Dr. Quinn: Medicine Woman (1993) s01e05 Episode Script

The Healing

Can you teach me? I'm a little rusty.
I want to play too.
The Reverend don't want no one to touch it.
Nice and gentle, boys.
How do you expect to get this all the way over to the church? Just set it down.
We're gonna get a cart.
One, two, three! Loren! What is it, Mr.
Bray? Nothing! I'm alright! Did you strain a muscle? Leave me alone! But I would like Dr.
Mike! Dr.
Mike! There's prospector out back.
Oh, something awful's happened! Nothing like this has ever happened before! - Oh Lord! - Alright, we'll take a look.
He was fine! I mean, he looked okay.
Who is he? Sam.
I don't know his last name.
Hey, get back! This ain't no peepshow! Go on! He fainted cold, Dr.
Right with his boots on.
He's dead.
You sure he had no family? He told us all his kin were killed by a twister.
Bring him in to the clinic.
What? The operating room.
Oh now she's gonna try to bring him back from the dead! No, I gonna do an autopsy.
To find out why he died.
Who cares? Well, he looks young and strong.
Young men don't usually dielike that.
Well, he went out happy.
Did you ever see a piano that big? Nope.
Man could hurt himself lifting something that big, couldn't he? I guess.
Hold still now.
What would you do, if you know, you hurt yourself like that? What the heck you talking about? I gotta bulge.
A bulge? Where? Down there.
Loren, you better let me take a look.
No! Would you rather have that woman do it? You got a hernia, is all.
Anybody ever die from this? Well, Lou did back in '62.
You'll be alright, just as long as you wear this.
I need you to help me make out a will.
I wanna leave Daddy's pocket watch to cousin Ed.
Cousin Ed can't even tell time.
Well, I don't have a grandchild to leave it to, do I? You got me.
You ain't fixin' to die, are you? People die all the time before they expect to.
You mean like Maude? Yep.
Like my wife and my daughter.
Course, I knew when Abigail took up with Sully I knew it would come to a bad end.
What's this? Oh, it's just the deed to that property of Maude's.
Wait! Let me see that.
Anyone hungry? When do the races start? Look! There's Alice! We're gonna throw some horseshoes.
You wanna come? No thanks.
I thought you and Alice were friends.
Used to be, but now All she cares about is hair bonnets.
Do you think she's prettier than me? No.
Not at all.
How come she's so popular? It's very mysterious.
There are some people who seem to have It's kind of like a perfume that makes everyone want to be around them.
I sure don't have it.
You willone day.
Where's Sully? I want him to see me.
He'll come along soon.
He's visiting his wife's grave.
Again? He probably loved her a lot.
You don't have to do this.
Of course I do.
It's the 2nd anniversary of Abigail's passing.
And my granddaughter.
What? Sully.
Oh, he'll clear out.
We got an understanding.
Hasn't it been long enough? It's never gonna be long enough.
You married her without my permission.
Now you're paying.
Only, I got to pay too.
We all lost.
When are you two gonna stop fighting? Speaking of paying What? That homestead you built - it's on my land.
That was Abigail's.
Your wife gave it to her.
I just found a deed.
She never put Abigail's name on it.
Legally, it's mine.
Come on, Brian! Faster, Matthew! Faster! The winners! Brian, I told you to keep those arms straight! You were going too fast! Alright.
Now we've got the 3-legged race for children 10 and older.
Choose your partner.
It's my favorite! Be my partner? I already have one.
I promised Sue Ann.
Have you got a partner yet? Colleen ain't got nobody.
Colleen, would you be my partner? Why don't you help me judge? Now everybody get ready! Ready! Set! And go! Thank you, Mr.
You didn't need to bring them over.
I was heading this way.
Anything that I can do for you? There is thislittle pain I've been having.
From when you lifted the piano? YeahI guess maybe that's when it started.
Would you just like to come here for a moment? No! Just a moment.
I've already been examined.
Jake told me I got a herna - gave me a truss.
Has the pain stopped? No.
Then I'm afraid the truss won't work.
Don't you go touching me! Alright.
Well, perhaps you could describe it to me.
Well, it'sit's a lump.
How big? Well, I ain't measured it! Will you excuse me for a moment? Are you busy? Yes, Mr.
Bray is inside.
