Dragons: Riders of Berk s01e14 Episode Script

What Flies Beneath

1x14 - What Flies Beneath Let's go, bud.
[Toothless roars] [music] - Yeah.
- Whoa! - Cool.
- Wow.
- Wow, nice.
- He's pretty good.
[music] [yak grunts] [sheep bleating] Everybody has a past, even dragons.
And sometimes, the past can come back to haunt them Ah, Toothless, go back to sleep.
And when it does, you're gonna need to be there for them.
[roars] Whoa, hey.
Come on.
It's just a hole, bud.
It's not just a hole! It's like an underground village.
Oh, there you are.
I've been looking for you all night.
Sorry, Mulch, but I think I've finally found it My happy place.
Aah! [crash] - Are you all right, Bucket? - Not so happy anymore.
- What happened? - Something pushed me out.
Something's down there, something big.
[growls] [indistinct whispering] [growls] [rumbling] What is that sound? Eh, whatever it is, it's giving me the willies.
[roars] Whoa.
Look at the size of that thing.
- Do I have to? - Dragons, everyone! [roars] Uh, I don't like the way it's eyeballing me.
Uh, don't worry.
It's not just you.
Thanks, big relief.
[roars] - What was that? - Whatever it was, I want one.
If I had to take a guess, I'd say that was a Whispering Death.
Whoa, great name.
So much better than Zippleback.
Where'd it go? Why's it here? What's it gonna do to us? Why aren't you slapping me to snap me out of this? Because I'm scared too, Bucket.
[roars] It looks angry.
Why don't you do that thing where you touch its nose and feed it grass? Okay, uh, Fishlegs, what do we know about the Whispering Death? Boulder class, razor-sharp teeth, incredibly strong, hunts from underground.
- Now I really want one.
- So how do we deal with this thing? Stand back, everyone! Thornado's got something to say to this beast.
[roars] [growls] [roars] I don't think it's got its listening ears on.
All right.
Let's run this thing out of here.
[roars] - What's Toothless doing? - I think he wants us to back off.
No problem here.
Toothless! [growls] [both growling] Toothless can't fly without me.
- He's a sitting duck.
- Gobber, man the catapults.
And when that thing is clear of Toothless, fire! Dad, wait.
Just let me help you, bud.
[grunts] What? Toothless, what What's wrong? [roars] - What was that all about? - I have no idea.
Gobber! [roars] Oh, no.
You're hurt.
- Toothless, wait! - Where's he going? Probably running away to lick his wounds.
[snickers] It's not funny.
Toothless could've been killed.
- He can't fly, remember? - And whose fault is that? - Seriously, did you just go there? - Hey, I call it like I see it.
Um, does anybody wanna talk about what in the name of Thor just happened? Uh, dragon fight.
Just another day on Berk.
Uh, not really.
It seemed like there was way more to it than that.
He's right.
The Whispering Death singled Toothless out.
And Toothless wanted that dragon all to himself.
Yeah, he certainly did.
But why? Uh, are we gonna be tested on this? - 'Cause I'm completely confused.
- Well, don't look at me.
[growling] I-I really wish you could just tell me what was going on out there today.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Easy, bud.
- It's just my dad.
- How's our wounded warrior? - He's still a little on edge.
- Don't worry, Toothless.
I think we showed that dragon a thing or two about uninvited guests on Berk.
I don't think he'll be coming back anytime soon.
At least I hope not.
Yeah, me too.
Okay, that should do it, bud.
You just need to take it easy.
[sniffs] [growls] T-Toothless? Toothless! Oh, no.
He went after him alone.
Maybe Toothless just went for morning flight.
Oh, that's right, he can't.
[chuckles] Really, you're going there again? Now? Toothless must be looking for the Whispering Death.
We find it, we find Toothless.
What do we do if we find the Whispering Death first? - Well, we train him.
- You know he's got death in his name, right? Fishlegs, is there anything about the Whispering Death in the Book of dragons that can help us? It can shoot razor-sharp spines from any part of its body.
And how's that gonna help us? Well, it would help if we stayed away from those.
Or we could get near them and use Ruffnut as a human shield.
Ow! My knee cap! That's new.
I like it.
This dragon must have a weakness.
Actually, no.
Yeah, it says right here, "no known weaknesses.
" - Ha.
I really love this thing.
- Okay, great.
Uh, can we go, please? We don't know how much time we have.
Don't worry, Hiccup.
We'll find him.
There, down below.
Uh, Toothless? Toothless! [owl hoots] How do we even know the Whispering Death made these holes? So you think it might be the other 2,500-pound rock-eating dragon we're following? I know what you're Don't try to confuse me! Look at this.
- He must have lost a Tooth.
- Is it sharp? If it is, I want it.
I like sharp.
- Yeah, sharp is good.
- Think about this hundreds of those spinning together, ripping through dirt and tree roots, discarding rock like it's not even there.
