Dracula (2013) s01e07 Episode Script

Servant to Two Masters

Previously, on Dracula - She is Ilona.
- You must never again mention Mina Murray's resemblance to my wife.
Nickel steel alloy.
The answer to our resonating casing problem.
Sole shareholder, empire munitions.
General Shaw is taking bribes.
I didn't know you had such a remarkable penchant for ruining the lives of innocent men.
What makes you so sure that you are immune from the same fate? She's not a bookkeeper.
She's an actress.
I did everything you asked.
I refined the process.
You will finally be able to walk in sunlight.
Might I recommend keeping it short for once? We have no idea how long the serum will last.
If you are involved with Grayson and he proves to be a vampire, you will face the full wrath of the brotherhood.
Women have many secret ways of expressing desire.
Mina likely feels the same way about you.
You need to leave.
- You found it.
- The Dresden triptych.
Everyone to their stations.
Kowalski, fire it up.
Full power.
Get to your stations! When did you last feed? Nickel steel alloy.
If this doesn't tame the beast, nothing will.
Answer me.
How long has it been? My habits are not your concern, professor.
- You're playing with fire.
- I'm well aware of my needs.
I've been cursed with them for over four centuries.
- You need blood! - I'm not hungry.
Gentlemen, we're ready.
Kowalski, by all means.
That's it, gentlemen.
Kowalski, take these men to the nearest public house.
Drinks on me.
- Yes, sir! - And take it easy, boys.
I want this place shipshape for our public demonstration, and the day after that, oil won't be worth a damn and the Order Draco won't have a pot to piss in.
General Shaw is innocent.
He never took bribes to promote war.
- But your informant - My informant was a paid actress.
Really? Who would do such a thing? - The hoax was elaborate.
- Hm.
That takes planning and funds.
Whoever did this, they sit to benefit from it financially or at It was you.
Don't be absurd.
Was I not the one who told you explicitly to drop the whole business? Yes, after you knew that I couldn't.
That I wouldn't.
What have you done? We, Harker, have done what was necessary.
An honorable man's reputation destroyed.
That was necessary? Just another fallen soldier in the energy war.
Not the first.
Not the last.
You've made me accomplice to this.
I'll expose you.
Expose what? You were the one who sought out the bookkeeper.
You were the one who sent the forged documents to the newspapers.
I didn't destroy the man.
You did.
Now, shall we return to the business at hand? I'm planning a demonstration of my resonator.
I need you to send out invitations to the press.
Will that be a problem? No.
There's a good lad.
You've seen this rubbish? Well, you must admit.
He's quite clever.
- Good God, man.
- What? Are you saying you admire the fellow? No.
Certainly not.
One just admires the game he plays.
He thrusts, we parry.
Grayson keeps us on the defensive.
Then let's make him run for a change.
Our man at Scotland Yard, Winthrop.
Chief Inspector Morrow, sir.
What are you going to do? Something not befitting a gentleman.
- Oh, and Winthrop.
- Yes, sir.
Perhaps it's time we brought in Young Harker.
Now, you will be careful in Budapest? If you wish, I can employ some bodyguards to protect you.
I'm perfectly capable of defending myself, sir.
I would not trust this task to anyone.
After my father's castle was sacked, priceless heirlooms that had been in my family for centuries were lost.
I would put a match to them all.
All but one.
Renfield, bring that painting back to me.
Bring her home.
Four hours.
My skills can afford you no more than that yet.
Really, Abraham? How humble you are to so readily admit your limitation.
Quite out of character.
It is the improvement you demanded, no? It is enough for now.
Why do you abstain from blood? Did you think I of all people wouldn't notice the symptoms? Miss Markham served to heal my burns.
But I have not fed since, and perhaps I never shall.
Your infusion has changed me.
I feelreborn.
A man once more.
You deceive yourself.
There's no cure for your hunger.
You will always be its servant.
I'm servant to no man.
