Dr Ken (2015) s02e04 Episode Script

Dr. Ken: Child of Divorce

1 This menu's like 30 pages long.
I haven't had to read this much since med school.
Why do we always come here? Tradition.
Whenever Welltopia hires a new doctor, we treat them to a "get to know you" lunch.
But I already know Allison.
And for you, ma'am? Uh, I'll have the ahi tuna salad.
[Inhales sharply] Are you sure you want the tuna? Why? Is it not good here? Oh, no.
I just mean because of that time that you were in Costa Rica with Ken and you ordered the bad tuna and then had three days of, you know, bubble guts.
No, that was Belize.
Oh, that's right.
Yeah, she ruined the Costa Rica trip by running over a sloth.
I see the "get to know Allison" lunch has been happening for several years.
In my defense, I always start with, "This can't get back to Allison.
" How about a moratorium on intimate details about our personal life, okay? Absolutely.
Guys, as you may remember from our fight in the Virgin Islands, Allison is very thin-skinned.
So no more talk about awkward personal stuff.
So, I probably shouldn't bring up the fact that your dad is over there with a shapely blonde gal? Oh, that's probably the real-estate lady that's selling your parents' condo.
I'd let her show me her listings.
What? It's a dynamite time to buy right now.
Oh, snap.
He's feeding her cheesecake! Well maybe her arms don't work, right, Allison? Maybe? Nope.
The arms are good.
Oh, man, the lips work, too.
- Hey, Dad.
How's it going? - Mm.
Do anything special for lunch today? [Sighs] Cheesecake Factory.
That menu is so big.
Took longer to read than "Da Vinci Code.
" Wow, not gonna deny it.
I was there, Dad.
I saw you with that lady.
How could you do this to Mom? I wasn't cheating, if that's what you think.
Oh, please, the Cheesecake Factory hasn't seen that much action since prom night.
I wasn't cheating on your mom because your mother and I got divorced.
What?! When? Well, let's see.
Today's Thursday.
March 2014.
What happened? We just grew apart.
This doesn't make any sense.
I saw you and Mom last year for Thanksgiving and a bunch of times since then.
Yes, we kept up appearances.
We didn't want you to worry.
Okay, so Mom didn't go to Korea because Grandma was sick? No, no, Grandma was sick.
Got ointment, got better, and now she's playing golf again.
This is crazy! You got divorced and didn't tell your grown children? Oh, no, no, no.
We told your sister right away.
Wendi was our rock.
You told Wendi, but not me? Well, I can explain.
We thought you couldn't handle it.
Based on what? Based on your long history of not handling things.
You do seem upset.
Well, y-yeah, I'm not a robot.
I mean, you know, my parents getting divorced is a big deal.
I'm upset, but not end-of-the-world upset, you know? You know, th-this is what you and Mom really want.
You know, I'm fine with it.
So you're okay? [Scoffs] Dad, am I ever really okay? [Laughs] You know I'm always on the brink of something.
[Laughs] Look, I'm a grown man.
You're a grown man.
If you and Mom are happy, then I'm happy.
Well sorry I underestimated you.
It's okay.
I'm gonna go grab a beer.
Would you like one? No.
[Silent screaming] So, how'd it go? Hey, guys.
Uh, I have something impor Aah! Hi, Emily.
I know, right? Always out of nowhere.
Um, Emily, this is a family matter, so would you mind giving us a little privacy? Maybe a little more.
Come on, Em.
We'll get to the tale of the other city tomorrow.
See you later, babe.
Anyway, I do have some news.
Molly, why don't you join Dave on the couch? Grandma and Grandpa Park have gotten divorced.
Now, I know this news comes as a shock, so it's perfectly natural for you to feel sad or upset.
- Thanks.
- Okay.
That's it? Well, it's a bummer, but 52% of marriages end in divorce, and if it's for the best From what Grandpa told Dad, it is for the best, and he and Grandma are both fine.
What about Dad? Is he okay? Yeah, he's in the shower.
That's where Dad goes to cry.
He also cries in the shed.
Okay, we all know your dad has the emotional stability of a contestant on "The Bachelor.
" But that's why we're gonna help him get through this.
Got it? Wow.
Life unfolds so unpredictably.
Don't worry about Dave.
According to my A.
psychology textbook, it seems like a simple case of adjustment disorder.
I'll watch him for signs of stress and recommend a treatment protocol if necessary.
Aren't you only two weeks into that psychology class? I read ahead.
Hey, Mom.
When you get a chance, call me back.
Seems we have a couple things to catch up on, like, I don't know, who's married and who isn't.
Call me.
How you doing? They "grew apart.
" What does that even mean? If anything, they've grown more alike.
