Dr. Death (2021) s02e03 Episode Script

The Horizon

I can handle myself around
sexy, charming doctor.
I know, I know. I'm just kidding.
BOTH: You don't fuck your sources.
Hannah's gone. She
just kept getting worse.
Hey, how's that piece coming along?
It's not. It's supposed to be hopeful.
What about him?
Shift the focus to him, you know?
It could cost me my job, my reputation,
but I think it's worth the risk.
May I ask, is there
anything in particular
- that is concerning you?
- Oh, no, not at all.
I have complete faith
in your research, Doctor,
as well as my own.
Maybe we can build something together
that will make it all worthwhile.
I think we can.
But we need more patients.
Then let's find more patients.


I was raised to believe
that if you have a chance,
even one, you should take it.
These are the brave
patients who are stepping up
in the name of science,
and he is the daring doctor
who is determined to
give them that chance.
I think Hannah
All I need is to to help my patients.
And even in the face of failure,
we should keep hope alive.
- Thank you.
Thank you all so much
for coming tonight.
It really means a lot.
[SIGHS] I think a speech is in order.
And since our protagonist
is in the house,
Dr. Macchiarini, do you
want to come say a few words?
Come on!
Come on.
You must be tired of
listening to me already.
Um, "A Leap of Faith" is about
the patients other doctors
have given up on,
patients like Hannah Warren.
Her memory is the reason
why I will never, ever,
ever give up this work.
She is with me.
She's always with me. She's with us.
She is this beautiful
angel on my shoulder.
So many people think that
when you're exposed to death
and suffering every day,
you become immune.
But it's quite the opposite.
Every time I lose a patient,
my heart breaks into pieces.
But luckily,
I met someone who was
able to take those pieces
and put them back together.
And on Christmas night,
when I bent my knee, she said yes.
- ALL: Aw.
- [light laughter]
And, Benita, I have to tell you,
the title of this special is so fitting,
especially because it
brought us together
you and me.
You made me whole again, Benita.
You have given me the strength
to continue to give hope
to those who need hope
and to continue to try to
save those who can be saved.
And I thank you for that.
And I love you.

To "A Leap of Faith,"
and to you, my love.

- Welcome to the family.
- Thank you. Thank you.
Kim, can I talk to you?
- Thank you so much.

Thank you. Ah.
Kim! Come on.
Wait a second. That is not
how I wanted you to find out.
How exactly did you want me to find out?
I don't know. I don't
know, but not like that.
Yeah, seems like you've really
thought this all through.
And I knew it! I knew
there was something.
You've been MIA. You've been evasive.
I haven't seen Lizzi in forever.
I should have just
- I feel so fucking stupid.
- Okay.
- I don't want you to think that
- I already think it.
You are a mentor to half
those kids at 30 Rock.
They look up to you.
God damn it, Benita.
What the hell were you thinking?
I never would have
thought it, not you, ever.
Okay, I get it. I get
that you're pissed.
Believe me, I've kicked the shit
out of myself about it, too.
I tried to deny it.
I tried so hard to stay away,
but then I just thought, why?
Why should I?
Because you don't cross those lines!
You don't make those mistakes!
It wasn't a mistake,
Kim. I'm telling you.
It's not like I was
just fucking some source.
He's [SIGHS]
Oh, God.
Kim, when whenever I get
assigned some high-profile story
or I win some very fancy award,
everyone always tells
me, you really deserve it.
Well, then this good
thing comes into my world,
the real thing,
like, a real shot at
actually being fucking happy.
Don't I deserve that, too?
Then why are you keeping it a secret?
Why are you hiding it from everybody?
From me?
Wouldn't you have been more pissed
if I dragged you into all of this?
No, Benita.
There's not a single scenario here
where I'm not pissed
and disappointed.
I got to go.

Okay, these are clean, and
I'm just setting them up here
'cause it's easier to reach.
They were fine where they were.
Okay, you just let me know
where things should go,
and I'll move heaven and Earth
Move heaven and Earth.
Just don't touch the
shit in my kitchen, okay?

