Dragons: Riders of Berk s01e12 Episode Script


1x12 - Thawfest Let's go, bud.
- Wow.
- That's nice.
[dramatic music] Every year on Berk, we come together to test our strength endurance and courage in the annual Thawfest games.
- Whoa.
- Aah! [grunts] For some of us, it's not such a great time of year.
Come on, Hiccup.
Pull! Put your back into it.
[grunting] All right, put your legs into it.
Put your entire aah! [gasps] - Hey.
- Faster, Snotlout! You have to push yourself, son.
[grunting] Both: Snotlout, Snotlout, oy, oy, oy! [panting] [sheep bleats] - See ya, wouldn't wanna be ya.
- [coughs] Whwhat? In fact, I've lost every single time to that guy.
[laughs] [helmets clang] [grunts, laughs] But this year, all that could change.
This year, I finally have a chance to win.
Because for the first time ever, this year, the Thawfest games will include Dragons.
They are now officially part of Thawfest.
There will be three additional events.
- The fly and shoot - Ooh.
Which will require you to fly straight and shoot straighter.
Hey! Uh, sorry.
We were on the wrong head.
- Ow! - I knew something felt weird.
[gasps] Ah, much better.
Next is the freestyle [blows air] Where it's up to you to impress the judges - with a trick of your choice.
- That's it, girl.
- Just like we practiced.
- Ah.
A Nadder wing walk.
Impressive, Astrid.
Um, excuse me.
Meatlug and I were wondering if there were going to be any intellectual events.
[Meatlug belches] A puzzle, perhaps? I'll take that under advisement, Fishlegs.
And let's not forget the hurdles - where you will be asked to - Whoo-hoo! [laughs] [coughs] Ah! You know what I love about the Thaw festival games? Winning.
[chuckles] You want to touch one of my medals just to see how it feels to be a winner? Yeah, I think I'll pass.
My family has never lost a Thawfest games, - ever! - Here we go.
Dragons or no dragons, I'll do what I do every year: Bring glory to the Jorgenson clan.
And you'll do what you do embarrass yours.
[laughs] Let's go, Hookfang! [Hookfang growls] Aah! I will crush you all! [Toothless growling] Okay aha.
- What are you two working on? - Just some ideas for Thawfest.
Right, excellent.
So did you need something, Dad? Well, with the dragons, you could actually well, it's Beat Snotlout, best the Jorgensons? Well, when you put it that way, it does have a nice ring.
Okay then.
I'll let you get back to whatever it is, uh you two do.
[Toothless growls softly] [triumphant music] Let the Thaw festival games begin! [cheers and applause] [crowd awws] [clanging] [groans] - Ow! - What are we? - We're killers.
- What do we do? - We kill! - What do we say? Both: Snotlout, Snotlout, oy, oy, oy! The contestants are lining up for the sheep lug.
It's a good day for lugging sheep, Mulch.
Well, Bucket [laughs] Every day's a good day for lugging sheep.
[sheep bleating] [groans] [spits] Eww.
On your mark, get set [Bucket clangs] [cheers and applause] [sheep bleat] [string snaps] Yeah! [sheep bleats] - Whoo! - That's my boy! [applause] [panting] [both grunting] Get off me! [panting] [Toothless growls] The first point of the Thawfest games goes to Snotlout.
[sheep bleat] Right where you belong down at my feet.
Let me help you.
Whoops! Too slow, as usual.
[laughs] Next up is our traditional log roll event.
Enjoy your face plant.
[laughs] - Aah! - Whoa! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! [screams] And another point goes to Snotlout.
All right.
- That's my boy! - Ow.
Thank you, Toothless.
The next event is the ax throwing contest where accuracy is supreme.
[both grunt] There they go.
Ooh, watch out, look out there! [grunts] [crowd gasps] [grunts] Here's how it's done, dragon boy.
[grunts] [applause] - Show-off.
- Oh, ho, ho! Whoo-hoo! Why don't you just give us the medal now, Stoick? Save your boy the embarrassment.
[laughter] Why don't you take a seat, Spitelout? [crowd ohs] - Don't let him get to you.
- He's been getting to me for years.
Why should today be any different? - Well, dead last.
- Wow, I have all the points and the best-looking picture? Unfair.
Oh, have your fun now.
Tomorrow everything changes.
Right, bud? I can't wait 'cause Hookfang and I, it's like boy and dragon have become one.
We're like a "bragon.