Mom's mustache is giving Dad's a run for its money.
I think it looks distinguished.
I don't know.
I need to fix this, Allison.
Honey, unfortunately, you can't fix it.
All you can do is accept it.
You accept it! I have.
Whoa! Stop yelling at me.
Listen, I know this is upsetting, but How do I put this gently? You're in your mid 40s.
Yeah, and all those years, I never questioned my parents' marriage.
They moved here from Korea.
All they had was each other and that's what got them through.
Or at least that's the lie they were shucking.
I don't even know what to believe anymore.
Maybe they were never really happy.
This doesn't mean they were never happy.
Do they look happy? Well, that's a bad example.
Hard-core Koreans never smile in pictures.
It's a sign of weakness.
They're probably happy.
They're at Sizzler.
Or maybe they're thinking, "I can't wait to run screaming from this marriage.
" And why am I in a sailor suit?! Was I in the navy when I was 4? I don't know what's real anymore.
I'll be in the shower.
Hey, what are you still doing up? I was doing some troubling research.
It turns out as a child of a child of divorce, I'm more likely to get divorced myself someday.
And how does that make you feel? Not great, Molly.
Emily and I are doomed.
This is a transference of worry that's not age-appropriate.
Can you say that in a way that is age-appropriate? You're being dumb.
Could've split the difference.
So, get this.
My dad wasn't cheating on my mom.
They got divorced after 50 years.
Oh, and I may have been in the navy.
You should look at this from your dad's point of view.
You're right.
He is going through a lot.
Yeah, through a lot of tail.
He's out there crushing it like an Asian Charles Bronson.
Rocking that stainless-steel barbecue brush of a mustache like he was born with it.
Ken, I need to prowl the single scene with the silver fox you call Dad.
Make it happen.
You want to know the worst part of all this? Sorry.
That wasn't it? Their marriage seemed so solid.
I mean, if they could crap out, anybody could.
Unh-unh! Unh-unh! Not Barack and Michelle! Don't you even! I mean, you're not worried about you and Allison, are you? Yo! Why would you say that to him?! I don't know.
I w I wasn't worried, but I am now.
Ow! But but I-I mean, your parents, they probably got married really young, right? - Yeah, that's true.
- Yeah.
But Allison and I got married young, and they had a daughter and a son with the same age difference as Molly and Dave.
Oh, my God, I have the same marriage as my parents, except that Allison's mustache is less aggressive than my mom's! Will you stop freaking out? No two marriages are alike.
You're right.
Theirs was better.
They never argued! I mean, I can't go two days without doing something to piss off Allison.
Not just Allison.
Well, what does she complain about? Well, she's always saying I'm not attentive, I'm not romantic, I minimize her feelings.
But I don't even count that one because, you know, who cares? You know who else has those same flaws? Papa.
I have to fix this marriage before it's too late.
The cycle of shattered families ends now.
Hold up.
Zimmer's here for a follow-up on his tendonitis.
The cycle of shattered families ends in about 20 minutes.
Happy lunch hour, colleague and light of my life.
Ditch that soggy sandwich.
'Cause you're about to feast on a taste of Bangkok.
[Laughs] Which I know you love because you said it in the past, and I double-checked with Molly.
Wow! - [Gasps] - Ta-da! Dahlias.
My favorite.
"Sorry for your loss"? No.
Ignore that.
I swiped them from the chapel.
I was gonna buy some, but I ran out of time.
Zimmer's tendonitis turned out to be a hairline fracture.
Okay, what's happening here? Well, medically speaking, sometimes a wrist X-ray won't show the fra No, Ken.
With this.
Look, maybe I'm crazy, but I I'm afraid we could end up like my parents.
I mean, think about it.
Our marriages are very similar.
Okay, that is crazy.
We're nothing like your parents.
We love each other, and we accept each other for who we are.
Thanks, Al.
I really needed that.
Oh, no.
What? What are you in the process of overthinking? My mother said almost the exact same thing to my dad on their 30th anniversary at the Sizzler! [Sighs] Wait.
So I don't get the nice lunch? Sorry, I need to go eat my feelings.
[Sighs] Seriously? The flowers, too? They're pretty.
A little help? How was school? Ugh.
Can we dispense with the small talk? I'm not big on that these days.
Besides, the real question is how are you? Okay.
You know, it's okay to admit that you're not okay.
That's it.
Let it all out.
What's going on? Why did you wait so long to tell us about you and Grandma? We were afraid your father couldn't handle it.
But he surprised me.
He put big-boy pants on.
Maybe for a minute, but then he went to his room and wet them.
He's not okay.
Then why did he say he was? Maybe you should ask him.
