Dr. Death (2021) s01e02 Episode Script

Ain't No Bum

Here we are on Madeline Beyer.
Today, we're performing
the revision surgery.
This whole midline structure
has been severed
from the underlying spine.
I just grabbed the ligament
and it's exposing the dura,
which is leaking spinal fluid.
I do see down here more bone.
It looks like putty.
It's just smashed in there.
What did he do to her?

I reviewed the photo you faxed over.
That is Dr. Christopher Duntsch.
- Did you know?
- No.
Did you know what he was capable of?
The things he is reportedly doing there,
I never saw here.

[UNDER BREATH] Son of a bitch.
Here you go.
Thank you.
One of those for me this year?
I know better than that.
Here, trade me.
You doing okay?
Yeah, me too.
I get what they've been telling me.
I know what they're saying.
And I've been looking at that
face every day for 46 years.
That's what she looks
like when she's asleep.
You want to tell me when a
person stops being a person?
What about the craniotomy?
What do you mean?
Duntsch said he could save
her with a craniotomy.
- I don't think so.
- You don't think?
I know.
It'd be worth a shot, wouldn't it?
- No.
- Why no?
She's beyond that now, Earl.
You're not her doctor.
- I know that.
- You come in here asking questions,
asking to look at her files,
and now you're telling me no?
Dorothy and I learned
how to sail together.
We bought a boat.
It was just a 24-foot
cruiser earlier this year.
Docked on Lake Texoma.
Nice up there?
Especially in winter.
It took us 30 years to buy that boat.
Why did it take us so
long to buy that boat?
My son was here
just a few doors up that way.
Nine years ago this week,
he lasted a month.
I thought I was I thought
I was managing the situation.
I figured someone had missed something.
I mean, this is what I do my whole life.
I save people,
and no matter what anybody told me,
how they tried to convince me otherwise,
I assumed
there was a chance,
pretended I didn't know the statistics,
cited miracle cases,
clung to them like facts.
No matter what and
there's no way around this
no matter what you decide to do,
you're going to hate yourself, and
more than a little.
She's not asleep, Earl.
And you want me to listen to you?
To trust you.
I trusted him too.
All right?
Watch for the long count.
Stay disciplined.
You guys pointed to that
bullshit from last week.
I swear to God, whoever
you want to fucking
till you'll be puking
out of your assholes.
You understand me?
All right, so .
90% of the time, on first down,
they're running twins to the wide side.
Do not fall for the play action.
- It's a fake hand-off
He's gonna roll out.
He's gonna hit the inside
receiver with a quick out.
- What's that?
- You a freshman?
You got that freshman focus.
- Sophomore.
- Oh, redshirted?
I just transferred from
Millsaps, Mississippi.
Walk-ons aren't easy to come by.
Must be a bitch.
Well, I always go the distance.
I'm Chris.
- Duntsch.
- Beton.
But nobody can pronounce
that shit. Call me Betts.
Next up.
86. 287.
Right on target, Martinez.
Nice work. Next up!
- 198.
- Um, Coach?
- Next up.
- But I think that number is wrong.
It's just, I'm weighing 220 back home.
Well, you weigh 198 in here.
You're in your goal range.
No need to stress over
a few pounds, Daisy.
- Next up!
- No, no.
There's just no goddamn way.
Yes, goddamn way. Get off.
Coach, I think you need to
recalibrate this fucker.
We can recalibrate your
position on this team
if you don't get the fuck off my scale.
243. Two pounds light.
I want you up by next week.
- That was, uh, daring.
- Bullshit.
Come on. Who gives a fuck?
I bet you were right on target.
By your math, I'm fat.
- Whatever, man.
I need to bulk up.
My brother swears by this shit.
It's like his secret weapon.
- Nathan gained, like, 40 pounds.
- Whoa. Hold up.
I have a brother Nathan.
Get the fuck outta here.
That's not enough fingers. [LAUGHS]
Nathan is, like, a genius.
He got the brains of
the family for sure.
And then my other brother, Matthew,
is just unbelievable
with a ball any ball.
Put it into his hands, he's unstoppable.
They just don't struggle with
things, you know, like me.
I got to outwork 'em or you
know, that's what my dad says.
Oh, fuck that guy. What's he do?
Doctor, or a physical therapist,
but it's cool, 'cause, you know
"It really don't matter
if I lose the faith."
BOTH: "'Cause all I want
to do is go the distance."
- Oh, Italian Stallion!
- Yeah!
- Fucking classic.
You know, I'm actually taking
a couple of cinema classes.
What, like, you watch movies for credit?
I know, right? You pick a major?
Eh, I don't know.
I'm looking into chemistry or biology
or even giving vertebrate
zoology a look.
That's not a thing.
That doesn't look right.
It doesn't matter, anyway.
I can't take it.
Conflicts with morning practice.
Coach would kill me.
- What?
Oh, come on, man.
I mean, the New Jersey is great
for chicks and parties and shit,
but it's not like we're going pro.
Maybe you're not.
All right.
Chicken, broccoli God, peanut butter?
Jesus, we're going to eat all this?
Yup. I mean, we gotta
blend it up first, but
I got a better way to put on weight.

