Dr. Death (2021) s02e05 Episode Script


You're here for a consultation, I see.
They recommended Dr. Macchiarini.
He's the best in the world.
These are the brave
patients who are stepping up
in the name of science.
And he is the daring
doctor who is determined
to give them that chance.
We're shackled by compassionate use.
Well, that is quite an
ask to have Karolinska
hand you over to Russia.
I was hoping to have Dr. Lasbrey set up
and run a lab there.
How could he say those
things when I feel like this?
I could be fired for coming to you,
breaching an ethical
wall, crossing enemy lines.
My trials failed.
They were doomed to fail.
Because they never did any
trials in the first place.
The patients are the trials.
He's experimenting on people.

Hey, hey, hey!

Hey, hey, hey!

Hey, hey, hey!

What we're trying to do is a
very risky surgical procedure.
Why I come to Dr. Macchiarini.
He is the best in the world.
There's my lovely young patient.
So good to finally meet
you in person, Yesim.
Welcome to Karolinska.
- This is Dr. Lasbrey.
- Hello.
Dr. Gamelli, thank you very much.
It really pains me to
see someone as young
and beautiful as you
are suffering like this.
But we're also very happy
that you're here with us today.
And we're also very lucky
that the talented Dr. Lasbrey
is with us for one last procedure.
Where are you going, Dr. Lasbrey?
I'm headed to Russia to set up
another facility for Dr. Macchiarini.
My baba would ask if
you've packed a jacket.
I packed two.
So based on the notes from
your doctors in Turkey,
this all started for you
after a surgery you had
to address excessive sweating.
Is that correct?
And from what we understand,
there was a tiny piece
of metal stuck in the machine.
When the oxygen was turned
on, the force shot it out
through your cannula
tubing into your throat,
and this caused severe
damage to your trachea,
which is where the trach is placed now,
and also your lung.
A freak accident.
And your doctors tried
a corrective graft.
That didn't work, right?
It also hurts when I cough.
We're so sorry, really, for all of this.
As we discussed on the phone,
the biosynthetic tracheas
are still to be approved
for elective surgery.
So we will have to determine
if your case warrants approval
for compassionate use.
To be honest, I would have
preferred 3D digital scans
because with these, it's very difficult
to see the extent of the damage.
To assess candidacy, we need
to see it with our own eyes.
What exactly does that mean?
Well, after a little bit of anesthesia,
we will make a tiny
incision in your abdomen,
run a camera inside, and take a look.
That way, we can be sure
that a biosynthetic trachea
is a viable option for you.
That is surgery?
Maybe I should wait for my father.
Well, it is a very simple procedure.
You should be back in your
hotel by dinnertime tomorrow.
That way, we can assess the site,
and when your father gets here,
then we can all decide
on next steps together.
I'm telling you, the
guy doesn't like me.
Bjorn is Swedish, which means
he's a little complicated.
So are you saying that
he was "bjorn" that way?

It's just every time I talk
to him, I get so "bjored."
If he didn't like
you, this might be why.
Look at you.
You were "bjorn" to run.
I like this on you.
Good, because I am keeping it.
- Oh, yeah?
- Yep.

It's Svensson.
He wants to meet me.
It's about Macchiarini.
But my friends will be here any minute.
I know. I'm sorry.
I'll come back as soon as I can.
Should I be worried
about this Dr. Macaroni?
- It's all you talk about.
- Absolutely not.
That dude's got ridiculously hairy arms.
- Bjorn, on the other hand, is
- Mm.
You're not funny.
You think you're funny, but you're not.

Hurry back.

The patients are the trials.
He's experimenting on people.
I thought but this
Oh, his claims of the tracheas
regenerating blood supply,
epithelium in animals, blah, blah, blah,
it was all made up.
Jesus Christ.
Christopher Lyles.
I'm sorry.
I can't imagine what he went through.
I can.
Your rats.
They all had different
causes of death
suffocation, heart attack, shock.
But they had one thing in
common: they all suffered.
Chris Lyles suffered.
We have to show this
to Hedley, all of this.
Yeah, I agree. We must inform Hedley.
But we cannot use Dufort's data.
What are you talking about?
We need as much damaging
information as possible
I crossed serious lines by going to her,
breached patient confidentiality.
I could get fired or worse.
- We need this.
- No, we don't.
My trials are enough.


