Dragons: Riders of Berk s02e03 Episode Script

The Night and the Fury

- Let's go, bud.
[toothless roars] [heroic music] - Yeah.
- Wow.
- Cool.
- Wow.
- Wow, nice.
- He's pretty good.
- Okay, gang.
Over here.
Tomorrow's training mission was actually astrid's idea.
So I will let her explain it.
- Aww, no.
- Aww, man.
- Come on.
- [groans] - What? - Your training missions are so hard.
- They are not.
- Hand-to-claw combat? [meatlug slurps] - Spine dodging? - Hot lava swimming? - We never did that.
- Yeah, but you should've.
It's way better than hand-to-claw combat.
- Well, this mission is easy.
Dragon island.
You just have to go from this beach On the east side to this cave on the west side - Ohh.
- Yeah, okay.
- That's not that bad.
- Not that bad.
- At night.
[all grumble] With no camping gear.
- What? - [grumbles] - And no dragons.
- Aww, what? That's crazy.
What's the point? - To work on our stealth skills and our wild dragon defense.
- Astrid's right.
We all know how strong we are with our dragons, But we have to be able to survive and defend ourselves If we ever get separated from them.
- Trust me.
It'll be fun.
- Ugh.
- What? AndWhat? - Okay, one of us is gonna have to skip the drill And take the dragons to the cave On the other side of the island.
That way, they won't try and help us.
[wild deadly nadder roars] Just like that.
Okay, so who's gonna watch the dragons? - I think the obvious choice is-- - Me.
I volunteer.
- But--but I have way more dragon knowledge.
- Yeah, from a book.
But II feel them, in here.
Wait, where is it? In--in here.
[stomach gurgles] yeah, in my stomach.
Besides, I did say, "me first!" - Ah, I can't believe I'm saying this, But tuffnut is right.
Fishlegs, no one can argue with your dragon knowledge.
But if alvin attacks with wild dragons, We need to be able to face them Any time of the day or night, On our own, without help.
- I hate it when you make sense.
- [snickers] - See you later, stormfly.
- You stay tough.
[dragon screeches] - Bye, meatlug.
No midnight snacks, okay? - I'm gonna miss you too.
Don't worry, I'll be back.
- No, no, no, no, toothless.
You have to go with tuffnut.
I can't believe I'm saying this either, But, uh, he's the boss.
- That's right.
You heard that.
Boss man.
Head honcho.
The bigBoss honcho guy.
The honch-boss.
Hey, anybody know where this cave is? Just messing with you.
Or am I? [laughs] even I don't know.
- Remember, this is about stealth, not speed.
It doesn't matter how fast you get there.
What's important is how you handle a wild dragon If ever you come across one.
Understand? All right.
Good luck, everybody.
I'll see you back at the cave.
- [grumbles] this is great.
What? I'm formulating a plan.
- Fishlegs, you can do this.
- Oh, man.
I should have just stayed In my nice, warm bed this morning, Meatlug peacefully licking my toes.
But no! - Move out, fishlegs.
- Don't rush me.
I'm having a moment.
[wind howls] [gasps] - All right.
Who's up for an all-nighter? You guys are gonna love my ghost stories.
[distant roar] Uh, uh, uh, uh.
Not so fast, mr.
Night fury.
Remember the mission.
No dragon help.
And that means you.
Besides, I'm in charge.
Oh! [metallic clang] I knew that was coming.
Li--little help here? Help out your boss honcho? Aah! Ugh! - Okay.
A wild nadder.
Should be simple.
Move to the blind spot and Playing the spine game, huh? [grunts] [wild nadder growls] - So what do you want to do now? - [grunts] Snotlout jorgenson.
Hoo! Huh! Super viking.
At home in the wilderness and-- Aah! [water splashes] All right, bring it on, wild dragons.
I'm ready for you.
You want some? You want a piece of snotlout? Bring it on, you little-- - [growls] - Aah! - [growls] - Monstrous nightmares.
Fast in a straight line, bad at turns.
He's probably just as afraid of me As I am of him, right? Nope, I'm definitely more afraid! Left, left! Oh-- right, right! It's like he's inside my head! Aah! - I'm cold and miserable.
[gasps] [gasps] what was that? Who's there? Thanks, astrid.
My death will be on your hands.
[both growl] - Quartz.
You guys are so predictable.
Are you--campfire? Really? How is this stealthy? - Scratch, scratch Who stole my golden hook? Scratch, scratch And you turn around, and he says, "you did!" Ooh, tough cave.
[wild dragons roaring] Hey, hey.
Going somewhere? [toothless grumbles] Look, I get it.
You're worried about your other half.
I feel your pain.
Well, not really.
I kind of like it When ruffnut's in imminent danger.
One time, she was on fire, And I just watched for a while.
Anyway, you can beat me with your tail, You can barbecue me with a plasma blast, You can lightly massage my shoulders and neck-- You really could, I need it-- But I will not shirk my responsibility to the-- Sleeping? You're all sleeping.
Not a bad idea.