- You need help with that bottle?
- No, I'm fine.
- I think that you do.
- I got it!
Let me help you with the bottle.
Let me please. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
Do you have any idea
what you just started?
The special aired, okay?
And we had already agreed that after
No, no. We did not agree to that.
That in there was all you.
You shouldn't have done it like that.
It just
My crew, my friends,
everybody that I work with,
all in that room
Your friends should be happy for you.
Not when they find out like that, no.
You have to understand, we were keeping
this quiet for a
reason you know that.
- Keeping this quiet?
- Yes.
Why don't you call
it what it is? Hiding.
Keeping it quiet, hiding things
that's what we've been doing for months.
Is that what this
relationship is to you?
- Something to hide?
- No.
Just let me know so that I'm clear.
That's not fair. That's
not what this is about.
- It's just complicated.
- Complicated.
Being honest is not complicated, Benita.
You could have told Kim and
your friends on Christmas Day,
but you chose not to.
You chose to put the
ring back into the box.
You have any idea how
humiliating that is?
We've been living in
this fog for months,
and it's suffocating.
And, yeah, I know I shouldn't
have done it this way.
But it's out. It's done.
At least we can breathe.
[SIGHS] You're right.
You're right. I'm sorry.
I'm I'm really sorry.
This is not about you.
This is this is about
my job, my reputation,
everything I've been
working for my entire life,
- my ethical code.
- Oh, my God, no.
I know, I know, I know.
You're right. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
I should have not done it this way.
But a wedding should be a happy thing.
It should be something to celebrate.
It will be. It will be.

You know what? Let's take a trip.
No. What?
Yeah, Lizzi's on school break, and
I think it's time for
you to meet my mother.
- Your mother?
- Mm-hmm.
- You want us to go to Italy?
- Mm-hmm.
I think that a vacation
would do us good.
It could
I don't know it
could slow things down,
put your mind at ease,
your heart at ease.
- This city makes people crazy.
- Mm-hmm.
Let's go.
What do you say?

I'll think about it.

I'll think about it.

Sorry. This is taken.
Oh, hi. Uh, I'll have, uh, one
[CLEARS THROAT] Uh, Polar Bear, please.
I'm sorry. That's taken.
Oh. Thank you.
You'd think the umbrella would be white,
you know, because Polar Bear.
You don't sense a theme?
Right, right.
Uh, anything to drink
for your invisible friend?
Real estate's in high demand today.
- I'm waiting on my wingman.
- Oh.
He wouldn't miss this game.
I always thought you were the wingman.
- Are you saying
I'm not the handsome one?
I didn't say that.
I'm Nate, by the way, Nate Gamelli.
I know.
Tab open, closed?
So what was the plan?
Sit here alone staring
at your empty stool
until I feel sorry
enough to take you to bed?
[STAMMERING] No. No, there's no plan.
American men are so much
braver in the movies.


Ana. [STAMMERS] You can't be here.
Uh, come, come into my office.
Dr. Macchiarini is asking
what happened with your trials.
We're still working on it.
You'll get a detailed
report, but I need time.
Anders, I've reviewed all
of his previous publications.
He's never experienced
results like this,
not with his patients or the
swine trials or in England.
So my trial is botched?
That's what you're implying?
All I'm saying is that any mistakes
could slow down our progress.
So can you please make
sure that doesn't happen?
This trial was nominal.
And in my opinion,
pretty damn unnecessary,
given the success with
the larger-animal trials.
And now it's a bloody bugger.
- A bugger?
- A problem.
We both have a lot at stake here.
If you find that, for whatever reason,
the study is invalid,
that's better than setting
us all back unnecessarily.
How's your son?
He's good. We've seen progress lately.
I'm glad to hear it.
I thought Sweden was playing today?
They are, but I'm too busy
for such an indulgence at the moment.
I read Mag Hellstrom isn't playing.
Not for the national team, no.
Yeah, they transferred
him to that tiny shit town
above the polar circle.
Now he's sitting on the reserve bench.
Ana, you're not going to
end up in the polar circle.
I better not.
All right, I'll leave you to it.
Keep me updated.