- Shut up.
- I didn't say anything.
Come in.
Her pain and persistent cough
are coming from somewhere.
Could be unseen damage to the membrane
along her tracheal cartilage.
- Dr. Macchiarini?
- I see it.
What is she on?
Standard cocktail.
BP's stable.
She's got no allergies listed.
It's not the medication.
Check the vent quickly.
It's not the vent.
Then it must be an air
leak in her trachea.
But it just
There's a bleed in her right lung.
I need to open up her chest.
But we're not prepared.
Just do it!
Stat thoracotomy OR three.
Thoracotomy OR three.
Blood's pooling in the right lung.
Blood pressure, O2's dropping.
Oh, my God. There's infected tissue.
We can't suture.
What do we do?

My report supports our
concerns, Dr. Hedley.
Well, it says here these rats
died of various complications:
heart failure, stroke, infection.
And the one thing in common?
The trachea.
The results are not definitive,
but we would argue they
may be enough to justify
running additional trials before
continued use on our patients.
These are experimental treatments,
and they're used to care for
patients with no other options.
I see a great deal of
evidence of positive results,
certainly nothing that could
be outweighed by one rat trial
that you yourself
defined as inconclusive.
Do you have any further data?
No, Dr. Hedley, not at this time.
Isn't this enough? This guy's a hack.
I've had a bad feeling about
him since he set foot
Dr. Hedley, we're urging
you to review the data,
- come to your own conclusion.

Yep, yep.

Thank you, gentlemen.
We will review your concerns internally.

What the hell was that?
You didn't give me a chance
to get my point across.
Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't
realize you had one.
- He needs all the information.
- At the expense of my career?
And he doesn't need your opinion.
What do you expect to achieve
by making personal attacks?
Well, can you blame
me? Hedley's full of shit.
"We'll review your concerns internally."
His only priorities are
making money for Karolinska
and keeping money for Karolinska.
Well, we brought our
suspicions to his attention.
- So?
- So that's all we can do.
- That's not all we can do.
- That's all I can do then.
You were the one who went
after Dufort in the first place.
You're the one who went digging.
What was the point if you're not
gonna use everything you found?
We live in two very
different worlds, Nate.
I have to take care of my family.
You stick to your world.
I'll deal with Macchiarini in mine.
- Are you okay?
- Hey, what's wrong?
He just took it out.
Who took what out?
Paolo. Her lung, he just
Yesim Cetir?
But she's
She's only in for a consult.
It was supposed to be
a simple exploratory

- What the hell did you do?
- Excuse me?
Dr. Gamelli
Yesim Cetir, in for a consult.
Yes, that's right.
Yeah, how does that end
in a fucking pneumonectomy?
- I saved her life.
- Are you out of your mind?
What was it, a bleed, infection?
You could have
cauterized, controlled it.
- Dr. Gamelli
- Run her through antibiotics, steroids.
Calm down.
Not just take her fucking
lung out, God damn it!
Take it easy.
I guess that makes
her a perfect candidate
for one of your tracheas now, huh?
Dr. Gamelli.
Do you have any idea what
those fucking slinkies do to people?
I'm sure Dr. Macchiarini did
what was right for the patient.
Oh, I bet you are.
Careful, Nate.
Dr. Gamelli, I apologize if
things seem confusing to you.
Don't give me that bullshit.
Unfortunately, me and my team deal
with very extreme cases.
Yes, just the ones extreme enough
that nobody will notice
when you kill them,
you reckless son of a bitch!
That is enough!
Dr. Gamelli, perhaps you should think
about taking some time off.
Are you kidding? Me?
- Yes, you.
And I hope you show enough self-control
to leave the hospital unescorted.

You got anything else to add?


Otherwise, you would
have been at great risk,
a risk that you would bleed to death.
I'm sorry, Dr. Macchiarini.
Can you say again, please?
This must be a shock for
you to wake up like this,
but unfortunately, we
discovered several issues
when we went in, existing damage
that we could not have anticipated.
And we had to remove your right lung.
This problem was always there.
Actually, we were very
lucky that you went critical
on the table instead of at home,
because without immediate
care, you would have
you would have certainly died.
I spoke to your father,
and he's on his way.
And regarding your biosynthetic trachea,
the procedure is already approved
under compassionate use.
I know this is frightening,
but this was what we were hoping for.

All right.
Thank you, Dr. Macchiarini.