[growls] Stormfly, what's wrong? - What's wrong with you, dragon? - Barf, settle down.
- Stop! Listen.
- Listen for what? I don't hear anything.
What are we listening for?! Be quiet! How are we supposed to hear anything over her yelling? [shushes] - The whisper.
- Looks like we beat Toothless.
We win.
I'm not feeling like a winner.
[growls] Hi, sir Love the teeth.
[growls] I hate when he does that.
Can you at least tell me why he does it? [roars] Maybe to hunt.
Maybe because it's cooler.
Maybe to look for water.
Maybe because he can't stand the pressure of everybody always expecting him to have the answers! - He's losing it.
- I know.
It's awesome.
[rumbling] Somebody hold it still.
I wanna pet it.
Do you actually have a plan, or are you just trying to get yourself killed? If I can train it, it'll leave Toothless alone.
Right, so you are trying to get yourself killed.
[growls] [both gasp] - Okay - Um, I know what you're thinking and the answer is no.
Why does he always do that? Oh, man.
I am so glad I'm not down there with him right now.
- Whoa! - Oops.
[thud] Ah, thanks, Fishlegs.
Kinda figured you'd be the last one to volunteer.
Yeah, I didn't want you to have to face that thing all alone.
[distant growling] This thing's been busy.
Quick question.
Why are we down here again? This is where it spends all its time.
There's gotta be something down here that can help us.
[rumbling] There it goes.
Let's follow it.
- Oh, you were talking to me? - Fishlegs, new dragon.
- You love this stuff.
- I hate that about me.
Wha? [sheep bleating] [grunts] [screeches] Hiccup, did you see [growls] Can it wait? Let's just hope it keeps going.
How'd that work out for us? - Did you see that? - Was that a bite mark? Not just any bite mark.
That's a Night Fury bite mark.
I think I know why these two are looking for each other.
- They have a history.
- A grudge.
If that's true, how long do dragons carry a grudge? To the death? Let's get out of here before it comes back.
That is a really good idea.
[roars] Run! They've been down there forever.
- Hiccup! Fishlegs! - Yep, right here.
Did you see the Whispering Death? - Was it cool? - Did you touch it? - I wanna touch it! - Can we talk about this later? We really need to get out of this hole.
Yeah, you do.
- Fishlegs, you go first.
- No argument here.
Grab my hand! [grunts] - Hiccup, hurry! - [grunts] I can't reach.
[grunts] [grunts] Hiccup! Just a a little more.
I'm trying.
Everyone, stand back! Whoa! Wow.
I bet he can see our house from up there.
[growls] Stormfly! Whoa! Thanks, Astrid.
[growls] I don't think it likes you in its hole.
- Yeah, I got that.
- Can we get out of here, please? No.
I know I can train this thing.
Anybody got some dragon nip? Don't be afraid.
I'm a friend.
You'll love this.
All the dragons love this.
[snarls] [growls] Oh, great.
Now we're defenseless.
Any ideas? I'm throwing it wide open to the group.
I've got an idea.
Run! [growls] [dramatic music] Toothless! [roars] Hey, bud.
It's me.
I know what's going on with you and that other dragon.
Let me help you.
Toothless, come back! Awkward.
So Toothless has an archenemy.
Kind of like you and me.
- Snotlout, you're not my archenemy.
- Well, you're mine.
- He's just trying to protect you.
- That's not what it is.
Toothless doesn't want you around because this is between him and the other guy.
He's a fighter, like me, not whatever you are.
I never thought I'd say this, Snotlout, but I think you're right.
Wait, huh? You guys heard that, right? It's not a fair fight.
If Toothless is gonna win, he has to fly, and he can't fly without me.
- So what are you saying? - I'm saying we need to find him, and soon.
[growls] [roars] There he is.
Get me down there.
Hey, bud.
You had me so worried there for a while.
You haven't been yourself lately.
Good to see you're still you.
[growls] Could just walk away from this, bud.
[roars] Let's just go home.
Oh, you were so close.
I thought you had him.
[dramatic music] He needs our help.
[growls] - Come on, girl.
- Hookfang won't budge.
- I think ours is broken.
- They know this isn't their fight, guys.
[music] Toothless! Buddy.
He's gonna knock Toothless into the canyon! Hiccup! Aah! Yes! You save me, I save you.
That's the way it is.
The sunlight, Hiccup.
That's his weakness.
Okay, bud.
Let's keep him above ground.
- This is amazing.
- We've got to find you an archnemesis.
[growls] [roars] Toothless, no! [screeches] [growls] [screeches] [screeches] Ah, man.
Toothless could have finished him off.
Well, I guess all dragon grudges aren't to the death.
I guess I'll have to change that in the book.
Hey, bud.
What do you say we go home? [music] When our past rears its ugly head, it usually doesn't have six rows of razor-sharp teeth and a bad attitude.
But if it does, you're gonna need a great friend who has your back.
I will always have Toothless's back, and he will always have mine.