[snores] - Okay.
Come on out.
Show yourself, snotlout, And I will go easy on you.
[grunts] Dagur? - Hiccup, old friend.
You're alive.
[laughs] - Uh, last time I checked.
So, uh, haven't seen you since-- - Since you saved me from that dragon attack Back on berk.
You fought off a night fury.
- Oh.
Yes, the dragon attack.
- You were like, bam, wham.
And then, you were all, "dagur, save yourself!" And, I was like, "what? Okay.
I'm outta here.
" But you stayed, and then you must've-- So what are you doing here? - What am I doing here? - Don't answer that.
I know exactly what you're doing here.
- Y-you do? - Oh, yeah.
I do.
You're here for the same reason I am, hiccup.
You're here to hunt dragons.
- Okay, you got me.
That's what I am here for.
All by myself.
- So whatever happened to that night fury, hiccup? - Oh, yeah.
Well, just bad news.
Uh, it got away.
- That's great news.
- It--it is? - Yes.
New plan.
You and I are going to hunt The unholy offspring Of lightning and death itself.
We are going to take down that night fury Once and for all.
- Uh, okay.
- [howls] Come on.
Howl with me.
It feels good.
[howling and laughing] - [howls weakly] Oh, man.
- Hiccup, ever since I left berk, I haven't been able to stop thinking about you.
- Well, that's kind of strange.
Well, I'm flattered.
- Not you, personally.
You and that night fury.
It's like you--you knew that dragon.
You were inside its head, rattling its cage.
And that, my muscularly challenged friend, That's when I decided I needed To know about dragons too.
So I came here, And I learned about them one by one.
The deadly nadder.
Got this in the leg.
It was awesome.
The monstrous nightmare.
Look at him.
Not so monstrous now, are you? And don't even get me started on the gronckle.
- Uh, is--is that-- - No, it's yak.
Anyway, those big boys are quicker than you'd think.
[dragon growls] [gasps] [arrow thwacks] - whoa.
Nice crossbow.
- My hunting weapon of choice.
You carry Hmm.
Just a shield? - Yeah, yeah.
Just--just a shield.
Just a plain, old shield.
- Very ornate.
My sister had one like that.
I myself have never felt the need to hide in combat.
[shouts maniacally] - Yeah.
So just how long have you been out here, dagur? - Couple of days.
Weeks, maybe.
Hard to tell.
It's all a blur when you're on the hunt.
Gotta focus.
Eyes front, little man! - Agh, ugh.
Hey, maybe you should take a little break.
- Not till I take out that night fury.
I know it's on this island, hiccup.
I can feel it right here.
You feel it, too, don't you, hiccup? - Uh, no.
I just feel really awkward.
- [laughs hysterically] You bring the funny, hiccup.
I'll give you that.
I'm gonna grab my gear.
Then we're gonna get us That night fury, brother.
- "brother"? - That's right.
You and me.
- And the awkwardness continues.
- Shh.
That could be him.
- No, that sounds too big.
[monstrous nightmare roars] You're right.
I'm taking him down anyway.
Just for fun.
How dare you? - I-I had to.
The night fury would have smelled it.
- They can do that? - Oh, yes.
Oh, excellent sense of smell.
It would have sensed danger and fled.
- Look at us.
You, this little runt of a-- Well, you know what you are.
And me, dagur the deranged.
Who would have ever thought We'd make such a formidable team? - Not me.
That's for sure.
- Let's move out.
- Give it back.
It's my blanket.
[snores] [monstrous nightmare roars] [toothless growls] [dragons growl] Ah! Huh.
What a great drea-- what? Oh, really? That's how you're gonna do me? I don't think so.
Oh, it's on, dragons.
It is so on.
- Shh, shh.
Smaller this time.
Could be the night fury.
- That actually sounds more like a wild yak to me.
[rustling] - [laughs] [rustling] - Ah, close enough.
- Hiccup! Whoa, am I glad to see you.
You would not believe what I've been through.
This place is crawling with wild dragons.
- Yep, it's called dragon island, snotlout.
- Dagur! What are you doing here? - Snot-hat, is it? - Lout.
- Whatever.
I thought you said you were here alone.
- I-I thought I was.
Snotlout! Why, you were supposed to stay at base camp.
- Huh? - While I am hunting dragons here in the forest.
- You're doing what in the where? - Not the sharpest arrow in the quiver, is he? - Not even close.
Play along.
We cannot let dagur know about our dragons.
He'll try to take them home And mount them on his wall.
- Wait, you mean-- - Hmm.
Zippleback tracks.
[laughs] [thud] gotcha! [laughs] Now, back to the cave-- what? I thought, uh-- I thought you were someone else.
Look, it's a simple misunderstanding.
Ow! [pants] [chuckles] dragon trainer, one.
Wild zippleback, zero.
[zippleback roars] whoa! [toothless sniffs] [flapping wings] - Aah! - Aah! [both screaming] - Fishlegs.
Would you look, it's dagur, Who is also out hunting dragons, just like us.