- Ciao.
- Mama!
- Oh!
- Benita.
- Oh, Benita.
- Lovely to meet you.
- Thank you. Thank you.
- Oh, yes.
- I love it.
- Oh, grazie, grazie.
Oh, prego, prego.
Oh, wow.
- Hey.
- This guy's got style.
Lizzi, that's, um that's the Pope.
That's Pope Francis.
- With Paolo? What?
- [LAUGHS] Si, si.
Uh, I'm sorry. You know the Pope?
San Luca
Uh, sur surgeon?
Yeah, the patron saint of surgeons.
- Si.
- Yeah.
Paolo, he be like, uh, San Luca.
Mm-hmm. Si.
- Mmm.
- Mm-hmm.
This is so much better than yours.
Ah, mothers always know.
How do you know I do not make the food?
Ah, no, no, no. I cooking food.
Marco only vino.
- No, he has his own vineyard.
- Oh.
- Molto bene.
- Hey, Mom.
- Grazie.
- Yeah?
Can I try some?
Just a little, tiny sip.
The lips. Just the lips.
- Molto bene.
- Oh, si.
- Very, very happy.
Last time this happy,
when Paolo come back
after his stupido arresto.
- Oh, basta.
- Arresto?
- You got arrested?
- Si.
Oh, I didn't see that
on your background check.
- No?
- Oh, si, si.
Speed limits are just suggestions to me.
- Let's leave it at that.
- Oh, okay.
So you were trying to impress
girls on your motorcycle.
Girls? What girls?
There's only one girl.
- Saluti!
- Cheers.
- You like that, right?

It's like a cocoon of color.
A cocoon of color I love that.
It's the perfect place to get married.
- Can you imagine?
- I can.
- Your mother would love that.
- Mm-hmm.
Would you?
Would you love it?
Are you serious?
Why do you think I brought you here?
This is a Catholic church, Paolo.
I know.
We're both divorced.
I'm not even Catholic.
This is going to be the last wedding
for both of us.
It should be like magic.
Who would even marry us?


No way.
If you want it
then, yes.

What's so funny about me
educating you on Pixar?
- Stop geeking, okay?
You are messing with her.
"Finding Chemo" is not
Pixar. It's gallows humor.
Dr. Macchiarini, please
tell my son to stop it.
No, I'm not going to interfere there.
See? See? Doc's on my side. Thank you.
Oh, Lord save me. I'm
going to have to smack you.
- Come on.
- I don't mean to interrupt.
Hi, I'm Dr. Gamelli.
I will be your post-op care physician.
- Nice to meet you.
- Yes.
Ladies, I'm heading to the cafeteria.
Would you like to join me for lunch?
- Yes.
- Oh, we'd love to.
Thank you, Dr. Macchiarini.
You, behave.
Oh, I see you're a fellow American.
Ah, the irony I'm
an American engineer.
Came all the way here to get
American-made tech in my chest.
Well, U.S. health care sucks.
And my mom had to dig into
her rainy-day piggy bank
just to pay for this thing.
She keeps saying, they call
it life savings for a reason.
- Mm.
- For what?
It says here, all you got's
terminal throat cancer.
[LAUGHS] My dad just say, shake it off.
Shake it off.
Well, at least you
got the Italian doctor
to make this trip worth your while.
What, you don't like my miracle man?
Oh, no, no.
- You're in good hands.
As long as you stay away
from the Swedish food.
Ah, damn. That fermented
herring, though.
I figured what doesn't
kill you makes you stronger.
- That will kill you.
- [LAUGHS] Got ya, Doc.
No Swedish fish.
But, uh
Swedish women, though?
Any advice?
You're talking to the wrong guy.
- What, nobody?
- Well, there's one girl.
Of course there's one girl. Come on.
I got shot down.
She told me that American men
are so much braver in movies.
That just means she wants
you to yippee-ki-yay that ass.
Sweep her up off her feet.
You know, tomorrow I'm
going into a 14-hour surgery.
They're going to
replace half of my chest.
What are you doing?
- Jack on queen.
- Yeah, I see it.
I see it.
I'll see you on the other side.
Hey, Doc, I mean it.
Go see about that girl, hmm?
[CHUCKLES] Jack on the queen.
I know what's going on over here.