I can't believe you've
never played this before.
I used to play it all the
time with my little sister.
Shh, doctor!
You're going to make me
- Oh, damn it!
Why is this game so
stressful? I don't like it.
[SIGHS] Do you want to play again?
Oh, okay. Only if you're sure.
Sorry. I'm distracted.
I just I can't
I can't stop thinking
about what Macchiarini
did to that poor girl.
You said the body is resourceful,
that you can lose a lung,
organs, and still be okay.
Yeah, you can.
She's young. She's strong.
I just I know there was another way.
It's your turn.
I'm sorry.
No, no, it's nothing to apologize for.
Worrying about your patients
is what makes you a good doctor.
But Macchiarini, work,
it's all you talk about.
You only have one day left on
this little forced vacation.
Maybe you should enjoy it.
I can't get my mind off the hospital.
Can't imagine why.
Or maybe you could call your wingman.
He was waiting for you at the
pub the other day all by himself.
It was pitiful.
I almost felt bad enough
to sleep with him too.
Have you spoken to him at all?
I have nothing to say to him.

Welcome back.
I assume Macchiarini's
halfway around the world
now that his work here is done.
You're ambitious, Ana.
I've always liked that about you.
I believe in our work.
You weren't there, Nate. You don't know.
The biosynthetic trachea
was the best option for her.
Good luck in Russia.
Oh, be careful. Don't pop a stitch.
Hello, Dr. Gamelli.
This is my baba.
Hi, Baba.
It's Hayrullah, actually.
Oh, nice.
You know what they say
about being an artist?
It's the closest thing to immortality.
I'm half the artist my father is.
I'm going to teach young students
about those immortals.

So, Yesim, your tracheostomy
has been removed,
and your damaged
trachea has been replaced
with one of Dr. Macchiarini's
biosynthetic tracheas.
I will keep him informed of our
progress, but moving forward,
I'll be on the front lines
to take good care of you.
And I will take good care of you.

It's something I do with my siblings.
When we make a promise,
we put our thumbs together.
It makes a heart.
It seals the contract forever.
A promise, huh?
A promise is a promise,
unless someone's getting surgery.


How is she?
How the hell do you think she is?
I hope you understand.
I want to change things,
to do the right thing,
- but the right way.
It doesn't make much fucking
difference now, does it?
We found her cyanotic and
unresponsive two minutes ago.
Her vitals were stable all day.
Last PTT, pulmonary
scan and function tests?
PTT normal, pulmonary scan
negative for clots of the left lung.
- Chest echo and cardiac labs?
- Echo and labs normal.
No signs of heart failure.
We're pumping her full of oxygen,
and her O2 stats are still low.
Her airway is blocked.
She can't be intubated.
I need ECMO support and X-ray!
Let's go!
All right, we've got five
minutes until brain death.
We're already 2 1/2 minutes in.
Somebody contact Dr. Macchiarini.
Stop compressions.
- Where's X-ray?
- En route, Doctor.
X-ray, clear.
All right. We're all set, five minutes.
Start the machine.
Mucus plugs are forming in
your airway, causing a blockage.
It's a side effect from
the synthetic trachea.
We'll need to suction every few hours
to make sure that it stays clear.
- Suction?
- Yes.
We place a catheter
tube through your nose
into your throat.
That's attached to a vacuum in the wall
that'll draw out anything that your body
can't expel on its own.
Will it hurt?
We'll make sure she's as
comfortable as possible.
Dr. Macchiarini knows this?
I send him reports on
anything that happens here.
Yesim, your body has been through a lot.
It is possible that we could
see some problems arise.
But whatever comes, we'll handle it.
Oh, hey.
Why classic rock?
Why not something more
modern like Bruno Mars?
In the '60s, '70s, young
people protested against wars.
They questioned their government,
fought for basic rights.
The music reflects the same things
we are going through now in Turkey.
I guess, when I hear those old songs,
I don't feel so alone.
Fair enough. Okay.
Let me know what you think.

You all right?
If this is something I have
to do to get out of here,
I'll be okay.
Her spleen has to be removed
because of a blocked artery,
but the good news is,
she can live without it.
Why is this happening?
Is it the trachea?
Her body's been through a lot.
The mucus plugs when
you struggle for oxygen,
well, that kind of trauma can lead
to any number of complications.

So what'd you think?
It's good shit, huh?
Do not light anything on fire.
I promise you nothing.
Her gallbladder is almost
completely black from gallstones.