There's something I need to talk to you about.
Loren says he owns the land I built the homestead on.
The homestead? What does that mean? I don't know yet.
Could you wait? Of course.
Did Jake explain what a hernia is? Of course.
Well, not in so many words It's when there's a tear in the stomach muscle.
and the intestine pokes out - like that How do you fix it? An operation.
- You mean, cut me open? - That's right.
So I can push the intesting back and sew up the tear.
I won't have you messing with my innards! It could become strangulated.
What's that?! That's when the muscle clamps down cutting off blood to the bowel.
Could lead to gangrene.
Even death.
I heard enough! What a lotta nonsense! Mr.
Bray, you need surgery! Keep away from me with those knives! The pain isn't going to go away! You best listen to her.
Don't you go telling me what to do! Stay away from me! And get off my property! And that goes for you too! Did you find what killed him? Other than He had a bad heart - a hole in the left ventricle.
He might have died from anyexertion.
So you done? No.
I need to practice sewing up a hernia.
Why? Loren's going to need to operation and I haven't done it since school.
Something troubling you? He should be buried.
He will be.
You know the Cheyenne say that the dead carry their scars with them into the afterlife.
Well, I disagree.
I believe it's the people who are left that carry the scars.
What are you saying? Don't you think it's time you put Abigail to rest? Well, things like that just happen in their own time.
I know it's difficult to let go Why don't you just get back to that? You're good at cutting.
A tin of lard.
You alright, Mr.
Bray? What else you need? A sack of flour.
Hey, Alice.
I want you to come to my birthday party.
We're all going to be dressed up in costumes! What fun! I can be Pocahontas.
My mom has all these beads.
Who are you gonna be? I was thinking about Lily Langtree.
Miss Olive, you got any feather boas? Oh, hundreds! They're hanging in back.
We're expecting some notions this week.
I'll stop back.
Hey, Alice.
Hey, Colleen.
Colleen, I've been searching everywhere.
What's the matter? Have I upset you? Is it Brian? If you tell me what it is, maybe can help you.
Alice is having a birthday party.
Everyone's invited.
Everyoneexcept me.
Maybe she just hasn't asked you yet.
I saw her at the store.
She walked right by me.
I'm sorry.
Nobody likes me I got no friends.
That's not true.
At Sunday school they make fun of me.
Why? I guess 'cause I always know the answers.
I know how that is.
When I was your age, they used to call me a bookworm.
I was far too serious.
Let me tell you, people who are popular when they're young they often grow up to have very dull lives.
And people who are different They go on to be successful and make wonderful contributions.
Like who? Welllike, uh LikeAbraham Lincoln.
They shot him! I don't care what this says! Well, the law does.
You know Maude gave that land to Abigail as a wedding present! I don't know anything of the kind.
The deed says the land belongs to my wife God rest her soul.
Which means, it belongs to me.
You ever heard of squatter's rights? Good morning.
Good morning, Dr.
Any more information on the homestead? No, I'm afraid not.
I told you you shouldn't drink your breakfast.
None of your business! It is my business when you're disturbing my customers.
Now find a bed and sleep it off.
Leave me alone! You took my daughter! My baby girl! My pretty little baby I loved her more than anything Then why'd you close your door to her? You know darn well! She was engaged to Martin Anderson, a fine young man.
You set that up.
She had no say.
I knew what was best for her! Martin was gonna work with me.
Run the store.
You fixed that! Happy? No.
But I loved her.
You dare say that to me?! Calm down, Loren.
You're drunk! Loren! Stop it! She's gone! What's the point of carrying on this quarrel? Stop it, Mr.
Bray! Loren! I'm afraid it's become strangulated.
We're going to have to operate soon.
You ain't cutting me! If I don't -- Not now! Not ever! Noteven if I was to Loren! Loren! Loren! I'm gonna need your permission.
Mine? You're his only relation.
But he said he didn't want it! He's not being rational.
He's in terrible pain.
Have you done it before? Not with these complications.
Do you think you can? Truthfully, I'm not sure.
But I know this -- if I don't try, he is going to die.
She's going to do it right now! She's going to cut open his stomach and sew up that muscle! Do what?! He'll never get up off of that table.
Yes, he will.
How much you wanna bet? I ain't a gambler, but if I was the doc fixed me up good.