Polar Bear?
Would you like to have dinner with me?
Are you asking me on a date?
Uh, in that case, just give me a bottle
of whatever's most likely
to cause a blackout.
[CHUCKLES] Dates are so American.
In Sweden, we like to
skip unnecessary steps.

My place
mm, 10:30.
- That works.
- Okay.


Oh! And you go like this.
And then like that.
Okay, call me anytime.
[GIGGLES] And ta-da.
- Hey, Paolo?
- [SIGHS] Yes?
What do I call you after the wedding?
Mm, what's wrong with Paolo?
Too formal.
Mm, what about Papa?
Papa. Okay.
[LAUGHS] Oh, bread.

Look at her.
I don't remember the last
time I saw her this happy.
There's so much pain behind her.
Maybe it's time to
leave that pain behind.
What if we could continue like this
at home in Barcelona
You want us to move to Barcelona?
It's warm and safe.
We don't have to lock our doors.
It's an incredible
place to raise a child.
I know you have your work in New York,
and I would never ask
you to leave it, but
but if you wanted, maybe
we could be a family there.
We've never even been
to your house before.
Well, then we'll go.
We'll go, you see if you like
it, and then you move in
with her.

I mean, it's free to dream, right?

You sound better than I expected.
There's a little fluid,
but we can clear that up.
Maybe your man performs
miracles after all.
What, you don't call this a miracle?
Polyethylene terephthalate
pipe in my chest,
fresh from the oven.
[CHUCKLES] I'm a biosynthetic dude now.
Those ladies better watch out.
- [LAUGHS] Oh, damn.
Hey, Doc, uh [CLEARS THROAT]
You do what I tell you?
[LAUGHS] Oh, shit.
I seen that smile. No, I seen it.
Don't try to hide it now.
You did. You got the girl.
This is your fault, Chris.
You implanted me with gallantry,
and now I have to suffer
from serious consequences.
You got me feeling like
a goddamn teenager again.
[LAUGHS] Love, Doc.
Life is good when you believe
good things can happen.
You know, when I get out of here,
I want to start promoting
stem-cell research.
It saved my life. It's
going to help save others.
You know, before the op, it
was one day at a time, you know.
But now
it's the horizon, man, the horizon.
It's been a while since I
thought about the horizon.
Well, how can you in this place?
You get, like, three
hours of sunlight a day.
- Yeah.
Makes me wonder how Doc
Nate Gamelli from Jersey
- ended up here.
- Work.
Oh, right, because people
don't get sick in America.
They do.
They do.
My little sister, she was, uh
well, the only way to put
it is she was a victim.
U.S. health care.
She had lupus.
Her symptoms dragged on for
years before diagnosis, and
She was just a kid. She was 17.
And then insurance refused to pay, so
Yeah, yeah, people get sick.
Sorry, man.
Mm, I had my refuge.
I spent hours in the garage,
tinkering with the engine of my
old, rusty Plymouth Barracuda.
[LAUGHS] Just when I
was starting to like you.
- That was a great car.
I spent so much time
under that hood, I
I always thought that I would
become a mechanic, but
lo and behold, I swapped the screwdriver
for the scalpel.
And now look at you,
tinkering with the most
intricate engine in all of us.
You know
it seems like you spent so
much of your time working
on other people's hearts,
you neglected your own.
All right, got to go.
- Good game, Doc.
- I'll check in with you later.
All right. See you around.