- Yes, we are dragon hunters Out hunting dragons.
- Hiccup, your definition of "alone" and mine Are very different.
But perhaps, This one can help us-- - Hunt dragons! 'cause that's what we are doing.
- Dragons.
- Okay, got it.
[toothless sniffs] - Whoa, ho.
- We're a lot alike, hiccup.
- Really? H-how's that? - Well, we're both born leaders.
- Oh, yeah.
He's right about that.
- Sons of chiefs.
- Yeah, that's true.
- Who had to be eliminated so we could gain control.
- Yes--what? No, no.
My dad hasn't been eliminated from anything.
- But he could, easily.
Just say the word and-- [grunts] - Oh-- [arrow thwacks] - Yeah, that's something to think about.
[rustling] - Wow.
- [sighs] Which one of your friends Is it going to be this time? - It's hard to say.
- The night fury.
Hiccup, my brother, you've done it.
You've led me right to it.
- Arrow, meet dragon.
Dragon, meet-- - No, no, dagur, wait! I would like to do it.
- I saw him first.
- Yes, but I led you to him.
- But I brought the crossbow.
All you brought was that useless ornate shield.
Now, stand aside.
[arrow whistles] - What's wrong with you? I almost had those terrible terrors.
They were right in my hands.
- Terrors, shmerrors.
We're hunting a night fury here.
Did you leave anyone back on berk? - [laughs nervously] very funny, dagur.
- Did he say "hunting a night fury"? - Yep.
That's exactly what he said.
- But toothless is-- - I know.
And if he's loose, then so are the other dragons.
You guys need to find ruff and tuff, Grab your dragons, and get out of here.
Don't worry.
Dagur won't hurt me.
I'm his "brother.
" - Come, hiccup, while the trail is still fresh.
- I-I can't hunt with an entourage.
Go back to berk.
Leave us to our business.
- That's just great.
How are we supposed to find our dragons? - Actually, it shouldn't be that hard.
[hookfang snorts] [dragons growl] - I don't get it.
Why doesn't it fly away? - Maybe it wants us to follow.
- You mean a trap? - Exactly.
Maybe we should go back.
- Oh, brother, don't you know That a trapper's traps Can trap the trapper? - What does that even mean? - I don't know.
[laughs] [barf and belch snoring] - The tuffnut sneaks up on the zippleback To teach him a lesson.
Ow! - What are you doing out here? - Uh, I'm looking for you.
I thought you would be lost, so I came to save you.
- Ugh, no.
And what are barf and belch doing here? - Uh, they, uh-- They were both hungry for outdoor food.
[groans] the dragons ran away.
You happy? - No, I'm not happy.
What'd, you tell them your stupid scary stories? - No.
- Come on, let's find the others.
- Uh, we're right here.
Could you guys argue any louder? - Sure, yeah, but why would you-- - Shh.
- She didn't learn any-- [arrow thwacks] - You're not gonna hit anything like that.
- I know that.
I'm just trying to keep him running In that direction.
- What was that? - To be honest, hiccup, I didn't exactly come here alone either.
- Dagur, night furies are very lethal.
A few more men won't make a difference.
- Really? You think so? Lucky for us, I brought the armada along And, like, a bazillion armed berserkers.
- Yeah, that actually might make a difference.
- Oh, yeah.
We're gonna drive that beast right to them, And they can finish him off.
- Not exactly sporting.
- I don't care about sporting.
I care about killing that night fury And wearing its skull as a helmet.
[toothless growls] - Okay, that's it.
I am not going to let you kill that dragon.
- This again? Fine, you saw it first.
You can take home a wing or something.
- No, I'm pretty much going to take the whole thing.
[howls] [toothless growls] - Is that a-- - saddle? Yes, dagur.
That's exactly what it is.
- So I was-- - right all along.
We do not hunt dragons on berk.
We ride them.
- Your father lied to-- You lied to me! - He was trying to keep the peace Between our tribes.
So was I.
- By making a fool out of me? - You don't really need a lot of help with that, dagur.
[toothless growls] Your move.
- You could have been my brother, hiccup.
Now, you're my enemy.
- Have it your way.
But remember, we have the dragons, And we're not afraid to use them.
Let's get out of here, bud.
[groans] - [shouts] [grunts] [whooshing] [laughs] [groans] Your move, hiccup.
[arrow whistles] You can't hide forever.
- I don't plan to.
- [grunts] Nice try, brother.
- Oh, and by the way, I'm not your brother.
- [laughs mockingly] you missed.
- Did I? [branch cracking] - [groans] I have got to get me one of those ornate shields.
[grunts] [laughs] [toothless growls] [ropes snap] Aah! [screaming] [groans] Dragon attack! Dragon attack! - We better go now.
His men are on the way.
- Come on, we can take them.
- Not today.
Dagur will be back.
And when he is, we'll be ready.
- So berk does train dragons.
I should kill that runt for lying.
- No! No one hurts hiccup.
No one! Except me.
And not until after I have his night fury.
And I will have it.
[triumphant music]