Miss Murray.
- Oh.
- Five minutes early today.
Did I startle you? No.
I was just What in the world are you doing here? Same as everyone else.
It's a rare treat.
May I? You know, it should be a crime not to smile on so beautiful a day.
So, what's troubling you? - If you'd rather not say, I - No, no, it's quite all right.
I was assisting my father on his rounds at hospital, and we had an argument.
Life at Bethlem can be relentlessly bleak.
The days can be so monotonous.
What if that kind of tedium hinders their recovery? They should dance.
What? Dance.
Gets the blood pumping.
What an idea.
How did you ever think of that? I like to dance.
Father does not.
It might take some convincing.
Oh, I'm sure you can be very persuasive.
And obstinate.
One of my many flaws.
And yours? A long memory Impatience Envy.
What could you possibly desire that is not already yours for the taking? I see you got my flowers.
I rang, but no one answered.
- Jenkins? - You know, I heard some sounds coming from the pantry.
I found Mr.
Jenkins seeing to your cook.
Seeing to her? Vigorously seeing to her.
You pricked your finger.
Shall we go downstairs and watch? No.
Let's go upstairs.
Oh Oh, to have you here in broad daylight, it's it's quite decadent.
What's wrong? It's my husband.
He appears to have gotten involved with the nurse who tends to him at our country estate.
That happens.
Harmless enough.
Yes, that's what I thought at first, but, uh silly old fool is claiming he's in love with her.
He's become quite brazen about it.
I would reciprocate, of course, but But any damage inflicted upon his reputation would in turn be a strike against your own.
It's a quandary.
Tell me What would you do in my position, Alexander? I'd go after the object of his affection.
By wounding her you wound him.
- A dance.
- A what? I know it's unconventional.
That's an understatement.
But father, a dance would encourage socialization, and music has such a power for healing.
The men and women of this hospital live in separate wards for good reason.
In the past there have been incidents of violence - and indecent behavior.
- Oh, God forbid! - Mina.
- Father.
Most of these poor souls will never return home.
They have lost the simple pleasures of leading their own lives.
Can we not give them one small reminder of the lives they've left behind? Not a penny may come from the hospital budget.
Sent invitations to every newspaper as instructed.
And these are? Their refusals.
What reason do they give? You.
They say you're a charlatan peddling snake oil, like P.
Like P.
Well, if they want a circus, I'm gonna give 'em one.
One they won't soon forget.
Come one! Come all! Come see the magnificent electricity! Drawn from the earth below and sky above! You won't believe your eyes! Well, then, Harker.
Now we have London's attention.
Very soon we'll have the world's.
Alexander, are you ill? No.
Just had a little bit too much to drink last night.
Perhaps my age is catching up to me.
- Goodness.
- Well, they should be there, with any luck.
Come now, ladies and gentlemen.
The Dresden triptych now come to auction.
For the 15th century's masterpiece I think we can go higher than 140,000 coronas, no? Yes, madam.
150,000 coronas.
Do I have 175? There it is, madam.
Thank you very much.
Do I have 200? It is yours, sir.
225? I can see you, madam.
250? Yes again, sir, in the back.
Do I have 275? No? Very well, then.
Closing at 250,000 coronas.
- Ladies and gentlemen - 1 million.
Did you say, sir? 1 million corona.
Payable in British sterling.
Good lord.
Dare I ask for 1 million, 100,000 coronas? Then sold.
Dresden triptych for 1 million coronas.
Now it's my turn to surprise you, Mr.
And so you have.
I was preparing my speech for the demonstration tomorrow night.
- Harker isn't here.
- No.
Um I came to speak to you.
Me? Well, in that case, my speech can wait.
Are you unwell? - You--You're perspiring.
- I've never been better.
I assure you.
No need for concern.
Everyone in London's been talking about your big night.
I'm glad the repairs were successful.
There's a seat reserved for you at the front.