I just can't believe your mom trusted us
- with the shopping list.
- Well, she trusted you.
- She's smitten with you.
- Ah.
No, she is.
I think we should go.
What was that about?
This is why I don't like
to come back to Italy.
You know, the medical
system is so corrupt here.
Everything is so corrupt.
You try to help people, and
they think you're their enemy.
Is he Mafia?
- The village doctor.
- Oh.
You know, it's like Luke 4:30.
When Jesus returned to His hometown,
an angry mob tried to
throw Him off the cliff,
but He walked right through
the crowd and went on His way.
So in this scenario, you're Jesus?
- I walked right into that one.

- Show me this market.
- Uh-huh. It's right here.
- Benita.
- Rosa.
Take good care of Paolo, si?
I promise.
- Ciao.
- Ciao.
Come on, sweetheart.
- Prego, prego.
- Ti amo.
- Thank you.
- Si.
- Ready?
- Ready.


Sorry. I didn't mean to frighten you.
You didn't frighten me.
You look like a painting
like Edgar Degas' "Woman in Her Bath."
Did Degas' woman have
a knot in her neck?
What's making you so tense?
- Nine hours on a plane.
And I decided on something.
Decided what?
I want to
go with you.
I want to move there and
start a life together.
- Do you?
- Yeah.
What about your work?
I can find other work.
But us being together,
a family, happy
That's all that matters.
I'm so happy to hear you say that.
So happy.
But, Paolo, this would be me
taking a really big chance.
- You know that, right?
- I know. I know. I know.
Giving up my whole life, my career,
taking Lizzi away from
everything she's ever known
It really terrifies me.

You terrify me.
I need to feel like this is what
I really think it is
you know?
There's so much about
you I don't know
about your work and
- your life.
- Mm-hmm.
And there's plenty you
don't know about me, too.
You feel this way because
we have been hiding
- from the world for so long.
- Mm-hmm.
Always apart.
But when you share a roof with a person,
you share everything.
Then let's share everything.
I mean it.
I want to know you better than anyone.
I want to know about the Pope, and
- The work stuff.
- The stupido arresto.
The good, the bad, the ugly, all of it.
That's all I ever wanted.


- Bye.
- Bye.
Bye, you guys. Bye.

Ah, I don't have to work tomorrow.
[LAUGHS] Cheers to 30 years
of you bitching about 30 Rock.
- 30 years?
Fuck you. [LAUGHTER]
- God.
- Cheers.
ALL: Cheers.
You came.
You said it was important.
I'm sorry I wasn't there this afternoon.
You're here now.
Okay, okay.
Hagan las paces.
You two are such drama queens.
I want to hear the big hush-hush news.
Okay, okay, okay.
This is very hush-hush.
We're not supposed to tell anybody,
but I never want to keep
anything from you ever again.
We found a priest for the wedding.
Mm-hmm. We did.
His name is Jorge Mario Bergoglio.
- Jorge Mario Ber
- The Pope?
Wait, the Jorge Mario Bergoglio?
- Yeah.
- As in Pope Francis?
- Paolo still calls him Jorge.
Wait, what?
You mean the P the
Pope is going to marry you?
The Pope.
Yeah, we've been
friends for a long time,
long before he was ever a pope.
I mean, there are pictures
of Paolo and the Pope
in his mother's fucking living room.
- My God.
- Wait, how does that work?
You walk into the Sistine Chapel
with a six-pack
Jorge, I need a favor?
Well, basically, we were
looking for a priest, right?
A priest that would marry us regardless
of all the complications.
And he offered to do us the honors.
And he has married people before.
- I'm Googling this shit.
- I want to see this.
She didn't even believe
me at the beginning.
- I didn't.
- Oh, my God.
She's not lying.
T-the Pope did a group wedding ceremony.
But this Oh, my God.
This means the dress
Has to be fit for a Pope.
- Holy shit!
- Holy shit.
[LAUGHING] Oh, my God, Paolo.
You're like the the guy
the guy in the beer commercial.
BOTH: The most interesting
man in the world.
We're just so glad that
you that you're here,
that you're sharing this with us.
You mean the world
to Benita, all of you.
And now you mean the world to me.
And that is why there
is a last surprise.
- One more.
- What?
Because you just said
no more secrets, right?
So I want to be the
man deserving of you.
And although there are certain things
that not even a miracle man can do,
I can still learn, okay?
Don't judge me. Okay.
- No!
- It's taken a few lessons.
Far from perfect, but
let's see how it goes, okay?
Maybe you can give me some tips.
- Oh, my goodness.
- Let me try to guide you.
- What?
- This guy. This fucking guy.
I'm telling you the most
interesting man in the world.
[FOREIGN ACCENT] I don't always dance.
But when I do, I dance salsa.