Well, that's our time.
Jail how appropriate since we're all prisoners of fate anyway.
Something wrong? Boy, someone's in a chatty mood.
I'm having a hard time continuing this charade when we both know it's doomed to fail.
Let's just play the game.
Ooh, doubles.
Boy, I am so tired.
- [Bangs on glass] - Oh! Oh, man! Who knocks like that?! That's my dad's knock.
Hard-core Koreans never adjust for glass.
I'm not ready to talk to him.
It's too soon.
No, no, no.
Tell him I'm not here.
- Say I'm at home.
- You live with him.
- Tell him I'm at work.
- These are not great ideas! Just you know what? Just go.
We'll cover for you.
- Clark, cover for him.
- No, no.
I do not - I'm a terrible liar because - No, I'm not doing it.
- No, you hey.
- Hi! I need to speak with Ken.
Um, yeah, Clark, do that, 'cause I'm minding my business around here.
Uh, so sorry, but, uh, he's he's at a conference.
Yeah, with other hiders other doctors.
Pat: Hey, there he is.
The Korean Tom Selleck.
You know, I would love to pick your studly brain for some dating pointers.
You know, mustache to mustache.
Hey, what do you say we mosey across the street and I'll buy you a beer? You can buy me a beer, but I don't mosey.
There's that legendary charisma that sends Realtor panties floorward.
After you, Professor.
- Is he gone? - Yes, thank God.
You know lying stresses me out.
Listen to me, little man.
You got to make peace with your father.
When my parents got divorced, I fell out with my dad and we never resolved it.
Don't wait until it's too late.
Thanks, Damona.
You could still work it out with your dad, couldn't you? It's never too late.
[Chuckles] You know my father died five years ago! You know that! - That don't make no sense! - Here, here, these are for you! And don't ignore the card! It applies! Your father's not dead.
I know.
He's just so easy to get.
[Laughs] Hey, Dave.
What's going on? Ask her.
[Screams] Every time.
You don't have to worry about it anymore.
We're breaking up.
Oh, no.
Let's face it.
Our fate was sealed long ago.
Grandchild of divorce.
Okay, hang on.
Emily, why don't you join Dave on the couch? Are your grandparents still together? Both sets? So, her stellar marital pedigree cancels out your tarnished one.
You two have nothing to worry about.
I never thought of it that way.
Emily, can you forgive a self-involved oaf and take me back? Yes.
Okay, let's not talk it to death.
So, what's your go-to, hmm? Singles bars? Dating websites? Garden center of the Home Depot? Unless the game has changed, the ladies love their succulents.
Don't talk so much.
Ah, yes.
Play the strong, silent type.
Women lap that up like pudding.
No, I mean you now.
Don't talk so much.
Oh, your son is here.
And I've got nothing to learn from him.
So you're not okay with our divorce.
No, Dad.
So help me out.
Grew apart? What does that even mean? When you and Wendi left the house, your mom wanted to move back to Korea.
I wanted to stay here.
Resentments grow, we talk less and less, watch TV more and more.
She watch a lot of golf.
I hate golf.
Ball goes up, ball comes down.
I fall asleep.
Woke up 30 years later grown apart.
But your mom is doing great.
Much happier now.
We should've told you sooner.
I'm sorry.
It's okay.
I mean, it's not like you weren't gonna tell me eventually.
Yeah, sure.
I just keep thinking if this could happen to you and Mom, what about me and Allison? No way.
I watch you and Allison all these years.
I see what a good relationship looks like.
You have problem, you talk.
Mom and I never did that.
You and Allison have chemistry.
Very rare.
If anyone can last, it's you two.
Thanks, Dad.
I got it.
I'm happy to buy Asian Burt Reynolds a beer, but why should I shell out for Asian Doogie Howser? Shut up and pay.
So cool.
So commanding.
[Inhales deeply] Sexy, sexy man.
Well, my dad and I had a great talk.
It was a real breakthrough, and I'm eager to share about it.
- Great, let's - Is Molly around? I'm so glad you're feeling better.
So much better, Allison.
And you were right.
I had nothing to worry about.
With us, you never have anything to worry about.
So, does this mean no more fancy lunches or spontaneous flower giving? Allison, I promise I will never dote on you again.
Oh, sweetie, I know you won't.
[Both laugh] In-Sook: Sorry we didn't tell you right away, but we thought why upset you.
That's okay.
I know you would've told me eventually.
Yeah, yeah, sure.
Well, you look great, Mom, and you seem like you're in high spirits.
I have your grandmother, all my cousins.
Don't you worry.
I know, but it's not the same as being, you know, coupled up.
Min-Jun is just a friend.