Dragons: Rescue Riders (2019) s01e05 Episode Script

Heavy Metal

1 Everybody needs a hero Someone to save the day We've got a wing to ride on We are the bold and brave Look to the sky and you will find us High above the world Racing through the sky High above the world We rescue and we ride There's nothing we can't do Together we can't lose We're high above the world I'm gonna get you, Summer.
- Why are we going slow? - I know what I'm doing.
Well, do it faster.
- Winger's still hanging back.
- He's up to something.
Don't forget, Swiftwings are the fastest dragons.
Fastest in the air.
- Thank you.
- This time, his cockiness will cost him.
We hug the side on the turn - We can beat him.
- Don't be worried about them.
You should be worried about me.
Sit back, watch and learn as I - Pass you all! - Whoa! Less talking, more racing.
Hey! Whoa! Hey! Well, at least I'm not in last place for once.
Not last, I'm not last.
Not last at all! Winger, what are we waiting for? This.
A tailwind.
I'm not last, I'm not la Fun while it lasted.
- I'm gaining on you.
- Whoa! I knew it.
- They're coming fast.
- Lean to the left, Ley.
- Give it all you got, Summer.
- Victory will be ours.
Whoo-hoo! Still undefeated.
- All right, we get it.
- You two are the fastest.
- But I'm by far the hottest.
- And I'm still the funniest.
And I'm still really, really, winded.
- Come on, let's all wing it in.
- Yeah.
Ah! Good morning, Rescue Riders.
A fine morning it is.
The sun is shining.
The townspeople are happily working.
And the wagon wheels are rolling wildly through the village.
- Look out, Aggro! - Huh? - Wha? - That is strange.
- Wagon wheels are not on my morning list.
- Look out! Come on.
The villagers are in trouble.
What is the racket about? How is a genius to work with all this screaming? Had to wait until the last second.
- Wow.
Thankless, party of one.
- I didn't like the tone of that roar.
What is going on? Nothing to panic about.
Accidents happen.
Oh! We need to figure this out before the village falls apart.
- Ah, the Viking we need to fix this mess.
- I can't fix this mess.
That took an unexpected turn.
Considering you're a blacksmith and fixing's your job, you might wanna keep that to yourself.
- It's not that.
I'm out of Belzium.
- Out of Belzium? Out of Belzium? What is Belzium? A highly magnetic ore, both flexible and durable.
Uh The purple rock I add to my iron to make it stronger.
- That Belzium.
Of course.
- It makes better nails for fences, - wheels for carts - Handles for mugs.
- Should've let me know.
- I did.
- When? - When I was fixing your mug.
- You sure? - You wrote it down on your list.
Looks like I need to find some more Belzium before the whole town falls apart.
By that I mean, Rescue Riders, can you find us more Belzium before the town falls apart? Literally.
No need for these flappy lizards.
I've been waiting for the opportunity to test my invention.
My Magnificent Magnetic Mineral Detector.
Did he call us flappy lizards? These spring-loaded magnets pick up traces of Belzium from miles away! With my amazing device, I'll find that Belzium faster than anyone.
Using science! - Somebody challenged us to a race.
- That's what I heard, too.
Or we could all work together as a team to find Belzium.
I don't know.
A race sounds like more fun to me.
Yes, a race you will undoubtedly lose.
Humiliating you will be so much fun.
Just move I had There, calibrating, not quite.
No, that's fine.
Don't worry.
We'll beat Magnus to the Belzium.
You two might be the fastest, but I have the best eyesight.
Eyesight only gets you so far.
I lived on northern pastures, - I know where to look.
- And me? I know a lot about rocks.
Wait, you guys think you can beat us in a race - that involves thinking? - You, too, Summer? All right.
If you can't join them, beat them.
I'm in.
Then the race is on.
May the best flappy lizard win.
On your mark.
Get set See you later, lizard losers.
Ha, ha! - Go.
- Whoo-hoo! - It's on.
- Let's ride.
Uh, shouldn't we be going? We don't have to leave first to find it first.
Tell us everything you know about Belzium.
I was wondering if someone would ask.
If you want to find Belzium Yee-haw! - We're ahead of everybody.
- What is it we're looking for again? Uh, some purple rock.
Shouldn't we fly closer to the ground? I guess so.
And slower.
Come on, really? We might as well be walking.
Nothing over there.
It's gotta be here somewhere.
Not Belzium.
Not Belzium.
Not So not Belzium.
I'll just be going.
Huh? Aha! Belzium.
I knew searching here would pay off.
I must have dozed off looking for Belzium.
How do you fall asleep under a pile of rocks? Close your eyes, count Haggis jumping over your face.
Again and again and a Hannahr said you find Belzium near sandstone.
This is definitely sandstone.
- I don't see any Belzium.
- Keep looking.
Huttsgalor needs it.
It'd be nice to find it before Dak and Winger.
Yeah, that, too.
Looks like the Belzium found us.
Ley, look.
There it is.
- Leyla and Summer found something.
- Before us? No way.
Whoa! - We found it.
- No.
We found it.
You found us.
You found the stuff.
Now we race back to see who can get it to Hannahr fastest.
- Hey.
- I bet I'll get it out faster.
In your dreams, Dak.
Oh, the mother lode.
Let go of my glory, Rescue Runts.
Um, guys? - Wait.
- No.
Guys, stop.
- Magnus, watch out.
- I'm on it.
Congratulations, disaster dragons.
This is your fault.
- Our fault? - We're in this together, like it or not.
I don't do well in dark, dank places.
They give me heebie-jeebies.
