Dragons: Riders of Berk s01e05 Episode Script

In Dragons We Trust (1)

1x05 - In Dragons We Trust Let's go, bud.
[Toothless roars] [heroic music] - Yeah.
- Wow.
- Wow, nice.
- He's pretty good.
As you fly through life, it's always good to know who you can trust and who you can't.
Nice catch, bud.
Little close.
I know I can always count on Toothless.
And it's important for him to know that no matter what, he can count on me.
- It's your turn.
Jump! - I don't wanna jump.
You have to believe she's gonna catch you.
It's a trust exercise.
I like to do my trusting on the ground, thank you very much.
Like this, chicken legs.
Whoo-hoo-hoo-hoo! So should we mention something to Hookfang? - Let me sleep on it.
- Hookfang, get him! [Toothless roars] Not feeling the trust! I'm coming in too hot! Aah! [gulp] Mildew! Aah! You'll pay for this! [clunk] Ooh! Oh something tells me we're gonna hear about this.
Shingle again? Didn't we have roofing material for dinner last night? Ha.
It was an accident, Dad.
I'm sure Mildew is making it sound worse than it is.
A dragon and a huge, obnoxious boy crash through his roof twice.
Well, sure, it sounds bad if you're gonna stick to the facts.
Of all the houses on the island, a dragon had to crash through Mildew's.
You know he hates dragons more than anyone else.
I know.
You might wanna talk to him about his attitude.
Listen to me, Hiccup.
I gave you the responsibility of training those dragons.
Everyone knows that.
All eyes are upon you, son.
Whatever those beasts do reflects on you, and whatever you do reflects on me.
and fix that roof.
Without your dragons.
- You caught a break there, bud.
- Ah! Not so fast.
Aren't you forgetting something? [grunts] It's boot night.
They need to be aired out.
Ugh! [Toothless grunts] Think it's gonna take more than air.
[distant groan] I hate boot night.
[gags] - Ugh! - Ugh, why is his left foot always so much smellier than his right? Uhh oh, no.
[swallows] [rooster crows] [voices murmuring] Where are my boots? Hmm? Where are your boots? They've all been stolen.
Every last one.
Oh, that explains why me feet are so cold.
Who could have done such a thing? All I know is they left a mighty big footprint.
Oh, those are Zippleback tracks.
You can tell by the half moon-shaped arches.
Well, that's dragon 101, guys.
I don't gotta fill you in on that.
So a dragon walked through here.
A Zippleback, according to my friend Fishlegs.
But that doesn't mean he took everyone's boots.
Well, there's just one way to find out.
Follow the footprints.
[soft breathing] [crowd murmuring] So there's a bunch of boots piled around a Zippleback.
That doesn't mean Yeah, okay, fine.
He took the boots.
How are we supposed to do any work in this weather - without our boots? - This is outrageous! How long before something is done about these creatures, Stoick? How much more can we stand?! [overlapping shouting] Listen to yourselves.
[whining] "My feet are cold.
" You're vikings.
Everything is cold! I'll fix your boots for ya.
You'll be back to work in no time.
You all heard Gobber.
You'll be getting your boots back as good as new.
[overlapping chatter] That's it? No consequence for these dragons? They took our boots, Mildew.
The world isn't coming to an end.
Oh, don't be so sure.
Dragons are wild beasts.
There's no telling what else they'll do behind our sleepin' backs.
They don't destroy things on purpose.
- Ah - But you do have a point, Mildew.
- Eh what? - They are wild animals, and they need us to keep an eye on them.
And rest assured, we will do just that.
Would you get outta there? We're going on night patrol.
Night patrol? I love it! What is it? It's where we patrol.
At night.
To keep an eye on the dragons and make sure they don't get blamed for anything else.
Um have you cleared this with our parents? Because some of us might not be allowed out after a certain hour.
- Not allowed or afraid? - Hey.
Things happen after dark.
Guys, we have to do this.
You heard Mildew.
He wants the dragons banished.
Permission to shoot first and ask questions later.
Permission to skip the question.
We're just patrolling.
Nobody is shooting anyone.
I have a question.
What's fun about that? It's not supposed to be fun.
- It's a Hiccup idea.
- Exactly.
What? Hello, sir Uh uh, m-ma'am.
My name is Astrid, and I'm with the "Dragon united monitoring brigade".
- DUMB? - Yes.
That is correct.
Not my idea.
But it is easy to remember.
If you have any dragon-related problems, contact us.
Just cup a hand on either side of your mouth, and at the top of your lungs, yell [woman belches] Dumb.
[footstep] - Halt! Who goes there? - Take a wild guess.
- I don't think I like your attitude.
- Right back at ya.
But I'm the one with the sash.
Let me take a closer look at that.
" Well, that suits you.
Okay, I think we're done here.
Oh! What was that? [both chuckling] OhOh! - Whoa.
- Whoa.
Both: Did you see me scare him? - No, I scared him.
- No, I scared him! - No, me! - No, no, no, it was me! - I did! - No! Clearly me! - Everyone looking could tell it was me.
- No, I was the scary one.
[both groan] Well, Mildew will be happy to know what dragons do at night.
They sleep like everyone else.
[suspenseful music] [thud, objects clattering, shattering] Who could have done such a thing? Oh.
Looks like a dragon to me.
- We don't know for sure, Fishlegs.
- Sure, we do.
Look at these claw marks.
It was obviously a Monstrous Nightmare.
The spacing of the talons is dead-on.
- Once again, thank you, Fishlegs.
- Oh, stop.
It's just basic stuff.