Come on. You're gonna love it.
Get in there.
Look alive, handsome.
- Hey, Betts!
- Hey, there he is.
Oh, hey. Thank you so much.
Drunken bastards.
Look at you. Let's have a
drink. Let's have a drink.

Hey, what are you doing?
Gettin' lucky. Wear some protection.
Creerie, yeah!
You're a very nice man.
Thank you so much. Oh, hey.
See you later, okay?

How are you doing?
Thank you so much. Oh, yes.
Hey ladies, let's just
dance the night away.
Just us girls dancing the night away.
Never graduate!
Duntsch, come on.
Faithful friend, and future
acquaintance, enter.

Some dope dope, my man.
I'ma head home.
Come on.
School day's tomorrow, you know?
But you have fun.

Baylor let Duntsch resign.
He wasn't fired?
I asked around here two turns,
and all he had were
temporary privileges.
Were they revoked?
I was told that was confidential.
You like peanuts?
Hate that part.
Sitting with the relatives like that
never got used to it.
There was no getting used to it.
The only thing you can do
is stay if they want you to,
get out of the way if they don't.
- Thank you.
- Yeah.
Well, where the hell was Duntsch?
Not sitting there offering
apologies or advice to that guy
on when to pull the plug on his wife.
Do you have any idea where he is?
Farting tornado.
What do you think?
A guy from a top medical program
followed by a top residency
followed by a top fellowship.
He keeps getting these surgical outcomes
because A, he's either
doing it on purpose,
or two, he just sucks.
I can't make sense of it.
Personally, I'm leaning towards B.
The question isn't why he did it.
It's how he got away with it.
You and I are mind-melding.
I have no idea what that means.
We're on the same page.
I mean, Baylor Plano
has, what, three, four
of the top neurosurgeons
in the area on staff,
and I'm talking the best.
Well, instead of these top, top guys
getting the patients,
Duntsch gets them
the newbie, just arrived in town,
zero experience, zero
business operating.
Come on, you'd think he was, you know
[WHISTLES] with somebody up the ladder.
Now we're not even in the same library.
I'm just saying motive.
Move on.
Are we gonna eat? I'm fucking starving.
You have to make sure that
Duntsch never operates
at a hospital in Texas ever again.
- Mm-hmm.
- I have a suggestion.
It's a bit extreme,
but I think the situation warrants it.
We report Duntsch to
the Texas Medical Board.
What do you think?
I'm still waiting for the extreme part.
I don't need to remind you
of what the stakes are here.
Ooh, they got a porterhouse
in the menu for two.
- Halvsies?
- If we're not meticulous
in presenting our evidence,
if we don't get this right,
Duntsch will continue to operate.
We need pure, hard facts,
not cocktail umbrellas.
I've been gathering evidence.
- Evidence.
- Yeah.
Patient files.
Ooh, hee, here's your girl, Bobbie.
HIPAA violations.
Are you done?
I don't know how you
pulled that one off,
and I don't wanna know how,
but I do wanna know how.
I actually asked his patients
for their permission.
Mm. Boring.
I have some other questions
I need to get answered.
So you enjoy your meal.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Can't trust a place with a red
wine milkshake on the menu.
At the end, now I face that
which was alluding me at the start.
The settling, the trading,
and embrace with disappointment.
The sky cracks open
and is crying out for me.
The ground has no shape.
My feet sink in
and takes me down to the depth.
The far depths.
Chris D.
Chris D.
One day,
we're here without a why.
We grow and live and always try.
We seek each day, the reasons why
and push each day
against the tide.
At first, we seek to find our dreams,
but dreams are never what they seem.
Some are fast,
and some fall behind,
and push and pull
inside our minds.
Keep your head up.
Keep both feet moving!
- Stay wide. Stay wide.
- Here we go, here we go!
Bring it in! Let's go!
Hustle up.
All right. Listen up.
Clench will be running a 43 D next week.
Duntsch, you're up.
You're running the play.
Weak cross, plug zero.
Everyone get the concept?
- ALL: Yes, Coach!
- All right, let's go.
Let's go now. Look sharp.
Set, hut!
Duntsch, what the fuck is that?
You don't go left.
You blitz right. Hit the A gap.
Get your shit together.
Let's go.
Set, hut!
- If you're gonna suck this hard,
you might as well get
on your knees, Daisy.
- Go right, Duntsch.
Run it again.
On the ball.
Set, hut.
Set, hut.