Dark, dank heebie-jeebies.
- Something moved.
- Stand back.
I'm getting us out.
Not again.
- I vote for not doing that again.
- We gotta do this the hard way.
Come on, guys.
- Too heavy.
Now what? - Cutter, Aggro, and Burple are out there.
We call for help, they'll hear us.
- Good idea.
- The Rescue Riders need rescuing.
Oh, what a shock.
- Help! Somebody help us! - Someone help us! Help! Somebody help us! - Stop following me, Cutter.
- I'm not.
Just making sure I don't waste time looking in the places you've looked.
Nice try.
Did you hear something? It sounded like yelling.
It's probably your stomachs.
They're always squawking.
Maybe, but my stomachs don't sound like, "Help.
Help us.
" Stop for a snack, just to be sure, while I find the Belzium.
That's a great idea.
You can't fool me or my stomachs.
- Help.
- Help.
So much for screaming for help.
- We'll think of something.
- One thing we haven't tried.
- Magnus? - He'll never help.
- He can't stand us.
- Inside every mean person there is a nice, gentle person trying to get out.
You expect me to help you? "Help us.
We're stuck in this cave.
" We're stuck.
That includes you.
The four of us can't move the boulder.
Maybe the five of us can.
Work with you and the beasts or be stuck in this cave.
- Well? - I'm thinking.
You'll be stuck in this cave forever with the wild beasts.
When you put it like that I think it's working.
We can't hold this.
Someone needs to squeeze out.
I volunteer.
I'll send help, eventually.
Leyla, go, go, go.
Yes! So we're clear, our lives rest in the hands of a child.
Good with that? They rest in the hands of my sister.
So, yeah, I am.
Cutter! Aggro? Burple! Rescue Riders! Oh, I'm never gonna find them this way.
But maybe they can find me.
Dark, dank, heebie-jeebies Oh! What is taking her so long? I could've squeezed out.
Could've flown to Huttsgalor and back.
Leyla will get help.
We wouldn't be in this if you hadn't followed.
Or if you'd let me get the Belzium.
- I was trying to win.
- So was I.
Whoa, whoa.
There's plenty of blame to go around.
Is that what they're prattling on about? Tell them I'm not gonna apologize.
If Magnus Finke can't win, then nobody can.
Huh? They got the message.
Just not the one you were sending.
- Sorry.
I got too stuck on trying to win.
- Yeah.
Me, too.
Doesn't matter how we got trapped.
What we need to focus on is getting out.
Leyla will find the others and be back anytime.
I don't like being up high without a dragon.
- No, you're following me.
- You're following me.
No, you are.
Come on, look over here.
- You're still following me.
- No, you're following me.
No, you're following me.
No, you are.
Aggro, Cutter.
Whoa! - Hi.
- Oh, Burple.
Thank you.
Why didn't you say something? - You heard me calling out.
- Not to me.
Let's get the others.
We've got some rescuing to do.
- Dak.
You guys okay in there? - We are now.
Great to hear your voice.
I found Cutter, Burple and Aggro.
Everyone pull together.
You guys, push from inside.
Okay, sis.
- I can't get a grip.
- Burple knows boulders.
Watch and learn.
Oh! My favorite fang.
I got it.
- Dak.
- We're pushing.
- I need Magnus' invention.
- My Magnificent Magnetic Mineral Detector? Hand it over.
Just take it.
For the record, I'm not helping you.
I'm helping you help me.
Grab a spring and pull with everything you've got.
Now's our chance.
Everybody, all together.
One, two, three.
Keep going.
It's working.
We did it.
Wing it in.
Oh, yeah.
- Magnus, you all right? - I'm better than all right.
I'm a winner.
- What are you doing? - Thanks for the Belzium, Rescue Runts.
- Really? - Inside every mean person there's a gentle person trying to get out, huh? Well, in his case, very, very, very deep inside.
They'll welcome me with a parade.
Maybe even make me chief.
- He'll never control that boulder.
- Serves him right.
This slope leads straight down to Huttsgalor.
Oh, brilliant.
I'll be known as Chief Magnus the Muddy.
- Stop it before it gets to Huttsgalor.
- It'll crush the village.
Not if I beat it there.
Hang on, Dak.
Power blast, Winger.
Oh, right.
Allow me.
Feel the heat.
Well, that didn't work.
H2-On it.
Fire's out.
- Boulder, still a problem.
- We can't break it apart.
And we can't stop it.
None of us can do it by ourselves.
I have an idea, but to pull it off, we'll have to work together.
Everyone get into position.
Aggro, Cutter.
Good job.
Our turn.
It's headed towards Marena's house.
- Nice.
- Don't celebrate yet, Dak.
Oh, no.
Duggard's hut.
Everyone, I understand your concerns.
I do.
- My ax couldn't cut down a blade of grass.
- My shield isn't very shield-y.
I'd like you to fix my belt so I can wear pants again.
- And I'd like my barrel back.
- Just try to stay calm.
And covered.
The Rescue Riders will be here with the Belzium soon.
Uh, chief? - Yes? - Might be sooner than you think.
Don't panic.
If you do, panic in an orderly fashion.
We got this.
Come on, Burps.
Yes! Pardon me.
Oh, no.
Burple, from above! Go, Burp! Yes! You wanted Belzium, you got Belzium.
- Enough to last Huttsgalor a week.
- Wha? What? - That's all? - Just kidding.
This could last for years.
- Now you can fix the town.
- And my belt.
See, when you put all the right ingredients together, - that's when you get the strongest metal.
- The key ingredient was me.
I seriously doubt that.
Three cheers for the Rescue Riders.
Hip, hip, huzzah.
Hip, hip, huzzah.
Oh, hip, hip About your kinder, gentler Magnus theory Yeah, forget I ever said that.

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