I'll take that bet! Horace! Who else wants to make a wager? Two bucksthat Loren kicks.
Odds are now two to one against the doc.
Three on Dr.
Mike! Come on, boys.
Loren! Loren! I don't know if you can hear me or not, but you gotta wake up! Don't let her do this.
Do you hear me, Loren? Don't let her do this.
You hear me, Loren?! Jake.
Olive, it might be better if you wait outside.
Don't worry, I'll look out for Loren.
I'm not squeamish.
You let the girl stay? She's assisting me as I did my father.
I want you to pour some chloroform onto the rag and hold it over his mouth and nose like this.
Whisky'd work just as well.
Everybody ready? She's got him laid out there now.
She's getting ready to cut! Oh, Lord! On second thought I think I'll wait in the other room.
Light, please.
What is that soft, yellow stuff? The subcutaneous layer.
It looks like chicken fat.
It sure does.
Here it is.
The tear is larger than I thought.
See where the intestine's coming through? She's clamping something with a Looks like pliers.
Pliers? This is the risky part.
I have to cut around the tear, loosen the muscle without nicking the bowel.
What happens if you do? It'll contaminate the wound.
That's bad? Fatal.
Jake done fainted! He's been bleeding folks for years.
Maybe he seen something terrible! Well, it is Loren.
Is he breathing normally? Yes.
We'll attend to him later.
Colleen, quickly get another rag and moisten it with chloroform.
More light here, please.
I'm going to cut the muscle.
This looks dangerous.
Dear Lord, we ask you to help our brother, Loren, in his time of need.
Please, look after his spirit and and allow our Dr.
Quinn to be the instrument of your healing.
Go on.
You're doing fine.
Colleen, the spoon.
What's that for? To push the bowel back through the muscle.
She's putting a spoon inside him! Spoon! Scooping out his guts.
Clamp! Got a bleeder.
Hold it there.
Tie the vein off.
There's blood all over! Looks like they slaughtered a pig! Bleeding's stopped.
I'm ready to close.
A couple more stitches.
She's sewing him up.
She's finished! Oh my God, it looks like he's till breathing! Alive! Praise the Lord! Alright, Hank! Pay up! He ain't off the table yet.
That's not what you said! Is it over? Yeah, Jake.
It's all over.
Miss Olive! He made it through.
Mike, I'm real glad that the operation went good.
We're waiting for him to wake up.
Didn't mean to trouble you.
I brought my niece, Alice.
No trouble.
Hello, Alice.
Actually, we've come to see Colleen.
Colleen! Someone's here to see you.
We've got something for her.
Hey, Colleen.
Alice! I'd like you to come to my birthday party.
Thank you! It's dress-up, right? I hope you have time to fix something.
Oh, I'm sure we can.
Well, see you then.
See you! Buh-bye.
He made it hrough the night.
That's very encouraging.
But when's he coming to? It could be a few hoursor even a few days.
I can't take the waiting.
His pulse is strong.
I don't feel easy.
It shouldn't be too long.
You know how it is with brothers and sisters.
Loren's way older than me and until I came along he was Ma's darling.
He's still mad at me just for being born.
He treated me awful.
And I gave it back to him twice as hard.
But he never allowed another livin' soul be against me.
See What I found out is that underneath it He's soft.
He just can't stand for anyone to know that.
I have someone in my family like that.
Your ma.
Loren told me.
They're difficult to live with even when you love them.
I do.
He's all I got.
And if he don't make it, I'm telling you right now I am grateful to you for trying to save him.
We got our differences, but I respect you.
and it's gonna stay that way no matter what happens.
(cries softly) Hey, Alice.
Hey, Colleen.
Did you get your costume yet? I'm gonna be Florence Nightingale.
Miss Olive's got some fabric for me.
That'd be realdifferent.
Surely will.
Bye now.
Why'd you invite her? My aunt made me.
Colleen, your muslin's here.
It's perfect for your costume.
I don't want it.
Why? Alice only invited me because her Aunt Emily made her.
What makes you think so? You did this, didn't you? What are you talking about? Tell the truth.
We were talking aboutabout birthdaysand we merely asked Colleen, you're going to have a wonderful time.
It won't matter how you got there.
I'm not going! Colleen! Thank you for assisting the surgery.
You're as good as any nurse I've ever worked with.