On the ball!
Run it again!
Set, hut.

- You're done.
- No, Coach.
- Coach, I got this.
- No, you don't got this.
I got this, Coach. Seriously.
One more try, please. Please.
Weak cross, plug zero, hit the A gap.
One more try.
All right, let's go.
Let's chop some wood!
Let's go! On the ball!
- A gap.
- Yeah, yeah.

Son of a bitch! Duntsch!

What the hell was that?
Red jersey means do not hit.
Are you fucking dyslexic
and color blind?
Want a ride home?
Ah, come on.
Yeah. Today was shit.
But we got practice again tomorrow.
Two, as it turns out.
And the next day, and the next
day. You'll get it eventually.
Eventually doesn't help.
I need to get it now.
- You need to get it tonight?
- I don't understand.
I mean, what am I doing wrong?
Why can't I run this?
Chris, man. I'm tired.
I got a six-pack, a party,
and a girl named Portia
waiting for me at the house.
One hour. Tops.
- Eye of the tiger, motherfucker.
- Yes!
You did all these notes
in your playbook?
[LAUGHS] Dork.
So you got your center
in the center, obviously.
And then you got guards, tackles,
and tight ends laterally on each side.
Here's you at mid.
Now, on the snap, you blitz right
and hit the A gap on the weak side.
X marks the spot.
- That's what I'm doing.
- No.
Weak side.
You're mixing them up,
and you're flattening our quarterback.
Show me your right hand.

All right.
All right.
This gap here, on your right,
this is yours. You got it?
Great. Let's drink.
- Run it?
- You know where to find me.
Got the sled? Okay, man.

Come on!
Hello? Help you?
- Where the hell are you?
- Josh?
Be right up.
Dr. Henderson.
Can we ask you a couple questions?
This is Dr. Kirby.
May I get you something?
- No, thank you.
- Beer would be great.
Sure. I think I have a
Whoa, whoa, wait.
Are you gonna say an IPA?
Seriously? Forget it.
What happened to beer?
You ask for a Bud, you get an IPA.
You ask for a Coors, you get an IPA.
- Life is hard for you, right?
- Can be.
What's going on?
Now, if at any moment
- you feel uncomfortable
- We're going after Duntsch.
- You in?
- You're like a restless toddler.
We're planning on reporting Duntsch
to the Texas Medical Board.
But we need more information.
Now, we don't have to
use your name, but if
Use my name. It's all yours.
Madeline Beyer came in for
an elective laminectomy
and spinal fusion.
Totally straightforward.
We reviewed the pre-op
notes from last week.
Duntsch's plan for
Mrs. Beyer's procedure
was sound, well-reasoned.
He knew the science.
He knew what he was supposed
to do heading into the OR.
If you say so, sir.
To me, it was a disaster from the start.
He showed up late.
And not surgeon late late, late.
And when he finally gets there,
that's when I noticed his scrubs.
There was a hole in them.
A hole?
First saw it a few days before
- at Rose Keller's operation.
You saying he was wearing
the same scrubs for days into surgeries?
At Mrs. Burke's surgery
on Tuesday, hole.
No underwear, three surgeries in a row.
Sorry. Where where was this hole?
- How is that relevant?
- Oh, it's relevant.
In the back.
In the back, back?
A hole in the a-hole?
All through Mrs. Beyer's surgery,
he was mumbling about Dorothy Burke.
He was preoccupied. And then the blood?
A lumbar fusion
acceptable blood loss would be what?
200, 250 ccs?
She lost 1,700 ccs of blood.
That much blood loss?
Of course we were worried.
There's a hemorrhage here.
You need to fix it.
Do your goddamn job
and get her blood
pressure under control.
I can't see anything.
Get the blood out of my field.

