering] Victoria did it! Yay.
To Victoria.
To Victoria.
To Victoria.
How are you feeling? I'm all right.
Yeah? Yeah.
Did you talk to mom and dad or anybody? Yeah.
What did they say? Mm, you know.
I mean, what are they gonna say? Yeah.
Really, I only missed by, like, one multiple-choice question.
That is-- that's-- so I'm confident I'll pass it next time, and that's all I can do.
But I still have law school to pay for, so I need to start looking for a job, which is annoying.
Well, we're gonna help you get a job.
I think this opens opportunity for you that you may not have noticed before.
You can explore other options.
I could be anything I wanna be--whatever.
Now you can see what you wanna do with your life.
I'm at a crossroads.
When people we love fall down, it's our job as their friend to pick them back up and push them forward.
Victoria's decided to find a bartending job that will make her some money quickly.
And Nikki and I are tagging along for moral support.
Okay, now this is the type of bar exam I can get behind.
'Sup, ladies? You ordering drinks or what? I'm here to interview for a position.
Oh, you want a job here.
Oh, we always love hiring new pretty girls.
Did she just say "girls," as in plural? Okay, I guess we're all applying for this job now.
All right, here's the deal, ladies.
You guys are gonna fill these out.
Do you need our resumes? Oh, [Bleep] The resumes, girl.
If you can look good in a leather top, that's all we care about.
No, I'm joking.
All right, you guys drinking? I mean, I know you're applying for a job, but I need to know if you guys can hold your liquor.
Bottoms up, girls.
To new jobs.
That's, like, half.
There you go.
Who's a good girl? All right, so here's the deal: I need girls with attitude.
I need girls that have, like, sassiness to them-- well, these girls have a lot of attitude.
What? And you don't? [Laughs] No, I-- are you their spokesperson? You know? So it's really--I mean, it's a lot of fun at the end of the day.
You definitely learn a lot.
I'll tell ya, like, this isn't really my thing.
I mean, I'm a nerd, master's degree, all that stuff.
I definitely learned a lot in terms of, like, building up my courage.
I go to interviews; I knock them out.
Here, it really is like we're badasses.
People want to come in here and party with us.
I believe that.
I can outdrink you no matter what.
I believe you.
I can outwit you no matter what.
I believe that too.
And I will be the person that's gonna party with you till 4:00 A.
, and when you're walking out, you're like, "dude, you're awesome.
" That's the type of person we want.
I think we're all more than a little scared of you.
No, you're not.
I think you can do it.
Can we try it out? Try us before you buy us? Well, that's why we get you guys up on the bar.
[Squealing loudly] Oh, my God.
Yes, I'm loud.
I'm very loud.
Now, ladies, this is what I need you to do.
Get your [Bleep] Asses up on the bar and shake 'em.
Let me see what ya got.
Do you have a stepladder? Hey, if you fail the bar, you might as well get up on one and shake what you got.
[Patrons cheering] [Up-tempo rock music] All right, Victoria, I need you to shake that ass.
Come on, shake it, Victoria.
[Wolf whistle] Are you seriously gonna make me get up there and show you how to [Bleep] To get [Bleep] Done? I said are you gonna be my girl? [patrons cheering] I'm pretty sure that shaking your ass like that is harder than any multiple choice question on the bar exam.
Victoria may have failed the legal bar, but with a little more Booty shaking, she just might be able to handle this one.
Can I hear some noise for the ladies on the bar! [Cheers and applause] Best job interview ever.
I love this job.
Suck it.
Job interview.
Ladies, that was awesome.
You guys rock.
[Patrons cheering] I think we nailed it.
I kind of wanna work there.
I'm selling the store.
Victoria, what'd you think? I guess it's good to know I have options.
[All chuckle] Victoria isn't the only one in career limbo.
Klo is also questioning her options and has decided to give volunteering a try.
She's asked us to come with her to show support and to make sure she doesn't adopt all the cats.
Maybe you guys want to put on one of our volunteer t-shirts.
You're a volunteer for the day.
Here, for you.
I've got a dog one for you.
That's okay.
I love dogs too.
I love dogs too.
We've got lots of great jobs for you today.
You're not only going to be playing with the animals, but you're gonna be cleaning up after the animals.
Hold on.
Shaking our asses on the bar is something we can do, but now we have to clean up cat crap? I will teach you guys how to clean a litter box.
And maybe you can teach me how to do it better than I already do.
To the cat kennels.
Hi, guys.
Hi, baby.
All right, it's time for us to clean a little bit, guys.
You guys may never get the chance to do this again, 'cause I know you're not gonna come over to my house and do it.
This is something I never thought I'd ever see happening.
Me neither.
I'm so happy.
That's why I'm just gonna let you go to it.
[Laughs] Oh, gross.
No, that's not for you.
It's poop.
You're a little-- you're a little frisky.
Wait, how are they getting to touch kittens and I'm mopping the floor? What is wrong with this picture? Do this so I can hold the little one.
PleasePlease Great.
Next time I come over, I get one of those cookies that you always hide from me.
[Kissing sounds] It's official: Klo is the cat whisperer.
She might as well have her wedding here, because I'm not sure she's ever gonna leave.
I think she's found her calling.
[Kitten meows softly] It's okay.
Please, come back any time.
You're gonna get so sick of us, you don't even know.
You don't know what you've gotten yourself into.
And talk to the cats on your way out.
[Together] Aww.
There's already three in my bag, so it's okay.
Oh, no.
Oh, no.
See you later.
[Laughs] So long.
Bye, Kitty.
Bye, k--oh, I like the nose.
Look at his nose.
[All laughing] Oh, that was so wonderful.
Gurj, guess what we did today.
What? Did you go with the b-52s on tour or something? [All laughing] What's going on? What's this? I might have.
No, we went to an animal shelter.
The animal shelter was so good, 'cause I've always said, like, "oh, I really want to work there," but Bob's like, "well, you don't make any money.
" But maybe it's not about making the money, 'cause that's really the only thing that makes me, like, truly, truly happy, is working with animals.
Maybe if I volunteer there long enough, they'll let me--like, they'll actually pay me to work there.
Now you have this opportunity to explore whatever you want to do and go from there, and I think it's same thing as Victoria.
Like, when one path goes one way, you can just pick up and go another way.
I feel that you should look at this as the beginning of something as well, not like, "oh, this was a door shut in my face.
" I mean, I'm going to take it again.
Like, I don't know who said it or I don't even know what it is, but there's something about, it took, like, a million tries to make a lightbulb work Yeah.
And, you know--but he did it, finally.
Things take time.
Nothing happens like that, and, like, the world works in funny, little ways, and I always-- it's so corny, but, like, I really do think that, like, everything happens for a reason.
And it doesn't matter if it's in your love life.
It doesn't matter if it's in your professional life, whatever.
You know, like, things just happen.
Thanks, guys, for, like, supporting me.
This is, you know, a rough time for me, but at the same time, like, I have had time to think and, you know, I guess I have a little bit more time to think now.
If you're going to spend so much time working, you might as well really try to do what you love, no matter what it takes for you to get there.
That's why I'm so proud of Klo and Victoria for deciding to continue to pursue what they want to do for a living.
And they're just not the kind of girls who sit around feeling sorry for themselves, eating an entire bag of twizzlers in one sitting-- not that I've done that More than once this week.
I have to stop being so honest on these things.
Next on downtown girls New Jersey, here we come.
It's girls' weekend at the Jersey shore.
Both: danger oh, my God.
"Bad girl.
" What if we all meet our husbands tonight? If I meet my husband tonight, pray for me.