Unfortunately, I have another engagement.
- Hmm.
- You see, father has consented to a dance at the hospital.
- Persuasive, indeed.
- Yes.
And I wonder, would it be terribly forward if I asked to borrow your marvelous phonograph? It's quite a modest affair, but a dance isn't a dance without music, - is it? - I'll have it delivered.
You shan't want for music.
Or anything.
Thank you.
How shall I ever repay such kindness? Give me time, Miss Murray.
I'm confident I'll think of something.
My dear, I'm sure you must have mistaken Mina's reaction.
You are wrong.
You weren't there.
I know what I saw.
And what was that? - Revulsion.
- No.
What you saw was fear.
You don't know her like I do.
No, perhaps not, but I know her type very well.
Timid little creatures.
Afraid of their own desires.
See, you and I We're a different breed.
We are brave.
We are honest.
Your friend's behavior has been cowardly, frankly monstrous.
- It was monstrous, wasn't it? - Mm-hmm.
Who knew she had such venom in her? Truly she's cut me to the very bone.
Clever Mina.
She knows so much.
She knows nothing of pain.
Not as I do.
How would she feel to be let down by the one she loves? By Jonathan? Well, that would be a terrible lesson, indeed.
Yes, it would.
This spectacle tomorrow evening, you've heard of it? Of course I have.
Half the boys of the yard have requested off to be there.
Chief Inspector Morrow, the Order requires your services and your discretion.
Thank you.
Initial test holds steady.
All seems to be in order.
Have you written your speech yet? Kowalski, this roller chain's covered in rust.
- I don't see any rust.
- Just fix it! You're not looking well.
I would tread very carefully if I were you, professor.
This evening our revenge rests on your shoulders, yet you look too weak to shoulder your own garments! You will have your revenge.
When we crush them, we both will.
But the greater measure of mine is to defy this blasted curse they've placed on my head.
I will not kill.
I will not feed.
I will live as a man or not at all.
You're a virgin, aren't you? I've seen you flirt.
You wear your inexperience like a cheap rouge.
Now you're just being cruel.
You know, all young ladies preen like peacocks, thinking that the loudest and the brightest will draw the man's eye.
But any streetwalker can simper and giggle.
I will teach you how to haunt Jonathan's dreams.
You see, a woman's power isn't in her beauty or her smile but in her mind, and the best application of yours will be in capturing Jonathan's five senses.
Your fingertips across his arm, his chest, his cheek.
Memories of summer reminding him of the warm sun on his naked skin.
Your laugh.
Light and gentle like a crystal bell.
A look that lingers and promises so much more.
And finally Yes? Go on.
Wield these blades wisely, my dear, and Jonathan will be an easy kill.
I am sorry to scare you, Miss, but no cleaning today, please.
Yes, sir.
Beg your pardon, sir.
Good afternoon, sister.
Just some flowers for the dance.
Lucy, this is all very unnecessary.
I'm more than capable of choosing - my own wedding garments.
- I know the chaps are all wearing ivory wedding gloves now, but they're back to lavender in Paris.
- You seem well, considering.
- Considering what? The other night.
Mina told me why you were so upset.
I'm so sorry.
Oh, yes.
Of course.
It's for the best.
He wasn't exactly my type.
Did she say anything else? No.
Why? Oh, no, no, no.
You poor lamb.
Allow me.
I insist.
Well done.
Pies fresh today! Fresh this morning.
Right out of the oven.
- Do you mind if I - No.
Just go ahead.
Go on.
Fresh pies, fresh pies, fresh today! - Thank you.
- You're welcome.
Allow me.
Start at the beginning.
- Any trouble? - Nothing I couldn't handle.
So who do you love most, Alexander Grayson? Mina Murray.
I'll be back shortly.
Jonathan Harker? - Yes? - Come on behalf of Mr.
Browning He'd like a word with you at once.
Well, a letter would have sufficed.