Excuse me, sir. I believe
the screw is out of place.
I know where it is.
It should be a little left.

- Patient's left.
- I did a fucking visual, okay?
I know where it is.
Doctor, it looks like the screw
might have missed the pedicle.
It seems to be in soft tissue here.
Is this guy on something?
Am I talking to myself?
Reposition the C-arm on Mrs. Burke now.
- You mean Mrs. Beyer?
- You know what I mean!

Cage. Give me the cage.
Looks like the screw is
still outside the bone.
The X-rays are bullshit.
Get me the cage.
Get Dorothy Burke into pre-op.
Dorothy Burke?
- We need to finish this, sir.
- I'm aware of that. Thank you.
Get Dorothy Burke prepped
for a craniotomy.
Sir, this hospital doesn't
have privileges
- to perform a craniotomy.
- Schedule it.
We don't have the equipment.
I'll do it with whatever
the fuck you do have.
Just get it scheduled. Now.
I'm sorry, sir, but I can't schedule it
because we do not perform
craniotomies at this hospital.
Maybe we could transfer Mrs.
Burke out to an equipped facility.
Baylor Plano has privileges for that.
When I tell you to do
something, you do it.
You're talking about drilling
a hole into her skull, sir.
Get the charge nurse in here.
Dr. Anthony?
There's a slight issue
with our lumbar case.
Am I supposed to guess
what that issue is?
Dr. Duntsch.
Who's that? The new guy.
Yes. This is his first week.
He's requesting a craniotomy.
Brain surgery on a lumbar case?
No, sir. It's for a different patient.
- Dorothy Burke.
- I don't give a shit.
- We don't do craniotomies.
- I've told him that, sir.
I think he'd like to hear it from you.
I asked for the charge nurse.
Yeah, well, you got
the chief of surgery.
She's my patient.
Her treatment is my decision.
Well, today, this is my hospital.
And when you applied
for privileges here,
you didn't check the little red box
- that said "brain surgeries."
- You are interrupting
- an extremely delicate spinal fusion.
- Oh. Oh, I'm so sorry.
- I thought you called for this interruption.
- Because I presumed
that you were shrewd
enough to simply sign off.
Well, I'm just a country
hick from the Bronx,
so let me put this in a manner
even I can understand.
We don't do craniotomies
at this hospital,
and you are a guest
here at Dallas Medical.
If one of our staff tells you
we don't have privileges
for a procedure,
it is not an invitation for debate.
I have privileges everywhere
across this city.
- Oh, you do, do you?
- I will ensure
that not a single patient
comes through your door.
Wow, that would be so tragic.
Get the fuck out of my OR!
I'm gonna walk you through
what's about to happen.
You will complete your
work on Madeline Beyer.
She's been over far too long.
You will then transfer Dorothy
Burke out of your care.
There will be no more
discussion of craniotomies.
No more arguments. You will do it.
And then you will get
the fuck out of my OR.