" Or a "droy.
" Or a "snotfang.
" Yeah? Well, tomorrow you're gonna have to deal with hictooth.
- "Hictooth"? - Yeah, it's not my snappiest comeback.
Why are you letting yourself get caught up in this? Because, for the first time ever, I have a chance to beat Snotlout, to quiet him down.
Snotlout, Snotlout, oy, oy, oy! Good point.
I have to admit, it would be nice to see someone else with a Thawfest medal.
You've spiked your last sheep, snotfang.
Tomorrow's a new day.
Welcome to the day two of the Thawfest games.
Let the dragon events begin.
It's a good day for lugging sheep, Mulch.
First up, the hurdles.
Hurdle, smurdle.
I can make it over those things in my sleep.
- Be my guest.
- You don't go over them, Snotlout.
- You go under them.
- Duh, I knew that.
[Hookfang growls] And first up is Fishlegs.
[Bucket clangs] [groans] Um, guys, a little help over here.
It's okay, girl.
This just isn't our event.
[thud] [whimpers] Whoa, whoa Both: Aah! [chuckles] [both laugh] Where's your book, Hiccup? You might want to take notes.
[laughs] [thud] [stammers] [clanging] [groaning] Let's show them how it's done.
[Toothless growls] And Hiccup makes a perfect run.
[cheers and applause] [laughs] Did you hear what he said? "Perfect.
" I-I believe those are my first Thawfest points ever.
I just realized something.
I like beating Snotlout.
I feel taller.
Am I taller? Never mind.
Don't answer that.
- Is he gloating? - I'm not sure.
I've never actually seen Hiccup gloat.
Don't get too excited.
You know what this is? The number of wins I need to end this thing.
And you know what this is? The number of chances I have.
Oh, you know what this is? The size of your brain.
No, wait.
That's much better.
Like you've ever seen my brain.
Come on, Hookfang.
What? He started it when we were five.
Next we have the freestyle event.
Contestants and their dragons will show off their styles and abilities.
- Check this out.
- We call it "the iron split.
" [grunts] [strains] [cheers and applause] We like to call this next feat of daring "the extreme butterfly.
" Whoa, whoa, oh! [crash] [cheers and applause] It's okay, girl.
This just isn't our event either.
Oh, the balance dance.
[crowd gasps] [applause] How does she make it look so easy? How come you can't do that? I mean, I could.
[triumphant music] [audience ohs] Whoo-hoo! Yeah, baby! [cheers and applause] I hear Snotlout is gonna try a trick called "the rings of deadly fire.
" - No one's ever tried it before.
- Yeah, because it's too dangerous.
No, because he just made it up.
I'm probably gonna win just for coming up with this.
Fire! He tripped, and it's a disaster.
[growls] [screaming] [sighs] [groans] I get the rings and the fire parts, but where is the death? I feel cheated.
[cheers and applause] Wow, Snotlout.
Your Dad looks really mad right now.
What do you know? He always looks like that.
Do you really think you have any shot at beating me? [laughs] As a matter of fact, I do have a shot at beating you.
- Do not.
- Do too.
Do not.
- Do too! - Think about it.
Toothless is a Night Fury.
And I'm the best rider.
How can I possibly lose? 'Cause that's what you do.
I win, you lose.
Yeah, well, check the scoreboard, Snotlout.
Not anymore.
[grunts angrily] - What was that all about? - Just rattling cages.
Since when do you rattle cages? The contestants are lined up for the fly and shoot where they must shoot down their foes and spare their friends.
[Bucket clangs] [cheers and applause] [board creaks] Outcast, bud.
[explosion] [board creaks] Toothless, no.
She's a friend.
[Toothless growls] [board creaks] [explosion] Thanks, bud.
I didn't see that one.
Hiccup and Toothless come through with a perfect score.
Okay, Hookfang.
A clean run here and we're the champs.
[board creaks] Fire! Gotcha! A ha ha! [Hookfang snorts, chuckles] [crowd ohs] No! Those were kids, you 6,000-pound lizard! No! What? What are you doing? Stop shooting! Snotlout! Get that dragon under control.
This does not look good for the reigning Thaw festival champion.
You're ruining you're ruining it! Both: Snotlout, Snotlout, oy, oy, oy! [cheers and applause] And for the first time in Thawfest history, we have a tie.
Tomorrow these two young Vikings will go head to head in an event to decide the Thawfest champion.