Good as a Florence Nightingale? Sorry about the party.
Olive and I were just trying to help.
You made it worse! I know.
Will you forgive me? Who needs parties anyway? I'd rather help at the clinic.
Everybody needs parties sometimes.
But if you're happy with who you are and what you're doing you'll find the friends who are right for you.
Where am I? In the clinic.
You're alright, Loren.
You're gonna be alright.
What happened? I repaired the hernia.
What? It's all stitched up.
Good as new.
You had no right! Loren, calm down.
You cut me open? She didn't have no choice.
You were dyin'.
Please, Mr.
Bray! It's dangerous to move around! I'm getting outta here! Loren, lay down! You could rupture your stitches! Move! You wanna to kill me, don't ya! He aint' getting that land.
You bring me that deed, Olive, so I can sign it over to you.
His pulse weak and rapid.
We have to do a transfusion.
Slow down.
We have to replace the blood that he lost.
I agreed to let you cut him but you never said -- You did? Somebody had to.
How could you? She saved your life! Can't you understand? We're all fighting as hard as we can to keep you with us.
So I'm gonna die? No.
You're strong.
But you've got to cooperate! I'm going to need someone to give blood.
I will.
Thank you, but we have a better chance if we transfer blood from a man to a man.
I'll give.
This is most generous of you.
Will he make it? Sometimes transfusions work And sometimes they don't.
We don't know why.
Perhaps I should send him to Denver, where they have hospitals and surgeons who have done this a hundred times.
He would never have gone.
If this doesn't work If he doesn't make it everyone will blame me.
You may feel a little dizzy.
Just lie still.
Why are you doing this? If it's the land you -- I don't care about the land! Please.
I need you to lie quietly.
Alice, I can't wait for your party! Colleen, wait up! Where are you going in such a hurry? Taking flowers to Mr.
My aunt said you were standing there for the whole operation.
Did you really see his insides? Was there an awful lot of blood? For a time, there was.
Mike cut a vein - they call them bleeders -- but she tied it up with thread.
I declare! I gotta get back.
Nice talking to you.
Bet she'll be a doctor too! We'll know soon.
If he makes it, might have to clear out of the homestead.
I hope not.
Perhaps he's changed his mind.
He looks pretty determined to me.
I suppose we could move in here or upstairs.
It's not very private.
I'd be closer to my patients.
Might be hard on the children going back where their mother died.
Best prepare them.
You knowyou know how I was saying that I, uh I have news.
Well How would you feel about moving back into town where you used to live? It's your clinic now.
We could take the rooms above.
With people coming and going all the time? Do we have to? It seems Mr.
Bray owns this land and he's asked us to go.
But I like it here.
Well, what about my horse? All the animals.
Well, they could go to Robert E.
Not the chickens.
What about my puppy? He'll have nowhere to run and play 'cept the street.
There's the meadow.
When do we have to leave? We'll pack tomorrow.
I'm sure everything will be fineonce we get settled.
Excuse me.
I'm going to turn in.
Me too.
See you in the morning.
You glad about this? I'll be easier for me to see my patients.
And I won't have a long ride in and out of town.
You don't sound glad.
It's just This was my first home.
He's pulling through, thank God.
I'll be going.
Sully! Is that you out there? Don't go creeping around like a snake.
Show your face! Who was that book writer who says when a man's about to die he tells the truth? You ain't dying.
Oh, but I come close.
Didn't I? Yeah.
You wrecked all the plans for Abigail.
They were my plans, not hers.
I come to see that after a time.
But I was too proud.
I couldn't tell her.
She never stopped loving you.
Not even after I disowned her? No.
She knew you loved her.
(groans in pain) That envelope.
You keep it.
What is it? Don't -- don't open it now.
Don't open it until tomorrow.
I don't want nothing from you.
Why you got to be so darn stubborn? The same reason you do, I guess.
Keep it.
Go on now.
Get outta here.
Let an old man get some sleep.
Hello! Hey, Sully! I've got something to tell ya.
What is it? You don't have to leave.
How's that? Loren gave me the deed to the land.
Signed it over.
What should we do with all this? Unpack them! This was Abigail's wasn't it? Yeah.
What do you want to do with it? Give it all to Loren.
Sully Stay for dinner.
We have a lot to celebrate.