- Anything else?
- What else do you need?
We want you to suspend his license
- pending a formal investigation.
Neither of you is in the
operating theater at the time?
- That's correct.
So this is all secondhand information.
All hearsay.
Just playing devil's advocate.
From your recitation
of the events that day,
Dr. Duntsch could make a case
that he was distracted.
Did you not hear about
the hole in his scrubs?
I don't think she heard about the hole.
I agree. We all agree
that there were some surgical
misadventures at play
- Misadventures?
- in Dr. Duntsch surgeries last week,
but there are other issues.
We have a circulating nurse
demonstrating a measure
of non-compliance,
an X-ray tech challenging a surgeon,
and then an administrator barging
into an OR mid-procedure.
They were doing their part
to stop an out-of-control surgeon.
I was at Baylor Plano.
I saw what he's capable of
or no, better put incapable of.
What about the craniotomy?
He was demanding a procedure
the hospital didn't have
privileges to perform.
The doctor who took over
Dorothy Burke's case
stated a craniotomy
might've saved her life.
"I would have grabbed
the local handyman's
drill to perform it."
Dr. Duntsch may not have
gone about it the right way,
but it appears he may have been right.
We receive hundreds of
these reports every year.
We take each case seriously,
but you both know
that there is context to every story,
mistakes do happen to every doctor,
even I'm sure to you both.
You're prepared to file
a formal complaint?
- Absolutely.
- Yes.
All right.
You are going to suspend his license?
I mean, what happens
to him in the meantime?
We can't do that.
Why the hell not?
The attorneys won't go for that.
We'd be opening ourselves
up to a lawsuit.
I thought protecting the
public was the priority.
That's our number one priority.
Well, what's to prevent him
from seeking privileges
at any one of the other
400 hospitals in the state?
Dr. Duntsch has resigned from Baylor.
He should have been shitcanned.
He no longer has privileges
at Dallas Medical.
He has no privileges anywhere.
Perhaps he's taking some personal time
getting his head straight
after what was a difficult week.
[SCOFFS] Difficult week.
You know what? There was a urologist
a urologist, you got me
accused by a patient of
fondling his genitals.
A urologist! These morons
pursued the case.
I mean, this this feels like
we've got to draw blood
in order to move the needle.
Duntsch was distracted?
Give me a fucking break.
Well, they're not wrong.
He lost privileges at two hospitals.
- News travels fast.
- Not fast enough.
We voiced our concern.
We filed a complaint.
They launched an investigation.
What more would you like to do?
I want to break his goddamn hands.
Dr. Kirby, we have no choice
but to respect the
integrity of this process.
Did you hear those goobers in there?
The process is gonna fuck us.
The system is broken.
And we are a part of that system.
Oh, fuck this.

- Hey.
- Hey.
Been looking all over for you.
Yeah, I've been looking
for you too, man.
I got some news. Great news.
- Yeah?
- Yep.
I am going home.
I'm going back to Tennessee.
And I had an idea.
I haven't really thought
through all the details yet,
but I think you should come with me.
- Come with you to Tennessee?
- Yes, man.
If you think football is big
here, you have no idea.
Like, two division one football
players retired in the South?
We would be like gods.
Hold on. Back up.
Why would you leave now?
You just made walk-on.
Oh, fuck this team.
There's no future here.
It's bullshit. I don't need it.
Then why you still wearing the jersey?
Look, this is good for me.
Okay? It's good for me.
So just come with me.
I am not going to Tennessee.
What are you talking about?
Your loss.
Dude, I don't think you
thought this through.
No, no, no. It is all settled.
Okay? I'm leaving.
I'm going home 'cause
I don't need this shit.
I don't need any of it. Fuck it.
- Dude, what's going on with you?
- I can't stay.
I can't stay, okay?
I needed a football scholarship.
I didn't get it, so I can't stay.
I'm going home.
I needed it, and I didn't get it.
Dude, I had no idea.
Forget it.
No. No!
It's gonna be good.
U fucking T, they're awesome.
Great record, solid coach,
and the way you work,
you'll be starting within three games.
My third school, Betts.
My third transfer.
I can't play anywhere.
I'm not even eligible to sit
on the goddamn sidelines.
Well, maybe this is a good thing.
I mean, did you ever really want it?
It's just, I think you have
this idea in your head
of what football means or
what it's supposed to mean.
But does it does it mean that to you
or do you just think it should?
Where were you all those
Monday morning film sessions?
Where were you all those
hours after practice,
the drilling, the weightlifting?
Huh? Where were you?
Partying? Sleeping it off?
And you ask me if I wanted
it? Fuck you, Betts.
Yeah, and all that work for what?
So you can act like an asshole
and sit on the goddamn
sidelines? Fuck you!

Stop, okay?

Come on. Come on. Let's go.
- No, fuck you
You can't win.
Stop fucking trying.