But how could this happen? We had every dragon accounted for at all times.
Right, guys? When you say at "all times" and "every dragon," what exactly do you mean? - Okay, what happened, Snotlout? - Well, I was detaining a suspect who wasn't showing sufficient respect to the sash.
I think I showed sufficient respect to a sash that says "dumb.
" - We gotta change that name.
- Anyways, as I was questioning said suspect, Hookfang may have and I'm not saying he did but it is possible he wandered off for a few - Seconds? - Minutes? Hours.
[all groaning] Oh, that's way longer than minutes.
[gasps] Oh, no! It's true.
The Great Hall.
So many memories.
My three weddings.
Their three funerals.
- Oh the funerals.
- A dragon must have gone on a rampage.
I hate to say it, Stoick, but you're gonna have to - I know what has to be done, Gobber.
- So do I.
Starting tonight and every night, I want all the dragons put in the Academy under lock and key.
What? That's it? Look what they did! This just doesn't make any sense.
A dragon wouldn't just come in here and destroy the place.
I mean, none of the food was even touched.
I don't know why dragons do what they do, but I'm not gonna let them do any more damage.
[door closes] You had to cage the dragons, Stoick.
You had no choice.
I know.
But to Hiccup, when I punish them, I'm punishing him.
That boy thinks the dragons can do no wrong.
I just hope he understands that when a father does what's best for his son, a chief must do what's best for the village.
Sleep, little Meatlug in your bed where yummy little boulders dance in your head [Meatlug growls] That usually works.
Our whole bedtime routine is upset.
She won't even lick my feet, thanks to Watch it, Fishlegs.
At least my dragon doesn't need a lullaby and a blankie.
Actually, it's your fault that all our dragons have to sleep in jail.
You don't see our dragon going on a rampage and wrecking stuff.
[roars] Well, not any good stuff.
I don't think a dragon wrecked the Great Hall.
- Or stole the boots.
- None of us wants to believe it either, Hiccup, but you saw the proof.
What proof? You saw the footprints too.
They were supposed to be made by a Zippleback, but they were no deeper than mine.
Look at these.
I could lie down in them.
Well, there could be a lot of explanations why a dragon made shallow footprints.
Like, hello! He was trying to be sneaky.
All right, well, how do you explain the Great Hall? [roaring, hissing] Snotlout, do something about him, please.
We're trying to think over here.
Yeah, I gave up thinking.
Never been happier.
[roaring] - Snotlout! - I'm not the boss of him.
He always does that when he gets angry.
Or goes on a rampage.
That's how I can explain the Great Hall! I gotta tell my Dad about this.
Just hear me out, Dad.
When a Monstrous Nightmare gets mad, his whole body bursts into flames.
Look at these walls.
- Not one single scorch mark.
- Hiccup, until I have solid proof that it was something else, the dragons stay where they are.
[hammering] [distant clatter] Fire! [shouting, commotion] The armory! Grab some buckets! Toothless? It was him! He set the armory on fire! Toothless? Every one of our weapons, gone! Prudence! My poor darling.
I'm so sorry.
You should have had a long, bloodletting life.
She didn't have to die, Gobber.
Hiccup's dragon left us utterly defenseless.
- Aw! - Oh, no! - This is awful! - Dad, you know Toothless wouldn't do this.
Sure, listen to your boy, Stoick.
That's what got us into this mess.
See what happens when you leave your dragon all alone to wait outside? - What did you say? - Sadie! Oh, I guess your throat-slicing days are over.
These dragons have done too much damage.
It's no longer safe to have them on Berk.
- I want them gone.
- What? Finally! [sighs] Round them up, and take them all to dragon island.
By the end of the day tomorrow, there will be no more dragons on Berk.
[kids gasp] Oh! What a glorious day that will be.
[inhales, exhales] Party at my house! It's about time! [overlapping chatter] Don't forget, boy.
Right after you drop off your dragon, - you'll be fixing my roof.
- This is wrong.
I know.
It's horrible.
It's the worst day of my life.
No, Astrid.
Something here doesn't add up.
All I know is I'm losing my dragon.
For now.
Yeah, okay.
But I-I just need time to fix this.
What are you talking about? It's over.
- Forget it.
It's over.
- Yeah.
Forget it.
I'm gonna miss you.
[snorts] [grunts] Okay, Meatlug.
There's plenty of rocks if you get hungry, and don't eat any limestone.
[tearfully] You know it doesn't agree with you.
Be strong, buddy.
I know you're gonna miss me Okay.
He's crying.
He's crying on the inside.
I'll be back for you.
I promise.
[Toothless growls] No, bud.
You gotta stay here and take care of the other dragons.
[Toothless grumbles] It's gonna be okay, Toothless.
Trust me.
[Toothless snorts] [Toothless whines] There's something Mildew said that I can't stop thinking about.
He said, "see what happens when you leave your dragon to wait outside?" He knew Toothless wasn't with me just before the armory fire.
- So - So he lives on the other side of the island.
What was he doing in town, and how would he know where we were before the fire? You really think he set that fire? I think he did all of it, and I think he did it so my Dad would get rid of all the dragons.
That's a pretty serious accusation.
How are you gonna prove it? [spits] [clang] [rope creaking, Hiccup grunting] Wife.
Well, Mildew definitely has a type.
[shudders] [sniffs] [gags] [gasps] What the [clatter] [gasps] [gasps] I'm home, ladies! Oh! What's that, you say? Nothing? Perfect.
Ahh, these served us well, didn't they, Fungus? [Fungus bleats] Shame we have to get rid of them.
[bleating] [plop] [bleating] To be continued