It's Whack-a-Mole.
You solve one problem,
something else pops up.
It's all because of
that synthetic trach.
Those mucus plugs are
choking her to death.
She's not getting enough oxygen.
It's putting too much
stress on her body.
Her organs are shutting down, and
it's getting worse with each surgery.
We can remove the trachea.
And replace it with what?
Even if we had the donors,
the area it's too damaged.
We just need to get a handle
on these complications,
stabilize her.
She's young, strong. She
can make it through this.

Good morning, Dr. Gamelli.
Fuck off.

These are the brave patients
who are stepping up
in the name of science.
And he is the daring
doctor who is determined
to give them that chance.
Even in the face of failure,
we should keep hope alive.

Hold on, listen.
She's losing her hair, her vision.
Half of her internal organs are gone.
It's all because of
that fucking trachea.
Where is Macchiarini?
In the U.S., Russia?
We send these updates nothing.
This shit is on him.
Why are you not holding him accountable?
That's where I'll go next.
Boston's great.
The band Boston is playing there soon.
I looked it up.
Heaven on Earth tour.
- Boston in Boston.
- Boston in Boston.

- I made her a promise.
- You promised her this?
That I would take care of her.
How? How can you take care of her?
How can you do anything for
her when you are too exhausted
to take care of yourself?

I figured CDs are out of style,
so I got you an iPod.
I'm sorry it's not wrapped.
I put some albums on it.
"After the Gold Rush,"
"Darkness on the Edge of Town."
Your dad said it was cool, so
Thank you.

200 joules, clear!
Clear. Clear.

What happened?
Your heart stopped,
but we brought you back.
You're okay now.
Abnormal impulses can
override the system.
Why did you bring me back?


There's a fistula in her esophagus.
What about a two-layer closure?
I've gone through all
the routine options.
They won't take hold on Macchiarini's
biosynthetic trachea.
Well, if we remove it,
she won't be able to eat ever again.

Where is she?
She's okay. She just left.
She's getting transferred.
What the fuck is going on?
Who authorized her move?
Who the hell are you?
Dr. Hedley signed a transfer order.
She's going to private wing.
They wanna hide me.

They want to hide me.
What do you want?
Just checking out the real estate.
I'm a medical scientist, so
I'm not intrinsically good
at this bedside manner.
But being able to express feelings,
it's essential.
Axel taught me that.
So I just came by to see how you are.
One of the first things
they teach you in med school
is never promise
anything to your patients.
The gods are a fickle bunch.
I promised I would take
care of her, and I failed.
She's alive, Nate, against all odds,
and we both know, if
she was anywhere else,
being treated by anyone else
I don't just want her alive.
I want her to live.
This all started with that trachea.
She should have never been
opened up in the first place,
but now
I need to get her away from here.
I need to get her away from me.
I found a surgeon in the States
who might be able to help,
because I can't.
- by Strider,
maybe a life-saving tactic.
Edwin felt he was fouled,
but Germany moving hard,
and they've been caught on the counter.
Dahl's burned. Gone.
Gonna get it down the field.

We are here today to
review the complications
of your patient, Yesim Cetir,
before she's transferred
to the United States.
Yesim Cetir suffered immensely.
And we offered her
another chance at life
with a biosynthetic trachea.
Dr. Macchiarini is here today.
I want to look nice.
Then she was left in
the hands of others.
I read Yesim's updated
chart and sat in horror
of what these doctors
put my patient through.
You removed her esophagus,
condemning her to what kind of life?
And then you summon me here.
The issues that arose afterwards
blood clots, organ
failure, and infections
are completely unrelated
to my procedure.
As I expanded our work
in Russia and America,
I trusted Karolinska
to care for the patients
that we have helped together.
I will never again
leave any of my patients
in the care of another, ever.

I didn't know he was back here.
He never left.
Dr. Macchiarini's not coming.
No, he's not.
But I spoke with your
new team in the U.S.,
and they're gonna take it out.
The trachea, they're gonna take it out.
Look at you.
You stand there,
thinking you're my savior.
No, I
What did you save?
What of me is left?
I tried.
I hate you.
I can't stand to look at you.
I hate you.
Do you hear me?
I hate you.
I hate everything about you.
You're nothing to me.
You're just a pair of blue scrubs.
I can't even see anymore.
I'm sorry.
Get the hell out.
Get out.
Toz ol.
Toz ol.
Toz ol.
Toz ol.

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