I have to admit, I am impressed.
- You asked for it.
- Yes.
- Okay.
- Be gentle.
- You don't want to be judged.
- You're the salsa pro.
- No, I'm sure I cannot, but
- You cannot, I'm telling you.
You can give me all the tips, so
- You're very smooth.
- Am I?
I only know this step. This one.
- I don't know the
- Back and forth.
- Yeah, not so much.
- Right?
- You got it, Paolo!
- Make a spin as a couple.
- You go to the side.
- Yeah, let's turn around.



Where's Chris Lyles?
He passed away last night.
I'm sorry.
He was doing fine.
- Post-op, he was fine.
- He was terminal.
He had six months, at least.
- Where's Macchiarini?
- He's out of the country.
What the hell happened?
Were there complications
with the transplant?
No. The transplant was successful.
He was just sicker
than any of us expected.
But he he wasn't.
It must be something
to do with the trachea.
He was terminal!
Nate, maybe you should take it easy.
You get too attached to your patients.
That won't lead anywhere good.
Maybe you're too detached.
God knows where the
hell that will lead you.

- Hi.
- Hi.
I'm so sorry. I know it's late.
- No, no, come on in.
- Okay.
- Ooh, wow.
- Is everything all right?
- Well, I-I don't know.
You tell me.
Was there
Did you change your
plans for the wedding?
No. Why?
I, um I found something today.
"Pope Francis will be traveling
to South America this summer,"
- all summer.
- And?
And? Benita, on your wedding day,
he's going to be in Asunción, Paraguay,
not Italy, not your wedding.
What? No.
The schedule has been out for months.
- You didn't know?
No, but
I mean, there has to be some
sort of explanation for this.
Let me [SIGHS] Where's my phone?
Hello. Hi, my love.
- I was missing you.
- Hi.
Yeah, me too. Hey, Paolo?
Um, Kim is here,
and it looks like the Pope
is supposed to be traveling
through South America
during our wedding.
Did you know about this?
I'm so sorry you had
to find out this way.
Found out what?
I didn't want to tell you
until I was back in New York.
There were some complications
with the Vatican,
some last-minute scheduling conflicts.
Uh-huh. Well, what does that mean?
I don't want to tell you
this on the phone, okay?
I'm flying back to New York tomorrow.
I'll explain everything in person, okay?
Everything will be fine.
- Trust me.
- Mm-hmm.
Okay. I'll see you soon.
- Okay.
- I love you.
Yep. All right.
Yeah, I guess there is some
issue with the schedule,
he doesn't really sound worried, so
- You just you just found this?
- Yeah.
Doing what, a-a casual confirmation
- of the Pope's schedule?
- Look, Benita
No, no, what I don't understand
is why my best friend
can't be happy for me.
I wasn't trying to find anything, okay?
I was doing my due diligence
Okay, you know what, Kim? I'm done.
I don't I'm tired.
I don't want to have
this conversation tonight.
- Okay.
- Okay.
- Okay.
- Yeah.
You know, we've been
through the shit together, B.
You've always had great instincts.
I'm just saying
maybe you should trust them.




Hey, it's Benita Alexander.
So I need you to look
into someone for me
beyond our normal checks, a deep dive
I don't think you're going
to find anything, but, um
The name is Paolo Macchiarini.

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