As it is, I'm just on my way Demonstration.
He's aware.
He asked but a moment, please? And if I refuse? Make the task at hand a great deal messier, sir.
Please remain seated, Mr.
Harker, or we shall be forced to restrain you.
I am here.
Although, if you ever allege that I was, I have four unimpeachable witnesses who will testify under oath that I am at present dining at the Gresham Club.
What is this about? Why am I here? I merely wish to present you to my colleagues, who shall remain anonymous for the time being.
- Your colleagues? - Ah, yes.
Welcome, Mr.
Harker, to the Order of the Dragon.
And with daisies from the garden.
Not a single penny was spent.
It might not be the ballroom at Chatsworth but it should do.
Admirably resourceful, my dear.
And Mr.
Grayson's phonograph should be here, too.
Do you hear that? As you requested, Miss Murray.
Your music.
May I trouble you for this dance, my lady? Every man in this room has sworn an oath that he will give up his life in order to serve God's word.
Are you such a man, Mr.
Harker? Are you one of us? Would you make that sacrifice? In the face of a threat? Yes.
Without hesitation.
Even as we speak, such a threat exists.
An ancient enemy The heathens now known as the Ottomans.
The Ottomans sit on a sea of oil.
If we do not secure those reserves for England and the West then soon, very soon, with the turn of the spigot, they will have the power to shut down Western industry, and when we are defenseless their hordes will rise up and crush us.
But If I may? Please.
If what you say is true, then Mr.
Grayson's energy scheme will utterly strip the Ottomans of their greatest weapon.
With geomagnetic power, we'll have no need for oil.
Grayson's technology is a dead end.
A distraction, and if it continues, one that may prove deadly.
We cannot afford to be led astray by a latter-day pied piper whose interests begin and end with lining his own pockets.
- It is our duty to stop him.
- But We need your help.
You'd have me play Judas? To bring down a false messiah, yes, and in return, power and connections that would ensure the brightest of futures for you and Miss Murray.
Join us, Mr.
Help us to win this Holy War once and for all.
You're not leaving already.
Forgive me.
The demonstration.
Tell Harker I'll see him there.
But it doesn't start for another hour, and Jonathan's not here, although he promised.
I'm sure you'll have no trouble finding another partner to dance with.
I already have.
Miss Murray, what would people say? What people? Dance with me.
- There you go, sir.
- Here we are.
And one for you.
There's one for you, sir, and you, ma'am.
Thank you very much.
And one for you, sir.
- Where is he? - I think they gave me - the wrong one.
- Where is he? I've never seen them so happy, and all because of you.
They only have you to thank for it.
Why, any flower would blossom under your care.
You flatter me.
Does that make you uncomfortable? Yes.
Should I stop? No.
Your hands.
Your hands are trembling.
Forgive me.
What's happening? Nothing.
That's the problem.
Your boss is a no-show.
Ladies and gentlemen, we have reason to believe that this machine is a threat to public safety, so if you'll all please move towards the exit in an orderly fashion.
Thank you.
Ladies and gentlemen, move along.
Quick as you can, ladies and gents.
Shut it down! Pack it all up.
I want all this confiscated.
This is private property! You have no right! Next door there are over a hundred souls sick as dogs not days after this infernal machine was constructed.
That's impossible! This poses absolutely no health risks! Tell that to the mum with the baby in her arms who's spittin' up blood.
Clearly you're not above being paid for your services, so how much to double whoever's paid you off? Get your damn hands off her! Get out! Go away! Come on! Come on.
Come along! Move.
Come on.
I'm so sorry.
I know I should have been here.
Take me home.
Paul! You should have taken the money.
Aah! Off for a little lip, were we? My savagery pales in comparison to yours.
You won't drag me back into this world that had forsaken me.
You, who cheated me with the vaccine that gives me but the taste of the life I can never have.
You, who gave me hope.
You're more of a monster than I am, and someday I will kill you for it.