[chuckles] I can't believe how lucky you are.
You don't even belong on the stage with me.
That's it.
Keep talking, Snotlout, as your family's winning streak goes up in smoke, just like your rings of deadly fire.
[grunts angrily] Hey, what's the matter? Yak got your tongue? - Hiccup.
- Oh, he's crumbling under the pressure.
I can feel it.
What? You know what I always liked about you, Hiccup? You were always a gracious loser.
Who knew you'd be such a lousy winner? "Lousy winner.
" I'll be a great winner.
[water hisses] [Toothless growls] You see this, bud? Lighter, thinner.
Oh, this'll help us fly faster and turn quicker.
[Toothless growls] I also stripped down your saddle.
Light as a feather.
But this this is what's gonna make the most difference, a tail as thin as paper and even stronger than before.
We're gonna be able to cut and turn better than we ever have.
Snotlout won't have a chance.
Remember, son, no pressure.
[sighs] Whew.
- [grunts] Snotlout! - Yeah.
Hey, Dad.
Just stretching out the hammies, you know.
Did you ever hear the story of when I almost lost the Thawfest games? - No.
I never did.
- That's right.
Because it never happened! No Jorgenson has ever even come close to losing the Thawfest games.
Don't you be the first.
[Hookfang growls] What are you looking at? Welcome to the final deciding event of this year's Thawfest games: The obstacle course race.
Take it away, Gobber.
The race will start here in the stadium.
Where? After the log dodge and the cliff climb, Hiccup and Snotlout will get on their dragons, loop around our flagship anchored off the coast, slalom through the sea stack maze, then head back here.
The first one to pass that finish line is the winner.
[cheers and applause] Look at those goose bumps.
[cheering] Hey, uh, can I talk to you for a second? No.
I just wanted to say have a good race - and may the best Viking win.
- Oh.
He will.
Don't you worry your scrawny, little self about that.
See you at the finish line, Hiccup.
- Or maybe I won't.
- All right.
I tried.
- If that's how you want it.
- That's exactly how I want it.
Vikings and dragons, take your positions.
[cheers and applause] On your mark, get set, and Go! [Bucket clangs] [groans] Out of my way! [grunting] Whoa! [grunts] [panting] [panting] [panting] [grunts] [thud] Ooh, rock to the face.
[chuckles] I love a good rock to the face.
[landing blow] [grunts] Yeah, that's what I'm talking about.
[grunts] - Oh! - He's falling! - Oh, we can't watch.
- Whoa! [groans] Yeah, that's my boy.
[cheers and applause] Okay, bud.
We got a lot of ground to make up.
Let's go.
Look at them go! - He's closing in on Snotlout.
- I can see that, Gobber.
Hey, how does that feel? [laughs] Okay.
Let's see what this new tail can really do.
[Toothless whooshing] Whoa.
Did you see that, Bucket? That sudden burst of speed.
[Hookfang growls] - Move over! - Yeah, sure.
[Hookfang growls] - Ah! - Whoa! [rumbling] [gasps] [screams] Hiccup has to go the long way out.
[clicks] - He's closing in, Stoick! - I can see that, Gobber.
Okay, bud, let's finish this.
I can't lose.
I can't lose.
[whimpers] I can't lose.
What am I doing? I'm sorry, Dad.
[clicks] Something's wrong.
Snotlout comes down the final stretch.
- And Snotlout is the winner - Whoo-hoo! - of the Thawfest games.
- Now that's a Jorgenson! We did it.
[laughs] We did it! We did it! Of course we did.
Yippee! [cheers and applause] Nice flying, Snotlout.
Yeah, you put up a good fight, but not good enough.
[laughs] It's been a spectacular Thawfest game, perhaps the best ever.
These two young men have put on quite a show.
But alas, there can be only one champion.
[drumroll] The Thaw fest dynasty continues.
The winner and still champion, Snotlout.
- We did it! - Whoo! [laughs] [cheers and applause] You did your family proud.
Snotlout, Snotlout, oy, oy, oy! All: Snotlout, Snotlout, oy, oy, oy! - Ow.
What? - I know what you did.
- Yeah.
I lost as usual.
- No.
You threw the race.
I-I have no idea what you're talking about, Astrid.
Snotlout was just the better Viking today.
No, Hiccup.
No one was a better Viking than you today.
Second again.
Some things never change.
But I guess certain things are more important than winning.
like being a good friend Even if the friend is that guy.