Dumb face!
Is your grandma good with this?
Mee-maw? She's good.
This is a light night. Hey.
I'm sorry about the
whole dumb face thing.
- Old habits.
- Ah, don't worry about it.
So, my hotshot friend,
word is you're a big-time
football player up in the CO.
I was, yeah. Yeah, starting mid.
You should've seen the
girls I got in that jersey.
But some of the guys on the practice
squad were kind of busted.
So that slowed me down
every now and then.
Honestly, I'm kind of over
football, you know?
It just it just feels
beneath me, you know?
Hey, man. No love lost here.
My neck's still fucked from junior year.
Plus I got bigger things going on here.
What do you got brewing?
UT. I'm taking the MCAT.
Oh, man! Like, ah!
I always knew you were gonna end up
doing some crazy high-end
shit with your life.
You were always, like,
the smartest guy I knew.
And given the spaz company you keep,
that's not really saying much.
Dumb face!
So that's it.
You're back?
- I miss the weather.
- And your boy, Jerry.
Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
My boy don't play.
He's going beyond.
Gonna change the world.
Someone get him a Boone's Farm.
- Strawberry Hill, right?
- Yeah.
Yeah, light and sweet, baby.
I knew it. Hey, yo, yo, yo.
Get my homie some Boone's.
We don't got any of that.
Then go get some, you piece of shit.
Go, go! Get some.
Good to be home.
I'm going to see you every day.
I know.
I know it's not ideal me
moving back home,
but Jerry did mention
that maybe I could live
with him for a little while
just until classes start.
And I really think that I'm onto
something with this research.
I really think that
there's a future in it.
What exactly does one do with research?
Well, maybe you could go into the
medical field, like your father.
Actually, Dad, I've
been looking into that
and giving it a lot of thought.
So not all of my courses
from CSU would transfer,
but the biology credits would,
so I'd only actually need to do,
like, two additional semesters.
I mean, I thought I'd have to
do, like, two additional years.
Two semesters is nothing.
Money's not nothing, Chris.
First it was Millsaps
College for football,
and then it was Colorado
State for football.
And now you're back for research.
I know, sir, but I would be a doctor.
A neurosurgeon.
Oh, I don't know.
I have a medical degree, Chris,
and I know the
the difficulties that come
with that area of study.
Well, this is not exactly something
you'd be familiar with.
How so?
I just mean there's been
there's been a lot of advancements,
and there's new studies
and new technologies,
and I'd be an MD.
You know, this is what I always
used to tell your brother, Nathan.
He has that kind of mind.
Nathan should have gone to
medical school, you know?
- I think it's a great idea.
- Susan.
Christopher, you have always
struggled to find something
that challenged you, like Einstein.
Maybe you should reach out to John.
- Dr. Davidson.
- Susan
He's like an uncle to him,
and maybe he could help
you find something.
Chris is not going to ask for favors
he definitely cannot repay,
not from my friends.
Dad, I really think my stem
cell research has potential.
Stem cell.
Yeah, they're the the
building blocks of the human.
No, I know what stem
cells are, Christopher.
Okay, so then you know
that they can develop
into other types of cells,
which is why they have
so much potential.
They're incredibly complex
starting right from the beginning
of their formation in the embryo.
If they're in the embryo,
how does one access them for research?
We can isolate them
from immature human
embryos and fetal tissue.
So you're talking about
spending your time
and my money parading around
masquerading as a doctor
promoting the exploitation
of unborn babies?
That is not medicine, Chris.
It's not science.
Dad, science is what can be done by man.
What is conquerable?
And I plan on conquering this.
I wouldn't count on it.
The MCATs disagree with you.
I got a couple wrong.
Some things can be learned, son,
and some things are just biology.


He was running on a platform
about reducing the cost of government.
And his plan was to eliminate
three government agencies,
and he couldn't name them. [CHUCKLES]
Fancy pants. [CHUCKLES]
- That's definitely his kind of
- Shrimp!

- Oh, God.
- Ah!
Great party. I did hear
a nasty little rumor
about a lobster tail somewhere
- with my name on it.
Randy Kirby.
Oh. You're Dr. Kirby.
Oh, I see my reputation has exceeded me.
Would you excuse us
for a moment, please?
- Merry Christmas, Randy.
- Hey, season's greetings to you.
So they just let you in?
Well, I told security that we needed
to talk some doctor stuff.
Doctor stuff.
But firstly, I want to say, I know
I should have called months ago.
I haven't been able to sleep
thinking about how we left
things after the Medical Board.
I just want to say I'm sorry.
That's why you came?
- Partly.
- All is forgiven.
- Thanks.
- What's the other part?
Duntsch is back.

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